One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 12, 1999 on OLTL

Jessica recalled more of her accident. Bo learned that Max was his brother. Nora and Dorian were trapped in an elevator. John warned R.J. to stay away from Téa. Lindsay failed to show up for her hearing.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 12, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, July 12, 1999

I Want A Divorce

Max looks at Blair incredulously when she asks for a divorce. She tells him they rushed in, but when Max challenges her to tell him she doesn't love him, she gives in and tells him the real reason she thinks they should get divorced is to protect his new status as Asa's son. Finally Max agrees that Asa is a problem, but he still won't let her divorce him.

Later, Max prepares to leave for Asa's and tells Blair they will probably see more of each other than if they were together.

Did She, Or Didn't She?

Hank walks into the detective's room and finds John scanning R.J.'s record. When John tells him he's going to go after R.J. again, Hank reminds him he hasn't enough evidence and he should leave R.J. alone and focus on the hit and run. Just as Hank tells John that Sam is on his way in with Lindsay to discuss a plea bargain, Bo walks in and throws a file in front of him, saying, "It's all here. Just throw the book at her." A few minutes later, he takes Hank aside and asks him to go easy on her because he doesn't believe it was intentional.

Meanwhile, Sam and Nora discuss the plea bargain, and Sam insists he believes that Lindsay is innocent. Nora disagrees and reminds him that she has already lied to him twice. Just then, Lindsay shows up and tells him she's changed her mind about the plea bargain. She just had a dream that she confessed in front of Will, and remembering the expression on his face in the dream, has decided she doesn't want to see it in real life. In spite of Sam's insistence that she tell him the truth about where she was that evening thought, she refuses to talk. Sam abruptly leaves the room and Nora asks her what kind of game she is playing. Lindsay hints to a puzzled Nora that she isn't saving only her own neck with her silence. When Sam returns to the room, he tells her there's a good chance she'll spend a long time in prison.

When Sam and Lindsay arrive at the police station, Sam tells Bo that Lindsay has something to tell him. Lindsay pulls the carpet out from Bo's feet when she tells him she wont' plead guilty, so she won't be accepting plea bargain. Bo then takes her into his office and tries to talk her into it. She can't believe he doesn't believe her and tells him, "I don't want you to stand by me, if you don't think I'm innocent. I'd rather stand alone." Bo defends his position, recounting all the evidence, and Lindsay throws it back in his face.

Hot Téa??

Téa walks into the diner complaining it's even hotter in there than outside, and is faced by a grumpy, sarcastic Carlotta whose air conditioner just died. When she asks Roseanne if she delivered John's tie to him, Roseanne rubs salt into her wounds by telling her that John "was great. Like he didn't have a care in the world". Carlotta tried to talk some sense into her but Téa walked out denying she needs John.

Later, the doorbell rings at R.J.'s apartment and he finds Téa at his doorstep. When she enters complaining about the heat, he offers her cold wine and strawberries. When R.J. questions her about why she's there, she gives him evasive answers that could be construed as an attraction to him. He asks her if she's wearing a wire.

Meanwhile, John walks into the diner and asks for Téa. Roseanne asks him if he really wants to know after hearing about R.J. When he tells her it's about work, and he's looked everywhere, she laughs, "everywhere?"

Later John walks into R.J.'s apartment and glares at an uncomfortable Téa.

You Have a Brother

Asa visits Bo to tell him the news that Max is his brother... again. When Bo refuses to believe it, Asa tells him to get used to it. Bo warns Asa to be careful because it wouldn't be the first time that Max tried to pull a scam on him. Asa tells him he had a DNA test done in his own lab, and reminds Bo that he should know you can't argue with a DNA test. When Bo refuses to attend a party for Max, Asa responds that at least Max will stick by his Pa if only for the money. He storms out seeing Sam and Lindsay and says" Well, well, well, Bonnie and Clyde.

Welcome Home, Son

Nora arrives at Renee and Asa's and is amazed to see a huge sign welcoming Max into the family. Asa walks in and says, "Who let you in", then tells the ladies that Bo won't be attending because he's too busy "defending that she-devil". When Max walks in and sees the sign, he says "Hey mom, nice sign. Can I hang it in my room"?

Meanwhile, at the diner, Blair gives into Starr's pleading to tell her the big secret, and Blair whispers into her ear.

Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

The show opened with Cristian and Roseanne in his apartment. He was planning to paint the walls black. Rosey finally talked him out of it, after she spilled paint on him. He went to shower and when he came back, Roseanne had lit candles all over the room. He laid down on the bed in his bath towel and she gave him a back rub. They were remembering their childhood and Roseanne admitted to pretending that Cris was in love with her. She promised to take away all of his pain, then they began kissing passionately.

Will and Jessica were at a park in Kentucky when they overheard an older couple. The man proposed again for their 50th anniversary. When they saw each other, the older couple thought that Jess and Will were young lovers. The two men went to get ice cream and left the women alone. The older woman told Jess that when the right person comes along, she'll never be able to forget him. The men talked about the secret to a long marriage. Will said that Jess is the best friend he has ever had. The other man said the same thing about his wife.

At R.J.'s apartment, John told Téa that Hank was making a deal with Lindsay. After she left for the police station, John warned R.J. to stay away from Téa and punched him in the face. John then left the apartment.

Lindsay, Sam, Hank and Bo were discussing Lindsay's plea bargain in Bo's office. Hank and Sam argued over details, while Bo and Lindsay just stared at one another. They finally agreed on a deal when Téa stormed in. She demanded that the the deal be revoked. Privately, Hank reminded her that she is his assistant and he will fire her if she doesn't change her attitude. Once the deal was back in place, Sam begged Lindsay for an alibi. She said that she didn't care about jail, but Sam was worried about Will. Hank said that the plea bargain will be final in court tomorrow. After they all left, Bo continued to review the hit and run case. R.J. came to the station to file assault charges against John, but changed his mind and left with Téa. Back at the gallery, Sam told Lindsay that secrets always come out in the end.

Wednesday, July 14, 1999

Dorian insisted to a wary Bo that she didn't know why Lindsay refused to reveal her alibi. Bo later told Hank that Dorian was holding back information about the accident. Asa told Renee that he planned on stopping Blair from getting her hooks into Max. Max was floored when Asa offered him $250,000 in exchange for staying away from Blair. Cristian continued to fantasize about Roseanne, but resisted her invitation to join her at the penthouse. Will comforted Jessica after she had a frightening flashback to the night of the accident. Blair questioned Dorian about the cost of surgery for brain aneurysms. Later, Dorian told Blair that the surgery would cost a quarter of a million dollars.

Thursday, July 15, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nancy Fox

Asa's Mansion

Asa is telling Max that all he has to do is sign the contract and he can cash the $250,000 check. Max says he is not for sale - he won't accept the terms (never seeing Blair again), it is a matter of "principle" - his private life is his own business. As Max turns to leave, Asa warns Max not to "con" him and challenges Max: "Now I'll watch and wait to see if you're a real Buchanan; see if you'll put the interests of your kids ahead of your libido."

Kentucky Motel

Jessica is upset as she begins to remember the accident. So far she remembers only the headlights of the car, but she is distraught that she couldn't do anything to protect or save Megan. Will comforts her, telling her it is good to remember because then she can deal with it and move on. Jessica thanks Will for helping her and for being so patient with her even though he had to go through his grief all alone. Jessica asks "What else will I feel?" Will reminds her that she hasn't started to "feel" about Cristian yet.

The Diner

As Cristian continues to try to fix the air conditioner motor, Roseanne comes in to remind him to drink plenty of water so he won't get dehydrated. She takes a glass of water and pours it down the front of her tube top before telling Cristian that she is going back to the penthouse to take a shower. She again offers the cool escape of the penthouse to Cristian. Later, Cristian hallucinates and sees Roseanne. Carlotta comes in and they discuss the Jessica saga - "how can she not remember me and that we loved each other?" Carlotta urges Cristian to be patient, but he answers her by saying, "Haven't I given her enough time?" Much later, Cristian has another "vision" of Roseanne and announces to Carlotta that since he can't fix the air conditioner, he's going to take a break from the heat and go by the penthouse to cool off.

Bo's Office - Llanview PD

Lindsay comes to visit Bo, but he is less than pleased because Sam is not with her. Bo's afraid that if Lindsay tells him anything about the accident that it will be inadmissible because she was without counsel. Lindsay tells Bo that she doesn't need another person who doesn't believe her; Bo says that he doesn't want to believe she's guilty. Lindsay admonishes Bo to just wash his hands of her, send her off to prison because she doesn't want his pity. She reminds him of the first time he gave her the brush off - after their encounter at the Palace - and asks him what's different this time. "I love you Lindsay, damn it!" Later, recovering from this revelation, Lindsay says she has trouble understanding how Bo can love her, yet not believe her. He tells her that he doesn't want to have these feelings of love because if he didn't have them then he wouldn't care if he ever saw her again. "I just don't want to care." Lindsay replies, "I don't want you to love me."

Dorian's Living Room

Blair tells Dorian that Kevin wanted her to ask if it was true that Lindsay had expected Dorian to give her an alibi for the accident. Dorian assures Blair that Lindsay didn't ask her to lie and that she was convinced that Lindsay was "not capable of doing such a thing" as running down Jessica and killing her own grandchild. Dorian gets anxious and leaves the room, but answers the door to Max on her way upstairs. Max is still upset by Asa's demands and his trying to use his children against him. He confides to Blair that he couldn't tell Asa about them yet, but shows her the check and contract. Blair is elated to see the amount of the check - exactly what is needed for Max's operation. Max says that there will be no operation, "this is the end of Max, the missing Buchanan." Later, while Blair is still excited about the check, Max tells her to read the contract. When Blair sees that Max would be signing away his right to ever see her again, she is furious at Asa. She recovers, however, and decides that it is just a piece of paper and she encourages Max to "just sign the stupid thing" and we'll continue to sneak around since "we're good at it." Max doesn't want to hide the fact that Blair is his wife and he doesn't want Asa running his life. "I would rather spend one day with you than eternity as Asa Buchanan's lap dog." Blair reminds him that they are tricking Asa in the short run so that they can be together in the long run. Max still refuses to sign the document and instead tells Blair to change her clothes because he's going to take her out "in style" for dinner at the Palace. After Max leaves, Blair retrieves the contract from the trash and forges Max's signature.

Bo's Office - Llanview PD

Grace comes by to apologize to Bo for the embarrassing question about Lindsay she had asked him at the much earlier press conference. Bo said he didn't hold it against her since he felt she was just doing her job. They both agreed that journalism has gotten too invasive. Later, Grace confided to Bo that sometimes she wished she was still that stranger in town "dancing the night away with a wonderful man." Bo said that he had enjoyed their dancing too and perhaps they would do it again sometime. [Just an aside, these scenes were unnecessary unless they are foreshadowing a future involvement - we know Grace likes older men so.....?]

Lindsay's Gallery

Asa startles Lindsay by sitting in the dark at her desk when she comes in. He offers her an envelope which Nigel had dutifully prepared: inside is a fake passport, new identification cards, a one-way ticket to Brazil and a key to a home on a very picturesque river - a "permanent getaway." Lindsay asks him why he is offering to help her escape instead of stringing her up in the town square. He says he doesn't want to put Jessica through a trial, but Lindsay informs him that Sam is plea bargaining instead. Asa says that he won't accept her getting just a slap on the wrist and then waltzing away with Bo. He tells her "Bo will cut you out like a malignant tumor." He encourages her to take the money and run because he will not abide her staying and turning Bo into a "gray, cold lump of clay." Later, while Lindsay is working a lump of that clay, Dorian comes in to "apologize" to Lindsay. She explains that she couldn't lie because Madame Delphina told her there would be "dire consequences" if she did. Lindsay explodes at Dorian saying that she made her look like a liar to her attorney and a fool to Bo. Dorian implores Lindsay to "just tell the truth" because "Bo loves you, he really wanted your alibi to be true." Lindsay feels that this is the payback for all the bad things she has done and all the lies she has told in the past; but piling more guilt on Dorian, she says that what isn't fair is "the person who actually hit her is still out there."

Kentucky Motel

Jessica tells Will that she is trying to make herself remember Cristian because everyone tells her she loved him. While they sit on the bed, Jessica does start to remember things about her past with Cristian. As Jessica tells Will how "incredibly sweet" he has been to her on this trip, he encourages her to remember more about Cristian. She remembers how his lips felt during their first kiss and their plans for the future: going to school in New York, getting married, the "three of us" being a family. Later, when Jessica has an "incredible memory" of Cristian holding her, Will suggests that she call Cristian and tell him. Instead, Jessica decides that they should go home. They decide they're ready to return to their families. Will adds, "Maybe they've found the ‘guy' who hit you." Jessica thanks Will for his help, "you're the best." Will reminds her, "I told you I'd do anything for you."

Bo's Office - Llanview PD

Expecting another confrontation, Bo is surprised that Asa has just stopped by to thank Bo for his earlier effort with Max at the mansion. In a shocking change of heart, Asa tells Bo that he is going to be easier on Lindsay, try to give her a "fair shake". Asa is surprised, but very pleased, when Bo tells him he is too late because he won't be seeing much more of Lindsay. Asa tells him that getting over her "might be a lot easier than you think".....

Lindsay's Gallery

Lindsay is sitting at her desk trying to concentrate on paperwork. She finally picks up Asa's envelope and turns off the light as she leaves the gallery.

Friday, July 16, 1999

Ben impressed the hospital board until a malicious Asa told them about Ben's ties to the mob. Rae warned a disbelieving Kevin that Grace would not commit to him. Ben told a nervous Dorian that Jessica was starting to regain her memory. After Lindsay failed to show up for her hearing, the judge gave Sam an ultimatum and an hour to find her. Rae advised Bo to follow his heart where Lindsay was concerned. Hank took Téa off the hit-and-run case after she had an emotional outburst at the station. Max found the forged agreement that Blair had slipped onto Asa's desk. Max tried to convince Blair that she was the only thing that he wanted. Max then tore up the contract and took Blair into his arms. Bo told Hank and Sykes that he believed Lindsay was innocent and then offered to help Sam find her. Meanwhile, Asa found Lindsay on the hospital roof and told him to make his day by jumping off. Dorian found herself trapped in an elevator with Nora when a blackout suddenly hit Llanview!

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