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Monday, July 5, 1999

Georgia and Eddie are at Lily and Holden's house and they are ready to leave for the reunion. Georgia is getting the mail stacked up for Lily and she drops a letter to Lily. She picks it up and sees that on the back it says, "urgent information about your baby." She puts in out in plain sight on the desk and leaves a note for Lily about the letter. Eddie and Georgia leave to go to the reunion.

Well, the reunion of the Class of 1979 is getting started and the Lakeview is all abuzz with excitement. Alec is walking around looking at all the memorabilia from the class and he finds a picture of Dina and her friend Shirley. From behind him he hears a woman say, "Dead women don't show up at reunions. Alec says, "Hello Shirley". She says that she can't believe that he would show his face at this reunion. She rakes him over the coals for not being there for Dina and her baby. He says that she doesn't understand what he was going through. She says that she wonders how Eddie will feel and what kind of life that he has had. She realizes that he knows that Eddie will be at the reunion tonight and she says that she will tell him what kind of lying piece of trash is father really is. He tells her that he wants to handle this in his own way. She says, "As if I care." He says that he knows that she is up for a promotion at the Lakeview and he is an investor there. She says that he can fire her, she will get a job somewhere else. He says that he will find out and he will make some calls or he will buy that place too. He says that he will make her life miserable. He tells her that she has two choices, either she avoids his son altogether or if she does encounter him, she keeps her mouth shut. Eddie walks in and is surprised to see Alec there. Eddie asks Alec if he is working the room? Alec explains that he bought Paul Ryan's shares in the Lakeview. Alec introduces Shirley as one of his employees and she says hi to Eddie and she says that he looks pretty young to be from the class of '79. Eddie doesn't know who she is and he explains to her that his mother was in the class of '79, but she died. She says that she is sorry. He says that he is there in hopes of finding someone that can give him some information about his father. She says that his mother would be proud to know that he cared so much. Alec reminds Shirley that her shift is beginning. She says good-bye and as she is going, Eddie remembers that he didn't get her name. Georgia says that they need to go mingle. Eddie says that he sure hopes someone is there that can tell him something about his dad. Alec's eyes are shifting.

Out in the lobby, Cass and Lila Winthrop are trying to get a room at the Lakeview. The desk clerk apologizes and says that he can't find their reservation. Lila is ready to get out of Oakville. Cass corrects her and says that it is Oakdale. A person from the reunion comes up to Cass and mistakes him for someone he went to school with named Herman. Lila nudges Cass as to go along with it so they can get a room. (The only rooms that are available are the ones reserved for the people at the reunion.) He goes along with it and the guy, named Wally, drags him into the reunion and tells everyone that he found "Vermin" Herman out in the lobby. He makes Cass get up in front of the crowd and tell the story about the Homecoming. Cass has no idea what the story is but he makes up one and everyone in the room doesn't know what he is talking about. Lila starts to clap and says what a great story that was and they make a hasty retreat out of the room. Cass is pushing by people saying that has to go to the "toity". Wally goes to the microphone and says that he doesn't remember the story that way, but most of high school is a blur to him. Everyone laughs. Then Wally says that someone special is in attendance tonight. He says that one of their classmates, Dina Silva, died last year and her son is here in her place. Everyone claps for Eddie. Wally asks Eddie to come up and say a few words about Dina. Eddie doesn't want to go at first, but Georgia encourages him. He goes to the microphone and tells about the life that Dina had lead. He tries to explain that she was not a drug addict and she was selling drugs to keep them together. As he is talking about Dina, Cass Winthrop walks in and hears the name Dina Silva and he seems like he knows her. Eddie finishes talking and Wally tells him how sorry he is that he has lost his mother. He tells Eddie that his father didn't go to their school and he doesn't know anything about him. Lila comes in and puts her arms around Cass. She tells him that she got a room for them. The desk clerk had heard his story and they had some extra rooms booked for people who came in at the last minute. He tells her to go on up to the room and get ready, there is something that he needs to take care of. Cass goes over to Georgia and says that he is not an alum nor is he "Vermin", but he did know Dina Silva. Georgia goes and gets Eddie and tells him to listen to what Mr. Winthrop has to say. Eddie says, "You mean, you're not...." Cass says no, but he lived in Oakdale a long time ago and he did know Dina, very well.

At the police station, Gary is yelling at Denise that she is going to pay for what she has done. She sold her baby and she is guilty too. Kim hears what Gary is yelling and says to Lily and Holden that that can't be true. Lily looks at her with a worried look and says that it is true, Denise did sell her baby. Denise says to Ben that she had better get used to all the looks. She tells him that she can't believe that Kim has heard what she did. Ben tells her not to worry, Kim will understand when she hears the whole story. Lily and Holden try to explain to Kim about Denise selling her baby. Lily tells her about David Stenbeck being the one that bought the baby and switched Denise's baby with their baby. Kim says that if Denise is the birth mother, then who is the birth father? Lily says that they don't know, she never talks about him. Lily and Holden decide to go home and see if they have any leads about the baby. Kim tells them that she will stay there and keep Denise company and let them know if anything happens with Rady. Andy comes walking into the police station and Denise sees him. She tells Ben that if Kim tells him about her being Hope's mother, then he will do the math and figure out that he is the father. Hal comes in to talk with Andy and Denise goes to talk with Kim. She tries to explain about what she has done and Kim tells her not to worry, she is not passing judgment on her. Denise asks Kim not to say anything to anyone about this, because she doesn't want to cause any problems for Lily and Holden. Kim says that she understands and she won't say a word to anyone. Kim gives Denise a hug. Andy comes walking by and asks if that is his mother hanging out at the police station? He comes over to Kim and wants to know what she is doing there? She and Denise explain that they are there for Lily and Holden. They tell him that Gary is at it again and Lily and Holden are on a wild goose chase to find their baby. Kim remembers that she has an appointment and leaves. Andy asks Denise if she needs a lift somewhere and she says that she is there with Ben. She asks Andy if he has told anyone about them? He says that he has only told Molly, but she isn't going to say anything. She explains that she wants to keep it personal, between them. He says that he understands and then he says that he has to get back to his assignment. Andy leaves and Ben comes in and tells Denise that Hal and Jessica just went in with the judge. Denise tells him that she has covered everything with Andy. Ben tells her that she can't hide this from Andy forever. Denise says that she has made a mess of things and she wants to keep things right for Holden and Lily. Ben gets a page and he has to go to the hospital. Denise tells him to go and save some lives and she will be OK, she has Jessica there with her. After Ben leaves, Jessica and Hal come in and tell Denise that the DA is playing hardball. She will be arraigned in the morning, but she has to spend the night in jail.

Lily and Holden arrive at their home. Luc goes running into the living room and Holden takes Hope upstairs. The phone rings and Lily answers it. Emma is calling to see if they have had anymore leads. While Lily is talking with Emma, Luc grabs the letter that Georgia left for her and goes running out of the room. Lily hangs up with Emma and Holden walks in and they start to go through the mail. They see the note that Georgia left for them, but they don't see the envelope that she is talking about. Luc comes in with a bag over is shoulder. Lily says that he is playing mailman. She asks Holden if he will play with him for awhile and then put him to bed. She goes upstairs to check on Hope. Holden asks Luc if he has some special mail for him and Luc shakes his head yes. He takes an envelope out of the bag and gives it to Holden. Holden sees that it is addressed to Lily. Holden holds it up to his face and on the other side we can see that it says, "urgent information about your baby!"

Tuesday, July 6, 1999

Holden is holding the letter that Luc gave him and he turns it over and sees that it says "urgent information about your baby". Then he sees that it is from a psychiatric hospital. The doorbell rings and he goes to answer the door and Emma is standing there. She says that she couldn't sleep, so she thought that she would come over and bring them some goodies that she had baked. She sees that Holden is holding an envelope and she asks him about it. He says that it is something about the baby, but they have got so many crack pot calls and letters that he doesn't even have to open it, he knows what it is going to be. Emma tells him that he should open it, he never knows, this might be the one lead. He points out to her that it is from a psychiatric hospital. He says that he will probably open it after Lily goes to bed. He thinks that it will be for the better that she doesn't know. Lily walks in and says, "What is for the better?" Holden makes up something about Julia and Jack and brushes it off. Lily sees Emma and says that she is glad that she is there. Emma shows her the baked goods that she has brought. Emma tells Lily that when she woke up this morning, she had a good feeling come over her and she feels that their daughter is fine and will be with them soon. Holden makes a negative comment and Lily asks him why he is being so negative tonight? Lily shows the two dresses to Emma that she has bought for her daughters and they talk about how cute they will be when they wear them. Later, Emma decides to go back home, because she sleeps better in her own bed. Holden and Lily show her to the door and she leaves. Holden tells Lily that he is dead on his feet and Lily says that maybe they will sleep some tonight. Lily remembers that she has to find Luc's teddy bear before she goes to bed. She asks Holden to look in the office and she will look in the living room. As she is looking, she finds the letter from Rita. She opens it and reads it and it says something about seeing her for the missing piece. She says under her breath that it is a treasure hunt and throws the letter down. Then she sees a picture fall out of the envelope. It is a picture of a baby.

Liam tells Julia that he doesn't like it that she is going to marry Reid. She says that she is only playing alone long enough to find out some information about Melinda and maybe prove that she is Holden and Lily's baby. She is not going to say "I do". She and Liam go into the next room and a man is leaving. Julia says to Reid that she thought that he was working and he says he was. He was working on their wedding. She says that they haven't even set a date yet. Reid says that he was thinking the end of the month. Julia looks at Liam and he flashes her a look. She starts making up all kinds of excuses why they should not get married so soon. Liam suggest that they need some breathing room with what they had just gone through and Julia agrees. Reid looks at Liam as if he is bothering him. Reid says that he just remembered that he had something for Liam. He pulls out an envelope and says that the desk clerk gave it to him to give to Liam. Liam opens it and tells Julia that his sister is sick and she wants him to come home. Reid goes to the phone and starts to dial. He tells Liam that he will charter a flight for him and he can be in the air in an hour. Liam says that he will make his own arrangements. Reid hangs up the phone. Julia comes over to comfort Liam and asks him what she can do and Liam says, "Come back to California with me." Reid says that Julia can't go with him to California, she has a wedding to plan. Reid says to Julia that they can hold off setting the wedding date until they have more time to talk about it. Reid leaves and Liam tries to call his sister. Her phone is not working. Julia encourages him to go to his sister, she says that she can handle Reid on her own. She says, "Besides, he isn't on the ten most wanted list or anything." Later, Reid is talking with someone on the phone and says that Liam bought the story about his sister. Julia comes into the room and Reid gets off the phone. He asks about Liam and Julia says that he is off to California and he is very worried. Julia says to Reid that she should have gone with him. Reid tells Julia that he has a surprise for her that he thinks will cheer her up. He tells her that they will go and visit Melinda and spend a couple of days with her. Reid says, "Come on, Julia, what do you say?"

Cass is telling Eddie that he knew his mother and as he is telling Eddie how he knew her, Eddie gets the wrong idea and assumes that Cass is his father. Cass tells him that he is not his father but he wishes that he was. Eddie asks what that is supposed to mean and Cass says that he likes him. Cass explains to Eddie and Georgia that Dina's family came to him and wanted him to try to get her to give up the baby. Cass says that he gave her the whole speech about she had her whole life in front of her, but she wouldn't listen, she wanted to keep the baby. Georgia excuses herself to get something to drink. Eddie tells Cass that he is embarrassed that he jumped to the conclusion that he did. He explains that he has a bad habit of doing that. He tells Cass that he thinks about his father and just wants to get to know the guy. Eddie asks Cass if Dina ever talked about his father and Cass says that she never shut up about him. Eddie asks if he ever came with her and he says that he never saw him. Cass asks Eddie if she put the father's name on the birth certificate? Eddie says no such luck. Cass says that it looks like they have come to a dead end. Eddie gives Cass his business card and says that if he thinks of something else, would he give him a call. Cass has another idea. He tells Eddie that he kept all his files on his clients and he might find something in storage.

Georgia is at the drink table looking for some orange juice. She sees Lisa walk up to a lady and start talking to her about the reunion and how she had put the whole thing together. Georgia hears Lisa call her Shirley. When Lisa leaves, Georgia walks over to the lady and asks if she is Shirley Morehouse. Shirley turns around and says that she is and Georgia jumps for joy and tells her that she and Eddie have been looking for her all night. Shirley sees Alec walk up behind Georgia. She makes a fast escape, saying that she ate something that didn't agree with her. Georgia turns around and sees Alec standing there. She questions Alec about Shirley being with him at the beginning of the party and he knew that Eddie was looking for her. He says that he didn't know who she was. She says that she wants to know what he is hiding from Eddie. He says that she should stay out of it and keep her mouth shut.

Carly and Jack have spent the evening together talking about their relationship. Carly has told Jack that she and Brad are getting a divorce. She and Jack are kissing and they hear Brad in the hallway yelling that he is home. Brad has been out with Rosanna. Carly tells Jack that he has to hide, Brad can't find him there. When Brad gets to the living room, all he finds is lit candles and two wine glasses. He picks up one and says that it has Carly's shade of lipstick on it. He examines the other and says that there is no lipstick so that rules out Molly. He concludes that Jack has been there. Then he finds the note that Jack has sent to Carly with the wine. He takes the wine glass and throws it. In the other room, Carly and Jack hear the wine glass shatter. Jack realizes that Carly has not asked Brad for the divorce. He says to her that the divorce is not going to happen, is it? Carly says that it is not going to happen. Jack asks if she has tried to pay off Brad and she says that it isn't that easy. Jack asks her what is going on and she says that she can't tell him, maybe someday she will be able too, but not now. He gets upset with her and says that is what happened to him and Julia, too many secrets. Carly says that this is nothing like him and Julia. Jack starts to leave and Carly is holding on to him and begging him not to go. He tells her to let go of him and he jerks his arm away and leaves. Carly goes back into the room where Brad is. He tells her that if she is going to cheat on him that she should clean up after herself and he shows her the note that he found from Jack. Carly tells him that he wins, Jack is fed up with her and he ran off when he heard that there would be no divorce. Carly tells Brad that he is selfish for not giving her the divorce. He tells her that he doesn't want to lose her. She says that he doesn't want to lose her money. He says to her that she doesn't get it, he loves her. Carly tells him to take it back. Brad says that Jack will never know her the way that he knows her. She says, "Oh yeah, how is that." He tells her that she is beautiful, and she is terrible and she is desirable and cruel and tender and gentle and sexy and he wants every part of her. They start to kiss, passionately. The phone starts to ring and Jack is on the other end calling Carly. Carly and Brad ignore the phone and Brad picks her up and carries her upstairs.

Wednesday, July 7, 1999

Cass Winthrop reveals to Eddie that Deena was one of his first cases, and promises to have his old files sent over from Bay City for Eddie to look through. After being unable to contact Carly, Jack runs into Julia and Reid. Jack congratulates Julia and tells her he's moved on. Carly tells Brad "yes" and they make love.

Alec invites Margo to breakfast to discuss her opinion on something. Molly expresses fear to Andy that they may drift apart. Jack learns Julia and Reid are going out of town but Julia emphasizes to Jack that she will return. Eddie wins a door prize at the reunion--a free hotel room for the night. Eddie and Georgia stumble through conversation before both admit they don't feel ready for sex. They settle for watching movies and eating snacks from the mini-bar.

Andy tells Molly he heard her crying in her sleep and insists on taking her for a picnic. Molly thanks Andy for making the effort to cheer her up. Reid tells Molly Julia has accepted his proposal and they're going on a trip together.

In the morning, Jack walks into Carly's bedroom and finds her holding the single rose Brad left for her. When Jack apologizes for having walked away from her the night before, she tells Jack she's failed him. Brad meets with Barbara and agrees to design a new house for her and Hal, then orders a new wedding band for Carly inscribed with the date they made love.

An upset Molly tells Reid he can't leave. Georgia, worried about Alec's pronouncement that Eddie will be hurt by the revelation, decides to get Deena's file from Cass herself. When Alec probes Margo at breakfast, she's forced to admit that Eddie could get upset if he learns something bad about his father.

Brad tells Julia his marriage to Carly is back on track, but divines that Julia is miserable, despite her protestations to the contrary. Molly blames Reid for Andy having doubts, then blames herself for being like she was when she was with David. I'm not David, Reid reminds her. Margo has to tell Alec that Eddie is not going to be dissuaded from giving up the search for his father.

Georgia can't believe it when she sees on the papers that Alec Wallace is Eddie's father. Andy walks away when he sees Molly and Reid together. Brad tells a still-skeptical Julia that Jack and Carly are history. Jack tells a rueful Carly he doesn't care about the past and kisses her.

Thursday, July 8, 1999

At the Lakeview:
Georgia took a paper out of Cass's file that proves Alec is Eddie's dad. No one knows about this and when Eddie and Cass meet, Eddie is all excited to see what the papers will reveal. Margo tags along with Eddie to help them out with Eddie's search. Eddie looks through all the papers but can not find any useful information. After finding a document, where an attorney contacted Deena and told her to back off the father, Eddie says it really doesn't matter that he didn't find his name because he is getting more angry and more bitter towards his father by the minute. Meanwhile, Georgia is confronting Alec with the information she has. Alec pleas with Georgia not to tell Eddie about his parentage until he can figure out what to do. Georgia really lets him know her feelings about him keeping Eddie in the dark and lying to him all this time. Alec tells Georgia that Eddie is very angry right now.

Lila is approached by Barbara who comments on how well her dress hugs her figure. Lila, thinking Bab's is some pervert wanting a date told her that her husband liked it as well. Bab's explains that she is Barbara Ryan of "B R O" and the two chat for a while and Bab's offers Lila the chance to try some of her new Lingerie before it is revealed to the public. Lila thinks that would be a great idea for her honey moon so she takes Bab's up on it. Barbara asks Bob to walk her down the aisle and asks Kim to be her matron of honor.

At Carly's:
Jack kisses Carly but she does not respond. Jack asks her about the divorce because he cannot have an affair with his brothers wife. He wants to be with her but only if there is a divorce. Carly is wanting to be with Jack so she feels she must tell Brad about the divorce even though she and Brad just made love the night before, (Which she conveniently forgets to mention to Jack). Meanwhile, Brad is telling Molly how everything is great with him and Carly and that they will show everyone how great with a huge party celebrating their nuptials. He is sure, that the divorce is no longer an issue.
Brad comes home, Carly wants to talk, but Brad starts kissing her and doesn't want to talk. Meanwhile, Jack tries to pump info from Molly.

Police Matters:
Jessica tells Denise she has gotten her a reduced sentence of half a year community service.

The letter and picture Lily received in the mail had only her and Rita's prints on it. Lily correctly deducted that the baby Melinda, the baby Rita had could have been her baby. While in the psych ward, Rita holds the remaining half of the picture she sent Lily, the one with Reid on it.

Friday, July 9, 1999

When Reid orders David's favorite drink, a startled Molly calls out David's name and Reid unconsciously responds. Rita feigns taking her medication, while Holden, Lily and Margo use her detective status to gain entrance to the hospital. Eddie insists to Georgia and Alec that after reading Deena's file about what kind of a man his father was, he doesn't want to continue the search.

Barbara can't conceal her shock when John admits he's still in love with her, despite how long they've been apart. Andy is put off by Molly's mercurial moods, and when he confronts her about what's going on with Dr. Hamilton, Molly confesses that Reid reminds her of David. A bitter Andy is convinced Molly's words of love come from her mind, not her heart.

Rita steals a hypodermic from the nurse and exchanges clothes wit her, just as Reid arrives. Holden, Lily and Margo determine to check each patient after the staff doctor is unable to find Rita's records under her own name. Reid tries to placate Rita and they struggle for the hypodermic that Rita brandishes. Eddie dreams of his mother yelling at someone to leave while he slept on the couch.

Barbara exhorts John to find someone worthy of spending the rest of his life with. He already did, he says softly--her. Georgia is frightened when she finds Eddie punching his hand through the wall and yelling at her to leave, finally realizing he's sleepwalking. Alec recalls getting to see his son while he was asleep on the couch.

When John questions Andy as to why he's in a bar, Andy jumps up and promptly runs into a tray of drinks a waiter is carrying. In patient "Stevens" room, Lily finds a remnant of the photo of Reid and Melinda that Rita tore up and wonders if "Ms. Stevens" isn't really Rita Renfield. Reid pulls a sheet over Rita and as he pushes her stretcher into a closet, Molly intercepts him and calls him a murderer.


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