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Jessica and Will comforted each other. Rae Cummings arrived in Llanview. Bo arrested Lindsay, and Sam agreed to represent her. Blair made certain that the DNA results revealed that Max was Asa's son. Téa wept at Megan's grave.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 28, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, June 28, 1999

Will and Jessica

A tearful Will sat alone in the Buchanan Lodge reflecting on the recent tragic events. He looked up and saw Jessica, who offered him comfort by walking into his arms.

Will described Megan to Jessica and then explained a gift she found that read "To Megan's mommy, from Megan's daddy." He was going to give it to her the day Megan was born - a package of perennial seeds that they would plant together and take Megan to every year to follow it's growth. Later they planted the seeds in a planter and together said goodbye to Megan.

Here We Go Again

Blair listened from a distance as Asa threatened Max with what he would do if he caught Max lying about being his and Renee's son. Later Max told Blair, "If the aneurysm doesn't kill me, Asa will." Blair, however, was quick to assure Max that she could handle Asa, who remained deeply skeptical. Asa was flabbergasted when Renee encouraged Max to move in with them, and to bring Al, Frank and Leslie to live with them too. It was then that Asa received an investigator's report that he waved in Max's face and taunted him that it would prove his is a fraud. Renee was jubilant that the report supported Esther's claim that Max was their son, but Asa kept his heels dug in and insisted on (not again!) a DNA test. Max tried to refuse, but Blair jumped in and told him to take the test. Asa remained suspicious

A Birthday to Remember

Lindsay walked in to The Palace for a romantic birthday rendezvous with Bo. She was lead in by a waiter, who explained that the elaborate surroundings were all planned by Bo for her and that he would join her shortly.

Meanwhile, Bo was still at the Llanview PD questioning the gallery's security guard about Lindsay's state of mind on the night of the accident. Téa and Sykes became interested in the statement being made by the security guard and Téa confessed to Sykes that there is something personal in her feelings about the case.

A short while later, Téa excitedly announced they have her (Lindsay). The evidence they presented to Bo was not only the fact that Lindsay's phone was the one proven to have made the 911 call, but also that the surveillance camera at the gallery clocked her arrival home after the accident occurred. Bo remained steadfast in his defense of Lindsay, reminding Téa that Lindsay volunteered her phone. Hank agreed with Bo and told Téa that the case was still weak. A few minutes later, though, he told Bo that the facts are compelling. He challenged Bo to consider that there might be a Lindsay he doesn't know, asking him if he is thinking as a cop or as a man in love. Just as Bo prepared to leave for his date with Lindsay, he is presented with more devastating news. A forensics report of Lindsay's phone... which not only says that Lindsay's fingerprints alone were on it, but also some blood matching Jessica's type and clothing fibers from her dress. Bo still couldn't accept it and when Téa pushed, Hank threw her out of the room.

Shortly after, Bo arrived at the Palace and Lindsay sprang into his arms telling him he was the most romantic loving man she ever knew. Bo then looked deeply into her eyes and told her the security guard contradicted her statement that she was sleeping at the time of the accident, and advising her to get a lawyer and placed her under arrest for the hit and run of Jessica and vehicular manslaughter of Megan. She listened in shock and tears as he read her her rights.

Cristian and Rosanne

Cristian walked into his apartment and found Roseanne there waiting for him. He told her he had been everywhere looking for Jessica. Roseanne tried to convince Cristian that Jessica and Will need some time along together in their grief - and they need each other to get through the pain. When Cristian told Roseanne that he was not giving up hope, she responded that you should never give up hoping... as she placed Jessica's engagement ring on her finger.

Gretel "Rae" Cummings Arrives in Llanview

A new lady by the name of Rae Cummings made her approach into Llanview in a hot red rental, chatting away on the phone about why she was going there. Seems she's after a thief for whom she has a few surprises in store. "Llanview, PA, here I come", she announced as she sped her way merrily into town. So fast, in fact, that she was soon pulled over and questioned. As she begged the copy to let her go on, Sykes appeared and took over. She flirted with him and he responded by telling her to get out of the car, and then laughed at him when he told her to walk a straight line. He then told her about the hit and run and told her to get back in the car. As he tried to radio his findings into the Llanview PD, she got in and took off.

Later she was found and brought into the police station where she appealed to Téa to get Sykes to lighten up.

Tuesday, June 29, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

When we first saw Max, Asa and Renee, they were having dinner at the Country Club. Blair was there also, antagonizing Asa and telling Max that he should submit to the DNA test. She collected a lock of hair from Asa and put in into an envelope. Then she took some of Max's hair, but instead of putting it in the envelope, she slipped it into Max's pocket. She would later tell Max that the hair in the envelope belongs to the real Buchannan heir. Nora and Sam arrived for dinner while all this was happening. Renee told them about Max being their son.

At the police station, John Sykes arrested Rae Cummings for her reckless driving. Téa got angry with him for not doing it sooner. Rae called her lawyer, but he was unavailable to come to Llanview to help her. He called Sam, who then went to the jail to meet Rae. He insisted that his client be released, but Téa and John would not do that until they had a record of her prior arrests, of which Rae said she had none. She and Sam spent a few minutes getting to know one another. Sam explained to Rae that Jessica's accident was the reason her traffic violation was such a big deal. Kevin came over to interview her and also got to know her. She said that she had lived in Llanview a while ago.

After Rae was put in a holding cell, Bo arrested Lindsay for the hit and run of Jessica and brought her to the station. They first had to pass Asa and everyone at the Country Club. Asa threatened to hurt Lindsay, and Bo stopped him. Bo told her that he believed she was innocent, but the evidence pointed toward her. He told her to tell him where she was at the time of the accident, but she kept quiet. Once at the station, they met a flock of reporters, along with Kevin, Sam and Nora. They all stared at one another in disbelief.

Meanwhile, R.J. and Sophia were having an intense conversation at Dorian's. R.J. told her that she knew that if she turned in Dorian for the hit and run, her high living would be over. Sophia admitted to that, but said she had Dorian's confession on tape... in a safe deposit box.

Jessica and Will spent the evening in a park, talking about Megan and what she may have looked like. Then they decided to leave for somewhere that no one would know what had happened to them.

Wednesday, June 30, 1999

Grace admitted to Kevin that she was once involved with a married man. At the police station, Nora took over Rae's case for Sam. Rae learned that she had to stay in Llanview and clear up her driving record. Kelly walked in on Sophia's confrontation with Joey and warned Sophia to stay away from him. Bo kicked Asa out of the police station after he railed at Lindsay. Max offered Asa comfort after he learned about Bo's rebuff. Sam informed Nora that he needed to help Lindsay, but a concerned Nora warned him not to take the case. Meanwhile, Lindsay made a frantic phone call to Dorian and insisted to Bo that she was at home on the night of the accident. Bo learned that the 911 call was made near the Crossroads and was forced to order Sykes to book Lindsay.

Thursday, July 1, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nancy Fox

The Diner

Roseanne is serving Rae Cummings breakfast. Rae inquires whether Roseanne and Cristian had a lover's quarrel. Roseanne tells her that would be hard since they're not lovers. The scene shifts to the counter where Cristian and Carlotta discuss the topic of the day - Lindsay's arrest. Cristian goes off about the Rappaports and how they have ruined everything since they came to Llanview. Carlotta says now he sounds like Asa; she understands that Cristian is hurting and she would like to be able to fix it like when he was a little boy, but she can't. Cristian must trust that there is a greater plan - if he and Jessica are meant to be together it will happen. Later, citing her "insatiable curiosity", Rae pumps Roseanne for more of her background. Rae encourages Roseanne to "go after" Cristian. Rae explains that she is a relationship expert and that she is "almost" never wrong when it comes to other people.

Bus Station?

Sitting beside Will on a bench, Jessica awakens saying she had a dream about the 3 of them - she and Will and Megan - all weaving daisies by her gazebo. They agreed that home was the last place either of them wanted to be. No one "get's it" because they haven't experienced the same thing. Jessica added that there was no one to go home to because each member of her family has their own life. Will asked, "What about Cristian?"

Sam's House

Sam, dressed in suit and tie, brings in Will's note from under the front door along with the morning paper. Nora, in her robe, enters the living room as Sam is reading the note. Sam tells her that Will needed some time alone so he has left town for a while. Sam thinks it is for the best considering Lindsay's dilemma, but Nora says that it won't be good for Will to hear about his mother from a news report. "Is that why you don't want me to take this case? You think she did it?" Sam heatedly asks Nora. Reluctantly, she answers, "I think she might have done it." Sam's attention is directed to the TV set when Bo begins to make his statement.

Llanview PD

Surrounded by reporters (including Grace and Kevin), and flanked by Hank, Téa, and Sykes, Bo advises that a "suspect" was arrested last night in the Jessica Buchanan hit and run case: Lindsay Rappaport. Kevin asks if the case is now closed; Bo answers that the investigation will go on. As other questions from reporters go unanswered, Grace asks Bo if his personal relationship with Ms. Rappaport will be a factor in this case. After a short pause, Bo says that a formal statement will be issued later and turns the conference over to Téa who announces that she will be seeking the maximum charge of vehicular homicide against Lindsay.


Watching Téa on the TV at Dorian's, R.J. says to the screen, "Too bad you're wrong this time too."

Sam's House

Sam turns off the TV in disgust and asks Nora if she can believe this garbage. Nora wants Sam to think carefully about this; put some professional distance between he and Lindsay. He challenges Nora to talk about professional distance - how about when Rachel was accused of murdering Georgie Phillips and Nora wanted to defend her daughter? Nora says that was different; Rachel was guilty and the case was a plea bargain. Sam asks her to please understand: Lindsay needs the best, I'm the best and the stakes here are very high - Lindsay's life is at stake. As Nora corrects Sam that the stakes here are his family, Matthew begins to cry. As Nora heads for Matthew's room, she turns to Sam. "Call it what you want, call it premonition, call it intuition, call it hysteria; I have a bad feeling about this. There is too much you don't know. There is too much Lindsay isn't telling you." The doorbell rings and Sam lets Ben in. Ben asks Sam if he can do anything for him. Sam replies that he can stay close by. Glancing at Nora as she reenters the living room, Sam says he has to leave for the bail hearing. After Sam leaves, Nora and Ben talk about Lindsay's arrest. Ben reassures Nora that she shouldn't feel threatened because Sam is helping Lindsay. That isn't it, says Nora. She's worried because Sam is in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. How would he feel if he gets her off and she's lying? Or worse yet, how would he feel if he can't get her off?

Llanview PD

As the reporters are leaving, Kevin tells Grace that she will fit in nicely at The Sun. "Everybody's thinking it" replies Grace. "I just had the guts to ask the question. Business is business." Kevin's remarks give Grace pause, however, and she asks Bo to "understand" she was just doing her job. Bo replies that "lately I understand less and less about a whole lot of things." Bo retreats to his office and picks up the present he had purchased for Lindsay's birthday. Hank comes in to ask if Bo has any leads or is he just "grasping at straws"?

Lindsay's Holding Cell

Sam comes in with a change of clothes for Lindsay to wear to the bail hearing. She wants to know if Sam has talked to Will; does he understand that his mother didn't do this? Sam tells Lindsay that Will is out of town and doesn't know about any of this. Lindsay thinks that is good because by the time Will comes back all of this will be straightened out. Sam tries to make her understand that Téa may file charges and there might be a trial.

The Diner

Téa and Sykes enter the diner and sit at a table by the window. Téa says she feels "important" now that she has this case. R.J. enters the diner and tells Téa he saw her "on the tube." He suggests that Sykes handed Téa a criminal on a silver platter for the one (R.J.) that got away. They want to know why R.J. is so interested. He replies that "it" affects us all and goes to his own booth. Téa wants to leave but Sykes asks her why she lets him get to her like that. She says it's not R.J. - she needs to be at the bail hearing. As they leave, Rae waves to Sykes and calls Roseanne over to the table for more scoop: who is R.J. and what did he do to make your aunt crazy?

Bus Station?

Will tells Jessica that Cristian loves her. Will just figured that after she regained her memory, she and Cristian would go back to how things were before Megan. Jessica tried to explain that she doesn't remember her feelings before Megan. She feels different. She doesn't know what love means anymore. It hurt her to tell Cristian, but she didn't want to lie to him and she couldn't take back his ring. Will and Jessica joined hands as they decided that although they didn't know where they were going, they would go there together. Later, Will had Jessica close her eyes and point to a place on a map for them to travel to.

The Diner

Taking Rae up on her suggestion, Roseanne approaches Cristian and asks him if he wants to talk. He tells her they have been doing that and it has helped. She suggests they go do something for fun. Carlotta overhears and encourages Cristian to go; they decide to go for a workout. Before they leave, Roseanne collects her tip from Rae: "keep your eye on the prize."

Llanview PD

Sam posted $500,000 bail for Lindsay and asked her not to leave town (just a joke). As Bo hands over Lindsay's personal items in plastic bags, she asks him if he believes her. He answers "yes." Saying she wants to be alone and clear her head, Lindsay turns down Sam's offer of a lift home. After she leaves, Sam and Bo discuss how bad the case looks for Lindsay. It's all circumstantial evidence, but neither man understands why she is lying about where she was on the night of Jessica's accident. As Bo asks Sam to find out where she was and who can prove it, Lindsay is seen leaving a telephone message for Dorian: "please help me, you know I didn't do it."

Megan Victoria's Grave

A weeping Téa is seen kneeling to leave flowers at Megan's grave.

Sam's House

Ben tells Nora that he understands her concern; he understands your loved one grieving and feeling you are not a part of it. When Nora asks him what to do, he says to trust "a greater plan." Sam comes home and announces that Lindsay is out on bail. Nora says that she is glad, she doesn't want to fight with Sam; she prays that Lindsay is telling the truth.

Bo's Office

Lindsay looks at Bo through the window before she enters his office. Bo gives her the birthday present - a beautiful silver necklace. Lindsay tells him she remembers every moment, every flower, every song; that is what got her through her night in jail. He had given her a night she will never forget. Lindsay opened the box and Bo put the necklace around her neck. Lindsay thanks him "for everything." She assures him it will be OK because "I didn't do it." Bo tells her, "I'll find him." Lindsay answers, "I know you will."

This scene fades to R.J. listening to Lindsay's message to Dorian - and erasing it from the answering machine.

Friday, July 2, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Diane Hopkins

Sam's Office

Lindsay has just walked into Sam's office, asking about her case and if his taking it has been a problem for Nora. As Sam is saying Nora has nothing to do with this case, they look up and Nora is standing in the doorway. Lindsay offers to leave them alone, but Nora says no. Lindsay wants to know Nora's feeling about Sam working on her case. Nora thinks Sam wants to protect Lindsay and she is afraid it will affect Sam's professional distance. Nora leaves the room to get a law book and Sam tries to get Lindsay to tell him where she was that night, but Lindsay is not fessing up to the truth. Nora comes back in briefly and leaves. Sam catches up with her and says thank you for being the one to break the ice after their disagreement. Nora says she had Matthew to keep her from being lonely and she asks him if he is taking Lindsay's case, who are you doing it for yourself or for her? She walks out.

Sam is trying to get Lindsay to confess, but she knows she cannot tell him. Where were you! he says repeatedly, Lindsay lies again. Sam brings up the security guard, she lies again. He says to her, don't lie to me now, you are dead if you try to lie, Téa will get you in every one of your lies. Save yourself, he says. The phone rings, it is Bo, he wants to put her in a lineup.

Renee's Restaurant

Renee is trying to fatten up her new son, Max Holden. Renee is trying to make all of Max's dreams come true, she is offering his everything on a silver platter. She wants the whole family to enjoy the fruits of the Buchanan labor. Asa won't have anything to do with that, Max says. Renee is saying that Asa loves children, when a strange woman walks up and interrupts their conversation. She says her name is Rae and she used to live in Llanview, she knows Clint and Bo. Max tries to shut Renee up, but Rae wants to hear more. Renee introduces herself and tells Rae that Max is her and Asa's son. Max questions Rae about what she's doing in town and so does Renee, but Renee is really too happy to care about the answer, she has her long lost son.

Later, Max is taking his pills and Renee asks what's wrong. He says, nothing, I'm just taking aspirins. She thinks that his being a Buchanan is stressful, he confirms it. Asa walks in disappointed and that he's running out of sons. Max is looking like he is about to fall over. Asa is crying the blues about his sons, he asks Max if the story the nurse told is on the level, he will find out. Max says he wants to be everything to Renee, he will try to be everything for both of them. Asa says wait until the DNA tests prove to be accurate, then he will find Max a woman and move him into the mansion. Max passes out on the floor with Renee screaming.


Grace is dragging a eyewitness into the station who says she saw the driver of the car. She takes the eyewitness into Bo's office where he is talking with John. Bo questions Ms. Schaffer, she tells them she was hiking down the Appalachian trail and had camped, when she heard something while she was sleeping. Ms. Schaffer tells her story and Bo questions her in depth. When she tells him the color of the car is yellow, Bo looks concerned, he says the car we are looking for is red. The eyewitness says it was yellow to her, but she is colorblind.

Nora is at the station working on another case and ask John Sykes for help instead of Bo, who is standing right there. Bo tells her that he is familiar with case and she should ask him, she can still come to him despite what has happened. Bo tells her he has an eyewitness to Jessica's accident and he gives John Ms. Schaffer's report. Bo explains the situation with the eyewitness to Nora, that he's thinking about doing a line-up, but he's not sure. He asks her what exactly she needed to get. She gives Bo her list and he looks it over and writes down some information for her. Nora advises that he do the line-up.

Back in his office with the eyewitness, Bo wants to see her hiking permit. She tells Bo she lost it. Bo asks about the scarf the woman was wearing in the sports car, her story is not adding up about the way the scarf was on the woman's neck. She claims it was around the woman's neck and tied in a knot under the chin, but she previously stated the woman was slumped forward with her head in her hands, so there's no way she could have seen that. Bo asks for the red pencil from the witness, she hands it to him, easily picking it out from among all the yellow ones, proving that she's not color blind. She is a big farce and scam artist and a liar. Bo has had her checked out, she has done this eyewitness thing more than two or three times. She denies everything. Bo has got her and tells her she has been lying. She continues to deny everything and wants to run, but John is in her way. She finally tells the truth, she has no choice but to tell the truth. Bo asks John to throw her out of the police station and tells her to stay out of Llanview. Just as they are leaving, Asa walks in and wants to thank her. She is going, says Bo. Asa is in shock, he doesn't understand and Bo tries to explain to him the truth. Asa is not listening, he wants Lindsay to go back to jail. He tells Bo he traded his honor for a tramp and a killer and that he has one more son than he needs and now he has one less son and walks out. When they arrive, Bo tells Sam and Lindsay that there is no witness, she turned out to be nothing. Bo asks to see Sam alone in his office. Sam and Bo go into the office and Bo tells him that he has a videotape of the night of the accident, it is a security tape outside of the gallery. We will see if Lindsay left the gallery that night, says Bo. Sam says, roll it. Outside, Nora walks back in and asks Lindsay if she's there for the lineup. Lindsay says there are no witnesses against her, she is innocent, she says. Bo and Sam are looking at the tape of Lindsay and they see her drop things from her purse and the security guard helps her pick them up, but remember Lindsay said the security guard never saw her that night. Sam grabs Lindsay and tells her about the tape of her at the gallery and the entrance she made after 11pm after the accident. Tell me Lindsay, what were you doing the night of the accident, he demands. Alright Sam, I will tell you what happened and why, Lindsay says.

The Sun

Asa is mouthing off about the Sun to Kelly, yelling and threatening her because the Sun printed a fair and unbiased article about Lindsay instead of a hatchet job. Lindsay is the murderer, Asa says, and he wants another publisher because he wants things the old fashioned way, the Buchanan way or nothing else. Kelly tries to smooth over things with Asa. In walks Grace and Asa wants her out. He hates the Rappaports. Grace tells him she has an eyewitness. Asa rushes out without speaking. Kelly is talking to Grace about Kevin and the Banner. Grace scooped Kevin with the witness. Kelly tells her to go and write. Grace leaves and Rae comes in to see Kelly. Rae says Renee sent her, she says Dorian is an old friend of hers. Rae is interested in Grace, she says she knows her. She finds out the details of Grace's life from Kelly and Kelly tells all(to a stranger no less), after all, she works for the Sun . Kelly tells Rae that Grace will be right up and leaves. Grace walks in and sees Rae. Grace is speechless. Rae says hello, I guess I am the last person you thought to see in Llanview.

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