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Mateo walked out on Hayley and later decided to accompany Raquel and Max on a trip to Texas. Ryan and Hayley kissed, but he ended the intimate moment before it could progress further. Hayley threatened to take a drink. Amanda's plan to get Janet and Trevor to go off on a honeymoon together worked.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 2, 1999 on AMC
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Monday, August 2, 1999

Ryan awoke and straggled out of bed. In the livingroom, Hayley was still fast asleep. Ryan reached for the phone and dialed Mateo's cellular phone. Mateo took Ryan's call, but he was not at all happy to hear from him. "We need to talk," Ryan said urgently. Mateo shook his head and replied, "No, we don't." Ryan tried to explain that Hayley was "torn up" about her split with Mateo. Matt, however, didn't want to hear anything Ryan had to say. As Ryan continued to talk, Mateo hung up his phone. Ryan slowly approached the sofa and replaced the blanket that Hayley had wrestled off during the night. He then took a deep breath, scrawled something on a notepad, and left the loft. Sometime later, Hayley was roused from her sleep by a knock on the door. She labored off the sofa and scurried to the door. When the door swung open, a shocked Gillian stared back at her from the other side. Gillian turned and walked away, but Hayley chased after her and told her that she would not let her walk away from her again. Hayley explained that she had fallen asleep on the sofa while visiting Ryan. Gillian agreed to join Hayley inside the condo, but it was apparent that her mind was elsewhere. Hayley tried to explain everything that had happened, but it didn't seem like Gillian believed anything that she'd said. It was then that Gillian realized that Hayley must not have heard the news about Dimitri's death. The news hit Hayley hard; she sat Gillian down on the sofa and tried her best to comfort her. Gillian told Hayley that Dimitri had been more of a father to her than her real father had. She lamented that she'd never had the chance to tell Dimitri how much she'd loved him. Hayley took Gillian's hand and assured her that Dimitri knew. Gillian was sure that the bad news would devastate Ryan because he'd really liked Dimitri. Hayley instructed Gillian to stay put while she went to Wildwind to check on Edmund. Gillian shook her head and said that she did not want to be alone. Hayley nodded her head and the two women headed off to Wildwind together.

In the courtyard of the condominium complex, Max played with his new remote controlled racecar. Mateo hoped to make up for his son's spoiled birthday party by giving his son an even bigger gift---a new bicycle. Max, however, was unmoved by the gift and muttered that he likes his car better. Mateo joined Raquel inside her condo for a brief meeting to see how he could undo the damage that he'd done. Raquel explained that Max was hurting because he believed that his father didn't think his birthday was a special day. This was, after all, Max's very first birthday party (with friends). Raquel told Mateo that she'd spoken to her folks and that they'd invited her and Max to stay with them in Texas for a while. Mateo was surprised, but he thought that it might do his son some good to get a way for a little while. He took a deep breath and said that he would miss his son while he was gone. Just to make sure that they got settled, Mateo announced that he'd be traveling with them. That way, he said, he could make sure that he and Raquel's parents were "on the same page." If Mateo was going to be out of town, he knew that someone would have to look after the bar. That someone, of course, was Hayley.

Ryan arrived at the condo after Mateo had left to find Hayley. He told Raquel that he wanted to speak to Mateo to assure him that he and Hayley were not lovers. He claimed that Matt was "all geeked up" over nothing. Raquel wasn't so sure. She noted that he and Hayley had shared a kiss---and a kiss was not something to be taken lightly. Ryan did not understand why everyone was so worked up over a simple kiss. Raquel explained that Mateo is a "proud man" that loves Hayley very much. She bashfully admitted that she'd found that out the hard way when she'd tried to put the moves on Mateo. The kiss, she said, was "put and out disrespectful" of Mateo and Hayley's relationship. Ryan asked Raquel why she was packing her bags. She informed him that she and Max were headed to visit her parents. In passing, she mentioned that Mateo was going to be joining them. Ryan puckered his lips and asked Raquel if she was going to "make another play" for Mateo. Raquel did not attempt to deny Ryan's charges. Instead, she said that some time away might do them all some good---and perhaps time would also allow them to rekindle some of their former magic.

Amanda "prepared" a candlelight breakfast for her mother and father. After dining, Trevor joked that Amanda was a "romance vigilante." He told Janet that their daughter had accused them of being "fuddy duddies." To make a point, they went overboard with smooches and sweet talk. It didn't appear to convince Amanda of anything. Janet filed out of the room shortly before a knock sounded on the door. Amanda raced to answer the door. Trevor saw Mateo on the porch and quickly asked Amanda to check on the laundry. Before the conversation could swing into full gear, Trevor wanted Mateo to know that he wasn't playing favorites because he wanted him and Hayley to get back together. Mateo seemed almost disgusted by the idea. He shook his head and muttered that reconciliation was the furthest thing from his mind. Trevor told Matt that Ryan was not interested in Hayley because he still loved Gillian. If that was true, Mateo asked why Ryan and Gillian were not still married. Trevor countered that by asking Mateo why he and Hayley were not legally married. Mateo became silent as Trevor noted that Mateo's past marriage had interfered. Amanda returned to the room toting a basket of Hayley's laundry. She asked Mateo if her wanted her to put the clothing in a bag or in Hayley's suitcase. Mateo looked at her quizzically and asked her where she'd gotten the idea that he wanted Hayley's clothing. Amanda stated that Hayley had not slept at home the night before so she had naturally assumed that she and Mateo had spent the night together. Trevor's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets and he quickly shooed his daughter from the room. Mateo blasted Trevor for not having told him that Hayley had spent the night elsewhere. Trevor said that it was possible that Hayley slept at Chandler Mansion, but Mateo didn't buy it. Janet suddenly burst into the room with the news of Dimitri's death. Trevor softly noted that Hayley might have gone to Wildwind. Mateo's face fell and he apologized for having yelled at Trevor. Mateo raced off leaving Janet and Trevor to mull over the latest batch of bad news. When the doorbell sounded, Janet prayed that more bad news was not waiting for them. As it turns out, a messenger had dropped by with a telegram from Tim. Trevor ripped open the telegram and read the message aloud. "Good news," Trevor paused and flashed a big smile to his wife. "I'm getting married." Trevor's smiled quickly faded away. In the corner, though, Amanda smiled merrily.

In the main house at Wildwind, Myrtle dropped by to pay her respects to Edmund. She and Peggy struck up a conversation about Dimitri's mysterious new wife. Myrtle explained that Erica had told her that she did not trust Alexandra. Peggy said that she was not sure that Erica's feelings could be trusted. "She's hurt," Peggy said. "And looking for someone to blame." As she'd done to Edmund, Peggy told Myrtle that she saw love in Alex's eyes---and that she did not doubt that Alexandra had strong feelings for Dimitri. Nevertheless, she was convinced that Alex was holding something back.

In the hunting lodge, Alex drifted to a place somewhere between consciousness and sleep. Her mind was filled with imagery from her wedding day. In the background, "Sean" and Alexandra's mother acted as witnesses to the ceremony. As the minister spoke, Dimitri suddenly interrupted. He became extremely giddy---to a level never before seen. "You are an extraordinary woman," Dimitri said happily. "I never want to take a single moment [with you] for granted." He went on to say that Alexandra had healed his soul and help him get back his life. Alex was speechless. At first she'd been perturbed that Dimitri had interrupted the ceremony, but now she was truly touched by his kinds words. Not wanting the sentiment to unreciprocated, Alexandra opened up her heart and said a few words about her feelings for her husband-to-be. "I think I was hiding," she said. "I didn't want to feel anything." She said that she looks forward to a "glorious, joyous, fragrant [and] full" life with Dimitri. As it came time for the vows, Dimitri recited the vows without the need for prompting from the minister. Likewise, Alexandra knew every word of the vows. However, her voice cracked and tears came to her eyes when she had to promise to love Dimitri through "sickness and health." After the minister pronounced them husband and wife, a moment of silence ensued. "I hardly thought that an American would need prompting," said the minister with a slight smile. Dimitri looked around in confusion before he realized that Alex was mouthing "Kiss me." Alexandra was still daydreaming when the door to the lodge swung open. "I didn't hear you knock," Alex stated when she returned to the present. "I didn't," Edmund replied angrily. "What did you do with my brother's body?" Alex explained that she'd had Dimitri's body transported to a local funeral home. Again Edmund expressed his desire to have an autopsy. It was again met with resistance from Alexandra, who explained that no autopsy was needed because she'd gotten the medical report from Seaview Hospital. "Cerebral incident" was the official cause of death. Alexandra explained that the term was just medical jargon for a brain aneurysm or stroke. She assured Edmund that aside from the headache his brother had not suffered. This comforted Edmund slightly and he backed down from his demand for an autopsy. As Alexandra was putting the medical papers into her purse, she accidentally knocked her purse to the ground thereby spilling its contents. Edmund bent over and plucked up one of the items: a gold watch that he'd given Dimitri. Edmund smiled slightly and said that he'd given the watch to his brother to replace the one he'd lost in the aqueduct. Edmund noted that Dimitri had saved his life. "I think you saved each other," Alexandra replied. Edmund sat down on the sofa next to Alexandra and asked her if she'd gotten any sleep the night before. She shook her head. Edmund smiled warmly and told his sister-in-law that he'd have Peggy send her some food and clothing. As Edmund made his way out, he asked Alex to contact the funeral home and arrange for a private viewing. He said that he was sure that many people would want to pay their last respects to Dimitri. Alexandra swallowed hard and nodded her head.

Back at the main house, Gillian and Hayley arrived. Gillian told Edmund that she'd phone Eugenia and that she'd be back in Pine Valley on the next flight from Newport. Hayley sat down next to Edmund and said, "There's never gonna be another one like him." Edmund nodded his head slightly. Edmund told Hayley that he was going to go upstairs and tell the kids that their Uncle Dimmie would never be coming home. Alone, Hayley sat and stared at a picture of Dimitri. "This wasn't supposed to happen to you," she sobbed. A noise from behind startled her. She turned and saw Mateo standing just a few feet away. She slowly rose from the sofa and walked towards Mateo. After some initial hesitation, Hayley buried her head on Mateo's shoulder and sobbed openly.

After Edmund left, Alex raced to the phone and called Dr. Silbert at Seaview Hospital. She told the doctor that Edmund desired an open casket viewing. "It is imperative that they follow our directions. The coffin can never be opened!"

Tuesday, August 3, 1999

A bowl of cereal is a simple pleasure enjoyed by many people each morning---and Tad Martin is one of those people. He tiptoed into the den and carefully poured a dollop of milk into his puffed rice cereal. Carefully, Tad lifted the cereal to his ear to listen to the crackling noise. Not satisfied with what he deemed a bland breakfast, Tad decided to add a topping to his cereal. He surreptitiously looked over his shoulder---in both directions---before producing a small chocolate bar. His mouth salivated as he broke the candy into pieces and plopped it into his bowl. A muffled laugh sounded from somewhere in the room. Tad looked around and asked if someone was watching him. Within a few seconds, Becca and Scott emerged from their hiding place. Tad was not at all happy when he realized that his morning routine was being videotaped for Scott's film project. Becca smiled devilishly and informed Tad that Dixie had given them permission to set up the camera. "We'll see about that," Tad grumbled as he stormed off to locate his wife. Tad eventually tracked Dixie down in the bedroom. There, Dixie was draped in a peach silk nightgown. Tad looked at her curiously and noted that she looked "ravishing" for such an early hour. He then voiced his opposition to being "an unwilling star of a home movie." Dixie nodded her head and in what can best be described as an "uppity" accent, said that she'd forgotten all about the film project. From the amount of makeup on her face and her spiffy garb, Tad knew that Dixie wasn't being truthful. Tad wondered why Scott wanted to film them. Dixie explained that they were the "counterpoint" to the film's dark subject matter. "We are the ultimate in happy endings," she chirped. Tad wasn't about to disagree, but that did not mean that he wanted to be followed around with a video camera. Before Tad could run off to the office, she asked him to pick up his tuxedo from the dry cleaners. "We're getting dressed for dinner," said Dixie in her fake accent. Downstairs, Becca wondered if surprising Tad was such a good idea. She commented that she doesn't even let her dog se her before she's showered. Dixie breezed into the room pretending to have forgotten about the film. She toted a silver tea set to the coffeetable prompting Scott to ask if Dixie went to such extremes every morning. Dixie admitted that she wasn't acting totally normal, but she did not want to look boring either. Becca advised Dixie to sit down and talk about her family and her future. Dixie lit up and said that she could do that with her eyes closed. She sat down on the sofa and cheerfully told about her pregnancy. She spoke glowingly unaware that Tad was standing behind her. Tad's face formed a frown as Dixie talked of her plans for her baby. Tad turned and walked out of the room. "Life with Tad is never dull," Dixie laughed. "But I love that man more than anything in the whole world." That concluded the filming. Scott did, however, want to stick around and film some filler footage. Dixie gave him permission, but noted that Tad might need a few days to come around to the idea of being taped. Becca interjected that Scott didn't have a few days because he was headed to the Queen's garden party. Scott shook his head and cast a glance at Becca. "I am committed to Pine Valley," he stated. Dixie looked on with a smile.

Brooke dropped by Liza's office at WRCW on a mission that was never fully explained. Liza told her that she'd heard the news of Dimitri's death and that they'd be leading their nightly news cast with the story. "Business world mourns millionaire industrialist," read the headline of the Wall Street Herald. Somehow the headline just didn't seem to sum up Dimitri's life. Brooke informed Liza that Tempo would be doing a special feature on Dimitri's life and his untimely death. Brooke sighed as she said that Dimitri's death had come as a shock. His death, though, was not the only surprise sprung on his loved ones. Liza was shocked to learn that Dimitri had married, but she could not help but wonder if his new wife was after his money. Brooke shook her head and noted that Alex hadn't struck her as a woman with ulterior motives. The reporter instinct in Liza led her to believe that there was more to the story than anyone knew. She offered to use her "global access" to dig for more information. She asked Brooke for Alexandra's maiden name and the location that she and Dimitri were married, but Brooke didn't know the answer to either question.
After Brooke left, an angry Tad stomped into Liza's office and demanded to know how Scott, a WRCW employee, had free time to film his private life. "So," Liza chuckled. "Scott has captured the elusive Thaddeus Martinus in his natural habitat." Tad gagged at the idea that Dixie was merrily talking about her plans to have a baby---like everything was perfect. Liza handed Tad a copy of the Herald. Only then did he know that Dimitri had passed away. "Poor Edmund," Tad said softly. "What do you do when the bottom falls out of your world?" Liza cocked her head to one side and asked Tad if he was taking about Edmund or Dixie. Liza asked Tad to look at the positive side of things. He was, after all, going to be a father again. She reminded Tad that Dixie was in perfect health. "So was Dimitri," Tad countered. He asked Liza what would happen if Dixie's heart gave out or if her kidney failed. Without fanfare, Scott, Becca, and their one-eyed buddy entered the room. Tad rose out of his chair and ordered Scott to get the camera out of his face. Tirade aside, Scott and Becca continued with business as usual. They reviewed the footage they'd shot of Dixie earlier in the day. They focused their attention on Dixie's excitement about the baby. In the background of the scene, Tad was seen frowning. Scott laughed slightly and said that Tad didn't look like he was anxious to take part in early morning feedings. In her chair, Liza looked on sadly. She knew the real reason Tad felt the way he did.

"This has gotta be a gag-o-gram," Trevor murmured. Janet was also in shock. Amanda took the news surprisingly well, rushing down the steps to announce how happy she was that her brother was going to get married. Janet told Trevor to call Paris and find out first-hand what Tim was talking about. Tim wasn't at home, so Trevor was forced to leave a message asking his son to call him back. The idea of Trevor flying to Paris was batted around---and Amanda quickly added that Janet should go along as well. "You have to go too, mom," Amanda announced. "So you can size up this Parisian babe---woman to woman." The young girl's language took both of her parents by surprise. Amanda scurried upstairs to write a letter to Tim's girlfriend to welcome her to the family. Meanwhile, Brooke arrived to check in on Trevor and Janet. Janet mentioned that Erica "must be devastated" over the news of Dimitri's death. Brooke said that she wasn't sure whether Erica was more upset or more angry that Dimitri had remarried. Janet took that as her cue to place a phone call to her friend. Trevor asked Brooke how she was doing because he knew that she and Dimitri had an almost-relationship not so long ago. Before they could get into much detail, Trevor was forced to take a private call in another room. That allowed Amanda a window of opportunity. She plopped down on the sofa next to Brooke and told her that she missed Jamie and wanted to have a sleepover---preferably for a week or more. Brooke said that the timing wasn't quite right. To that, Amanda said that she had to sleep over because her mother and father's marriage depended on it. Amanda filled Brooke in on the details of her plan (none of which were said on camera). Brooke smiled broadly and told Amanda that she was definitely in on the plan. "I needed a little sunshine in my life," she said as she hugged the girl. Trevor returned to the room and threw a monkeywrench into his daughter's plans. He announced that he'd decided not to go to Paris after all. He figured that Tim's romance was a typical fleeting teenage romance---and that it would be over by Labor Day. Amanda's eyes widened as she looked to Brooke for help. Brooke remained calm and Amanda if she could walk her to her car. Amanda nodded and the two walked off together. Outside, Brooke assured Amanda that her plan had not gone up in spoke because she had an idea.

Hayley and Mateo each recalled the more memorable times they'd had with Dimitri. They both knew that Dimitri had helped recruit club-goers on SOS's opening night. The eased at which a life could be taken away startled both Hayley and Mateo. Mateo blamed himself for not having spent much time with Maria before she died. Hayley, meanwhile, wondered if it was wise to always be waiting for a second chance. It's quite possible, she noted, for that second chance to never arrive. Mateo told Hayley that he'd only recently learned of Dimitri's death while he was at Trevor's looking for her. Hayley mentioned that she'd gotten the news from Gillian. She said that they had managed to put aside their differences in the time of sorrow. Mateo shook his head as he mentioned that it was unfortunate that most people waited until times of tragedy to be on their best behavior. Hayley concurred, but she said that some good could come of tragedy. She looked at Mateo and asked him if they could "forget the past month" and try to work out their differences. "Being without you is killing me," Mateo confessed. Just as the two seemed destined down a path of reconciliation, Peggy entered the room and told the couple how glad she was to finally see them. Peggy told Hayley that Edmund had been looking for her. Peggy's choice of words---particularly the use of "finally"---led him to believe that Hayley had not spent the night at Wildwind as he'd believed. Hayley looked to Peggy and asked her if she and Mateo could have a moment alone. Peggy nodded. On her way out she told them how happy she was to have them back at Wildwind. Hayley knew what Mateo was thinking: He probably figured that she and Ryan had slept together the night before. Hayley quickly moved to dispel the thought, but Mateo said that he didn't believe anything she said. Hayley felt as though Mateo thought she was a "guilty slut" who'd been sleeping with Ryan for months. She swore that she had never been unfaithful to Mateo. Moreover, she said that she could never be unfaithful to him. "You're a liar," Mateo snapped. He said that the ease at which Hayley had walked away from their marriage proved that she never loved him. Hayley quickly pointed out that she and Mateo were never married. And since Mateo had labeled her a liar, Hayley had a label for Mateo---bigamist. Hayley muttered that her "taste in men reeks." Her first husband, she noted, was a rapist. The second slept with her mother. The third, well, the third marriage was "called on a technicality." She remembered that Mateo had come to her in her time of need and convinced her to "hand over" the gun and bullets. "But never once did I think that you'd take those bullets and try to shoot me down yourself," Hayley said with tears welling in her eyes. What came next is almost indescribable. "Bang," Mateo said. "You're dead to me." Hayley's mouth fell open. She placed her hands over her mouth and nearly fell apart. Tears now ran freely down her cheeks. Almost in passing, Mateo announced that he was going to Texas for a few weeks with Max and Raquel. "I need to turn to someone who feels my pain," he said mockingly. While he was gone, Mateo said that someone would be watching the bar for him to prevent Hayley from trying to steal it out from under him. "Be sure to give Ryan your love," he sneered. Mateo turned and walked away. Totally devastated, Hayley collapsed on the sofa, holding her head in her hands, and crying hysterically.

Wednesday, August 4, 1999

Marian was quite excited about attending the Queen's garden party. She was trying on gowns and asked Stuart for advice on which shoes she should wear. Scott walked in and said that he is not attending the garden party because he needs to finish up the documentary. Marian feared that Adam cancelled the whole trip to the garden party and that she would no longer be able to attend. Stuart noticed that Marian was quite upset so while she had her back turned , he quietly slipped out of the house. Marian then went to the hospital to see Liza. Liza informed Marian she would not be attending the party because Colby has an ear infection. Marian was again very upset because now her chances to attend the party seemed ever slimmer. Her day got even worse when she noticed that her shoes were not matching. Marian scurried home before anyone notices her non-matching shoes. Stuart returned home and told Marian some good news: He got new invitations for the garden party from Adam and they are leaving in the afternoon. Marian is very excited and thanks Stuart for being a wonderful husband.

Ryan goes to talk to Mateo at SOS. In the backroom, Mateo mistakenly assumed that Ryan was one of the other workers and asked him to help with a liquor order. Mateo looked up and was not at all pleased to see Ryan standing before him. Ryan again insisted that he was not and is not having an affair with Hayley and noted that Mateo was lucky to have a girl like Hayley. Mateo coldly informs Ryan that he doesn't believe any of what he says---and he also doesn't believe Hayley. Mateo icily stated that Hayley no longer means anything to him. The implication was that Ryan could have her because he was through with her. Mateo told Ryan that he knew that Hayley slept over at his place. Ryan closed his eyes and clarified that Hayley had slept on the sofa. Mateo crudely remarked that Hayley "likes it" on the sofa and then advised Ryan to next time try making love on the floor. Ryan sadly walked out of SOS and felt like a failure for failing to get Mateo to listen to him.

Amanda worries that her plan will be destroyed. Belinda dropped by to see if Trevor could take over her case load while she went on a vacation. She said that she needed to leave immediately before she changed her mind and stayed at home. Trevor smiled devilishly and asked Belinda if she was taking Adrian with her. Janet flashed a scolding glare at her husband and told him the focus on work. Amanda runs in and tells Belinda she can not go away. Amanda knows that if her dad takes on his partner's cases, he will be unable to fly to Paris. Trevor scolded Amanda for speaking rudely in front of a guest, but Belinda assured him that she was not offended. Belinda had to run and thanked Trevor for agreeing to take on her work. Amanda called Brooke and begged her to come over as soon as possible---she has a problem. Brooke stopped by and Amanda explained her newest problem. Janet and Trevor walk in as Brooke and Amanda have their heads together to discuss their plan. Amanda made up an excuse that they were discussing trouble with some clothes. Amanda claimed that she'd accidentally put Trevor's red shirt in with the whites. Janet informs Amanda that it will be okay, they will just bleach the shirts. Brooke makes up an excuse that she came by because someone at the shelter wanted to speak to an attorney. Later, the telephone rings, Amanda picks it up and it is Tim's "fiancée."

Later at Belinda's apartment, Adrian stops by and the attorney of avoiding him. Seemingly out of nowhere, Belinda relies that she and Adrian can no longer see each other. Belinda admits that she was upset on her birthday night because a wedding ring wasn't in the box Adrian had given her. Adrian apologized for unknowingly dashing Belinda's hopes. Belinda said they can be "partners." Adrian and Belinda share a kiss and then discuss where to go for a vacation-just the two of them.

A sad and depressed Hayley vents her feelings at an AA meeting. She tells everyone that she hears the vodka hitting the glass and she feels it running down her throat and burning down into her chest. Axel slowly walks in and listens to her story. She says that everything keeps falling apart and she can not take it anymore. Hayley then bursts out; "I want a drink!" After the meeting, Axel informs Hayley that he knows that she won't take a drink and that she is strong and things will get better. Hayley thanks him. Axel's beeper goes off and he tells her he will have to make a quick phone call and he'll be right back. To his surprise it is Brooke and he agrees to take part in a plan---involving Janet and Trevor. When Axel looks back-Hayley is gone. Axel wonders where Hayley went off to.

In his loft, Ryan lies down and has a dream. He walks into SOS and Hayley and Mateo are there. Mateo is about to pour a Hayley drink. Mateo lets her have the drink while Ryan tries to stop her. Mateo remarks that he can't stop her---no one can stop her. Mateo turns and walks away laughing. A knock at the door wakes him up from the disturbing dream. He runs to the door and finds Hayley on the other side. He takes her in his arms, glad that his dream was just that---a dream.

Thursday, August 5, 1999

On the other end of the line---calling all the way from Paris---was Monsieur Quelquechose [pronounced KEL kuh shows] , Tim's father-in-law-to-be. Trevor asked for a little bit of information about Tim's girlfriend. The two pieces of information offered struck panic in Trevor's heart. Mr. Quelquechose said that in France a woman doesn't reach her prime until she's about forty years of age. If that wasn't enough to scare Trevor, the man also noted that Tim was interacting very well with Jean-Pierre and Chloe---his daughter's two children from two previous marriages! Trevor took the phone away from his ear for a second and flashed a faint look in Janet's direction. "We're gonna be grandparents," he gasped. Brooke and Amanda did the best they could to stifle their brewing laughter. Meanwhile at the Pine Valley airport, a man with a beret and fake moustache used an equally fake French accent while talking on a payphone. That man was Axel Green. Trevor put the call on speakerphone and demanded that the man on the other end stop "this mess" from getting any worse. "Mr. Quelquechose" was offended that Trevor did not see the beauty in Tim and his daughter's relationship. In the morning, he announced, the two would be married. In the background, a voice came over the loudspeaker---in English. Axel was forced to come up with an explanation for the noise. He claimed that his wife was watching an English program on television. When the voice sounded again, Axel said that the connection was bad and abruptly hung up. "This isn't right," Janet said shaking her head. Trevor headed back to the phone and frantically called Tim's private number. Like before, he connected with Tim's answering machine. Trevor's face dropped when he heard the newly recorded message on the machine. He quickly handed of the phone to his wife. Janet listened to the message and gasped, "Oh my God. He's singing I'm Getting Married in the Morning." Janet and Trevor looked at one another in horror. "What are we going to do?" Janet asked. Brooke finally spoke up, telling the pair that they were going to hop on the first flight to Paris and stop the wedding. Trevor shook his head and said that he could not go because Belinda had just given him some additional cases. Brooke reminded Trevor that since he'd made partner at the firm, he could delegate authority and have someone else handle the workload. There was also no need to worry about ticketing arrangements. Brooke said that she knew of someone who could get a flight to anywhere at any time within five minutes. Still Trevor and Janet were not convinced that flying off to Paris was the way to go. "If Tim marries this woman with kids, I'll be their Auntie Amanda," chirped Amanda. Trevor turned green and Janet moaned softly. That was all they needed to hear. After the couple headed upstairs to pack, Amanda and Brooke celebrated their coup with a high-five.

Still in tears, Hayley apologized for crying on Ryan's shoulder. She told Ryan of her latest encounter with Mateo. Not knowing that Ryan already knew of Mateo's getaway plans, she told him that Mateo and Raquel were going to Texas on what she believed to be a romantic getaway. Ryan shook his head and assured Hayley that the reason behind the trip was not romantic at all. The only reason Mateo was going, said Ryan, was so he could help Max settle in. Another part of the trip was also to make Hayley insanely jealous---and it was working. Ryan urged Hayley not to let Mateo get to her. Hayley wasn't so optimistic. She told Ryan that when Mateo had whisked her off to Mexico for a romantic getaway, he'd taken her to the very spot where he and Raquel had spent their honeymoon. "Your first love never lets you go," Hayley sighed. Ryan tried to downplay the attachment one has to their first love, but Hayley silenced him by asking him if he'd ever really be over Gillian. Ryan opted to take another route to lessen Hayley's fears. He told Hayley that she was a remarkable woman, a woman with "room in [her] heart for lost souls." He paused momentarily before adding, "On top of everything else, you are so beautiful." Hayley was caught of guard. "Am I?" she asked, seemingly forgetting how attractive she is. "Have you looked in a mirror lately?" Ryan asked. He told Hayley that he thought she was beautiful from the first moment he laid eyes on her. Hayley laughed to herself and muttered that she had a miserable life. She admitted to ordering a pizza at two in the morning solely for the purpose of having someone to talk to. And talk she did. When the deliveryman arrived, she convinced the man to talk about and show pictures of his family. "You should've called me," Ryan replied softly. Hayley shook her head and stated that she didn't want to always trouble him. "There has to be a limit to your endurance," she grumbled. Ryan told Hayley that he would always be there for her---just like she'd been there for him in his time of need. Before either one of them knew what was happening, they were lunging towards one another. Their lips met in a passionate frenzy, their hands groping and feeling the other's body. Ryan gently hoisted Hayley into the air and placed her on a table. The passions flared even more, but somehow Ryan managed to pull himself away. "We can't do this," he said softly. "Don't you want me?" Hayley asked in shock. "I'm about to rip your clothes off and through you on my bed," responded Ryan, who was still out of breath. This was just not right. "It feels right," Hayley smiled. Ryan said that having sex would be the same thing as Hayley taking a drink. Hayley took the remark to be a crack about her alcoholism. She accused Ryan of thinking of he as a "pathetic drunk, a desperate loser, [and] a slut." Ryan was amazed that Hayley had twisted his words into something so horrible. Hayley raced towards the door promising to find another method to soothe her pain. Ryan told Hayley that he would follow her and stop her from taking a drink. "Only I can do that," Hayley replied curtly. "And I don't want to."

Alexandra rested her head on the arm of a sofa at Wildwind. She reflected briefly on a romantic encounter she and Dimitri had shared. After she finished daydreaming, she sat up and looked tenderly at a picture of Edmund and Maria. A few seconds later, Edmund and Peggy entered the parlor. Both were somewhat surprised to see Alex. Alex cleared her throat and explained that Gillian had asked her to come to the house and meet Eugenia. Peggy wasn't sure that Alex would get a chance to meet her just yet because Eugenia was terribly upset about Dimitri's death. Peggy started to sob as she tried to accept the fact that "her boy" was dead. Edmund told Peggy that she would have a chance to see Dimitri one day---and that day was tomorrow when the viewing would be held. Alexandra shifted nervously in her chair. Without looking at either Edmund or Peggy, Alexandra announced that she'd decided to hold a closed-casket viewing. Peggy was bewildered by Alexandra's decision. She said that it was a family tradition to have the casket open at the viewing. Even Hugo, who Peggy said was "not much to look at," had an open viewing. Alex explained that it was Dimitri's request to keep the casket closed. Edmund clenched his teeth and reminded the woman that he'd been extremely patient and agreed to let her handle all of the funeral arrangements. Gillian suddenly appeared in the doorway and announced that she agreed with Alex---the casket should be kept closed. Edmund explained that he'd been denied a chance to see Maria after her death and that he had no way of knowing if she was truly resting in peace. Gillian argued that Dimitri had chosen Alexandra as his "life partner" and that Edmund should respect her wishes. Gillian told Alex that Eugenia was ready to receive her. After Alex left the room, Gillian expressed why she was so opposed to having an open casket. When he mother died, no one told her. She was left waiting in her bedroom for her mother to tuck her in for the night. Her father, in a drunken stupor, wandered into her room and told her to go downstairs. There, he lifted her tiny body into the air and forced her to look at her mother's lifeless body lying sprawled in a coffin. Gillian pleaded to be released, but her father would not relent. He then ordered her to kiss her mother on the lips. Gillian wriggled and tried to get away, but it did no good. She said that her mother's lips were the coldest thing she's ever felt. "That wasn't my mother," Gillian proclaimed defiantly. "She was worm and soft." Peggy reached out and took the sobbing princess into her arms. Edmund told Gillian that he was sorry that she'd had to endure such a horrible trauma and an early age. Gillian wiped her eyes and told Edmund that she would not attend the funeral service if he insisted in having the casket open. The person in the casket was not Dimitri, Gillian commented. "It's just his body... not his soul, not his laugh, nor his passion nor his wisdom. If you want to see Dimitri, close your eyes and pick your fondest memories of him and wrap them around you." The doorbell sounded and Peggy allowed Joe Martin into the house. Peggy took a container of food that Ruth had sent over to the kitchen. Gillian tagged along to get a glass of warm milk before going to bed. In the foyer, Gillian asked Peggy if Ryan had called to check on her. Peggy shook her head and said that Ryan should be by her side. Gillian didn't think that it was that important because she and Ryan were now divorced. Back in the parlor, Joe offered his sincere condolences to Edmund. Edmund asked Joe if he knew of anything in Dimitri's medical file that may have hinted at a health problem. Joe thought for several moments before recalling that Dimitri's most recent physical---about a year ago---showed that he was in perfect health. He asked Edmund what the results of the autopsy had shown. Edmund shrugged and said that no autopsy had been performed. Joe was puzzled by the decision not to perform an autopsy and asked Edmund if he knew the official determination for the cause of Dimitri's death. "Cerebral incident," Edmund replied. Joe said that the term was rather wide in its definition. Alexandra walked down the steps and listened quietly to the conversation. Joe told Edmund that he would gladly give the death certificate the once-over if he wanted. Edmund nodded, but said that Alexandra had the certificate.

At the airport, Janet feared that she'd forgotten to pack her toothbrush. Brooke assured her that she could buy anything that she'd forgotten once she landed in Paris. A voice sounded over the loudspeaker instructing Trevor to pick up one of the courtesy phones. Trevor was surprised that anyone knew where to reach him. On the other end of the line, Monsieur Quelquechose, said that he had a feeling that Trevor would try to fly to France to stop the wedding. Trevor became a bit angry and referred to the man as "Mr. Something." The joke behind that being that "quelquechose" literally means "something" in French. Continuing onward, Janet detected a man's voice a little ways off---and it sounded awfully familiar. She turned and started hunting around the airport for the voice. She yanked off Axel's beret and demanded to know what he was up to. Janet snatched the phone away from him and told Trevor that he could hang up the phone. Understandably, Trevor was confused about how his wife could have gotten to France in only a few seconds. Janet told Trevor to turn around. When he did, Axel waved meekly in his direction. Amanda stepped forward to explain everything. Tim was not getting married nor was he engaged. It was all a plan to get Trevor and Janet to take their honeymoon. Every time they'd wanted to have their much overdue honeymoon, something came up. So Amanda felt that the only way to convince them to take one was to trick them. In Amanda's mind the only way a couple could live happily ever after was to have a honeymoon. Janet assured her daughter that she and Trevor would grow old together. That wasn't enough of an assurance for the littlest Dillon. "I worked so hard to get you two together," Amanda grinned. She said that she was not going to take any chances that their lack of a honeymoon would doom their relationship. It didn't take too much convincing for Janet and Trevor to agree to head off to the City of Lights. They raced towards the gate to the applause of onlookers who had gathered around them.

Crying and feeling rejected, Hayley returned to the Dillon house. She laid down on the sofa, tears streaming down her face. Arlene's voice haunted her mind. "Deep down we don't believe that we deserve to be loved," said her mother. The comment was in reference to their uncanny ability to chase away all of the good men in their lives. "You will always be your mother's daughter---unloved and alone." In the background, the phone rang and rang. Ryan paced back and forth at the loft praying for Hayley to pick up the phone. He hung up the phone when he cellular phone began ringing. "Hayley?" he said as he picked up the phone. On the other end, Peggy apologized for calling so late. She said that she wanted to know if Ryan was going to attend the funeral services. "Who died?" Ryan gasped. The news of Dimitri's death shocked Ryan into silence. He asked Peggy if Gillian was holding up okay. Peggy shook her head slightly and said that the Gillian might have a chance of getting through the ordeal if he was by her side. Ryan vowed to bee at the service in the morning. Ryan hung up the phone and ran his fingers through his hair.

Friday, August 6, 1999

Not even two full months into their (re)marriage, Tad and Dixie still found little ways to show their love for the other---Tad with a framed photo of their wedding ceremony and Dixie with a fresh batch of snickerdoodles. They took a few seconds to share a kiss unaware that their privacy would be shattered. Scott and Becca strolled into the house and Scott instructed the couple to hold their pose so that he could capture it on film. Tad quickly pulled away and flashed a grimace towards his wife before heading out of the house. Scott and Becca both left the room while Dixie sat down to look over the morning paper. As she did, Junior and Jamie burst into the room to asked Dixie "if it was true." Dixie looked at the boys and asked them what they were talking about. The boys went back and forth with cryptic remarks about babies, morning sickness, and weak bladders. "Alright I confess," Dixie said in defeat. She had originally tried to convince the boys to wait until Tad came home before discussing the situation. That only served to confirm the boys' suspicions. "How do you feel about a baby sister?" Junior and Jamie looked at each other curiously. It seemed that the boys had never considered that Dixie might have a baby girl. The boys disappeared and Dixie headed off for an appointment. Meanwhile, Becca and Scott struck up a conversation about Scott's decision to skip the queen's garden party. Scott continued to assert that it was no big deal. Becca started talking about Stuart and made a reference that he was Scott's father. Scott stepped in to clarify that while Stuart was not his biological father, he was as much of a father as anyone could be. Becca apologized for seeming insensitive, but Scott assured her that she'd nothing wrong. Scott glossed over his biological father's shady past and how he'd contracted AIDS and subsequently infected his mother. Becca said that she, too, had lost a loved one at an early age. Her brother, Robbie, died during the Persian Gulf War. Shortly after the family had learned of his death, a letter arrived. The letter was from Robbie and it mentioned how much he missed home---especially "Freckles," his pet name for his little sister. Becca was quite moved and approached tears. Scott leaned towards Becca and gently brushed her cheek. Before long, the pair was engaged in a kiss.

Fresh from his brother's funeral, Edmund slowly walked around the parlor. He picked up a photograph of Dimitri and held it close to his chest. Alexandra arrived a few seconds later toting a package wrapped in plain brown paper. She observed Edmund for several moments before making her presence known. During her time of silence, Alex recalled a conversation that she'd had with Dimitri just prior to his death. In the discussion, Dimitri forced her to promise that she would not tell Edmund of his illness. He said that he had been very unkind to Edmund after Maria's death, a mention of his attempt to win custody of Maddie, and said that he did not want to cause Edmund any more pain. Alex called out to Edmund and said that everything felt different now that Dimitri's funeral was over. Edmund nodded and said that the closing of the crypt made a sound that was "so final." Edmund asked her how she was able to keep it together. "You know us Brits," she replied. "Stuff upper-lip and all that." Erica and Myrtle were the next to arrive. Erica, wearing a broad-brimmed black hat with a veil, said that she wished she had a chance to see "Dimitri's beautiful face" one last time before he was interred. Alex heard Erica's remark and bowed out of the room. As she passed through the foyer, Brooke, Hayley, and Jack arrived. Jack once again offered his condolences to Alex. Hayley said that she would always remember Dimitri's kindness. Alex smiled and said that Dimitri had told her that he'd been giving Hayley fencing lessons. A laugh escaped Hayley's lips as she told Alex that Dimitri had exhibited a great deal of patience while she'd made a fool out of herself. Dimitri's son, Anton, and Corvina, Dimitri's former housekeeper and the mother of his child, had attended the funeral, but had to return to Budapest immediately after the service. Angelique, the first woman to marry Dimitri, was also in attendance. She, however, was said to be upstairs visiting Eugenia. Last to arrive were Peggy, Ryan, and Gillian. Peggy kicked herself for being the last to arrive because she felt it somehow showed a lack of respect to Dimitri. Gillian was surprised that Ryan had showed up. Ryan, however, said that he really liked Dimitri and wanted to be there to say goodbye. Gillian told Ryan that Dimitri had always made her feel safe. As tears welled in her eyes, Ryan offered her a comforting embrace. Brooke asked Erica how she was holding up. Erica said that Myrtle was helping her get through her grief. Brooke said that she was hoping that Palmer would be in attendance. Erica noted that Palmer was cruising the Mediterranean. Peggy sat down next to Erica and sighed. "Dimitri should be laying me to rest," she said softly. Erica was not at all pleased that Alex was "making herself at home." Peggy informed Erica that Alex was only putting on a show. She said that she'd caught Alex when she thought she was alone. In that brief moment, she could see how deeply Alex was hurting. Myrtle urged Erica not to be so hard on Alex. After all, she and Dimitri were supposed to be on their honeymoon. "No one can deny that I was the love of his life," Erica snapped as Alex walked by. Alex said that she was comforted by having Dimitri's friends and loved ones around her. Erica said that everyone loved Dimitri because of her generous nature. "Dimitri moved heaven and earth" to help Brooke when she stood trial for murder, Erica said. She rolled her eyes and quipped that Brooke had mistaken Dimitri's generosity for something more. "Women were always throwing themselves at him," she groaned. Alex sort of half-smiled at Erica's remark. She said that Dimitri had once told her that he was inspired by Erica's devotion to Bianca. "He spoke often of you," Alex told Erica. "And with great affection." Peggy rose to her feet and proposed a toast to "the most generous, most noble, most loveable rascal that ever walked the earth." Erica was next to speak, praising Dimitri for teaching her everything she knows about love, patience, and forgiveness. She said that she would never forgive him for "making us find our way without you." Gillian again touted Dimitri as the father she'd never had. Edmund recalled the rocky road he and his brother had taken to get to their present day relationship. The good times had been cut short far too prematurely. "He saved my spirit and later saved my life," he said softly. For some reason, Alex seemed troubled by the way the toasts were going. She quickly rose to her feet and offered a toast of her own. She said that until she'd arrived in America, Pine Valley and Wildwind were just words to her. Now she could see why these places were so special to Dimitri. She said that she and Dimitri had made plans to settle in Pine Valley and start a family. While those dreams would never be realized, Alex was sure that Dimitri's "gift of love" would live with them forever. Something in Alex's speech hit home with Erica. She became very unsettled, rising from the sofa and telling Myrtle that she needed to leave. Before departing, Erica confessed that she'd always saw Wildwind as a symbol of the love that she and Dimitri had had---and could have had. "Dimitri will always be in my heart," she said, "but maybe it's time for me to move on." Erica lowered her head and walked away. Hayley set her drink down and chased after Peggy to tell her that the food she'd prepared was delicious. Ryan slipped over to her drink and covertly tasted it to make sure that it wasn't alcohol. Hayley caught him in the act and lashed out at him for acting like "the hooch police." Ryan said that after last night he was justified in thinking that Hayley might want to have a drink. "Last night never happened," Hayley snapped. She shook her head and stormed off. Gillian headed upstairs to check on Eugenia and Ryan went along with her. Brooke wanted to head back to Tempo to work on the article memorializing Dimitri. She gently kissed Edmund on the cheek and promised him that he'd get through this. "Be kind to yourself," she said.

David sat at his desk in his office at Pine Valley Hospital scanning an article about Dimitri's untimely demise. Tad suddenly walked into the room and blasted David's "cavalier attitude." He said that David's decision to give Dixie's pregnancy a green light could result in Dixie's death. In Tad's lecture, however, came a hint that Tad trusted in David's medical abilities. David, though, detected something else in Tad's voice. He determined that Tad wanted him to tell Dixie to end the pregnancy. Tad didn't deny the doctor's charges. Instead he said that he wanted David to be sure to alert Dixie to all of the possible problems that she might encounter during her "high risk pregnancy." The door to the office swung open and Dixie walked inside. She was surprised to see Tad there. Fortunately for Tad, David covered for him. David said that Tad had stopped by to "thank [him] profusely" for taking her case. Dixie smiled warmly at her husband and asked him to stick around while she had her examine. Tad declined, saying that he had to run off to the station. As it came time for her examination, Dixie gleefully noted that she's been feeling better than ever lately. The results of the exams proved just what Dixie had been saying: she was in just about perfect health. David warned her that there were several things that she had to be on the lookout for: fever, dizziness, and back pain. The presence of any of these, said David, might have to make them "rethink the pregnancy." Moments after Dixie left, Erica filed into the office. David asked her how she was doing. "I'm fine," Erica replied lamely. "No... I'm not." David quickly raced to Erica's side and gave her a hug. Erica told David that she didn't know what she was going to do. David looked deeply into her eyes and gently kissed her lips. He told her that he knew exactly what she was going to do---spend the rest of the day with him. Some initial hesitance crept into the picture, but Erica ultimately agreed to go away with him.

Tad returned home and sat down on the sofa. He was seated for no more than a minute when Tad and Jamie rushed towards him. "Don't run or you'll put your eye out," Tad grumbled. "Is it true about the pink sheets," Jamie asked mysteriously. The implication was that pink sheets results in a baby girl. At this time, though, Tad had no idea what his son was talking about. "Yeah," Junior sassed. "And if they were green sheets we'd have a baby Martian." Tad demanded to know what the boys were talking about. "It's okay," Junior responded. "Mom told us. We know all about the baby."

Alone in the parlor at Wildwind, Alexandra had her most vivid recollection of her time with Dimitri. In her memory, she and Dimitri shared a very intimate moment. As they lay in bed about to make love, Dimitri softly said, "I want you to know that what ever happens..." Alex formed a smile and jokingly told him to shut up. The memories were too much for Alex to handle. Her composure finally cracked and tears rolled down her cheek as she sobbed openly, unaware that Edmund was standing just a few feet behind her.



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