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Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 28, 1999 on PC
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Monday, June 28, 1999

Lucy and Scotty at Police Station
Lucy and Scotty get the opportunity to question Janelle. However, not before she makes her one phone call to Chris. Chris persuades her to keep quiet. He sends a very high priced lawyer to her rescue. In the meanwhile, Lucy and Scotty try to work on Janelle's maternal instincts through flattery and compliments. As their plan was just beginning to work, the hotshot lawyer comes in and orders Janelle not to say one more word.

Lucy and Scotty are back to square one. However they still get to keep little Christine for a while longer. Back at the firehouse, Scotty and Lucy plan little Christine's future even though they are unsure if Christine will be theirs.

Lucy notices a videocassette on the table. She questions Scotty about it. He offhandedly responds that DV had it sent over, probably another one of his stunts. Lucy became preoccupied with her thoughts of her liaison with DV. She was worried about what could actually be on that tape.

Kevin, Mary, and Eve
Mary is still in shock. How could Victor just leave his family and friends? Kevin believes that he is in serious trouble. He is positive that Victor just wouldn't get up and run. Kevin receives a letter from Victor; very similar to the one that Mary received. Kevin asks Mary if he can search her house for any clue that Victor might have accidentally left behind.

Frank is at Mary's house when they arrive. He had just received his mother's message and came right over. He is furious at Victor. Eve finds a trashcan with a paper shredder. He questions Mary about it. She claims that they shred all of their credit card receipts after they pay their bills. Kevin asks for the bag that the shredded paper was in. There was obviously more than Credit card receipts that was shredded. Mary and Eve go into the kitchen to make some tea. Frank uses this time to lay into Kevin about his crazy father. As the two of them begin to argue, Frank picks up Victor's accordion as Kevin reaches for it at the same time. The two struggle and the accordion falls to the ground. Inside was several floppy computer disks. Kevin thinks this might be the information that they were looking for.

Tuesday, June 29, 1999

Lucy discovered that the videotape Scott received showed her and DV in a compromising position. A clever Lucy seduced Scott and managed to prevent him from seeing the tape. After she destroyed the tape, Lucy confronted DV and asked what it would take to keep him quiet about their indiscretion. Meanwhile, Scott broke into DV's apartment and discovered yet another copy of the incriminating videotape. Kevin related the details of Victor's life as a spy to Eve. Later, Kevin enlisted Mac's help in tracking down information on Victor's alternate identity. An outraged Lee confronted Chris about his efforts to have him removed as Julie's legal guardian. Kevin and Eve were shocked to learn about Chris and Julie's engagement.

Wednesday, June 30, 1999

Notice: Today Marie Wilson debuted as the new Karen.

Karen wanted to have some dinner with Frank, she called Frank and asked him to come over. Frank said yes, but was spying on her through the window and was using the telescope. Frank came over and Karen was having some problems with the grill. Frank found out that the smoke lid was covered. As they reached down to uncover the smoke vent, it looked like the almost were going to kiss. However, the stove dinged and Karen ran into the house, frightened by the thought she and Frank almost kissed. Frank and Karen had a nice dinner, Frank said that he had one of the best nights in his nights. Karen thanked him for coming over. But before he left, he showed Karen a shooting star after getting soaked by a garden hose. After he had left, he returned to his window and used the telescope to spy on her in the back yard. One minute later, he was talking to Karen on the phone. Even though he was right in the window spying on her. All of a sudden, Karen looked up at the window and realized Frank was talking to her on the phone and was spying at her at the same time. Karen, very upset said, "Frank, is that you up there!?"

Kevin and Eve try to think of any possibilities of Victor leaving so fast. Kevin senses he is in trouble. Chris comes in and announces her is getting married to Julie and wants Kevin to talk to Ferncliff for him to visit Julie. Chris lies through his teeth and says that he really loves and cares for Julie. Kevin says that he has to talk with Julie. Kevin and Eve discuss this matter and they know that Chris is up to something. Chris phones Julie and told her all about his discussion with Kevin. Later, Eve and Kevin try to break into one of Victor's computer files, they guess his password and break in but the computer shuts down.

Kevin went and visits Julie after she phones him. Kevin says that it isn't a good idea to marry Chris. Julie is very disturbed. After he leaves, she says to herself that she will have to "take care of him" after she gets out of Ferncliff.

Scott breaks into DV's hotel room and realizes there is a stack of tapes, he takes them. At the firehouse, DV says that he will leave Lucy alone only if she breaks up with Scott. Lucy refuses and says she will tell Scott everything. DV leaves after Serena spots him. Scott returns home, Lucy tries to tell Scott while he puts the tapes into the VCR, however the VCR is broken and Scott becomes upset when he learns that DV paid Lucy a visit.

Thursday, July 1, 1999

Karen and Frank
Karen is on the phone with Frank. She is in her yard and is looking up at the stars when she notices someone with a telescope spying on her from the next apartment building. She believes that it is Frank. She confronts Frank on the phone. He realizes that he has been spotted but he denies it any way. When Karen asked him where he was, he responded that he was in his car driving home. Karen quickly makes her excuses and gets off the phone. She heads over to the apartment that she suspects Frank to be spying out of. Frank opens the door to leave and is surprised to see Karen standing there. She accuses him of being a voyeur, worse than Joe. She leaves and Frank chases after her. He tries to explain. He told first that the apartment is for Lark. When she does not believe him he changes his story. He explains that he was trying to find out if Joe was really having an affair. Karen is smarter than Frank thinks she is. She realizes that Frank was the one who was responsible for breaking up her and Joe.

Kevin and Eve

Eve is working at the hospital and Kevin is at home trying to find a clue on the computer disks as to the whereabouts of Victor. Julie phones wanting to see Kevin immediately. Of course Kevin puts his personal life aside, once again, to rush to Julie's side. Julie informs Kevin that she is requesting a new trustee. She is not happy with Lee and she believes he is hindering her recovery. She also speaks of her love for Ramsey and their upcoming marriage. She still wants Kevin to try and get visitation rights for Chris. Later that day, Kevin agrees to meet Lee at the hospital. They both agree that Julie and Ramsey are up to something. Unfortunately, they have no clue as to what. Kevin and Eve leave the hospital together and head back to the Lighthouse. When they arrive home, Kevin realizes that all of the disks have disappeared from his house.

Scotty and Lucy

Scotty is still in the dark regarding Lucy's romance with DV.

Friday, July 2, 1999

Scott told a worried Lucy that he was determined to watch the tapes he stole from DV. Later, Lucy received an eerie phone call from Julie, who asked about Christina. Lucy had a bizarre nightmare involving Julie, DV and Scott in which she decided to tell Scott the truth. Lucy's plans were put on hold when she found Scott watching one of DV's tapes. Mac turned up some interesting information on Victor which suggested that he may have traveled to Rome. A determined Kevin decided to go look for his father and Eve vowed to accompany him. Frank once again attempted to con Karen, but she refused to listen to his lies. A panicked Frank found Courtney and the two schemed up a new way to deceive Joe and Karen.

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