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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of September 21, 1998 on SB
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Monday, September 21, 1998

Knowing that Dana is outside, Tim stops Meg from going to the door by saying it could be his surprise for her. Joan and Carmen want to see the surprise so they both go to the door. Tim told Joan that Carmen is weird and might scare Dana. Joan agrees and escorts Carmen out of the patio door with an excuse of needing her advice. The shower guest arrive. Tim claims that he ordered a male stripper as a surprise for Meg. When all the guest she that is tacky he pretends to rush out to cancel the stripper.

While playing a game Dana gets 2 of the 3 questions correct about BEN. Everyone is surprised. Dana starts feeling ill and leaves to go to the bathroom. While fantasizing about the house she almost faints. Meg takes her upstairs and puts her in her bed. Meg then returns to the shower and later escorts the guest out the patio door.

Ben arrives at Carmen's while she is at the shower. He stares at the painting of Maria and starts dreaming of a conversation with her. In the conversation he told her how much he loves her and that they would still be together if not for Derek. Ben says he now loves Meg and she is the reason he has started living again. Maria says she forgives him for his actions and that it is time for him to move on with his life. Ben told her that she will always be in his heart. She fades into the painting.

Carmen arrives and Ben told her to stay away from Meg. Carmen told him that he is there to discuss Maria not Meg. Ben says Meg is his life and Carmen needs to come to realize that Maria is dead and not coming back. Carmen grabs her stomach (at the same time that Dana is fainting). When Ben asks if she is ok she told him that all she knows is she has a very strong feeling. She tells him that if he went home now everything will be clear to him. Ben again tells her to give up the act. Carmen says she can't change what she feels. Ben leaves to go back to the shower.

Caitlin gets suspicious when the phone rings and no one talks. She does *69 and Francesca answers. Cait takes Trey to visit Olivia and told her aboutt he call. Bette assures Cait that Cole loves only her. Cait decides to go visit Fran.

Cole went to visit Fran. She told him she needs him for this new scheme.

Annie decides to drug Greg again. This time she slips 4 NIAGRA into his drink. (This stuff must not have a taste to it.) AJ makes a point of coming over to tell Greg and Annie that he is having an intimate dinner in his room with Olivia. Gregory makes the mistake of saying "I don't care what you do with my wife." AJ reminds him that it is his ex-wife. Annie told AJ about her new stock and her plans to vote with him and BEN against Gregory at the next meeting.

Gregory begins to feel the effects of the NIAGRA and agrees to skip dinner and meet Annie in their room. Annie rushes upstairs and changes into a little teddy.


  • Ben arrives when Meg is outside with the guest. Thinking Meg is upstairs he enters the dark bedroom and sees Dana in bed with her back to him.
  • Caitlin is knocking on Francesca's door and Cole is still there.
  • Gregory and Olivia get stuck in the elevator.

  • Tuesday, September 22, 1998

    After Annie Drugged Gregory's Drink she went up stairs and gets dressed in a sexy lingerie.. While Gregory gets stuck in the elevator with Olivia. They talked about the time when they were trapped in the car during the Earthquakes. Gregory hallucinates that Olivia takes off her dress.. After that Gregory comes on to Olivia she tries to resist but adventure gives into him. When they are about to kiss the telephone rings and Annie asks if anything is ok. Gregory told her that everything is okay and that the woman in the elevator with him is very brave. After hanging up Gregory and Olivia kiss.

    While Annie is waiting for Gregory she wonders how long the effects will last of Niagra. So she adds a few more into a water picture. Then A.J Comes into the room for a file on the Liberty Corp. He gets a cough and drinks some of the water. After going back to his Hotel room A.J. starts to feel the effects of the Niagara he was taken and goes back to Annie's room and told her that Olivia is the woman Gregory is trapped with..

    Caitlin went to the Mission to confront Francesca to leave Cole alone, but inside the room Francesca is trying to convince Cole not to tell Caitlin about stealing the jewels. Cole told Francesca to get rid of Caitlin and then hides in the closet. Antonio and Gabby walk in to room when they her the commotion and then Antonio told gabby to take Caitlin for some coffee when they leave the room he opens the closet and finds Cole and demands an explanation.. Cole told him its not about sex that he is trying to help her. Antonio kicks Francesca out of the mission.

    While on his way to pick Dana/Maria up his car brakes down and then gets nervous when Meg told him that Dana is sleeping in her bed. Ben walks in the bedroom and thinks that Meg is the one sleeping in the bed and continues to go take a shower. After his shower Ben climbed into the bed and just before he wakes Dana Up Meg stops him telling him its Dana..

    Gabby told Antonio that she is sorry that she tried to trick him into telling her what's wrong.

    Wednesday, September 23, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Jami.

    Antonio's mom asks him what's wrong and he told her its nothing she told him the truth will be learned tonight. Antonio told his mom that Ben stop by to give a donation to the church and she wants to know if its the guilt that made him do it. and she told him that she has been having strange vibes about there wedding,

    When Tim Arrives at Meg's house he sees Ben's car and assumes that he see Maria and knows she's alive. Tim rings the door bell and Ben answers and wants to know why he's there. Ben told Tim that she wants him to stay away from Meg and him. Tim told Ben that he's here to pick up Dana/Maria to take her back to Cedar Oaks. Just then the phone rings and has to leave before he gets to see Maria. Meg tells Dana who just walks down the steps when Ben leaves that she's Staying the night. Tim is trying to talk Meg out of having Dana stay and she told him that she already has talked to Dana's Dr. and has her permission for her to stay. Dana decides to stay. Meg takes Dana to the spare room to stay in.

    AJ finds out that Annie Drugged the water and Gregory's Champaign with Niagara and rushes off to see what he can do to get Olivia and Gregory off the elevator. While kissing in the elevator Gregory ignores the phone that is ringing but Olivia can't and answers it. On the other end its Annie telling her to keep her hands off of Gregory. Gregory told her to hang up the phone and before she hangs up the phone Annie told Olivia told her that she drugged him and that she will not help Olivia get Cole out of Trey and Caitlin's life. Olivia tells Gregory that Annie drugged him. AJ asks Annie if she is that desperate for attention that she had to drug him?? Just then the elevator doors open. A not to happy Gregory finds the Niagara that Annie drugged him with. Annie told him that she didn't get it from a back alley. Gregory asks Annie if all she cares about is money. AJ asks Olivia if she still cares for Gregory

    Thursday, September 24, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Michele P

    Friday, September 25, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Michele P

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