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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 26, 1999 on GL
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Monday, July 26, 1999

At Tower's
Alan has had a heart attack and is laying on the floor. India is yelling for people to call the ambulance and asking if there is a doctor is in the place. Just then Rick, Abby, Phillip and Harley walk in. Rick goes over and starts helping Alan. Phillip makes his way through the crowd that has gathered around and sees that it is Alan lying on the floor. He freaks, breaks through and starts yelling at Rick to help him. Rick gets Phillip calmed down and tells him that he will have to help him out. Rick and Phillip try doing CPR on Alan until the EMT guys arrive. Alan has no pulse and the EMT workers equipment is not working. Phillip and Rick continue CPR. They finally get the equipment working and hit Alan with the paddles. There is a pulse finally and they start to cart Alan off to the hospital.

At the Santo's Estate
Michelle gets a call from Danny who is setting in a plane in San Cristobel waiting for Josh. They talk about how they miss each other and love each other and hang up. Michelle leaves, Bill and Pilar walk in talking about his new success at SanCorps. He explains that his software enables SanCorps computers to access other computers without all the hassle. Michelle walks in to retrieve a book that she left when Pilar goes to fetch the trio some tea. Michelle warns Bill that Carmen and Bill may use his program for ill means. Bill assures her that he has it covered and tells her to stop acting like his mom. Pilar comes back in with the tea and they ask about Danny and his whereabouts. Michelle covers, saying he had to visit a friend.

In San Cristobel
Josh comes in and makes a scene at the engagement party, Reva is already there. She runs to Josh and jumps into his arms, this brings even more attention to the fact that Reva is there. All the guests are in shock, one comes up to Reva and greets her as 'Catherine'. Richard finally gets the Lewises out in the hall to talk and leaves Olivia and Edmund to cover for everything.
Danny comes in after the guests have cleared out and asks Edmund what happened with the Lewises. Edmund tells him that he needs to leave. Danny tries to act like he really doesn't care about the couple and tells him that he has to know something to tell Michelle. Edmund says that Reva will have a fair trial but that she did steal a child. Danny left, but only to sneak around the palace.
Richard tells Josh that everyone thinks that Catherine could not handle the public life of a Royal and that is why she left. They go to the room that Reva was initially held captive in and lay it all out for Josh. Reva tells him that she was 'Catherine', that she was married to Richard and that they had a son together named Jonathan. Josh was upset wanting her to leave with him. Reva said she couldn't that she needed to find her son. He told her that he didn't give a darn what she needed that she was coming home with him, to their real children. Reva was upset and tried to explain again. Finally Josh gave in, saying they would face this together. Reva was happy but Richard said "No"....That she wouldn't be able to remember with Josh breathing down her neck. Reva spoke up and said that she would not stay without Josh and that Richard would never find his son." He replied by a simple, "Neither will you." Reva thought about it and knew that he was right and that she had to stay. Danny walks in after Richard had left and says he's ready that they need to hurry. Josh asks Reva again, if she is coming...
Olivia is confronted by Richard, he has figured out that she is the one that got Josh to come back. He yells at her and leaves. He heads back to where the Lewises are, not knowing Danny is in there trying to get them out.

Tuesday, July 27, 1999

Disregarding the threats of Dr. Perry, Rick continues to work on Alan once they reach Cedars Hospital, even though he is still on suspension. Abby worries if Rick will lose his license to practice medicine. When Alan stabilizes, Rick is commended by Charles and his suspension is lifted.

To the surprise and humiliation of his observing parents, David is served his suspension papers. Frank continues to badger David about the payoff money but when they are out of earshot, it becomes clear that both men are engaged in an elaborate undercover scheme to infiltrate the Santos family. Charles catches on and David admits that the payoff charges are a ruse and swears his father to secrecy. Meanwhile, Vicky struggles to understand David's erratic behavior.

As Danny and Josh prepare to leave San Cristobel Reva tells Josh she can not go with him because she needs to find out what happened to her son. Josh protests. When Prince Richard tries to emotionally appeal to Josh to let Reva stay and gets nowhere, he then resorts to more aggressive threats, promising to bring Reva to trial for treason and kidnapping if Josh doesn't agree to leave Reva behind. Frustrated, Josh agrees to let Reva remain on the island for a short time.

Sneaking through the castle, on his way out to the plane, Danny is surprised to find his mother has arrived in San Cristobel and is speaking intimately with Edmund. He is perplexed by this encounter but rushes off before he can overhear Carmen's plot to have Michelle arrested on San Cristobel.

Wednesday, July 28, 1999

At Company:
Drew walks in and she and Selena are talking about Buzz, Jesse and Drew's dad. Jesse comes in with plane tickets to LA for he and Drew to go for the unveiling of her father's headstone. He also has an application for a marriage license with him. Drew doesn't want to be pushed into this and is feeling overwhelmed with all that has gone in her life during the past year.
Bill is with Pilar, the two are about to go to the beach for the afternoon when Ben walks in. He tells Bill that he has a major software distributor wanting to look into his software. Bill is excited and talks to Pilar about all the work that is needed to be done on it. He tells her he has to go to work. Bill leaves.
Jim, Beth, Lizzie and Susan are having lunch. Lizzie is upset about Alan's heart attack. Beth and Jim leave to go to the hospital leaving Lizzie with Susan. Lizzie tells Susan that she is mad at her. That she is taking the grown-ups side. Lizzie tells Susan that she feels responsible for hurting her grandpa's heart, and now he may die because of her. Susan tells Lizzie that it is not her fault that Alan is sick and that he will be better soon. She also tells her about how she felt when her mom was dying in the hospital. Susan tells Lizzie that she knows how she feels and that she is going to help her. They leave to go to the hospital.
Upstairs, Vicky and David wake up from their night of lovemaking. Vicky wants an encore but David tells her it can't happen again and after a while it is painfully obvious to the woman that he is breaking up with her. Ben comes in and Vicky tells him that he is fired. David yells at her and she leaves. Ben tells David that if he wants to win to call him. He leaves. Outside in the hall, Ben overhears Vicky on the phone with someone talking about Alan and his heart attack.
David leaves his room and goes to Company. He finds Pilar alone and joins her. He asks her if she and Bill can use some concert tickets since Vicky and him are no longer an item. She says Bill is busy, but that she would go with David.

At the Jessup Farm:
Cassie is on the phone looking for Reva and Josh. She hears something in the barn and goes in to see Sam working. She asks what's up and he tells her not to say no to his working without seeing what he can do. Cassie hires him and then leaves the barn. Holly comes up outside the barn and asks Cassie to reconsider hiring Sam. Cassie tells her Sam is hired and leaves. Sam and Holly talk, she asks about an interview and he says no, that he is private about a lot of things. Holly lets it go and tells him that if he changes his mind to call her. Josh calls Cassie and she leaves to see him after he tells her Reva did not come home with him.

At the hospital:
Alan is telling India everyone will be better off without him. She tells him that he's feeling sorry for himself and that everyone loves him. Alan asks about Phillip, Harley and the baby.
Rick tells Phillip that they may need to do an angioplasty on Alan because of the damage to the heart muscle.
Later alone in Alan's room, Susan leaves Lizzie to get rid of a nurse that was about to come in. (She tells her that she can't find her mom). Lizzie cries and begs her grandpa to be okay. She tells him that she loves him and that she is sorry if she hurt him. Alan wakes up and takes Lizzie's hand and tells her that he will never leave her and that he loves her too. Meanwhile, Jim and Beth find Susan and the nurse. The nurse leaves and Susan tries to explain about Lizzie needing to see Alan. After telling the couple about her experience with her mom in the hospital, they understood.

Thursday, July 29, 1999

At the Lewises:
Billy, Josh and Cassie are together talking about Reva and her decision to stay in San Cristobel. Cassie makes the mistake of trying to look on the bright side. She suggests that since Richard was in love with Reva he would never harm her. It hit Josh like a hammer in the heart. Then after he thinks awhile says that he understands Richard. He compares him to himself and says that he also was swept away by Reva and lost her. Josh says that Richard may not want to lose her again and may not want to let her go, even after they find their child. He gets on the phone with Danny and tells him that he wants to return to San Cristobel to bring his wife back home.

In Los Angeles:
Drew and Jesse are at her father's grave. The rabbi comes out to begin the ceremony of the unveiling of the headstone. He asks Drew about her engagement and wondered why she had not told him. She tells him that it had just happened and there was not time. She told him that she will keep up with her Jewish traditions. The ceremony was complete, the headstone was unveiled and Drew got choked up and was unable to say anything. Jesse walked up and told Drew's father that he will always be a part of their family, that Drew is someone he can be proud of and that he will look after her from now on. Drew and Jesse hug.

At the Santos Estate:
Danny and Michelle are smooching. The two love birds are talking about Josh and Reva and about Danny's accidental confrontation with Edmund and how he covered. They make love and he tells her how she has made the house he always hated a home for him. Josh interrupts them with a call asking for Danny's help once again.

In San Cristobel:
Reva and Richard are talking, they start to reenact her life in order for her to remember things. When a bell rings, Reva starts remembering the sound of that bell. Then she remembers dancing with Richard in that very spot she was standing right then. They dance a while and Reva gets upset saying that she is not Catherine, that she is Reva Shayne Lewis, Joshua Lewises wife. Richard tells her in order for her to remember she must become Catherine and he will help her. Olivia witnesses the exchange between Richard and Reva and is crying in the shadows.

Friday, July 30, 1999

In LA:
Drew, Jesse and the rabbi walk into the temple. Drew voices her concern to Jesse about their religious differences and the fact that she devoutly believes in Judaism. She feels whole back at her roots and doesn't know how it will work with him since he is not Jewish. Jesse offers to convert to Judaism. Drew makes the mistake of saying that he shouldn't do that just to get her to marry him. He takes offense to that and tells her that he is leaving. Drew stays and prays for guidance about their relationship. Jesse overhears some of her prayers.

At the hospital:
Phillip, Rick, and Alan are talking about the pending angiogram. Alan thanks Rick for helping him at the Towers the other night. A ruckus is heard in the hall, Phillip goes out to find India assaulting a reporters tape recorder. The reporter wants the scoop on Alan being at deaths door. Phillip assures him that Alan is fine and then reminds him that Spaulding owns that paper and he should consider himself off of this story. Phillip escorts him to the exit and tells him good luck on getting another job. India is with Alan. She tells him that she hasn't left the hospital and Alan tells her that he appreciates all she has done. Phillip also thanks India. Rick takes Alan for the angiogram and comes back saying that there is no need for surgery, Alan's condition can be help by medicine and exercise. He leaves, India is left with Alan, who is complaining to a nurse about his chest pains. The nurse tells him it is normal and it will subside. India says, "he is hurting, help him." About that time a code blue is called and Rick says Alan is in Cardiac arrest. Harley comes in while Phillip is on the phone trying to reach her. She says that she had to come to the hospital because her water broke and she is in labor.

At the Lewises:
Billy and Josh are trying to plan how to retrieve Reva from San Cristobel. Michelle and Danny come over and shortly after Cassie shows up. Billy wants to infiltrate the palace and get her. Cassie says they will kill Reva. She suggests that she go talk to Reva since Richard has a great deal of animosity against Josh. Michelle thinks that is a good idea and she and Danny leave with Cassie. Josh tells Billy, no way will Cassie go, he is going forth with his plans.

In San Cristobel:
Reva and Richard are fighting over who will get custody of Jonathan when they get him back. Reva remembers fighting with Richard in the past and she also remembers that they used to fence to solve issues such as these. They begin fencing and Reva says that she remembers a lot because of this. She and Richard go for a break. Edmund comes down and changes Richard's blunt epee for a real razor tipped epee. When Reva and Richard return they begin to fence again and Reva is stabbed with the real epee. She asks Richard what he is doing, as she holds her side with blood dripping off her hand.

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