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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 26, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, July 26, 1999

Nancy is talking to Bob and Kim about making plans for the Labor Day picnic and she says that Chris has offered to be the chef just as Chris walks in. He asks her what she is talking about. She tells him that he said that he will be the chef for the Labor Day picnic. He asks if they can just go to a Cubs' game instead? Andy walks in and announces to his family that he is engaged. He tells them that Molly asks him and he accepted. Kim and Bob are reluctant at first. Andy tells them that she has saved his life and they have been together as friends for months. Bob says that they only want happiness for him and he looks happy. Andy asks Nancy if she has an heirloom that he can give Molly. She says that she thinks that she can find something. Kim has gone upstairs and comes back with the engagement ring that John had given to her. She tells Andy that she is sure that John would want him to have it to give to the woman that he is going to marry. As Andy is leaving with the ring in hand, Chris walks out with Andy. They talk about Chris getting into trouble. Andy tells him that he can make a clean start, just look himself and where he has been. Chris says that is good advice and Andy leaves. Chris goes back inside and Bob is standing there. Chris asks Bob if they can talk. Chris tells Bob that he has only screwed up in his life. Bob says that everyone screws up, the important part is how you come back from the screw ups. Chris tells Bob that he is not sure of what he wants to do with the rest of his life, he just knows that it isn't in medicine. Bob tells him that is a starting point. He tells Chris to go to bed and think about what he is going to do with his life. They shake hands and then Bob pulls him toward him and the two hug.

Reid finds Molly at her apartment. He wants to know what she is trying to do to him. She says that she ran off because she had a deadline to meet. He knows that she is lying and he says that he is missing Melinda's pacifier. He thinks that she has taken it. She acts like she doesn't know what he is talking about. He asks her if she is trying to ruin him? She says that she just wanted to help Holden find his baby. Reid goes ballistic and starts tearing her and Andy's apartment apart. Molly is yelling at him to stop. He comes over to her and pushes her down on the couch and says that Julia had the same idea about Melinda being Holden and Lily's baby and she ran into a brick wall. He says that if she is trying ruin him then he will destroy her. He runs out of the apartment. Molly is shaken up and goes over and locks the door. She finds the phone and calls the Lakeview and asks if Julia Lindsey is staying there.

Brad and Jack are talking about the situation with Carly. Jack is saying that the easiest way out of the marriage is to get an annulment. Brad doesn't want to say that he and Carly have slept together, he told Carly that he wouldn't tell Jack. Brad says that they are going the way of the divorce. Brad tells Jack that he looked up the word consummate in the dictionary and it means "to make perfect." Jack says that will only make it harder for Brad and Carly to split. Brad says that Jack doesn't know how right he is. Jack says that Carly told him how she and Brad only lived as brother and sister. Brad tells him that there is more, there is an estate to be divided.

Carly is talking with Julia in the hall at Lakeview. Carly is filling Julia in about how she and Jack got together at the boathouse. Julia says that she does not believe that Jack would sleep with his brother's wife. Carly says that she went to the boathouse to leave a note for Jack saying goodbye and he came before she left and wouldn't let her leave. She says that she and Jack were meant to be together and now they will never be apart. Carly leaves and Jack walks out of the dining room and sees Julia standing there. He says that he saw she and Carly talking and wondered if Carly had told her that they are together now? Julia tells him that she couldn't wait to tell her. Jack apologizes to Julia. He asks about she and Reid. Julia says that they are taking it slow, she wants everything to be perfect. Jack says that he has to get back to work. He steps toward Julia and kisses her on the cheek.

Carly comes over to where Brad is sitting in the bar. She asks if he and Jack are OK and did things go smoothly? Brad tells her that it is very thoughtful of her to be so concerned. She tells Brad that this will be best for him too. He says that he can't wait to be a millionaire. Carly reminds Brad that Jack can't find out about the two of them. Brad says that he thought about telling Jack, but for her not to worry, he still thinks that she is pure as.....whatever. He asks her when will he get his million? She says that she will go call her accountant and make sure that there are no glitches. She tells him that it will all be over soon. As she walks away, Brad gets a disgusted look on his face.

Molly meets Julia at the Lakeview dining room. She tells Julia that Reid has told her about Julia suspecting him in having Holden and Lily's baby. At first, Julia doesn't believe her. Julia says that she doesn't think that anymore. Molly says that maybe Reid has their baby and maybe he doesn't, but something is not right with this guy-she can see it in Julia's face. Julia tells Molly about taking a lock of Melinda's hair and getting a DNA test run on it and it came back negative. Molly asks her if she is sure, labs do make mistakes. Molly takes out the pacifier that she stole from Melinda. She is showing it to Julia when Reid walks in. Reid says that this is convenient, Melinda lost her pacifier. Molly gives the pacifier to Reid. He sees that Julia has shown the lab analysis to Molly and he asks if there are anymore questions? Julia says that she explained to Molly about her suspicions and Molly understands everything now. Molly leaves and Reid sits down at the table. Julia tells Reid that they have to be honest with each other, no more secrets, no more lies or it is over. Reid takes her hand and says that it is late and they should go up to bed. Julia informs him that she is going to get her own room tonight. Reid is not happy and he leaves.

Andy returns back to the apartment. Molly is trying to clean up the mess that Reid has made. She sees Andy walk in and she is half crying. She says that she wanted to have the mess cleaned up before he returned. Andy says that it doesn't matter. He takes Molly by the hand and walks her over to the couch and tells her that she saves his life everyday and will she accept this. He holds out his hand and the diamond ring is in the palm of his hand. She takes it and asks if he will put it on her finger? She is crying tears of happiness and they hug.

Carly is with Jack, they are ready for bed. Carly walks over to him and they start kissing. The scene switches to Brad sitting in the bar. He gets a big smile on his face and takes a drink. Switch back to Carly and Jack on the bed, kissing. Carly falls back and Jack is on top of her kissing her neck. She has a very satisfied look on her face.

Tuesday, July 27, 1999

Tom is sitting on the couch and Emily is laying down with her head in his lap. She looks up at him and he is sleeping. She takes his hand and hugs it close to her face. This wakes Tom up and he starts to move and tells Emily that he fell asleep. The both get up off the couch and Susan comes in from working all night. Tom tells Susan that he stayed at her house all night to help Emily with Daniel. He was fussy all night and they didn't fall asleep until after 5:00 am. Susan says that they don't have to tell her about babies, she understands. Daniel starts to cry and Tom goes to look after him. Susan tells Emily that if she is using the baby to get closer to Tom, she is going to get hurt all over again. Emily denies doing this and Susan reminds her about everything she went through last year trying to get Tom. Emily asks what is so bad about wanting to be with the father of her baby and anyway he is a free man. Susan tells her that he is still in love with his wife. Tom comes in and announces that Daniel is dry, he changed his diaper and is waiting for his mommy to pick out an outfit for him. He asks if he should stick around and help further and Emily tells him to go ahead and go, she knows that he has work to do. Tom leaves.

Lily and Holden are on their way to see Denise about signing the papers to give up her parental rights to Hope. As they are walking across the court at the apartment building, Lily hesitates and wonders if they are pushing Denise. Holden tells her it is best that they get the papers sign as soon as possible. Margo comes walking through the court and stops and talks to Lily and Holden. She tells them that she is going to see Molly, she thinks that she knows more than what she is telling. Margo suspects that Molly saw David Stenbeck when she was in Mackinaw last week. Holden wants to go with her and at first she says that he is too emotionally attached to the case and then she thinks that it might be good, Molly may tell him more than she would tell Margo. Lily tells Holden to go with Margo and she will go and talk with Denise alone, it might be better that way.

In Andy and Molly's apartment, Molly is telling Margo that she doesn't know where David is and she hasn't seen him. Margo asks her who she was visiting last week when she was at Mackinaw Island. Andy looks at Molly. Molly tells Margo that she was there working on a piece about shrinks that take their patients on romantic weekends. Margo says that she knows that Molly is lying, she knows that she was there to see someone that doesn't want to be seen. Andy interrupts and tells Margo that Molly hasn't seen David in a long time. He announces to Margo that they are engaged to get married. Molly holds out her hand so Margo can see the diamond ring and she says that Andy is going to make an honest woman out of her. Margo starts to laugh and says, "It's too easy, I can't." Andy walks over to Margo and says, "Margo, please." Margo tells them that she will leave and she and Holden leave the apartment. Andy walks over to Molly and asks her why she didn't tell him that she was in Mackinaw with Reid Hamilton?

Lily goes to Denise's front door and before she can knock, Denise comes out with the papers in her hand. She says that she knows why Lily is there. As Lily and Denise are discussing how they are going to handle everything, Reid comes walking by, but before the women see him, he hides around the corner and listen to them talking. Lily tells Denise that she will always love Hope as her very own and when she is old enough to understand, they will tell her who her birth mother is. Denise says that all she has to do is sign the papers and give up her baby forever. Lily says that this is a gift that she would be giving to Hope. Lily reaches out and touches Denise's arm and then she leaves. Denise is left to think about which way to go and Reid comes walking by. Reid says hi to Denise and asks if she remembers him. She remembers that he talked with her one night at the hospital about her daughter. Denise asks if he would have a few minutes to talk to her now. Denise starts to tell Reid about having to give up the rights to her daughter and in her heart she doesn't want to do it. Reid tells her that she should listen to her heart. He tells her that he was adopted and his parents, as hard as they tried, couldn't give him the unconditional love that his birth parents could have. Denise talks about how good the Snyder's are and they are a family. She would be a single mother and would have to scrape to get by. Reid tells her not to sign the papers until she has really thought this through. Denise goes into her apartment and Reid starts up the steps to his apartment. He hears Andy and Molly coming out of their apartment and hides around the corner. Molly can't find her key and goes back inside to find it. Andy gets a call on his cell phone. It is another photographer named Heather. When Andy hangs up, Molly asks, "who is Heather?" He tells her that she is a fellow photographer and she has a list of photographers that may have taken the photo of the baby and the mystery guy. They head off to the police station to tell Margo. As they are leaving, Andy says that he is going to clear Molly's name in the mess. Reid is not happy.

At the police station, Adam is telling some of the cops that he is throwing a party for his dad and Barbara in celebration of them getting married. Margo comes in and asks what brings Adam to the police station. He tells her about the party and asks if she will attend? She says that she will if he will be her date. John comes in complaining that he couldn't hear Margo on his cell phone. He asks her what it was she was saying about Andy and Molly. She tells him that they are going to get married. She goes off on a tirade about how will he know if this is the love of his life and what if she decides to take off on him someday? John gives her a funny look and says that it sounds like she is talking about Tom. She gets mad at him and says that everything that comes out of he mouth is not about Tom. At that moment, Tom comes walking in the station. He tells her that he is there to look at some case to report on it for the paper. She goes to look for Fred for him to give him the information. Tom turns around and sees Adam. Adam tells him that he is sorry that he had to turn him down on the fishing trip. He says that he called his hotel room late last night to apologize and then he called early this morning but he wasn't there. Adam goes on to say that he figured that Tom was with Emily. Adam walks into one of the rooms and Tom follows. He explains to Adam that it was Emily's first night home and first night with Daniel and he was over there to help out with Daniel. He tells him that it does not mean that he cares about Adam any less. Adam adds, "Or mom or Casey." Adam tells Tom about planning the party for his dad and Barbara and if he is out tonight to stay away from the Mona Lisa, because his mom will be there and he doesn't want anything to get weird. Tom says that he understands. Tom leaves and Hal had been listening outside the door. Hal comes in and puts his arm on Adams shoulder. Hal tries to explain to Adam that just because Tom has had a baby with another woman, does not mean that he has stopped loving Adam. Hal tells him that he had a baby with another woman and he hurt a lot of people and he regrets that, but he never regretted that baby. He says that he loves that child more than his own life. Adam says that is just like dad.....I mean Tom loves Daniel. Hal says and you too. Hal says that Tom found out that his son belonged to another man and decided to love him anyway. He tells Adam to think about that and he leaves.

Andy and Molly come into the police station and Andy tells Margo about the call he got and Holden comes over to listen. They decide to split the names up and go check out the photographers. Margo goes by herself and Holden and Andy go together. Margo didn't find out anything. Holden and Andy go to one of the photographers and show him the picture. The photographer says that it looks like his work. He does some checking and comes back and tells Holden and Andy that he took the picture two years ago. Holden is very frustrated. They ask if they can have the negatives. The photographer says that he destroys the negatives after two years. Holden and Andy leave. Once they are outside, Holden remembers something that he wanted to ask the photographer. He sticks his head back in the door and the photographer is on the phone. He is saying that he told Mr. Snyder just what he was told to say and Mr. Snyder looked very disappointed. The photographer was talking with Reid Hamilton, but Holden doesn't know that. Holden is perplexed, just the same.

Molly is hanging around the police station, waiting for Andy to return. She sees a file on Margo's desk about Reid Hamilton. She picks it up and starts to read it. She sees that he is a road scholar and comments that he is smarter than he looks. She then reads that his mother is from England and his father is deceased. She has a flashback of when she called his hotel room in Mackinaw and he said "dad?" in the phone. She takes off.

Reid is hanging up and turns around and Molly is standing there. She asks, "Who were you talking to, your dead dad?"

Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Eddie's upset when he wakes up with Georgia in his arms and no memory of her having gotten there. Georgia quickly reassures him nothing happened. Carly answers Jack's phone and it's Brad on the other end--he's coming over for his payment. Emmy lets herself into Jack's house to deliver some apple tarts and instead rips into Carly when she finds her wearing only a pajama top.

Brad asks Rosanna to come back to Oakdale. Reid fibs to Molly that after his father died he called his mother's friend "Dad." Molly threatens to go to Toronto and talk to his family and friends. Adam enlists Lisa's help in getting Hal and Barbara to their surprise party. Emma accuses Carly of lying in wait for Jack and demands she leave. Jack walks in and explains to his aunt that Carly isn't going anywhere--he wants her there. Emma expresses her disappointment with Jack's choice and in the midst of the brouhaha Carly's accountant arrives with Brad's settlement money. Jack's eyebrows raise at the mention of a half million dollars.

Eddie surprises Georgia with a birthday cake and shows her his other present--a tattoo on his arm of the state of Georgia, with her name inside. Molly wiggles her engagement ring in Reid's face as proof that Andy did accept her proposal. Carly stammers to Jack that the money was to be for her getaway and later sneaks out the back door to meet Brad.

Eddie is quick to reassure that the tattoo is fake--for now. He gives her his other present--a beaded necklace. Alec interrupts their good mood. Molly gets a feeling of déjà vu when she realizes Reid is echoing something David used to say--how once the lights went out she could pretend she was with anyone. In front of Emma and Jack, Brad hands Carly an envelope--it's his power of attorney so she can get a quickie divorce in the Caribbean.

Jack intends to go stag to Hal and Barbara's party until Carly begs to come along--all of the town will be there and she's anxious to show that they're together, she tells him. When she promises to be on her best behavior around Barbara Jack relents.

Alec hands Georgia his own present to her--an 18 karat gold necklace. Georgia refuses to accept the necklace, as well as his invitation to take her old job back, insisting he take back his "bribe." Eddie comments on the frostiness in the room and believes Alec is trying to make up for something. When he leaps to the conclusion that Alec is trying to atone for making a pass at her, Georgia has to assuage his doubts about Alec's good intentions. Alec later returns to Eddie's apartment and presses Georgia to work with him to find the "right" time to tell Eddie about his father. Georgia reluctantly agrees to think about it--but only for Eddie's sake.

Kim takes Adam aside and tells her grandson she and Bob will always be there for him, whenever he needs to talk. Adam is wowed by a wild girl at Fashions sporting a bellybutton ring and several other piercings. He assumes the blond with the green highlights is Jennifer, until Barbara walks by and assures him otherwise. The real Jennifer--a mousy brunette hiding under a hat and a school uniform--walks in and bumps into the other girl who's on her way out. Carly succeeds in giving Brad the quick sendoff.

A bitter Reid tells Molly her honeymoon with Andy won't be half as good as the one she'd have had if she'd gone to Mallorca with Reid. A stunned Molly remembers surprising David with her plans to go to Mallorca on their honeymoon, and realizes that David would be the only person who would know about that.

Georgia gives Eddie a thumbs-down on his idea to make his tattoo permanent. Brad welcomes Rosanna back to Oakdale and invites her to Hal and Barbara's surprise engagement party, promising it will be a party no one will soon forget (including Carly). Molly's mind plays snippets of memories of Reid and David and all the similarities they share. Sickened, she is finally forced to conclude to herself that Reid IS David.

Thursday, July 29, 1999

Outraged when "Reid" accuses Lily of caring more about her missing child than Hope, Lily lays into "Reid" for advising Denise to reconsider signing over her baby to the Snyders and orders him to stay out of her life. At the police station Holden demands that the photographer who took Melinda's photo reveal who hired him. Learning nothing, he then questions Molly who admits her fear that David is back in Oakdale. Holden claims that he can't be. He's curious when phone records reveal that "Reid" made many calls to a local nanny service. Molly searches "Reid's" apartment but is caught snooping by the owner. She announces that she thinks that he is David. Denise leaks to Camille that Lily and Holden's baby is the one she gave up for adoption. The two bond when Denise admits that the father of her baby is white as was Camille's father and they discuss Denise's fear that her baby's new parents may be unable to raise her to be aware of her heritage. Camille lets slip that Ben plans to propose marriage. Jennifer worries about her mother's happiness when she hears about the wedding plans and confides to Adam how upset she is that he's going to be living with them.

Friday, July 30, 1999

Jack comforts Carly when she has last-minute jitters. John sees the couple and needles Carly about keeping it all in the family. Reid scoffs at Molly's insistence that he is David, then is silent as Molly lays out her case. John bonds with Parker and tells him of the plans he has for his future. Brad finally relents under Rosanna's questioning and tells her that he is getting a divorce and that Carly will be escorted to the party by her new man--his brother Jack.

Adam soothes a flustered Lisa at the party. Chris informs Katie he's no longer studying pre-med--he realized he couldn't be "Bob Hughes, the next chapter" and worries about Bob's seeming acceptance of this. Holden quizzes Bob about Reid, wondering why the childless shrink would need a nanny service. Molly insists to Reid she only wants to hear him admit the truth.

Reid fills in Molly on how David was shot by Holden and left for dead. Jack and Carly exchange awkward greetings with the other guests at the party. Rosanna sidles up to her sister just as the guests of honor arrive. Surprise, she tells her sister.

Brad takes Parker out of his crib. Reid explains to Molly that he knows about the details of David's death only because of Julia's therapy sessions. Molly runs out at the news that David was murdered. Rosanna chides Carly for her growing "husband of the month club" and reveals that Brad invited her. Jennifer rebukes Adam when he comes up from behind and surprises her.

When Molly corners Holden at the party and asks him point blank if he killed David, Holden's silence speaks volumes. Margo wonders to Kim if Andy hasn't find another Julie Wendall in Molly. Chris recommends Katie to his mother for a job opening at WOAK.

Barbara and Carly exchange stilted pleasantries. Emma puts Carly on notice--she suspects Carly is hiding something and she doesn't want Jack to suffer because of it. Brad dresses Parker up to take him to the engagement party. After her conversation with Emma, Carly tells Jack there's something from her past that he doesn't know about. She is interrupted when Margo drags Jack off for their skit. Jack and Margo's duet has all the guests chuckling.

John shows up at the party and refuses Lisa's pleas to leave. Adam makes a toast to his new family. Molly promises to keep quiet about David's death if Holden will just tell her where he was buried, so she can say goodbye. Holden rails against the mess that Stenbeck left behind, then admits Reid dug up the body and burned it. Molly wonders if David didn't come back from the dead--he's done it before, she tells herself.

When Holden collars Reid in his apartment, Reid threatens to tell the world about David's death. John toasts to Barbara's happiness with Hal. As Carly looks on in horror, Brad cradles Parker in his arms and announces he has a gift for Hal--his son.



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