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Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 5, 1999 on PC
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Monday, July 5, 1999

Eve and Kevin
Eve and Kevin are packing for their trip to Rome. Kevin needs to visit Julie to let her know about his trip and Eve has to pick up her check at the hospital. While at the hospital, Eve tries to convince Chris to tell her the truth about his so-called romance with Julie. Chris makes no attempt to bite the line. At the sanitarium, Julie is very upset that Kevin is leaving. She almost has a slip in her words. She almost said that she needed Kevin to help and get her out of here, but she quickly covered her tracks and said that she needed Kevin's help to get better.
Later, on the airplane, a midget thinks that Eve is in the wrong seat. She politely points out the little man's mistake. He sits several rows to the right of the two lovebirds. He pulls out several pictures of Eve and Kevin at the hospital. Meanwhile, Kevin and Eve, oblivious of the danger, are planning how to join the "miles high" club.

Scotty and Lucy
Scotty is having a real issue with trusting Lucy. Lucy tries to explain how she slept with DV. Scotty does not want to listen. He wants to know why she did not tell him. She tries to justify her actions by saying that she did not want to hurt him. He told her that he rather be hurt by the truth than by lies. He storms out. A little while later, he returns. Karen stops by and explains what has happened with Frank. Scotty asks her if all is well with Joe now that the truth is out. She explains that it is not because she did not trust him. Lucy gives her this long speech about how not to give up because real love is worth fighting for. Later, Scotty takes Lucy's advice and tries to forgive her for her deception.

Frank, Joe, and Karen
At the hospital, Frank slowly rises after being knocked to the ground by the force of Joe's punch. Frank tries to explain that it is all a misunderstanding, but two many coincidences are starting to add up. Joe receives a page from the pharmacy. Frank then tries to talk to Karen. She refuses to listen. She adds in the fact that she confided in him and thought he was her friend and the whole time he was scheming to break up her and Joe's relationship.
Frank went to Courtney and tries to get her to help him convince Karen of his innocence. She is afraid of losing Joe. She wants no part in it. He threatens to tell Joe all if she does not help. Their conversation was halted when Neal came in.

Tuesday, July 6, 1999

At the Scanlon residence, Frank and Courtney make plans to keep Joe and Karen apart. Out back, Neil and Joe shoot hoops until Karen arrives to pick up Lark and Neil. Karen tries to get Joe to warm up to the idea of a reconciliation, but is intentionally interrupted by Courtney rushing Lark and Neil out to Karen's car. On the plane, Eve notices that they're being watched by a man in a trench coat and horn rimmed glasses. Courtney comforts Joe when he confides his feelings about Frank's betrayal and Karen's lack of trust. Karen arrives at the Recovery Room with Neil, Serena, and Lark and is angered when Frank appears to keep their "date" as if nothing had happened. Sending her charges off to watch 98 Degrees set up, she lets him have it and told him to get lost. Back on the plane Kevin doubts Eve's suspicions, so she saunters by the man and pauses behind him while he pulls out a syringe and tucks it into his coat pocket, then startles him by asking if he knows what time they're arriving in Rome. Joe gives Courtney some hands-on basketball pointers, then appears to hurt his shoulder when attempting a lay-up. 98 Degrees performs a practice number for Karen, Lark, Serena, Neil, and Frank who enthusiastically applaud. Karen tries to get out of going backstage to meet the band with Frank, is overruled by Lark and the kids, but manages to blow him off again. Eve pulls a pillow from the overhead compartment and turns around as Kevin grabs the syringe from the suspicious man's hand. Shocked, the man nervously explains that he's a pharmaceutical representative who recognized Dr. Lambert and just wanted to show her the latest development in syringes. Meanwhile, a dwarf sneaks over and sticks a listening device onto Eve's bag. When Kevin notices and asks what he's doing, he responds that he's looking for his pen which fell under their seats somewhere, picks it up, apologizes, and quickly leaves. Kevin jokes about their paranoia and comments that they should relax while the dwarf watches them intently. Shirtless and sporting an ice pack on his shoulder, Joe lets Courtney massage his pain away and move in for a kiss just as Karen arrives outside the front window with Lark and Neil. Seeing the intimate moment, Karen decides to leave and a concerned Lark went inside with Neil. Joe asks where Karen is and she assures him that Karen had her reasons for not coming in, staring pointedly at a smug Courtney. Frank approaches Karen yet again and she angrily told him to keep his revenge and lies to himself and leave her alone. Still en route, Eve suggests they tour Rome while they're there and wonders about Chris's sudden engagement until Kevin distracts her with some under-the-airline-blanket action. The dwarf places a call informing someone that the listening device has been planted and watches the oblivious lovers giggle under the blanket.

Wednesday, July 7, 1999

As Eve woke up on the airplane, the announcer stated that breakfast would be delayed do to a slight problem. A mysterious midget "accidentally" walks by and spills tomato juice on Kevin's pants. Kevin knows that something is mysterious with that little guy. They finally land in Rome, they go to an office and ask for Bill Disen. A man informs them that Bill Disen has been sent back to The United States because of a fake passport. Kevin knows this is strange since he knows Victor wouldn't let anyone catch him so easily.

Julie is again on the phone with Chris. She explains that she called Lucy's house and heard Christina yelling in the background and informs Chris that she must be the only mother to Christina and the first weeks of a baby's life are the most precious and she needs to spend them with her. Chris reminds her she will get out and told her to tune into the 2:00 news because there will be a surprise for her. As Julie tunes in, she sees Chris on television stating Julie did not commit the general homicide murders and she deserves a trial. Julie is very pleased by Chris' statement. However, Lee is viewing the TV when Chris mentions Lee Baldwin is not allowing a trial. Lee rushes over to Ferncliff at once.

Getting up from a night's sleep, Lucy questions Scott why he didn't return to bed after he got up to take care of Christina. Scott says he was reading to Christina. Scott finally admits he didn't come to bed because he couldn't get the image out of his head of her and DV kissing. Lucy told Scott she is very sorry and she should have came to him. Scott heads out the door and states he needs some time alone.

At the hospital, Scott catches Lee about to leave for Ferncliff and told him about Lucy and DV. Lee is shocked and told Scott to try to forgive Lucy and reunite with his fiancée. Scott agrees and returns to the house.Gail stops by at Lucy's and Lucy described how DV tricked her and made love to her. Gail gives out some helpful advice: Never give up on Scott and keep trying. Lucy thanks Gail for her advice and Gail goes off to drive Serena to day camp. Scott returns home and hugs Lucy and told her he still loves her.

Lee storms into Ferncliff to confront Julie. All of a sudden, Lee feels his chest and falls down. Back at the firehouse, Scott answers the telephone. It is Gail sobbing and telling Scott to come down to the hospital because Lee had a heartattack.

Thursday, July 8, 1999

Eve and Kevin
Eve and Kevin arrive at their Italian suite only to find that their room is the size of a closet. As Eve is unpacking, she finds an electronic gadget stuck to one of her carryon bags. She shows it to Kevin. He immediately recognizes it as a tracking device. The two put their heads together to try to think who could have placed the device on Eve's bag. Finally they realized that it must have been Mr. Zorren. After all, he did spill tomato juice on Kevin's leg to distract him and he did lose his pen right by Eve's bag. Their next move was to decide what to do with the tracking device. Eve thought it would be nice to put it on the back of a moving vehicle or to flush it down the toilet. Kevin said that the old fashion method would be best which was to drop it on the floor and crush it into millions of small pieces. Kevin also realized that if someone was going through all of this trouble to track the two of them then they must be on the right track. He also realized that they would have to be even more careful so that they do not lead who ever is tracking them right to Victor.
Kevin decides to call Mr. Zorren and take him up on his original offer for dinner. When he arrives, Kevin hands him a plastic bag containing all of the pieces of the tracking device. He then asks Mr. Zorren if he knows what it is. Mr. Zorren conveniently denies knowing what it is. He said that it looks like some kind of electronic device of sorts. Kevin decides to play his game. He told him that they are looking for his father and since Mr. Zorren works for the Embassy, he might be able to help them.

At the Hospital
When Lee arrives at the hospital, he is immediately taken into a room for tests. When Ramsey enters, Scotty accuses him of causing his father to have a heart attack and punches him in the face. Chris informs him that if it weren't for him, Lee would have died in the ambulance.
Later, Gail and Scotty are sharing a sentimental moment talking of regrets when Karen interrupts them with the test results. Lee was not suffering from a heart attack. He has a pulmonary embolism, or in other words, he has a blood clot on his lungs and it is preventing blood from entering his lungs. It requires immediate surgery. There is a chance that if the embolism should break before it could be completely removed from Lee's body, he would internally bleed to death. However, without the surgery he would definitely die.

At the Firehouse
Lucy had to explain to Serena what had happened to Lee. Knowing that Serena hates hospitals, Lucy explained to her that she would be the expert. After all an expert is as an expert does. Lucy explained that since Serena was the expert, she could show all the ropes to Lee since he is not an expert when it comes to hospitals. Serena has a plan on how to help her grandfather. She runs upstairs to get some construction paper when the doorbell rings. While feeding a bottle to Christina, Lucy went to open the door. Standing at the door is none other than DV.

Friday, July 9, 1999

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