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Passions Recaps: The week of July 26, 1999 on PS
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Monday, July 26, 1999

Today's show started with Theresa dreaming of none other than Ethan Crane. They are sharing a tender moment when the phone starts ringing. They both look into the camera as Theresa states that she wishes that someone would answer the phone. Whitney answers the phone and it is Miguel asking about Theresa, she puts the phone on speaker and he hears his sister awakening expressing her dream of Ethan once again. She later sneaks into her home after her brother, Luis leaves to go to the carnival. He is still unaware that Theresa has lost her job at the Cannery.

Miguel and Luis are discussing the Crane family and how they own everything and everybody. Luis feels that the Cranes are somehow related to their father's disappearance. Luis states that he does not care for that family and that their sister should stay away from them.

Charity is also in her bed dreaming of Miguel, whom she met at the carnival. She awakens and calls to her mother, Faith, who does not answer her. Charity gets out of bed and finds her mother on the floor in the living room clutching her cross. She gets her awake and her mother insists that there are evil forces trying to get into their home. Charity talks her mother into going back to Harmony to the carnival. Faith agrees and goes to get dressed. Charity opens the door and discovers the claw marks on the door. She also finds a large claw embedded in the door and removes it. She hides this from her mother.

Tabitha is busy with her spirit board and ask that it show her a sign if the goody-goody Charity and Faith will spoil her plans. The board does not respond. Timmy is very upset at the spell casting and tells Tabitha that he is tired and wants to take a nap. He says that he is still trying to recover from the day at the carnival when he and Tabitha were floating in the air. She decides to take some store bought cookies to the Bennett home. Timmy informs her that those cookies are not homemade. She replies that the only thing she could bake would be "devils food cake" and laughs hysterically. Timmy does not find her remark amusing and goes to sleep on the couch.

Gwen and Ethan talk about the "psycho-girl" that spilled the fish guts all over him. He is determined to find out who she is and make her pay for all that she has done to him. He is sure that she is stalking him, unknowing that she really has only bumped into him by accident every time that they have met. Gwen reminds him of the contests and picks out his bathing suit for him to wear. They share an intimate kiss before leaving for the carnival.

Kay, Simone, and Jessica are discussing the "Mr. Harmony Hunk" contest. Kay starts to talk to a picture of her and Miguel. The picture talks back to her and she has a discussion with Miguel in this manner as Jessica looks on making fun of her. She brags to her sister that she has seen Miguel naked before. She tells of the time that she dressed up in a football uniform and went into the boy's locker room. There she did see Miguel in all his glory after getting out of the shower. Her parents walk in just in time to hear her say that the boys thought she was a gay football player because of her staring at him.

Sam and Grace discuss the chat room for missing persons. She and Sam begin to play on the computer when Tabitha arrives with the "homemade" cookies for them. Sam pretends to enjoy the gift all the while waiting for his strange neighbor to leave. She goes back home and finds Timmy asleep on the couch and comments that he is a "lazy good for nothing doll" and starts ranting about her "goody-goody two-shoes Bennett" neighbors. She does not notice that the spirit board is moving around in response to Charity and her mother being on their way back to Harmony.

At the carnival, the contestants arrive for the contest that they are all tricked into participating in. Upon arrival, they learn that they are in a "beef-cake" contest and not a swim meet. Kay instructs them to all get oiled up and return for the contest. Theresa arrives and is still trying to call Ethan on her phone. She goes into the locker room to hurry up the boys. There is no one there other than Ethan, but they do not see one another as she yells to him to hurry up. She is still trying to call him on her cell phone.

Charity and Faith are traveling on the bus to Harmony. Faith is still concerned about evil powers and Charity is still thinking about the boy whose name she still does not know. Jessica talks to Reese and reminds him that he will be on a date with her sister Kay later on. Kay has no idea what her sister is up to. But Jessica has a big surprise for her snobby sister.

Tuesday, July 27, 1999

Sheridan is staring at a photograph of her and Jean Luc. She recalls seeing him kiss Mimi and hearing him tell her that Sheridan Crane means nothing to him and that he is just using her for her fame and fortune. She tears the picture apart and is determined that she will someday find true love.

Kay and Simone are at the carnival getting ready for the Mr. Harmony Hunk contest. The boys are all dressed and oiling themselves up with baby oil in the locker room. Miguel and Luis comment on how they will win the contest. Luis is determined to beat Ethan Crane. Luis accidentally gets some athletic muscle liniment rubbed on him and says that it gets very hot after a few minutes. He washes this off and gets the baby oil on instead. Kay is still determined to pick Miguel as the winner so that he will win the grand prize, a date with a mystery woman, herself. Miguel makes sure that Theresa is sent home after he learns that Ethan Crane has entered the contest. But it is too late. Ethan enters the locker room and asks Theresa to rub the oil on his back. He does not see her face. As Theresa begins to rub the oil on his back, he asks her for her assistance in tracking down the girl whom he has been searching for. She realizes that he is referring to her and she tells him that she is the girl he is searching for. In shock, he turns around and immediately tells her to stay away from him. She tries to explain her love for him and how each accident happened. Whitney comes in and tells Ethan he must go backstage for the contest.

Tabitha is watching her favorite show, "Bewitched" and hears a noise. She calls out to Timmy who is still trying to take a nap. He doesn't hear anything. Tabitha investigates the noise and discovers the spirit board floating above the table.

Faith and Charity arrive at the carnival. Unknown to them, Tabitha's spirit board is going crazy warning her of their presence in Harmony. She and Timmy consult the board and learn that they are at the carnival. Tabitha tells Timmy that they must stop Faith and Charity from finding Grace or else she and Timmy will die. Timmy does not like the sound of that and in his usual tone of voice tells Tabitha that he will call a cab and leave town. He advises Tabitha that she can take her broom if she wants but that it is first class for him all the way. "Been nice knowing you, Tabby" he calls to her as he runs out of the living room. Tabitha grabs him and tells him they must stop the twins from meeting. She loads him up on her bicycle and heads for the carnival.

Charity and Faith walk within 20 feet of Sam and Grace. Grace feels a happiness overwhelm her and she shares this with Sam and T.C. and Eve. She talks about finding her sister that she is sure exists. Just a few feet away, Faith is experiencing the same thing. She is determined to find her long lost twin and suddenly feels more connected to her than ever since her sister's disappearance. She goes to call the bus station to check the schedules. She advises Charity that they must leave Harmony before dark to avoid the "Evil" that is after them.

Jessica and Reese are still planning a surprise date for him and Kay. Kay is convinced that her sister has something going on with the geek and is totally unaware what scheme her sister has planned for her. She is too busy trying to make Miguel notice her.

Miguel enters the stage for the contest and spots Charity sitting in the crowd. He tells his brother, Luis that she is there and points her out to Luis. Kay has not seen her cousin yet, but assures Miguel that she will indeed keep her eyes open for the mystery girl. Miguel is announced the winner of the contest while Luis is also announced the first runner up. Meanwhile, Ethan's back is starting to burn because Theresa applied the liniment instead of the baby oil. His back is lobster red and he tells Gwen that he is determined to find that girl that keeps causing him so much agony.

Gwen calls Sheridan in Paris and Gwen tells her about Jean Luc and Mimi. Sheridan is convinced by Gwen to come home to Harmony. Gwen agrees not to tell Ethan of her ended romance. Sheridan wants to tell her nephew the story herself. Roger and Pierre confirm the death of a man and woman in the car explosion. The hair color of the woman does not match Sheridan's. They decide to search for Sheridan and kill her so that she cannot identify them.

Ivy Crane and Pilar discuss their children and how fast they grow. Pilar shows Mrs. Crane a picture of Theresa and tells of her difficulty in finding a job. Ivy offers Theresa a job as her personal secretary, but Pilar doesn't want her around Ethan.

Theresa and Whitney rush home to wash the liniment off of Theresa's hands. Theresa learns that she put the wrong oil on Ethan's back and that he is probably on fire at this very moment. She again has messed up. Pilar comes home and tells Theresa of the job that Mrs. Crane offered her. Theresa is all excited about working in the Crane mansion, but Pilar tells her she cannot take the job. Of course, Theresa is convinced that she can and will change her mother's mind and take the job, just so that she can be near Ethan 24 hours a day.

Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Teen Turmoil
Whitney is convinced she has talked Theresa out of accepting the job as Ivy Crane's personal secretary. After all that has happened with Ethan it would be a disaster she cautions her friend. Theresa on the other hand thinks of it more as the first step to the life of her dreams and after Whitney leaves marches straight to the Crane abode.

Miguel spotted Charity in the audience during the Mr. Hunk contest and waved to her. Later, after Kay announces him the winner he looks for Charity, but she has already left with Faith to catch their bus.
Miguel gives Kay a huge hug and talks excitedly about the mystery girl, but he doesn't really feel like accepting the Mr. Hunk prize, dinner for two at the Lobster Hut. Kay assures him that he will be happy when he sees his mystery date. Miguel fantasies about Charity and decides to go. Kay is thrilled. Later Miguel confides to Whitney that he thinks his good pal Kay found a way to set him up with the mystery girl (Charity). Kay rushes home with Simone to prepare for her big date with Miguel. She is excited, this will be the start of a new relationship she enthuses, Simone isn't convinced. Kay warns Simone to never tell anyone that she engineered the entire Mr. Hunk contest so she could get a date with Miguel, Simone is a bit offended that Kay felt the need to even ask, but makes the promise, unfortunately for Kay Jessica over hears and now knows the whole story.

Casa De Crane
Ethan, his back still on fire from the sports ointment Theresa rubbed on him, hobbles home with Gwen. When Ivy sees her son's condition she wants to know what happened. Ethan relates the story of the crazy girl stalker who has been attacking him at every turn practically since the moment he came back to Harmony. Ivy, like a mama wolf protecting her cubs (a wolf who can afford a lawyer that is) is livid. Ivy declares that as soon as they find out who this woman is she will have her locked up forever. She decides to call the police to get the ball rolling. Ethan talks her out of it, the publicity would be too much, they'll just investigate quietly. Meanwhile Ms. Crazy Girl Stalker Theresa knocks on the door and awaits her destiny. Fortunately for her Theresa lucks out when Ivy and Gwen talk Ethan into going upstairs so Gwen can apply aloe vera to his war wounds. Ivy gets the door.

Ivy finds Theresa charming and pleasant as Theresa gushes about how much it means to her to finally be in the Big house. Theresa gets a little nervous when Ivy reveals she's a but upset because someone has been stalking her son. Ivy finds Theresa's "na´ve" suggestion that maybe all of the incidents with Ethan and the girl were accidents, sweet, if misguided. Ivy is in fact so impressed with sweet Theresa that she decides to show her around. As they walk around upstairs Ivy has another wonderful idea, she knows just who would love to meet Pillar's little girl, Ethan.

The Witching Hour
Faith and Charity's bus pulls out before they get there, they have to spend the night in Harmony, they are directed to the local inn. Faith tries to caution Charity about the danger and the evil that are stalking them. She tries to tell Charity how special she is because of her powers, but Charity denies having powers and laughs the thought of evil off. They have been hiding and running for too long in Charity's opinion, there is no danger. Even if there were it certainly wouldn't be in a town called Harmony. Tabitha rushes home with Timmy prepare a little surprise to help them get ride of Faith and Charity for good.
A little Double, double toil and trouble the Fire burned, and cauldron bubbled telling Tabitha exactly here Charity was, asleep and incidentally dreaming of Miguel.

Thursday, July 29, 1999

As a heartbroken Sheridan heads to the airport, Roger orders Pierre to prevent Jean-Luc's American fiancée from leaving Paris. Jessica assures a nervous Reese that her sister can't wait to meet him that night at the Lobster Shack. Simone's jaw drops in shock when Kay models the new look she's thrown together for her big date with Miguel. Using her telekinetic powers, Tabitha summons the sleeping Charity from her bed at the inn and commands the unwitting girl to go to the sink. Miguel explains to Whitney how he was thunderstruck by his first sight of the blonde stranger who stole his heart at the carnival. Later, when Whitney complains about her own lackluster love life, Miguel suggests that her drive and ambition may have intimidated many of the boys in town. Ivy finishes giving Theresa the tour of the Crane mansion, then invites the starry-eyed girl to become her social secretary. As Timmy looks on, Tabitha reaches through her own magic sink and pulls a terrified Charity's face down into the water. Appalled to catch Kay trying to sneak out of the house wearing a clingy dress and a padded bra, Sam and Grace order her to march upstairs and change her clothes.

Friday, July 30, 1999


Obsessed in love Theresa stands outside the door to Ethan's bedroom and pours out her heart out to him. She apologizes of the accidents and declares her love, only to find that he isn't in the room. She fantasies about how it will be when he forgives her. At the same time, Ethan talks on the phone to Sheridan about Jean Luc's betrayal. Ethan is tired of people thinking they can get away with targeting the Cranes. He might not be able to do anything to Jean Luc, but he can get the girl who's been stalking him. As Sheridan sits waiting for her flight back to Harmony Pierre and Roger, Jean Luc's business associates search the airport for her intent upon killing her.

Obsessed with evil Tabitha's attempt to kill Charity is interrupted, and Charity passes out, when she comes to she dismisses the attack on her as a sleep walking incident. To Faith's dismay Charity will not take the fact that evil is stalking them seriously. Charity convinces her mother to go with her to the Lobster Shack for dinner. On the way there they are approached by a fierce barking dog and Faith is terrified. Meanwhile Tabitha, though angry about her failure to get Charity, is not about to give up.

Obsessed with revenge Jessica is relentless in her plan to ruin Obsessed in lust Kay's plans for Miguel. She neatly arranges for their parents to arrive home so that Kay can't sneak out. Kay agrees to change out of the outfit that her parents find to be too adult for the teen, but after she leaves with Simone she removes the parentally approved outfit and still has the slinky one on. Miguel awaits his date still under the impression it's with Charity and runs into Reese who, thanks to Jessica, is under the impression that he has a date with Kay. From outside looking in the window Kay notes that the two biggest teen gossips happen to be inside also, this will play right into what she wants, she informs Simone, now everyone will know she and Miguel are an item. When Kay sails into the Lobster Shack both young men turn to smile at her. Simone runs into Jessica outside of the restaurant and suspects that Jess is up to something and that something involves Kay.

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