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Passions Recaps: The week of July 12, 1999 on PS
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Monday, July 12, 1999

Today's recap is courtesy of GIST

Jessica enjoys pointing out to a distraught Kay that Miguel seems to have already set his sights on another girl. In Paris, Sheridan insists on leaving the hospital to rejoin the love of her life. Meanwhile, Jean Luc assures his lover he's only leading Sheridan on in order to take her for every Eurodollar she has. Tabitha presents "Timmy" to Grace but sputters in protest when her delighted neighbor decides to use the doll as a prize at her carnival booth. Blissfully unaware of her boyfriend's treachery, Sheridan bubbles over to Gwen about how Jean Luc has changed her life. Luis drags a sullen Theresa over to the Burger Hut and forces her to report to Roy for her first day of waiting tables. Sam assures a skeptical Eve that although Tabitha seems eccentric she's basically harmless. Gwen begins to wonder if she made a mistake in encouraging Ethan to mingle with the regular folks of Harmony. Sam begins digging for clues to his wife's mysterious past. Flustered to find Ethan sitting in her station, Theresa accidentally dumps an entire tray of burgers on him, followed by a bucket of barbeque sauce.

Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Cody Barry

Teresa dumps barbecue sauce on Ethan. Ethan thinks she is a stalker. Teresa tells Whitney that Ethan will never love her. Roy fires Teresa. She is upset and throws her burger hat onto the grill by accident. The Burger Hut goes into flames. Luis tells Teresa that she has to get a job at the cannery.

Kay and Simone talk about Miguel. Jessica promises that she won't tell Miguel Kay likes him if she gives her the beeper. Grace makes Eve promise that she won't tell Sam about the memories she is having. Sam and Grace's twin chat about Grace. Sam asks for her name but she refuses because she thinks it is a stalker after her. Rosie a little girl at the carnival wins Timmy the doll. Grace's twin gets scared when she realizes someone is trying to get in her house.

Tabitha sets up a fortune teller stand disguised as a fortune teller. Whitney and Teresa get ready to have their fortunes read. Ethan and Sheridan talk about Gwen and him marrying. Gwen arrives and Ethan and her make love. Juan Luc asks Sheridan to marry him. She says yes.

Wednesday, July 14, 1999

Faith's daughter Charity is tired of their life. They always move around, they are never in one are for very long and her mother is always unhappy. She wants to know what her mother is looking for on the internet, why did she used to check out the personals almost every day, why can't they settle down so that Charity can go to school and make friends. Faith says that their life is as it is because she is trying to prepare Charity to do what Grace couldn't do. She wouldn't give her more details. As Charity pressures her Faith finally tells her daughter that she has an aunt, Faith's twin sister Grace. When they were eighteen, shortly after their high school graduation Grace disappeared. Charity wants to make the search for Grace public, but Faith says it's too dangerous, which brings Charity back to the "why can't we have a normal life" speech. Like for example, why can't they go to the carnival in Harmony that Charity has a flyer for? Faith is unsure it's a good idea, but Charity wheedles her.

Sheridan is ecstatic that Jean Luc has asked to her marry him. She calls Ethan & Gwen to let them know, and she and Jean Luc make plans to go out and celebrate. Meanwhile Jean Luc's girlfriend Mimi is determined to tell Sheridan that her new fiancée isn't who she thinks he is. Mimi chases them through Paris, follows them down the street, bangs on Jean Luc's apartment door, she and calls Jean Luc's cell phone and Sheridan picks up. But each time Mimi almost gets close enough to tell Sheridan what she has to say Jean Luc stops her. Mimi figures out that Jean Luc and Sheridan will be going to a ball later in the evening, and she decides that she will be there too, if she can't have Jean Luc, Sheridan can't either.

As they lie in bed together, Ethan and Gwen joke about the "crazy local girl" who spilled, paint, barbecue sauce and milkshakes on Ethan all in the space of a couple of days. Gwen gets excited when Ethan casually mentions a honeymoon, is he asking her to marry him? Her hopes are dashed when Ethan says he meant someday in the future, not anytime soon. Gwen wants to know why and Ethan says he just needs time, but Gwen wonder if someday will ever come. Later, at the carnival, Grace gets a little upset when Ethan, talking about Sheridan, wonders what it would feel like to meet the person you'd want to spend your whole life with.

Teresa and Whitney go to see a fortuneteller (Tabitha in disguise) at the carnival. When the girls imply she's a fraud Tabitha tells Teresa everything about her obsession with Ethan Crane and their recent encounters, then upsets her by saying Ethan was in bed with a young woman. She then moves onto Whitney saying that Whitney's pursuit of a tennis career will led her father to murder someone. Whitney is shaken by the experience and is even more spooked when Tabitha claims to know the secret that Whitney keeps from everyone

Rosie's comments about being a twin have an impact on Grace, but she doesn't know why. Sam and Eve are worried about Grace, her seeing things etc. They discuss it with TC. When TC leaves Eve comments that she wishes TC temperament was more like Sam's, though TC might seem to be a gentle guy there was no telling what he would do if his family were in jeopardy. Later TC and Grace talk and TC comments on the irony of Grace trying so hard to remember something from her past while TC was trying so hard to forget his own past.

The little girl appears to tell Grace that it's time "she's coming." Rosie wins Timmy the doll at the carnival. Timmy isn't particularly pleased about it and spends time causing things to happen that Rosie will get blamed for. When Timmy snaps at Rosie she freaks and throws him into the water.

Thursday, July 15, 1999

Today's recap is courtesy of GIST

Kay tells a skeptical Simone she has a plan to make Miguel think of her as a real woman instead of just a pal. On the pier, T.C. angrily accuses the gypsy fortuneteller of upsetting his daughter. A dejected Theresa watches Ethan and Gwen put on a public display of affection. Determined to teach Jean Luc a lesson, his jealous girlfriend prepares to crash a party and give Sheridan an earful about her "perfect" man. Miguel tries to console his kid sister as she bemoans losing her big chance at winning Ethan's heart. Sam admits to Eve how he wishes Grace would trust him enough to open up to him. Whitney fears that the gypsy's ominous prediction might come true if her father confronts the old woman in his present state of mind. Meanwhile, Tabitha goads T.C. with a painful reminder of his past. Later, Tabitha shares a juicy secret with Timmy. Ethan suggests to Gwen that they fly over to Paris together to meet his aunt's intended. Eve becomes the third member of the Russell family to be badly rattled by the carnival's fortuneteller. Luis tells Theresa he's found her a job at the fish cannery. Gwen persuades Ethan to compete in Kay's "Mr. Harmony" contest.

Friday, July 16, 1999

Today's recap is courtesy of GIST

Gwen is disturbed by an ominous fortune cookie's prediction about a third party threatening her romance with Ethan. Meanwhile, Eve trembles to think that the gypsy fortuneteller knows her dark secret. Charity and Faith arrive in Harmony and head straight for the carnival. As Jean-Luc is revealed to be working in the drug trade, Mimi sends a message to Sheridan's table. Grace tells Sam she has a strange feeling she has a twin sister out in the world somewhere. Jean-Luc manages to intercept his vengeful girlfriend before she can reveal his treachery to Sheridan. When Theresa returns to the gypsy's tent for another reading, Tabitha hints at a wedding in her future. Ethan urges Gwen to stop feeling so insecure about her place in his heart. Charity and Miguel are both intrigued by their first glimpse of one another. A grinning Tabitha tells Timmy she's going to enjoy watching Theresa wreak havoc in the lives of Harmony's most upstanding citizens. Jean-Luc's partner in crime warns him to cough up the money he owes. As she and her daughter stroll through the fairgrounds, Faith is puzzled by all the people who seem to recognize her. Tabitha is unnerved by a strange new energy in the air.

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