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Mateo was stunned to receive shared custody of Max. Gillian slept with David to get bail money for Ryan. Dixie threatened to reveal that Adam had bribed a judge to give Mateo shared custody of Max, prompting Adam to threaten to tell everyone about Dixie's 'affair' with Braden.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 14, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, December 14, 1998

Resting comfortably in her livingroom, Liza was disturbed by a surprise knock on her door. She opened the door and found a beaming David standing in the hallway. Sassily, Liza asked David if he'd ever heard of a telephone. David grinned and told Liza that what he had to say could not be said over the phone. David told Liza that he had told Adam "a whopper" of a lie at the hospital earlier in the day. That intrigued Liza enough to allow David into her home. Liza worried that David's lie might somehow tie into her baby's health. David shook his head and said that what he and Adam had talked about what strictly man to man. David said that Adam had ordered him to stay away from her because they were on the verge getting back together. He also noted that Adam had told him that Liza does not need "a nursemaid." Liza wrinkled her forehead and sighed. She was disappointed in the way that Adam was treating her like "personal property," but it was not enough to make her angry. Adam had, after all, sat with her while she decided whether or not to undergo amniocentesis. David feigned surprised and asked Liza why she had decided to go through with the procedure when she had been so opposed to it before. Liza explained that one of her test results was elevated and that she had been advised to have the test done. David revisited his disapproval with Adam's overbearing attitude. He told Liza that he would never treat her like property. He praised Liza has a "strong, fiercely independent" woman who could take care of herself. Liza knew where David was headed. She told him that while she thinks he's a very attractive man, she wants to maintain their friendship and not move to another level. She admitted that some of what Adam had said about their getting closer was true. She drifted off slightly as she thought about her former husband, but she came quickly down to Earth. David claimed that he could accept Liza's decision to keep their "close working relationship" and that he would not ever bring up talk of romance again. "I want you to be happy," David said. "If Adam makes you happy than so be it." David smiled and left Liza's condo.

Judge Charles returned to the courtroom and announced that he had reached a decision. "I considered all options," the judge began. The judge went on to say that he had carefully considered what had happened in and out of the courtroom as well as what would be in the best interest of Max. What came next stunned everyone in the courtroom. "I decided to grant temporary custody to the child's father," Judge Thomas announced. Hayley grabbed Mateo's arm as Mateo's face fell. Trevor covered his face. Across the room, Raquel nearly burst into tears. She rose from her chair and blasted the judge's decision. She asked him how he could render such a decision. "He's all I have," Raquel said of her son. Raquel's attorney, Lynette Neal, tried to quite her, but it did no good. Lynette told the judge that his decision as "highly irregular" and asked him to reconsider. He would do no such thing. He told Raquel that he expected Max to be handed over to Mateo by the end of the night. "You don't understand," Raquel called out. "No, you don't understand," snapped Judge Thomas. He told Raquel that if she went against his ruling, he would have her jailed for contempt. He did, however, leave open a slight glimmer of hope for Raquel. He explained that his ruling would last only until Mateo and Raquel's divorce was final. At that time, the judge in their case could come up with an alternate custody arrangement. The judge left the room and thongs continued to fall apart. Lynette told her client that the judge was "a freak" and that she would file an appeal immediately. Mateo asked Trevor if their was a way to have the judge change his verdict. Trevor shook his head and confessed that he never expected the judge to give him sole custody. Trevor was called away and Lynette headed off to file an appeal. Raquel wandered over to Matt and begged him not to follow the judge's orders. "I'll take good care of him," Mateo said coldly. "You can visit him whenever you want." Mateo was referring to the judge's decision that Raquel had to have supervised visits with Max for fear that she would once again try to leave town. Raquel was still composed---until Mateo asked her what time he should drop by to pick up Max. Raquel raced from the courtroom in tears.

Jack let it be known that Ryan was not being arrested for Kit's rape, but rather for "assault and battery" on Edmund. Gillian pleaded with Edmund not to let Ryan get arrested, but Edmund said nothing. Jack look towards Edmund and asked him if he wanted to press charges. There was really no room for Edmund to back out because Jack stated that he would find some other charge should Edmund not want to press charges. Ryan argued that Jack was simply looking for a way to punish him for a crime he did not commit. Again, Gillian turned to begging and pleaded with Edmund to help Ryan. "Arrest him," growled Edmund. Gillian's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Gillian claimed that she should be the one to be carted off to jail because she wanted to hit Kit. Ryan "belongs in jail," Edmund sneered coldly. "I'm sorry you don't want to hear that." Edmund went on to say that Ryan deserved to be locked up for what he had done to Kit. Derek and Jack hauled Ryan away while Gillian still voiced her protest. "I hate you, Edmund," she screamed. "I hate all of you." Gillian scurried out of the restaurant and Edmund and Kit sat back down to eat. The other diners stared at the pair, perhaps trying to figure out what the heck was going on. Kit turned to the table behind her and told two women that they were welcome to join them at their table if they wanted a chance to eavesdrop a little better. Edmund was amazed at the way Kit was able to handle herself and proposed a toast to "freedom."

In night court, Trevor argued that his client, Ryan, was innocent. Jack, however, said that he had seen Ryan assault Edmund with his own eyes. Plus, he noted, Ryan was a suspect in an ongoing rape investigation. "I am not on trial for rape," snapped Ryan. While he was right on in his observation, his outburst might have cost him---literally. The judge ordered that Ryan be held on half a million dollars bail. Gillian, who had been observing the case from the sidelines, scolded the judge for what she saw as a bad decision. All of Gillian's carrying on failed to move the judge and the verdict stuck. Ryan was carted off to a jail cell. Gillian threw her arms in the air and asked how she was supposed to raise such a large chunk of money. Trevor explained that Gillian only had to come up with ten percent of the bail, but even fifty thousand dollars was too much money for Gillian. Still, the princess vowed that she would do whatever she had to do in order to free her husband from jail.

At Chandler Mansion, Dixie feared that Braden was going to tell Adam about her hospitalization. Braden was a bit more savvy than that and told Adam that it was true that Dixie had not been in Paris. He claimed that Dixie had been with him in New York enjoying the clubs, poetry readings, and carriage rides through Central Park. "Your taste in men is as good as always," Adam remarked impudently. He asked Dixie not to flaunt her "cradlerobbing" in front of Junior. Dixie assured Adam that she would never do anything to upset her son. Adam claimed to be happy for Dixie and explained that if Braden was her "current cup of pleasure" she should "drink up." Dixie pursed her lips together and smiled slyly. Braden was asked to leave the room while Adam and Dixie talked about some private issues. Adam told Dixie that he was thankful that she had decided to stay in Pine Valley for the holiday. But what Adam really wanted was to spend all of Christmas Day with his son. Dixie nodded her head and granted Adam time with his son. Adam offered to let Dixie and Junior spend the night at the mansion, but Dixie said that she'd have to think about it. Adam scurried out of the room and Braden returned. He knew that Dixie was going to kill him for hinting that they were lovers. Dixie, surprisingly, was not angry in the least. She told Braden that only Adam would turn poetry readings into a "torrid love affair." She explained that she wanted Adam and Junior to spend as much time together as possible just in case something happened to her. Dixie was convinced that this would be her last Christmas and she wanted to make sure that everything would be in order if the worst were to happen. Braden put his hand on Dixie's shoulder to comfort her. As he did, Adam returned to the room and smiled devilishly. He was obviously enjoying every minute of the chance to tease Dixie about her younger lover. "Not one word!" Dixie chirped with a smile. Braden headed back to Cortlandt Manor after Dixie decided that she would spend the night at Chandler Mansion. Dixie decided to step out briefly. When she did, Adam was conducting a "business meeting" in the main living room area. Adam spoke to the man briefly about the hell his daughter and her husband had been going through, He went on to thank the man for helping them all out. The man raised a glass of brandy. As the camera panned around, the man sitting before Adam was none other than Judge Thomas! "It's the least I could do," the judge grinned.

At the Pine Cone Motel, Angela and Max tossed a football around as Raquel packed up some of her son's belongings. Raquel was dying inside, but she did an absolutely incredible job of hiding her pain in front of her son. She did her best to force a smile and told Max that he would be spending time with his daddy. She talked up the opportunity to play baseball, catch, and even some sledding when the weather permitted. Max was very excited by the news and blissfully unaware of why he was going to be spending time with Mateo. Mateo arrived a short time later and Angela took Max into the other room while he and Raquel talked. Raquel told Mateo that she'd packed all of Max's belongings and made a list of the boy's favorite books and foods. Mac returned to the room and told his father that he was ready to go. He grabbed his coat and took his father's hand. As the father and son headed towards the door, Max turned around and asked his mother why she wasn't going with them.

A frantic Gillian showed up at David's room and begged him to help her. David reminded Gillian that when they'd spoken earlier in the day, Gillian had asked him never to speak to her again. Gillian told David to be quiet while she explained her situation. David started to laugh when Gillian asked him to loan her fifty thousand dollars. David told Gillian that she had hurt him deeply when she called off their affair and that he was not willing to part with such a sizeable amount of money to free a rapist from jail. Gillian proclaimed her husband's innocence, but David wasn't listening. Suddenly, David came up with an idea. He told Gillian that he would give her the money if he could have her "naked in [his] bed now."

Tuesday, December 15, 1998

The last of the brandy swigged down, Judge Thomas decided to call it a night. Before allowing his crony to leave, Adam asked the judge to make it a point to get assigned to Mateo and Raquel's divorce proceedings. The judge chuckled and said that even he couldn't be entirely certain that he'd be assigned to the divorce hearing. Judges are assigned, he explained, by luck of the draw. Adam grinned devilishly and told the man that he has connections.

Raquel crouched on the floor and told her son that his time with his daddy would be a lot like "sleep away camp." The only difference was that he would be able to see her whenever he wanted. Angela looked on painfully as her cousin said goodbye to her son. Lynette, Raquel's attorney, watched the events unfold without a trace of emotion. Mateo invited Raquel to join him and Max for breakfast in the morning. Raquel smiled meekly and thanked Mateo. The time came for Max to leave and Raquel did the best she could to keep from crying. Angela and Lynette escorted Max to Matt's car. Raquel looked helplessly at Mateo and told him that he should have done something to reverse the judge's decision. Mateo reminded Raquel that he had no say in the verdict and told his wife that hopefully another judge would rule differently at their divorce hearing. After Mateo left, Raquel realized that Max had forgotten his teddy bear. She raced into the parking lot, but she was too late to catch her son. She returned to the motel room still clutching the bear. She sunk to her knees and began to sob.

Some of the items on Amanda's Christmas list were a bit much, but that was probably her plan. She figured that with outrageous requests---like an in-ground swimming pool for the backyard---her more mundane choice, a second piercing in her ears, would be granted. Trevor returned from court and told his daughter that she should head to bed. Amanda told her parents that she'd had a dream about Harold and that the dream made her sad. In the dream, Amanda said that she remembered all the fun she and Harold had had playing together. Janet explained that the dream was a good thing because it allowed Amanda to hold on to a pleasant memory. Amanda didn't see it that way. After she went to bed, Trevor told Janet about his double whammy in court. Janet was equally stunned by the judge's decision to grant sole custody of Max to Mateo. And she was frustrated by Ryan's imprisonment. Tim returned home a little while later with a special guest---the little brown-and-white-spotted stray dog. The three fawned over the dog and Tim toyed with the idea of adopting the dog. Janet told Trevor that she had checked the lost and found ads and not found any listings for a missing dog. Amanda listened from the top of the stairs with a horrified look on her face. She scampered down the steps and ordered her family to get rid of the dog immediately. Trevor, Janet, and Tim all talked up the furry little creature, but Amanda was convinced that the dog was trouble. She called the dog "ugly" and said that the dog's nose "doesn't even fit on its face." She took particular offense to the way in which they had fed the dog raisin bread, one of Harold's favorite foods. Janet begged her daughter to give the dog a chance, but Amanda flatly said that she didn't want to give him a chance. She ran up the stairs and away from the dog. Trevor shook his head and sighed. He said that Amanda was so afraid of losing another pet, that she was unwilling to open up her heart.

"Me naked in bed?" Gillian replied confusedly. David snorted slightly and told Gillian that she should not be surprised by his request. Gillian shook her head and told the doctor that she could not sleep with him because she was in love with Ryan. David pointedly noted that Ryan was desperately in need of bail---and took great pleasure in being Gillian's only possible help. Gillian insisted that there had to be another way, but with Dimitri out of town she knew that she had very few options. She placed a frantic call to Wildwind to speak to Hayley, but Hayley claimed to have had no time to talk to Gillian about her trivial problems. She had no idea that Ryan was in jail---and Gillian was too panicked to even think of mentioning that minor detail. Hayley hung up on Gillian and the princess realized that her chances were fading away. "Looks like I'm your only help," David sneered. Gillian looked down at the floor and frowned. She told David that she'd agree to his proposal. She shifted her weight to one foot and began unbuttoning her blouse. It was obvious that Gillian did not want to be undressing, but she felt she had no other option. David presented her with a rose to soften the mood, but it only made things worse. Gillian noted that roses were Ryan's favorite flowers. Somewhat angrily, David told Gillian that, "Ryan's not here with you now. I am!" David lifted Gillian into the air and plopped her down on the bed. Gillian still held on to the rose as David began to kiss her neck. Gillian's hands shook wildly and a single tear streamed down her cheek. After David finished what he'd set out to do, he made a phone call to an associate and secured the fifty thousand dollars he'd promised Gillian. Gillian bowed her head, got dressed, and started towards the door. David sarcastically asked Gillian if she was going to thank him for the money. "You already had your thank you," Gillian growled.

Hayley summoned Dixie to Wildwind to get some advice on becoming a new stepmom. Hayley brought Dixie up to speed on Mateo's marriage to Raquel, the child he never knew about, and the judge's bizarre custody ruling. Hayley's worrying became amusing as she asked Dixie questions that appeared to have overtly simple answers. "What about baths?" she asked. "Wet and warm," Dixie replied with a grin. "And what do I do if he gets hungry?" Hayley blubbered. "Feed him," Dixie chuckled. Dixie assured Hayley that she would be a great stepmother. After all, she was great with Junior. Dixie left on those parting words and headed back to Chandler Mansion. Only a matter of a few seconds later, Mateo returned home with Max. It turned out that Hayley didn't have to worry about baths or feeding times. There was an entirely new problem to deal with: a missing teddy bear. Luckily, Mateo had picked up a new teddy bear sometime earlier and managed to soothe his son by telling him that the teddy bear was "new in these parts" and that he needed someone to hug him through the night. Then came another stumbling block. "What about the hippo?" Max asked sadly. Again, Matt and Hayley exchanged lost looks. Apparently "the hippo" was some type of game that Max and Raquel played before bedtime. Max agreed to skip the game and head right to his prayers. Afterwards, Mateo sat by his son and watched him fall asleep. After Max was safely off in dreamland, Mateo headed to his bed. He and Hayley were fast asleep when Max woke up and called out for his mommy.

Dixie returned to Chandler Mansion and found Adam partaking in a cigar. She grabbed the cigar and snuffed it out in an ashtray. "Once again you have stolen a child away from its mother," Dixie growled. She dared Adam to tell her that he had nothing to do with the ruling in the custody hearing. Dixie had apparently realized in transit that the man Adam had been having a "business meeting" was also the same man who had presided over her and Adam's wedding ceremony. Adam smiled widely and admitted that he had asked Judge Thomas to help out. He said that Mateo and Hayley had suffered enough and that giving them custody of Max was the best way to make them happy. Dixie blasted her former husband for not having thought about what was best for Max. When Dixie threatened to tell Hayley about her father's antics, Adam showed his fangs. He warned Dixie that if she told Hayley about what he'd done, he go to Tad and tell him about her romantic escapades with Braden. He wondered how Tad would feel when he learned that while he was frantically searching for her Dixie had been off cavorting with a much younger man. Dixie looked stunned by the news that Tad had been desperately trying to find her and terrified that Adam might tell Tad about a make-believe romance she'd been having. "You disgust me," Dixie snapped. Adam chuckled and remarked, "I guess that means I win."

Jack showed up at Ryan's jail cell with a smile on his face. The smile didn't quite match the magnitude of the one Adam had flashed to a defeated Dixie, but the smile was definitely noticeable. Ryan asked Jack if he dropped by to "leave a mint on [his] pillow." Ryan adamantly insisted that he did not rape Kit, but Jack wasn't about to believe him. He offered Ryan the chance to prove his innocence and at the same time get out from behind bars. If Ryan agreed to take a blood test to prove his innocence (or guilt), Jack said that he would let Ryan walk. Ryan said that Trevor had advised him not to take the blood test. That didn't faze Jack. He told the prisoner that he would hold a press conference and tell the media about the rape investigation if he did not submit to the test. There was no longer an aspect of agreement. Jack took great pleasure in noting how the media would hound everyone who knows Ryan---especially Gillian. Ryan didn't want to see Gillian get hurt and angrily agreed to take the test. A lab technician showed up very quickly and readied to draw blood from Ryan. Suddenly, Gillian burst into the cellblock and shouted, "No! Leave him alone!"

Wednesday, December 16, 1998

Still a bit dazed from his interrupted sleep, Mateo staggered into Max's room to make sure that his son was okay. Max hugged his father closely and again called out for his mother. Hayley entered the room to see what was going on, but she knew that there was little she could do. In her motel room, Raquel reflected on the judge's decision to give sole custody of Max to Mateo. When the phone rang, she literally lunged onto the bed to reach it. "Max?" she said answering the phone. Matt told Raquel that while everything was okay, Max missed her. Raquel didn't wait to hear another word. "I'll be right there!" she exclaimed. Within a split second, Raquel had her coat on and Max's teddy bear in her hands and was headed out the door.

"Drop that needle!" Gillian shrieked. Gillian feared that Jack was trying to introduce some type of truth serum or other drug into Ryan's bloodstream. Ryan couldn't help but smile at his wife's frenzied reaction. Jack assured the Hungarian princess that the American judicial system did not drug those accused of crimes. All the while he appeared mildly amused by Gillian's actions. Gillian recalled the many movies she'd seen and then feared that Jack might be preparing to give Ryan a lethal injection. Gillian warned Jack that he'd "have to get through" her before he could do harm to Ryan. Jack asked Gillian to step outside the cell area and wait until he was done. "Of course," Gillian gasped. She thought that Jack wanted to get rid her of so that she could not witness what was about to happen. Jack tried to convince Gillian that no harm would come to Ryan, but Gillian did not believe a word the attorney said. Ryan finally spoke up and told his wife that she had no reason to worry. He explained that he had made a deal to get out of jail by agreeing to give a blood sample. Gillian's face suddenly dropped. She reminded Ryan that Trevor had advised him not to give a blood sample. Then it hit her: If Ryan was getting out of jail, she had slept with David for nothing. Gillian held Ryan's hand while a lab technician drew the blood. Jack asked the technician to put a rush order on the analysis. The man explained that even a rush order might take a week or so. The reason was that the semen sample taken from Kit's clothing was relatively small and would result in a slower than normal testing process. Jack lived up to his promise and told Ryan that he would work on his release papers immediately. He did, however, warn Ryan not to even think about leaving town. Ryan looked at Gillian and smiled. He then turned back towards the District Attorney and said that he would not flee town because Pine Valley was his home. Ryan thanked Gillian for her help and offered to take her back to Wildwind. Gillian told Ryan that she did not want to go back to Wildwind because she would have to do so without him. Ryan was stunned that his wife would give up her "palatial" digs at Wildwind for something far more modest.

Edmund walked Kit back to her hotel room and found himself invited into the room for a nightcap. Over a glass of cognac, Edmund invited Kit to the upcoming Crystal Ball. He explained that the Crystal Ball was a New Year's Eve charity event he had started in Maria's memory. Kit was flattered by the invitation, but she told Edmund that she did not want to mire the celebration with scandal. Edmund gave Kit a funny little glance and told her that he wanted her in attendance---and did not care what anyone else thought. Kit asked Edmund to tell her about Maria. Edmund was reluctant to talk about his late wife, but he eventually summed her up in a few appropriate words. He called Maria "one of the kindest people" he knew and noted that she was "a wonderful mother." From the difficulty Edmund had in speaking about Maria, she knew that he was still very much in love with her. Edmund confirmed her suspicions and admitted that he missed Maria very much. A knock sounded on the door. Kit answered the door and found her big brother waiting to deliver the news of Ryan's decision to undergo a DNA profile. The news was welcomed, but neither Kit nor Edmund seemed particularly jubilant. Jack told Edmund that he had agreed to drop the assault charges in order to entice Ryan into the test. Edmund nodded and told Jack that he'd done the right thing. The sooner they obtained evidence, the sooner Ryan could be put on trial, Edmund said. Edmund decided to call it a night. After he left, Jack told Kit that he felt the need to play big brother. He asked Kit what was "going on" between her and Edmund. Kit smiled slightly and told her brother that she and Edmund were just friends. Jack told Kit that if she decided to become more than friends with Edmund, he wanted her to know that Edmund was still very much in love with his wife. "So he told me," Kit said disappointedly. Jack gave his sister a big, comforting hug.

Mateo tried to comfort Max with the latest video game gadget, but it didn't help much. Raquel burst into the room and handed Bosco, Max's teddy bear, to her son along with a big hug. Max told his mother that he did not mean to "be a baby," but said that he missed her. Max found little to like about his new bed and room at Wildwind leaving Raquel to do the best she could to "talk up" the new surroundings. She told her son that he wasn't being "very nice" to his daddy by wanting to leave so soon. Max refused to spend the night in the castle unless his mother could stay with him. Matt stepped into assure his son that there was no reason to be afraid. Seeing that his words had little affect on Max, Mateo agreed to let Raquel spend the night. Hayley sighed slightly, but did nothing to voice her opinion on the matter. Raquel looked to the other Mrs. Santos and asked her if it would be okay if she spent the night. "Yeah, it's great," said Hayley unenthusiastically. Max begged his mother to play "hippopotamus" with him. Finally, the much hyped game was revealed. In the game, Raquel started off by asking Max if it was "time to feed [his] pet hippopotamus." Max, in turn, replied, "No." Raquel then went on to something else bizarre---asking if it was time for Max to put his shoes on his hands and walk around on his hands. Again, the answer was negative. Max looked to his dad and told him that it was his turn to play the game. Mateo thought for a few seconds and asked Max if it was time to jump into the pool with his clothes on. Max veered off the game's path and shouted, "Yes!" I believe that the game was supposed to go on until someone asked Max if it was time to go to bed. Nevertheless, Raquel tickled Max when he gave his answer and Mateo soon joined the pair on the bed. Matt, Max, and Raquel all giggled happily. Meanwhile, Hayley stood at the foot of the bed feeling like an outcast. She quietly returned to her bedroom and crawled into bed. She pulled a pillow over her head so she would not have to hear Raquel singing her son a lullaby.

Having no place to call home, Ryan and Gillian headed for the boathouse. They bundled up in a few spare blankets and prepared to spend the night sleeping outdoors. They huddled together to keep warm. Ryan again thanked Gillian for helping him out at the station, but he wondered how she'd gotten her hands on fifty thousand dollars. Gillian swallowed hard and claimed that she'd hawked some of her grandmother's jewelry. Ryan happily noted that since the bail money had not been needed, Gillian could go back to the pawnbroker and buy back the jewelry. Gillian forced a smile and said that that was wonderful news.

Dixie strolled aimlessly around the park watching young couples pass by hand-in-hand. She sat down on a bench and recalled a happier time when she and Tad sat in the park as lovers. By an ironic twist of fate, Dixie would soon find Tad falling at her feet. After purchasing a Christmas tree from a vendor on the other side of the park, Tad decided to lug the tree back to his car. The cumbersome tree proved too bulky for Tad and he tumbled to the ground right in front of Dixie. The two former lovers stared silently at each other, the awkward silence continuing for quite some time. Dixie finally broke the silence by jokingly asking Tad if he'd taken on a new job as town lumberjack. Tad asked Dixie if she'd mind some company and, after Dixie slid down on the bench, sat down beside her. Tad teased Dixie by telling her that he had considered buying "a plastic tree" this year. The tree, he said, had a hidden face that popped out every so often and sang Christmas carols. Dixie looked at the gigantic tree and asked Tad if he needed some help decorating it. Tad shook his head and told Dixie that he believed that he and Jamie could do a decent job on their own. "What if I make a date and you don't show?" Tad quipped. Dixie bowed her head. Tad apologized for the uncalled for comment. Seemingly out of nowhere, Tad asked Dixie if she'd spoken to Del lately. A few years back, Dixie had donated one of her kidneys to Del Henry, her half-brother. Dixie worried that Tad had somehow found out about her recent health crisis. He later explained that he thinks about Del every year around Christmas because that was about the time that the transplant had taken place. Dixie quietly noted that she doesn't speak to her brother on a regular basis---if at all. Tad mumbled that it was rather rude of Del to leave town with "an internal organ and Kendall." Del left Pine Valley to move to Florida with Kendall Hart, Erica's daughter. Tad told Dixie about the charges pending against Ryan. Dixie was concerned by the news, but became infuriated when she learned that Kit was the same woman who had falsely accused Tad of rape. Tad disappeared momentarily and returned later with a special surprise for Dixie---a bucket of chicken fingers. As the first snow of the season began to fall, Tad and Dixie sat on the park bench munching on "their" snack.

Thursday, December 17, 1998

Somehow Gillian and Ryan managed to avoid becoming human popsicles overnight. When they woke, though, both were beginning to suffer the effects of exposure. Ryan feared that Gillian risked getting frostbite and urged her to return home. Gillian shook her head and told Ryan that she wasn't going anywhere without him. Ryan again thanked Gillian for coming to his aid and again Gillian lowered her head in shame.

For a reason unknown to Stuart, he and his brother wandered around the park. They sat down on a bench and Adam placed a call to Liza's doctor to ask questions about amniocentesis. Apparently Adam had already made several other calls. Stuart asked his brother to settle down and to stop bothering the doctor. He then told his brother that he'd spoken to Marian and learned that she and Adam had come to some sort of agreement. Stuart worried that his brother as up to something "nefarious." Adam smiled proudly and assured his brother that he was not up to his old tricks. He explained that he truly loved Liza and wanted her to be a part of his life. Stuart cocked his head to one side and asked Adam if he was going to try to "use the baby" to get to Liza. Adam got awfully quiet and asked Stuart when he meant by that. Everyone knows that Stuart cannot tell a lie, but he also has the ability to tell when Adam is lying. Stuart listened as Adam professed his undying love for Liza. Stuart noted that Adam had been the one who forced Liza to sign off on their divorce. Still, he knew that love makes people do crazy things---especially Adam!

Worried about her upcoming test, Liza was in a foul mood all morning. She lashed out at Rudy and almost got into a tiff with Tad. Tad wasn't about to let Liza's bad mood rub off on him and he plopped himself down in her office and demanded to know why Liza was so upset. Liza explained that she was worried about the amnio. Tad listened carefully as Liza explained the potential risks of the procedure and the possible bad news the test results could bring. Tad told his friend that everything would be okay. He offered to accompany her to the hospital, but Liza told him that she'd already found someone to go with her. Tad blinked his eyes several times before letting out a loud groan. "Not Adam Chandler," he moaned. Marian waltzed into the office and told Tad that he should not bad mouth Adam. If Adam wanted to be with Liza, she was certain that Liza was "in the best hands" possible. Tad and Liza both crooked their necks and asked Marian if she'd been drinking. Marian explained that she was willing to give Adam the benefit of the doubt. Tad decided that he'd better go while the getting was still good and again offered to accompany Liza while on his way out of the office. Liza gave her mother a stern look and asked her if Adam had "gotten" to her. She assumed that Adam had done something---perhaps offered a custom-made wedding gown---to win her mother over. "It wasn't just that," Marian replied weakly. Liza guffawed and remarked that she couldn't believe that she'd been right about the dress offer. Marian asked Liza about the amnio, but Liza said that she did not want to talk about it. Marian promised Liza that everything would turn out okay. Liza accused her mother of looking through "rose colored glasses" because she was in love. Marian said that she felt something inside that told her everything was going to be okay. She added that she did not feel that way during Liza's first pregnancy. Adam entered the office and told Liza to listen to her mother. Marian headed off to look at wedding bands with Stuart and Liza said nothing about Adam's bribe to her mother. Adam could see that Liza was reluctant to go to the hospital. "The reason our first b---I mean our baby died," Adam fumbled, was because of a virus. Adam said that perhaps amniocentesis would have been able to save their baby. It was unclear whether Adam's "our first baby" remark was scripted or if it was an honest---yet appropriate---mistake.

In the park, Marian and Stuart talked about their wedding plans. Stuart became so excited that he shouted out his desire to marry Marian at the top of his lungs. Marian wondered if Adam and Liza could ever be as happy together as they were. Stuart hoped that they could be happy, but he remarked that he didn't think anyone could be as happy as them.

Ryan and Gillian sought refuge---and a place to stay---at Myrtle's boarding house. Myrtle showed the pair her only vacant room, but they seemed less than enthusiastic. They had a few concerns, one of which was whether or not they could live together in the same room. Myrtle assured the couple that the bed was big enough for both of them. With a wry smile on her face, Myrtle headed downstairs to make some tea. While she was gone, Gillian told Ryan that she knew why he was uneasy about taking the room. She wondered if she could ever regain her husband's trust. Ryan admitted that Gillian and David's affair plays like a "videoloop" in his mind. Gillian called herself "a slut" and told Ryan that she would understand if he wanted nothing to do with her. Ryan let Gillian off the hook, first by assuring her that she was not a slut. Then, he told his wife that she'd scored "big points" by coming to his rescue at the police station. Myrtle returned to the room with a tray of tea and asked the couple if they'd made a decision. Ryan looked quickly at Gillian and smiled. He then turned back towards Myrtle and told her that they'd take the room.

Thinking that he'd still see his client behind bars, Trevor showed up at the police station. Of course, Ryan wasn't there. Trevor then called Jack to the station to find out exactly what was going on. Jack dripped with overconfident as he told Trevor that he and Ryan had made "a little deal." Trevor listened in horror as Jack told him that Ryan had agreed to undergo a DNA test in exchange for dropped assault charges. Trevor shook his head and said that the deal was off. Jack grinned and told his colleague that he was too late the stop the test. Trevor wondered where the Jack of old had gone---the Jack who believed in "integrity and truth and justice." Jack said that that Jack had disappeared when his sister was brutally raped. Trevor argued that Ryan had not committed the crime, but that only served to enrage Jack. Jack said that he could tell that Ryan was guilty just by looking in his eyes. The fact that Ryan had decked Edmund also bolstered his claim. Trevor snapped that if everyone who had ever hit someone was locked up in jail, they'd be filled to the rafters with prisoners. Trevor noted that he was so frustrated that he could punch Jack. Jack angrily looked at Trevor and urged him to take his best shot. The two men stood nose to nose, but they did not come to blows. Jack told Trevor that if he laid a hand on him, he might be able to have him share a cell with Ryan. Jack left, but he returned later and found that Trevor hadn't moved an inch since he'd left. Trevor had hung around with the hopes of convincing Jack to recuse himself from the case. He argued that Jack was too closely involved with the case to be unbiased. Jack shook his head and told Trevor that there was no way he'd remove himself from the case. Trevor used the argument that Jack had removed himself for Brooke's case for a similar reason. Jack shook his head and said that he removed himself from Brooke's trial because he knew that Brooke was not guilty. Trevor could see that he was getting nowhere and left without saying another word. A few seconds later, Jack's cell phone rang. He listened intently to the person on the other end. When the call was done, Jack exclaimed, "Oh my God!"

In his new office at Pine Valley Hospital, David polished one of his plaques. Dixie wandered into his office with a stunning announcement: she was dropping him as a doctor. She explained that she could not have her appointments at Pine Valley Hospital because someone might find out that she was sick. She said that she could not have anyone---especially Tad, Junior, or Adam---learn about her health condition. As if on cue, Joe wandered into the room. He was surprised to see Dixie in the doctor's office and asked her if everything was okay. Dixie claimed that she'd gotten lost on her way to the volunteers' room. It was a bad lie because Dixie had worked at the hospital for years---and the office's location hadn't changed. Dixie stepped out of the room leaving Joe and David some time to talk. David asked Joe if it would be possible for them to be civil now that he was once again employed at the hospital. Joe admitted that when he learned that Palmer had gone behind his back and rehired David, he had planned on resuming his crusade to run him out of town. Joe soon realized that that wouldn't accomplish anything. He told David that he'd decided to accept him as an employee of the hospital---but quickly warned him that he'd be watching him closely. One mistake and he would once again find himself cut from the payroll. Joe left David's office and Dixie once again slipped inside. David told Dixie that she had no reason to fear for her health because he was looking out for her. Dixie rolled her eyes at David's arrogance and asked him how he could be so certain that she'd be fine. David dodged the question, saying that he could not understand why Dixie was so hung up on a "pompous, smart ass" like Tad. Dixie gasped as David muttered his remark. She praised Tad as a sweet and caring man---and the love of her life. She told David that she did not want Tad to know about her illness because she did not want to put him through the pain of losing her. If David could assure her that she would live a long and healthy life, she said that she'd run to Tad immediately and asked him to take her back. David urged Dixie to do just that, but Dixie wasn't sure that she could believe David. As she filed out of the office, Dixie bumped into Tad in the corridor.

Friday, December 18, 1998

Well-rested and wide awake, Hayley and Mateo entered the parlor at Wildwind and were surprised to find no trace of Raquel or Max. When asked, Edmund told the couple that he hadn't seen or heard from either Raquel or Max. Hayley brought up the idea that Raquel might have skipped town. Mateo told her that the mother of his child wouldn't violate a court order. When Mateo dashed off, Edmund told Hayley that he could tell she was less than thrilled by having had Raquel spend the night at Wildwind. Hayley diplomatically replied that she was do whatever she had to do "to make life smoother." So if that meant having to bite her tongue and allow Raquel to spend one night under the same roof as her, that was apparently what she would do. Upstairs, Mateo tiptoed into Max's bedroom and whispered for Raquel to wake up. Raquel was slow to rise, but Max opened his eyes surprisingly quickly and was ready to play. He bounced up and down on the bed even as his mother tried to calm him down. Mateo suggested that they have a pillow fight, but Max had no idea what that meant. Matt took a pillow in his hands and softly whacked Raquel across the head. Raquel countered with an equally forceful whap upside Mateo's head. It didn't take long for Max to figure out the rules of the game and the youngster flailed a pillow at both of his parents. Jubilant laughter erupted from the room, so much so that Hayley could hear the ruckus from down the hall. One of the pillows flew across the room and landed at Hayley's feet. Max headed to the bathroom to wash up for breakfast, leaving the adults alone. Hayley clutched the pillow close to her body and looked that she was going to bop Raquel and Mateo---but she didn't get a chance. One of the many housekeepers appeared in the doorway and told Raquel that her attorney was downstairs. Raquel scurried out of the room leaving Hayley to wonder if Raquel was trying to fight the custody arrangement. Mateo told Hayley that he would not be surprised if Raquel was going to appeal the judge's decision. After all, he had taken her child away from her. Back downstairs, Raquel told her attorney, Lynette, why she'd spent the night at Wildwind. She painted a picture of total ineptness on Mateo and Hayley's part, but stopped just short of insinuating that the couple had placed Max in some sort of danger. Lynette promised to head back to court with a goal of reversing Judge Thomas' decision, but she warned Raquel not to expect a court date until the New Year. Raquel was devastated by the news and begged her lawyer to do something to expedite matters. Lynette promised to do her best. After Ms. Neal was gone, Raquel sat alone on the sofa in tears. Edmund slowly entered the room with a handful of Kleenex for the young woman. He told her that he understood that times were not easy for her, but urged her to remain vigilant. Raquel reminisced about her days as a child when Maria was her babysitter. She told Edmund that she was sorry that Maria was not there to be with them. She then made an odd request. Raquel asked Edmund if he could keep an eye on her son while he was staying with Matt and Hayley. Edmund nodded and assured Raquel that he make sure that Max was well taken care of. Matt, Hayley, and Max entered the room. Max was asked if he wanted to go to the stable and see the horses. Max didn't want to go anywhere without his mother---and when Raquel told her son that she had to head home, Max began to panic. He told his mother that he was not going anywhere without her. He begged her to stay at Wildwind with him, but Raquel said that she wanted Max to have some time alone with his father. She said that she had had him all to herself for many years and that she wanted his daddy to have some time alone with him. It was a very generous offer even if it was legally mandated. Mateo called Edmund out into the hallway for some private "guy talk." While the men were out of the room, Raquel told her son a parting story about a family of reindeer. Hayley watched with the most curious of faces; it was a little bit of horror mixed with heartache and pride. By the time Raquel had finished her story, Hayley had a half smile on her face from observing Raquel interact with her son. Raquel waited for Mateo to return before she left. On her way out, she told Matt that the custody arrangement was "not right" and vowed to "fix it." Hayley hoped that Max would rest easier than the night before. Mateo then dropped a bombshell on the woman he wanted to be his wife: He had asked Edmund for permission to have Raquel move into Wildwind.

Wrapping Christmas presents might not have been Kit's forte, but she was certainly having a good time doing it. Shiny paper scattered about the room, Kit literally had to hunt for the phone when it began ringing. It took her at least a half dozen rings before she managed to locate the telephone. Fortunately, Edmund didn't hang up. Edmund wanted to verify that Kit had received the proofs of her photo session. Kit told him that she had received them, but hinted that choosing the one photo she wanted to give to Jack was hard work. Edmund told Kit that he'd drop by later to help her choose the perfect photo. Jack arrived before Kit could finish wrapping her presents. She tossed a blanket over the stack of gifts so that her big brother couldn't peek at his presents. Jack, though, had fun teasing his sister by trying to yank the blanket off of the cache of treasure. Jack told Kit that he had bad news. He was not going to be able to spend Christmas in Pine Valley. His adopted daughter, Lily, was involved in a terrible accident of some kind and had to undergo emergency surgery. Jack wanted to travel to Ohio to be by her side. Kit understood and was surprised that Jack had been married and had a child. She remarked that there was so much she had to catch up on. Jack presented Kit with her Christmas gift, their mother's ring. Kit gasped and thanked Jack for the present. She, in turn, showed Jack the photos she'd had taken. She asked Jack to choose one, but he said that he couldn't choose one over the rest. Jack worried about leaving Kit alone while Ryan was still "on the loose." Edmund appeared in the doorway and told Jack that he'd look out for Kit while he was gone.

When asked why she was at the hospital, Dixie informed Tad that she was visiting "old friends." For his part, Tad told Dixie that he had dropped by the offer Liza emotional support as well as have "mystery meatloaf" with his father. Dixie asked Tad if he might be able to free up some time to talk to her after dinner. Tad nodded his head and suggested that they talk right then and there. Dixie was caught off guard and stumbled to figure out a way to open up to her former lover. She started to explain that "geographically speaking" she wanted to talk to him about New York and Paris. Before she could get any further, Dixie began breathing heard. She clutched her chest and staggered over to a nearby chair. Tad called out for help and David came running from his office to help Dixie. He took her into his office and both the cardiologist and Dixie asked Tad to wait outside the office. Tad was furious and belted out a series of zingers to David. As he did so, Liza and Adam came strolling down the hall and asked Tad why he was yelling at a door. Tad explained what had happened and expressed a concern that Dixie might be sick. Adam frowned slightly and told Tad that Dixie could not possibly be sick because she'd spent the night under his roof. The implication was that if Dixie were sick, Adam would know it. The billionaire's nonchalance aggravated Tad and the two men nearly got into a verbal battle. Liza stepped in and asked Adam if he'd mind seeing of Dr. Clader was ready for her. "Your wish is my command," Adam replied softly. Liza smiled as Adam walked away. Tad mused that getting Adam to disappear was a good trick. He then asked Liza if she could also make Adam "play dead." Liza asked Tad to be nice to Adam. She told Tad that if he was so concerned about Dixie, he should march himself into David's office and see for himself. Otherwise, he should forget about Dixie and move on with his life. Tad's concern then shifted to Dixie's involvement with Dr. Hayward. Tad labeled the doctor "a quack," but Liza felt otherwise.
Inside his office, David determined that Dixie was going to be okay. He surmised that the dosage on her medicine had to be upped. Dixie took a deep breath and told David that she'd been on the verge of telling Tad about her heart condition and assuring him that she'd be okay when the "attack" happened. David again touted his excellent record as a physician and promised Dixie that she'd be fine as long as she remained under his care. The continued arrogance was beginning to irk Dixie, but she decided that she would trust David. Tad suddenly burst into the room and demanded to know what was going on. Dixie scolded Tad for going against her request to stay outside. She told him that he should mind his own business. Dejected, Tad stormed out of the office. When Dixie was leaving, she bumped into an angry Liza. Liza was a bit more civil than she'd planned on being, but she still managed to get her point across. She blasted Dixie for playing some sort of cruel mind game on Tad. She added that unless she wants to get back together with Tad, she should cut him lose. Why was Liza so concerned for Tad? "He's one of the best friends I've ever had," said Liza. "Oh, you've had him alright," Dixie snapped. The two women had reached a stalemate with neither wanting to back down from her position. David exited his office and warned the two women to cool down. Adam appeared and told Liza that Dr. Clader was ready for her. After Liza and Adam headed off for another part of the hospital, David admonished Dixie for getting herself worked up. That, he said, was not the way to help her body heal. Dixie claimed that she couldn't help her outburst because Liza was "a witch." Under his breath, David muttered, "[Liza] certainly has cast a spell on Adam."
In the examining room, Adam told Liza that he planned on moving into the loft for the next twenty-four hours so that he could wait on her hand and foot. After the amnio, Liza was going to be forced to remain in bed. Dr. Clader showed up and the testing began. The preliminary news was good: Liza's ovaries and uterus all appeared perfectly normal. Then came the second part of the test. AS the doctor checked the fetus' development, Liza nervously reached out for Adam's hand. From the hallway, David peered through the glass and smiled evilly.

Tad found Opal decorating a Christmas tree on the sun porch. Both were looking for someone. Opal asked Tad if he'd seen Adrian. Tad shrugged indifferently and said that he didn't really care if he saw Adrian. "Well, you should," Opal remarked cryptically. Tad asked Opal if she'd seen his father. Opal thought for a minute and said that she believed Joe had been paged away on urgent business. Tad explained that he wanted to talk to Joe about Dixie. "She told you?" Opal chirped somewhat relieved. Tad crinkled his brow and asked his mother what she was talking about. Opal knew she'd blundered and immediately set out to do some faux pas control. Opal turned the topic of conversation to tinsel, but Tad wasn't about to be so easily sidetracked. "If you know something, tell me!" Tad demanded. Opal muttered something about New York and then scurried away like a frightened mouse. Tad hid in the shadows as Dixie strolled onto the sun porch to look at the Christmas tree. Then he emerged from his hiding spot and walked towards Dixie. "So what's going on?" he asked. "Are you sick?"

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