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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 5, 1999 on GL
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Monday, July 5, 1999

At Laurel Falls:
Michelle and Danny are still in the woods making love. They stop occasionally to talk about their lives together. Danny wants to buy them a house all alone and secluded from their families and friends. Michelle tells him that it would be nice but that she wants to live in reality and she knows that it will be a while before they can do that. She realizes that he can not just break ties with his family. She wishes that she and Carmen could get along and maybe even be friends in the future. Danny says they will go to San Cristobel for a honeymoon.

At Towers:
Ben and Beth are chatting. Beth is concerned about why Jim had not called her after her ultimatum concerning sending Susan to camp. Ben tells her not to worry about it, that he will soon. He talks to her about his new job at SanCorps and a little about Carmen and a little about Blake. Blake walks in and sits at the bar. Beth leaves. Ross comes in with India to talk business. Blake gets jealous and runs over to Ben and asks him to talk to her and act interested (to make Ross jealous). Ross looks over at her and sees Blake and Ben together.

At the Marler home:
After they make love in the bathtub, the duo both are acting self conscious and both are concerned that they have hurt the other in some way. They banter apologies back and forth and Blake goes nuts trying to get the locked door open. She tries with a hanger and can't then she and Ross try with hitting the door. They finally get out and there stands Holly and the twins. They change into dry clothes and Ross talks to Holly while Blake gets the boys ready for their bath. Ross leaves, Blake follows. Holly grins at both of them.

At San Cristobel:
The penthouse. Josh and Reva fool around and Josh talks about the feeling he has about them being followed. Reva goes down to the front desk and finds a compact. It belongs to Olivia Spencer, who has been questioning the clerk about Reva. Reva turns and finds her and hands her the compact. Reva believes she has seen this woman before.

Tuesday, July 6, 1999

Unable to keep her eyes off of India and Ross, Ben finally guesses why Blake is so preoccupied. He chastises her for being impulsive by sleeping with Ross and, as he prepares to leave, tells Blake that she loves drama in her life. Meanwhile, Ross can't seem to stop staring at Blake and listens distractedly as India tells him that she thinks her ex-husband has been hiding assets. When Ross finally returns his attentions to an annoyed India, he agrees to file a motion to reopen India's divorce settlement.

Drew gets desperate when no one is able to find Max. She takes her frustrations out on Jesse, who seems confused by her behavior. Selena helps patch things up between Drew and Jesse. As the lovebirds make up, Buzz watches and is inspired to ask Selena out on a date for dinner.

Meanwhile, Max tries to thumb a ride out of Springfield and meets an interesting character along the way. After conversing with this man, Max becomes ambivalent about leaving and stares longingly at his photo of Drew. As Reva and Josh try to go out for a night on the town in San Cristobel , they are distracted by all of the people that stare at them yet will not say why they seem to know Reva. Finally they find a tattered old woman who recognizes Reva but can tell her nothing other than that Reva would speak to the woman each morning on her walk down from "the hill" . Meanwhile back at the hotel, the mystery woman is frantically searching Reva and Josh's room. When she comes across the ring, the woman becomes upset and says she will not let Reva ruin her life again, vowing to stop her this time...Reva and Josh surprise her but the mystery woman is able to dash into a closet before she is discovered. Later when Reva and Josh are realizing that someone has been in the room, mystery woman manages to slip out the door unnoticed.

Wednesday, July 7, 1999

At the Santos Estate
Michelle and Danny are all smootchy smootchy and are anxious to get on to San Cristobel for their honeymoon. Carmen walks in and wants to talk business with Danny. He refuses and demands that he and Michelle are going to San Cristobel to be alone and he does not want to think about business now. Carmen tries to tell Danny about her thought on the bombing and the other families, Danny tells her that Dietz is there to protect her. Danny runs off to pack and Michelle stays to talk to Carmen. She wants to make amends and be cordial to one another. Carmen offers to give Manny the San Cristobel home as a wedding gift as well as to make amends for her behavior. When Danny returns, he is told of the news, and Carmen asks Michelle to take the banker's wife some chocolates. She feels that there is more than chocolate in the box and Danny opens it and eats a piece to prove to Michelle that they are only chocolates. Carmen sneaks and sees this and says that she knew Michelle would open them and that now that she has her trust, next time there will be a lot more than candy.

At Camp Oakridge
Susan is upset at her dad for sending her to that camp. Jim walks in and Susan tells him that she hates him. He gets emotional and talks about her mother, Connie, and how much he loves both of them. Susan forgives her dad. Shortly after Jim leaves he calls Beth and asks if he can come over. Meanwhile, Drew shows up at the camp saying that she is Susan' sister. She tells Susan the situation with Max and how she thinks that she may be the only one that can convince Max to return. Susan wants to help and promises to keep things just between she and Drew.

Selena and Buzz
These two start off at the towers but don't stay long after they decide that they just aren't comfortable. They go to a dive where they can bet on horses. Selena picks the pretty horses to bet on while all the men there pick by the race sheets. Selena wins.

At the Tower's
Vanessa and Matt are having dinner with Bill and Pilar. Vanessa offers Bill a job and he tells her that he already has one with SanCorps. Vanessa flies off the handle and puts Bill in a position that he has to put his mother in her place. Pilar gets upset and leaves. Bill gets up and follows, leaving a very angry Vanessa behind.

Thursday, July 8, 1999

At the Spaulding Estate:
Jim is outside in his car, he calls Beth, who tells him that it isn't a good idea for him to come in because Lizzie is feeling poorly. She tells him that she will come out there to see him. Lizzie wakes up while her mother is outside in her boyfriends car making out and is scared because she can not find her. She calls Annie and the terrified little girl begs her to come over to stay with her for a while. Annie get there and calms Lizzie down. They talk about all their secret meetings and Lizzie admits that she has fibbed to her mom about where she goes. After a while Beth returns to the house and is upset to see Annie with her daughter.

At the Santos Estate:
Ben come in and starts kissing Carmen. Carmen thinks something's up with he and Blake and Ben tells her that it is over with Blake. All of the sudden, Vanessa walks in and tells Carmen to stay away from her son. Carmen is surprised when she finds out that Bill has landed a job at SanCorps and tells Vanessa that she has nothing to do with the day to day hiring at her company, but that Ben, as President of the company, does. Ben calls Personnel at SanCorps and has them fire Bill. He then tells Vanessa that he fires him, but she has to explain to him why. After Vanessa leaves Ben and Carmen make love.

In San Cristobel:
Reva and Josh are upset that the police detective refuses to help them. Reva sees a picture of Olivia in the newspaper and reads that she was the personal assistant to the prince and is now engaged to him. Reva and Josh take the crested ring to a jeweler, who says she should leave it and come back. Jeva returns and sees him talking with Olivia.
Michelle and Danny show up at their new home. Michelle incorrectly takes Prince Edmund for a servant and is later embarrassed. He presents her with a gift of a native garment which she later models for Danny.

Friday, July 9, 1999

At the Spaulding Estate
Alan and Beth were both arguing at Annie because it had came out that Annie had been secretly spending time with Lizzie. Lizzie was crying explaining why she called Annie over and that it was really Beth's fault for being outside with Jim instead of paying attention to her child. Alan told Annie that she had to stay away from Lizzie or she would lose him and his support all together. Lizzie cries to her mom that when she woke up she was no where to be found. Beth explained that she was talking to Jim outside because he was upset about Susan. Lizzie gets even more upset and tells her mom that all she cares about is Jim and Susan and she ignores her own daughter. Lizzie takes up for Annie during all the Annie bashing and says that Annie is the only one that listens to her, the only one that cares. Annie is Lizzie's best friend and Lizzie is Annie's best friend. Alan and Beth do not understand and Annie yells at Alan and walks out. Lizzie, having been sent to her room, sneaks out and sees Annie crying saying no one cares about her. Lizzie goes to Annie and tells her that she cares and that she loves Annie and wishes she and Annie could runaway together.

At Drew's
Jesse and Drew are talking. He is all kissy, kissy and starts to give her a massage. She is still concerned about Max and looks at the mail to find a postcard from Max saying that he is with some friends. Drew is happy that he is okay.

At Selena's
Buzz and Selena are awkward again from another kiss. Selena send Buzz out to retrieve her purse from the car and jumps on the phone with Drew. When Buzz gets back, they play some cards and that seemed to reduce the tension significantly. Selena won and Buzz demanded a rematch. Buss starts to leave and turns into a kiss goodbye from Selena.

At San Cristobel
Josh is going nuts about this place he is definitely upset at what is going on. Jeva meets up with Manny and is introduced to Danny for the first time. Reva keeps talking about a ring and Josh just wants to get out of Dodge. Michelle offers to pick up the ring so that they can be on their way and Reva finally says okay. Josh can't get out of their soon enough and even though Reva says she is not afraid of anything but not knowing, Josh convinces her that San Cristobel had robbed him of her all those years and begged her to leave. They get their stuff and start to leave. Meanwhile, Danny has diagnosed Jeva's behavior as extreme fear. Michelle wants to go get the ring and Danny thinks it's not a good idea. He thinks something's amiss and doesn't want Michelle to get involved. She goes to the window of the restaurant when she hears sirens and watches as Josh and Reva are arrested and taken into separate cars.

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