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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of July 5, 1999 on SB
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Monday, July 5, 1999

Reporters from the NBC news magazine show "Timeline" decide to investigate the town of Sunset Beach and devote their show to the ins and outs of the area and its people. The opening report looks at the shocking story of how Sunset Beach's most prestigious resident and businessman Gregory Richards could be driven to murder Francesca Vargas. They reveal more about the numerous suspects in the case, the revelation about Gregory's role in the killing and Gregory's subsequent assumed death due to drowning. This story is followed by a report on the town's most prominent police officer, Ricardo Torres, whose wedding became an embarrassment for him and his family when his bride-to-be Gabi Martinez left him at the altar where they were t be married by Ricardo's brother Antonio. The final story by the news magazine is devoted to Meg Cummings, the woman who came to Sunset Beach for love. She is questioned about why she has left Ben Evans and how Maria, the woman who came back from the dead, destroyed her relationship.

Tuesday, July 6, 1999

Vanessa is thrilled to learn that she's being reassigned to the hard news division at the Sentinel. Ricardo dares Gabi to look him in the eye and swear she doesn't love him anymore. Unable to deny her feelings, Gabi tries to explain why she isn't worthy of the man she loves. Antonio orders his mother to hand over the incriminating videotape and all the photos so he can burn every scrap of evidence which could break Ricardo's heart. When Carmen stubbornly refuses to comply, Antonio tears her place apart and finally locates the tape. Tess confides to a delighted Benjy how she's scheming to get his mother and father back together again. Meanwhile, Ben reminds Maria she must come to terms with the fact that he intends to spend the rest of his life with Meg. Later, as they discuss Tess, Maria told Ben she has a feeling the nanny doesn't really want her to regain her memory. Gabi agrees to return to Sunset Beach with Ricardo. Michael arranges a romantic surprise for his favorite newshound. Maria decides to cancel her trip to Seattle.

Wednesday, July 7, 1999

The Richards' House:
Caitlin has a dream that she is walking down stairs with a candle in her hand cuz she hears noises during a storm so she went down to check as she went down stairs she hears a knock on the door and then Cole's voice saying "Caitlin!!" so of course she went to the door and her father is there....she says daddy...and he went i came back for you Caitlin i told you that I wouldn't leave....So then he starts to come over to her and she wakes up and screams. So then Sean and Olivia come to her and ask her what is wrong so she told them about her dream and she says that it was so real. Then Olivia says she is gonna go upstairs to check on Trey. So Shawn is talking to Caitlin and tell s Caitlin that she thinks the reason that he thinks that Caitlin is having those dreams because she misses her dad and Caitlin says "oh Sean i miss him so much" and says that she didn't want him to die and she just wished that he never would have done any of those horrible things to any of the people that he hurt. So then they hug.(The next scene starts) Caitlin is sitting in front of the sofa and Shawn is toasting marshmallows so they can make some smores. Then they both tell each other that they remember the times that they would play fort and the sofa would be the fort and the floor would be the moat. Then Caitlin says, "Yeah, and I would always give you the fort!" Sean laughs and says, "You would always let me win" and that Sean would always stand on the sofa with his shoes on and Gregory would yell at him and how one time he said what do you care you never sit on the sofa anyway he says he though he was gonna get in trouble for that one.[Then giggle].So then Caitlin starts to talk about who "daddy" would always say how much he loved them and all that good stuff and Sean snaps and went NO he never said anything like that to me. so Caitlin went up to him and say i never knew that. So they talk for a while as Olivia walks in but near the entry to the room and just listens, and then Caitlin told him that she appreciated him so much and no matter what happened between them that she would never take him for granted and that he was always her best friend and he said you mine too. so then they hug and Olivia walks in and says have I ever told you how proud i am of you and how much I love you so then Sean gives her a hug and Olivia says I know you are old enough and I shouldn't tell you when you should go to bed but you look so exhausted and they both giggle and Sean went I know I was gonna go upstairs so he gives his mom and Caitlin a hug good-night.

The Airport (Maria and Ben):
Maria asks Ben if he would be mad if she didn't go to Seattle and he said why and she said well it's just I have a feeling I should be at home with our son. She went I'm sorry you must think i am some psycho maniac and he went no i don't think that with a smile on his face. so she says that she is gonna go home because she feels she needs to be with Benjy like something is wrong and because her suspicions about Tess. so Ben went well I will check on her and picks up his phone and she went don't Ben. I don't want to start anything with Tess, besides i could be wrong. so Ben went ok, Then Maria went besides I'll be home in about a half an hour. Ben went all right lets go and she says don't you have a meeting and he says that he can be late then Maria said that it was ok and that she could take a cab and Ben says r u sure and she went yes. so they leave the airport Is there really something to be worried about with Tess?

Tess, Benjy, Meg, Maria:
After Tess purposely put Maria's dress in meg's dry cleaning so she would go back to the house, So Meg went there to give the dress back and as she walks up there she sees the door is open "Benjy must've left the door open so she goes to go inside and she hears Tess and Benjy talking and Benjy says Tess when is mommy and daddy coming home and Tess says I don't know Benjy they went up to the pace in the desert so they could be alone, so they might not be back for a while. Then Benjy went is that the place that daddy calls Casita. Tess went yes. Then Meg says oh my god and walks into the door and Tess turns around and went Meg how long have you been there Meg doesn't answer so then she went did you hear what Benjy and i were talking about and she went no! so then Meg went hi Benjy and Benjy went hi, Then Tess says what are you doing here and Meg says well this isn't mine and it I was in my dry cleaning and Tess went o yes this is Maria's and Meg went ya then Tess says well that was so sweet of you to bring it over here. Then Benjy u is sent upstairs to put his clothes on and so he went up stairs then Tess says meg what's wrong and she went nothing I'm fine and then Tess went r u sure you didn't hear what we were talking about and meg says "No! No Tess I didn't!" Then Meg says that she just has to get a few things, upstairs. So she went up stairs and went into the bedroom and sees a picture of Ben and her then she says to herself no Ben wouldn't bring Maria there no why would Ben bring Maria to our place!, maybe Tess is wrong and they didn't go so she gets on the phone and calls the office "Ben Evans in please "the lady she no he hasn't been in all day. So she hangs up the phone walks around the room and says if he isn't in his office then he must be at the deep so she calls the deep "hi Vicki it is Meg is Ben in" Vicki said that he wasn't so then as Meg is breaking down ready to cry she went no, no message and hangs up. Then she says to herself Tess is right he did go with Maria. Then Meg sits down and finds Ben's shirt and she holds it to her heart and then has a flashback of the time that they were fighting in the bedroom the day of the wedding rehearsal for Gabi and Ricardo and Meg saw Meg comforting Maria so she was yelling at him and he said he needed time and she yelled how much time!!! So he yelled I dunno! and then the flashback ends and she says to herself "what have I done? "so then she is talking to herself and saying well sitting here isn't gonna help your self lets get it together Meg! As this happens all of a sudden after Tess is talking to Time about setting things up Maria walks in the door and is surprised but looks happy, she asks Maria why she is back and Maria says well this is my house so Maria keeps on trying to go upstairs but of course Tess is trying to stall her so Meg won't see her so then to get Maria out of the house she told her that she has an important message for her that her mother called but it was blurry and she couldn't make it out but all she heard was that she wanted her to come over as soon as possible so Maria leaves just before Meg comes down the stairs. so them Tess told Meg she is gonna go check up on Benjy so she says Meg you can show yourself out right? Meg says yes. so just as Tess went up the stairs Meg runs over to the draw were Ben put the keys to the Casita. and she was looking through the draws and couldn't find it them Meg says so it is true he did take her there! Then the phone rings and she leaves. As Tess hears the hole thing so she knows that Meg is set up and ready to end the relationship. Will Meg go to Casita and see if they are up there? Will what she see Tess and Tim's plans in action? and will the relationship for good?

Vanessa and Michael:
Vanessa is at Michael's house and they are kissing and then Vanessa starts saying how sometimes she sees how happy her and Michael are she feels bad by how Meg and Ben and Gabi and Ricardo aren't together. Michael says well we worked hard to get here and we deserve this, and that if Ben Meg and Gabi and Ricardo really love each other than they will be happy and together so then Vanessa says ya your right and so they kiss and something falls out of Michael's coat and it is an envelop and Michael asks Vanessa to give it back but she won't so she opens it and it says that Michael got a new job so Vanessa is happy for him so she told him that they should go celebrate (if you know what I mean) so he went I would love too but I have night shift so Vanessa says fine I'm coming with you then when you are done we can come back here and celebrate so then they kiss and leave. Does all this mean that they might get married? And have at least finally one couple actually get hooked? Cole and A.J:
Cole went to AJ's to give him some paper work and Cole says why did you need me to come over here and give this paper work to you and he says well with Gregory's death Ben and i have to work over time. so Cole went ok so then AJ asks him how is Caitlin and he says she is doing a little better. so then AJ says there is something else i need you to help me with that could change my life forever, he said he almost lost Olivia 2 and that she was the only women that he ever loved and he never wanted to be without her, he said he wanted to marry her and Cole says well isn't this kinda sudden Gregory just died and he said he wasn't gonna rush into it right away, Then he said that that would make him like the father of Trey and that he wanted to be his dad and stuff like that. Cole told AJ they he didn't know he just almost lost trey and to give him to AJ then AJ said well I want you to help out I want you to be as close to trey as ever then Cole kind've got upset and he said he didn't like the idea not at all and walked out of the room leaving AJ there. Cole then went under the pier to think then came in Vanessa and Michael and they asked him how was everything and Cole said great thanks to you. So them Michael and Vanessa asked how Caitlin was and he said she is doing better. so then Cole asked them why they were out there and then they said well Michael has night patrol so we had to watch the beaches, So then he asks well have you seen anything then they giggle and say ya some homeless man decided that he should go and jump in the ocean with no clothes on and when he got up his clothes were gone so then Cole asks well what did he do and they said he hid for cover {they all laughed}. Then Michael says if you don't mind me asking what is going on with trey and Cole says tht right now he is happy living in the same house as Caitlin and Olivia well all of us. Then Vanessa and Michael leave saying that if there was anything they could do that they just had to call them. So they left. As they left Cole said to himself don't worry trey I will always be there for you no matter what. L.A.:
Ben arrives in L.A. and no one is there for the meeting so he went into the office and uses the computer he went on the computer and does a search of in for on Tess ... when he checks her it says that everything she has been saying is true, so Ben says to himself well maybe Tess is right but why do we all feel so weird about them then he gets a flashback of him and Maria in the airport. So Ben goes"I dunno maybe." Tess is telling the truth and I am just trying to blame someone cuz I miss Meg so much."So then he went I am sure everything is fine so he says I'll just call Benjy." So he calls the house and the answer machine picks up and Ben says hi Maria did you get there all right and then Tess picks up and says she is sorry it took her so long but she was tucking in Benjy then he asks if everything is all right and Tess remarks, "Yup couldn't be better.":

Gregory is washed up in the shore and his knee is bruised he says that "he will get some revenge on Cole and Annie, but first i have to get out of these clothes" and he said all those people that spread around his death are all gonna be surprised because he is alive, then he says to himself this could be good everyone thinks that I am dead. so he gets a change of clothes and says to himself well this is a new look for me then he went out of the cave onto under the pier as he walks out he looks up and sees Cole then he jumps back, and walks around him as Cole sits there his is walking then he steps over a long piece of metal picks it up and then heads towards Cole.

Thursday, July 8, 1999

Ricardo brought Gabi home to his loft. Gregory loses his chance at catching Cole alone on the beach. Clutching the package containing the videotape and the still photographs, Antonio returns to the rectory and prays for strength. Caitlin referees a shouting match between her mother and Annie, who enjoys reminding a seething Olivia that she has no place in the Richards' mansion any more. Still laboring under the delusion that his lover left him because of the abuse she suffered as a child, Ricardo promises to give Gabi all the space she needs until she can come to terms with what her father did to her years before. Carmen told Maria how she intends to use the proof she's obtained to drive Gabi out of both of her sons' lives forever. Antonio puts a match to the evidence of his sin. Casey presents Sara with a dream catcher to hang by her bed as she moves into Surf Central. As she lashes out at Olivia, Annie almost lets the truth about Trey's paternity slip from her loose lips. Ricardo and Gabi make love.

Friday, July 9, 1999

Meg drives to Palm Springs and on the way she told herself that once there she will know what she needs to know. She has a flashback of her and Ben talking in bed. She told herself that Ben wouldn't take Maria to the house because of its meaning to them. She arrives at the house, glad to see that Ben's car isn't there and no lights are on. She notices the door open and goes it. There are no lights so she lights some candles and looks toward the bed and is surprised.

Sara is out of the patio and Casey joins her. She told him that she has a gift for him. He jokes asking if she knitted him a sweater, she says no, she made him dinner. She says that she made her family specialty, Shepherd's Pie. She went to get it when Casey grabs her and kisses her, she says to save that for dessert, but they don't stop kissing. Next scene they are at the table and her Shepherd's Pie is more like Shepherd's Soup. Casey says that he will just skip dinner and go to dessert. Outside surf central Tim is lurking around when his cellphone rings and it is Tess saying that they need to break Casey and Sara up so that Casey will be there when Meg needs him. They answer the door. Casey asks Tim what he wants. He apologizes for interrupting dinner. He says that he needs to talk to Sara, Casey says he will get the pizza. Sara asks what is so urgent.

Maria is visiting Antonio saying that she is proud of him for setting things right. Maria sees part of the picture that Carmen made laying on the floor, he picks it up just as Ricardo and Gabi walk in. After all the hellos are said, Ricardo asks what he smelled when he walked in and then pointed to some burnt pieces on Antonio's desk. Maria takes the blame saying that she knocked over a candle, then says that she has to leave to get Benjy. Ricardo again thanks Antonio for searching for Gabi because he was the reason that Ricardo went down to Texas and found Gabi, the love of his life he says. Maria went to Carmen's house first and told her that Gabi is back in Sunset Beach, Carmen gets upset. Maria told her that she will be the reason that their family breaks up, not Gabi, she will be the reason because if she went to Ricardo with what she knows the he will confront Antonio who they know will not lie about it, and then they will not be brothers, they will hate each other all because of Carmen. Maria continues to beg Carmen to let sleeping dogs lay. She told her that it would be a tragedy to tell them, she says that it will be OK when Gabi leaves again. Maria yells at her mom saying it is not about Gabi it is about her destroying her sons relationship and then says that after she does what she thinks she needs to Maria says that she hopes she can live with what she has done, and leaves. Ricardo says that he needs to go to work and asks Antonio to hang out with Gabi. Outside the door, Ricardo says that the police business can wait, he needs to tell Carmen that Gabi is in town. Antonio told Gabi that all she has to worry about is picking her next wedding date

Carmen's friend shows up at her house with a paper bag, and in the paper bag is a video tape, that is a copy of THE video tape (w/Antonio and Gabi on it). Her friend told her that she never did tell her what was on the video tape, and all Carmen says is that it is something that will keep her family together. She shoos the lady out promising to tell her all and call her tomorrow. She then apologizes to Antonio saying that she has a back up, and says that she will be ready if she ever shows up in the town again. She went to put the video again, but stops to check to make sure the tape came out OK. All she sees is fuzz. She checks all the connections and sees that a wire is loose so she fixes it and the picture comes back. After Maria left, Carmen sits down and realizes that Maria is right that nothing she would be able to say would save Ricardo and Antonio's relationship if she told what she knew. She throws the tape away.

Ben comes home and Benjy comes down saying he isn't tired, he offers to read Benjy a book. He asks Ben to tell him a story, He says that for now he will just read the story. Benjy asks Ben why he is so sad all the time now.

Ricardo went into Carmen's house and finds a video tape. He remembers her getting upset when he tried playing it a while back. He decides to play the tape and sees that it is Antonio and Gabi making love.

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