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Monday, June 21, 1999

Gabi is sitting on a park bench kissing Ricardo, he says "You're really here, you came back I'm not dreaming" He says he has one question, "Do you love me?" Gabi says yes, then Carmen appears and asks if you love him why did you sleep with him? Antonio is sitting next to Gabi and says "I love you Gabi." Gabi wakes up and realizes it's a dream and says she can never go back to Ricardo or Antonio or Sunset Beach. Gabi overhears Kelly and Donna talking about what a loser she was, she told them that they are right. Kelly offers Gabi a job answering the phones at the motel for a free nights stay.

Antonio finds out from Spencer (from a speeding ticket) that Gabi is in El Paso. Carmen comes into the police station and tries to talk Antonio out of trying to find Gabi. Antonio thinks Carmen had something to do with Gabi leaving. He makes several phone calls to hotels in El Paso then gets the number for the motel in Blanco, he calls and Gabi answers the phone. He doesn't say anything because he's afraid if Gabi knows it's him she'll start running again. He says he has to go get her and bring her back to Ricardo.

Amy told Brad that she wants to find Mrs. Moreau to get a love potion for Sean.

Cole chases Gregory down the beach and up to the lifeguard tower. They fight each other and both fall into the ocean.

Olivia, Bette and Vanessa find the map on the computer and realize that Gregory and Caitlin are at the Grotto. They go to the Grotto and find Emily there with Trey. Emily told them she is watching him while the others went to find Gregory and Cole. Olivia and Bette take Trey back to the house. Bette tells Olivia that if they find Gregory he will go to jail and she will have full custody of Trey. Olivia says she feels as though her and Caitlin are becoming closer to each other.

As they are waiting on the beach to find Gregory and Cole, Caitlin told Sean that Gregory was acting crazy, it was his face but he wasn't like her father, she said now she knows why he was so protective of her while she was in jail. AJ is worried that Cole has drowned, he asks Annie if she is happy that Gregory may be dead because now she will have all his money. She says, "It wasn't supposed to be like this, I loved him once." Annie told Caitlin, "He's gone Caitlin, Gregory is gone."

Ricardo and Michael are searching the ocean in a boat for Gregory and Cole. Michael dives in the water after Annie says she saw a hand come up. Michael pulls Cole out of the water to the boat. Cole is OK, Michael dives back in to find Gregory and says "I see something."

Sara meets Casey at the hospital. He told her it is the day of compassion, a day of observing AIDS-to think of all the people who have died or are suffering from AIDS. Casey is holding a baby who has AIDS. He said he first learned about this from his mother when she was in the hospital with cancer, she was holding a baby and singing a lullaby. He comes there when he can to hold and play with babies who are infected with AIDS. Sara asks if she can hold the baby before she leaves, and says she thinks this is a wonderful thing to do.

Tuesday, June 22, 1999

Relieved to see Cole emerge unharmed from the water, Caitlin waits anxiously with the others as Michael continues to dive in search of Gregory. Meanwhile, Olivia admits to Bette she can understand why her daughter was trying to protect Trey but vows never to forgive Gregory for his crimes. As Ricardo finally calls off the search, Sean and a weeping Caitlin realize their father must be dead. Sara presses Casey to prove the depth of his feelings, then is thrilled when he presents her with the key to Surf Central and asks her to move in. When Maria demands to know why she vanished following Benjy's "kidnapping", Tess claims she was only trying to give the boy and his parents some space and quality time together as a family. Later, Tess shows Tim the promissory note and they discuss how best to reunite Ben and Maria so they can collect their million dollar reward. Shaken by her husband's apparent demise, Annie cries on Maria's shoulder. Across town, Caitlin and Sean break some devastating news to Olivia. Ben is dismayed to receive Meg's letter of resignation.

Wednesday, June 23, 1999

Mission Antonio is on the phone, thanking Father O'Brien for some time off. Maria comes in and asks Antonio if he's going away. Antonio told her how he figured out where Gabi is and he's going after her. He doesn't want Ricardo to know though. Maria says he has his hands full with Gregory. Maria explains how Gregory and Cole fell into the water and only Cole came up. Antonio figures this brought back bad memories for Maria. Maria says she can still remember being in the water and reaching for Ben's hand. She doesn't understand though, why she can't remember the last 5 years and giving birth to Benjy. Antonio figures it will come. Maria wants to talk about Antonio. She asks him how he'll feel if he brought back Gabi. Antonio says he'll have to deal with it. He has to run.

El Paso Kelly is back and asks Gabi how it went with the phones. Gabi said there was only one call, but no one was there. Gabi asks Kelly if she can settle her bill because she's leaving. Kelly asks if she's going back to SB. Gabi says she can never go back. Kelly says it sounds like she did something wrong. Gabi thinks about making love to Antonio and says it wasn't wrong, she was. Obviously a lot of time has gone by because Gabi tried to leave but came back because she couldn't find her keys. Kelly said she found them and brought them to the lost and found. Gabi knows where that is so she'll go get them. No sooner does she leave the area, and Antonio walks in. He told Kelly, he's looking for a Gabi Martinez.

Shock Wave Sara told her folks, she's moving into Surf Central. Tess and Tim are sitting near by and Tess doesn't think their idea of using Casey to get Ben and Maria together, will work out. Tim says, he and Sara go back a long way. They've been friends a long time and he has a secret about Sara that will make Casey run, once he told him. Tim went over to Sara. She told him they're in a conversation and it's none of Tim's business. Benjy says he wants some more ice-cream. Joan is about to get it, but something crashes and Joan and Hank go take care of things. Casey will get the ice-cream. Tim wants to know what Sara is holding behind her back. Sara told him it's keys to Surf central because she's moving in. Tim can't believe it. Sara told him he should be happy for her. She looks at Tess and says she's glad Tim has moved on and now they all can have a happy ending, even Ben and Meg. Sara wants to know what Tim wanted to say before. Casey comes over and he too would like to know. Joan and Hank finished what ever they were doing and they too want to know. Tim says he was just going to ask about changing his schedule, but he changed his mind. Tim congratulates Casey and Sara and heads back to his table with Tess. Hank told Casey, he wants to have a talk with him outside. He asks Casey, what his intentions are with his daughter. Casey told Hank he loves Sara and wants to take it one step at a time. Hank told him to be careful with his little girl's heart. Sara asks her mom if it looks calm out there with her dad and Casey. Yep. Sara says she really is crazy about Casey. Joan says she and Hank think he's great. Hank and Casey come back in. Casey tells Sara that he and her dad came to a mutual understanding. He'll take good care of Sara and her dad won't kill him. Meanwhile, Tess had asked Tim what was going on. He told her how Sara is moving in with Casey. Tess figures that ends their plan. She figures since Tim and Sara were good friends, he wouldn't want to break her and Casey up. Tess knows how she'd feel if someone tried to break her and Tim up. Tess says some things aren't worth a million dollars. Tim says, even though Casey and Sara deserve to be happy, a million bucks could make him real happy. Tim thinks they should still go on with their plan and he has some ideas that will work.

Liberty Corporation Ben sees Meg's resignation papers and says she's leaving because of them, not work. Meg says that's right. Ben wants to know if she's walking out of his life completely. Meg doesn't want to but says she can't work here since she might run into Ben too much. Ben says the company needs her. Meg figures she can be replaced. Ben says he can't lose her. Meg says he has to let her go. Ben says he can't and won't. Ben told Meg to tell him she'll come home. Meg says home is Surf Central now. Ben asks if she really wants to go back to that life. Meg says she can't have what she really wants. Meg says, one day Ben will have a son who's happy and has his daddy and mommy. Ben says if she has to go, at least don't resign cause he can't lose her completely. Meg agrees to stay until things get settled with Gregory but she wants her desk put down the hall. She also says, this is only temporary and she's not staying for good. Meg leaves and Ben says she is.

Richards' house Caitlin says Ricardo won't stop looking until they find daddy and she knows they'll find him. The door bell rings. It's Ricardo with news of Gregory. Ricardo says he first has to talk to Annie. Caitlin wants to know why. Olivia says it's because he has to notify his current wife before anyone else. Olivia figures it means he's dead. There's a long silence and a commercial. When the show resumes, Sean says Annie doesn't deserve to hear the news. AJ tells Ricardo, he should just talk to them. Ricardo takes out a shirt and asks if anyone recognizes it. Caitlin says, "OMG, daddy." Ricardo told them they recovered the shirt from the ocean bottom. Caitlin says, but what about her daddy. Ricardo says they didn't recover his body. Sean wants to know what makes them think he's dead. Ricardo says there was a bad undertow so it doesn't look good. Caitlin starts crying and yelling at Ricardo. She wants to know why he only brought the stupid shirt back and why he left her daddy in the ocean. Ricardo says he's sorry. Cole holds Caitlin and tries to comfort her. Ricardo will leave them all alone and head back to the station. AJ asks Ricardo what would happen to Gregory if he beat the odds. AJ says since they still have Annie and Cole's tape, he'll be facing murder one charges. Olivia picks up a picture of Caitlin, Sean and Gregory. Her hands start shaking and she drops it. AJ and Bette say they'll take care of the picture. AJ told Olivia, she should go upstairs and rest. Olivia says her children need her. She went over to Sean and holds him. Bette asks AJ what happened to that man she knew and says Gregory did a dumb, dumb thing. She wonders what will happen to Livie. Bette told Olivia, she'll get her some tea. Olivia doesn't want any and says she's going to check on Trey. AJ says he'll go too, but Olivia says she won't fall apart. She says Gregory was her ex husband and there's nothing left to morn. She heads upstairs. Sean told Caitlin he could really use a walk and asks her to go with him. Caitlin doesn't want to leave incase Ricardo calls. (Don't worry, he's tied up. See below.) Emily told her mom that she wants to be there for Sean. She sees him heading out so she follows. Caitlin told Cole how she forgot all about Father's day and still has her daddy's card upstairs. She wonders why Ricardo hasn't called. Cole says he'll call the station. He went to get the phone, but AJ says he'll call and told Cole to go back with Caitlin. Caitlin is remembering being a little girl and her daddy saying he'd never leave her. She also remembers her daddy and Cole, falling off the tower. Cole is back and Caitlin gives him a weird look. Cole wants to know why she's looking at him like that. What were you thinking about? Caitlin says she was thinking about how her daddy said he'd never leave her. Caitlin says she had a feeling when he left the grotto, that she'd never see him again. Cole asks if that's why she told him not to go after him. He wants to know if Caitlin blames him for his death. Upstairs, Olivia is reading Trey a book. Bette comes in and says it sounds like a nice story. Bette says she knows Olivia loved Gregory once and maybe still does. Olivia calls him a "Bastard" and says he was the worse thing for her. She talks about the mean things he use to say to her, but then she breaks down and cries in Bette's arms saying she's glad he's dead. Crying, Olivia says he was her whole world and even after their divorce, he was the center of her world. AJ comes in and she cries in his arms, saying she hated him. Trey cries. Bette says she'll take care of him, but Olivia thinks she and Trey need to be alone. She told Bette and AJ to go home. Bette makes her promise she'll call if she needs something. Bette leaves. AJ told Olivia he's only a phone call away and leaves. Olivia picks up Trey and says it's just him and her. She says daddy is gone, and cries again.

Carmen's place Carmen figures she wasn't wrong to get rid of Gabi. She thinks about the tape and says she hopes it stays where it is. Carmen is reading her cards and Ricardo comes in. Carmen says her cards didn't tell her he was coming. (Better turn them in for new ones that work.) Ricardo said he heard she was looking for him. Carmen says she hates to see him in pain. Ricardo says he has to go. Before you do, Carmen told him she loves him, misses him and is truly sorry for what happened. Ricardo touches her shoulder and says he is too. Carmen told him he has a lot of healing and thinks it would be easier if they made peace with one another. Ricardo says he will if she won't talk about Gabi any more. Carmen says as far as she's concerned, Gabi is in the past. Maria comes in and sees they are both smiling. Carmen says they called a truce and she's going to go make something for Ricardo to eat. Maria told Ricardo, she's glad they made up. Ricardo says, well as long as she lays off Gabi. He's still going to look for her, after he finishes with the Gregory case. Maria says she has to go get Benjy but asks Ricardo to give their mama back a family album which she was showing Benjy. Ricardo glances towards his mama's family tapes and says, maybe she should show him some of those too. Maria says it's a good idea. She told Ricardo to try and keep the cease-fire with mama. Ricardo says he will and maybe he'll look at some old tapes while he waits for his mama to make him something to eat. The camera zooms in on the Yosemite tape. Maria has left and Ricardo is still waiting for his food. He looks at the tapes and picks up the Yosemite one.

Thursday, June 24, 1999

Sean is looking into the ocean and remembering his dad falling from the tower. Emily approaches and asks him if he's alright or wants to talk. Sean told Emily that he's waited for this day for a long time. The day his dad was no longer around to tell him what to do or run his life. Now it's here. Sean says his dad is dead and he never thought it would feel this way. Emily wishes there was something she could say to make him feel better, but Sean says you have to be in this same situation. Brad and Amy see them. They told Sean how they just heard what happened to his dad on the news and Amy is so sorry. She knows how Sean feels since she too lost her dad. Sean hopes she understands that he needs some space. Amy says he shouldn't be alone. Sean says he's not because he has Emily. Brad walks Amy away from them and told Amy what a loser she is. He thinks she needs to get over Sean. Amy says she should be with Sean and not Emily. Emily doesn't know how he feels. Brad told Amy that she never shed a tear for her dad. Amy says it hasn't been easy. Brad says he'll help her. Well the help Amy wants, is getting Mrs. Moreau's number so she can get some of her love potion. Amy figures this is the only way she'll get Sean back. Meanwhile, Sean told Emily he never got a chance to be the son Gregory wanted. Emily says, maybe he was. Sean says Caitlin always saw the good in his dad. He says he never knew how he should feel about his dad and didn't think it really mattered. Sean says he hated his dad but also loved him and hated that he loved hi,. He says his dad wasn't worthy of being loved by anyone. Sean says he can't believe he's saying this about his own father. Emily says it's ok since it's how he feels. Sean says it doesn't feel ok. Emily ask what? Loving or hating his dad? Emily says that love is never a bad thing. Sean says, "You think so?" Emily says she knows so. They hug.

Java Web:
Brad is on the computer, trying to find Mrs. Moreau's telephone number, while Amy sits in a chair and looks at a picture of her and Sean. Brad stops and takes the picture from Amy. He says are you sure you want me to get this number after what Vanessa and Michael said. Amy told him to get back to work cause she wants the number. Nothing else she's tried has helped her get Sean. Brad found the number. Amy calls Mrs. Moreau. She answers the phone and says, "Yes? Speak now." Amy asks if it's Mrs. M. Mrs. M says yes and wants to know what she wants and who she is. Amy says she wants to stop by and get some of her goods and services. Mrs. M wants to know where she got her number. Amy says from Vanessa. Mrs. M told her to lose her number or she'll put a gris-gris on her. A what? Mrs. M hangs up on Amy. Amy says she hung up on her and said she's not taking new people. Amy doesn't care. She asks Brad if her address was with her telephone number. Yes. Good, cause she's heading to Mrs. M's house.

Carmen's place and the mission:
Ricardo is holding a tape case that says "Yosemite 79," only it's really the tape of Gabi and Antonio. He says out loud that he remembers the Yosemite tape. Carmen is about to walk in with a try of food and hears. Ricardo starts to put the tape in the machine, but Carmen drops her tray and says he can't. She explains that the tape gets caught in the machine and this is the only copy. Ricardo thinks there's something else bothering her. He told his mama that even when they weren't talking, he still loved her. Bells ring which means someone is coming. Carmen walks away to see who's here but Ricardo said they didn't finish talking about the tape. Carmen says they can't now. It's Spencer with news about the Richards' case. Carmen gathers up her try of food and the tape, and heads in the kitchen to get more food. Spencer told Ricardo that they called off the search. He also has some news about Gabi. Ricardo takes him in another room to hear the news. Spencer told him how Antonio stopped by the police station and found out Gabi got a speeding ticket, just outside of El Paso. He was going there to find Gabi. Ricardo says he's the one who should be going. As a matter of fact, he is going to go. Ricardo told Spencer to finish up with the Richards' case since he'll be going out of town. Ricardo heads to the mission to see if he can get any clues as to where Antonio went looking for Gabi. He picks up a pad and says, "Bingo." (Hey, how much did you win?) Ricardo pencils over the imprint on the pad and finds out Antonio wrote down, "Blanco motorcourt in Blanco Texas." Ricardo says, "Beautiful."

Blanco, Texas:
Gabi was about to leave, but returned and told Kelly she lost her keys. Kelly said she put them in the lost and found. Gabi will get them, since she knows where that is. Gabi walks out one door, and Antonio walks in another. He told Kelly he's looking for Gabi Martinez and wants to know if she's seen her. Gabi was on her way back and sees Antonio. She hides out of sight. Antonio asks if Gabi had been here. Kelly says she can't say. Why? Kelly told Antonio, he should try the motel down the road. Antonio told her how he called her and a woman answered the phone who sounded like Gabi. Kelly says she isn't here. Antonio wants to check her records book, but Kelly says there's no one by that name in it. Antonio says, you wouldn't lie to a priest? Kelly says that who ever he's looking for, he won't find here. Antonio thanks her for her time and says he's leaving. He'll check the motel down the road. Antonio leaves and Kelly yells out that the coast is clear. She asks Gabi, why the cutest priest she's ever seen, flew here to find her. Gabi says he's worried about her sole. Kelly thinks from the way they both are acting, that it's more then that. She says Gabi "defrocked" a priest. Gabi says that's so sick. Kelly believes she's right and wants to know if he has a brother. Gabi says she doesn't want to talk about this. She has something to do and leaves through one door, and Antonio comes in through another. Antonio told Kelly that he lost his map and must have left it in some restaurant. He asks her if she has another one. Kelly will go get one. When she walks away, Antonio went behind the counter and checks her record's book. He sees that Gabi indeed was here and he knew it. He just has to wait for her. Gabi walks to the other side of the room and Gabi walks in looking for Kelly. Antonio returned and stands behind Gabi. She turns around and sees him. Antonio says he's sorry to sneak up on her and hopes she's not in too much of a rush cause she's not going any where.

Richards' house:
Cole asks Caitlin if she blames him for her father's death. Caitlin doesn't answer so Cole figures she does. Annie comes in and hears Cole says Gregory is dead. She asks if it's true. Annie laughs. Cole told her to show some respect since he is Caitlin's father. Besides, all they pulled out was his shirt, they haven't found a body. Annie says she too has feelings for Gregory. Yeah, they can tell. Annie says she just wants to know if he's dead or alive. Cole says there was a strong undertow so it seems that way. Annie says that Gregory got to take his voyage to the bottom of the sea. She says she was going to donate his body to science, but then again, maybe they wouldn't have wanted it. Caitlin told her to shut up. Annie says she's sorry that Caitlin is so upset but tries to remind her all the things he put her through. Annie figures she should be happy he's dead. She asks if she should go down the list of things he did. Cole says she's making things worse. Annie says that all Gregory wanted was power, money and to control people's lives. Cole told her to get out. He escorts her to the door where they find Bette. Caitlin says to wait, because everything Annie said was true. Caitlin says she always wanted to believe her dad was wonderful. She says he protected her and gave her what ever she wanted. Annie says they can't forget he killed Francesca. Caitlin says it's because she wanted her out of the way. Her father though she meant she wanted him to kill her. Cole says she can't blame herself. It's not Caitlin's fault. Caitlin says she has to be alone and heads upstairs. Annie says she did Caitlin a favor. Cole says he's going to do Annie a favor and wants her out of this house. Annie says this is her house and don't forget she and Cole were partners. Cole says that's over and Annie is the whole reason this nighmare started since she put the gun in his pocket. Annie is tired of always being blamed. Bette yells at them both and says a man is dead and a family is torn apart. Cole says she's right. He's going to check on Caitlin. BTW, where's AJ? Doing Liberty Corporation stuff. Cole heads upstairs. Annie talks about how she'll never work with Cole again. Bette is giving her a look and Annie says she doesn't want any lecture. Bette isn't going to lecture her, she hugs Annie. Bette told Annie she's grateful she wasn't hurt. Annie says she wasn't hurt physically, but... She says she never would have married Gregory if her daddy hadn't made her. It was the only way she could get her stocks. Bette says Annie never told her. Annie says, that's cause her Aunt Bette would have tried to talk her out of it. Bette says if she had, it would have saved a lot of pain for many people. Annie says in the end she ended up with nothing. Gregory wouldn't give her, her stocks. Bette holds Annie and asks her what she got herself into. Annie says, more then she expected. Bette realizes she really did love Gregory and says she knows a part of Gregory loved her. Bette says since Gregory isn't around, she'll have a lot of time to make up for all the damage she's caused. Bette told her the next time she plans on doing something, she needs to think where Gregory ended up. Annie promises she will. Bette says she better cause she doesn't want to see her walking down the same path as Del and Gregory. Bette told Annie she loves her. Annie loves Aunt Bette too. Bette says she has to go. Alone, Annie says Gregory really is gone and looks around the room, saying it's all hers. "I'm really, really rich." Upstairs, Caitlin is looking out the window and remembering being a small girl with her daddy. Gregory is telling her how he'd never leave her. Caitlin would get upset when her daddy wasn't around. Even if he was only in a meeting. Caitlin walks towards her bed, picks up a teddy bear and hugs it. She sits on a bench at the end of her bed. Cole comes in and puts his arm around her and says he knows it's hard but she'll get through it. He'll make sure of it. Caitlin says she never answered his question earlier as to whether she blames him for her daddy's death. Caitlin has an answer.

Friday, June 25, 1999

Antonio told Gabi that he hopes she is not in a hurry because she is not going anywhere. She asks why he is there and he told her that she should know by now that he would come. He told her that he knows that she loves Ricardo and told her that she should return home. Gabi told him that he needs to understand that she can't return home. Antonio asks why and she tells him that he should know by now, he takes her arm and says that he doesn't but she is going to explain and they walk off. They go to a restaurant and Gabi remembers her conversation before her wedding that she had with Carmen. Antonio asks her why she is hiding and who she is so afraid of. Antonio told Gabi that he cares about her and that he wants her to have the life that she deserves. He continues to push her on why she walked away from the man that she loves and the life that she deserves. Gabi says that someone else knows, that it isn't just them anymore. He asks what someone else know and she replies that the person knows that they made love. Ricardo shows up at the same hotel and also asks for Gabi. The clerk is excited to see that the handsome priest has an equally handsome brother. Antonio can't believe that someone has the copy of the tape of them making love. Before Gabi can say anything more, she looks up and sees Ricardo walk in to the restaurant.

Annie can't believe what she is seeing. He comes toward as if to choke her, she dives for him and he disappears and the reappears on the other side of her. She runs to the desk and says that she has something that will hurt him more then any gun will. She pulls out a folder and told him that it is the will that he forgot to change before he jumped off the tower. Annie told him that she plans on spending every penny of the money that she deserves and that he can sit around and watch her enjoy it if he wants to. Annie feels a hand on her shoulder and it is Olivia. Olivia asks who she is speaking to, and Annie whips around then turns back and asks what is going on. Olivia accuses Annie of never loving any man, only their money and that includes her dead dad Del. Annie is speechless and the slaps her hard. Olivia threatens retaliation. She says that she can think again if she thinks that Annie will really run around town spending her dead husbands money. Annie corrects her. Annie says that she is going to spend the money, but stops when Olivia says that she will see all in very due time. As Olivia leaves she told Annie that she is going to lose. After Olivia leaves, Annie makes a mysterious phone call.

Sean thanks Emily for helping through this difficult time. She asks if he needs time alone and he does. She says she will leave him alone as long as he meets her at her house in a half hour. He agrees and she leaves. Sean shows up at Emily's house and she gives him a gift. It is a journal and she explains that she wants him to try to put his thoughts and feeling down on paper. Sean doesn't think that it is that easy. She asks him to try it for her, and if it doesn't work then she will stop bugging him. She told him that he not only needs to talk to her, but also to himself. He promises that he will try it and they hug. Sean sits on a park bench and tries writing his feelings down

Cole asks Caitlin if she believes that he is responsible for killing her dad. She told him that she doesn't blame him, that he was trying to save her life not end her dads. He is glad to hear her say that. They talk about how close they were and how they want to get close to each other again. Cole apologizes for the timing and she says that is okay. Caitlin says that there were to many lies. They can deal with the fact the Trey is not their son, that he slept with Olivia, and that they were both suspects in a murder investigation that her dad was the guilty party. She says that she didn't realize what the price would be for her to be free. Cole says he still wants to get things back to the way they were, and Caitlin says that things will never be the way they were. Cole says that he is sorry that he can't change her mind. He went to leave and she stops him. She told him that she said things can never be the same, but that doesn't mean that it is over. She kisses him and then asks him to make love to her. He kisses her again. They do make love, and they profess their love for one another.

Brad/Amy/Mrs. Moreau:
Brad returns to the Java Web looking for his keys. Amy the entire time he is looking went on and on about how she needs to get the love potion. Brad tells her to take a reality check that everyone knows that Sean loves Emily, but still she can't accept that. Amy says that the potion will work she knows it. Meanwhile, Mrs. Moreau, puts a potion together and when it is done she told her parrot sometime she scares herself because she is that good. Amy is surprised when she finds out what South Central really is. They knock on the door and Amy lets out a scream when Mrs. Moreau opens it. She remembers talking to her on the phone earlier and again told Amy to leave, but Amy doesn't and Mrs. Moreau gets mad.

The Big Cliffhanger---literally!
They show us pictures of the waves and the rocks off the beach and suddenly we see a hand pop up on a rock, then we see that it is Gregory Richards.

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