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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on ATWT
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Monday, July 12, 1999

Carly walks out of her bedroom and she is surprised to see candles lit and her bed pulled down with rose petals scattered all over the bed. In the middle of the bed there is a gift box. Brad comes up behind her and asks her how she likes it? She says that it is very sweet. She tells him that he needs to stop giving her gifts and she hasn't given him any gifts yet. He tells her that she has given him a gift, she is wearing the new ring that he bought for her to symbolize their new life together. She asks him if she can open her present and he gets it for her. It is a locket. Brad tells her that she can put Parker's picture in it. He starts to kiss her and she pushes him away and tells him to stop it. He looks at her with a surprise look on his face and he asks her what is wrong. She apologizes and says that she isn't much fun to be with tonight. He tells her to be however she needs to be, just let him know. She tells him that he is sweet. She makes up a lie and tells him that she slipped on the wet tile getting out of the new Jacuzzi tub. She cried out, but he didn't hear her. She tells him that it is a back injury that flares up every once in awhile. He asks her where it hurts and she says that it is in her lower back. He starts to rub it for her. She says that she has shooting pains into her legs. He says, "You poor kid." She apologizes for ruining his evening and he says that she is really shaken up. She says, "More than you know." Later, she is lying in her bed and wondering to herself why she didn't say that she had a sprained ankle or something. She picks up the phone and dials it. Brad walk into the room and she hangs up. He has brought her some juice and some pills. She asks him where he got the prescription. He says that when you work construction, pulled muscles are a given. She says that it isn't very smart to take someone else's prescribe medication. He tells her that it will be OK. She takes the pill and drinks some juice. He tells her how much he is enjoying taking care of her. He gives her a kiss on the forehead and says he will be back to check on her. When he leaves, she spit the pill out and says, "Oh, Jack." Brad comes back later to check on her. He asks her if the pill is working and she says that she is relaxed. He tells her to try to go to sleep and he is going to sit by her side until she is asleep. She smiles nervously at him. Finally, she fall asleep and Brad climbs onto the bed and gives her a kiss on the cheek and says that he loves her. He leaves the room and when he is gone, she opens her eyes. She picks up her phone and dials.

At the hospital, Julia is trying to find Reid. Jack walks up and says that he thought that she and Hamilton would be on their trip. She tells him that it has been postponed. Jack asks if there is a problem and she says, "No...well, yes." She says that she has no right telling him her problems. He says, "After all we have been through together?" He tells her that he still cares for her and she says that she cares for him, too. She tells him that she is thinking of postponing the wedding. He says that that might be good and not rush into anything. Ben and Bob walk up and Bob asks if they should come back later. Jack says, "No" and then tells them that the guy that was giving them problems, he had a talk with and he shouldn't be a problem anymore. Ben and Bob thank Jack and they leave. Julia asks Jack if he is back on the force and he says that he thought Hamilton would have told her, he dropped the charges against him. Jack tells Julia that Reid should have told her where he would be and he should have told her that he dropped the charges against him. She says that he probably didn't, thinking that he might stir up some old feelings.

Denise is watching Hope for Lily and Holden while they are at the mental hospital trying to find Rita. She has the baby monitor in her hand and she steps outside her apartment to get a breath of air. Andy comes by and they start to talk. Denise invites him in for something to drink. They go inside and start to talk. Andy sees that Denise has the baby monitor and asks her about it. She tells him that she is watching Hope for Lily and Holden. He says that they are lucky to have someone like her that they can trust with their child. Denise changes the subject and asks Andy how he has been doing. He starts to tell her about him and Molly and how their relationship has been strained lately. Andy smiles at her and says that it seems like old time, she is being the shoulder for him again. She says that she has been in this place too. He says that she has Ben and she says that she thanks God everyday for sending her this beautiful man. Hope lets out a wail over the monitor and she and Andy run for her room.

Back at the hospital, Jack and Julia are discussing their relationship and Julia is trying to get to the point of telling Jack what she is up to with the engagement. His phone rings and he answers it. He says, "Carly, is that you?" Then he says that he misses her too. Julia hears him and leaves.

Denise and Andy come running in with Hope and Denise tells the desk nurse to call Dr. Harris, she thinks that the baby has had a seizure. Ben comes running in and takes Hope into an examining room. Denise tries to follow, but Andy holds her back. She tells him that that little girl is the most precious thing to her.

At the mental hospital, Margo, Holden and Lily are talking with the doctor about the missing patient. He calls security and tells them to start to search the grounds and look for a missing patient, Eleanor Stephens. Margo says that she might also answer to the name Rita. The doctor tells them that. Margo tells the doctor that she will need to see the file on this Rita. She and the doctor leave. Lily and Holden are holding three of the four pieces of the picture with the baby in it. They are wondering who the man in the picture could be. Margo walks back in after a bit and says that this hospital is either run by incompetants or criminals, there is no file on Eleanor Stephens. The doctor says that they didn't say that there wasn't a file, it is just missing right now. Holden says that at least they are consistent, they have lost the patient and the file. The doctor says that this has never happened before. He says that sometimes the patient gets to the hospital before their files arrive or maybe one of the doctors has the file. Margo asks about which doctor? He says that he doesn't know. Margo says that she will go through the hospital again from top to bottom to find Rita Renfield or Eleanor Stephens. She turns around and looks at Lily and tells her not to worry, they will find her.

Downstairs at the mental hospital, Reid is covering Rita's face with a sheet. He wheels her into a room and is closing the door when Molly comes trouncing in and calls him a murderer. He tells her to shut up and asks her what she is doing there and why is she calling him a murderer? He is trying to take care of a patient and she is interrupting. She says that he intentionally killed her relationship with Andy. He says that he is tired of her hysterics and she should go find herself a shrink. She says that she is not leaving until she gets what she came after. Reid says that doesn't have time to service her. She says that she wouldn't have him now, even if he beg her. An orderly walks by and she asks Reid if they could get out of the hallway. He says that he can't go right now, he is with a patient. She says that she wants to see the patient and runs by him and opens the door. He catches up to her but she sees the body inside. He tells her that the patient is resting and her eyes are very sensitive to the light. He pushes her back and closes the door. He tells her that she should go back to her white night, Andy. She says that is why she is there. She wants him to fix her relationship with Andy or she will go to Julia and tell her that every time they are alone, he puts the moves on her. As they are talking, an orderly walks in behind them and opens the door where Rite's body is. Reid runs over to him and explains that this is his patient and she is resting. The orderly leaves and Molly tells Reid that she wants him to go to Andy and tell him that nothing is going on between them. He says that he can't do that, because she doesn't love Andy and she never will. Molly tells him not to pull this on her. She says that he owes it to her to tell Andy that he has a fatal attraction toward her and not the other way around. She says that he intentionally broke her and Andy up. She says that the deal is on the table. Either he goes and fixes things with her and Andy or he loses Julia. Reid says that he will do it if she will just leave. She says that she doesn't believe him, why is he in such a big hurry to get rid of her? He says that why should she care as long as he is doing her dirty work? She says that she is gone and she leaves. After she is out of sight, Reid goes back to Rita's body. He hears someone coming and closes the door. He waits awhile, then checks to see if anyone is around. He pushes the gurney out the door and as he nears a hallway, Margo comes walking by the door. She doesn't see him because she is talking to someone on her phone. As she goes by, Reid pushes Rita by her through another door. Margo hangs up and turns around like maybe she had heard someone. There is no one there. Later, you see Reid with an empty gurney and he asks an orderly to return it to where it belongs.

Molly goes upstairs and finds Lily and Holden. They ask her what she is doing there at the mental hospital and she says that she is doing a piece for "In Your Face." Holden tells Lily that maybe the media could help them. They tells Molly about the picture and they are trying to find the woman who sent the letter with the picture. They point out that they can see a man's arm in the picture. She asks if she can take the picture to the station and make some copies of it. They tell her that it is probably OK, but she has to ask Margo first. The phone rings and Holden answers it. Ben is calling and tells Holden that Hope is OK now but she has had a seizure. They leave to go to the hospital. After they are gone, Molly is getting ready to leave. She picks up the picture and looks at it. She gets a look on her face like she has recognized something.

Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Carly wakes up to Kevin standing beside her bed with a breakfast tray. She tells him that she is going to have to give him a raise and he says that this is her husband idea. She is to do no lifting or carrying, just stay in bed and rest. She asks where Brad is and Kevin tells her that he had a meeting with Alec Wallace. As soon as Kevin leaves her room she jumps out of bed and runs to her closet to find an outfit to wear. She is saying that she wants to be irresistible in it and Brad is lying on her bed and says that she is irresistible out of it. She is surprised to see Brad. She tries to get dressed, but Brad is kissing her on her neck. She tells him that she will never get dressed if he doesn't quit. She bends over to get something and Brad notices that she can bend without pain. She says that it comes and goes and she acts like it comes back. She gets back into bed and Brad says that he is going to call a specialist. She grabs the phone from him and says that she has already made an appointment with her doctor. He says that he will cancel his meeting and stay home with her. She tells him not to do that. He says that they will have to have a rain check on being together tonight. She says that she is sorry. He tells her that he doesn't mind waiting when he knows what he is waiting for is worth it. Brad kisses her and leaves. Carly picks up the phone and calls the OPD and asks for Jack. The person on the other end tells her that he has taken a day of vacation and tells her where she can find him. She rushes off to get dressed.

Reid comes walking into Julia's hotel suite and she asks him where he has been. She has been worried. He tells her that he has been with a patient all night. She says that now that he is here, they can get started. She wants to know where they are going on their trip. He tells her that she is going to ruin his surprise. She says that she wants to know so she can let some people know where she is. Reid question what people? The phone rings and it is Liam. He tells her that his sister was not sick and maybe he should come back to Oakdale. She tells him that he doesn't need to do that, they will be leaving on their trip. She says goodbye to him and hangs up. She tells Reid that there wasn't anything wrong with Liam's sister and maybe he had exaggerated what he was told. Reid says that he is offended and Julia says that he may be offended but he didn't answer her question. He asks her what kind of a man does she think he is capable of being. Why is she marrying him if she can't trust him. She says that she is sorry, she must still be wired from worrying about him all night. He says that he forgives her and kisses her. He hands her a piece of paper and says that this is where they will be staying on their trip. He tells her that she can't tell anyone about it, that is very important. He says that he will go downstairs to the desk and check them out. As he is opening the door, Emma is going to knock. She comes in and says that she has heard about Julia's engagement and offers to help with the plans. Reid says that he will stay and Emma tells him that she doesn't want to hold him up, he can go, she just wants to talk with Julia. Reid leaves. Emma asks Julia which suitcase is hers and she says the green one. Emma picks it up and tells her that they have to go, she is taking her back to the farm where she belongs. Julia says that she belongs with Reid and Emma says that she belongs with Jack. Julia says that he has made his choice, she heard him with her own ears. Emma says that he is just using Carly to get over Julia, Carly is not the woman that he wants. Julia says that it is too late and Emma says that it is not too late. She tells Julia that Jack is working on his boat today and she can go and talk with him and tell him what is in her heart. Julia hesitates. Emma gives her the keys to her car and says that she can take the car and go talk to him. Julia says that she is not going. Emma asks her if she remembers the last time that she told Julia to go and talk with Jack and she didn't go. If she would have, she would not be engaged to Dr. Hamilton now. Emma tells Julia to look her in the eye and tell her that she loves Dr. Hamilton. Julia looks at her and then looks away. Emma says that that is what she thought. Emma says that she thinks that someone else changed Julia mind about not talking with Jack. Emma demands that Julia tell her the truth and she is not leaving until she does.

Andy is sitting at the bar and he orders a cup of coffee. He has not been home all night. Reid comes walking through and Andy yells at him. Andy walks over to him and says that he thought that he and Julia were going out of town. Reid says that he had some business to take care of. Andy asks if it was business or pleasure? Reid says, "Pleasure in Oakdale, now that is an oxymoron." Reid tells Andy that he does not have time for this and tries to walk away. Andy stops him and says that he is going to listen to what he has to say. He says that Reid had broken up Jack and Julia and he doesn't know how he did that, but he wasn't going to screw up he and Molly. Reid says that it is over for Andy and Molly, it was not meant to be. Andy says that Reid and Molly were not meant to be. Andy tells Reid to lay off Molly and leave her the hell alone. She has put up with enough from that wacko David Stenbeck. And furthermore, he can stop bringing up David's name every five minutes. Andy says that Molly has taken enough abuse and he is not going to let it happen anymore. The phone rings and the bartender asks if there is a Andy Dixon there, Molly Conlon is on the phone for him. No one answers him. Reid has a flashback of Molly telling him to fix things with she and Andy or she would ruin things for him and Julia. Reid turns to Andy and changes his tune. He says that he put the moves on Molly, but she didn't respond and told him to get lost. He will not bother Molly again. Reid walks away and Andy whispers, "Molly!"

Molly has been waiting for Andy all night and she is worried that he has fallen off the wagon and gotten drunk. She calls everywhere she can think of trying to find him. There is a knock on the door and Molly rushes to open it and John is standing there. Molly tells him about Andy not coming home and she is scared that something has happened to him. John suspects that she thinks that he is drinking. John asks her what happened. She says that it is not her fault, all she wanted to do was show Andy how much she loves him. John calls the hospital to see if Andy has been by to see him or if he has been admitted. No one has seen him. John tells her when she finds Andy to have him call John and he leaves. Molly continues to call many places. Finally, she is crying and says a prayer that if God will just have Andy come home and not be hurt, she will never think about Reid Hamilton again. The door opens and Andy walks in. He doesn't say anything. He walks past her and into the kitchen to get a drink of water. He walks back out to living room and looks at Molly. Molly says that she is glad that he is home. Andy says that she has been crying. At first she says no, then she says a little. He says that he has had only tea and coffee, no alcohol. Molly starts to say something and Andy tells her not to talk and they start kissing.

Reid goes back up to Julia's door and he can hear Emma inside saying that she has all night and Julia is going to tell her. Julia says that there is a reason but she can't tell Emma. She gives Emma a piece of paper and says that this is where they will be staying while on their trip. Julia walks Emma to the elevator and Reid is around the corner. Emma asks if she is sure about what she is doing? Julia says that she knows what she is doing and to trust her. They hug goodbye and Julia asks Emma not to tell Jack where she will be. Emma promises and leaves. Julia closes the door. Reid takes out his cell phone and calls someone and tells them that he will not be at the hotel that he had told them about. He says that they won't even be in that part of the country.

Jack is working on an old boat and he starts to think about Carly. He picks up the phone and calls her, but he hangs up before she answers. He says that they have made a rule, no contact while she is married. He has to wait until the time is right. He starts to scrub the dirt off the boat and the name of the boat is "True Love." As Jack is scrubbing the boat, Carly walks in, all decked out in a hot pink summer dress. She says his name and he turns and sees her there. She says that she couldn't stay away any longer, she has been missing him. Jack stands up and kisses her. As he is kissing her, she is trying to explain to him that they have lost so much time between them and she had to see him and tell him that she loves him. If he wants her to go, just tell her. They decide that they can spend a few minutes together. She asks him about the boat and he tells he it is his "don't think about Carly" project. He says that when he is finished with it, she will be divorced and they can take a trip together with Parker. They start kissing again and Camille shows up because she has left her sweater there from the photo shoot they had earlier. She sees Carly and Jack, but they don't see her. Camille makes a hasty get away. Carly and Jack are daydreaming about getting into the boat and sailing away. They are lost in their daydream, but are brought back to reality when an alarm goes off in Carly's purse. She says that she set it so she can get back before she is missed. She starts to leave and Jack gives her a compass, so she can find her way back to him. They kiss again and she leaves.

Back at Carly's mansion, Brad comes walking into her bedroom and there is no Carly. Kevin walks by and Brad asks where Carly went. Kevin says that he doesn't know, but she left right after Brad did. Brad picks up the phone to call and he hears someone knocking on the door. He looks up and Camille is standing there and she says to him that they need to talk.....about Carly.

Wednesday, July 14, 1999

Georgia breaks the news to Eddie that he started sleepwalking again. Margo is surprised to learn that Jake and Alec know each other. When she realizes Brad is in love with his wife, Camille backs out of telling Brad about Carly and Jack. Chris feigns sickness so Bob will let him off of work early. Once freed, he prepares to cheer up a bitter Katie.

Eddie's chief concern is whether he harmed Georgia during his episode, but she insists she's fine and determines to stick by him. Jake divines that Alec plans a takeover of The City Times and Worldwide. After Denise walks away, Ben gets on the PA system at the hospital and tells Denise (and the rest of the onlookers) that he's in love with her, too. Chris sneaks Katie onto the Walsh estate and takes her poolside, where he's stashed food and drink. They toast to getting revenge on Eddie and Georgia, and he dares her to go skinny-dipping with him. Eddie worries that he's reverting to his old ways and will lose everything he's worked for.

Carly lies to Brad that she went to the hospital and they prescribed no sex because of her back injury. Georgia talks to Margo and realizes Eddie's relapse may have been triggered by his abandoning the search for his father. Jake urges Alec to consider what Lucinda's family is going through before taking over her businesses. Reid sees Julia taking scissors to Melinda's hair.

Ben hastens to assure Denise he knows she's not Camille. Alec is disturbed when Eddie announces he's going to model himself after his boss and not let anything personal affect him. Georgia bitterly congratulates Alec for what he's done to his son and finds Eddie staring at them from the doorway. Camille informs Carly she saw her in the boathouse with Jack. A disappointed Bob finds Chris and Katie by the pool and empty beer cans beside them.

A protective Camille warns Carly to stay away from her brother-in-law in future or risk Camille's going to Brad with the truth. Reid eavesdrops on Julia's phone call to Ben and hears her say she's sending him a hair sample to be compared to Holden and Lily's DNA.

Thursday, July 15

Georgia confronts Alec about the Eddie situation. After Alec threatens her not to tell that he is Eddie's dad. She say's "you have to tell Eddie", about then Eddie walks in and wants to know what is up. Julia and Reid are talking. Same as usual. Julia leaves with the hair sample and takes it to Ben who questions her about why she thinks Hamilton may know something. She says she is not sure that he does but she has to be sure. Katie and Chris are in for trespassing. Bob is angry and wants Chris to be taught a lesson, but Kim comes in and bails the boy out anyway. Georgia and Eddie come home to the mess that Katie and Chris made. They began cleaning up the place.

Friday, July 16, 1999

At Yo's, Kim and Holden drink a toast to having gotten ride of the station's not-so-silent partner. But Holden tells her it's not over yet-he wants David out of town, out of money, just plain OUT. Brad invites Julia to an adjacent barstool, but his smile turns upside down when she invokes Jack's name. In an effort to get him to accept the idea of faking a paternity test, Carly tells Jack he was the one she wanted to have a baby with all along. Under pressure, Jack admits he does love her. Emily confirms the hotel reservations for her and Tom in New York-one room will be plenty, she tells them. She hurries over when she sees Tom and Eddie fighting over her. Andy listens in with dawning awareness at the AA meeting as Susan tells about her relative who told a lie and faked a crime, then told her to keep quiet about it. Margo barges into the meeting.

Jack tells Carly though he loves her, he loves her in spite of everything she's done and said, and he can't live with the lie she wants them to tell. She is breaking his heart, he tells her, and it's because he knows why she's doing all this. He recalls how growing up she never knew her own mother, and how if they do this, her baby will never know its true father. Carly argues that this child will have money, which she didn't have, and growing up she missed that more than she missed her mother. Jack concludes that the two of them being together isn't enough for her-she'll never be satisfied. She's hedged her bets as usual. When he goes to leave she pegs him as going to find Julia. Julia terms Jack "solid" to Brad. Brad will only allow that Jack is "lucky." Brad volunteers to give her a ride to where the hayride starts, since the barn is in the middle of nowhere. Kim observes them departing.

After Eddie and Tom argue over Emily's supposedly lying to exonerate Eddie, Eddie enlists the aid of Georgia, arranging to have her call for Tom. Tom gets a call alerting him to suspicious fire in Milltown. It's Georgia who's disguising her voice on the other end. Margo tiptoes out of the AA meeting and spying Sam outside, thanks her for being so nice to Eddie. Sam confirms that she did give him a job, but not a place to stay, as he told Margo. Andy sneaks out of the AA meeting and runs smack into sister Margo.

Tom tells Emily about the anonymous tip and they rush out to go get the scoop on the story. Eddie points out Emily to Georgia as being the one who claimed he mugged her. Margo senses that Andy is troubled but he tells her he's not allowed to talk about it. She leaves him the cell phone to call her. After the meeting breaks up, Susan spots Andy alone outside and assumes he missed it. Camille tells Susan that she's going to begin her chemotherapy tomorrow. Ben overhears and strides over, telling her it's too soon.

Carly hurls insults about Julia-sweet, perfect, and virtuous. She tells Jack he's got Julia dangling on a string-that's why it's so easy for him to walk away from Carly now. Jack admits that he didn't tell Julia about Carly, or his true reason for leaving her. When Carly accuses him of being a hypocrite, he walks away, and she crumples on the docks, where John finds her.

Susan supports Camille's decision but worries about her not having talked to a counselor about how this will impact her life. Camille forcefully reminds Ben that it's her body, and she wants to get the chemo over with, so she can start to rebuild her life. Kim tells Holden that David's dad was impossible to get out of Oakdale-she's seen several people around her try to do it and they ended up being better just getting out of his way. And David has proven to be his father's son. Holden tells her that somebody has got to take a stand-Lily is having their child in hiding because of David.

When Jack arrives, Holden tells him that Julia was there a while ago but left. Jack tells his cousin that Carly was right, he should've told Julia what was going on. Carly blasts John for telling Jack about the paternity test and threatens to take him to court for revealing what she said to him. She backs down when he threatens to reveal everything in court, but tells him he will pay. Jack refuses to be appeased by Holden. Kim tells him that she saw Julia leave with a man she now knows is Jack's brother.

Julia asks Brad to tell her why Jack hates his brother, but Brad leaves her alone at the hayride and drives off. John offers to drive Carly home but she declines and leaves with a screech of tires. His voice breaking, Ben tells Camille he wishes he could go through this for her. Camille's doctor tells Ben he's interfering and asks him to leave, which he does angrily.

Eddie notes that when her birth mom Sam is around, it's the only time Georgia clams up. Georgia offers to let Eddie share her cabin but he declines, telling her he doesn't sleep well. Tom and Emily share a drink at Yo's after chasing the false tip and both remember their previous trip there, how at the time Emily was upset about David being with Molly and got in trouble when she threw the drink into the man's face. They toast to knowing what you want-and going after it.

Kim and Holden are mystified by Jack's violent reaction to the idea of Brad taking Julia to the hayride. He wants to leave but Kim tells him in his present condition, he's an accident waiting to happen. Carly mutters to herself about the pleasure she's going to get watching Barbara walk out on John after she tells her ex-employer everything about John's role in Carly's pregnancy. She hears a thud and hits the brakes.

Margo catches up to Eddie by the docks and acknowledges the fact that she's breaking her promise. Eddie gets choked up over her still caring for him and he stares at her face, so close to his own. Tom leaves to celebrate his award with Margo, over Emily's protestations. Their lips meet in a brief goodbye buss and while Tom looks surprised, Emily wears a small smile on her face.

Kim and Holden persuade jack not to leave without calming down and calling around first to see if he can find Julia or Brad. Kim compliments Holden on his skill calming down Jack and he tells her that with all the hotheads in his family, he's had plenty of experience. She urges him to take his own advice concerning David. Jack calls Reverend Dansby to get Brad's address, then spots his brother and slams him up against the fence at Yo's, demanding he tell him where Julia is. Carly finds a body on the road and realizes it's Julia.


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