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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on GL
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Monday, July 19, 1999

At the Lewis home:
Josh is upset about having been made to leave Reva. He calls Ross over to see what can be done explaining that Reva was being held prisoner. He explains why they initially went to San Cristobel and about the arrest and of his ejection from the country. Ross gets on the phone to see what he can discover. Cassie and Blake walk in and Cassie asks "what's up, where's Reva?" She and Josh walk outside and he tells her the story. Back inside, Ross tells Blake that she should have told him about this when she and Cassie were in all the passport trouble that it would have made a lot more sense. They begin talking about their tryst in the bath tub and got a few things settled. Ross later explains to Josh, Cassie and Blake that Reva is being charged with Treason for the abduction of Prince Richard's son, a crime punishable by death.

At the Spaulding Estate:
Beth, Jim, Phillip, Harley, Alan, and India are there with Frank and another cop. Frank gets a tip on Lizzie and Annie's whereabouts and leaves to check it out. Shortly thereafter, Beth berates Alan saying that this whole thing is all his fault. That he has forgiven Annie so many times that this is her pay back for him breaking up with her and that he will probably forgive her of this as well. Alan goes upstairs and comes back down telling Beth that she is right. He walks out the door. Phillip tells Beth that she has said enough and goes to see how his dad is doing. HE walks out and sees Alan with a gun. After questioning Alan he finds out that he was going to take care of Annie. Phillip convinces him to hand over the gun and shortly thereafter, Beth and Jim, Phillip and Harley go searching for Lizzie. Alan and India stay by the phone.
At some hotel Annie goes in to take a shower after a big day shopping with Lizzie. Lizzie calls home to talk to her grandpa and doesn't know not to use the hotel phone. India answers and she talks to Lizzie who doesn't know where she is. After she hangs up, Alan and India trace the phone call and head out to retrieve the little girl.

In San Cristobel:
Danny and Michelle finish up the tour and come in to Edmund's surveillance room just after Edmund muted the TV. They leave, Edmund leaves, Manny comes back because Michelle has a sprung ankle and kiss a while, all the time not noticing the TV with Reva and Prince Richard on it.
Reva is still talking to Richard, saying that she could never hurt a child so she knows she could never have took it away from its mother. Richard tells her that he will help her remember everything, all the pain she caused him, the hell he has been through for the past 6 years. Olivia walks in and tells Richard not to get so worked up. They go into the hall and he she asked about the engagement announcement, he tells her they need to put that off for a short while. Olivia is heartbroken and reminds him that she has always stood beside him. He knows, Olivia leaves. Richard goes back to Reva, who pulls a letter opener on him. He gets it away from her and listens to her story about her dream and hypnosis sessions about the baby and the ring and the mysterious door in the hall. She tells him that she knows she would remember if she knew what was behind that door. Richard then surprises Reva by yanking her out of the room and dragging her down the hall and opening the door.

Tuesday, July 20, 1999

Looking like a pathetic puppy, Jesse once again asks Drew to marry him but Drew is evasive, seeming more preoccupied about Max's whereabouts.

Annie and Lizzie prepare to leave their hotel room once Annie discovers that Lizzie has called home. Meanwhile, Alan and India race to the hotel room as Alan reveals his plan to rescue Lizzie. India pleads with him to call the police but Alan refuses. Upon arriving at the hotel, India distracts Lizzie while Alan grabs Annie and tries to strangle her and toss her off of the hotel room balcony. Just in the nick of time, Alan is intercepted by Sam the Cowboy, a friend that Annie and Lizzie had met that day. Annie takes advantage of the moment and escapes.

Meanwhile, in San Cristobel , Richard drags Reva to the ominous locked room at the end of the hall only to discover a huge life size royal portrait of none other than Reva herself. On cue, Reva faints into the arms of Richard, who longingly strokes her cheek while she is unconscious. Upon awakening, Reva is initially furious, thinking the portrait is a hoax, but then begins to realize that Richard is telling the truth. He goes on to tell her that after she drove off of the bridge in Florida some fisherman from San Crstobel rescued her and brought her back to the island. Richard discovered her and nursed her back to health. Having no memory of her past life, Reva assumed the identity of Cathryn and, being madly in love, the two married. Reva is then horrified to learn that she and Richard had a son.

In another part of the castle, Olivia pouts and stews about her postponed engagement. Edmund agrees to help remedy the situation by throwing a "surprise" engagement party for Olivia and Richard, hoping to distract his brother long enough to get Reva out of the country.

Wednesday, July 21, 1999

At Drew's
Michelle turns up bearing gifts. They talk awhile and Michelle notices the diamond on Drew's hand. They talk about that and Drew just still seems depressed. It's Max. Michelle try's to tell her that he will be back, but Drew just doesn't know. There is another glaze over matter about her Jewish heritage and then more talk about the wedding. Drew says that she is not going to rush into this. And she will definitely not do it before she and Max are reunited. Michelle talks about San Cristobel and the honeymoon and how they met up with Reva and Josh. Michelle starts to leave and tells Drew that if she marries Jesse her name would be "Drew Blue", Drew says she kinda likes it. Just as she walks out the door a DSS worker comes in to talk to Drew about Max.

At Spaulding Estate
Beth is talking to Lizzie and takes her outside to be alone. Meanwhile, Alan is still blaming himself about Annie. Beth and Lizzie make up and Lizzie goes to pick her some flowers. Beth cries because she hates the fact that she made Lizzie feel alone and unwanted. Jim is shaken by all that has occurred and tells Beth that he wants to go see Susan. Beth says they both need to spend time with their children and he leaves.
India and Alan are talking and Alan says that he knows she is broke, has known for a while. He is very impressed and has a great deal of respect for her since she did not come to beg him for money. She says she feels better that she can be honest with someone. Alan asks her to dinner to celebrate their rescue of Lizzie.

At Camp Oakridge
Susan is talking in a group session. She talks a bit about Max. Then he walks in dressed as a camp guy. Susan tries to play down her previous statements about how she cared for and hoped Max was all right. When session broke, Max and Susan talked in her cabin. He asked her if he could borrow some cash, she said he needed to head back to Drew's because she wants to adopt him. He didn't believe her at first but after they cleared the air about a few things he listened and said he would go back. He kisses her. Jim calls out to Susan. Max hides under the bed. Jim comes in and tells Susan he loves her and that he will take her home now. Susan starts to come clean about Max being there, but doesn't. they start to leave and Jim calls out, "Max, are you coming?" Max comes out and Jim offers him a ride home. Susan and Max are stunned that Jim knew he was there. But Jim tells them that he is not mad and that Max should tone down all that cologne that he got from Jesse if he doesn't want to be noticed.

At the Lewis'
Josh calls Danny over and tells him of the situation in San Cristobel . Danny is confused to find out that Edmund lied to him about Reva and Josh being at home in Springfield. Josh pleas with Danny to help him sneak back into the country. Danny begins thinking of what it would be like to be forcefully separated from Michelle and agrees to help Josh. He tells Josh of a private airstrip that his family has for use in their illegal business, "do you have a problem with that?" Josh jumps at the chance and they make plans. Danny informs him that they will have to go in at night and that Danny himself will fly him into San Cristobel . Josh asks Danny not to say anything to anyone, even Michelle.

In San Cristobel
Reva continues talking to Richard. She is in denial. Richard wants her to remember and so he produces a stack of love letters that she, as Catherine, wrote to him. Reva reads them and is upset by them. Richard tells Reva that she is legally still his wife, Reva denies that and tells him that she and Josh are married, but that she will not leave until she can help them find their son, Jonathan. After a few letters, Reva begins to remember things. She tells him that she remembers writing the letter and their son.

Thursday, July 22, 1999

At Drew's
The DSS worker is talking to Drew as Selena come up outside the door and is talking to Jesse about Buzz going to England with his sons. She walks in the apartment and say's "Have you found Max?" Drew feels that her cover is blown until Selena covers and Drew says that Max is at the library. (She did not want the DSS worker knowing that Max had ran away.) After a tour of Max's new bedroom, Drew decides that she must tell the DSS worker the truth. Just as she began to spill her secret, Max walks in and Drew runs to him and gives him a great big hug. After a short visit, the DSS lady leaves after Max tells her that he was at the library. Jesse questions Max about how he knew to tell her that he was at the library. He answered that he knew Drew, and he knew that she would have told her that she was at the library. Drew and Max hug and Jesse tells Max about the engagement. Max is happy about it and he and Jesse go look at Max's new bedroom. While they are away, Drew tells Selena that she doesn't know if she will marry Jesse or not the main reason being that he is not Jewish. Jesse and Max come back and Jesse announces that now that Max is back they can get married right away.

At the Tower's
Ben, Carmen, Pilar and Bill are dining out. Vanessa and Matt come in and it is obvious that she is not happy to see her son fraternizing with the Santo's clan. Bill goes over to their table to talk to them and informs his mother that he has been hired back to work with SanCorps. She is angry saying that he will only get into trouble doing business with them.
Alan and India arrive and go over to say hello to Ben and Carmen. Ben tells him that they are now competitors since he was named President of SanCorps. Back at their table, Alan gave India a piece of paper guaranteeing his financial support for her daughters future.
David and Vicky come in and Vicky surprises him with his parents joining them for dinner. Frank is hiding out in the back and David tells him that he is ready to go through with it. Later, David has a heart to heart with his dad about how the Santo's forced him into buying cheap, faulty medical equipment. David vowed to get back at them because he thinks that was what caused his fathers heart-attack. Later, Frank comes over and arrests David for fraud and conspiracy, right in front of Mama Santos.

At the Santos Estate
Michelle greets Danny with a big kiss. They talk a bit and she leaves only to show back up in a new night she bought for his enjoyment. Danny tells her he has to work and can't fool around tonight. Michelle spots his suitcase and gets upset thinking that he is going to go do something illegal. She is afraid for his life and begs him not to go. He says he has to but can not tell her any details but he will when he gets home tomorrow. Michelle wants to go with him but Danny says no. He leaves, walks outside their bedroom and feels terrible. He goes back in and tells her all about his helping Josh. She doesn't want him to go but understands.

At the Lewis'
Cassie is upset that Josh has asked for Danny's help. She wonders if the Santos heir can be trusted. Josh says it doesn't matter that he can help him and that he does trust Danny.

At the Spaulding Estate
Lizzie and Beth are playing a game. Alan asks to speak to Beth. He apologizes for Annie and they make up. She tells him that she and Lizzie will not move out.
Ben and Susan show up, Susan apologizes to Beth and runs upstairs with Lizzie to play. I

Friday, July 23, 1999

At the Jessup Farm
Blake and Cassie are spending some time together eating Chinese food . Holly shows up and Cassie reveals her fears that she will be lose the farm. Holly starts to talk to Blake about Ross. Sam shows up. Sam asks for Hart and it upsets Cassie who has to tell him that Hart died. Sam says that he had come to collect a debt from Hart. Blake gets upset and tells him to get out. Sam says that he isn't looking for a hand out that he is just looking for a job and could work the farm for her. Cassie tells him that she has no money. Sam says that he will work for room and board. She says no and he starts to leave. Holly tells Sam that she is sorry for how Blake ad Cassie acted. He tells her that's all right and then they introduce each other.

At Tower's
Frank arrest's David for fraud and conspiracy. Frank tells everyone that David is involved in racketeering. Alan comes over to find out what is going on. Frank and David finish the show and leaves taking David into custody. Carmen leaves Bill and Pilar to be alone. They talk and kiss. Alan and India talk at their table. Alan is feeling bad. India is trying to pep him up. He stands up and grabs his chest, falling to the floor.

At the Police Department
Frank gives David the opportunity to get out of their plan. David insists that he has to do this for his dad. Frank tells him that he will be looked down on if he does this by his family and everyone. Ben comes in and announces that he will be David's lawyer. Frank produces a bag that Vicky had given David with cash in it. He claimed to have found it in David's apartment. Vicky is upset telling David to tell Frank the truth.

In the Plane
Danny is flying over to San Cristobel with Josh. They chit chat about the situation and Reva's lost years. Josh told Danny that Olivia agreed to help get Reva out of the palace and he is going to have to trust her. Josh calls Olivia who gives him instructions for what to do upon arrival in San Cristobel . Danny still doesn't have a good feeling about this.

In San Cristobel
Edmund is telling Olivia to perk up, they are out Olivia and Richard's engagement party. Richard had told Olivia to call it off but Edmund insisted that it go on. He also informed Olivia to call and get Josh Lewis to come, which she did. Olivia tells the butler to get Richard to meet her in the courtyard, Josh then calls her and says that he is on his way. Edmund is up to no good, instructing Olivia's every move.
Reva is reading "Catherine's letter's." She talks to Richard about them and tells him that she still can't remember them. Reva insists that she wants to find the child as much as Richard does. Richard tells Reva that they have to find Jonathan soon, he has had dark dreams and know that it is necessary to find the child right away.
Reva says that she only remembers fragments of their life together but that she is not Catherine, she is Reva Shayne. Richard tells Reva that he is not asking her to leave Josh or even alienate her feelings for him, just to experience everything that Catherine did in order to remember. He gives her a list of places for them to visit. He goes to see what is up with Olivia. Reva reads over the list and she recognizes, "Nottingham Field." She runs to tell Richard the news.
Josh sneaks into the palace while Olivia introduces the Prince Richard to all of the guests and tells everyone that he asked her to marry him. Just then Reva walks in and Edmund and Olivia try to get her out of there. Richard comes over and tells Olivia that she was supposed to have postponed the party. He begs her to let him find out what he can with her. Edmund talks on the phone to Carmen. He tells her that he was prepared to let Reva go home but now that she is remembering things he will have to take care of her and make sure no one knows about the child. He asks for Carmen's support and she gladly gives it. Josh comes in wrestling with two guards, Reva sees him and runs to him. They hug.

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