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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of July 12, 1999 on SB
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Monday, July 12, 1999

Ricardo sees the tape of Gabi and Antonio and thinks that his mother just hired someone to make it look like it was Gabi and Antonio on a tape. After watching it more...he realized that the tape was real and made by Francesca, and happened in AJ's office after the explosion. He said he should have realized it before by the look on their faces whenever he walked in on them.

Sara and Tim were talking, and Sara thought that he was there about Tess. He started talking about how she had lied to Casey. Tim saw Casey through the window and made sure what he said to Sara would be heard by Casey. Casey threw Tim out. Then he asked Sara to tell him the truth about Palm Springs and his car (the things that Tim brought up). Sara started telling him the truth that she was worried that he would want Meg instead of her...because that's always how it was, and Meg always got everything she wanted including Tim Truman!

Meg sees the sheets on the bed are all messed up, she finds Maria's shirt on the floor, but then just says (as she was crying) that it couldn't have been Maria's shirt Ben would never bring her there...then she said that Maria must have just went there to spend some time alone. Then she saw Ben's cuff links and started to cry more. She then saw to glasses of champagne. And said "it's true Maria finally got what she wanted, I gave up on us and he went to her" then she left.

Benjy asks Tess why he has to say bad things about Meg because she's nice to him. Tess told him never to bring that up only when they are alone in his room. Ben overhears and asks what they were talking about, Maria walks in. Ben told Tess to let Benjy tell him what they were talking about and Benjy says "Tess told me not to say bad things about Meg because it makes you sad when I do" Maria and Ben go out on the verandah and Tess told Benjy he was such a good boy, that Maria and Ben are getting closer already.

Antonio told Gabi that it is all over he destroyed the tape and all the pictures just one part of a picture remains Gabi says "Let me do it" and she tears it up. She says she can't believe it's all over. Then she gets this look like she just had a chill and Antonio asked her what was the matter and she said she had a feeling that "what if it's not over what about your mother she still knows that we made love what if she told Ricardo?" and Antonio said "she won't tell, because she knows it will hurt Ricardo too much" Then Carmen walked in...she said she was there to make peace with both of them, Antonio asked if it was a game, and she said it wasn't and she realized that if she told Ricardo it would destroy her whole family. Ricardo would not hear it from her.

Bette was saying how upset she was over Gregory dying he was her friend her neighbor and her boss and that she felt that Olivia and his children were her children. AJ told her that he wants to marry Olivia and raise Trey.

Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Certain Ben and Maria have been sleeping together, a devastated Meg leaves the Casita in tears. Wary of Carmen's sudden 180, Gabi and Antonio both question her motives in agreeing to keep their secret. Meanwhile, Ricardo watches the rest of the video and is completely crushed to hear his brother and Gabi declaring their undying love for one another after having sex. As Sean continues to jot down his thoughts about his dad, Amy searches for a way to put her magic love potion into play. Fed up with all the lies, Casey told a heartbroken Sara he doesn't think they should see each other any more. Tim and Tess celebrate a victory in their quest to capture the million dollar prize. Carmen finally convinces Gabi and Antonio that she is sincere in her vow to remain silent. Later, Maria thanks her mother for making a bright future possible for both of her sons. His eyes ablaze with hatred, Ricardo races over to the mission in search of the brother who betrayed him.

Wednesday, July 14, 1999

A depressed Meg and Casey bump into one another under the pier. At the mission, Ricardo finally comes face to face with Antonio and Gabi but collapses before he's able to utter a word. Ben went to Surf Central in search of Meg and finds her agitated sister instead. When he presses her to explain why she's so upset, Sara tearfully reveals that Casey no longer wants her to share his space. Meanwhile, Casey confides to Meg how her sister has been deceiving him for months. As a fretful Gabi and Antonio lean over the fallen police officer, Ricardo slowly opens his eyes and sees his brother peering down at him. Meg sadly informs Casey that Ben has begun sleeping with Maria. In the ER, Tyus and his staff struggle to resuscitate Ricardo after he suddenly flat-lines. Clinging to one another for comfort, Meg and Casey share a lingering kiss as a stunned Ben looks on.

Thursday, July 15, 1999

Down By The Pier

Meg was crying her eyes out and Casey came up to her and they started Kissing. Ben was coming down the stairs by the pier when he saw the passionate lip lock that Meg and Casey were engaged in.

The Evans' Residence
Tess was talking to Tim on the phone Tim told her that Ben was at the Deep. She came off the phone and told Maria that he was there. Maria left the house. Tim came over and he was kissing Tess and then Benjy came over and told Him that Tess is his friend and Tess told him to go up stairs and get ready.

The Deep
When Ben left the pier he went to the deep to try to think over things. Maria should up to comfort him and he repeatedly told her to leave. She refused and Ben told her it was none of her business and she said yes it is I'm your wife. Ben attempted to physically put her out but she still refused.

The Hospital
Antonio and Gabi impatiently wait to see Ricardo. Meanwhile Ricardo was having dreams about the two of them (Antonio and Gabi) being together. Tyus tried to find out what could have made him so upset as he had discovered that the stoke was cause by him being so upset. Gabi thought that maybe it was because he had left him and Tyus told her that it could not be that because she came back and they got together. A nurse came running in the waiting room telling Tyus that Ricardo was coming out of a coma. they all went running to his bedside. Ricardo had not fully came to and Tyus left them alone. Gabi talked to him telling him that he had to be strong because they were going to get married. Antonio said a pray and rubbed oil on Ricardo's head. With that Ricardo immediately woke up in fright. Staring at Antonio.

Surf Central
Meg got changed into some clean cloths. Casey and Meg sat down to talked about what has been going on. Meg told Casey that when she first came to Sunset beach and she thought that Casey was SB, she fell for him. Casey told her that she also fell for her right off the pier. The Cummings' Residence
Sara was there talking to her mother about Casey and the argument that they had earlier.

Friday, July 16, 1999

Carmen is rattled to read danger in her Tarot cards. Meanwhile, at South Bay Hospital, Ricardo becomes highly agitated to see Gabi and Antonio together at his bedside. Sensing that her former husband's troubles center on Meg, Maria presses Ben to confide in her. A seething Sara tears into Meg and Casey after finding them together at Surf Central. Gabi accuses Carmen of spilling the beans to Ricardo and triggering his massive stroke. Casey reminds Sara that her lies were the catalyst for their break-up. Ben finally admits to Maria that he and Meg are through. A distraught Carmen swears to Antonio and Gabi she said nothing to Ricardo about their affair. Maria gives Ben a comforting hug but the friendly embrace quickly turns passionate. A weeping Gabi declares her love to Ricardo as she waits for him to regain consciousness. Ben tears off Maria's clothes and makes love to her on the sofa in his office. The sight of Antonio sends Ricardo's heart monitor racing once again. Tess is revealed to be working on an agenda kept secret even from Tim. Meg walks into the Deep and is stunned to find Maria lying blissfully in Ben's arms.

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