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Dixie and Tad tried to find out what Braden and Ryan's connection was. Erica appeared before the media and fielded questions about her facial injuries. Braden testified about what he had witnessed on Halloween night. Kit made a startling discovery.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 22, 1999 on AMC
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Monday March 22, 1999

Desperately trying to learn more about Ryan and Braden's connection, Tad and Dixie headed to Iowa to do a little investigative work. Somehow, they ended up on a lonely country road with nothing around for miles---except for "moo cows." While Dixie peered out her window at the cows, the car suddenly hitched. Tad and Dixie were momentarily rattled, but they sustained no injuries. They looked through the windshield and realized that their car had been attacked by a bull. Perhaps attacked isn't the correct term. The bull had taken a romantic interest in Tad's red rental car and there was nothing he or Dixie could do to get the bull to back off. Dixie tried singing to the beast, but the old adage about music soothing the savage beast didn't hold true. Finally, Tad decided to take the bull by the horns (sorry). He slinked out of the car armed with some sandwiches. The bull was overjoyed by the food offering and thanked Tad with a big wet kiss. His face thoroughly slimy, Tad returned to the inside of the car and placed a call to a judge that he and Dixie were supposed to meet. Ironically, the judge turned out to be the owner of the bull, a bull that had already had several similar encounters with cars. The judge agreed to unseal files pertaining to Ryan if Tad promised that he would not sue the judge for damages to the car.

Both alone at their tables, Adrian and Braden sat in the bar at The Valley Inn sipping drinks. It was no coincidence that they ended up in the same place; Adrian was tailing Braden. Belinda wandered into the bar and asked Adrian why he was sitting by himself. Adrian quickly told Belinda to have a seat and proceeded to fill her in on the details of his undercover operation. Shortly thereafter, Jack stormed into the bar and headed directly for Braden's table. The District Attorney snatched Braden's glass out of his hands. He blasted Braden for telling the newspapers about Kit's false rape allegations. Braden said nothing. In fact, he seemed almost unfazed by Jack's tirade. Jack rambled on for several minutes before concluded his speech with an admonition. He warned Braden that he would pay if he ever tried to "intimidate" Kit again. Braden sneered noticeably and told Jack that he wouldn't have to worry about him again. Belinda raced over to the table and asked Jack if she could have a few words with him. Belinda escorted her colleague outside the bar area. There, Belinda told Jack that she was concerned about his mental state. She calmly told Jack that there was no way that he could ever make up for the time he lost with his sister; Going after everyone in his path wouldn't change that. She discreetly handed Jack the business card of a local counselor. Jack was highly offended by the implication that he needed help and tossed the card back in Belinda's face. Jack then proclaimed that he would always be indebted to his sister because he'd been the one to let go of her hand so many years earlier.

Trevor and Dimitri continued their search of Mona's home, but the were unable to locate Erica. They returned to the bathroom and looked for clues that might lead them to Erica. The bath water had not been drained from the tub and Erica's makeup was still carefully laid out on the vanity. Trevor briefly mentioned an old Japanese custom where people cleanse and beautify themselves shortly before committing suicide. Dimitri vehemently denied that Erica was going to kill herself. "You don't have to kill yourself to commit suicide," Trevor responded softly. Trevor wondered why Erica would return to the house where her mother had lived. Dimitri explained that Erica and Mona had been very close. Perhaps, Dimitri offered, Erica felt closer to her mother in this house. Dimitri's eyes lit up and he announced that he might know where Erica had gone.

David demanded to know why his mother had been in Erica's room. Vanessa claimed that she'd dropped by to help "deflect" the rumors. David's face reddened slightly. Vanessa refused to state exactly what she had told Erica. She went on to imply that since Opal had been there too, perhaps she might have told Erica the truth about her facial injuries. David blasted his mother's reckless behavior, but stopped short of accusing her of telling Erica the truth. Vanessa wasn't about to let her son heap the blame back on her. She looked coldly into David's eyes and told him that he has only himself to blame for Erica's condition.

At WRCW, Liza placed a call to Adam to remind him that his one-hour window was almost up. She hung up the phone and got back to her work. Suddenly, a man appeared outside her door. Recognizing the man, Liza rose from her chair and headed towards the man. The man, referred to only as Jerry, is a noted tele-journalist from Manhattan. He beamed proudly as he informed Liza that he was in town to tape an interview with Erica. Liza's face suddenly dropped. She asked her friend to tell him where the interview was to take place. Jerry listened as Liza explained that Erica was reported missing from the hospital. "Nice bluff," Jerry chuckled. He was convinced that Liza had concocted the story to horn in on his exclusive interview. Liza shut the door to her office and, off the record, told Jerry all about Erica's injuries. Jerry showed only slight concern and told Liza that he would contact her if he found Erica to be in poor health---but after he finished taping the interview. Jerry filed out of the office. Liza grabbed her coat and headed out after him.

Dimitri arrived at the cemetery and solemnly walked towards Mona and Charles Tyler's gravesite. He smiled warmly at a daffodil that had poked out of the ground. "Life has got Erica pinned to the mat," Dimitri said softly. "I'm afraid she won't fight." Dimitri pleaded with his former mother-in-law to do whatever she could to help Erica one more time.

Erica arrived at her old stomping grounds, Pine Valley High School, dressed in her beautiful white dress. A custodian, Wally, unlocked the door to the library and permitted her access. The man couldn't help but notice the odd manner in which Erica was acting. After all, it's not every day that someone appears at the school after hours wearing a gown and bandages. Erica reflected momentarily on her days in school, her dates with Chuck Tyler, and the numerous battles she'd had with Mona. The camera crew arrived on the scene and Erica instructed them on hoe to set up. She requested that they not use any phony lighting techniques to improve upon her appearance; Erica wanted her fans to see her the way she really looks. There was no initial response. Finally, one of the cameramen spoke up and asked Erica how they were going to handle the bandages on her face. Erica's eyes bulged slightly and a look of horror crept over her face. Her hand slowly raised to her cheek, but before she could react Jerry waltzed into the library and announced that he was ready to begin shooting. Liza burst into the library and begged Jerry for a few minutes alone with Erica. Jerry complied, but Erica was furious for the interruption. Erica accused Liza of being unable to see anyone else stand in the spotlight. Liza tried to convince Erica that she needed to go back to the hospital, but Erica claimed that she felt fine. Liza headed to the hallway and plucked her cellular phone from her purse. She called Adam, but his line was busy. She next turned to the only other person she thought could help---David. Liza called David's office, but David wasn't there. Instead, Liza left a message with a woman she believed to be the doctor's secretary. It wasn't. Vanessa listened as Liza told her that Erica was planning to do a special interview. She then urged the woman to have David contact Adam immediately so that he could offer his help. Vanessa hung up the phone and lifted up the yellow notepad she'd been writing on. There were no words, no numbers---just a series of doodles. Vanessa shrugged and mused that she couldn't deliver the message because she could not read her writing. But don't think for a second that Vanessa hadn't been paying attention. She recalled that Liza had mentioned that she'd been calling from WRCW. She thumbed through David's Rolodex until she came to Liza's card. Vanessa picked up the phone and placed a call to WRCW. There, she spoke to Rudy and told him that Liza wanted him to head to the library with a film crew. Vanessa hung up the phone and placed several more calls to other local media outlets. David returned to his office and Vanessa couldn't wait to tell him the news that Erica had been located. Of course, she took particular delight in informing him that Erica was prepared to go on national television and show everyone the damage that he had done to her face.
Back at the shoot, flashes of reality flecked the otherwise fantasy tale Erica related in the interview. She mentioned that she was blessed and repeatedly stated that her life could not be any more perfect. "My mother was really my touchstone," Erica said softly during one of her moments of lucidity. "She made me feel safe and loved and I knew that I could handle anything [when she was by my side]." Liza looked on with tears in her eyes. Suddenly, Rudy and the WRCW camera crew filed into the room. Liza looked on curiously and asked them why they were there. Seconds later, other members of the press descended upon the library. Erica hid behind Jerry as the press snapped photo after photo of her injured face.

Tuesday, March 23, 1999

"Where is she, mother?" David asked in exasperation. Vanessa smirked as she informed her son that Erica was showing the press her damaged face. David's eyes widened. He demanded that Vanessa stop beating around the bush and tell him everything she knew. Still, Vanessa went with her long, drawn out version of what she knew. David worried hat Erica's "frail mental state" could compromise her health. Vanessa mused that the correct term was "psychosis." David became infuriated by his mother's obvious lack of concern. Vanessa was about to walk out without telling David anything further. Before she could leave, David grabbed her by the arms and shook her violently. As he was doing this, Adam entered the office and demanded that David unhand his mother and show her the respect she deserves. Vanessa pretended to be traumatized by the incident and told Adam that David always accuses her of horrible things. Meanwhile, Liza placed an urgent call to David to find out why he hadn't arrived at the school. David almost went through the roof when he learned that Liza had left an urgent message with his "secretary." David informed Adam about Erica's whereabouts and the two men agreed to travel to the high school together. Before leaving, David turned angrily to his mother and snarled, "You make me sick."

The news that Erica had been located found its way to Myrtle, Janet, and Opal, who were still gathered in Erica's hospital room. The three women out their heads together to try to determine why Erica had run off. As they concluded that Erica must have learned the truth about her injured face, Vanessa waltzed into the room. Opal asked Vanessa if she'd said anything to Erica about her face. Vanessa shrugged and remarked that she'd kept her promise to stay mum on the topic. Vanessa, however, went on to imply that Opal might have unwittingly tipped Erica off. Opal nearly burst into tears; She believed that she might have been the one to make the blunder. Janet took Opal in her arms and assured her that "none of Erica's friends" would hurt Erica that way. There was a marked emphasis on the word "friends." Janet's head slowly turned towards Vanessa, who was standing across the room from them. Janet looked coldly at the stranger and warned her that she'd pay if they found out that she'd been the one to tell Erica about her face.

In the courtroom, Gillian sat alone in the last row of seats. Mateo entered a few minutes later and asked Gillian why she wasn't in the witness room with Ryan. Gillian softly explained that she was doing exactly what Ryan wanted her to do---"for once." Mateo begged Gillian to reconsider before it was too late. Gillian explained that Ryan has had her at arm's length for weeks. The princess noted that she'd prefer that Hayley be there for Ryan instead. She praised Hayley for having stood by Ryan throughout the ordeal. Mateo nodded and agreed that Hayley had been a great friend. Mateo was puzzled by Hayley and Gillian's continued belief that Ryan's confession was bogus. He did, though, admit that he's misjudged a few people in his life---most recently Raquel. Mateo finally told Gillian that he was not angry with her for "clunking" him on the head because he'd have done the same thing for Hayley. A broad smile erupted on Gillian's face.

In the witness room, Belinda helped straighten Ryan's tie and quickly went over the statement of remorse he planned to read to the judge. Hayley entered the room and Belinda agreed to give the two some space. Hayley pleaded with Ryan to come clean and admit the truth, warning him that the truth would be revealed eventually. Hayley told Ryan that Tad and Dixie had gone to Iowa to learn more about his relationship to Braden. Ryan pitched a fit and nastily told Hayley that no one should be sticking their noses into his personal affairs. As if on cue, Tad and Dixie entered the room and announced that they finally figured out why Ryan was protecting Braden; They're brothers. All at once, everything fell into place. Hayley commented that she now understood why the DNA match was only seventy percent: Braden had raped Kit. Ryan didn't dispute that he and Braden were brothers, but he stuck to his story that he, not Braden, had assaulted Kit. Tad, Dixie, and Hayley all took turns trying to convince Ryan that he should not confess to a crime that he hadn't committed. Tad claimed that her understood Ryan's sense of devotion to his brother, but serving time for a violent crime didn't fall under the header of brotherly love. Dixie could see that she and Tad were not help things, so she made up a story about having to go and check on Junior. She and Tad left the room. Outside in the hallway, Dixie told Tad that Hayley stands the best chance of convincing Ryan to do the right thing. Dixie did make a phone call, but it wasn't to her son. She phoned Adrian and learned that Braden had already checked out of The Valley Inn---and was headed to Japan. Back inside the witness room, Ryan doubted that anyone could understand what he was going through. He was wrong. Hayley told Ryan that she once took the fall for car accident her mother had caused. Arlene had been driving under the influence of alcohol and risked having her license taken away from her permanently because she'd already had several DUI convictions. Hayley scooted behind the steering wheel and claimed that she'd been driving. Hayley knew now that she hadn't done the right thing, but at the time is seemed so right. Thankfully, Arlene never killed anyone while driving drunk, but was Ryan willing to take a similar leap of faith with Braden? "Braden's not gonna go and," Ryan stopped mid-sentence. "Rape another woman?" Hayley asked. Ryan lowered his head and said nothing.

"Who are all these people?" Erica asked. She didn't appear frightened by the flash of the cameras. Instead, she looked oddly pleased by the huge media presence. Erica stepped out from behind Jerry and informed the reporters that they'd all have to leave because she'd granted Jerry an exclusive interview. One member of the media spoke up and claimed that Erica had been the one to call the press conference. Erica softened a bit and agreed to let the photographers snap off a few pictures. She smiled and twirled and otherwise performed for the cameras. Again someone from the press corps spoke up and asked Erica what had happened to her face. Erica was caught off guard by the question and asked the man what he was talking about. Liza and Jerry looked at each other in concern. "Nothing's wrong with my face," Erica grinned. "Why would you ask such a thing?" Liza scurried over to Erica and pleaded with Erica to return to the hospital. Erica refused, saying that she felt fine. After watching Erica's bizarre spectacle, several of the reporters cracked that Erica must be "back on the pills." Another of the reporters asked Erica why she was wearing such a fancy dress. Erica again smiled broadly. She looked at Jerry and told him that she was going to have to tell the press about her new campaign. Jerry was no longer concerned about getting an exclusive interview; He was worried that Erica was on the verge of a meltdown. In an effort to get Erica to step aside and avoid the media feeding frenzy, Jerry told Erica that he was upset with her for backing out on their deal. Erica apologized and promised to give Jerry an exclusive first look at her new products. For now, their exclusive interview was off. Erica informed the crowd that she was on the verge of launching a new line of cosmetics. As she gushed about the ideas she had for the advertising campaign, a reporter asked her if she was worried that having her face on the ads would hurt sales. Again, a puzzled look emerged on Erica's face. Delusional, Erica didn't realize that her face was covered in bandages nor did she recall that she'd been involved in a car accident. From the reporters' comments, Erica inferred that she was being labeled too old for the ad campaign. That, of course, was not the case. Erica's hand slowly returned to the side of her face. After feeling that there were, in fact, bandages on her face, Erica relented to pressure from the press and agreed to show them what was underneath her bandages. Liza raced over to Erica's side and pleaded with her not to take off her bandages. It did no good. Erica insisted that she had nothing to hide and started to pick away at the tape that attached the bandages to her face. Liza raced over to one of her cameramen and ordered him to stop taping the macabre spectacle. He refused, so Liza fired him on the spot. The man was unmoved. He placed the station-owned camera on a nearby table and proceeded to pick up a camera that he presumably owned. From there, he announced that he was going to work freelance and resumed snapping photographs. David, Adam, Dimitri, and Trevor entered the library just as Erica had unattached some of the tape on her face. David pushed through the mob and got to Erica before she could remove her bandages. He reminded her that she was not to remove the bandages because the wound could get infected. David managed to convince Erica that he needed to check her vital signs. She followed him to another room. Meanwhile, Adam took out his checkbook and offered to pay the media to walk away and not report anything they'd seen. The media wanted entirely too much money---a million dollars a piece---so Adam was forced to withdraw his offer. Trevor got on the phone and placed a bogus call to the hospital. When the media heard that Erica was supposedly outside waiting for an ambulance and a straight jacket, they raced to be the first to capture the images. After everyone left, Liza informed Dimitri, Adam, and Trevor that she believes Erica is delusional because she doesn't even realize that she was in a car accident.
David took Erica to a nearby locker room and gave her a quick once over. He softly asked Erica to let him take her back to the hospital. Since Erica apparently had no recollection of the automobile accident, David told her that she'd just undergone heart surgery and needed to rest. Erica shook her head and told David that what she really needed was a chance to "freshen up" before she returned to her interview. Erica noticed a mirror hanging inside an open locker. She made her way towards the locker and froze when she noticed that her face was bandaged. She ran her hand over her reflection and at one point covered the side of her face that had been damaged. Erica heard Vanessa's voice telling her that the damage to her face was "far too extensive---and irreversible." Erica turned to David and told him that a woman told her that her face would be scarred. In a child-like voice, Erica asked David if her face would be scarred. "Erica," David said, his voice hanging. "Yes."

Wednesday, March 24, 1999

Portions of today's show were pre-empted as ABC decided to cut in for a briefing on the situation in Kosovo. I'll do some research to see what was missed during the fifteen minute break and add it to the recap as soon as possible.

Braden approached the ticket counter and made final preparations for his first-class business trip to Japan. Adrian appeared from behind and told Braden that he wanted to see him off. Braden turned and noticed that Tad and Dixie were also standing nearby. Braden's face paled slightly and he blathered on about a note that he'd written for her. The note seemed of much importance to Braden. Suddenly, Braden collapsed into Adrian's waiting arms. Adrian dragged the fallen man to a nearby waiting area. Braden's fainting spell was not life threatening; It had been induced by some sort of spy gadget that Adrian had hidden in his hand. While Braden was out, Tad wanted to get in a few slaps, but Dixie ordered him to behave. Braden woke up a short time later and asked what happened to him. Braden tried to get out of the chair he'd been placed in, but he was too weak to stand. Tad informed Braden that he and Dixie had traveled to Iowa and learned that he and Ryan are brothers. Braden was furious with the pair for interfering. Braden listened uneasily as Tad implied that Ryan was taking the fall for a crime that he'd actually committed. Braden growled angrily and told Tad that he was mistaken. He had not raped Kit Fisher. By now, Braden had missed his flight. Braden demanded that he be allowed to leave and threatened to have Adrian, Tad, and Dixie arrested for "assault, kidnapping, and false imprisonment." Dixie tried to keep the peace by telling Braden that they were just going by the facts as they knew them. She begged Braden to open up to her, but he wouldn't speak with Adrian and Tad in the room. Dixie asked the men to allow her to speak to Braden alone. Considering what Braden had been accused of, Tad naturally did not want Dixie to be alone with Braden. He did yield to his fiancée's request and allowed her to go one-on-one with Braden. Outside, Tad asked Adrian if they could detain Braden. Adrian shook his head and explained that they have no proof to tie Braden to Kit's assault. The two men continued talking until they came to a disturbing conclusion. Kit had lied about being raped in the past. What if Braden and Kit had had consensual sex---and Ryan had pleaded guilty because he believed that his brother had raped Kit? Back inside, Braden again implored Dixie to let him go to Japan so that he could earn some money for himself and for Palmer. Dixie stated that the business trip would do him little good if he'd violated the morals clause in his employment contract. Repeatedly, Braden told Dixie that he was "alone in the world." Braden also made frequent mention that Ryan would never have faced time in jail if he hadn't confessed. Dixie asked Braden if he was willing to turn his back on Ryan and let him rot in jail. "Like I told you before," Braden said coldly. "I'm a cold-hearted SOB."

"I don't have a martyr complex," Ryan said rolling his eyes. He told Hayley that he wished he could undo everything. "You have so much life and love and promise ahead of you," Hayley said softly. Ryan refused to back out of his confession. Hayley took Ryan's hand and pleaded with him to make her understand why he felt the need to take the fall for Braden. In a painful account of his childhood, Ryan commented that his mother told him repeatedly how he's ruined her life. Things got only worse when it came time to recount the numerous beatings he'd received from his father. The beatings, he said, were the reason he needed to confess to assaulting Kit. Hayley understood that Ryan felt a sense of responsibility to Braden for taking their father's attacks, but this was not the way to repay him. She explained that Ryan needs to make Braden face what he's done. By not holding him accountable, Braden will be haunted by his actions for the rest of his life. Ryan seemed to understand. Belinda entered the room and announced that the judge was waiting for him.

In the courtroom, Mateo once again tried to convince Gillian to say goodbye to Ryan. Gillian shook her head and repeated that she was following Ryan's orders. Edmund, Brooke, and Kit filed into the room, causing Gillian to momentarily panic. Mateo explained that Kit had the right to be present at the sentencing. Jack, however, wasn't sure that this sister should out herself through the emotional stress of the mini-trial. Kit expressed a need for closure, and Brooke reminded Jack that she'd be seated next to Kit should she need extra support. Belinda and Ryan filed into the courtroom and the judge arrived in the courtroom. Suddenly, Gillian was having second thoughts about not having spoken to Ryan. Hayley sat down next to Gillian and told her that she believed that Ryan was finally going to tell the whole truth. The judged gaveled court to order and asked Ryan if he understood the terms of his plea agreement. Ryan nodded. The judge then explained that as part of the agreement, Ryan had to give the court a detailed account of what had gone down on Halloween night. Ryan paused momentarily. He looked over his shoulder at Kit. He then turned around fully and looked at Gillian and Hayley. "I did a terrible thing and mislead many people," Ryan began. He described how he and Kit had bumped into each other at the bar. He skimmed over their dance session, instead choosing to place emphasis on how Kit had turned down his sexual advanced. Then, he claimed that he'd waited in the parking lot for Kit to leave---and then assaulted her. Hayley called out that Ryan was lying and Gillian raced towards the front of the courtroom. The judge again sounded the gavel and ordered the two women to quiet down or face ejection. Hayley announced that Ryan was covering for someone else adding that she would tell the court everything if Ryan refused. The judge was not amused and again ordered Hayley to sit down. Hayley said nothing and Ryan did not speak up. Jack was asked if he was satisfied that the terms of the plea agreement had been met. Jack voiced his agreement. The judge then announced that she was ready to move to the sentencing phase of the hearing.

Dimitri paced back and forth near the magazine rack. Liza tried to comfort him, but Dimitri was too worried about Erica. She reminded Dimitri that Erica was under David's watchful eye and told him to hope for the best. An out of breath Vanessa scurried into the room and asked if Erica was okay. Liza immediately recognized Vanessa's voice that of David's "secretary." She blasted Vanessa for not giving David her message. Vanessa claimed that she'd passed the message on to a nurse because David was with a patient. She clenched her hand and cursed the nurse as the probable leak to the media. Adam stepped in and introduced Vanessa to Liza. Vanessa smiled when it became known that she was David's mother. She then asked if it was wise for David to be so close to Erica considering that he's the one who is responsible for Erica's injuries.

"There's been some damage," David said softly. He quickly assured Erica that in time, medical advances would more than likely allow her face to return to its pre-injury state. David tried to keep Erica calm for fear that her heart might overload. "Do you think I care about my heart?" Erica snapped. She was quiet for a moment. A smile suddenly reappeared on her face. She stated that she knew that David was a renowned liar and accused him of playing games with her. She walked back towards the mirror and announced that she was going to look under her bandages. David ordered her not to touch her face. Exposing the wound to the air would be an open invitation for infection. Erica tried to get David to take off the bandages for her, but David refused. "I want to see my face," Erica said sternly. "I will see what it looks like with or without your help."

Back in the library, the nervous waiting game continued. Their blood ran cold when a piercing shriek echoed through the school's corridors. Time moved in slow motion as they raced to the locker room to check on Erica's condition. There, David clutched Erica by the arms as she wiggled and squirmed back and forth. She continued to scream in horror. Erica's bandages laid in a pile on the floor, her face wounded face exposed to the elements. For the first time, Erica had seen the damage to her face.

Thursday, March 25, 1999

Today's summary was provided by JennyMc. Dan had to go back to the hospital today for some more tests.

Opal came into Cortlandt Manor and in horror discovered the place was stripped of furniture. "I've been robbed!" As she looked around, Palmer entered with a smug look on his face, holding a valuable vase. He told her he'd taken all their most valuable possessions to another location. Opal grabbed the vase and raised it to bash him, when Stuart and Marian appeared and Stuart relieved Opal of the vase. "Here. darling, use this!" said Marian as she handed Opal a heavy poker.

Meanwhile, Erica was back in her hospital bed, her face bandaged again. Dr. David looked down at her as she slept restlessly, then went to his office where he found Vanessa sitting in his chair. She told him she was there out of concern for him. She then reminded him of an article he had written for a medical journal six years ago, about doctors becoming less effective if they become if emotionally involved with their patients. David told her she was insane if she though he was falling in love with Erica. Vanessa then told him that even if that's true, there's something between them and she believes it had to do with the night of the accident. "Tell mother," she purred. David pointed out Vanessa had always used an attack as her defense, and again berated her for telling Erica how bad her injuries were.

Outside the courtroom, Tad, Dixie and Adrian were disappointed that Braden wasn't around to help Ryan. They entered the courtroom and the judge started to tell Ryan that even though he had confessed that didn't make his crime any less heinous. As she started to pronounce his sentence, Gillian rose to her feet and begged the judge to let her say something. People murmured at the interruption and the judge banged her gavel.

Back at Cortlandt Manor, Palmer told Opal he was only taking what was his half of their possessions, and snidely said he wouldn't touch her velvet Elvis collection! Opal said she didn't have a velvet Elvis collection. Palmer said he'd had enough of a tacky, over-teased shrieking harpy for one lifetime. Stuart came to Opal's defense and told Palmer he owed Opal some respect for all her years of loving him and being his wife. Palmer then called Opal a "money-grubbing shrew," and Stuart insisted, "Take that back!" "Or what?" sneered Palmer. Stuart grabbed the vase from Palmer and smashed it to smithereens on the floor with a "take that!" look on his face!

Later, Opal ordered Palmer out of her house. Marian told Stuart how brave he was, and they smooched a little as Opal saw Palmer out. Opal thanked them both for their support.

Back in the courtroom, Jack was yelling at the judge about not letting Gillian speak, and demanded she be removed. A bailiff grabbed Gillian and Ryan yelled, :Take your hands off my wife!" Gillian told the judge, "I just want to say goodbye to ny husband and tell him I love him!" The judge went ahead and sentenced Ryan to 10 years with no parole. No sooner had she said that when the door opened at the back of the courtroom and Braden burst in saying, "You people are making a big mistake. You've got the wrong man! Ryan Lavery never touched Kit Montgomery - I did!" Jack huffed and puffed, "Utter nonsense!" And he went on to say the issue had been decided, and this was just cheap theatrics. Braden insisted that no crime had been committed, and the so-called victim had not been raped, but had consensual sex. Jack sounded off about this being a three-ring circus, and when Braden said there was no evidence of rape, Jack replied arrogantly, "I don't need evidence" he had Kit's testimony and the forensic DNA evidence and that was good enough for him, he said. Braden then shocked everyone when he stated, "The DNA evidence is a 70 percent match, I could do better than that - I'll guarantee a 100 percent match. I'm Ryan Lavery's brother!" He insisted there was no crime, and Kit yelled, "Liar! Liar!" The judge ordered a 15-minute recess and ordered Jack and Belinda into her chambers. Edmund took Kit put of the courtroom. Gillian looked stunned at what she just heard. Adrian went over to her (at Tad's suggestion) and escorted her out of the courtroom for some fresh air.

During the recess, Braden and Ryan talk, about who owes whom for their bad childhood experiences, life in prison, etc., etc. Mateo went over and wished Ryan good luck. Hayley was amazed and happy. Dixie told Braden, "I said I'd stand by you. Here I am." Tad and Dimitri wondered if Edmund will see the light now and get things in perspective. In a room down the hall, Kit asked Edmund if he doubts her now. In return, Edmund asked her if she could be mistaken about who'd raped her.

Back at the hospital, Vanessa tried to discover what it was that had made David drive through the storm to get back to Pine Valley. "What could have been so important?" she asked him. They argue some more, with Vanessa inquisitive and David accusatory. "You were a cranky baby, too," Vanessa fired off as her parting shot. David went to Erica's room and while he listened to Erica's heart through his stethoscope, he remembered Vanessa's words. His mind wandered back to the night of the accident, and recalled Erica accusing him of wanting to get back to drop the bomb at Marian and Stuart's wedding - that Adam is the father of Liza's baby.

When court reconvened, Belinda convinced the judge to allow Braden to testify, despite Jack's loud protests. Braden testified that he was at The Pit on Halloween Night, wearing a werewolf mask. He told how he saw his brother with Kit, and they were all over each other. Jack loudly objected, but was overruled by the judge. Braden continued his story - how he saw Kit blow Ryan off and Ryan subsequently leave. He went outside, hoping to catch Ryan, but he had was too late. A few seconds later, Kit stumbled out into the parking lot. "She was really hammered," he said. "I thought I'd play a little joke. I took her arm and the next thing I knew- she was mine! I though then, 'Ryan gave up too soon.'" Jack interrupted, "He's lying through his teeth!" As Braden talks, Kit is looking at him thoughtfully, remembering perhaps?

Jack leapt to his feet and demanded the testimony be dismissed. "It's preposterous!" he yelled at the judge, who reminded him she would decide what testimony is admissible. Braden ended his story, saying that Kit came willingly into his arms, and her hands were all over him. "It was down and dirty," he said. "She didn't scream or fight. She wanted it as much as I did."

As Braden finished his testimony, he stood in front of the judge. Kit watched, then her gaze went down to his shoes. A horrified look came into her eyes. "Oh my God," she murmured.

Friday, March 26, 1999

In the hallway outside Erica's room, Vanessa scanned the headline of the late edition of the Bulletin with a look of amusement. Erica Kane has a public breakdown blared the headline. Vanessa was about to enter Erica's room when Adam approached and quietly informed her that the doctors had decided that Erica was not to have any visitors until further notice. Vanessa showed Adam the newspaper and claimed that she was worried how Erica would react when she saw the headline. She went on to say that she feels somewhat responsible for what happened---but not because she'd been the one who told Erica about her injured face. No, Vanessa said that she felt badly because she'd given birth to the man who was responsible for the accident that ruined Erica's beauty. Adam snatched the paper from Vanessa's hands and told her that he was going to have a few words with David.

Liza caught up to David in his office and asked for a briefing on Erica's condition. In this instance, the doctor-patient confidentiality agreement didn't appear to apply. Liza wondered how the media had been alerted to Erica's whereabouts. David quickly glanced away and numbly remarked that he had no idea. It was only then that Liza mentioned that she believes Vanessa was responsible for the leak. She said that she was almost certain that the "secretary" she'd spoken to was actually Vanessa. "It's not only possible," responded David. "I'm quite certain she did." Liza thought that Vanessa had confessed to leaking the news, but that wasn't the case. David explained that his past dealings with his mother made him realize that she was capable of causing such grief. Liza tried to put a positive upswing on the situation, explaining that she and Marian had only become close recently. David was glad that Liza and her mother were finally getting along, but he doubted that he and Vanessa would ever be more than enemies. Adam burst into the room and slammed the Bulletin down on David's desk. "I hope your satisfied," Adam snarled. "You have thoroughly destroyed Erica Kane." David put his head in his heads. He appeared remorseful and deeply upset by Erica's accident, but it was difficult to determine if he was feeling that way for the right reasons. Adam could have stopped while he was ahead. But he continued on. After listening to scornful comment after comment, David fired back with acid of his own. He asked the multi-millionaire if he wanted to "compare track records." Ever so slightly, he hinted that he had something on Adam---something big. Liza stepped between the two feuding men and demanded that they quiet down. Adam bowed to his fiancée's request, but not before warning David that they were "far from finished."

After Braden concluded his testimony, Kit became silent. She looked down at the man's shoes and gasped. Frenzied, Kit jumped to her feet and started panicking. Jack also rose and turned towards his sister. He did his best to comfort her, telling her that he would not allow the Lavery Brothers to drag her through the mud. Kit broke free of her brother's grip and raced out of the courtroom. As Jack started pursuit, the judge instructed him that he was to return to his desk. Jack requested a brief recess to comfort his sister, but his request was denied. Two men, she noted from the bench, had already taken off after Kit. In the hallway, those two men tried to figure out how to handle the latest wrinkle in the case. Dimitri ordered Edmund not to chase after Kit, but Edmund felt a need to make sure that Kit was okay. Somehow, Edmund even convinced Dimitri to get involved in the search; Edmund would check Wildwind and Dimitri was sent to scout out The Pit.

Adam and Liza were still bickering about David and Vanessa when they returned to Liza's condominium. Adam refused to believe that Vanessa had been the one to contact the press. Liza got Adam to admit that Vanessa isn't the most trustworthy person, but Adam felt that David was even more untrustworthy. The pair called a truce and decided to focus on something more productive: Lamaze. Liza assumed a position in the sofa and Adam took up residence directly in front of her. As Liza began the first phase of breathing exercises, she felt a strange pain in her belly. Adam jumped to his feet and searched high and low for the telephone. Liza rolled her eyes and told Adam that there was no need to call an ambulance. "I'm calling the minister so our child can have a name!" Adam chirped. Once again, Adam had overreacted. Liza realized that she was not going into early labor; She'd just had one too many burritos. She then mused that she was relieved that Colby "does not have [Adam's] genes" because that would mean she'd have a "flare for dramatics." Adam returned to the sofa and joined Liza in her laughter.

Edmund arrived at Wildwind, but there was no sign of Kit. Raquel heard Edmund calling out for Kit and scampered to the parlor to see if there was a problem. Raquel asked Edmund if something had gone wrong in court. Initially, Edmund was reluctant to talk about the situation. It wasn't until Raquel mentioned that she considers Edmund a part of her family that Edmund opened up. Edmund offered an account of what had taken place in court. As the story continued, Edmund explained that he feels badly for turning on Ryan and taking Kit's word over that of his loved ones. Raquel advised Edmund not to turn his back on Kit. There was still a chance, she noted, that Kit was telling the truth. She then urged Edmund to find Kit and let her know that he still believes in her.

For some reason, Kit was drawn back to The Pit. She skulked around the parking lot, stopping at about the spot that she'd been sexually assaulted. She kneeled on the macadam and closed her eyes. Her mind was flooded with images of Halloween Night, some of which she'd been unable to remember until now. The newer memories included a vivid image of a man wearing a werewolf mask forcing himself upon her. In the flashback, it was apparent that Kit had been sexually assaulted. This was not a case of consensual sexual intercourse. As the man was leaving, Kit turned her head and saw her attacker's shoes, the same shoes that Braden had been wearing in court. Footsteps approached from behind and within a few seconds, Dimitri was hovering over Kit. "You've returned to the scene of the crime," Dimitri said sinisterly. Kit looked up, her eyes welled with tears. Kit smiled slightly upon hearing that Dimitri still believed that a crime had taken place. If she thought that Dimitri was in her corner, she was mistaken. The only crime that had taken place, said Dimitri, was the crime that Kit had committed: Accusing an innocent man of rape. Kit admitted that she'd made a mistake in identifying her attacker and proceeded to apologize for the mistake. Dimitri was unimpressed. He now believed that Braden was telling the truth about what had gone down in the parking lot. He accused Kit of concocting a rape story to get closer to Jack who, he accurately recalled, had taken out a restraining order against Kit. Thanks to the false allegations, Dimitri was pretty sure that Jack's days as the district attorney were numbered. Kit sobbed as she stated that she never meant to hurt anyone. Dimitri reached into his pocket and pulled out a large wad of money. He counted off several hundred dollars and held it in front of Kit's face. He urged her to take the money and hop a bus out of town. Kit refused to accept the money. Dimitri sighed heavily. He took a step towards Kit and plopped the money down on top of her head. After he walked away, Kit burst into tears. A cold breeze blew, causing the hundred dollar bills to gently scuttle across the parking lot.

Now that Braden had stepped forward to admit that he'd been the one who'd had sex with Kit, the judge asked Ryan if he wanted to rescind his guilty plea. Ryan said nothing. All eyes were on Ryan, but Ryan was uneasy in the spotlight. Braden urged his brother on, saying "It's okay---tell them the truth." Finally, Ryan broke his silence and informed the court that he wanted to recant his guilty plea. "I did not rape Kit Montgomery," he said confidently. Gillian jumped from her seat and raced towards Ryan. Her jubilance would be only short-lived. Belinda moved to have the charges against her client dismissed, but Jack vehemently objected. He argued that nothing Braden had said had been substantiated. He questioned whether Ryan and Braden were actually brothers. Tad rose from his seat and announced that he had birth certificates that proved Ryan and Braden were siblings. Jack sunk into his chair and said nothing more. The judge called counsel to the bench and weighed in with her thoughts on the matter. While she agreed that it was possible that Braden had had sex with Kit, there was no "hard evidence" to bolster the claim. She ruled that Braden would have to submit to an immediate DNA test. She also asked that Braden not leave town. As for Ryan, he was ordered to remain in jail without bail. Gillian was outraged by the verdict and let the judge know that she wasn't happy. She accused the judge of having "a heart made of stone." The judge grew tired of the tirade and ordered her bailiff to escort Gillian out of the courtroom. Only half on jest, the judge warned the other spectators that they'd better refrain from "primal scream therapy" in her courtroom. The session was gaveled to close. Jack immediately raced over to Ryan and warned him that he'd be "buried side by side" with Braden if Braden's DNA turned up less than a one hundred percent match. Dixie walked over to Braden and told him that she was proud of his decision to do the right thing. Slowly but surely, everyone filed out of the courtroom. Only Braden remained behind, waiting for the court-ordered DNA test. After his blood was drawn, Gillian returned to the courtroom and stomped towards Braden. Without as much as a warning, Gillian hauled off and smacked Braden's face.

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