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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 28, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, June 28, 1999

Andy tells Molly that he doesn't think that they should get married. She says that they love each other and she thinks that they should get married. He questions whether they do love each other. He tells her that she has been acting strange lately and every time he asks her about it, she brushes him off. He tells her that they won't get married until she starts giving him some answers. Molly says that she has been stressed out from work, but he doesn't take that for an answer. She says that he is right, she was lying. He says that he has seen her and Reid together and has seen them arguing. She says that they were arguing over the interview that she is trying to do with him. Andy won't take that as true. She finally gives in and says that Reid thinks that he knows her better than she knows herself. She tells Andy that she went to him once for a therapy session and ever since he has been coming on to her. She tells him that he thinks that she is still in love with David Stenbeck. Andy says that it is time to teach Reid Hamilton some ethics. Molly tries to stop him but he leaves anyway. She tries to call Reid at home and then she tries his cell phone. He is at the Lakeview with Julia. He tells Molly that it is not the time. He acts like it is a patient to Julia. He tells Molly that they had talked about this in her last session, they need to respect their boundaries and he hangs up on her. Molly asks herself how she gets herself into these situations.

At the Lakeview, Reid is proposing to Julia. She accepts his proposal. Carly is watching. She sees Jack walk in and says, "Oh my God, Jack." Reid is happy that Julia has accepted his proposal, but questions her changing her mind? She says that she just needed a moment to catch her breath, but this is what she wants. Reid says that they need to celebrate and he gets Lisa and says that they need a bottle of their best champagne. He tells her that they are celebrating their engagement. Lisa is taken by surprise. Out in the lobby, Carly goes over to Jack and tries to get him to leave. He says that he is there to look for Holden. She says that Holden isn't in there and they should leave. Jack says that he doesn't know what Carly's problem is but he has to find Holden. Lisa comes up and says that he must have had a shock when he heard the news. Jack has no idea what she is talking about and she says that Julia has accepted Reid Hamilton's proposal. Jack looks at Carly and she says that she is sorry. He goes over to the door and sees Reid putting a ring on Julia's finger. Reid says, "Julia Lindsey, will you marry me?" and Julia says, "Yes, I will." Jack is devastated and turns to leave. Carly catches him and she won't let him go by himself. She takes him to the wine cellar where they can talk. She tells him that she feels somewhat responsible. If she hadn't been plotting to keep him and Julia apart, maybe Julia wouldn't have turned to Reid. Jack tells her that he only has himself to blame. Jack tells Carly that at times he was not there for Julia and then other times he held on too much. He says that it is his fault that they are where they are now. He says that Julia has moved on and maybe he should too. After awhile, Jack has cooled off and they start to leave. The door is stuck and they can't get out. Jack says that they are stuck there until someone wants some wine. They may be there all night.

Julia and Reid are holding hands and talking and Reid says that they should get married tonight. Julia says that she wants some time to plan and tell everyone. Reid says that he only wants to give her stability and she says that he has given her that. He starts to talk about moving away from Oakdale. She says that she doesn't want to leave Oakdale. He tells her that whatever she wants, she will have. She says that she wants Melinda to be a part of their life. Reid changes the subject and says that he will check on their desserts. While he is gone, she has a flashback of telling Liam that they can get DNA from a strand of hair. Reid returns and says that the desserts are on the way. She starts to talk about Melinda again. He gets short with her and asks her why she is obsessing about Melinda. Andy comes up and interrupts them. He wants to talk to Reid and Reid tells him that they are in the middle of a celebration. Andy won't leave until he can talk to Reid. Reid excuses himself and he and Andy go out into the lobby. While they are gone, Liam comes up to Julia and she shows him that she has a ring and Reid has proposed to her. Liam can't believe that she has gone this far. She explains to him that she had to do this so she could get close to Reid and Melinda. She is going to find out about Melinda and Holden and Lily need her to do this.

Out in the lobby, Reid tells Andy that he saw Molly's on air proposal. Andy tells him to save it, he has his MO. Andy says that Reid gets into the heads of women and confuses them. He tells Reid to stay away from Molly. Reid says that he has had enough of this and he is going back to his fiancée'. Andy questions, "Will she still be your fiancée' when she finds out that you are stalking my girlfriend?" Reid tells Andy that he was not pursuing Molly, she was pursuing him. Reid says that Molly has unresolved issues concerning David Stenbeck, she is in denial. Andy tells Reid that he has twisted Julia Lindsey around and now he wants to do that to Molly, it's not going to happen. Andy goes on to say that Reid thinks that she is still in love with David and she hates him. She wishes that she had never met the psycho. Molly walks in and sees Andy and Reid together. She sees Reid go after Andy and she steps in between them. Molly tells Reid to stop it and she asks Andy if he is OK? They leave and Reid says that she will come crawling back, just like she always does. Reid walks out of the lobby. As he leaves, Rosanna comes in and goes over to the desk. She says that she does not have reservations, but the Lakeview has always taken care of her in the past. The desk clerk says that they don't have one room available and maybe she could stay with her relatives. Rosanna says that she doesn't know her relatives and that wouldn't work. Brad comes around the corner and says that he knows her relatives. He understands her dilemma and takes keys out of his pocket. He tells Rosanna that he had reserved the honeymoon suite for him and Carly for a special night, but her sister got a better offer. He holds the keys to the honeymoon suite in front of her and asks if she would like to pinch hit for her sister?

Gary is in the back of Lily's car. They both jump out at the same time. Gary asks her if she has told her husband about their deal and Lily says that she wouldn't do that, she wants her little girl. Gary tells Lily that her little girl has been in Oakdale the whole time and he picked her up tonight. He will give her to Lily if she follows everything that he tells her. Gary tells Lily that he wants to see the money. Lily gets a brief case out of the car and opens it. Gary reaches for the money, but Lily shuts the lid and says that he can touch the money when she can touch her daughter. Gary says, "Great, let's go." Lily and Gary are in her car and she is driving. Her cell phone rings and Gary grabs it before she can. He says that he hates these things. Holden is waiting for Lily at the drop site and he is trying to get in touch with her to see what is taking her so long. Lily tells Gary that it might be her babysitter calling her. He asks if that is what she is calling 'nisey these days. She asks him if they are almost there and he tells her to slow down.....turn here. She says that she thought they were going to the rest stop. He tells her that there have been a change of plans, just in case she decided to tell the cops or her cowboy husband. They pull up in front of an abandoned building. Lily asks Gary if he has left her daughter alone in an abandoned building? He says that not everyone can afford to stay at the Ritz. He tells her to come on and get her prize that is waiting inside. Lily sits in the car, not sure whether to believe him.

Tuesday, June 29, 1999

At the Oasis, Georgia is telling everyone that it is time to go home. She says that they don't have to go home, but they can't stay there. Everyone laughs. Hal and Eddie are sitting at a table and Hal tells Eddie that Georgia is a sharp girl. Eddie tells him that they have been getting serious lately. Eddie looks across the room at Georgia and they smile at each other. After everyone leaves, Eddie walks up to Georgia and tells her that she has star quality. She tells him that he better stop, he is putting pressure on her. She tells him how she felt when she was in "Annie." She tells him how nice it is to hear other people say that she is good at what she does. She says that is why she left her home town so she could prove herself. Eddie walks up to her and kisses her and they start to kiss passionately. Eddie moves her over to the stage and she lays down on the stage and he lays on top of her and they are kissing and he looks at her and says that he wants her so much. Georgia freaks and pushes him off of her and Eddie apologizes and says that he is such a stupid idiot. Eddie says that he didn't mean to pressure her and Georgia tells him to shut up for two seconds. She tells him that he didn't pressure her or make her feel uncomfortable. He says that she is the best thing that ever happened to him and he wants her to tell him when he is doing something stupid. She tells him that she didn't want him to stop, she didn't know how to handle the situation. She says that she wants him too. She says that she has had talks with her self that she should wait for marriage, but she has got Eddie and she has waited her whole life for him. He says that when they do get together, he wants it to be very special for her. She looks at him and says, "So, we are making a date to make love?" Eddie says that is what it looks like. They fall back on the stage and look at each other and both say, "When?" and then they start to laugh.

Holden goes to see Ben and Denise and explains to them about Gary and the money and Lily was supposed to meet him at a drop site. He tells them that Lily never showed up and he can't get her to answer her cell phone. He asks Denise if she can help him find someplace where Gary may have taken Lily? She says that she will go make some calls. Ben and Holden wait for her and she comes back after awhile and says that she has an address of where Gary used to hang out before he got the Oasis. Holden thanks her and asks her to watch Hope a little longer and she says that is no problem, she just hopes that he can find her mama. Holden says good-bye to Hope and leaves. On the way, Holden calls Hal and Hal meets him at the address that Denise gave him. But Lily is nowhere to be found. Holden calls Denise back and says that they didn't find anyone and would she have some more ideas where he may be. She says that there was one other place that Gary used to hang out with his friends. She gives him directions how to get to the place and he hangs up. He tells Hal about the place and Hal orders his men to go there. Hal tries to get Holden to get in a squad car, but he won't, he wants to drive himself. Hal gets in the car with Holden.

At the Lakeview, in the wine cellar, Jack and Carly are trying to figure a way out. She says that she has to get back to the dining room because.....Jack looks at her and says that she is going to miss her big night with Brad. She tells him that she and Brad are going to be divorcing and they were going to iron out all the details. He is trying to open the door and his hand slips and he jams his hand into the door. Carly takes his hand and strokes it and they look into each other's eyes. They break the look and start looking around at the room. Carly reaches for a bottle and it almost falls. Jack catches it and tells her that it is a $600 bottle of wine. She tells him to open it and he says that they will know that it is missing. She says that she will pay for it, she has the money. Jack uses this antique bottle opener and he tells her that the gentleman always taste first. He hands her the bottle and she makes a toast and she takes a drink. Jack finds a radio and turns on some music. He tells her that she has changed. She thinks about other peoples' feelings. She says that the way he sounds, anything would have been an improvement. She starts talking about when they were held captive in the cabin, he saved her life. He says that he needed her tonight, she has saved his life. Later, they are lying on the floor sleeping and Carly rolls over toward Jack, then she realizes it and starts to pull away. He stops her and then they kiss.

Lily and Gary are at the abandoned building and Lily is reluctant to go in, she does not trust Gary. Gary tells her that her little girl is in there. He says that he left her in the building. Lily can't believe that he would leave a baby alone in an abandoned building. She finally agrees to go in. They get inside the door and he tells her that her baby is in the next room, but before she can go in, she has to give him the money. She argues with him about giving him the money, then she hears a baby cry. She shoves the money at him and runs into the room. When she gets to the baby, it is a doll with a recording of a baby crying. Gary starts laughing at her says, "That baby don't need no diapers." He continues to laugh at her and says that she should see her face. Lily is devastated. She asks him why he would do something so mean, why didn't he just steal the money. He says that he earned this money because of her friend, Denise. She tries to get past him and he won't let her. He shoves her back into the room and closes the door. She is beating on the door, begging him not to lock her up. She asks him for information about her baby. He tells her to go ask her friend, David Stenbeck. When he walks away, there is a sign on the door that says, "Building to be demolished on 5/30/99. Lily starts to look around the room for a way out. She pulls on a board that comes loose and she loses her footing and falls back against a brace and the ceiling falls down on top of her head.

Early in the morning, the construction crew is outside the building getting ready to blow the building up. Holden and Hal come rushing to them and Holden runs past them and goes inside the building. The head construction guy yells at him that they are about to blow this building up. Hal tells them that he is with the Oakdale Police. Inside, Holden finds Lily's purse and then starts to break down the door to the room where Lily is out cold. Holden finally gets into the room and starts to revive Lily.

Wednesday, June 30, 1999

Eddie explains to Georgia that he wants their first time together to be "magical." Alec plots to silence Shirley Morehouse, Deena's best friend, because she knows he's the one who got Deena pregnant. In Chicago, Jack McKinnon tells his infuriated (and pregnant) wife Vicky that he's hired a nurse from Oakdale to tend to her while he's away at the newspaper conference. Tom stops Emily's doctor from drugging her and gets into an argument with him.

Rosanna makes a date with Brad to tour Carly's house and see her nephew. In the wine cellar, Jack pulls away from Carly--but only to unzip her dress. I want you, he declares. On assignment at the police station, Georgia gushes to Margo about Eddie, then worries about taking "the next step" with him. Tom assures Emily he's going to track down Nurse Fletcher.

Barbara leaves yet another message with Jennifer's roommate, muttering about the troubles with fifteen-year-olds. Hal and Babs then meet with Alphonse, the wedding planner she hired--she wants everything to be perfect, she insists. Dolores divulges Frank's tax troubles to Brad and confesses that Carly was the one who got her out of legal trouble.

Brad is convinced his brother will break Carly's heart. Hal, Babs, and Alphonse walk in on Jack and Carly in the wine cellar. Jack dresses hurriedly and leaves, though he parrots Carly's insistence that what they had was real. Hal and Babs get into a shouting match about his ex-wife when she thinks he's defending Carly. Carly refuses to be baited by Babs, insisting "love rules all."

Eddie and Georgia come to the same conclusion when talking with Alec and Margo, respectively--they're not ready to make love. Both remember how their mothers got pregnant at an early age and it affected their lives. Tom barges into Vicky and Jake's hotel room and explains Nurse Fletcher's misdeeds, despite the nurse's claims he's crazy.

Rosanna informs Carly she spent the night in the honeymoon suite with Brad. Jake recognizes Tom as the 1998 winner of the Endicott award. Brad insinuates to Carly he put the suite to good use with her sister and reminds her of the lie of her son's parentage, referring to him as Parker Dixon.

Thursday, July 1, 1999

At the mental ward:
Emily and Susan are informed by the Doctor that Emily is up for re-evaluation. What they don't know but soon find out, is that Reid is doing the evaluation. Emily goes wacky and pretends to be praying to her god Daniel. Reid spots Emily's pills in the window sill and tells the doctor. Then they call the police and tell them that Emily is faking insanity and that she is competent for sentencing. They open the door and a few guards are out there waiting to take Emily back into court. Susan makes a frantic call to Tom.

In Chicago:
Tom continues to fill in Jake and Vicky on the situation with Nurse Fletcher, David, and Emily. Jake goes for Tom's side at once but Vicky acts like she is taking up for Nurse Fletcher and gets her to slip up and the trio catches Nursey in a lie. Because of this they get Nursey to talk and she offers to take Tom to the place where Emily was held hostage all those weeks. Vicky stays at the hotel while Jake and Tom go with Nurse Fletcher.
Once they were sure about the place Tom called the police to come check it out and who came....Margo. She remained skeptical about everything and they were once again interrupted by a call from Susan telling Tom to come help Emily.

At the Police Dept.
Gary is brought in to the OPD and is as cocky as ever. He denies stealing any money and locking Lily up. Lily and Holden start to press charges, until Lily overhears Gary make a phone call to Denise. Lily fears that Denise will get into trouble if it all comes out so she refuses to press charges. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Denise (while applying for a job in the nursery) overhears Andy telling Nancy about Gary and that Lily wasn't pressing charges, Denise decides to go to the police with what she knows about her baby. When she gets there she tells Lily that she knows why she is doing this but that Gary belongs in jail and she is willing to spill her info. Margo gets the results from the fingerprints and finds that Emily had been in that room before.

At Carly's:
Carly receives an expensive bottle of wine along with a note from Jack, thanking her for being there for him. Brad warns Carly that he intends to reveal her secret and cost her her trust fund. She tries to call his bluff but Molly won't allow it. Molly also warns Carly she could lose Parker if the truth comes out. When Roseanne comes in from feeding Parker, Brad invites her to stay in the room next to his.

Friday, July 2, 1999

Eddie exults to Georgia about finding a high school yearbook with photos of Deena and her best friend. Denise ignores Ben's pleas to keep quiet and confesses to Hal that she let Gary sell Hope. Hal has no choice but to arrest her. Nurse Fletcher gives Tom, Margo and Jake a physical description of the man who hired her.

Georgia worries about Eddie getting hurt and determines to talk to Shirley Morehouse first. Vicky coos when room service arrives and she realizes Jake knew what she was craving. Nurse Fletcher cannot identify the photo of David as her boss, though she sees a resemblance. However, she does recognize the photo of the actor that Emily shot. Reid breathes a sign of relief.

Julia begs Reid to bring Melinda back. Denise vows to Lily to see Gary put back in jail, even if it means she has to serve some time herself. Margo bitterly congratulates Tom for his client having been wrongfully convicted. Susan catches up to Tom and informs him that Emily's sentencing date has been moved up.

Alec and Georgia learn separately that Shirley works at the Lakeview as a waitress. Emily rejoices in the courtroom when Tom brings her up to speed about Nurse Fletcher's corroboration, believing she will be freed. Jake stops Holden and Lily from calling a private investigator who specializes in missing children. When he introduces himself as the editor of the Bay City Herald, Lily recognizes him and tells him she has a business proposal. Reid assures Julia that Melinda is with his Aunt Martha.

Margo goes to court and backs up Tom before the fed-up judge, but tells a grateful Emily that she's not necessarily innocent. Shirley takes off work early to get ready for the reunion, thereby missing out on waiting on Georgia and Alec's table.

Lily recalls how Lucinda met Jake at a convention and tried to lure him to the City Times, and offers him the job in Lucinda's stead. Jake is tempted, but wonders about Vicky's reaction to leaving Bay City.

Julia finds Reid's address book in his briefcase and is disappointed when Martha backs up Reid's story. Jake introduces his wife to a bemused Holden and Lily. Denise worries that if Kim finds out she's Hope's mother, she'll deduce that Andy must be the father.

The judge refuses to grant a continuance and sentences Emily to the maximum of sixty years, believing she's faking her innocence just as she faked insanity. Martha calls Reid and alerts him to Julia's call, telling him she covered for him. Rita's letter is delivered among Lily's mail.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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