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Monday, July 12, 1999

At the hospital
DV arrives at the hospital in an attempt to harass Scotty. He feeds the seeds of doubt that Lucy enjoyed every moment with him in his arms. He told Scotty that Lucy is really in love with him. Lucy arrived at just the right moment to prevent Scotty from physically crushing DV. She reminded him that he is here for his father and right now he is playing right into DV's hands. Scotty backs off.
Gail and Serena join Scotty and Lucy as DV scurries away. Gail is worried about Lee. Karen and Joe bring Lee out of his room and start to head to OR. The family hurries Lee to return to them. While waiting for the surgery to end, everyone is trying to pretend as though nothing is wrong and that everything will be all right. This behavior seems to make Scotty's temper even shorter. He is not very good at waiting. He finds himself snapping at Serena. Lucy tries to comfort him to no success. In his heart, he has doubts as to the success of Lee's operation.

In Italy
Eve and Kevin are in the hospital mortuary as the sheet is slowly be lowered to reveal the body of Victor Collins. Kevin is crushed to realize that his father is really dead. Kevin asked for information on the cause of death. Zorin says that the report shows that he suffered from a massive stroke and died of natural causes. Kevin argued that it was impossible since Victor was extremely healthy and had good blood pressure. He then asked if he could examine the body. Mr. Zorin explains that it was impossible since Kevin is not licensed to practice medicine in Italy. Kevin then asked where the body was found. The police officer revealed that the body was found in an alley and had probally been there for some time.
Back at the hotel, Kevin is searching for his address book so that he could call Mary. Eve stopped him and reminded him that it is not healthy to bottle all of his grief up. Kevin sat on the bed and cried for all of the times that he did not have with his father when he was alive and all of the times that he will never have now that he is dead. Eve comforted him the best that she could.
Afterwards, Kevin does not like the picture that all of the pieces of the puzzle are forming. He does not believe that Victor's death was accidental. Mr. Zorin's arrival and timely fashion of finding his father was too convenient. He believes that his father was murdered and he wants to know why. Eve comes up with an idea to break into the mortuary to examine Victor's body. Kevin told Eve that if things get too dangerous he was going to ask her to back off. He did not want to risk her life as well.

Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Lucy, Scott and Gail are terrified when Karen informs them of a complication with Lee's surgery that could turn deadly. Julie calls Chris and while on hold, angrily remembers Lee's refusal to accept Leopold as her attorney and guardian. Eve and Kevin hide under sheets on empty examining tables in the morgue when they hear voices coming down the hall, and are wheeled off to be embalmed by the technicians. When they leave for a smoke break, the about-to-be-corpses try to get out of the cooler but discover that they're locked in. Julie and Chris decide that telling the judge about Lee's anger and control of Julie are detrimental to her recovery in order to get her guardianship pushed through more quickly. Scott is unable to appreciate Christina's first smile in light of his father's ongoing surgery. Gail thanks him for staying by her side all night and counsels that what is done about DV's abuse of Lucy is Lucy's decision. Monica arrives to tell them that Lee's surgery was a complete success and the Baldwin clan breathes a sigh of relief. Karen and Scotty than Joe for his help with the surgery and Scott apologizes for blaming him for hurting Karen, letting him know that he's aware that Joe was set up. Monica admires Christina, then allows Gail to go see Lee while Lucy and Scott remember the anniversary of Serena's cornea transplant. Chris informs Julie that Leopold has drafted the affidavit citing Lee's negligence and they realize that they need to come up with a plan to get Christina back with her mother legally. Kevin and Eve are shocked to find Victor's toe tag on the pharmaceutical rep from the plane. Lee wakes up and is grateful that Scott can hell him "I told you so" about the good-byes he said to his loved ones. Leopold arrives at the hospital with the affidavit for Chris's signature while Julie fantasizes about a dying Lucy giving her Christina to raise. Chris signs the papers but is shocked when Leopold instructs him to go see Greg Cooper, per Julie's request. After discovering that Victor's body isn't in the morgue, Kevin and Eve are caught by the returning technicians.

Wednesday, July 14, 1999

Frank was determined to find out why Julie and Chris were really marrying. Frank phoned Julie and asked her what is up with Chris and her. Julie said nothing and opted not to talk to Frank any longer. Julie then called Chris and asked for the latest gossip on the money and changing her guardian. Julie and Chris had their usual conversation. Frank then walked into the hospital by Chris while talking to Julie. Chris hung up and asked Frank why he was here. Frank wanted the goods on why he was marrying Julie. Chris said it was true love. Frank did not believe this so broke into Chris' apartment, walking over to his desk and picking up some papers.

In Rome, Eve and Kevin are thrown in jail. They are in separate cells. Both of their cell mates are asking them non stop questions about why they are in jail and why they are in Rome. A guard told Eve and Kevin charges have been dropped. Kevin and Eve realize that both of their separate cellmates have been asking them questions. When they get to their hotel room, they find Mr. Zorin in it. Kevin knows this is odd since they didn't give Mr. Zorin a key. Kevin told Mr. Zorin that he probably hired those cell mates in jail to ask them questions and find out more about Victor. Mr. Zorin denies it and walks out, warning them that there is danger. Eve went into the bathroom while a housekeeper comes in and changes the sheets. However, we learn that she is not a house cleaning lady, she is a "spy." She hits Kevin but then Eve comes out and puts a cover over her head and Kevin smashes a glass on the lady's head.

At General Hospital, Karen admits to Joe that she saw him kissing Courtney. Joe says that she missed the last part--he pulled away. Karen is very revealed and accepts Joe's invitation to go out for coffee. In the corner, Courtney watches in disgrace to see Joe and Karen "being more than friends."

Thursday, July 15, 1999

Knowing that something fishy is behind Chris and Julie's engagement, Frank ransacks Chris's apartment for evidence to support his claim. His search is successful when he finds the couple's prenuptial agreement, which entitles Chris to half of the DL-56 patent proceeds no matter what happens to the marriage. Frank believes that he is entitled to that money after all the pain and suffering he endured as a result of the drug, so seeing the agreement makes him very angry. At this point, Chris enters the apartment. He is just as angry to find Frank going through his desk drawers.

Meanwhile, Julie and her lawyer, Darren Leopold, are practicing what to say in court in order to have Lee Baldwin removed from Julie's case. They also discuss Greg Cooper. Julie states that if they promise him a transfer from a maximum-security prison to a mental hospital like Ferncliff, then Greg will say anything they want.

At the hospital, Scott, Lucy and Gail are visiting Lee and celebrating his impending recovery. Mac (from GH) pays them a visit, and he informs Scott and Lucy that the search for Christina's birth mother has reached a dead end. Therefore, the two are free to begin the adoption process. Everyone is overjoyed at the news. However, Mac cautions them that it is a 6-month process and that one or both of the baby's biological parents could appear at any time, thereby complicating matters tremendously. However, Lucy and Scott realize that they have surmounted a major hurdle and rejoice. Lucy is especially thrilled at the prospect of decorating the nursery and shopping for her daughter. After sharing the happy news with Serena, the three start preparing for their expanded family.

After arguing with Chris upon his sudden arrival home, Frank returns home and calls Julie at Ferncliff. He is still angry about being shut out of the DL-56 money, but Julie informs him that Chris is the only one who has been there for her. Sharing the profits with him is the least she can do. Frank does not buy it, but Julie doesn't seem to care. After hanging up with Frank, Julie calls Chris. She does not like that Frank has discovered the prenuptial agreement, but Chris told her that he'll take care of Frank.

Later, Chris and Darren Leopold plan Chris's upcoming visit with Greg Cooper. Like Julie, Chris realizes that Cooper holds the key to Julie's defense. Without him, she could remain at Ferncliff indefinitely. While at the hospital, Darren Leopold encounters Scott. He informs him that he has subpoenaed all of the records of Lee's work with Julie. After informing Scott of the near-assault on Julie by Lee, supposedly witnessed by both he and Chris, Scott grows enraged. He knows his father would never harm Julie and threatens Darren against hurting Lee. Lucy witnesses the entire conversation from a distance, and she comforts Scott once it is over. While Lucy told Gail what has happened, Scott visits with Lee. He had decided not to tell him about the subpoena, but Lee can see something is up. Reluctantly, Scott updates his father on Julie's attempt to have the old man removed as her legal guardian. Lee expresses how important this case is to him, and the two vow to fight for it together.

Later, Scott, Lucy, Serena and Christina run into Frank at the hospital. Lucy takes the girls to find their sister Karen. Alone, Scott admonishes Frank for what he did to Karen and Joe. However, Frank wants to discuss Chris and Julie's prenuptial agreement. After he spills the document's financial details to the lawyer, Scott agrees to look into the matter. Privately, he told Lucy that he just may have discovered a way to help his father.

Friday, July 16, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Stephanie Phipps.

Courtney is making breakfast in the kitchen. Neil arrives and doesn't want anything to eat. He is upset since it is tryout day for baseball and he can't play. He doesn't want to do his treatment and storms out of the kitchen.

Joe and Karen discuss the treatment of a patient and her boyfriend. Courtney calls to tell Joe that Neil doesn't want to do his treatment. Joe told her that they are in this together and will get through it.

DV talks with someone on the phone and asks if Kevin and Eve are still nosing around. He says he's going to have to feed them to the lions.

Kevin and Eve are in their hotel room discussing that there is no hot water for a shower. They wasted their time with the police. The police decided that the maid was just a manic depressive who was off her medication. Eve wonders if they should call Mary. Kevin wants Eve to go tell her in person. He thinks it's too dangerous for Eve to stay.

Eve wants to stay and help. Kevin doesn't want her to stay and end up dead. Eve pulls out her together stone and says I always keep it with me. She begs him to let her stay and don't send me away. Kevin gives in. Groovy says Eve with Austin Powers motions.

Joe and Karen are discussing Neil's reluctance to do treatments. Courtney and Neil arrive. Joe has Neil a surprise for after the treatment. Joe told Neil it is okay to be scared about the treatment. He told him that they are family and they will do it together. Joe gets paged so Karen and Courtney walk Neil to get his treatment.

Courtney went after the comic books that Neil left in the car. Karen and Neil discuss that it would be cool if the machines could do it all like in the movies but that the doctors make the treatment bearable. Neil wonders if Karen is mad that Joe moved in with him and Courtney. Karen says no that Joe is where he belongs.

Courtney runs into Joe and they flirt about being parents together. Then it turns sad when they discuss the different outcomes possible with Neil's illness. Joe promises to do everything medically possible.

Kevin and Eve are practicing Italian using a phrase book. Eve answers a phone call about the hot water being now available. Kevin sees someone put a note under their door. He reads it and told Eve it was about the water. He told her to go take her shower. She does. He makes a phone call, writes a note to Eve and leaves.

Someone dressed in black opens the door to the room and turns off the light. Eve comes out looking for Kevin and is grabbed.

Karen and Joe discuss the possibility that Neil will need a blood marrow transplant. Joe tries to change the subject, but Karen hugs him. Courtney and Neil arrive and Joe gives him, his surprise, a autographed Yankee's hat. Karen and Neil leave to go show it off. Joe told Courtney they need to be tested as matches for Neil in case a transplant is needed. Courtney brought up that if she was still claiming that John was Neil's dad, this test would show that he wasn't. She looks real nervous about what the test will show.

Kevin returns to the room and looks for Eve, but only finds her together stone on the floor.

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