One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 26, 1999 on OLTL

Lindsay's trial began, and Jessica took the stand. Nora tried to convince Dorian to confess. Jessica wanted to get back together with Cristian, much to Roseanne's dismay. Max had trouble with his vision. A mysterious woman, in cahoots with Asa, arrived in Llanview.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 26, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, July 26, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nancy Fox


Ben wakes Viki with a kiss. They discuss things: Viki has decided to let justice take its course where Lindsay is concerned; she hasn't "figured out" the reason for Dorian's "yes" vote but they agree that perhaps their "luck is changing." Downstairs, Will and Jessica come into the kitchen and discuss how good it is to be home. Jessica thanks Will for being "so great" on their trip, they could have blamed each other but instead comforted each other. However, Jessica says she never will understand Megan's death - "she was created by an accident and she died by an accident, what does God have in mind?" Later, Jessica is anxious to see Cristian but Will convinces her it is too early and instead begins to tell Jessica his feelings about her: "The trip meant a lot to me. I grew up a lot. It made me realize the way that I feel..." Viki and Ben interrupt them and Ben is forced to tell Will that Lindsay is going on trial today for hitting Jessica and killing Megan. Will doesn't believe what he's hearing: "this is crazy, no way did she do this;" "Dad never said a word about this when I talked to him from the road;" "what evidence is there?" Viki says that Jessica is the only one who might help and asks if Jessica remembers the accident yet. Jessica tells her that so far she only remembers flashes and headlights and that the car was red. Will insists on going to see his mother in jail and Ben offers to drive him there.


Sam arrives early to court and Bo comes in right behind him holding the "morning after" videotape. On the tape, Sam sees Lindsay giving the "mystery man" a check. Although they are both intrigued about who this man is, Sam thinks it could be "anybody" - even a customer, although that doesn't explain why Lindsay is acting so edgy and giving the man a check and not the other way around. Bo's "theory" is that Lindsay was paying off "blackmail" but Sam "doesn't want to go there - or take the jury there." Bo thinks it is a different kind of payoff because Lindsay is "protecting somebody" and she isn't likely to "open up" now so Bo's plan is to investigate and find out who the "mystery man" is and what he was doing with Lindsay.

Lindsay's "Lockup"

Jeff Barnes - the "mystery man/DNA dude" - pays Lindsay a visit. He tells her that he "reads the papers" and he seems to be her "only alibi." When Lindsay asks him if he got her messages, he replies that she "sounded desperate" on the messages and she's "lucky that he happened to stop back here." But he also says, "Who says I didn't change the results?" Lindsay explains to Barnes that if he didn't change the results, she already has an alibi, but if he did change them then "it is a complete and total disaster ... Sam will lose Matthew, Bo will never speak to me again - and Nora will kill me." Barnes offers to take the stand at Lindsay's trial and say "whatever" she wants him to - "I don't care either way" - but he tells her that the truth about Matthew will "cost" her more. As Lindsay implores Barnes to tell her who Matthew's real father is, she hears that Will has arrived and she orders Barnes to leave.

Dorian's Living Room

Nora barges in and shows Dorian the morning's headline, "Judgment Day for Lindsay." Nora angrily tells Dorian that she doesn't "give a damn about our agreement or the retainer" and that she "will not stand by while an innocent woman goes to jail. I will not cover up murder." Dorian reminds Nora that it was an "accident" but that no one will believe her. Nora offers that if Dorian were to go to Bo and tell the truth, she "promises" to defend her "the best I can." Dorian taunts Nora with the fact that Nora "doesn't have a choice" since she is bound by attorney/client privilege. Nora then asks, "How do you live with yourself?" When Dorian trots out the old excuse of not going to jail because of needing to be there for Cassie, Nora says that Dorian "doesn't need a lawyer, you need a minister." As Nora questions Dorian about whether someone else knows her secret, R.J. shows up at the front door. R.J. and Dorian try to explain their "friendship" as merely two people who "bonded on the lamb." R.J. says that Dorian helped him when he needed it and now he is merely "returning the favor." Nora offers R.J. advice: "You're smart. If you have any information about Lindsay's case you should come forward. If I were you, I'd run to my friend the ADA and tell her what I know." After Nora leaves, R.J. is disturbed to find out that Nora knows the whole truth about Dorian and fears that Nora "will figure out I helped you cover it up." But when Dorian explains that Nora is her attorney, R.J. is appeased. "I know Nora. She can't turn me in. She takes her oath seriously."

Cristian's Apartment

After spending the night at Cristian's, Roseanne and Cristian discuss their lives: Roseanne talking about her hatred for Téa and Cristian whining about how Jessica "dumped" him. When Roseanne tells him that things will soon be the same again, Cristian says that "things have changed already" and he realizes that what he and Jessica had "is over". He feels betrayed by Jessica and wants to know why Roseanne is defending her. Roseanne tells Cristian that she knows he still loves Jessica and she doesn't want him to feel "obligated" to her just because they made love. Cristian replies that they have much in common, he cares about her: "I always have and always will." Roseanne confides that she can't stop loving Cristian even though she knows that Cristian "still wants Jessica." Cristian's reply is: "I want us. I want it to work. I feel like I woke up from a crazy dream."


Viki and Jessica are discussing the "homecoming" and what Will and Jessica came home to. Jessica said she "can deal with it if Lindsay's guilty, but I don't know about Will." Jessica explains that she was "a mess" - "confused and fragile" when she went away but that the trip made her come to terms with losing Megan. It was a special "Mother/Daughter moment" when Jessica explained that she "never got it before, how big the love is... I always just expected and accepted it as a child." Jessica then worried that if Lindsay's convicted, Lindsay might lose Will's love and never be able to get it back.

Lindsay's "Lockup"

At first, Will just stares at his mother. When Lindsay tells Will that she can see by the look in his eye that he doesn't believe her, Will replies, "Mom, you lie - a lot." Acknowledging that fact, Lindsay says that this is her punishment for those other lies, but that she didn't hit Jessica. Will questions Lindsay about painting her car, the cell phone and having no alibi for "the worst night of my life" - "don't tell me you slept through it." When Will presses Lindsay to "tell me the truth," she tells him "the truth is that I do have an alibi."


Bo tells Sam that he hasn't shown the tape to Hank - "for now it is just between us." They wish each other luck: Bo is counting on Lindsay's "hot shot lawyer" to get her off and Sam is counting on Lindsay's "boyfriend" to find him the evidence he needs to give her an alibi. As Barnes is seen standing outside the courtroom watching the men talk, Bo says, "After all we've been through, do you think maybe this is the way it was meant to turn out?" Before Sam can answer, Ben rushes in to tell Sam that Will is back, that he's downstairs with Lindsay and that "your son needs you."

Lindsay's "Lockup"

As Lindsay confides in Will that she does have an alibi, that she was trying to "undo something bad I had done - not this though," Sam comes in and Lindsay stops talking.


Nora comes in looking for Sam just as Bo is putting the videotape back in its case. He tells her that Lindsay's case looks "pretty bad" but that he "may have something to help." Nora tells Bo - again - that she believes Lindsay is innocent. Bo then asks her, "Why is that?" Nora replies, "Instinct?" Bo says, "Good, your instincts are right on. Anything more solid?" Nora hesitates and Bo presses her, "This isn't about instinct. If you know something, just tell me now....."

Tuesday, July 27, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

Today we found Lindsay in her jail cell, where Will had come to see her. She was about to tell him where she was the night of the accident, when Sam walked in. Lindsay said she would tell Will where she was, as long as he kept it a secret, even from Sam. Will told her that she would have to tell both of them, but she refused. They left and Jessica came to see her. Jess believed Lindsay when she told her that she had nothing to do with the accident, even though Lindsay has lied so many times before. Then Jessica left to find Cristain. Lindsay's trial started with Hank Gannon's opening arguments. He said that the evidence is clear and that Libndsay has no alibi. Then Sam gave his opening, saying that the evidence was all circumstantial and that anyone could have commited this crime.

Bo and Nora had talked about the case, and Bo thought Nora knew more than she was saying. In the hallway of the courthouse, Kelly told Nora that R.J. has been at Dorian's all the time. Then Nora told Sam that if she gave him any information, she would be betraying a confidence. Bo came into the courtroom to show Lindsay pictures of her with someone, the day after the accident. He wanted to know who the man was, and why Lindsay seemed so upset in the photos. He vowed to find this man. Barnes was in the door of the courtroom, listening to the whole thing.

At the diner, Roseanne told Carlotta that she had spent the night with Cristain. Carlotta warned her that his feelings for Jessica could not have gone away so soon. Then Cris came to get Rosey, and they went back to his apartment. After making love and Cris telling her that his feelings for her are real, they heard a knock at the door. It was Jessica.

Wednesday, July 28, 1999

by Soap Central

At the Courthouse

Bo asks Lindsay who the guy in the picture from the gallery is, but she refuses to say. He tells her that whatever she is hiding will come out. Sam approaches and asks the same thing, but Lindsay remains tight lipped. Nora tells her she'd better trust Sam, because if she can't trust him she can't trust anyone.

Barnes shows up next and asks her for $500,000 to testify in her favor. Lindsay tells him she wants to know if he changed the test results or not, but he refuses to say. He insists that she arrange for the money to be dropped of to him tomorrow. As he leaves, Sam sees him and calls out to him, but he keeps going. Sam asks Lindsay, "Who was that guy?" She tells him that he was a reporter. When Lindsay is taken away, Sam looks at the pictures and back in Barnes' direction.

At the Police Station

Rae Cummings and John Sykes are talking about his troubles with Téa, when Téa shows up. Tensions rise and Rae asks him what she is so angry about. He later tells Rae that he is losing interest both in Téa - and her problem.

Téa asks Bo to help her get back on the case, but Bo refuses, stating that she is too eager. When she asks him what is wrong with pursuing justice, he responds by telling her that justice isn't served by blindly going for the throat.

Later, Sam arrives at the LPD and gives Bo the pictures of Barnes, telling him he saw him with Lindsay. "He's the key", says Sam. Bo thinks Nora knows something, and asks Sam if he knows why she did a 180 on Lindsay, but Sam tells him he doesn't know why.

Jessica Arrives at Cristian's

Jessica knocks on the door at Cristian's place, and Roseanne scrambles to hide as Cris opens the door to let her in. Jessica tells him she wants him back as Roseanne listens on. Jessica tells Cris she remembers her love for him. When they embrace Roseanne makes a silent, but angry, exit.

Cris tells her he's glad she wants him back, but he questions her feels for Will and says he's still hurt that she didn't turn to him. She tries to explain her confusion, but he seems skeptical, preferring to believe that Jessica wanted Will over him. She asks, "Are you telling me you don't want me back?"

Roseanne runs into the diner and tells Carlotta about Jessica's arrival. She says, "Princess Jessica wants Cristian back, but she can't have him." She turns around and seeing Will, walks over to him and offers her consolation about Lindsay. It doesn't take her too long to change the subject to Cristian and Jessica, and she almost repeats her vow to stop Jessica and Cris from reuniting. She plays on Will's vulnerability by hinting that she thinks he and Jessica were intimate while they were away. When Will defends Jess, Roseanne exclaims, "Don't tell me you've got a thing for her now."

Roseanne tells Will that Cris got involved with someone while they were away. Will guesses it was with her and then asks her if he's going to tell her, adding, "He has to. You'll see to that. That's why you're telling me now." She denies it, but he knows better and says maybe it will be for the best.

Back at the apartment, Cris tells Jessica he wants to take it slow, and tells her a lot has happened while she was away. Jessica asks Cris if there is someone else. He denies it and she says, "...I would have killed myself...". He insists on time and she tells him she will always love him.

Later Cris goes to the diner and tells Carlotta he's confused and doesn't want to move too quickly with Jessica, nor does he want to hurt Roseanne. Roseanne is angry when she learns he didn't tell Jessica about them.

Jessica and Will meet at the Courthouse later, and she tells him she's sure Cris will want her back when he realizes she still loves him. Will looks worried.

At Dorian's

Dorian is angry and tells Nora she has the feeling that Nora has sold her out. Nora assures Dorian she didn't say anything to Sam. She tries to get Dorian to come clean about the accident, but Dorian refuses to confess her guilt. Nora then questions R.J. about why he's around Dorian so much. He responds, "We both know what's going on here." Nora insists he get Dorian to do the right thing, but he refuses.

Dorian later visits Lindsay in jail and Lindsay asks her for the $500,000 to pay off Barnes. Dorian tries to get Lindsay to confess about manipulating the lab results, but Lindsay can't see past the consequences about that revelation.

When Dorian returns home, Nora is still there and tries one more time to get her to come forward. She leaves when Dorian won't budge. R.J. later tells Dorian he told Nora to mind her own business. Then Dorian tells him that she wants him to deliver $500,000 to a back alley tomorrow morning.

Thursday, July 29, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nancy Fox

The Diner

Will confronts Cristian with the question, "How could you sleep with Roseanne?" After discussion, Cristian admits that he will have to tell Jessica. "Jessica deserves the truth - even if you don't love her," Will tells Cristian before he leaves. Roseanne overhears their conversation and concurs, "She deserves to know the truth -g and so do I." Later, Cristian tells Roseanne that he does care for Jessica and he doesn't want to hurt her. That explanation doesn't sit well with Roseanne; she tells Cristian that he hurts her when he doesn't tell Jessica about them. She challenges Cristian: "You can tell Jessica about us. But you can't tell her it didn't mean anything. You gave a part of yourself to me - and Jessica will know that."

The Crossroads

Jessica, Viki, and Ben are let into the bar by a real estate agent - apparently the place is on the market because it seems "jinxed." Jessica walks around inside, but can't seem to remember anything new and she wonders if she doesn't want to remember because it will be easier if she doesn't. Viki encourages her to focus on the "good things" while she and Ben go outside. Ben tells Viki that what Jessica is doing is "pretty healthy" but he is worried about what "the truth" will do to Viki since she hasn't allowed herself to feel anger yet. Ben reminds Viki how she helped him remember "love and compassion" when he first came to town full of anger and bent on vengeance. Later, Jessica goes out to the road "where it happened" by herself to try to remember who hit her and killed her baby.


In the living room, Dorian and R.J. are discussing the blackmail payoff. R.J. encourages Dorian not to "get in bed with a blackmailer." Dorian tells him she won't let Lindsay be convicted and that only the "truth" will get Lindsay off so she has no choice: she will have to "buy" Lindsay her alibi. In the foyer, Kelly thinks it is Dorian coming down the stairs and offers her a ride to court; it is in fact Sophia, dressed in Dorian's "favorite" suit and hat. They each bear their fangs as Blair walks in. Kelly tells Blair that nothing Dorian does anymore makes any sense. As R.J. and Dorian emerge from the living room, Kelly wonders if she is "living in a parallel universe." Later, Kelly tells Sophia that it "takes class to be a Cramer" and she'll never have any, but Sophia strikes back with, "I'm gonna get everything you have." As Kelly grabs Sophia's arm and sees her wearing a bracelet identical to the one Joey gave her, Joey walks in. Kelly (again) tells Sophia she knows she stole her bracelet and then ordered one just like it, but Sophia lies (duh!) and says that Joey actually bought it for her. Sophia tries to put the moves on Joey and tells him he seems "pretty nervous for someone who's supposed to be so strong and secure in his relationship."

Asa's Mansion

Max tries to read the morning newspaper but his eyes won't focus. Blair calls his cell phone and Max hangs up on her. Asa comes in to get Max to go to Lindsay's trial with him and tells Max that he's "better off" by Blair "selling" him out - "you'll find someone else." Later, Max has a medical book turned to the section on "Aneurysms" when Blair calls again and says she "deserves a chance" to explain - if he won't come to her then she will come to him at Asa's and tell all. When Asa says he is ready to go to the courthouse, Max tells him he has something to do and he will meet him there.


Blair excitedly lets Max into the foyer and shows him that she wears her wedding ring. "It's a funny marriage when the bride takes a bribe to stay away from the husband" is Max's reply. His attitude shift confuses Blair, however, when he tells her that if anything happens to him she should go directly to Asa with their marriage certificate and prove she is his lawful heir. Blair vows to find a surgeon as soon as Asa's check clears the bank. When Max says that "Pa" is expecting him at court, Blair wants to know when Max started calling Asa that. Max tells her he didn't even realize he was doing it. Max then assured Blair that "everything is gonna be fine" and promised to see her soon. As he left, he told her "I love you."

Courthouse - Trial

Sam and Lindsay are seated at the defense table waiting for court to convene. Bo comes in and sits directly behind them. He asks Sam where Nora is and is surprised to hear she is visiting Rachel. Bo sees Barnes sitting in the courtroom and tells Lindsay he has a feeling "it's gonna work out." Hank calls Tony Morelli, the auto body repair guy, as his first witness. Lindsay gets upset when he testifies that she told him she "had a real bad night" the morning after the accident. Sam tells her that she can't testify unless she is willing to tell where she was that night, to which she replies, "no." Bo sees Barnes leave the courtroom and follows him. First Asa, then Dorian and R.J. enter the courtroom and take seats. Morelli sees R.J. and is "intimidated" by R.J.'s gaze, but Sam blows his testimony out of the water anyway with receipts to show that he actually had "repaired" Lindsay's car in April and only "repainted" it in June after the accident. But he couldn't do anything to counter the DNA doctor's testimony about the blood on the cell phone. He stated it would be a 1 in 6 billion chance of finding someone else to match the DNA - an impossibility. The score was then tied - 1 for the defense, 1 for the prosecution.

As Sam was assuring Lindsay there was no more evidence to provide, Hank called Asa to the stand. Sam argued that Asa's testimony had no bearing on the case and was "hearsay" but Judge Fitzwater allowed "limited leeway" for Hank to establish Lindsay's "state of mind." Although the judge had warned Asa about "less editorializing," he turned directly to the jury and stated, "that woman right there told me she was guilty." Lindsay stood up and screamed at him, "You're lying. You hate me and you're trying to make me look bad." The judge admonished Sam to keep Lindsay under control (good luck!) and Sam cross examined Asa. Asa admitted that he "can't help how my damn sons feel about that woman" and when Hank objected to the line of questioning, Sam said that all of Asa's testimony was "irrelevant" which apparently the judge agreed with because she instructed the jury to disregard all of Asa's testimony and excused him from the witness stand. While Sam and Hank were at sidebar with the judge, Dorian told Lindsay that she had the money for Barnes but that "this won't work." Lindsay told her just to get the money to Barnes on time and then he would "tell what I tell him to say."

The Diner

Bo comes in and sees Barnes sitting at a table and follows him out when he leaves the diner before finishing his food. Bo confronted Barnes in the alley and demanded to know what his "relationship to Lindsay Rappaport" is. When Barnes told him the name wasn't familiar except maybe for what he reads in the newspaper, Bo told him that he recognized him from the hospital's DNA lab and demanded that he show him some ID. While Bo was distracted by one of the kids from the community center, Barnes hid; but when Bo turned around, Barnes knocked him unconscious.

Cliffhangers for Friday

At Crossroads, Jessica comes inside with a strange look on her face and Viki asks, "What's the matter? Did you remember something?"

At court, Hank calls his next witness: Dorian Lord Hayes.

Friday, July 30, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Cheryl Paster-Di Pilla

Jessica, Viki and Ben are at Crossroads, where Jess is trying to recreate the night of her party. She has a kind of déjà -vu, but she can't remember what happened and is frustrated. She decides to go to Lindsay's trial for help. Ben and Viki agree to go with her.

Nora and R.J. run into each other outside of the courtroom. Nora asks if Dorian will confess to something. When R.J. wants to know where she has been, Nora says she's been visiting Rachel in jail after having a conversation with R.J. previously. He says Dorian will be glad to see her.

In the courtroom, Dorian is called to the stand. She appears nervous. Hank reminds her that she was advised of this 2 weeks ago, but she seems to have forgotten. Hank asks her if Lindsay asked her to lie about her alibi. She says yes. Sam gets up to cross-examine the witness and asks Dorian where she herself was the night of the accident. As she's about to answer, Ben, Viki and Jessica enter the courtroom and take seats. Dorian appears distracted. Sam repeats the question and Hank immediately objects to the line of questioning. He says it's immaterial, but after Sam speaks to the judge, she decides to allow the question. Sam asks again, where were you? She was home alone having declined an invitation to Jessica's party because of strained family relations. Yes, she did blame Viki for Mel's death and made threats but she now regrets it. Sam proclaims that Dorian's alibi is as "good" as Lindsay's- no one can verify it.

During this time, Max enters the courtroom and takes a seat next to Asa. Asa announces that he knows Dorian is not involved in the accident but after voting yes for Ben at the board meeting, he is glad to see her suffer on the witness stand. Max wonders how many vendettas one person can have.

The judge calls a recess and Asa bids hello to the "mob doctor" Ben. He proceeds to insult most of the Davidson/Rappoport clan. He gets a call on his cell phone and leaves. Lindsay is wondering where Bo is.

Nora tries to get Dorian aside for a chat but Dorian rushes off. Hank stops by to ask Nora how she's doing.

Viki is then able to confront Dorian and asks Jess to stay. She no longer believes that Dorian has a vendetta against her and wants to apologize for not believing her sooner. Viki continues to sing Dorian's praises while Jessica is quiet. She looks as though she is struggling to remember something.

Lindsay encounters Nora during the recess and wants to know why she's turned down her case. Nora says that she is unable to tell her. Hank tells everyone that he will be calling Will to the stand. That's ok, he says, because he will be able to tell the jury that his mom is innocent.

The trial starts back up and Jessica is called to the stand. She enters the courtroom with her mother.

At the diner, Roseanne and Cristian are having a talk about what has happened between the two of them. Roseanne wants Cristian to tell Jessica but he says he doesn't want to break her heart. He will tell her soon, especially since she had to go and tell Will they slept together. He says it will be his fault if someone gets hurt. Téa walks into the diner and hears the end of the conversation. The two women exchange some unfriendly words as Rae next comes inside. All of the women's conversations with each other include angry words. (Roseanne's intimations to Téa are especially full of hidden meanings).Rae asks for a TV to watch the trial and Rosie is off to get one. Rae tells Téa that it's obvious she's in pain. The women watch the trial and again exchange angry words, this time over Téa's firing from the trial. Cristian comes by to break it up. Rae and Téa agree to try to get along although after Rae admits to speaking to John about Téa, the tension appears again. Rae thinks that Téa has a lot to hide. Rae makes herself available to Téa if she wants to chat. She tells her how much John cares. During this time R.J. walks by the diner and looks in.

Back on the witness stand, Jessica admits to gaps in her memory. She mentions that baby Megan was overdue, if only she had been born sooner. She talks about that night at the party, how she went outside to get air while at the Crossroads, went into labor and started heading back for the bar. She saw headlights and a small, red sports car appear. Hank tells her to peer into the windshield. She sees a woman's shadow. During this time many people get teary.

At the diner, everyone is watching the TV. Téa is crying and Roseanne is extremely annoyed over that. She wonders if Téa is identifying with the victim or the killer. Cristian jumps up and rushes out to the courtroom. He tells Roseanne that Jessica needs him.

R.J. enters the alley with the half million dollars for Barnes. He wonders why the lab tech is late. Bo's badge is lying on the ground nearby.

Hank asks Jessica if she sees the woman from the car in the courtroom. Her eyes widen as she focuses on Dorian.

Roseanne accuses Téa of killing her mother. When Téa denies it, Rosie states that her mom killed herself because of Téa.

A mysterious woman enters the airport and purchases a newspaper. She points to the picture of Ben on the cover. Her bag has the initials S.C. She looks for Asa's phone number in her book. Once Asa receives her call, he tells her what great timing she has. Later, they are speaking in person. The woman has crossed off the picture of Ben with a big X. Asa is pleased.

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