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Tad urged Dixie to talk to David before making a decision about the baby. Erica's vote secured Palmer's position as the CEO of Cortlandt Electronics. Gillian ran to Jake after seeing Ryan kiss Hayley, but Jake told Gillian that they could only be friends until she resolved her feelings for Ryan.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 5, 1999 on AMC
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Monday, July 5, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Susan Richmond. Due to the holiday, there are no Snapcaps for today's show.

Erica's House

Erica is surprised to find David standing on her porch and wonders why he is there. He is upset with Erica for leaving him and their plans to visit the rainforest behind and doesn't believe her at first when she insists that she left him a note. Then they realize that Vanessa was in Erica's room and must have stolen the note before David could see it. Erica invites David in, but he can't stay for long, he has surgery in the morning. What was in the note that Erica left him, he wonders. She explains how Palmer told her how he was held up at gunpoint at the airport and that he told her she needed to leave right away for her safety. Erica realizes now that the only reason Palmer wanted her to leave was so she could be here for the board meeting. She also asked for a rain check for their rainforest trip in the note.

David remembers that he brought her something she left behind in Brazil, her compact with a mirror. Soon she will be able to use it to look at her face any time she wants, he says. Erica asks David if he could change her bandages and put the lotion on her face and he agrees. While he does it, the sexual tension in the air continues to build and build. It continues to build all the way to the door, where the two of them say goodnight. David's out the door when he suddenly turns back and asks her if she'd like to go to dinner tomorrow night. Erica agrees to go.

Belinda and Adrian

Belinda and Adrian have set up a lookout on the roof of a building next to where Palmer is staying and are observing him and filming his actions. They are hoping to catch him doing something that will help them win the election at the board meeting the following day. While they are watching, Vanessa arrives to see Palmer. Later, they get distracted from their surveillance and make love on the roof of the building. By the time they check Palmer's window again, Vanessa is just leaving. Not to worry, Adrian tells her, the camera was set on automatic and has been taking pictures of Palmer's place the whole time. He just hopes there's something on there they can use against Palmer.

The Beach

At the beach, Ryan and Hayley continue to kiss as Gillian watches. Gillian eventually slips away without them noticing her and heads back to Jake. He wonders where the towels are that she was supposed to get and she says she got distracted watching the fireworks and forgot about them. She then throws her arms around Jake's neck and begins kissing him. Down the beach, Ryan and Hayley finally stop kissing and just stare at each other, not saying a word.

Ryan breaks the silence by asking "Are we still friends?." "Always", she replies and suggests that it's time for them to leave. They gather their stuff together, but are obviously uncomfortable about being near each other. Meanwhile, Jake is suspicious as to why Gillian is now all over him when before she was uncomfortable about their kiss. Gillian appreciates the fact that he is concerned with what she's thinking and how she feels and isn't just interested in her body. She explains to him she had a revelation before when she was watching the fireworks, that it was time to get on with her life. I'm free and I can do whatever I want to, she says and asks him to make love to her.

Jake and Gillian are laying on the blanket kissing when she is far to easily distracted by the headlights of a car going by. Jake tells her it's OK, just because she's decided it's time to move on with her life doesn't mean she has to rush. Jake suggests they take a walk on the beach and they pack everything up and head off. Later, they stop walking for a moment and Gillian notices something shiny in the sand, it's a barrette. As they are looking around for the other one, Jake finds something else in the sand, Ryan's wallet. He quickly slips it into his pocket and doesn't tell Gillian he found it, but now he realizes why Gillian is now so ready to move on with her life, because Ryan is moving on with his.


At SOS, everyone is standing outside and enjoying the fireworks. Everyone but Mateo, that is, who is standing there but looks very unhappy. All of a sudden the fireworks stop and Edmund comes over and said he lost his helper, Dimitri, who had to go answer a phone call. He asks for volunteers and Brooke and Jackson offer to help.(Wouldn't it have been a better idea to have trained pyrotechnics people setting these huge fireworks off?) As the fireworks begin again, Stuart looks over and is happy to see Scott and Becca together. For some reason, Marian doesn't seem as enthusiastic about the pair.

Everyone heads back inside after the fireworks. Mateo and Raquel are happy that Max seems to be having a good time, but Raquel feels a bit guilty that Hayley isn't there, that she and Max must be keeping her away. Mateo tells her not to feel guilty, it's not her fault. Max and Raquel leave as Edmund, Brooke, and Jackson return, a little soot-covered, but with no missing limbs. Mateo introduced the group C Note, which performed their song, "Spanish Fly." Mateo worries that Hayley hasn't show up yet. Next, Elvis Crespo performs his song, "Pintame."

Stuart asks Mateo where Hayley is and he says he doesn't know, but she should be there soon. He's right, because no sooner does he say this than Hayley walks through the door. She looks pretty terrible though, and seems to be really out of it, as if she were in shock. She slowly walks up to Mateo, they put their arms around each other and start slow dancing. Mateo asks if she's OK and tells her he's glad she's staying at Trevor's. As they are dancing, Ryan walks in and he and Hayley look at each other from across the room. Hayley decides she wants to go home and leaves with Janet and Trevor. Mateo gives her a kiss on the cheek as Ryan watches. After Hayley leaves, Mateo approaches Ryan and wants to talk to him. "I really need a friend to talk to", Mateo tells him.

Tuesday, July 6, 1999

Nuzzled up in the dark room, Belinda and Adrian used smooching as a way to pass time while they waited for their photographs to develop. At first glance the photos failed to produce anything that could be used to topple Palmer. Just as they were about to give up, Adrian noticed something in one of the pictures that roused his curiosity. Belinda moved closer to get a better look. Her face lit up as she growled, "Palmer, you're busted!"

A bouquet of flowers in hand, Janet dropped by Erica's house to see how her friend was doing post surgery. Erica's house was already filled with freshly cut flowers. Erica informed Janet that she'd been in the garden and picked the flowers herself. "Oh, you mean Coral picked them," said Janet with a smile, hinting that Erica never does any manual labor herself. Erica's eyes widened slightly and she held out her hands. "Stop the presses," Janet exclaimed upon seeing Erica's soiled hands. "Erica Kane has dirt under her fingernails!" The two women exchanged laughs before the conversation took a serious turn. Erica told Janet that she was in a good mood because her surgery was a complete success. Naturally, Janet was elated for her friend. She gave Erica a big hug and told her how happy she was for her. That covered the first reason for Janet's visit. However, there was still another topic that Janet felt a need to discuss. Janet asked Erica if she knew about the big vote at Cortlandt Electronics. Erica nodded her head and mentioned that Palmer had briefed her on their flight back from Rio. Janet feared that Palmer had filled Erica's mind with skewed viewpoints. It wasn't so much that Erica believed everything that Palmer said. Erica felt a certain level of obligation to Palmer. She told Janet that Palmer had saved her financially and she wanted to be there for him. Ordinarily Janet wouldn't argue against loyalty, but this was a different situation. Janet warned Erica that Palmer would use his position as CEO to stick it to Opal where it mattered most---her financial security. Erica's clear-cut decision was suddenly muddied with options. While Palmer has saved her company, Opal had always been there for her. Janet pressed Erica for an announcement about how she'd vote, but Erica stated that she'd need more time to vote. She told Janet that she needed to freshen up and headed upstairs.

At Pine Valley Hospital, David snuck behind Vanessa and demanded that she return Erica's note to him. Vanessa, who had been sitting in a chair, quickly jumped to her feet and turned to face her son. She professed that she had no idea what David was talking about. David, however, knew his mother far too well to be taken in by her innocent act. David blasted his mother for having had Palmer fly her to Brazil. Vanessa claimed that the trip was entirely Palmer's idea. She also noted that she could get used to the millionaire's generous and caring nature. The remarks prompted an angry backlash from David. He accused his mother of using Palmer for her own personal gain. To bolster his accusation, David pointed to the trail of broken hearts and empty bank accounts that Vanessa has left in her wake. "I have never chased after a man!" Vanessa gasped. David rolled his eyes. "It's your best event," he mused coldly. "The million dollar marathon." David worried that Vanessa would continue to wreak havoc on men and decided that he should warn Palmer about his mother before it was too late. "You're lethal, but unfortunately you don't come with a warning label," he grumbled. Vanessa accused David of trying to sabotage her happiness. She had to remind David that he once loved her. David admitted having feelings for his mother at one time, but that, he said, was before he knew what type of woman she really was. David thought to himself for a few moments before announcing that he might not warn Palmer after all. Perhaps, he chuckled, Vanessa will finally meet her match.

While cleaning up behind the bar at Sounds of Salsa, Ryan's wallet suddenly flung across the bar and landed with an audible thud on top of the bar. Ryan looked up and realized that he hadn't even noticed that his wallet was missing. Jake stood on the other side of the bar with an icy expression on his face. He informed Ryan that he'd found the wallet on the beach. "So you saw me.... with her," Ryan said nervously. Jake shook his head and said that he hadn't seen Ryan, but someone else had. Using the powers of deduction, Ryan realized that Gillian must have seen him with Hayley. Jake informed Ryan that Gillian hadn't mentioned a thing about what she'd seen because she was too much a lady to do that. Ryan's mind flashed back to the kiss that he and Hayley shared. Beads of sweat formed on his brow. Jake lashed out at Ryan for playing "red light, green light" with Gillian. "You ended the marriage," Jake said. "Let her go." Ryan softly replied that he was trying to let go of Gillian. Jake wanted Ryan to release Gillian so that she could find love elsewhere. And, before leaving, Jake warned Ryan to be a little more discreet about his public displays of affection in the future.

Dixie and Tad met with Dr. Clader and received mixed news. A second round of tests verified that Dixie was really pregnant. By his estimate, the obstetrician surmised that Dixie was about eight weeks into the pregnancy. Dixie's face brightened with optimism. Joe slowly walked into the room. Dixie immediately hit him with the news that the baby was doing fine. Joe failed to match Dixie's enthusiasm. Tad told his wife that his father had been called in to consult with them on the pregnancy. Joe reminded Dixie that the baby was not the only factor to consider. "I feel fine," Dixie sighed. Joe nodded slightly and told his daughter-in-law that he wanted to keep her that way. As much as he wanted to have another grandchild, Joe didn't want to risk losing Dixie. All signs led Dixie to believe that she was being advised to terminate the pregnancy. "Ending this pregnancy," she replied sternly, "is not an option." Tad stepped in and sympathized with his wife's feelings for the baby. Dixie angrily snapped that Tad didn't feel the same way because he would not let himself feel love for the baby. "I've tried," Tad assured her. Dixie continued to talk in colorful terms about the miracle surrounding the conception of this new life. Dr. Clader fidgeted nervously in the back of the room. Dr. Clader had to leave to meet with other patients. On his way out, Dixie asked him what he would tell his wife to do if she were in a similar situation. The doctor took a deep breath and said that he is thankful that he's never had to be in that situation. Joe warned Dixie that even under the closest supervision she could still put herself at risk; She might have to spend the rest of her life on dialysis. And that was not the worst case scenario. "I know. I could die," Dixie babbled effortlessly. She announced that she was sure that she would not die. "This baby is the best part of you and me," Dixie said softly as she took Tad's hand. "And I am not going to give it up." Dixie threw her hands into the air and said that she'd stay in bed for the next seven months if she had to. Unfortunately, Joe said that even that wouldn't prevent the worst from happening. Joe ordered another series of tests to determine exactly how far along Dixie was in the pregnancy. Tad wanted to escort Dixie to the lab, but Dixie brushed him off and agreed to let Gillian walk her to the lab. On their way to the lab, Dixie became extremely upset and ended up crying on Gillian's shoulder. "I don't think I'll ever be okay," she sobbed. After the blood was drawn, Dixie and Gillian sat on the sun porch. Dixie thanked Gillian for being there for her, but she never revealed why she was so upset. As the conversation wound on, Gillian ended up on the receiving end of good-natured advice. Gillian was nearly moved to tears when she thought about Tad and Dixie's romantic wedding. Dixie knew that Gillian still had feelings for Ryan. Surprisingly, Dixie urged Gillian to hold on to her love for Ryan. Gillian felt otherwise. She asked Dixie for help in finding a way to let go of Ryan for good. Dixie didn't have the answer that Gillian was seeking. Dixie headed off to return to the examining room. Shortly after she left, Gillian broke down in tears. As she sat with her head in her hands, Ryan strolled into the solarium. "Princess?" he called out softly.

Back in the examining room, Joe told Tad that the chances of both Dixie and the baby coming through the pregnancy in perfect health were slim----a twenty- percent chance was called optimistic. Tad wondered if he should contact David to try to enlist his help in talking some sense into Dixie. Jake happened by the door and announced that he didn't want David anywhere near Dixie. Jake and Tad squabbled back and forth over the pros and cons of involving David. As the argument continued, Dixie returned to the room. "This is my life not yours," she snarled. "And I will decide what to do with it."

Alone in the conference room at Cortlandt Electronics, Palmer pledged to himself that he would see victory in the CEO election. Opal entered a little while later and took a few shots at Palmer's "skimpy" prospectus. Palmer made an emotional plea to Opal requesting that she call off her hostile takeover bid. At the same time, however, he managed to remind Opal that he'd come out victorious no matter what. Opal told her former husband that she did not want a showdown with him and promised him that she'd back off if he agreed to done one thing: step down as CEO. Palmer implied that his financial security rided on his spot atop of the company. Opal made a similar argument. One by one the board members filed into the room. Palmer rose from his seat and presented a well-thought, organized proposal and explanation of his prospectus. The main plank of his platform was tradition. In short, Cortlandt Electronics had done well under his reign and it would continue to do so. After Palmer was finished speaking, he turned the floor over to Opal. Opal swallowed hard and nervously rose to her feet. She was not supposed to be in this situation because Adrian was supposed to be there. Opal fumbled over her own words and more than one board member was seen growing antsier and antsier with each passing word. Opal said that she was not prejudice towards her son because he was her son. She then thought about her usage of the word "prejudiced" and felt the need to clarify that she was not a racist. Luckily, Adrian stormed into the room and saved her before she did any permanent damage. Adrian proclaimed that he was there to help the members realize that there was only one choice for CEO---him, naturally. Adrian accused Palmer of being a "common, low-down thief." Palmer warned Adrian that he'd sue him for slander if he continue to damage his reputation. Adrian placed an enlarged photo on an easel in the front of the room. He explained that he'd obtained the photograph through surveillance of Palmer's hotel room. The image clearly showed a screen snapshot from Palmer's personal computer. Adrian explained that the image proved that Palmer had not only planted a virus in Stuart's computer but also downloaded all of the gallery's financial records. Palmer denied the charges, claiming that he had the information on his computer because Marian had asked him to design a web page for the gallery. Adrian held up the phone and announced that Marian was waiting on the other line. Palmer quickly backed down from his claims and agreed to start the voting process. The votes were cast, but the outcome was nothing short of stunning. The vote was deadlocked---Adrian and Palmer each had the same number of voters. "How are we gonna break the tie?" Opal asked. Palmer suddenly perked up as he cast a glance towards the doorway. Erica, sporting an oversized black hat, walked into the room and announced, "I will cast the deciding vote." A huge grin emerged on Palmer's face.

Wednesday, July 7, 1999

Dixie's nonchalant attitude regarding her pregnancy greatly troubled Tad. He asked his wife what would happen to her loved ones if things took a turn for the worse. "You'll survive," she snapped. She reminded Tad that ultimately it was her decision to make. Tad concurred, but said that Dixie could not expect him to not have an opinion on the matter. Tad suggested that Dixie speak to David and ask him for his professional advice about her pregnancy. Dixie shrugged indifferently and commented that David cared only about her heart and not her baby. "He's a slimeball," muttered Jake. Tad turned towards his younger brother and asked him to keep his comments about David to himself. The two Martin boys argued back and forth about whether or not is was wise to involved David. Joe finally spoke up and ordered his sons to be quiet. "The decision is yours," Joe told Dixie. "But the problem belongs to all of us." Dixie cocked her head to one side and asked Joe about his experience with similar situations. Joe misunderstood and thought Dixie was asking for his professional experience with dangerous pregnancies. In actuality, Dixie was referring to Joe's personal life. Ruth, Dixie noted, had been in a nearly identical predicament. She'd gotten pregnant with Jake very late in life and the doctors had advised her to end her pregnancy. Joe argued that this was not a case of similarities. In Ruth's case, her health was not at risk. There had, however, been a high probability that Jake could have been born with severe birth defects. Dixie asked Joe how he'd feel now if he and Ruth had opted to end the pregnancy. Joe refused to offer an answer, saying that this was Dixie and Tad's decision to make without any outside interference. Jake and Joe left the room. Outside in the corridor, Jake thanked his father for bucking the medical advice of the time and allowing him to come into the world. As grateful as he was, Jake said that he felt Dixie had to end the pregnancy. Back inside the office, Tad pledged that he would go along with whatever Dixie decided to do---but he again urged her to consult with David. Dixie threw her hands in the air and grumbled that there must be women with one kidney who've safely delivered healthy babies. Tad was intrigued by the idea and asked Dixie to accompany him to his office at WRCW so that they could do a little research. He figured that after the data was analyzed it might give Dixie something to think about. Dixie went to the station with her husband, but she remembered that the boys were only going to be at camp for a half-day and had to run home to wait for them.

"Gillian, you're crying," Ryan observed. Gillian wiped the tears from her eyes and sadly told Ryan that she'd lost one of her patients. Ryan took Gillian in his arms and tried to comfort her. As he did, Jake passed by the sun porch and observed the embrace. He frowned unhappily and stormed away. Gillian told Ryan that it was not fair of him to drop by unannounced at her place of employment. She realized that she does the same to Ryan and quickly claimed that her visits to SOS "can't be helped." Ryan told his former wife that it pained him to see her unhappy. He admitted that he still cares deeply for her and also confessed that he's hurt to see Gillian and Jake together. Gillian was perplexed; Ryan had previously told her that he was glad that she and Jake were friends. "I am," Ryan said unconvincingly "But it still hurts." Gillian ran her hand through her hair and told Ryan that he was all she'd ever wanted. She told him that she'd never wanted a divorce, her voice sizzling with anger. "It doesn't make sense to throw away something so beautiful," Gillian snapped. Ryan claimed that he'd asked for the divorce because he knew that he could never make Gillian happy. Seemingly out of nowhere, Gillian told Ryan that he should be glad that he has a friend like Hayley to be there for him. It was as if Ryan had run into a wall. He called Hayley his "best friend" and said that he loves her---but only as a friend. "Liar!" the princess screamed. "I saw you on the beach! I saw you kiss her!" Ryan told Gillian that she'd misunderstood the kiss. There was no way to misinterpret a "passionate, earth-shattering kiss," Gillian remarked. "You're the only woman I've ever loved," Ryan told Gillian tenderly. "You love me once," Gillian sighed, hinting at a level of finality that she's never been able to admit to. Ryan started to explain his version of the kiss. He said that he and Hayley were both "confused" and that the kiss was "a mistake." Gillian didn't it. She now believed that she'd been right all along when she believed that Ryan and Hayley were romantically interested in one another. Ryan might have been able to convince Hayley that the kiss was a mistake if it weren't for one fatal slip. He accidentally let it slip that he knew that Gillian had caught him and Hayley in the act. Up until this point, Ryan led Gillian to believe that she'd surprised him by telling him that she'd observed the kiss. Now that she knew that this was not the case, Gillian figured out that Ryan simply wanted her to keep her mouth shut about the kiss. Gillian raised her hand and slapped Ryan's cheek. She was crushed because in her mind she'd been misled. She thought that Ryan had come there to tell her that he really cared about her. But now she realized that he only wanted to ask her to keep quiet to protect Hayley, the woman she believes he really loves. Gillian raced out of the solarium and headed directly for Jake's office.

Palmer greeted Erica and told her to cast her vote. "Are you completely self-centered?" Opal said critically. She looked at Erica with a proud smile and noted that for the first time in months Erica was not wearing a mask. Erica beamed ecstatically, obviously elated that someone had noticed. Erica told Opal that her surgery was a complete success and that after a few more weeks she'd be good as new. In the meantime, Erica said that she was wearing "therapeutic makeup" to cover the slight bruising. Palmer felt a bit oafish for not noticing and quickly took up a spot by Erica's side. Erica and Opal gabbed about the good ole days briefly. Opal told Erica that she'd been praying for Erica's complete recovery for a long time. Erica pulled away and reminded Opal that there was a vote underway. "I'm glad someone's remembered," groused Reginald Hightower. Opal thanked Erica for being her best friend and told her to drop by the new Glamorama for a free day of relaxation. Across the room, Adrian and Belinda smiled as the two women continued to bond. Palmer warned the couple not to be too smug because Erica hadn't cast her vote yet. "You, my friend, are going down for the count," Adrian sneered. Erica walked over to Adrian and praised his ingenious ideas. She said that his ideas were what Cortlandt Electronics needed to move into the next millennium. Opal approached Palmer and asked him if he was ready to concede defeat. Palmer asked Opal what it would take to call off the vote. "You're not a cruel woman," he said. "I wasn't until you made me one," Opal replied snidely. Opal called for everyone to come to order and prepare for the second vote. Adrian whispered proper jargon into his mother's ear. Palmer quickly pulled Adrian aside and offered him a compromise. He told the former spy that he'd take him on as his second in command if he agreed to drop his takeover bid. Included in the deal was a promise to make Adrian the CEO when he retired. "I wasn't born yesterday," Adrian snapped as he rejected the offer. Erica rose to her feet and prepared to announce her decision. Erica talked over her "strong affection" for Cortlandt Electronics and of the close ties the company has to the Pine Valley community. The economy in the small town, she noted, depends greatly on the Cortlandt Electronics. So when the stock started to slide, naturally Erica was concerned that the entire community could be adversely affected. She turned towards Adrian and again praised his thoughtful innovations as a way to rescue the struggling company. But to oust the man whose name was synonymous with Cortlandt Electronics would cause a "crisis in confidence," she concluded. Opal's face fell as Erica announced that she had to cast her vote for the current CEO, Palmer. The room erupted into applause and Palmer smiled victoriously. Opal, meanwhile, sat frozen in her chair. Erica was faced with a difficult situation. She was happy that she'd done what she saw as the right thing for the company, but she was aching because she had to cast her vote against her closest friend. Palmer thanked Erica and told her that he owes her everything. Erica nodded in agreements. Erica walked over to Opal and tried to explain why she voted the way she had. She asked Opal to join her for a cup of coffee, but Opal refused. "A cup of joe? That's my consolation?" she asked in shock. Erica told Opal that she'd always be there for her and asked her to call her. In the corner, Belinda tried to help Adrian accept his defeat. Adrian, however, would do no such thing. "This is hardly over," he growled. Reginald smiled devilishly and asked Palmer if he'd be celebrating his win with Vanessa Bennett. Everyone filed out of the room except for Opal, who remained motionless in her chair. A few seconds later, Palmer returned to retrieve his briefcase. When he did, Opal looked up and cast him an icy glare.

Thursday, July 8, 1999

A phone conversation with Adam's accountant about Scott's expenditures wasn't going the way Marian anticipated. Mr. Alexander refused to pay for any of Scott's video purchases. Stuart's early return home forced Marian to cut her phone call short. Marian told Stuart about her chat with the accountant. Stuart turned away from his wife and softly explained that he hadn't yet spoken to Adam about letting Scott handle his own finances. Marian thought that this was a perfect time to take care of everything. Stuart unenthusiastically told Marian that he'd talk to Scott about the plan. Stuart didn't really seem like he wanted to change anything, but he was forced into discussing the planned changes when Scott walked in on the conversation. Marian and Stuart took turns filling Scott in on the idea to let him handle his own finances. Surprisingly, Scott loved the idea and said that he thinks it's time to be more responsible. Scott wished he could talk more, but he had to run along to film another interview for his documentary. After Scott left, Marian could barely contain her enthusiasm. "I'm so happy Scott will be more independent," she chirped. Again, Stuart didn't appear at all happy.

While Tad poured over the results of his computer research, Liza snuck up behind him. She looked over his shoulder and asked him about his research. Before Tad could respond, Liza wondered if Tad was planning to pitch a new idea for a news feature. "Dixie's pregnant," Tad blurted out. Liza's face suddenly lit up. "You must be so happy!" she squeaked. Liza rattled on and on about how their children would grow up together. In her joyful blathering, Liza failed to realize that Tad was noticeably withdrawn. "She can't have the baby," Tad interrupted. Liza silenced herself quickly, She cocked her head to one side and asked Tad why he wouldn't want to have another little one around the house. "If she carries the baby to term it could kill her," he informed Liza. Liza had been aware that Dixie had given up one of her kidneys, but she was not aware of the limitations her donation placed upon her. Liza called the decision Tad and Dixie would have to make "unfair [because] there is not good choice." Tad agreed that the choice was not easy, be he vowed not to lose his wife. Liza optimistically noted that Dixie could be the exception to the rule and come through the pregnancy unscathed. That, said Tad, was wishful thinking. Liza gave Tad a hug and tried her best to offer him some support. Marian appeared a little while later and asked Liza if she like to join her for dinner. Liza said that she had to work late. Marian then learned that Adam would be free. Marian's wheels whirled into overdrive as she realized that she could invite Adam over to discuss Scott's financial arrangement. Marian pulled out her cellular phone and placed a call to Chandler Mansion. "Guess who's coming to out house for dinner?" Marian asked Adam. "You are!"

Brooke dropped by Wildwind to give Edmund some papers she'd been working on. She felt he needed to have the papers before she left the country to do an interview. Brooke claimed that the trip to London was partially for relaxation, but she was the first to admit that she would not venture outside of her hotel room except to do work. She urged Edmund to take time from his work to enjoy life. Dimitri listened quietly from the doorway. Brooke prodded Edmund to do a little social mingling. Edmund chuckled slightly and said that his attempt to mingle with Leslie Coulson had failed miserably; she'd been calling him non-stop ever since he said hello to her at SOS's grand opening. "Oh, the burden of eligibility," Dimitri snickered as he entered the room. Dimitri referred to his brother as a "rich, handsome, eligible" man that was too irresistible to hide away in Wildwind. Dimitri pledged to help Edmund return to the social scene as soon as he returned from a business trip. Edmund was surprised by Dimitri's announcement; he'd just gotten back from another business trip a few days ago. Dimitri claimed that he needed to visit Vadzel. Edmund said that it would be quiet without his too friends to liven up Wildwind. "Dimitri and I are such hellraisers," Brooke quipped. Dimitri offered Brooke some dining suggestions, but again Brooke said that she probably wouldn't leave her hotel room. Brooke bid the two men farewell and headed on her way. Later, Edmund accused Dimitri of trying to plan a romantic rendezvous with Brooke. Dimitri denied the charges and implied that he was acting on Jack's behalf. Edmund thought that Dimitri was acting peculiarly. He asked him to stay in Pine Valley, but Dimitri said that his business trips couldn't be helped. As in life, there was "always an unexpected twist" that could arise---and Dimitri said that he was the only one who could handle them. The time came for Dimitri to head to the airport. He walked slowly to his brother and gave him an embrace. Edmund was again taken aback by the peculiarity of his brother's behavior, but this time he said nothing about it.

Marian returned home and told Stuart that she'd arranged for Adam to join them for dinner. Scott returned home and learned of the "family confab," as Marian called it. He told Marian that he'd need to reschedule because he had a date with Becca. Marian was not at all happy that Scott was planning to go out with Becca. She tried to make Scott feel guilty about passing his family over for a girl---and it worked. Scott said that he'd phone Becca and postpone the date.

Opal implied that Palmer was going to try to make her and Petey's lives miserable now that he was reelected CEO of Cortlandt Electronics. Palmer argued that he's "never been anything but a respectable parent" and that that would not change. He then blasted Opal's attempt at an ouster as a way to get her hands on more of his money. Opal defended herself by saying that she was simply trying to secure her son's financial security. The implication that she was out for money prompted her to call Palmer selfish and coldhearted. As she blasted her former husband, Vanessa sauntered into the room and demanded that she stop talking that way to Palmer. Vanessa referred to Palmer as a man who was extremely loyal. She pointed to Palmer's impromptu trip to visit Erica in Brazil as an example. Opal snapped that Palmer only visited Erica because he wanted her votes in the CEO election. Vanessa shook her head and said that Palmer was there because he was concerned about Erica---and that she saw it with her own eyes. The announcement that Vanessa had accompanied Palmer to Rio hit Opal like a ton of bricks. She looked coldly at Palmer and said that the ink on their divorce papers wasn't even dry and he was already "smarming over another woman." She then proceeded to label Vanessa a gold digger. "You should know," Palmer sneered. Vanessa shook her head slightly and muttered that, "It's difficult to love a badly dressed harpy." Opal fired back at Vanessa. She asked Vanessa how she'd managed to get so close to Palmer. "Was it ego massage or just hot oil," she snipped. Vanessa rolled her eyes and asked if she had to sit and take Opal's abuse. "I suppose you could whistle in those flying monkeys, but to look at you you're probably a little too heavy even for them to hoist on out of here." Palmer apologized profusely to Vanessa for Opal's remarks. He explained that Opal was still bitter because her son had lost the election. Opal's remarks and postures hinted that she might be a tad jealous about Palmer and Vanessa's relationship. She thought hard for several moments before commenting that Palmer and Vanessa deserved each other. Vanessa and Palmer exchanged glances and smiled. Palmer took Vanessa by the arm and asked her if she'd like to join him for a drink. The two strolled out of the room. Opal was so angry that she picked up a vase and threw it against the door.

Gillian handed Jake a stack of papers given to her by Dr. Clader. Before Gillian could leave, Jake asked to have a few words with her. He said that it was time to talk about their relationship. Gillian was under the impression that things were progressing nicely. Jake confirmed that he cared about Gillian, but he said that he was concerned about the wall that was between them. This wall went by the name Ryan. He said that he "can't be so casual" about their relationship because he knew that there were men who would jump at the chance to be with Gillian. He went on to say that he knew that Gillian and Ryan were not entirely finished. "Ryan is still in your blood," he stated. Gillian swore that she was trying to fall out of love with Ryan, but Jake told her that she should not dismiss her feelings for her former husband. He said that it was possible for people to love one another without being married. Jake told Gillian to take some time to figure out how she really feels about Ryan. "Until then," he added, "I'm going to back off." The news shocked Gillian into stunned silence. "I hope things work out for you," Jake said softly as he left the room. Gillian staggered into the corridor. She stood frozen as a cheery Hayley skipped over to her side. Hayley offered to get a bite to eat with her friend, but Gillian said nothing. For a moment it wasn't even clear if Gillian knew that Hayley was there. Suddenly Gillian was hit by flashbacks of Ryan and Hayley's kiss. "No, I'm busy," Gillian mumbled as she brushed past Hayley. Hayley was stunned. She stood in the corridor trying to figure out what she'd said to upset Gillian. Meanwhile, Jake happened upon the scene and told Hayley that he was probably responsible for Gillian's foul mood. He gave Hayley a supportive embrace. But while the two were hugging, Gillian rounded the corner and spotted them.

Friday, July 9, 1999

Fine china and elegantly folded napkins adorned the dining table at The Gatehouse. Marian had gone all out to make sure that the evening would go off without a hitch. Unfortunately, Stuart's food selection for the evening was a bit of an odd fit for the table setting; he'd prepared tacos and other of Adam's favorite Tex-Mex foods. Scott sauntered into the room sporting a blue button-down shirt and white t-shirt. Marian looked at him with a half-smile and suggested that he run back to his room and put on something more suitable for a business meeting. Scott bowed his head and turned around. Meanwhile, Stuart took a phone call from Liza. Marian listened to the conversation all the while worrying that Liza's presence would spoil her plans. She hurried over to the phone and instructed Stuart to tell Liza that they only had enough food for four. Stuart didn't hear a word she said and told Liza that her idea to drop by was okay. When Stuart hung up the phone, his wife immediately urged him to call back Liza and tell her that their plans had changed. Stuart was puzzled by Marian's reaction. He first explained that Liza wanted to stop by the gallery with Colby in a few days and then asked her why she didn't want Liza to join them for dinner. Had Marian kept quiet she would have spared herself a great deal of embarrassment. Now she was forced to explain that she thought that Liza's presence would somehow foul up the meeting she'd arranged between Scott and Adam. Stuart headed to the kitchen to check on the food. While he was gone, Adam arrived. Scott returned to the room wearing a sport jacket and joined his uncle and stepmother at the table. Scott thanked Adam for giving him the money to tackle his documentary. That opened a door that Marian couldn't ignore. She immediately looked to Scott and urged him to tell Adam why he was there. Scott thought it was best to wait until after dinner, but Marian commented that there was no time like the present. For Marian, Scott's statements to Adam couldn't have been scripted any better---and the best part was that Scott was truly speaking from his heart. He told his uncle that he felt a bit unprepared because he'd never had to work within a budget or keep track of his own finances. On top of that, he said that he knew little if anything about his trust fund such as how it was invested. Adam glanced across the table and observed Marian hanging on every word, practically drooling with every mention of money. Adam told his nephew to drop by the main house in the morning so that they could discuss things in private. Marian blinked several times and sighed slightly. Adam then smiled widely and muttered that he needed to take his tie off before it drove him crazy. Scott followed suit and the two men got a little more comfortable. Adam was quite pleased with the feast Stuart had prepared. After dinner, while Scott and his father were clearing the dishes, Adam demanded to know that Marian was up to. He recalled that only a few weeks ago she'd lobbied for Stuart to take full control of his financial accountability. Now, he noted, Scott had somehow gotten the same idea. Marian shrugged innocently and claimed that she was not up to anything. "Scott looks upon you as a mentor," she said. Adam chuckled to himself and said that if would enlist Marian as his spin doctor if he ever entered politics. Adam had to call it an evening and Scott, needing to meet up with Becca, followed him out the door. Elated that the evening had gone almost according to plan, Marian sat down on the sofa with Stuart and told him how happy she was that Scott was finally going to be treated like an adult. Stuart, too, seemed pleased, but he warned Marian not to push Adam too hard.

Myrtle returned home and found something startling on the floor and wall of the boarding house. After the initial shock wore off, she giggled bemusedly to herself. Gillian had been doing a handstand against one of the walls. As Gillian flipped right-side up, Myrtle asked her why she was suddenly engaging in gymnastics. "Because my whole world is upside-down and I thought maybe if I looked at things upside-down it would make sense," Gillian replied. Myrtle wanted to help her friend feel better and offered to be a sounding block for the princess. Gillian said that she'd found her heart when she fell in love with Ryan. Now, well now, she felt oscillating waves of numbness and pain as she realized that Ryan was out of her life, possibly for good. "I make men repulsive," Gillian mumbled. Myrtle raised her hand to her mouth to cover an emerging smile. When she'd stifled her laughter, she told Gillian that she probably meant that men found her repulsive. Myrtle urged Gillian to clean up her life and right the wrongs. It seemed a lot easier said than done. While not wanting to seem like she was defending Ryan, Myrtle reminded Gillian that Ryan had fallen in love with her during a very tumultuous time in his life. "After what at he's been through, [he] believes that that every apple as a worm [in it] and instead of taking a bite out of it he just throws it away," Myrtle noted. The colorful metaphor actually seemed to make sense to Gillian. "He'll find his way back to you," Myrtle smiled. A knocked sounded on the door. Becca dropped by because Myrtle had said that she'd like to tape a breakup story for Scott's documentary. Becca wondered if she could kill two birds with one stone and asked Gillian if she wanted to share a story. Gillian was crushed and stormed out of the house. Becca realized that she must have "stepped in it" and asked Myrtle to explain why Gillian was so upset. Myrtle glossed over the facts, referring to Gillian as "her Royal Highness." Becca then realized that Gillian was the woman that Scott had been ready to marry. She pressed Myrtle for details about the relationship. Myrtle knew that Becca wasn't asking just out of curiosity---there was definitely something else to it. After hearing the story, Becca told Myrtle that she needed to run along.

Scott met up with Becca in the park. As he sat down on a park bench next to her, she gently placed her index finger over his lips and asked him to listen to the beautiful chirping of a bird.

At SOS, Mateo offered to tend the bar so that Ryan could have a break. Ryan, however, snapped that he wanted to continue working to make "the day" go quicker. Mateo corrected him by reminding him that it was nighttime. That only irked Ryan more. Mateo then asked Ryan if he'd seen or heard from Hayley recently. Ryan curtly replied negatively, but Mateo continued asking questions. "Look, man, I said I haven't seen her, okay?" Ryan snapped. Mateo knew that something was bothering his friend and he correctly determined that his problems had to do with a woman. Ryan, however, lied about his foul mood, chalking it up to "caffeine jitters." Mateo reflected on the previous Fourth of July---Holidays was blown to pieces. Mateo also remembered how happy he and Hayley were. Ryan became increasingly fidgety and did everything he could to keep from making eye contact with his boss. Gillian sashayed into the bar and Ryan raced up to her to tell her that he was glad to see her. Gillian, though, wasn't at all pleased to see Ryan. She blasted him for "not [giving] a damn about her." She accused him of being nice to her only to keep her silent about the oceanfront kiss. She said that she might just tell Mateo about the kiss, asking "who the hell are you to stop me?" Gillian slinked over to the bar and stood between "two buffed boys." She smiled sexily and asked which of the men wanted to dance with her. The two men nearly tripped over one another trying to get to their feet. Gillian selected on of the men and led him to the dance floor. Gillian wiggled and jiggled in a sultry dance with the unknown. Ryan was unable to take his eyes of the spectacle. Mateo walked behind him and asked why Gillian was acting so strangely. He then happily noted that he'd called Trevor and found out that Hayley was at the hospital at an AA meeting. Ryan shook his head and stormed across the club. He looked angrily at Gillian's dance partner and asked him why he was dancing with his wife. The man put his hands in the air and grumbled that he never would have danced with Gillian if he knew she was married. Ryan grabbed Gillian by the arm and walked her towards the back room.

In the dining area of The Valley Inn, David met with a waiter and asked for his help in making sure that the evening went off without a hitch. The doctor slipped the man a fist of cash and said that he wants "smooth, prompt, and discreet service." David momentarily reflected on the kiss he and Erica shared at the hospital in Brazil. In the lobby, Erica checked her makeup in a small compact mirror. She turned when David entered. As walked towards the doctor with a broad smile, but fumbled her purse when she got within a few feet of him. They both bent over to pick up the fallen purse, their eyes meeting. "You look absolutely stunning. Black is definitely your color," David told Erica referring to her black dress. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps and clamoring voice approached from the opposite direction. A small media contingency swarmed around Erica asking questions and taking photographs on his first night out since her surgery. "Was the surgery a success?" asked one reported by the name of Charlie. "What do you think?" Erica replied wryly. While Erica was tending to the press, Leslie Coulson filed out of the dining area and walked over to David. She knew instantly that Erica was the reason David had been avoiding her. It was evident that Leslie wanted to be with David so she resorted to low blows about Erica in order to charm him. "She can share a table for two, but not the spotlight," the attorney grumbled. David said that this was a night for Erica to shine and nothing more. Erica promised to hold a press conference in a few days and returned to David's side. Leslie bid Erica hello, but Erica said nothing. She looked at Leslie with squinted eyes, feverishly trying to figure out who she was. Then it hit her: Leslie was doing "pro bono" work for her Teens Against Addiction organization. Erica said that she almost didn't recognize Leslie because she'd done something new with her hair... "something more feminine." David and Erica walked to their table, but things were about to go down hill. David asked Erica how the press knew where to find her. Erica replied that she figured that David had dropped her name when he'd made the reservation so that they could get a good table. David sternly replied that he doesn't need to drop names to get reservations. Obviously, said Erica, because the table he'd gotten was "kind of drafty" and hardly the best seat in the house. David took a deep breath and informed Erica that he's made arrangements to have a chocolate soufflé served for dessert. "I never eat dessert---or chocolate," Erica gasped. "Or humble pie," David muttered under his breath. David was paged away. As he rose to his feet, Erica asked the doctor if he'd be returning. "Will you still be here?" he asked in response. As David headed to the front desk to make a call, Leslie intercepted him. David then realized that Leslie, not the hospital, had paged him. "If she cuts you down to size," said Leslie of Erica, "be sure to keep a little something left for me." Leslie licked her lips and walked out away. David returned to the table. He was surprised that Erica had waited for him and Erica was surprised that David had returned. David told Erica that after all they'd been through together, it wasn't right for them to be treating each other so coldly. They'd each seen the best and worst of the other. All David wanted, he said, was a chance to start the evening over. Erica nodded her head slightly, apparently embarrassed by her petulant behavior. David did, however, take the blame for picking such a public place for their first date. "Oh, so this is a date," Erica responded in surprise. Erica likened first dates to "being nominated for a big award." She added, "You wake up in the morning and you try pretend that it's a regular day. And you don't know going out the door whether you're going to come home a winner or not. And you try to tell yourself that it doesn't matter, but deep down in your heart of hearts you don't wan to go home alone or empty-handed [because] you'd like to have a reward for your patience and endurance and know that all the waiting as been worth it." David smiled slightly and mentioned that he's never been found of crowds. "What do you say we take this dinner and conversation upstairs to my suite?"



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