Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 26, 1999 on PC

Courtney blackmailed Chris. A second Kevin appeared. Scott demanded that Sarah prove she was baby Christina's mother.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 26, 1999 on PC
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Monday, July 26, 1999

Scotty and Lucy
Scotty and Lucy decided to picnic in the park with Serena and Christina. While Serena was at the ice-cream cart, Lucy approached Scotty about the distance between the two of them. Lucy feels that Scotty is avoiding her because he can not stand the thought of her sleeping with Bordecio. Scotty admitted that their has been some distance but only because he was trying to give her the space that he thought that she needed. The two left the park with the hope that everything was going to get better. When they arrived home, Lee phoned to give them bad news. Christina's mother has been found.

Julie and Chris
Julie is upset. She is worried that Bordecio might hire someone to pretend to be Christina's mother. She is afraid that when she does get out, she will never be able to find her baby. Chris tries to console her. He convinces her to drop Kevin as her doctor and give Rachel Locke a chance. Julie desperately realizes that she can not rely on Kevin. She agrees to meet with the doctor. Later, a very young and beautiful, Doctor Locke arrives to see Julie.

In Italy,
Kevin is still frantic about Eve's safety. He does not want to sit around and let Victor's cohorts find Eve. Victor told Kevin that he is right but they will need supplies first. Victor tricks Kevin into entering a closet in which Victor slams shut and uses a chair to keep it shut. He explains through the door that he is just trying to keep Kevin safe. Victor leaves to find Eve.
Victor finds Eve tied to a chair on the floor. He unties her and releases the bonds. They were about to leave when the computer generated voice thanks Mr.. Collins for arriving so soon. Victor tries to make a trade. Him for Eve's safe return. The voice announced that now that they had him, Eve was expendable.
Back at the house, Kevin breaks through the door. He tries to use physic energy to find Eve. He thinks that he knows where she is. He arrives at the cave to find it completely abandoned except for Eve's scarf.

Tuesday, July 27, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Larissa Howard.

Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Lucy is about to leave home with Christina when Serena asks her if she is running away. Lucy tries to explain to Serena that she is not running away. While in the car, Lucy talks to herself and asks her if running away is the right thing to do.

Scott demands that Sarah prove that she is the mother of baby Christina. Rachel talks with Scott and knows that Sarah is lying. She says she can tell by the tiniest sign-she is wearing a cross-that must mean she can tell between right and wrong. Scott finds out the truth that Sarah did have a missing baby-it just wasn't Christina. When he returns home, he realizes that Lucy has ran away with Christina. However, Lucy returns home when she says running away was the wrong thing to do. Scott spills the good news to Lucy that the woman who stepped forward claiming to be Christina's mother was wrong.

Kevin is very mad when he can not mentally connect to Eve. Mr. Zoren told him that he should not try to-either something happened to Eve. He warns Kevin that Eve could have been killed. Eve, drugged by Victor so Eve can not connect with Kevin, has a dream about Kevin. When she wakes up, she told him his drug didn't work-she had a dream about Kevin. Victor says he was sorry for drugging her-he had to do it or else Kevin might know where they are and if he tried to rescue them-he would probably be killed. Victor told Eve to think hard and send off a warning to Kevin and warn him that he is in danger.

Thursday, July 29, 1999

Eve and Victor woke and found themselves in what appeared to be Jasmine Island - a spot from Victor's worst memories. Eve was presented with a new challenge and had to face down the image of Ryan. Kevin arrived to save Eve and Victor only to come face to face with another Kevin! Julie was surprised to learn that Rachel had been appointed as her new psychiatrist. Later, Rachel informed Chris that they needed to visit Greg Cooper. Courtney went to Chris and attempted to coerce him into stealing Neil's lab results. When Chris refused, Courtney threatened to spill the truth about the money he stole from Julie.

Friday, July 30, 1999

Courtney convinced Chris to steal Neil's lab results and was devastated when her worst fears were confirmed - Joe was not Neil's father! Meanwhile, Joe and Frank were once again unable to hide their contempt for one another and came to blows. Courtney informed a curious Frank that she had something very important to discuss with him. Faced with two Kevins, Eve chose the right one and the other disappeared. The trio then faced and defeated the images of Ryan and then Bennett Devlin. Kevin, Victor and Eve were finally able to outwit their captors. In order to save his loved ones, Victor realized that he had to give in to the captor's demands and sacrifice himself. Later, a confused Kevin and Eve awoke at their hotel still believing that Victor was dead and they had no memory of anything else that had happened to them.

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