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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on GL
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Monday, July 12, 1999

In San Cristobel
Josh and Reva were arrested and taken off in different directions. Josh was taken to a dungeon like jail and Reva was taken to the palace for a confrontation with Olivia. Manny saw the arrest and Michelle begged Danny to talk to Prince Edmund and ask him for his help in the situation. When Edmund saw the picture of Jeva with Manny he could believe his eyes. He definitely recognized Reva. Josh was finally told that he and Reva were arrested for stealing the ring. He says that it was all him and to let him see his wife. The guard refused saying that Americans have no rights when in San Cristobel. Josh fights the guard and tries to escape but is overpowered. At the palace, Olivia verifies that Reva is telling the truth about the memory loss by calling Cassie and pumping her for information. Reva finds a love letter Prince Richard wrote to Katherine, and demands to see Richard. Olivia refuses to let her see him. Reva feels that Olivia is scared he will be mad at her for his treatment of tourists, but Olivia tells her that is not the case. The truth is, if Richard finds Reva in San Cristobel , he will kill her.
Michelle asks questions about the Royal family after Danny says that he can get them an invitation to the Royal Wedding if she would like to attend. He says that that Richard is very different from his brother, thanks to something that happened to him years ago that has left him a recluse. Michelle still wants to go pick up the ring but Danny talks her into going home for a lovefest instead.

At the Lewises'
Cassie is getting paranoid because there has been no word from Reva and the hotel has no record of their ever being in their hotel. Jim comes over and Cassie expresses her concern about the situation. Cassie receives a phone call (from Olivia), from someone who says they want to finish a survey for the school system. The woman pumps Cassie for information on Reva and when Cassie gets suspicious, the woman hangs up. Jim gets the operator to trace the call. It's origin was San Cristobel. Cassie calls Blake and asks her to set with RJ because she is headed to San Cristobel.

At the Bauers'
Harley and Phillip come over. Phillip tells Rick that he had talk to the Charles Grant as well as the hospital board about letting Rick go back to work. They then surprise Rick and Abby with a private Bauer BBQ even though it is a bit late.

Tuesday, July 13, 1999

As Cassie tries to leave for San Cristobel , her trip is cut short at the airport ticket counter when she realizes that she doesn't have a passport. Blake, who happens to be with her, concocts a scheme to get Cassie an instant passport. Using her own passport (which she just happens to have in her purse), she cuts Cassie's photo out of her driver's license and pastes it on her own passport. The fake doesn't fool the ticket counter agent and Cassie and Blake are hauled off by airport security for breaking federal law.

Josh officially meets Prince Edmund when he introduces himself after smashing Josh over the head. Meanwhile, Olivio still refuses to tell Reva about her missing years on San Cristobel. When Reva demands to see Prince Richard, Olivia tells her that is impossible because the Prince would kill her. Later when Josh and Reva are briefly united, Prince Edmund tells Reva she will have to face Prince Richard and explain her actions in the past.

Holding a shiny diamond engagement ring in his pocket, Jesse asks Buzz for advice about proposing to Drew. On the steps of Company, he emotionally asks Drew to marry him. As he gets ready to pull out the ring, Drew, still preoccupied with Max, tells him that she has too much on her mind to think about marriage right now. Jesse looks heart-broken. Buzz challenges Selena to a rematch of pinochle as their relationship progresses.

Wednesday, July 14, 1999

At San Cristobel:
Michelle and Danny come in and Michelle is terribly sunburned. Danny tells her that he will rub her down with Aloe and all will be fine. Soon after the president of the bank shows up. They all chat awhile and Michelle gives him the chocolates for his wife that Carmen had sent. After the banker leaves he calls Carmen and tells her that he received the Chocolates but no barer bonds were inside. She told him that she was just gaining Michelle's confidence but that next time there would be a lot more than candy in the box. The banker asked her why she would want to put her daughter-in-law at risk and Carmen said that Michelle looks so innocent that Customs would never check her.

At the Airport:
Cassie and Blake are taken in by a Federal Special Agent who begins questioning them about the passport. Ross shows up and soon after Jim shows. Jim recognizes the agent from his past and they chat about old times. Ross and Blake are talking and she gets angry and starts loudly talking about their night in the tub. Everyone hears and after awhile the girls are let go.

At Spaulding:
Phillip gives Alan an ultimatum, get rid of Annie or Beth and Lizzie are leaving the house. Alan didn't care for the demand but when Annie showed up and talked about her future with Alan and Lizzie, Alan kicked her to the curb. Annie is upset and runs out crying and vowing revenge. Meanwhile Beth and Phil are talking about the situation and Phillip says that Annie is like a vampire and that someone needs to stick a stake through her heart. Lizzie overhears this and takes him literally, and she says, "Just like Buffy!" She runs over to Annie and tells her that she has to warn Annie that her daddy wants to kill her.

At Company:
Bill and Pilar are talking and Pilar mentions that she may have had a hand in his getting the job at SanCorps when Bill tells her that he was fired. Bill got mad and left. David and Frank are talking about how to bring down the Santos family. David sees the spat between Pilar and Bill and the two cops decide that she is there way into the mob family. David goes over to try gain Pilar's trust. They small talk about men and how Bill is upset about things, blah, blah, blah. Pilar leaves David thinks he has his link to bringing down the Santos.

At the Santos Estate:
Ben and Carmen are Basking in the glow of their recent love making when Bill walks in. He demands to know why he was fired. Carmen and Ben tell him about Vanessa and her demands. When Bill mentions his computer program to them, Ben is especially interested. He chats with Bill and offers him his job back with a 25% raise and open communication lines between Bill and the president of the company. Bill agrees to the terms and the two make a deal. On his way out Bill makes up with Pilar.

Thursday, July 15, 1999

At San Cristobel:
The guards come and let Josh go. They tell him that he is going to be taken to the airport to meet Reva and the two of them are going to leave the country. Josh goes with them but when he sees that Reva is not there tries to escape custody. They catch him and tell him that he is going to get on the plane. Meanwhile, Reva is in the Palace. She is told by Edmund that she Richard is on his way home and that she will see him shortly. He leaves the room, locking it behind him. Reva picks the lock open with a letter opener and goes out into the palace. At the end of a corridor she spots the door from her dreams and begins to open it when a man tells her to stop. She turns and asks the man who he is and discovers that she is standing by the mystery door with Richard.

At the Firehouse:
Selena comes over and it is once again awkward at first, until they start playing cards again. After a while she and Buzz are kissing. Little Coop comes down from his room and says, "Mommy?" Buzz goes over to his son as Selena is left feeling awful again.

At Drew's Apartment:
Jesse is looking at the engagement ring. He is trying to get up the nerve to give it to Drew, when she walks in. She is all upset about Max and gets an attitude with Jesse because he has other things on his mind and acts like it is no big deal that Max is gone. Jesse tries to explain things to Drew, when she finds the ring and feels like a heathen. She apologizes, he proposes, she accepts they kiss awhile and talk about Max, their future, everything.

At the Spaulding's:
Annie listens to Lizzie's concerns about her impending death. She manages to talk to the child and make her understand that Phillip is not going to kill her. Lizzie mentions that he was going to do something with Annie's probation which would send her back to prison. Annie gets Lizzie to let her back in the house and she gathers a bunch of valuables up and puts them in her bag, including all of the contents in the safe. Lizzie begs her not to leave her and Annie says that she has to. Lizzie then asks Annie to take her with her. Annie thinks awhile and after Lizzie cries some more, Annie agrees. The two walk out of the house.

Friday, July 16, 1999

At the Firehouse
Buzz asks Selena to step out while he tries to make Coop feel a little better. He holds his son and talks to him about his mom, sings him a song. He even takes a picture of Jenna and puts it in his pocket so that he can feel closer to Jenna. . Selena overheard all of this and was crying at both Coop and Buzz's pain. After the little guy goes back to his room, Buzz decides that maybe he should take his boys to their mothers homeland, England, for a vacation to visit where Jenna grew up.

In San Cristobel
Prince Richard does not believe that Reva does not know who he is. He takes her out of the foyer and back into the locked room that she had been held in. Once there Reva begged for information as to what horrible, atrocious thing she could have done to Richard. He explains that she took the most precious love of his life away from him. She feels he is talking about Katherine, but we soon find out that he is blaming Reva for stealing his only son. Once out of the room, Edmund tried to convince Richard that Reva really doesn't remember anything. Richard says that she will pay for what she did.
.Danny and Michelle end up at the jewelry store. Michelle tries to collect the ring for Reva, but the jeweler plays dumb. Michelle can't shake the feeling that something is wrong. Danny takes her to the palace where Edmund promises that Reva and Josh have gone back to the states, that he, himself, put them on a plane. He then offered the newlyweds a tour of the palace. While walking the halls, Reva overheard Michelle and tried to call out to her. Richard grabbed Reva and would not let her scream out.

At the Spaulding Estate
Beth and Jim are chatting on the couch when Phillip and Harley come in, a bit concerned. Phil asks Beth, "what's up, Lizzie wasn't at the party and the kids parents said she never made it there." Beth said "No, Nettie took her." Alan came in and noticed all the prized vases and jewels from the safe were missing. They started getting concerned and looked around and questioned Nettie and figured out that Lizzie was taken with Annie. Alan was furious. Beth was frantic. Frank shows up and taps the phone, Annie calls, from a cell phone, no trace could be done. Annie said that she did not kidnap Lizzie that she wanted to come. She even let Lizzie talk to Alan. Then they hung up.

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