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David prevented Jake from doing a paternity test on Liza's baby. Adam convinced Liza to sign papers that named Jake as Colby's father. The rape charge against Ryan was dismissed, but Jack was unable to file similar charges against Braden. Braden grew violent when Dixie refused to support him.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 29, 1999 on AMC
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Monday March 29, 1999

Since he'd already emptied most of the valuables out of Cortlandt Manor, there was really no reason for Palmer to return to his former home. Somehow Opal was able to predict that her husband was come slinking back---and she was waiting for him. Opal sat in the middle of the empty parlor on what appeared to be the only chair that Palmer had not taken. In her hand, she held an antique handgun. Palmer froze in his tracks when he realized that Opal was pointing the gun in his direction. He held his hands in the air and pleaded with Opal to put down the gun. He explained that old handguns were unreliable and could go off accidentally. Opal assured him that if the gun fired, it would be no accident. Palmer warned Opal that she would not get away with shooting him. Opal disagreed, stating that she'd tell the police that she'd heard an intruder and fired in self-defense. She smiled as she noted that Palmer's luck seems to have taken a downward spiral in recent weeks. She floored Palmer with the news that Braden had confessed to "getting it on" with Kit. Palmer said nothing; He'd been sideswiped by the news. He turned and scurried out of the mansion.

Down at the courthouse, Braden could not understand why Gillian had turned on him. In his mind, Braden felt that he'd kept Ryan out of jail. Tad, Dixie, and Adrian observed from the doorway as Gillian unleashed with another barrage of slaps and punches. Braden explained that Ryan would never have gone to jail had he not confessed to the crime. Gillian argued that Braden was simply letting Ryan take the fall for a crime that he had committed. Still Braden continued on with evidence that he believed proved he was trying to help his brother in his time of need. Braden reminded Gillian that he had fed the tabloids the stories about Kit's past transgressions. Had he come forward, Braden feared that he'd have been railroaded in much the same way that Kit had done to Tad. Tad shook his head and asked to be left out of Braden's excuses. "I hate that he confessed," Braden said softly. He claimed that Ryan had confessed to the crime because he felt that he was helping him. He tried to explain that his "dream job" at Cortlandt Electronics also prevented him from coming forward. Gillian was outraged that Braden had put his job before helping his brother. Gillian slapped Braden several times before Adrian pulled her away. Tad received a frantic phone call from Opal asking him to help her deal with Palmer's latest monkeywrench. He excused himself and left Adrian and Dixie to handle Gillian and Braden. Dixie walked over to Braden and offered to help him find a lawyer. As they spoke. Palmer arrived on the scene and fired Braden on the spot. Dixie argued that Palmer could not fire Braden because he hadn't committed any crimes. Contracts, said Palmer, have nothing to do with the law. The mogul argued that as long as a black cloud was hanging over Braden, the terms of the moral clause had been violated. Understandably, Braden threatened legal action. Palmer chuckled fiendishly and reminded his now former protege that he had millions and millions of dollars to fight off Braden's suit. Palmer turned and walked away. Dixie chased after him to try to talk him out of firing Braden. Meanwhile, Gillian had a few more choice words for her brother-in-law. Gillian yelled at Braden for nearly killing Ryan. She figured that since Ryan had caught pneumonia while trying to elude the authorities, Braden was directly responsible for his near-death experience. More than that, she accused Braden of being responsible for their break-up. "People fall out of love all the time," Braden said unsympathetically. Gillian snapped that she and Ryan had not fallen out of love, they had "been pushed out" of love. Gillian tearfully recounted how she'd offered to sleep with David to earn money for Ryan's escape. She didn't mention her near-affair, instead saying that she'd made a "terrible mistake." Braden rolled his eyes and walked away. Gillian feared that Braden would skip town, but Adrian assured her that he'd tail Braden. Gillian wanted to accompany the former spy on his mission, but Adrian calmly stated that he worked alone. Gillian pleaded with Adrian to reconsider and ultimately he agreed to let her tag along.

Back at Cortlandt Manor, Tad was not at all happy to see that Opal had been left with nothing. He instantly knew that Palmer was behind the extensive spring cleaning, but urged Opal not to let her husband upset her. "The room may be empty, but it's full of promise," he said optimistically. Opal agreed, stating that the room was a reflection of her life. Opal wondered if she would ever find a true love like Tad had found in Dixie. Dixie returned and brought Opal and Tad up to date on what had transpired at the courthouse. Neither were surprised that Braden had been fired. Opal headed upstairs, leaving Tad and Dixie enough time to have an intimate encounter in the furniture-less room.

Raquel searched all of Max's usual hiding places, but was unable to find her son. She strolled into Mateo and Hayley's room and noticed a conspicuous lump under their covers. She pulled back the sheets and Max chirped giddily about being located. Max told his mother that he wanted them to sleep in the same bed as Mateo. Raquel bowed her head and explained that they could never do that again because it would make Hayley unhappy. "Why does Hayley have to be so mean?" he asked. Raquel dodged the issue by telling Max that it was time for bed. Max managed to talk his mother into another game of hide and seek.

Downstairs, Edmund phoned Brooke and asked her to be on the lookout for Kit. Mateo and Hayley returned home at about the same time, with Hayley still ranting furiously about the judge's decision to keep Ryan in jail. Mateo didn't want to appear to be the bad guy, but he explained that Braden's statements had yet to be proven. They both agreed to take the night off from discussing Ryan and Kit. As they kissed to seal their deal, Jack stormed into the house and asked if they'd seen Kit. They both shook their heads and Jack continued towards the parlor. There, he and Edmund agreed to scour the town for Kit. Dimitri strolled into the room and announced that he'd seen Kit in the parking lot of The Pit earlier in the evening. Edmund and Jack were furious with Dimitri for leaving her there by herself. Dimitri smiled arrogantly as he explained that he told Kit that she should leave town. Jack raced out of the house and headed for The Pit. Meanwhile, Edmund read his brother the riot act for turning a cold shoulder to Kit. Dimitri explained that he'd grown tired of Kit's games. Because of Kit's allegations, his family had fallen apart. Dimitri let it be known that he was still hurt that Edmund had taken Kit's word over his. Dimitri took time out to lay blame on Edmund, stating that Ryan would never have gone to jail in the first place had Edmund not agreed to press assault charges against him. Edmund tried to defend his decision, but he knew that nothing he said would undo the damage. Edmund promised to offer Ryan a full apology if it turned out that he'd been telling the truth all along. Jack returned from his search, but he didn't come back empty-handed. Jack found Kit's scarf in the parking lot. When Dimitri learned that Jack hadn't found any money in the lot, he knew that Kit must have "done the right thing" and left town. Jack and Edmund listened as Dimitri bragged about paying Kit to hop a bus out of town. The money, Dimitri sneered, was "stash for her next con." Jack responded with a quick rabbit-punch to Dimitri's mid-section. Doubled over in pain, Dimitri struggled to the sofa. When he regained the ability to speak, Dimitri stated that he knew why Jack wanted to help Kit---they were siblings. But was Edmund helping Kit because he still loves her? "No," responded Edmund coldly. He went on to say that he thought of Kit as a friend and that she deserved to have someone there in her time of need.

Max's hide-and-seek session landed him underneath Mateo and Hayley's bed. Hayley and Matt returned to their bedroom and momentarily forgot about their promise to avoid talking about Ryan and Kit. After a few more gripes from Hayley, the couple focused on planning the move to a place of their own. Hayley grinned as she announced that she'd found map wallpaper for Max's room. Under the bed, Max beamed from ear to ear. Hayley told Mateo that she needed a few gallons of chocolate pudding to make her feel better, but Mateo felt that a weekend getaway might do more for her frazzled nerves. Hayley closed her eyes and said that her life would be perfect if Kit and Raquel would disappeared forever. The remark sent waves of terror through Max. He ran out of his hiding space screaming for his mom. In the hallway, Max told Raquel what Hayley had said. Raquel took her son in her arms and took him back to his bedroom. Hayley buried her head in her hands and tried to explain that she didn't mean what she'd said. Mateo looked crossly at her and said that he needed to go talk to his son. Hayley offered to accompany him, but Mateo told her to stay put before she does any more damage.

Tuesday, March 30, 1999

As part of the usual morning ritual, Dimitri poured himself a cup of coffee. He looked up when someone enter the house, wondering if Edmund had finally returned from searching for Kit. There was still no sign of Edmund, but Hayley had come back from a spur of the moment shopping trip. She explained that she wanted to buy Max a little something to make up for the way she'd stuck her foot in her mouth the night before. Dimitri listened intently as Hayley explained that she'd inadvertently wished for Kit and Raquel's demise while Max was hiding under her bed. Dimitri assured Hayley that she had not acted improperly because she had no way of knowing that Max was under the bed. Still, Hayley felt horribly. Dimitri praised Hayley's willingness to put up with Raquel for so long. He then smiled wryly and announced that one of Hayley's least favorite people was still missing. Hayley was jubilant at the possibility that Kit was gone for good. Dimitri grinned devilishly and explained that he'd paid off Kit---and offered to do the same to Raquel. Hayley gave Dimitri a big hug and thanked him for being on her side.

Upstairs, Mateo continued packing his bags. Moving day had arrived, but the move out of Wildwind would not be a simple move. Max lurked glumly in the hallway. He told his father that he refused to pack because he did not want to move out of Wildwind. Mateo escorted the young boy into his bedroom and told him that sometimes everyone has to do things that they don't want to do. Max feared that his dad was mad at him for the way he'd acted the night before. Max was concerned that Hayley's wish that Raquel would "vanish" might come true. "Maybe Hayley is a witch and has magic powers," Max whispered timidly. Mateo assured his son that Hayley was not a witch and that magic powers only existed in the movies. Max hinted that his frigidity towards Hayley was in response to her hatred of his mother. Raquel entered the room and suggested that the three of them talk things out. From the moment she entered the room, Raquel put forth a pleasant demeanor. She knew all the right things to say and offered no hint that she and Hayley are the bitterest of enemies. Raquel told Max that she doesn't hate Hayley and that Hayley doesn't hate her either. "Sometimes when people are angry they say things they don't mean," Raquel stated. Hayley hovered at the doorway and asked if she could join the conversation. She walked over to Max and crouched in front of him. Hayley apologized profusely for what she'd said about Raquel, but her apology was thrown back in her face. "I hate you!" Max screamed. Mateo pulled her aside and told her that it might be better if he and Raquel handle Max. Hayley worried that Raquel would do more harm than good, but she agreed to give it a try. She left the room and paced in the hallway. As she asked for spiritual guidance, Raquel poked her head out of the room and apologized for Max's outburst. Hayley didn't fault the boy because he was "just saying what he felt." Back inside the room. Max's separation anxiety became apparent. He worried that he'd never see his mother again, but his parents assured him that that was not the case. Raquel touted the condominium as a top-notch place to live. Complete with a gigantic pool and playground, Max's room was just across the courtyard from Raquel's condo. In fact, Raquel would be able to see Max's bedroom from her room. They devised a flag system that would allow them to communicate back and forth. If a white flag was flown from Max's window, it meant that he wanted to see his mom. Content that things would be okay, Max scurried off to his room to back up his belongings. Mateo thanked Raquel for her assistance. "I have a lot to make up for," Raquel replied.

Downstairs, Hayley contemplated trashing the present she'd bought for Max. Mateo entered the room and told her that everything was back on track. The pair shared a hug and thought about their future together as a family.

In Mateo and Hayley's room, Raquel looked longingly at a picture of the happy couple. As tears welled in her eyes, Max entered the room and asked his mother what was making her so unhappy. Raquel said that she felt "a little scared" because this would be the first time she'd be on her own since Max was born. In a cute display of manhood, Max told his mother that she only had to fly a white flag from her window and he'd be there for her.

Still in her white satin nightgown, Liza answered a knock on her door. Jake dropped by fresh from his return flight to Pine Valley. He was invited into the condominium and wasted no time in asking Liza if she and Adam had come to a decision about their paternity dispute. Jake claimed that he did not want to take the fight to court, but if that was the only way that would allow him to be a father to his child... then he had no other choice. "I believe I have some say in that matter," said Adam from the doorway to the bedroom. He apologized for not being dressed and offered Jake a cup of coffee. The trio sat down at the dinner table and readied to hash out their differences. Adam asked Jake if he was sure that becoming a father was prudent at this point in his life. What if he were offered a job offer somewhere else? Would he turn down the job simply because he needed to stay a few blocks away from Colby? Jake muttered that he'd already been given a high profile job offer at L.A. Metro Hospital. Liza and Adam both were shocked by the announcement, but Adam's surprise was not genuine. He congratulated Jake on his coup and urged him not to pass up the terrific offer. Jake casually stated that he'd turned down the offer. Liza watched Adam carefully as he desperately tried to convince Jake to accept the job. Jake quickly skipped the topic and stated that he was considering a court-ordered blood test to establish paternity of Baby Colby. Adam shifted nervously in his chair. He quickly explained that the test was not necessary since everyone knew that Jake was the father. Jake nodded, but said that the test was required before he could proceed to the next legal step. Liza became enraged and blasted Jake for backing out on their agreement that he would have no say in her child's life. Jake again claimed that he would have honored that agreement if Adam was not in the picture. Jake headed towards the door, but not before Adam tried one more time to get Jake to reconsider the job offer in Los Angeles. After Jake left, Liza mentioned that Jake's job offer was a little too convenient. She knew that Adam must have had someone in his pocket pull some strings. Surprisingly, she was not upset with Adam. "It was brilliant. I wish I'd have thought of it," Liza grinned. Unfortunately, she knew that Jake would never accept the job. "The Martins are stubborn," she explained, reminding Adam that Jake had dropped out of medical school to become a handyman. Liza announced that they could not allow Jake to intimidate them. She said that they could move forward and then tie the case up in court. During that time, Adam would get to bond with Colby and Jake would be left out in the cold. After Liza left the room, Adam placed a frantic call to Barry Shire. He asked his attorney to help him concoct a way to keep Jake away from Colby. He had to hang up the phone abruptly because Liza made her way back into the room. Liza said that she'd done some more thinking and decided that they should agree to let have a DNA test performed.

On his way to a meeting with Trevor, Jake took time out to meet with Joe. Before moving forward with a court case, Jake wanted to make sure that his father was in his corner. Joe reminded his son that he had been opposed to Jake becoming a sperm donor in the first place. He went on to say that he could not fault him for wanting to be a part of his child's life. He added that it might be better to act before Colby was born. Jake wondered how he could move forward without a blood sample from the baby. Joe mentioned that Pine Valley Hospital had instituted a new policy a few months prior that required all amniotic fluids be kept in storage until after the child was born. That meant that since Liza had undergone an amniocenteses, her fluid was still being stored at the hospital. It was up to Trevor to handle the legal aspects of the tests.

Dixie arranged for Opal to spend a day at the hairdresser so that she'd be out of the house when she sprung a trap on her Uncle Palmer. She and Tad did not want to tell Opal what they were planning for fear that she'd be opposed to the plan. Opal wanted to be filled in on all the details, but there wasn't enough time to go into detail. Palmer called out to his niece from another room and Opal was forced to scurry out the back door. Tad and Dixie took seats in the middle of the room and reviewed the latest wedding magazines. Palmer entered the parlor and asked Dixie what she wanted. Tad and Dixie paid him no mind, instead talking about the different bridesmaid gowns. Palmer grew increasingly irritated as the pair ignored him. Just as he was ready to leave, Dixie called out to her uncle and told him to wait. She coldly informed him that he'd be ignored by everyone he holds dear unless he agreed to conform to the terms of his divorce agreement. Palmer refused to believe that Nina would side against him. He was sorely mistaken and found that out when he placed a call to his daughter and learned that she was opposed to the way he was treating Opal. Palmer was ready to lash out at anyone in his way, but he knew that there was only one thing he could do. Opal returned from her appointment early and nearly ruined everything. Tad tried to shoo her out of the room, but Palmer saw her before she could hide. Palmer blasted his loved ones for turning on him, but stated that he'd agree to give Opal half of everything. Dixie smiled and thanked her uncle for finally seeing the light. Now that the dispute had been resolved, Dixie pledged that her relationship with her uncle would return to normal. "I don't need any of you," Palmer groused. "As far as I'm concerned, the whole damned lot of you never existed!"

Wednesday, March 31, 1999

With the promise of a new life and a new place to live very much on the horizon, Hayley and Mateo celebrated in the parlor with a few passionate kisses. Disheveled and exhausted, Jack stumbled into the room and asked the pair if they'd heard any word on Kit's whereabouts. Hayley rose from the sofa and assumed a confrontational attitude. "It looks like she took the money and hit the road," sassed Hayley. Jack ran his fingers through his hair and stated that his sister would not leave town without telling him. He was trying more to convince himself than Hayley. Dimitri entered the room and announced that Kit had done the right thing by skipping town. "She got caught in a lie," smiled Dimitri. "And she's left you to clean up her mess." The two men angrily exchanged words. Eventually, Jack tried to appeal to Dimitri's sense of decency, reminding him that Kit was a victim of a sexual assault. Dimitri disagreed. Braden claimed that he and Kit had engaged in consensual sexual intercourse. Hayley remarked that she would not cut Kit any slack because Jack had refused to listen to anyone other than his sister's word during the ordeal. Again, Jack seemed to want to convince himself of his sister's truthfulness. He reminded the group that Kit had not lied when she'd announced that she was his sister. "But right about now I bet you wish she was," Hayley sneered. Jack received an urgent page informing him that the results of Braden's blood test were in.

Following up on their discussion earlier in the day, Liza and Adam dropped by Jake's office at the hospital for one last attempt to get him to back off. Liza thanked Jake for doing "an amazing thing" and making her dreams a reality. The gushing praise ended as Liza gently demanded that Jake conform to the terms of their agreement. "Do the right thing and honor Liza," added Adam. Jake fidgeted in his chair. He looked for a way to make Liza understand why he was reacting the way he was. He told her that if she was marrying anyone else, he would not be contesting the agreement. After a few moments of silence, Jake announced that he'd decided to have a DNA test done to establish paternity of Colby. This left an opening for Liza to claim victory. Since the test could not be performed until after Colby was born, Liza knew that she still had a chance to get Adam's name on Colby's birth certificate. Jake then dropped the bombshell that a DNA test could be performed using a sample of the amniotic fluid. No one had known that the fluid would be stored for later use. If a problem were to arise during or shortly after delivery, the fluid could be used be tested and analyzed. While Adam stewed in his part of the room, Liza informed Jake that she was not happy that he'd go to such extreme measures. Jake, however, felt that he had no other choice in the matter. Jake filed out of the room and Adam was pushed into making a decision. He sat on the edge of Jake's desk and looked Liza in the eyes. Adam told Liza that he wanted to tell her something very important. Before he could tell Liza what it was he wanted to tell her, Liza received an important call on her cellular phone and had to excuse herself. This allowed Adam to daydream about the potential outcome of his urgent news. In his thoughts, Adam told Liza that he was the father of her baby. Liza smiled and told him that she felt the same way. Adam shook his head and explained that he's arranged for his sperm to be substituted for Jake's in the insemination procedure. Liza's reaction was not what Adam had wanted. She accused him of raping her and vowed that once her child was born, Adam would never see her. Adam snapped back into reality when Liza's phone call ended. He now knew that he could never tell Liza the truth. Meanwhile, he was forced to come up with an alternate story. After all, he had told Liza that he had something important to tell her. Adam stunned Liza by announcing that he wanted to put an end to the problem. The stress of the paternity battle, he said, was not good for Liza or her baby. "If it saves you heartache," Adam said softly. "Tell Jake he's the legal father." Liza didn't no how to react. She was overcome with emotion and embraced Adam, praising him for "surrendering [his] ego."

Jake headed directly to the hospital's lab. There, he flashed his identification badge and asked the sole lab technician to pull up the results of Liza's amniocenteses. The lab tech didn't question Jake's authorities since he was a fellow employee. The technician tapped into the computer and pulled up Liza's records. There was only one problem: there was no record of the results Liza's records. Jake placed a call to Dr. Clader to verify that the test had been done. The technician also followed up on a few leads of his own. He returned to the lab and informed Jake that someone had taken the amniotic sample from the hospital. There were two possible reasons: Someone wanted to cover up for a mistake or someone had stolen it!

The news of Erica's press conference debacle made its way to the clinic where Bianca was receiving treatment. Erica placed a call to her daughter to assure her that she was making a full recovery. The phone chat was cut short when Erica heard Travis' voice in the background and Bianca announced that she and her father were going horseback riding. David entered the room in civilian clothes, but he was still on duty. He asked Erica how she was feeling, but Erica wasn't forthcoming with answers. She demanded to speak to Dr. Weiss so that she could get a full update on her facial injuries. David didn't think it was a good idea at first, but he ultimately bowed to his patient's demands. Outside, Janet, Myrtle, and Opal tried to shore up strength to help Erica get through the ordeal. Vanessa happened upon the scene and learned that Erica was meeting with her plastic surgeon. Ever the pessimist, Vanessa asked the other women if they believed that Erica's face could ever be restored. Inside the room. Dr. Weiss gave Erica a thorough examination, but he decline to give Erica a proper prognosis. The doctor explained that he could not gauge the level of permanency of the injuries. Several factors, including age, genetics, and skin type made it difficult to determine exactly how Erica's wounds heal. Needless to say, Erica was not pleased by the ambiguity in the doctor's remarks. Erica told David that she wanted to speak to her friends. The doctor nodded and headed out into the hallway. Dr. Weiss told Erica that her bandages would have to stay on for several more weeks before heading back to his office. David accompanied the women into Erica's room. He tried to get Vanessa to leave, but his mother wouldn't budge. Once assembled inside, Erica blasted her supposed "friends" for not having been truthful with her. She scolded Janet for lying about leaving her mirror in another purse and even lambasted Myrtle for being too scared to come forward with the truth. Myrtle, however, wasn't about to have a guilt trip run on her. She explained that they had all been advised not to tell Erica about her injuries because of the damage to her heart. Erica didn't buy it and thanked Vanessa for being the only one to have the courage to be honest. Her tirade finished, Erica announced that she wanted to be left alone. She reconsidered and asked that Vanessa stick around so that they could "catch up" on some things. David objected, but he would not get his way. He gave the women two minutes to do their catching up. Outside, David was haunted by memories of the argument he'd had with Erica prior to the accident. He remembered that Erica knew about David's illegal or at least unethical methods to secure the results of Liza's amniocenteses. He suddenly burst back into the room and demanded to know what Erica was saying to his mother.

Up until now, Trevor had no idea that Ryan had a brother and that that brother had come forward to state that he'd been the one who'd had sex with Kit. Nevertheless, this last minute surprised elated the attorney. Ryan sadly noted that he was not happy with the way things were going because he did not want his brother to have to endure Jack's wrath. Trevor was unsympathetic to Braden's plight. He reminded Ryan that his brother would have left him to rot in jail. Braden entered the courtroom and he and Ryan had a brief tete-a-tete to discuss what might happen in court. Ryan feared that Jack would slap his brother with rape charges. Braden informed Ryan that he was going to "do the only thing" he could do and plead not guilty. Gillian pulled Ryan aside and told him that she'd be praying for him. Without saying another word, Gillian bowed her head and made her way to her seat... in the very back of the courtroom. Jack arrived and asked Brooke if she'd heard anything from Kit. Brooke shook her head, but offered encouraging words about Kit being a "survivor." Hayley, Mateo, and Dimitri were the next to file into the courtroom. The took up seats near Gillian. Also present were Tad and Dixie. Dixie was the only one, other than those on the prosecution's side, that still believed that Kit really could have been sexually assaulted. Judge Casey entered the courtroom and immediately observed that Kit was not in attendance. Jack rose and claimed that the previous day's proceedings had been too much for his sister to take. The judge nodded and noted that it was her prerogative to not attend the hearing. The judge was handed the sealed test results of Braden's blood test. She reviewed the findings before announcing that Braden's DNA was a one-hundred percent match to the semen stain on Kit's dress. Belinda immediately rose and asked that the charges against her client be dropped. Jack jumped from his chair and objected to the motion. He argued that there was no proof that Braden had even been in town on the night in question. Beads of sweat formed on his brow. This was not the first time, but Jack appeared to be unraveling. Trevor reminded the opposing counsel that there was no other explanation for the one-hundred percent match; In short, Braden had to have been the person who'd had sex with Kit. Judge Casey was inclined to agree and, to the cheers of his supporters, dismissed the charges against Ryan. Mateo apologized to Ryan for not having believed in him. Gillian remained in the back of the room and silently thanked God for looking out for her husband. Jack asked the judge to hold Braden, announcing that he planned to try him on first-degree rape charges. Belinda argued that there was "no probable cause" to hold Braden. Again, the judge agreed. She tapped her gavel and proclaimed that court was adjourned. Jack tried to enlist Derek's help, by asking him to arrest Braden. Derek explained that he could not act without a confession or some evidence that tied Braden to a crime. Kit had already testified under oath that Ryan had sexually assaulted her. "Her credibility is shot," Trevor muttered. Jack turned towards Braden and announced that he would not rest until he made him pay for attacking his sister. Braden said nothing and continued on his way out of the courtroom. Jack ordered Trevor and Braden to meet with him in the morning for an interrogation session. Braden agreed and offered a few more details of how things had gone down on Halloween night. "Your sister and I got down and dirty in the parking lot," Braden sneered. He claimed that "animal magnetism" had drawn them to each other. Braden again made his way towards the exit. Jack called out to Braden and asked him if during their "down and dirty" session in the parking lot, if his sister had once uttered the word "No." The courtroom grew silent. All eyes focused on Braden. "Sure," he grinned fiendishly. "They all do when they're begging for it." Jack took a deep breath and lunged at Braden.

Thursday, April 1, 1999

The majority of today's episode was pre-empted on the East Coast due to cover of the Crisis in Kosovo. SO you need to forgive the absence of the usual level of detail. Nevertheless, here is today's summary.

As much as they might have wanted to see Jack strangle Braden, Tad and Derek stepped in to pull apart the two men. "You raped my sister!" Jack screamed as he and Braden were finally separated. After he regained his breath, Braden demanded that Jack be arrested for assaulting him. His pleas for justice fell on deaf ears. In the back of the courtroom, Tad and Dixie and Mateo and Hayley muttered amongst themselves about what Braden had done to Kit. Tad was one of the first to admit that Kit had been telling the truth about her assault-even if she did finger the wrong man. As Braden again asked that Jack be brought up on charges, Trevor stepped forward to point out that Braden was not in the position to make demands. Mateo shook his head in disgust as he reminded Braden that he'd just confessed to raping Kit. Braden threw his hands in the air and denied that he'd done such a thing. He look towards his brother and asked for Ryan to back him up. Ryan was silent for several minutes. "Kit said no," he said breaking his silence. "It was rape." Jack renewed his effort to have Braden arrested, but he had to know that rape charges would never stick. Unless Braden suddenly confessed to sexually assaulting Kit, it would be a matter of Kit's word versus that of Braden. And swearing under oath that Ryan had raped her was not going to bode well for Kit. Slowly the gallery of spectators filed out. Braden was free to go, something Jack had a hard time stomaching. Gillian lingered behind yearning for a reconciliation with the man she loves. She knew that Ryan had previously told her to stay away, but she was unable to turn her back.

Liza never had anticipated that a clinical procedure would turn into such a hassle. Adam urged Liza to sign a legal document that stated that Jake was the father of her child. Liza was puzzled by Adam's willingness to, as she saw it, give in. Adam explained that he did not want to "fight to the finish if Colby is the prize." The door suddenly swung open and Barry Shire entered the room. Liza smiled slightly and informed Adam that she'd asked the attorney to meet with them. Adam's nervousness was apparent. Liza started the session by telling Barry that Adam had told her "everything." Barry swung around in his seat and cast a look of disbelief in Adam's direction. "Everything?" he asked. Adam cleared his throat and explained that "everything" referred to his attempt to land Jake a job in Los Angeles. Liza hoped that the meeting would produce a way that she and Adam could block Jake's court battle. Barry had to be the bearer of bad news and inform Liza that the eyes of the law see things a little differently than she does. Liza mistakenly assumed that Jake could not have any tests run on her amniotic fluid without her permission. Legally, however, Liza had signed a release paper before undergoing the procedure. Her signature transferred ownership of the specimen to the hospital. The attorney summed up his view on things by announcing that he did not see any way they could legally block Jake from taking action.

Vanessa looked down her nose at her son and demanded that he give Erica some privacy. David took a deep breath and ordered his mother out of the room. Erica insisted that Vanessa was her guest and asked that she be allowed to stick around. David walked towards the telephone and placed a call to security. If Vanessa wasn't going to leave under her own power, he was going to have her forcibly removed. Finally, Vanessa agreed to leave. Once alone, David was forced to listen to Erica blame him for her troubles. If someone had come forward sooner to tell her about her injuries, she said that she never would have made a fool out of herself in front of the media. In that short time, Enchantment stock had plummeted. "This is not vanity," said Erica over her concern for her appearance. "This is who I am." She likened the loss of her beauty to David losing a hand. Without it, David would not be able to continue as a surgeon... his livelihood would be taken away. David worried that Erica was letting her feelings bottle up inside and he urged her to let her emotions free. Erica, however, looked coldly at the doctor and told him that he would never see her cry. David bowed his head and walked out of the room. Erica slowly walked around her room and gathered up her belongings. Vanessa returned briefly and asked Erica if there was anything that she could do for her. Erica shook her head and softly replied that she was okay. Vanessa promised to keep in touch and left Erica alone. Erica looked brokenheartedly at a picture from one of her modeling shoots. She gently rubbed her hand across the photo and broke into tears.

Jake and the lab technician headed to the area that the hospital stored its amniotic fluid samples. They figured that there was a glitch in the computer system and that the specimen was probably right where it belonged. Upon further investigation, they learned that the specimen had been signed out by another doctor. While on his rounds, David received a page that "Dr. Martin" wanted to see him in the laboratory. David tied up a few loose ends before making his way to the lab. There he was surprised to see not one, but two Dr. Martins waiting for him. David tried to make light of his apparent Martin bonanza, but Joe was unamused. Joe told David that he knew he'd taken Liza's amniotic fluid specimen out of the lab. "Do you want to tell me why?" Joe asked pointedly. From behind David, Liza's voice suddenly asked, "I'd like to know the answer to that."

Alone, Kit sat at the boathouse contemplating her next move. Tad walked along the path towards the boathouse. When he arrived, Kit jumped back in fear.

Adrian dropped Dixie off at Chandler Mansion so that she could spend time with Junior. The two spoke for a little while about everything that had happened. Before letting Adrian leave, Dixie jokingly asked Adrian to remind her not to allow Junior to take up espionage as a career choice. After Adrian left, Dixie walked into the parlor area and found a note from Winifred. Junior had headed to the Dillons' to play with Amanda. The two youngsters were teaching Smokey, the dog, to read minds. "Don't ask," Winifred wrote in the note. Winifred seized the opportunity to head to a square-dancing class. Alone in the sprawling mansion, Dixie decided to catch up on a little rest. Before she could get comfortable, the doorbell sounded. Dixie walked to the foyer and opened the front door. Standing outside was Braden. Dixie smiled nervously, her body trembling.

Friday, April 2, 1999

Considering their rocky relationship in the past, it wasn't out of the normal for Kit to be nervous about Tad's appearance. No matter what had gone down between them before, this time Tad was extending an olive branch. Tad smiled meekly and told Kit that people were looking for her. "I don't want to see anyone," she grumbled. "You told the truth," Tad said soothingly. "You were raped." Kit suddenly looked up and flashed Tad a curious look. Tad explained Braden's courtroom outburst to Kit, but Kit didn't see Braden's confession as a true confession. After all, he never said that he'd raped her. Still, Tad assured her that everyone in the courtroom had heard him say that he'd continued having sex with her---even after she'd said no. Kit was dejected when she learned that Braden had not been arrested. "I have only myself to blame," she said under her breath. Tad tried to lift her spirits by noting that "everyone know what happened." Kit half-smiled and told Tad that he was the last person she ever expected to believe her. "I'm so sorry for everything that's happened to you," Tad said tenderly. Kit returned the smile and told Tad that he was truly a "good person" for being able to put their past difference aside. Tad offered to drive Kit back to Wildwind, but she refused his offer. "I don't want to face anyone," she said. Kit still felt terribly that her mistaken identification had ruined Gillian and Ryan's relationship and strained Mateo and Hayley's relationship. Suddenly, Edmund appeared on the steps to the boathouse. "I want you to come back [to Wildwind]," he grinned. Tad wanted the pair to have some time alone, so he headed on his way. Before he could leave, Kit thanked him for believing in her. Edmund tried to get Kit to leave with him, but again she refused. She felt a storm of emotions; Why had Edmund stood by her throughout the ordeal? Besides, she was sure that Dimitri did not want her lurking around the halls of Wildwind. Edmund assured her that she'd always be welcome in his home. Kit smiled and told Edmund that she thought it was time to go and talk to Jack.

After her arduous day in court, Belinda prepared for another lonely night at home. She dropped by the local video store and rented a few Denzel Washington films and then picked up take-out food at a nearby restaurant. When she returned home, she realized that a "burglar" had gotten into her apartment---and made her dinner. The attorney wasn't shaking in her boots because she knew this was the work of her favorite former secret government agent. And she was right. Adrian exited the kitchen sporting an apron. It wasn't time to eat just yet, so there was still time for Belinda to enjoy the bubble bath he'd planned for her. After her relaxing soak, Adrian told Belinda that she brings out the best in him. Belinda smiled and told Adrian that the feelings were definitely mutual. She was flattered that Adrian had the foresight to know that she needed a little pampering after her day in court. "I'm enjoy this too," Adrian beamed. Belinda became sentimental when she sampled her "favorite dessert." While the concoction looked like fruit cocktail, the name of the dessert was never revealed. Belinda asked Adrian to give her the recipe for the dessert, but Adrian had a better idea. "I don't I stick around and make it for you again?" he grinned. The two then leaned towards one another and shared a passionate kiss.

"You're free," Gillian rejoiced. She slowly walked towards her husband and gave him a big hug. Ryan didn't return the embrace, but he closed his eyes and seemed to relish his wife's affection. Gillian quietly noted that Ryan could not stay in the courtroom forever. She urged him to return to the boarding house with her, quickly explaining that another room had recently become available. Perhaps they could talk and work things out over time. Ryan was still contemplating what he would do with his newfound freedom. Up until a few hours ago, Ryan had expected to spend the next ten years of his life behind bars. "I can't go with you," Ryan replied softly. Gillian did not protest. She told him that he was free to go wherever he needed, but she pleaded with him to not write her off. She became enraged when Ryan announced that he needed to see Braden. "I don't understand," Gillian said of Ryan's desire to speak to the man who was willing to let him go to jail. "That's always been our problem," Ryan commented softly. "We don't seem to understand each other." Gillian bowed her head. "I don't want to make more grief, but if you need me... I'll be here." Ryan gently caressed Gillian's cheek before walking away.

Joe demanded an answer to his question, but David wasn't very forthcoming. Liza was very nervous, undoubtedly fearing that something was wrong with her unborn child. Adam tried to remove himself from the situation by suggesting that whatever David was up to, it was probably illegal and unethical. Liza shushed her fiancÚ and told him that she wanted to hear David's answer. David replied that he was running a test. Adam quaked in the back of the lab and things were not about to get any easier for him. David told the group that they should follow him to his office because "all will be revealed" there.

The group walked down the hospital corridors and eventually made it to David's office. David sat behind his desk wearing an arrogant smile. Again everyone demanded to know what he was up to. David reached into his filing cabinet and removed the infamous yellow file folder. He handed the file to Jake and told him to get a good look at the folder's contents. David claimed that he used the amniotic sample to run a test on Liza's child. Apparently, he was doing research on congenital heart failure in children. Again, Liza panicked that her child might be in poor health. Not so, said David, assuring Liza that her baby was part of the control, or healthy, group. Joe lectured David for violating hospital protocol. No one had authorized the tests and Joe was not sure that the research was necessary. After reviewing the findings, Joe shook his head in disbelief. David had not conducted nearly enough tests for the results to be accurate. David asked for permission to continue his research, but Joe refused to give an answer. He asked to speak to David in his office. Even though they'd found out who'd last had the amniotic specimen, there was still no sign of the sample. Jake muttered that it would apparently be a while before he could have the DNA tests performed, but he vowed that that would not deter his effort to establish paternity. "You're there already," Adam replied. Liza grabbed Adam by the arm and escorted him into the hallway. There, Liza asked Adam if he was absolutely sure that acknowledging Jake as Colby's father was the way to go. "I want us all on the same side," Adam offered. Liza's eyes welled with tears and she thanked Adam for his generosity. They returned to the lab and Liza picked up where Adam had left off. Liza compared Adam to King Solomon, saying that he didn't want to cut Colby in half just so that he and Jake could both be fathers to her. Jake was stunned by Adam's change of heart. He extended his hand to the multi-millionaire. Adam looked on for several seconds, before shaking the doctor's hand. Jake apologized for straining his friendship with Liza, but Liza didn't accept the mea culpa. While Liza stopped short of saying that their friendship was over, she did, however, hint that it had been severely strained.

Dixie smiled weakly and greeted Braden. Braden ran his fingers through his hair and told Dixie that he had nowhere else to go. Everyone, even his brother, Braden said, believed that he "raped that woman." Dixie invited Braden into the mansion and urged him to take some time to cool down and think about what had happened. Braden begged Dixie to help him get his job back, but Dixie explained that she and her Uncle Palmer were not currently on speaking terms. Throughout their discussion, Braden stated that he was "so ashamed" of the encounter he and Kit had had in the parking lot of The Pit. Dixie gently reminded Braden that he had confessed to sexually assaulting Kit. Braden shook his head and started pacing nervously around the parlor. He told Dixie that she could never understand how "a woman like" Kit works. He vehemently claimed that by saying "no," Kit really meant "yes." Dixie drew a comparison between her feelings for her brother, Will, and Braden. Will had sexually assaulted Gloria Marsh---and Dixie refused to believe that he'd done so even when the facts stared her in the face. She wondered if she could have helped her brother by getting him counseling. It seemed as though she was trying to make up for her past failure. She asked Braden to speak to a psychiatrist to help him deal with his fits of anger. Braden refused to speak to a psychiatrist, insisting that there was nothing wrong with him. Braden finally realized that Dixie believed that he'd raped Kit. He angrily confronted her about her suspicions. Almost cheerfully, Dixie announced that she did believe that Braden had raped Kit. "After a woman says no," Dixie said. "There is no room for interpretation." Again Braden asserted that their "down and dirty" session was consensual. When Braden once again said that he was ashamed of having "anonymous sex" in a parking lot, Dixie asked him why he felt so ashamed. She was trying to get him to face the crime that he'd committed. This served only to enrage Braden all the more. He paced feverishly back and forth, his hands flapping up and down in anger. Finally, he reached the boiling point and smashed a crystal lamp to the floor. Dixie cowered in fear as Braden flashed his fangs in her direction.

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