One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 14, 1999 on OLTL

Nora turned down Sam's marriage proposal. Blair and Max were married. Asa asked Nora for help in locating his son. Jessica's family continued to search for the hit-and-run driver. Sophia blackmailed Dorian. Matthew's DNA test results were available.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 14, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, June 14, 1999

A panicked Dorian realized that she had inadvertently confessed to hitting Jessica to Sophia and then offered Sophia a bribe to keep her mouth shut. After thinking she could get more, Sophia turned Dorian's offer down. Jessica cried out for Viki as an insistent Cristian pressed her to remember their past together. Viki comforted Jessica and assured her that her memory would return in time. A distressed Cristian later vowed to Roseanne that he would make Jessica remember him. Sam warned Bo that he would not give up Matthew without a fight. Renee questioned Nora about her feelings for Bo, but Nora insisted that it was over between them. Sam arrived at Nora's and caught her off guard with a surprise marriage proposal. Lindsay discovered that both Barnes and the results of Matthew's DNA test were missing.

Tuesday, June 15, 1999

At the Banner, Kevin, Joey, Kelly and the rest of the staff are hard at work trying to find the driver that hit Jessica. Kevin is frustrated at their lack of success and Clint, who has stopped by for a visit, suggests that Kevin go a little easier on his helpers. Grace also stops by to offer Kevin her help. She and Clint have a short conversation and Clint decides that he likes Grace. Grace says she's still thinking of being an investigative reporter and Kevin tells her if she decides to do it, to let him know. Joey and Kelly have made up and Kelly isn't even threatened by the fact that Sophia apparently stopped by to see Joey.

At Nora's house, Sam asks her to marry him, but she turns him down. If and when they get married, she wants it to be for the right reasons, not to try to keep Matthew away from Bo. If Bo is Matthew's father, she hopes to work out some arrangement where they can share custody. Sam walked out and later ran into Lindsay at the diner. Lindsay recommended that he be patient if he wants things to work out with Nora.

At Dorian's house, Sophia has made herself completely at home, even wearing some of Kelly's clothes. When Dorian arrives home from the hospital (see below), Sophia informs Dorian that she's there to stay.

At the police station, Bo and Lindsay have a talk about their relationship and how glad they are that they have each other right now. Will comes in to tell Bo that he remembers something from the night of the accident. He remembers seeing a red sports car parked nearby, partially hidden in the bushes. Bo informs Sykes, who promises to get right on it. Téa has been helping John with the investigation as much as she can, even getting someone to cover her court appearances so she can stay and help. John wonders why Téa has become so intent on solving the case.

At the hospital, Dorian runs into Jessica in the hall and tells her how sorry she is for what has happened. At first it seems like Jessica remembers that Dorian was the one that hit her, but Dorian is later relieved to realize that Jessica remembers nothing at all about the accident. Jessica is simply angry at Dorian because she always tries to make Viki's life miserable. As Jessica is being wheeled back to her room, Nora walks by with Matthew and Jessica recognizes both of them. They come into Jessica's room for a chat and Jessica even holds Matthew and gives him his bottle. She seems to feel that something is a bit wrong, but can't put her finger on what it is. Jessica explains how worried she is that she can't remember things and, just as Bo comes to the door, she seems a bit confused and asks Nora who Matthew's father is. Bo and Nora exchange glances, but Nora doesn't answer. Jessica remembers the answer herself and apologizes for forgetting about Sam for a moment. Bo asks Jessica a few questions, but she still remembers nothing about the accident. Outside in the hall, Bo stops Nora from leaving and asks what will happen if it turns out he is Matthew's father.

Wednesday, June 16, 1999

An emotional Nora asked Bo why he had given up on their marriage so easily. After a discussion about their recent past, Bo told Nora that it was too late to save their marriage. Asa assured Renee that they would find their son and then asked Nora for help. At the gallery, Lindsay left another message for Barnes. Bo became suspicious when he overheard Lindsay make a cryptic comment to the guard at the gallery, but she easily explained it away. Meanwhile, Blair had second thoughts about pulling their scam on the Buchanans right now. Max hoped the news that he was the Buchanan heir would help alleviate Renee and Asa's grief over losing baby Megan. Will intervened when he found an upset Jessica with Cristian at the hospital. Cristian watched from the window as Jessica struggled to remember Will. Sykes continued to question Téa about her feelings towards the accident after he witnessed her strange behavior with Starr.

Thursday, June 17, 1999

Clint told Viki that he thought it would be best for Jessica if he returned to London. Ben comforted Viki as she mourned the loss of baby Megan. Max proposed to Blair in Las Vegas and they tied the knot. Max calmed Blair's fears when he promised to keep their marriage a secret from Asa. Sam questioned Nora about her failure to sign her divorce papers from Bo. Roseanne promised Cristian that she was not using Jessica's accident to try and win him back. Meanwhile, Jessica slowly began to remember her past with Will, but not Cristian. Nora told Sam that the DNA test results were back.

Friday, June 18, 1999

After a frightening nightmare, Jessica begged Viki to take her home. Jessica later broke down when Kevin began to question her about the accident. R.J. warned Dorian to stay away from Jessica, but when Dorian received a mysterious phone call from Jessica, she went running off to the hospital. Kelly was livid when she learned that Sophia had moved into Dorian's house. Bo accepted Lindsay's offer to be at his side when he received the test results to determine Matthew's paternity. Lindsay told Dorian that she wasn't sure if the test results were accurate because she could not reach Barnes. Nora, Sam, Bo and Lindsay gathered in the doctor's office to anxiously await the truth about Matthew's paternity.

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