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Port Charles Recaps: The week of March 22, 1999 on PC
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Monday, March 22, 1999

Today's summary was provided by Meredith Haley

.Ellen and Kevin
Ellen visits Kevin at the Lighthouse for some professional advice. She confides in Kevin her Mardi Gras tale. She explains how Sebastian has very little time left and he wants to spend his remaining time on earth getting reacquainted with her. She feels as if she is stuck between a dying man and a man who understands why she cares. She has been having fantasies about Sebastian and feels that she is being unfaithful to Matt by dreaming about another man. Kevin tries to persuade Ellen that fantasizing is a normal part of life. He reminds her of how cautious she was before getting involved with Matt. He knows that she will be just as deliberate when it comes to Sebastian. That is where Ellen is most confused because part of her just wants to jump into Sebastian's arms without looking back.

Lucy's informercial
Karen and Joe are in the dressing room, since they are going to portray the star-crossed lovers in Lucy's infomercial. Karen still can not find Joe's mothers ring. She also asked Joe about some sleezy catalog selling edible underwear that arrived in Joe's name. Of course Joe knew nothing about the catalog.
Frank enters the dressing room. Apparently, Joe left his pager at the Scanlon house so Frank was doing the brotherly thing and returning it. Karen asked Frank about the ring. Frank agreed to bring in a plumber to check the pipes. Karen leaves to go to her own dressing room to get dressed. Joe asked Frank if he has been getting any strange mail. He told Frank about the mail he has been receiving. He is concerned that Neal might see it. Frank assures Joe that he will check the mail very carefully. When Joe exits the dressing room, Frank borrows Joe's car keys and plants a pair of red panties under the drivers seat of the car.

DV arrives at the infomercial. Lucy fills him in on the outline of the romantic story. DV thinks that Lucy should change the hero to a photojournalist instead of a soldier. Lucy told him that it is too late. He wants the actors to improvise. However Lucy remains firm and refuses to change her story line that she has written. Lucy walks away.

DV asks Scotty about the design of the new dress. He is anxious to start the new line. Scotty fumbles for a reason to delay DV. He told him that Lucy is not happy with the neckline and wants to make a few adjustments.

Victor arrives dressed as an officer of the French Legion. He is to play an extra in the infomercial.

The infomercial describes two star-crossed lovers, one a French soldier and the other an Algerian woman who is considered to be an enemy because of her nationality. He risks betraying his country to warn her that his army will attack in the morning. So all that they have is this one last night together to share their love. Karen and Joe perform very well. Their love scene is genuine. At the end of the infomercial, Lucy gives the dress to Karen. Karen is so happy about receiving the dress that her and Joe make plans to go home and finish what they started during the infomercial.

Lucy, without realizing it, gets caught in a lie. DV asks Lucy when he will receive the designs for the new dress. Lucy falters for an answer. She told DV that she is unhappy with the waistline and wants to make a few altercations. DV asks her about the neckline, and Lucy says that she loves the neckline.

DV telephones an anonymous tip to the press. "The Serena line has been employee children in South East Asia to make the dresses.".

Tuesday, March 23, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Larissa Howard.

The Firehouse
Scott catches Lucy watching her new infomercial and sighing about romance. He jokingly brought her back down to earth and into their romance. Their kissing is interrupted by a call from the PC Herald asking Scott for a comment on the Serena Line Scandal. After the reporter fills him in on the details, Scott denies the allegations and responds that the dresses were all made in New York by DV. Lucy stares at Scott in confusion and fear.

Stakeout Central
Frank, with Courtney listening, calls Karen to give her the bad news that he hasn't found her ring. He claims a plumber took apart the sink without any luck, either. Questioning whether Karen was really wearing the ring that night, Frank makes her doubt herself so she'll search for it everywhere. Of course, this includes Joe's car where he's planted the panties. He and Courtney (who is sporting pigtails?) gloat about having a front row seat for the action.

The Firehouse
Having filled Lucy in on the details of the scandal, Scott calls DV only to discover that he gave a news interview and then left town. Contacting the reporter, Scott discovers that DV himself started the scandal and has set them up well. The reporter informs him that he has confirmed that the story is fact and is running it.

Karen and Joe's Apartment
Joe arrives home to find Karen tearing apart their apartment in search of her ring. He attempts to calm her down and asks her to stop beating herself up about it. She relaxes a little and hugs him, then enlists him in her search of the apartment.

Stakeout Central
Wearing the ring in question, Courtney watches through the telescope and mocks their search to Frank. He happily told her how upset his Mom is at Karen and takes a turn at the telescope. They joke sarcastically about the search leading to their surprise and what poor Karen will think of Choir Boy Joe when she finds it.

The Firehouse
Lucy and Scott watch in disbelief as the Serena Line Scandal is broadcast on television. In his interview, DV denies having worked with them and claims that their checkered pasts caused him to turn down their offer of partnership. Not only that, but he claims that Lucy's dresses are not originals, but copies of his new line of dresses! Scott and Lucy try to contain their anger as he shamelessly plugs his new line and condemns the Serena Line for using poor innocent children. After it ends, Lucy informs Scott that SHE will be the one to kill DV, not him!!!

Karen and Joe's
They've destroyed the apartment and still haven't found Karen's ring! As if on cue, Karen remembers to search Joe's car and sends Joe to double check the bathroom.

Stakeout Central
Courtney shrieks and literally jumps for joy as she sees Karen head for Joe's car. Frank impersonates Saint Joe to Courtney's stiff, emotional Karen and they gleefully act out Joe and Karen's breakup.

Joe's Car
Surprise - Karen finds the panties! She gasps and drops them in disgust.

Karen and Joe's
Karen angrily dangles the panties from her finger and confronts Joe. He denies any knowledge of how they got in his car and Karen throws them at him.

Stakeout Central
Watching happily, Courtney jumps up and down laughing and narrates for Frank.

Karen and Joe's
Karen accuses Joe who denies everything, of course. He can't explain the calls, magazine or panties to her because he didn't have anything to do with them!

Stakeout Central
Courtney devilishly asks if Frank thinks Karen would hit Joe. Frank shoves her over and watches through the telescope.

Karen and Joe's
Joe can't believe that Karen doesn't believe him while Karen says she's been down this road before. He angrily informs her that he's not Jagger, someone must be trying to set him up! Karen disbelievingly asks who would do that and when he suggests maybe a patient, she sarcastically interjects that it must be Neil trying to get him to move back home.

Stakeout Central
Frank gloats to Courtney about how angry Joe is, and laughs when he sees him throw the underwear back at Karen and storm out. Courtney sighs sadly and pities them, then laughs triumphantly with Frank.

The Firehouse
Lucy hangs up the phone and despairingly describes all of the cancelled orders and returned dresses to Scott. She anguishes that her hard earned reputation has been ruined by DV and Scott cheers her up by producing a video tape of the day DV came over to offer them a partnership with him. As Murphy's Law would have it, the sound on the tape is messed up, and they can't prove the truth without it!

Wednesday, March 24, 1999

When Kevin learned of Lucy's trouble with Jacks Cosmetics, he called to offer his support. Meanwhile, Scott called the media to refute the allegations made by DV and was distressed when no one would print the truth. A determined Lucy decided to take her story to the public and set up a television interview to prove her and Scott's innocence. Eve came to an important realization about DV and struggled with whether or not to tell Kevin everything she knew about the dangerous man from her past. Even as Ellen assured Matt that their relationship was on track, she secretly fantasized about running away with Sebastian.

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Thursday, March 25, 1999

by Soap Central

Mary continued to vent about Karen's irresponsible behavior in losing her engagement ring, but Joe stood up to his mother and defended Karen's recent actions. A seemingly sincere Frank counseled Karen over her troubles with Joe and intimated that his brother may have a secret life. Meanwhile, Courtney began to realize that Frank was harboring some very serious feelings for Karen. Chris was annoyed when Matt and Ellen showed up at Johnny La La's while he was on a date with Courtney. Chris and Matt traded barbs during open mike night.

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Friday, March 26, 1999

by Soap Central

Scott suspected that Eve knew more about DV than she was letting on. Courtney and Frank continued to make Joe look like a philandering womanizer. Courtney put on a disguise and placed several phone calls to Karen from a strip club. A fed-up Karen went to the strip club and was livid when she discovered a "sexy redhead" had been calling her apartment. Chris pumped a clueless Joe for information about Courtney's inheritance. Chris once again caught on to Courtney's games when he discovered that she had been masquerading as Marcia Cooper.

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