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Monday, July 19, 1999

At the Hospital
Scotty receives a phone call from DV instructing him to turn on the television. Lee volunteers to turn on his TV. DV made a plea to the mother of Christina to come forward and receive a huge reward. He further explains that two disreputable people are now caring for this child. He insinuates that Scotty and Lucy have paid officials in order to claim this child. Scotty is furious that DV would use Christina to get back at him. Later, some newscasters try to get a statement from Scotty and Lucy but Scotty tells them to take a hike.

At the Sanitarium
Julie watches the same TV broadcast and becomes worried about the safety of Christina. She calls Chris and demands that he stops Bordecio. Chris has a plan. He calls DV and arranges a meeting. After the meeting he visits Julie at the Sanitarium. He told her that he has good news and bad news. The good news is that he might have found a way to get her released faster than they thought possible. The bad news is that DV is out to annihilate Scott Bowman and he will use Christina to do it. Meanwhile DV is seen on the phone talking to an unknown person. He comments that the mother of Christina will be making her arrival very soon.

In Italy
Kevin is still worried about a missing Eve. He contacts Mac on the phone. Mac informs him that Zorren really does work for the U.S. Embassy however the description of Zorren shows that he is at least 6 feet tall. Their conversation is cut short when their is a knock at the door. Kevin opens the door to find Zorren. Kevin confronts him and demands to know where Eve has been taken. Zorren asks him to follow him. Kevin follows him to a house where he finds Victor there to greet him. Kevin is happy to find that Victor is alive. He asks him to explain but Victor informs him that they do not have time. He told Kevin that his worst fears for Eve are about to come true. Eve is seen in a dark room blindfolded and tied to a chair. She is struggling to break the binds that tie her.

Tuesday, July 20, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Larissa Howard.

Wednesday, July 21, 1999

Neil was playing in the hospital lobby with Courtney. Joe stopped by to bring him a baseball hat. Neil assumed it was for his head after his hair falls out because of his cancer. Karen stops by and asks Joe if he told Mary that Frank set him up. Joe replied and told her she couldn't since she is going through so much things. Karen replied back that she figured since Mary gave her that "nasty glare" once again. Gail spotted Karen while going to visit Lee and talked with Karen. Karen said that she feels bad because that Neil isn't getting any better and Joe is going through a tough time. Gail says she thought Lee wouldn't get through his operating but he did and she hopes that Neil does too. The test results come back for Neil and they are not good. Joe announces the bad news to Courtney. "Is my baby going to die?" Courtney asked. Joe, in a comforting voice said that could not happen, "I promise you, we are going to fight through this." Karen, in a jealous look, watched in a distance as Courtney and Joe were hugging.

Tammy stopped by Lucy's and gave her a special present. It was a dress for Christina. Lucy announced the good news and then announced the dark side of the news: there was a six-month waiting period and Christina might not stay with them. Lark stopped by to see the "famous" baby Christina. As the three girls started chatting and laughing, Lark told Lucy that the way to keep babies to cry less was to put a blanket around them. Lucy thanked Lark for the advice and thanked Tammy for stopping by.

Julie and Chris were ready for the big hearing. Chris and Darren defended Julie and Scott defended Lee who was absent. Julie said that Lee assaulted her verbally and physically. Chris and Darren said they witnessed the event. Since Lee has a sickness, the court awarded Darren to be Julie's new guardian. Scott called Lucy and told her the bad news. Lucy said she was sorry and she had to go since Lark was going to call her. Lucy also told Scott that baby Christina had a new dress thanks to Tammy.

Thursday, July 22, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kim Stenger.

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At the hospital, Joe asks Karen to arrange for a genetic profile of both he and Courtney. Karen tries to assure him that just because Neil's chemotherapy is not working yet, it does not mean that a bone marrow transplant may become the only option. Joe told Karen that he feels as if he's racing against time, and he wants to be prepared for anything in order to save his son. Reluctantly, Karen agrees to set up the tests. Later, while having his blood drawn for the test, Joe admits to her that he feels guilty about missing out on so many years with Neil. He's scared he might not get time to make it up, so saving his life is very important to him. To him, it's the least he can do.

Lucy and Scott, dejected after Scott's loss at Julie's guardianship hearing, return home to the firehouse. Lark is there babysitting, and Serena is very excited about attending the local minor league baseball game that night.

Unfortunately, Lucy told her that plans have changed, so she won't be able to go to the game. Serena heads upstairs to get ready for bed with Lark, disappointed at not being able to get Neil a T-shirt from the game. Once they're alone, Lucy told Scott she canceled their plans because she figured Scott wouldn't be up for it. But, Scott says he wants to get his mind off of his troubles, so the two decide to go to the game alone.

Somewhere in Italy, Kevin and Victor continue to try and make a psychic connection with Eve. Kevin makes repeated attempts, but he keeps conjuring up the same things--an image of the boy from his novel and the sounds of the circus. He grows increasingly frustrated, but his father urges him to press on. Finally, Kevin makes a connection and senses Eve's overwhelming despair. He then begins seeing images of Eve bound and gagged. As the pictures become clearer, Kevin realizes that Eve is being held prisoner in the catacombs.

Meanwhile, Eve's captor(s) continue to play mind games on her, thereby increasing her self-doubt. They blast a tape of a baby crying and taunt her with the idea that she killed her newborn child by not taking care of herself while pregnant. Eve told herself over and over that Kevin is coming to save her, but her confidence is shattered when her captor(s) informs her that Kevin has been killed (this is where the great despair that Kevin senses comes from). Distraught, confused, and alone, Eve knocks over her chair and lies on the ground, wailing in both physical and emotional pain.

Back in Port Charles, Lucy and Scott enjoy the baseball game. Lucy sees it as an opportunity to act out her aggression toward DV. She screams at the umpires, taunts the other team, and argues with other fans. She even fights for a foul ball! Scott tries to calm her down, but even he admits that he would love to rip DV's head off for what he has done to their family. They begin worrying about Christina's safety and are quite glad when the game ends. Of course, they return home to find that nothing is amiss. In fact, Lucy is so pleased with Lark's work that she hires the girl to watch Serena and Christina on a regular basis. Later, Lucy and Scott start to get romantic, but Scott pulls away. Lucy asks him if he's ready to be with her again, but the baby's crying interrupts and lets Scott off the hook for the moment.

Also that evening, DV is interviewing an unseen woman who, apparently, is claiming to be Christina's birth mother. He says he knows how frightened she must be, but he will do anything in his power to get the child away from Lucy and Scott and return her to her true home.

While drawing blood for her test, Karen explains the bone marrow donor program to Courtney. The best candidate for a match would be a sibling, but since Neil is an only child, he will have to be placed on the national waiting list. This is assuming, of course, that neither Joe nor Courtney is a suitable match. Courtney seems worried about the test; later, she asks a lab technician when the genetic tests will be in and who will receive the results. Told they will be sent to Dr. Wexler, Courtney then vows to get the results before Karen does.

Friday, July 23, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Stephanie Phipps.

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