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Stuart liked Becca, but Marian disapproved of her. Adam and Liza got married. Adam blackmailed David into keeping quiet about Colby's paternity. Tad and Dixie agreed to be Colby's godparents. Ryan inadvertently stopped Hayley from consuming alcohol.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 14, 1999 on AMC
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Monday, June 14, 1999

Hayley was pining for Mateo on the beach where their interrupted picnic took place. Ryan sympathized with her, and reminisced about his unhappy childhood. Hayley bemoaned the loss of her "marriage." Ryan suggested they skip Adam and Liza's wedding. Ryan had memories of Gillian. Hayley commented that she needed to remember she's not alone - she has Ryan as a friend. She told Ryan she will go to Adam's wedding, so they left the beach.

Meanwhile, Raquel was receiving physical therapy from Nurse Kelly. Max burst in, all excited about his visit to the fire station. Mateo entered, much to Raquel's surprise. "We found daddy!" Max told his mom. Mateo told her that Max's day with Ryan was cut short. "His field trip didn't go too well, he called me on the cell phone every 15 minutes," Mateo explained to Raquel. "Let me talk to him," she asked. Max sat on Raquel's' bed as his mother explains that sometimes there is no reason to be scared, and said that she was wrong in being scared of Hayley. "We can all be friends," she told him, as Mateo opened the door ajar, then backed out, still listening to what Raquel said.

At Erica's house, Erica told Vanessa she can't do anything for her. Vanessa headed for the front door, then collapsed. Erica helped Vanessa back into the house and sat her down, offering her a drink of water. Vanessa said she would be all right after taking her pills. Erica hinted that Vanessa is putting on an act but Vanessa said it was fear - "David had threatened to kill me." Erica was shocked, and Vanessa explained how calm David was when he uttered the threat. But Erica didn't want to become involved, as she listened to Vanessa's complaining about how her son never loved her and was so spiteful and jealous. Although Erica didn't believe that David had made the threat , she advised Vanessa to go to the police. Vanessa said she couldn't go to the police about her own son. Then Vanessa spilled the tale of the crowbar scenario at the Valley Inn. Erica angrily asked why all the talk about killing, and people playing with her life. Vanessa rambled on - Erica's friends hate her, her son hates her, maybe she should leave. As she opened the door to leave, there stood Brooke. Erica questioned Brooke about the crowbar scam. Brooke told Erica, "If one or more of your oldest friends say they smell a rat, then you'd better believe it!" Vanessa protested her innocence and claimed she had been telling the truth. Erica insisted to Brooke that she isn't a victim. "I don't need a lecture," Brooke angrily replied. "What happened to the Erica Kane who owned the world? Who is this sorry woman who is standing here?" Meanwhile Vanessa and Brooke go at it in front of Erica. She demanded that they both leave. As they went, Brook warned Vanessa in an ominous tone, "You have made an enemy today!" Later, Erica left the house, and then Vanessa let herself in and made straight for Erica's desk where she started rummaging through papers. From a pile on top of the desk, a large envelope caught her eye and she picked it up.

Awaiting his bride at the chapel, Adam was confronted by an angry Jake, demanding to know what is going on between Adam and David Hayward. "It's none of your business," Adam angrily retorted. He assured Jake that Colby is safe under his roof. Jake continued his rant, "You hired a P.I. to investigate to follow me to dig up dirt on Hayward, who wrote to the police saying you'd had him murdered." Adam refused to discuss the matter any more and threatened to have Jake thrown out. At that point Marian showed up and tried to calm them both down, saying it was the most important day in her daughter's life.

At the Chandler mansion, Liza was surprised to see David enter her room as she prepared for her wedding. David told her he came in through the tunnels. "Did you think I materialized out of thin air, like some dark spirit?" he mockingly asked Liza. "I though you'd crawled out of the walls, like a rodent," she sneered at him. The same walls that witnessed her and Jake's taping of his confession on his attempt on Adam's life, he reminded her. She asked him to leave, but he said he will after he has what he came for.

Marian attempted to keep Jake and Adam from fighting. Tad and Stuart came in and demanded to talk to their respective brothers. Tad told Jake that he is right, BUT told him he'd forgotten all Tad had taught him about warfare. Stuart asked Adam why things can't ever be simple with him. "You know nothing," Adam replied. "Don't you wish," frowned Stuart. Tad told Jake he should keep some ammunition in reserve. Stuart told Adam that whatever was wrong, Adam did it. "You're right," Adam admitted. "I'm in this too deep to dig myself out now. I have to play it out or die trying." But who else will you take down with you, queried Stuart. Jake told Tad that David is coming to the wedding. Tad advised Jake to stay really cool, "absolutely frosty!"

As David moved closer to the crib where Colby lay, Liza angrily ordered him to move away. But David replied by saying that when he saves someone's life he has a right to decide how they live their lives. Liza conceded that David saved her and her daughter's life, but that it didn't give him the right to ruin her wedding day. She confronted him with the truth about him - as told to her by Adam - the letter to the attorney, the whole affair and aftermath with Gillian, and what he did to Erica. Liza warned him that if he has come to do any harm to Colby, she will stop him.

Dixie came running into Liza's room with the news that the limo was waiting to take her to the chapel. David greeted Dix, and told her how great she looked. He asked about her health and she told him she is fit as fiddle now. They chat as Liza fumed in the background. Liza told Dixie to take the limo and tell Adam she won't be long, then send the limo back and she'll be ready by then. After Dixie left, David reminded Liza that Dixie wouldn't be alive if it weren't for him. He admitted to Liza's charge that he has an ego, adding, "I came here because of my bruised ego." He was angry at Adam, he said, but seeing Liza with Colby .. Liza interrupted him and asked him to leave. "Do you think you can live your whole lives without knowing the truth?" he taunted a puzzled and angry Liza.

At the chapel, Tad tried to calm Jake, while Scott tried to calm Marian's nerves. She was suffering fro the effects of the infamous hogwort, and her hands were encased in white gloves. As she nervously paced, Barry Shire walked in with a drink in his hand. He told Marian he still thinks about her, but Marian said she doesn't think about him. He reminded her of their one night together, but she scampers back into the chapel, as Barry muttered to himself, "A remarkable woman." Becca brought Jamie and Adam Jr. to the chapel, where they persisted in repeating everything she said, until Tad picked up on it and said, "I promise I will never again see The Phantom Menace!" The boys started to repeat, then stopped - "OK, you win!" they said to Tad. Tad introduced Jake to Becca. She left as Marian came in. Adam rushed in and asked her, "Where's Liza?"

Liza quietly asked David, "What were the truths? That Gillian slept with you to get bail money for her husband?" David maintained he never lied to Gillian , but "I wanted to hurt her," he confessed. "And the truth will hurt you very much." Liza pressed him, "What is this truth that I can't live without knowing?" David just smiled enigmatically.

Raquel and Max hugged and Max trotted off to finish his picture. Mateo thanks Raquel for her words to Max. "I was afraid of the woman who was able to make you forget what you had with me," Raquel admitted to Mateo. "But I'm getting past that now." Mateo is hopeful that Max will come around and not be scared.

"I'm waiting," Liza told David, as he closed the door and came back into the room. "You really do have your daughter's well-being at heart, don't you?" "What kind of mother would I be if I didn't?" Liza replied. "My mother," was the cold response. Liza responded by saying she was sick of people blaming their lives on their bad childhood. "We get over it or we get run over," she told him. "What is this truth, that you're a mean controlling S.O.B.. because your mother was a bitch?" David looked angry, maybe Liza had struck a nerve.

Ryan and Hayley arrived at the chapel in their wedding finery, and both agreed, "We clean up good!" Dixie returned and explained that Liza wasn't ready yet. She dropped the fact that David was chatting with Liza. "Why did you leave her alone with that creep?" Adam yelled at a baffled Dixie. Adam left like a streak of lightning, followed closely by the brothers Martin.

"My mother will have to answer for what she's done, and I will too," David told Liza. "I am about to destroy a happy, safe world built on lies,"

Tuesday, June 15, 1999

"A storybook wedding" is how Dixie described the elegantly decorated chapel. Marian thanked Dixie for her kind words but said that wedding was nothing like a fairytale. In the stories there is always a bride and a groom---something that this wedding was sorely missing! Stuart tried to calm down his jittery wife, but Marian was far too frazzled for even Stuart to calm. Hayley stepped in to assured Marian that everything would be okay. Marian smiled gingerly and thanked Hayley for her support. In the front of the chapel, the reverend looked anxiously at his watch. Just a few yards away, Ryan paced back and firth nervously. Hayley approached her friend and asked him what was bothering him. For Ryan, the chapel brought back a lot of memories. He stated that he hadn't been back to the chapel since he and Gillian had gotten married, a marriage he referred to as "a lost cause from the beginning." In the back, Erica slowly strolled into the chapel. Hayley had a Wildwind chapel horror story of her own. She told Ryan that on the night that she and Mateo were to have renewed their wedding vows a "tornado" by the name of Raquel ripped into town. Erica, who had been unobserved up until this moment, slowly walked towards Dixie and asked why the chapel was so empty. Dixie puckered her lips and informed Erica that Adam, Tad, and Jake had run off when she mentioned that Liza was at Chandler Mansion chatting with David. "If you'll excuse me," said Erica turning and dashing out of the chapel. Dixie again was left to wonder what was so peculiar about David and Liza having a chat. The next to arrive was Gillian, who watched unhappily as Ryan and Hayley laughed and joked with one another. She turned to walk away, but Scott caught her and asked her if she'd like to videotape a message for the bride and groom. Gillian turned quite serious and repeatedly mentioned that marriage is a very special thing. Ryan caught sight of Gillian, but said nothing to her. Hayley approached him and told him that he should go and talk to Gillian. "She's better off without me," Ryan grumbled. Hayley rolled her eyes and demanded that Ryan "stop being a jerk."

Jack dropped by Brooke's office at Tempo to let her know that he'd arrived back in Pine Valley. The former district attorney had taken an extended vacation in Seattle to visit with Travis and family and Kit. Jack said that he believes Kit has a good chance at rebuilding her life in Washington. Brooke offered that she thought it was unfortunate that Kit felt she needed to remain away from Pine Valley. Jack concurred, but noted that for many townspeople Kit was attached to too many unpleasant memories. "Memories fade," responded Brooke philosophically. Perhaps, she said, Kit can return to town one day. Kit sent along a gift for Brooke: a crystal shamrock with a note saying that "friends are the best luck" that someone can have. Before Jack could leave, Brooke asked him for a little advice on a "legal, diabolical" way to get rid of someone. The mere usage of the phrase caused Jack to cringe. Brooke told him that she wanted to undo Vanessa Bennett---the sooner the better. She carefully detailed all of Vanessa's evil deeds. Jack was surprised that Brooke, of all people, would care about Erica's well being. Brooke smiled and admitted that her concern was a bit odd. She said that she didn't want to see someone like Vanessa Bennett take advantage of Erica at a time when she was already down. She urged Jack to have a talk with Erica, but Jack didn't think that anything he could say to Erica would help. He mentioned that he was still owed a few favors and offered to call around to see if anyone had "the goods" on Vanessa.

Alone in Erica's house, Vanessa continued to do what she does so well---snoop. She carefully thumbed through Erica's desk draw stopping only to read a letter that Bianca had written to her mother. The letter spawned yet another idea for Vanessa's tell-all book. "Sweet, innocent girl driven to starvation by her ego-driven mother," Vanessa purred evilly. She stopped and quickly tidied things up when someone rang the doorbell. Like a welcomed guest, Vanessa sashayed to the front door and greeted the visitor. Vanessa instantly recognized Palmer Cortlandt and told him that it was a great pleasure to finally meet him. Palmer had dropped by to meet with Erica who, he said, had called and asked to meet with him. Vanessa told Palmer that she'd met his wife on several occasions. "Ex-wife," corrected Palmer. Vanessa bowed her head and said that it must hurt Palmer very much to be divorced from Opal. On the contrary, Palmer said that he was "delighted to be rid of her." Vanessa laughed aloud at Palmer's comment. She then numbly mentioned that she never would have imagined that Palmer and Opal had anything in common. Common, said Palmer, was the operative word to describe his former wife. Again Vanessa chuckled. She stepped away from the doorway and invited the mogul into the house. She took a few seconds out to introduce herself as Erica's close friend and the mother of David Hayward. Vanessa dispensed some expensive French brandy for herself and Palmer and sat down to get better acquainted with Palmer. Vanessa told Palmer that she's followed his story for quite some time. She let it be known that she knew all about his modest upbringing in West Virginia, his founding of Cortlandt Electronics and subsequent fall, and then is Phoenix-life resurrection. Palmer was impressed and mistakenly assumed that Vanessa was also "in the business." Vanessa shook her head and explained that she reads the business section of the paper every day no matter what town she's staying in. Palmer was likewise impressed that Vanessa was a world traveler. Palmer then snidely remarked that Opal never got past the comics page in the paper. The pair found out that they shared some mutual friends in New England and Long Island. Vanessa played up her supposed friendship with Erica and agreed with Palmer that Erica's accident was a horrible tragedy. Palmer told Vanessa that he wanted to speak to Erica about convincing Opal to give him more visitation privileges with Peter. Vanessa swore that she'd give the message to Erica. Palmer seemed quite taken with Vanessa and Vanessa, who will apparently go to great lengths to secure an eligible and wealthy bachelor, had her eyes on Palmer. Before leaving, Palmer told Vanessa that he'd like for her to join him for dinner one night. Vanessa told him that she was staying at The Valley Inn and welcomed the chance to dine with him.

With Palmer supposedly on a visit to see Erica, a visit that looked more and more like a wild goose chase, Opal called an emergency meeting of the board of Cortlandt Electronics. Opal was dismayed that the company's stock continued on a downward trend. Belinda and Trevor sat next to Opal and assured her that things would get better soon---especially after looking at the proposal that she was presenting to the board. The meeting, which took place entirely off camera, yielded the results that Opal was looking for. Later, Palmer wandered into the boardroom and demanded to know what was going on. Opal explained that she'd called a meeting. As CEO, Palmer said that no meeting could be held without his presence. That, said Opal, was one of the reasons for the meeting. She informed her former husband that the board had just voted to explore the possibilities of selecting a new CEO. Palmer chuckled to himself and said that it was foolish to even consider the idea that someone else could replace him. "Everyone can be replaced," Opal replied frigidly. Palmer reminded those in attendance that he'd been the one to build up Cortlandt Electronics---not once but twice! Opal acknowledged that Palmer had been a valuable asset to the company in the past. Now, however, it was time for a change. Palmer thought it laughable that Opal could even imagine herself as the company's new CEO. Opal bowed her head bashfully and said that she definitely was not cut out for the job---but she knew someone who was. The door opened and a finely dressed Adrian entered the room. He greeted Palmer, but Palmer's response was a fit of hysterical laughter. At Chandler Mansion, Adam confronted a security guard for not having stopped David at the front gate. The guard said that no one had seen David. Then and only then did Adam realize that David must have gained access to the house via the underground tunnels.
Upstairs, Liza was definitely not in the mood for any of David's games. She accused him of concocting more lies to try to put a stop to her wedding. David swore that what he was about to say was not a lie. David rambled on and on about the meaning of the month of August. He then asked Liza what she was doing last August. Liza thought for several minutes before listing tasks she'd accomplished at WRCW, the painting of her loft, and getting pregnant with Colby. The order in which she'd listed them made the conception seem like more of an afterthought. Adam, Jake, and Tad suddenly burst into the room. Adam asked Liza if David had done anything to hurt her. A confused Liza shook her head and demanded to know why the three men had stormed into the room like gangbusters. Adam ordered everyone out of the room so that he could speak to David in private. Jake refused to leave. Adam started falling apart. A look of dire consequence swept over his face. He pleaded with Jake to take Colby and Liza out of the room. Jake ultimately agreed as did Liza and Tad. After the door closed behind them, David applauded Adam's performance. He asked Adam how long he believed that he could keep the truth from coming out. To that Adam let loose with the news that he had something to hold over David. David didn't flinch. Adam warned David that they could end up as neighbors in jail if he decided to tell Liza the truth about what happened at the fertility clinic. Adam told David that he knew about his affair with Gillian. David chuckled and responded that there were not enough free jail cells to lock up everyone who's had an affair. Adam nodded in agreement. There were, however, cells to lock up those that aided and abetted a fugitive in his flight from the justice system. Adam slowly and calculatedly informed David that he knew about the money he'd given to Gillian and Ryan. After Adam finished spilling what he had on David, David burst into uproarious laughter. David reminded Adam that Ryan and been cleared of all the charges against him. Therefore, he said, he had not aided and abetted anyone. He then claimed that he'd only given the Laveries the money because he wanted to help an innocent man escape an unjust legal system. At most, David said that he'd be slapped with a sentence of needing to perform community service. Adam refused to relent, hinting that his "medical license would be up for grabs." David doubted that his license would be revoked. Since all else had failed, Adam issued yet another threat to the cardiologist. If he did tell Liza the truth, somehow, someday he'd track David down and kill him. Still David was surprisingly calm. He said that to see the look on the wedding guests' faces when he dropped his bombshell might just make Adam's death sentence worthwhile.
Downstairs, Jake couldn't understand how Liza could be so calm. Liza explained that she trusted Adam and knew that he was doing what was in her best interest. David walked solemnly down the staircase and said that he was glad to see that everyone was still there. He then looked towards Jake and told him that he might want to pour himself a drink before he broke the news. Suddenly, Erica walked into the room. She looked coldly at David and for the first time David looked shaken. Erica urged David to continue on with what he was "so eager to tell them." She accused David of "enjoying the anticipation and toying with [his] victims." Still she was not done. "Go on and ruin more lives the way you ruined mine," she said softly yet coldly. "Show us the depth of your evil."

Wednesday, June 16, 1999

Hayley warned Ryan that he'd only make himself more miserable by denying his true feelings for Gillian. "Either get back with her or get a life," Hayley said rather icily. She didn't mean to sound unsympathetic, but she worried that Ryan would drive himself crazy by not making up his mind one way or the other. Ryan rose from his seat and said that he had something to do. Hayley looked up at him and begged him not to run away. "So I'm a loser?" Ryan snapped. Hayley shook her head. "I never said that," Hayley sighed. She explained to Ryan that it was unfair for him to continually beat himself up over his failed marriage to Gillian. Ryan received yet another scolding when he tried to tell Hayley that he was to blame for all the problems he and Gillian were having. Hayley ordered Ryan to stop blaming himself and take a risk at admitting his feelings to Gillian. For the first time Ryan seemed willing to admit that he would like to get back together with Gillian.

Dixie continued her efforts to calm Marian, but still it did no good. Marian was beginning to think the worst. "What if David had taken Liza hostage?" she said worriedly. She remembered that the doctor had had feelings for Liza and feared that he might have kidnapped Liza to prevent her from marrying Adam. Dixie assured Marian that Liza and David were having a friendly chat when she left. Marian then worried that Liza and Adam's marriage would be doomed if Adam saw the bride before the ceremony. Dixie reminded Marian that she and Stuart had seen one another before their wedding. "Yes, but I married the good brother," Marian replied. Dixie nodded her head slightly and said that she'd head off to Chandler Mansion to check on things.

Gillian remained uneasy by watching Ryan and Hayley chum it up and decided that she should leave. Scott stopped her and told her that she should not run away because of Ryan. Gillian was miffed that Ryan had found happiness without her. In her words, someone who was laughing could not have a broken heart. Scott mentioned an old saying that it's possible for someone to be "laughing on the outside and crying on the inside."
As if Marian's nerves were not already shot, the reverend approached and told her that he could only stick around for a few more minutes before he had to leave to attend a funeral. Marian begged the minister to reconsider, saying that "the corpse" wasn't going to go anywhere. With this fate as CEO of Cortlandt Electronics hanging in the balance, Palmer tried to buddy up to as many of the board members as possible. After the last had left, Palmer called Opal's attempt to oust him a "pathetic attempt" that was "doomed to failure." Belinda mentioned that an infusion of new blood was just what the company needed. Palmer, however, fumed that he had not been informed of the secret board meeting. Opal claimed that she'd sent Email to Palmer to alert him to the meeting. Since he'd apparently never received it, Belinda mused that Palmer must be having troubles with his "outdated computer." Adrian stepped in and snarled that they would send him an engraved invitation the next time they planned a hostile takeover. Palmer was confident that he would emerge victorious. Sure, Opal held an equal amount of Cortlandt Electronic stock, but in order to succeed with the ouster Opal needed the support of the other stockholders. Both Opal and Palmer laid claim to Erica's proxies. Trevor, who sat in again while Erica tended to other matters, said that Erica was in the game to make money---not to vote in favor of an ineffective CEO. Opal knew that her friendship with Erica had been strained and wondered how she could be certain that her one-time gal pal would back her up. Belinda suggested that Adrian take his case to Erica and attempt to garner her support. Palmer asked that Opal speak to him in private. He demanded to know why she was attempting to have him overthrown. "Somebody's got to teach you a lesson," Opal growled. She explained that there was a time when she "used to like looking up" at Palmer. Never did it occur to her that while she was looking up at Palmer, he was looking down at her. "Cortlandt Electronics is my dream!" Palmer yelled through gritted teeth. "The sun," replied Opal coldly, "has set on your empire." The group left, allowing Palmer some time alone to weigh his options and mull his future. The potentially overthrown leader picked up his cellular phone and called in a favor to a friend in Congress. He told the Senator that he wanted a former operative to be reinstated. He was sure that there was some world hotspot that could use Adrian's expertise. "If it's a suicide mission," he chuckled. "All the better!"

"Prove your mother right," Erica said continuing to egg David on. David confronted her comments with a cold stare. Suddenly, he through his arms in the air and said that "the game's over." To marveled glances he added, "I'm all played out." He turned to walk away, but Jake and Tad blocked his path. The Martin brothers refused to budge until David told them the full story. Liza also agreed that David was holding something back. "I think it's better that you don't know," David replied. While no one was looking forward to the secret being revealed, David's announcement was somewhat of a disappointment. For months he'd tailed Liza around town promising to ruin her life with a big secret. David recalled the exact moment that he'd decided to turn Liza's life upside down. "February 1998," he stated. "You and Jake set me up." Jake quickly noted that David was engaging in revisionist history. David had set himself up for a fall by mis-medicating Adam and then framing Jake for the mix-up. Again Jake demanded the truth. "Don't tempt me," David growled. David said that the letter he'd written to Liza contained more of the same troublesome lies that he'd dished out before. He refused to reveal exactly what lie he'd concocted in the letter. Dixie arrived and stood next to Tad. David beamed proudly as he explained that the letter he'd filed with Leslie Coulson was nothing more than "a red herring." Tad continued to argue that David was holding back. Erica sensed that David might be getting close to the breaking point and jumped in to rescue the doctor. She told Tad that David's story made perfect sense to her. "He's a career liar," she noted. Some people, she said, create crossword puzzles in their spare time. David, on the other hand, tries to find ways to torment people. Dixie approached David and told him that she no longer wants him as her doctor. This was a crushing blow to David who was now getting punished for doing the right thing. Everyone filed off to attend the wedding. Meanwhile, Erica congratulated David for having done the right thing. She surmised that Adam must have had something really big on David. David, though, said that Adam had nothing on him---and that he wasn't quite sure why he'd chosen not to tell Liza. "A pang of conscience?" Erica asked. Erica praised David for having acted like a man. But only time, she noted, would tell how long David's transformation would last.

With Mateo by her side, Raquel struggled through weight lifting exercises. "Do you think it's too late for me to qualify for Wimbledon?" Raquel jested. Mateo was surprising at Raquel's interest in tennis. Raquel smiled slightly and told Matt that there was a lot about her that he didn't know. For so long all Raquel had talked about was Max. Mateo seemed pleasantly surprised by Raquel's candor. Max scurried into the room and asked his father if they could play ball. Mateo didn't want to step out because Nurse Kelly wasn't there to watch over Raquel. Then he came up with an idea to make everyone happy. He put Raquel in a wheelchair and wheeled her into the courtyard. From her vantagepoint at the "sidelines," Raquel was going to preside as "empire," as Max said, for their baseball game. Max tossed three consecutive strikes---or at least they were strikes in Raquel's book. Mateo puckered his lips and pretended to be upset by the call. Mateo suggested that the next time they play ball they ask Hayley to play catcher. Raquel said that she liked the idea. There was time for one more pitch. This time, Max hurled the ball through the window to Mateo and Hayley's condominium. There was no apology and no reaction from the miniature pitcher. Mateo asked his son if he'd broken the window on purpose. Max still said nothing. Raquel ordered her son to answer his father---but Max remained silent. Mateo ordered Max to get a broom and clean up the mess. While Max was gone, Mateo and Raquel agreed that it was time to put their collective foot down and punish Max for misbehaving.

Liza and Adam finally arrived at the Wildwind chapel. Marian was moved to tears upon seeing her daughter. Liza pleaded with her mother to smile before she made her and Colby cry too! The Wedding March played and Stuart walked Marian down the aisle. Shortly thereafter, Liza strolled down the aisle toting Colby and a bouquet of flowers.

Thursday, June 17, 1999

As Liza started her walk down the aisle, Dixie nudged Jake and asked, "Isn't she beautiful." Remembering that Liza was toting Colby, Jake smiled and nodded his head---adding that Liza didn't look so bad either! The reverend, who by now was running late for a funeral, used a bit of whit in his opening remarks as well. "Dearly beloved, we are finally gather here today," he grinned. Marian was the first to speak, reading a passage Stuart had helped her select from The Book of Romans. In Marian's synopsis of the passage, she said Liza and Adam finding their way back to one another should serve as an example to everyone. Ryan and Gillian exchanged quick glances. The chapel grew quiet at the minister arrived at the part of the ceremony when he asks if "anyone can show just cause why this couple should not be married." Tad bit his lip and muttered that he hopes that Liza knows what she's doing. The couple wrote their own vows and planned to use the same vows they'd written on their Sleepy Hollow Inn getaway. Liza referred to Adam as her "partner... equal... and soulmate." She also said that she wants to be Adam's "best friend, lover, mate, wife... and sometimes the devil's advocate." Adam started reciting his vows, but Liza chirped that she hadn't finished. Liza opted to alter the vows that they'd rehearsed. She walked over to Jake and picked up Colby. She then praised Adam for being able to accept Colby and Jake into his life." In his vows, Adam thanked Liza for being able to put up with him. "I'm no easy feat," he grinned. The reverend pronounced them husband and wife and the union was sealed with a kiss. Hayley raced up to her father and gave him a big hug. Dixie and Tad approached more slowly and only Dixie wore a smile. She congratulated them both, but Tad remained unusually quiet. In the vestibule area, Ryan paced back and forth. Hayley told him that he was not alone in his feelings because she too was saddened by the ceremony. She told Ryan that she couldn't help but wonder if she and Mateo would ever have a wedding of their own. Gillian slowly walked out of the chapel. She bumped into Ryan and he felt obliged to ask her how she was doing. Gillian admitted that she'd cried during the ceremony and joked that she must have looked like a "tycoon." She actually meant "raccoon." Ryan shook his head and told her that she didn't look like a raccoon. "You looked..." his voice trailed off. He said nothing more.

At the wedding reception, the mood was surprisingly subdued. Sure the clamor of good tiding and the clinking of glasses echoed through the parlor, but for many the occasion was less than festive. Hayley phoned home to see if Mateo could drop by, but she was unable to reach her lover. He may have meant well, but when Adam asked Hayley why Mateo wasn't with her, Hayley's funk intensified. She held back tears as she quietly told her father that Mateo had to spend time with Max. Jake and Liza announced that they had something to say. Jake looked towards Tad and Dixie and asked them if they wanted another child. The newlyweds looked at each other in confusion. Jake stated that he and Liza wanted them to be Colby's godparents. Tad, whose foul mood continued, finally showed signs of happiness. He and Dixie proudly accepted the honor. Dixie took Colby and strolled around the room. She walked past Hayley and asked her if she'd like to hold Colby. Dixie smiled and said that it would be good practice for Hayley. Hayley closed her eyes and sighed deeply. She told Dixie that her plans to have a baby were on hold. Across the room, Marian and Stuart watched as Gillian and Scott chatted. Marian commented that they made a cute couple. Stuart gently elbowed her and scolded her for thinking about playing matchmaker. While they talked, Scott wandered away and Jake took a spot next to the princess. Stuart smiled and told Marian that he thought that Gillian and Jake made a nice couple. Jamie and Junior were getting restless, but Tad and Dixie weren't ready to leave. Scott stepped in and offered to take the boys home---and to play some games with them until Tad and Dixie returned. Tradition took another side step as Liza decided against tossing the bouquet. She said that since only one woman wasn't "technically hitched," she'd prefer to simply hand the bouquet away. Hayley accepted the bouquet and listened as Liza and Adam promised her that she would be the next to get married. Hayley slipped away unnoticed, leaving the bouquet on a table in the foyer. One by one the guests left until Adam and Liza were alone. They shared a very tender kiss and headed upstairs to their bedroom.

David dropped by Erica's house, but was unable to bring himself to ringing the doorbell. As he prepared to leave, Vanessa walked out of the house. They both froze instantly. David, of course, wanted to know why Vanessa had been inside the house. Vanessa said that she'd dropped by to give Erica a spare key that she still had in her possession. David didn't buy it and demanded that his mother hand over the key. David was in a particularly feisty mood. In a rare move of compassion, Vanessa reached out to gently stroke her son's hair. David suddenly grabbed his mother's hand and glared angrily into her eyes. "Like it or not," Vanessa said. "I'm a part of you." David disagreed strongly. He told his mother that he'd just done something that she could never do. "I left something go," he said proudly. His mother, he claimed, would have destroyed as many people as she could. Vanessa was upset by the accusation and insisted that she never deliberately sets out to hurt anyone. David warned his mother that if she did not leave immediately, he would call the police and report her from breaking and entering. Vanessa invited her son into the house so that they could both wait for Erica. She asked David why he'd come to see Erica. "That's none of your concern," replied David. Vanessa worried that Erica had done something to upset David, but David would neither confirm nor deny her suspicion. Instead, the doctor stated that he was in the midst of an "identity crisis." Doing the right thing was such a foreign notion to him after having been raised "on a solid portion of hate, spite, and smug superiority." The thought of being like his mother scared David, possibly for the first time. Vanessa reached out to her son and asked him to help her find enlightenment of her own. Suggesting that they start over failed to reap any benefit for Vanessa. David wanted to be distanced from his mother now more than ever. Vanessa wondered if Erica somehow had something to do with David's new attitude. David again looked coldly at his mother and warned her that "Erica is off limits!" Vanessa chuckled slightly and asked her son if he was "starting to care for Erica." David said nothing. Vanessa asked her question one more time, but again she received no response. David turned and walked away. He paused momentarily on the porch unaware that Vanessa was watching him carefully through the window. Then the doctor simply walked away. Vanessa closed her eyes and reflected on her past. She recalled a time when David was much younger and thought the world of her. One line more than anything else stuck in her mind; David saying that he "will always love [her] best." Vanessa slowly opened her eyes. "So," she said with a slight growl. "David wants you, Erica."

Ryan skipped out on the reception and headed to Pine Valley Hospital. There he attended a meeting of ACOA or Adult Children of Alcoholics. He listened carefully to the members who addressed the group. After the meeting concluded, a woman approached and introduced herself to Ryan. Ryan, however, said that he was just there to listen and wasn't sure if the group was really for him. The woman smiled and told Ryan that in time he'd know if he belonged there.

Fresh from the twelve-hour sale at Lacy's, Opal dropped by Tad and Dixie's house to hand out some presents. When she arrived, she heard a stir in an adjacent room. She grabbed a baseball bat and hid behind the sofa hoping to clobber any intruders. Without warning, Becca entered the room from the other direction holding a golf club over her head. The two women screamed but refrained from bludgeoning one another. "Either you're the best dressed prowler or you've got the wrong house," Becca sassed upon seeing Opal. Opal informed the young woman that she was Tad's mother. Becca shook her head and said that she'd seen pictures of Tad's mother and father---and she was not in them. Opal clarified that she was Tad's birth mother and Becca softened slightly. The two women introduced themselves. Opal told Becca that she'd heard of Pigeon Hollow because her ex-husband had been born there. "But don't worry," she smiled wryly. "I won't hold it against the whole town." The two women sipped on some mint iced tea before Opal remembered that she had to pick up Peter from a playdate. Becca walked Opal to her car. Meanwhile, Scott arrived with the boys. Jamie and Junior ran upstairs to fetch their video games. Becca returned inside. Scott looked up and both said, "It's you" simultaneously.

Hayley straggled into Sounds of Salsa on the verge of tears. She walked behind the bar and poured herself a glass of vodka. She took a deep breath and raised the glass to her lips.

Friday, June 18, 1999

Like many other Pine Valley residents, Liza and Adam's wedding failed to spur any feelings of happiness for Jake and Gillian. The pair sat on a park bench by the river trying to find a silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud. Jake asked Gillian why she hadn't thrown her bundle of birdseed at the bride and groom. Gillian smiled and remarked that "Americans have the weirdest customs." She proceeded to untie the lace package and spread the seed on the ground. Gillian admitted to being "teary-eyed" at the chapel because of the memories of her own wedding. In Hungary, Gillian said that she would have sat on the banks of the Danube and the placid waters would have washed her sorrow away. Seemingly out of nowhere, the princess told Jake that the Danube divided Hungary's capital city into two parts---Buda and Pest. She wondered aloud if the river in front of her divided her new residence into to parts---Pine and Valley. Jake crinkled his brow and asked Gillian if she was feeling okay. Gillian shrugged slightly and said that a little over a year ago she'd been ready to marry Scott Chandler just to get her green card. Then, Ryan burst into the chapel and asked to marry her. They'd wed for all the wrong reasons and by the time they'd finally found love... their marriage was over. "Ryan used to be my anchor," she said. "Now I'm just drifting again." Jake wanted to brighten Gillian's day so he suggested that they go dancing. He then realized that going to SOS would only make Gillian feel worse because she'd undoubtedly bump into Ryan. Gillian wanted to go out with Jake and promised him that he could drag her out of the club if she so much as looked in Ryan's direction.

Palmer continued to reach out and touch members of the board via his cellular. He phoned one of his closest friends and asked that the word be spread that no meetings or votes would be held unless he specifically asked for it. A woman with short, dark hair walked assuredly into the room. She introduced herself as Maureen Duvall, an aide to the Senator Palmer had called earlier in the day. The Senator was forced to tend to some business in Washington and was unable to meet with Palmer personally. The multi-millionaire grumbled that he was not pleased especially after he'd help the Senator raise campaign money. Maureen assured Palmer that she'd been briefed on the situation and was ready to discuss the matter with him. Palmer smiled fiendishly and stated that he was ready to get rid of Adrian once and for all. "Bury him inside the bowels of the Earth," Palmer cackled. That would have been possible if Adrian was still on the agency's roster. But thanks to a tabloid article exposing Adrian's true identity, Maureen explained, the agency had dismissed Adrian. By outing Adrian as an operative, the tabloid put Adrian and his loved ones in serious danger. Maureen then noted that Palmer had only himself to blame since he'd been the one that had contacted The Intruder. The woman hinted that Palmer should feel fortunate that he hadn't been brought up on charges because he had "already violated several agency protocols." After Maureen left, Palmer got back on the phone. He told his associate that he needed him to contact every stockholder and find out how they plan to vote. By doing this, Palmer would know who he had to finesse into seeing things his way. He vowed that he would not relinquish control of his company to a "hick and her illegitimate spawn."

Mateo dropped by Raquel's condominium to inform her that he'd spoken to Dr. Erle about Max's latest outburst. The therapist voiced her full support for Mateo and Raquel's decision to punish Max. Dr. Erle said that the couple must learn how to set limits for their son's behavior. Mateo told Raquel that he expects his son to respect Hayley even if he doesn't want her as his best friend.

Becca and Scott exchanged smiles and introduced themselves to one another. When Scott mentioned that he was Stuart's son, Becca said that she knew "all about the Chandler twins." Junior and Jamie scampered into the room and asked Becca for permission to go to next door and play with a friend's ferret. Becca granted them permission but cautioned them to be careful around the furry little critter. Becca and Scott sat down on the sofa and Becca immediately noticed Scott's video camera. Scott explained that he'd used the camera to film his Uncle Adam's wedding. Becca asked a series of technical questions that showed she knew an awful lot about the camera. It came somewhat as a surprise to Scott since he didn't expect a Pigeon Hollow native to be up on digital cameras. Scott offered to tape a message from Becca to the bride and groom, but Becca said that she'd feel awkward since she didn't know Adam or Liza. The young woman burst into spontaneous laughter. She apologized for her outburst, but explained to Scott that she'd remembered a joke she'd played on someone back in West Virginia using a video camera. Apparently an attractive male teacher, five years her senior, had put the moves on her during her senior year. The man had asked Becca to consider changing their relationship from teacher-student to friends or lovers after graduation. All of the girls, said Becca, adored the man. Before school was out, Becca learned that the teacher was married and that he had children. No one had any idea that he was married. She used her videotaped project to get back at him. The details were sketchy, but the tape consisted of two parts. In the first part, Becca rambled on and on about how much she cared for her teacher. In the second, she secretly taped the teacher and his family on a picnic. Apparently this was Becca's way of letting him know that his days as a gigolo were over. Shortly thereafter the man packed up his family and left town. Scott's eyes lit up and he announced that he'd just thought of the perfect idea for his documentary.

Stuart and Marian returned home and collapsed on the sofa. Stuart told Marian that she should be very proud of herself because the wedding was a success. As Stuart massaged her feet, Marian reviewed a stack of mail and bills. She questioned a two thousand-dollar bill for some camera equipment. Stuart explained that Scott had bought a new video camera and accessories. Marian was first shocked by the total. Stuart wasn't concerned in the least. He explained that he would give the bill to Adam so that the accountant could make payment. Any bill over five hundred dollars required Adam's approval before the accountant would cut a check. Marian found the arrangement very strange. She and Stuart had once before talked about taking care of their own finances. Stuart saw no reason to change things because Adam had been handling all of the financial arrangements for years. Marian felt that Scott should be learning to take care of his own finances as part of a step towards adulthood. She noted that when she was Scott's age she was forced to get a job to make money. "That sounds mean," Stuart said under his breath. Still, Stuart promised that he'd seriously consider what his wife was saying. Later, Scott burst into the house and proudly informed his father that Becca had helped him come up with the idea for his documentary: "49 ways to leave your lover." The film would feature different people telling their tales about their worst breakups. Becca introduced herself to Stuart who immediately recognized her last name. He was overjoyed to learn that Becca was from his hometown. He fondly remembered how her grandmother was an expert and making herbal remedies. He pulled her close and gave her a big hug. Marian returned to the room and saw the exchange and was not at all happy.

Hayley poured herself a glass of vodka. She reflected for several moments on some of the more painful memories in her recent past---learning that Mateo was married to Raquel and Dr. Erle's admonishment that now was not the time to think about starting a family. Hayley slowly lifted the glass to her lips. Ryan walked into the bar and called out to Hayley. He had no idea what she was doing. Hayley, whose back faced the door and hid the fact that she had a glass of vodka in her hand, slowly put the glass under the bar so that Ryan wouldn't see it. Ryan told Hayley that he'd just come from an ACOA meeting at the hospital. He explained that he'd decided to go because Alcoholics Anonymous had helped Hayley turn her life around. Hayley became agitated and unwilling to listen to Ryan talk about the therapeutic effects of the meeting. She walked out from behind the bar and saw on a barstool. Ryan took a position behind the bar and started tidying up for the club's opening. He came across the glass of vodka and mentioned that he'd have to have a talk with the waiters about leaving glasses of alcohol in the open. "Don't bother," Hayley said just above a whisper. "That glass is mine." Ryan was terrified that Hayley might have had a drink. He asked her how she'd gotten to this point. Hayley told Ryan that she was "blindsided," but that having to repeatedly explain why Mateo was not by her side at the wedding didn't help matters any. Ryan offered to dump out the vodka, but Hayley told him that she had to be the one to get rid of the alcohol. "It doesn't count unless I save myself," she explained. "Alcoholism isn't in a bottle. It's in me." Mateo strolled into the club with a broad smile on his face. He asked Ryan and Hayley how they were doing completely oblivious to what was going on. Mateo apologized to Hayley for missing the reception, but he said that he had had a problem with Max. "What else is new?" Hayley snapped. Ryan said that he'd leave so that the couple could speak in private, but Hayley told Ryan that he didn't have to go. Looking back and forth at Ryan and Hayley, Mateo asked what was going on. Before he could get an answer, Mateo had to go to the back entrance and sign for a shipment of liquor. Ryan urged Hayley to tell Mateo about her near-drink, but Hayley wasn't ready to do that. In her mind she had two choices on what she could do---but neither one was something that she wanted to do. Hayley headed to the back room to talk to Mateo. Meanwhile, Jake and Gillian arrived. Seemingly forgetting the promise she made to Jake, Gillian stopped dead in her tracks and stared across the room at Ryan. In the back room, Mateo scurried back and forth checking the delivery. Again he apologized for "things getting so crazy." Without once looking at Hayley, Mateo told her about his talk with Dr. Erle. "Stop!" Hayley shouted suddenly. Mateo put down the liquor bottles and turned in his lover's direction. "I need to tell you something before I lose my nerve," Hayley continued. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks. "I can't do this any more. I-I can't."

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