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Monday, August 31, 1998

Frank arrives home and Courtney notices he's been in a fight. They argue over who came on to who the other night. She brought up the fact that Frank seduced his brother's girlfriend. They talk about Joe and Karen. She threatens to tell everyone about their affair - Frank doesn't think she will. Frank gets paged and leaves..

Eve arrives home to find the door open. She's stunned to see the place in disarray and Chris out cold. She calls Fra...I mean, the paramedics. Frank and another arrive, Chris comes to and grabs Frank and told him to get the hell out. Frank claims he's disoriented. They get Chris on the gurney and leave. At the hospital, Chris opines to Eve and Frank that it may have been the GH murderer. He says he can't remember the intruder's face. Eve goes to schedule a cat scan and told Franks to keep an eye on Chris and maybe "beat some sense into him" if needed. Chris threatens to cut Frank off from his drug. Frank threatens to tell everyone. Chris told Frank that maybe he'll be lucky and not die like Karen's test animals. Eve comes over and takes Chris away, leaving Frank looking pissed. Later, Chris checks out okay and Eve wants to call the police. Chris doesn't want to - he told her about Frank's attack. He told her that Lucy overheard that their alibi was bogus and told Frank. Chris also told her about the DL-56 that Frank was taking, though he's clean now. Eve worries that the police know about the alibi, but Chris just wants to keep quiet.

Later, Frank is at home looking for the DL-56 formula. Lark comes in and realizes he's still on the drug. Lark told him she found the formula in a dictionary and burned it. He starts to get angry, when Courtney comes downstairs - she's going to the kitchen to get pizza. Frank thinks she overheard, Lark doesn't think so.

Kevin runs into Lucy at the mental hospital - Frank told her about Victor. Kevin told her the whole plot. He told her he has a plan to get Victor out of the mess he's in. She begs to be allowed to help - and Kevin accepts. They are going to pretend Lucy is Victor's long-lost niece. Kevin worries about her safety, but she assures him it's what she wants to do. Lucy goes in and asks, in a Southern accent, where her Uncle Victor's room is. (She's also wearing a coat, hat, sunglasses, and a *lot* of padding.) She gets alone in his room with Victor, removes her dress, etc. and starts putting it on Victor. Kevin comes and helps poor "Bella" out. An orderly starts to interfere when Lucy comes out in pajamas screaming about being covered in ants. The staff all run to restrain her, while Kevin escapes with Victor. Later, they leave Lucy bound in restraints sitting on a chair. She starts singing to herself to pass the time, when she looks up and sees... Cooper! (Looking better than I remember him.)

Tuesday, September 1

Lucy encounters Cooper. He remembers her, but only as someone he read about in the newspaper. He approaches her and asks why she's there. He gets closer and closer until Lucy screams for help. He covers her mouth and ask why she screamed. He promises not to hurt her. She asks him to take off her restraints. He agrees and begins unhooking the belts when an orderly walks in and takes him away before he can finish. Later, Lucy tries to convince a nurse that she was in the hospital by mistake and that her bracelet can prove she isn't Victor Collins. Cooper shows up and suggests it may be a typo, and that she is Victoria Collins. The nurse agrees with Cooper and told Lucy she's got to take "her" medicine, and proceeds to force Victor's pills down Lucy's throat.

Kevin takes Victor to GH and enlists Karen's help in finding out what's wrong. They realize that Lucy hasn't yet surfaced, so Kevin takes off for the mental hospital. He finds Lucy spitting out the pills that the nurse gave her and removes her restraints. The nurse returns as Kevin and Lucy are leaving. She refuses to let them go and starts to call the police. Kevin and Lucy make a break for the door and take off.

Scott confronts Lee about the subpoena that he received. Lee told him that he's lost all his objectivity when it comes to Eve. Scott is refusing to testify when Chris and Eve walk up. Scott told them about Lee's strategy to finger Eve as the real killer. Eve apologizes to Scott for getting him involved and asks him what he's going to do. When she realizes that he could go to jail for helping her, Eve insists that she'll go to the police and confess everything, so Scott won't have to take the stand. He told her not to worry, that he'll handle everything. Later on, Scott bumps into Lee in the elevator and told him that he won't agree to cooperate and that he'll have to be listed as a hostile witness.

Wednesday, September 2, 1998

Scott hears on the TV that Katherine is alive. Gail arrives and they briefly discuss Katherine. Gail tries to convince Scott to cooperate with Lee. Serena interrupts by showing Gail that she can slide down the fire pole and then use her cane to walk to Gail. She later dances for Gail and told her all the different things Scott has been teaching her. They do a dance for Gail and then Serena leaves to get a glass of water. Scott and Gail then talk about the trial again but they continue to disagree. Gail reminds him only a few weeks ago he refused to have anything to do with Eve and now he's willing to go to jail for her. She asks him what he's going to do. He will figure it out when the time comes. She told him time is running out.

Karen explains to Kevin and Lucy that there was only a slight trace of Victor's medication in his blood. This explains Victor's strange behavior and now Kevin is certain Victor wasn't receiving his medication. The good news is Victor is improving. Detective Garcia arrives and questions Kevin about him breaking Victor out of the mental institution. Kevin and Lucy explain that Victor wasn't receiving his medication. Detective Garcia assures them he doesn't' want to send Victor back but he does want to question him since he may have learned something about Cooper while he was there. Karen isn't sure if Victor is up for visitors. Kevin told Garcia he can come with them to Victor's room but he must wait outside until Kevin can evaluate Victor. Kevin and Lucy go into Victor's room and he is happy to see them. He can only remember bits and pieces of what happened. Garcia knocks on the door and Victor invites him in. He questions Victor but Victor isn't very helpful. He becomes confused and says Lark is the bird with the lovely song in his backyard. Cooper is a baseball player. Garcia told Kevin he was right, this isn't the right time. He thanks Victor anyway.

Joe gives Courtney the wonderful news that Neil is in remission. Courtney is overjoyed. She has been praying for this and wants to know if he is cured for good. Joe explains that there's no guarantee but if he stays in remission for five years the success rate for children is seventy eight percent. With tears in her eyes Courtney told Joe because of him Neil has a life ahead of him.

Garcia told Eve he heard her alibi for Devlin's murder is a phony. She says he heard wrong. He then asks her how long she thinks Ramsey will hold out for her, or Scott Baldwin for that murder. Scott isn't so sweet on her anymore is he? She told him he will have to ask Scott. Garcia asks her where she was during Devlin's murder. She coyly replies that her statement is on file and she suggests he refers to that for his answers. She excuses herself but Garcia angrily told her she would make it a lot easier on herself if she comes forward with the truth before someone else does.

Kevin and Lucy later discuss Victor. Kevin blames himself for what has happened to Victor but Lucy told him to look on the bright side, Victor is getting better now. Kevin says if anyone had asked him a year ago if he would ever be close to his father he would have said no. He's getting kind of used to having Victor around. They go back into Victor's room after the lab tech leaves. Victor wants to know how he got there. Kevin explains and then Victor remembers Lucy putting him into a dress. He says that's one way for him to get in touch with his feminine side. Kevin jokes that he did look pretty hot. Victor thanks Lucy and they tell Victor about Lucy's stint in the mental ward. Victor, confused again, told Lucy he is honored to have her as his daughter-in-law. He told Kevin, "you've got yourself quite a woman there."

Courtney and Joe tell Neil he is in remission. Neil high fives Joe and then thanks him and told him he is the best doctor in the world. Neil wants to know if this means he can go home. Joe told him he's out of here, the sooner the better. Neil then turns to his mom and asks how they can go home if his dad doesn't' want him. She assures him his father loves him so much but he just has a lot of problems that he has to concentrate on right now. When Neil wants to know where they will go, Joe told him to pack his rockets and ray guns because he is coming to live at la casa Scanlon.

Kevin later thanks Lucy for pretending they are married. He thinks the truth would only confuse Victor right now. She says she loved pretending to be his wife. Kevin comments it made Victor feel good. Lucy says it made her feel even better. Audrey then walks up and told them Katherine Bell is alive. Lucy wants details and Audrey told them no one knows all the details but apparently Helena nursed Katherine back to health. After Audrey leaves, Lucy acts angry that she got all dressed up and went to Katherine's funeral and even said nice things about her. Kevin calls her on it, saying she's thrilled Katherine is alive, they were best enemies. Lucy says he's right. The news if fantastic. Garcia then comes by and told Lucy he checked out her tip but Eve and Chris are sticking by their stories. Kevin mistakenly thinks Lucy is still harassing Eve. They argue and Kevin leaves, furious with Lucy.

Eve comes to Scott's house and is receives a cold reception from Gail. Later, she wants to know what will happen now. Obstruction of justice, conspiracy, maybe even murder. He says they are right back out on the edge where he used to love to be but not now. She told him to do what he has to do but he says he doesn't know what to do.

Karen, Joe, and Audrey discuss Neil's recovery. Audrey told them Steve would've been very proud of them. Courtney shows up and thanks Karen. She says they are staying in Port Charles. Karen is surprised and asks where they will be living. Joe says they are making room at his place. Karen, hiding her own feelings, says she's sure Neil will love it.

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Thursday, September 3, 1998

by Soap Central

Desperate, Frank went to Chris and asks for more DL56. He tries to apologize for beating Chris and blames his behavior on being worried about Julie. Chris refuses. He says he has all the research he needs and sarcastically told Frank, "take two aspirin and call me in the morning. No, in fact, don't ever call me again." Frank later went to his dealer who is in jail and asks if he made a copy of the formula. Something the dealer says gives Frank an idea and he went back to see Chris. He threatens to bring a lawsuit against Lance Pharmaceuticals unless Chris continues to supply the DL56. Chris finally agrees. Chris will administer the drug from now on so that he will know Frank isn't using too much.

Lark asks Karen about the data for DL56. She told Karen she thinks she should destroy all of her notes since there are horrible side affects and she wouldn't want it to get into the wrong hands. Karen says that is a great idea. She will do exactly that. Courtney, hearing Karen and Lark discuss the DL56, remembers overhearing Frank and Lark discuss it. She realizes this is the drug Frank is hooked on.

Joe and Neil bond over baseball. Neil later helps Karen make hot-dogs. Courtney watches Joe watch Karen. She is obviously jealous. Hearing Joe say Karen will make a great mother some day only makes Courtney feel worse. Courtney later researches DL56 on her own using the computer in the Scanlon home.

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Friday, September 4, 1998

by Soap Central

Kevin asks Cooper's doctor for Cooper's medical records. The doctor refuses until Kevin asks him if he prefers a subpoena or a lawsuit. While Kevin looks over the records, the doctor says Cooper hasn't set foot out of the institution since the day he arrived. Kevin knows he has had visitors, which means he's had contact with the outside world. The doctor doesn't want Kevin badgering Cooper. Cooper's only problem since he got there seems to be lapsing into long silences. Cooper comes in to talk to Kevin. The doctor introduces him to Kevin but Cooper says he knows who Kevin is. Cooper told Kevin he likes it here. All the stress is removed, he gets his meals on time, someone cleans up after him, there are a variety of activities. The staff is kind and most of the other patients are pleasant. Victor was nice, he regrets not getting to spend more time with him. Kevin asks him if he misses the outside world. He doesn't'. He says it's a wicked world. He later asks Kevin how it feels to be the author of a book that has inspired so many murders. Kevin wonders what it was in his story that triggered the rampage. He asks Cooper if he has any idea. Cooper is sure he doesn't know. It spawned from Kevin's sick mind. He presumed Kevin is the killer. Greg is then taken back to his room.

Frank taunts Eve outside the courtroom. He asks her if she will admit the truth. She in turn ask him if he will turn himself in for beating Chris. He says she is lucky she wasn't home when he was there. She asks if that is a threat. He says she will be ripped apart on the stand. Not only doesn't she have an alibi but she will have to explain why she dumped her bracelet, the one found beside Devlin's body, into the harbor. She denies killing anyone but says Julie is just twisted enough to have done it. He can proclaim Julie's innocence to the whole world but the only opinion that matters now is the jury's.

Inside the courtroom, Garcia testifies there was a fountain pen found beside Dr. Devlin's body. The teeth marks on the pen matched Julie's dental impressions. Her fingerprints were found on the pen and her hair was tangled in Devlin's cufflink. To make matters worse, Julie doesn't have an alibi for the time her father was murdered. Garcia testifies that Julie was using her mother's maiden name because she didn't want to live in her father's shadow. Bennett Devlin was domineering and Julie resented the way he tried to manipulate her. Garcia went on to testify that Julie's last conversation with her father was an argument about an affair he had had with her brother's girlfriend. Her brother committed suicide two days after he learned of it. The D.A. asks Garcia if this is the brother Julie was accused of murdering. Julie interrupts, saying, "I didn't, they questioned the whole family." After Lee's objection, the judge strikes the prosecutor's remark. Julie says he can't strike it from the jury's minds.

Joe, Courtney, and Neil are getting Neil's new room at the Scanlan house ready. While Neil is putting his backpack under the bed he finds a shoe box containing needles behind the baseboard.

Joe and Courtney come downstairs with the box and Joe is furious. The room used to be Eve's. Courtney asks if the needles and vial could be Frank's. She explains she overheard Frank and Lark discussing the DL56. Joe doesn't want to believe Frank could have been taking it again but why else would this be stashed in his house?

Outside the courtroom the D.A. told Eve and Frank they can go home. Garcia's testimony is running long there won't be time for their testimony today. When they are alone again, Frank told Eve he meant what he said earlier. He will do whatever it takes to make sure Julie beats this.

Julie worries that every word the D.A. said made her look guilty. The jury looked at her like they wanted her to burn at the stake. She never expected it to be so bad. Lee assures her he is going to poke holes in the good detective's theory.

Back at the hospital, Chris and Eve talk about the trial. Eve told him Frank flipped. She is worried what Frank will do next. She thinks taking the DL56 has really changed him. The more she thinks about this the more she thinks taking the DL56 could have turned Frank into a killer.

When Frank arrives home, Joe confronts him with the shoe box of needles and vials. Joe asks Frank if he is taking DL56 again. Frank denies it then reminds Joe that Neil is in Eve's old room and it is a woman's shoe box. He believes this could be connected to the murders. He says they should call Garcia right away.

Garcia later testifies he first thought Devlin's murder was a crime of passion. He doesn't believe that now because of the pattern of murders that followed. They are all based on Kevin's book. He says Julie was seen strangling Grace at the circus. An eye witness saw someone in a sailor suit on the catwalk near where Jake's body was later found. Julie was in a sailor suit at the nurse's ball. It was one of her costumes. Dr. May died of poisoning in a piece of gum. The only appointment she had before her murder was with Julie. Garcia went on to testify that they traced the killer's call to Julie's house, where they found her home alone with the voice activator.

As Kevin is leaving the mental institution, he hears Ryan's voice coming from one of the rooms. Kevin sees Ryan on the television screen. Ryan tells him to get used to the surroundings because once people find out what he's been doing they will lock him up in here. They both know that's where Kevin belongs.

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