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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of June 28, 1999 on SB
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Monday, June 28, 1999

They are sitting at a diner. Gabi told Antonio that they burned the wrong tape, and that someone else has the copy. Antonio asks who, Gabi is about to answer him, when Ricardo walks in. Gabi says that she can't see him, and asks Antonio to help her. She says that if he ever cared about her, to please help her. She went and hides behind a doorway. Antonio went to Ricardo. Ricardo asks what he thinks he's doing. Gabi listens to their conversation. Antonio says that he followed Gabi for him. Ricardo says that he should have at least told him he was leaving. Ricardo says he found him from Antonio leaving good trails. Ricardo asked where she is. Antonio avoids the question by telling the story of how he found her, and how he questioned the clerk. Ricardo says that he knows that the clerk knows something. Antonio says that he think he can tell Ricardo everything he wants to know. Antonio thinks that she will come back if he can talk to her. Ricardo thinks the same, and that its about her father. Ricardo says that he can understand, help, and tell her he loves her. Antonio asks if what if that's not it. Ricardo gets a headache, and says that he has been ever since he got shot. He leaves for aspirin. Gabi told Antonio to please to tell him. She says that if he sees the tape, he won't love either of them. Antonio says that he won't see the tape. Gabi says that if she went back, that's the first thing he'll see. Carmen makes a phone call to someone named Lupe. She is holding the tape, she says that she needs her help. Gabi told him that a sick mind took the tape. He asks who would show that to Ricardo, Gabi says your mother.

Amy and Brad are still in South Central at Mrs. Moreau's door. Amy is saying that she wants the potion and asks her how much it costs. Mrs. Moreau told her to get out, and told her to never darken her doorway again. Brad tries to leave, but Amy says no, and says that it can't be over and that she loves Sean and needs him to love her. Amy bangs on the door, but to no avail. Brad tries to be the voice of reason. Amy starts to cry, Brad asks why because she never cries. Amy says that she loves Sean and not for the money, but because she's all alone, and he's the only person who ever really cared for her. Brad says that he does so much for her but she never even says thank you. She says that she's in love with him, and she cannot just not do anything about it. She says she knows that he loves Emily, but their lives could change of they were together. Mrs. Moreau had been listening and opens the door, and asks if she mans that. Amy gets all happy. Amy pays Mrs. Moreau $350, and she gives her the potion. Mrs. Moreau says that the potion will only make him VERY VERY romantic, and that the rest is up to her. Brad asks if its like that "Niagra stuff" LOL, Mrs. Moreau says that its much stronger. Mrs. Moreau warns her saying be warned not to misuse it, or there will be disaster, she says that is only meant for Sean. Amy says that once they make love, Sean will be all hers. Amy says that he's as good as hers.

Sean is writing in his journal about how he did not only hate his father, but loved him too. He says that they just weren't the people they wanted each other to be. Emily comes up, and they kiss. Some people stare at them talking and Sean gets upset. They go back to Bette's house. Where Emily leaves Sean so Bette and he can talk. Bette suggests he get professional help, and Sean gets mad. Sean says that she thinks he's just like his father, He says that he's not and that he will never hurt Emily. He says that's what this is about? he says that I won't hurt her. Bette says that she doesn't think that he would. Sean yells about how he's not like Gregory and never will be.

Annie is on the phone with Gregory's attorney about seeing the will. Olivia overhears her and hangs up the phone. They ask who the hell they think each other are. Olivia asks how could she when his body isn't even cold. Olivia and her argue about whether or not each other are in the will. Annie says that even if she wasn't in the will, she'll sue for her fair share. Olivia says that she just wants to be in the will so she'll think Gregory loved her. Caitlin has a dream about Gregory and her. She says that she doesn't think its the end, but that she has a feeling that its just the beginning. Cole tells her that everything will be okay. He asks if she truly loves him. She says yes, and so they put her wedding ring back on her finger. Cole says that he wants them to be together forever. Caitlin and Cole come down. Olivia is saying that Trey is hers and that she will never have to share him with anyone. Annie says she not so sure about that, Cole asks what she means. Caitlin told her to never talk that way to her mother. Caitlin says not to say that because Olivia is a good mother. Trey cries and Caitlin and Olivia go to him. Olivia says that he's theirs. Annie asks what has happened. Cole says that they're mothers that love their son. Cole says that Annie doesn't care that Gregory is dead and he doesn't either. But that she should show a little remorse. She says that he's a murderer. Cole says that they have to go down to the station and identify the tape. Annie asks if he really hates her. Olivia offers for Caitlin to hold Trey, and Caitlin asks if its ok, considering that its her son. Cole says that its not about him hating her, that its about him wishing they didn't have to team up. He says that they went after the wrong person, and now Gregory's death is their consequence. He says that he feels like they're responsible.

Gregory crawls onto the rocks, his leg is badly bruised and bleeding, He makes his way into a sea cave. He lays there, and says that he'll be safe there. Then he says that he will find Annie and Cole, and that they will pay.

Tuesday, June 29, 1999

Standing in the nursery, Olivia promises a grateful Caitlin she will never try to destroy the bond which has been forged between her daughter and Trey. Angry to think Bette is implying that he's as disturbed as his father was, Sean accuses her of trying to break him and Emily apart. Gabi told an anguished Antonio that his mother has not only seen the videotape of them making love but used it to blackmail her into leaving Ricardo at the altar. Vowing to put things right for his brother and the woman he loves, Antonio assures Gabi he'll deal with Carmen and ensure that the video never surfaces again. Ignoring Brad's skepticism, Amy eagerly anticipates winning Sean's heart the minute she employs Mrs. Moreau's powerful love potion. Olivia and Caitlin bury the hatchet and pledge to put the past behind them. Antonio sends Ricardo on a wild goose chase to Dallas. Cole is outraged when the D.A. suggests that he and Annie doctored the tape of Gregory's confession in order to get Caitlin off the hook for Francesca's murder. Amy secretly doses Sean's orange juice with the magic potion. Ricardo corners Gabi at the motel in Blanco.

Wednesday, June 30, 1999

Tess and Tim are talking on the phone about the plans. Then Maria comes in and Tess says bye. Then Maria says there you are and hands her a paper. Then Tess says this is a one way ticket to Settle. You are sending me away after what I did for you? Maria says no that's not what I meant. I want you to come with me to Settle. Since the break threw, I thought I should go there and see anything jogs my memory. Then Tess says I don't think its a good time because of Benjy's kidnapping and all. Maria says well Ben will be here with Benjy and Ben says no I won't. Then he told her about what is going on. Ben says why don't you go by yourself, Maria and Tess will stay here. Maria says all right. She went upstairs to get her things. When she comes downstairs Maria asks if she can speak to Ben for a moment and Tess says okay, I'll be at the deck. Then Maria asks Ben about Meg and Ben told her. Tess listens and then says to herself you won't be with her if my plans go all in order. Then Benjy comes downstairs and Tess comes inside. Maria told him she going away for a while and Benjy asks if she coming back and she says yes. They all go outside. Maria says bye to Benjy and Tess. Across the street Meg sees Maria and Ben saying bye to Tess and Benjy and thinks the worst. Then Benjy says isn't that Meg and Tess says yes it is. Meg leaves and Tess says perfect.

Meg and Joan are helping Sara pack to move into Surf Central. While helping Sara pack Meg found some interesting things and starts waving it around and Sara tried to grab it before Joan say it. Then Joan turned around but didn't see it and turned around back again and Meg started to wave it around and while doing that Joan was talking to them. Then Joan went upstairs to get the rest of Sara's things and Sara says thanks for helping me. Its going to be a new beginning. Then Meg has a flash back of her and Ben together. Then Sara says oh I'm sorry and Meg says for what. Sara says for reminding you of Ben and Meg says you didn't I think of him all the time. Sara says if you do and you love him. Why don't you go back to him? Meg says I just can't. Its not Maria or Tess. Sara says Benjy. Meg says he is just s little boy and I'm an adult and I still feel guilty. Then Casey says I agree. Then Sara says how can you say that? Casey says if she feels like that. Then Meg leaves.

Meg was about to throw a rock into the ocean, Tim grabs Meg arm and says that's not how to through a rock. He grabs from her hand and throws it. Tim says didn't I teach you how to skip rocks at the pond after school? Meg says we are not in Kansas anymore. Tim says whoa, I heard about you moving out and I'm here for you just to listen and Meg says why would I tell you anything and walks off. Tim says to himself once I break you two up, Ben won't hurt you anymore.

Gabi says Kelly can I stay another night is that a problem? Ricardo says yes it is. Gabi surprised. Then Kelly says well I'm going to leave. Then Ricardo says come back to sunset beach with me you belong there and Gabi says I can't. Ricardo says Antonio told me about the another man, your father. Gabi says its not you, not my father, its me and what I did. Ricardo says what did you do? Then Kelly comes in and says sorry but there is a guy name Spencer who says its important. Ricardo says its probably about the Gregory case and Gabi says what about Gregory? Ricardo says I'll fill you in later and promise me you will stay here when I come back. Gabi says I'll stay. Then Ricardo leaves. Gabi thinks about what Antonio will say to Carmen. Ricardo returned and says what were you going to say and Gabi says its not important. Ricardo says okay so can you come back with me to sunset beach?

As Antonio comes in he says how could you? Carmen says I don't know what your are talking about. Antonio says yeah you do. You know about Gabi and me making love. Carmen in shocked. Antonio says I know you where there at the wedding blackmailing Gabi so she leave Ricardo. Carmen says I did for both of you. That horror isn't good for both of you. Antonio says I love Gabi and I wanted Ricardo's girlfriend. Carmen in more shocked. Antonio yelling at her saying I'll do as what Ricardo did and never speak to you ever again, forever. Then he says I want you to give me the tape, photos and all the copies. Carmen says no not ever.

Amy persuades Sean to drink the orange juice which she spiked with the love potion. When Sean was about to drink it, Emily walked in. Amy says Emily you look kinda pale. Emily says I'm fine its probably when I ran all the way here. Sean says why don't you have some orange juice. Emily was about to pick it up and then Amy says no I'll do it and spills the cup of orange juice. Then she grabs a napkin and says I'm sorry. They said its okay. Then Brad comes in and says Sean feeling different? Then Amy says oh we got to ran bye. While walking out Sean says what do you mean? Amy asks what are you doing here? Brad says to check out if the potion works and Amy says Sean hasn't had it yet. He was about to drink the orange juice which I spiked and Emily comes in. Back with Sean and Emily. Emily says sorry to Sean for what happened with her mother and Sean says its okay she was trying to help. Emily says its not okay. They start talking more. They hug and kiss. Then Amy and Brad peek in. Amy says I'll get the next kiss from Sean. They both go outside and talk more. Then Emily and Sean come outside and Sean says aren't you two going to the store? Amy says yeah but we started talking. Sean says okay, have the key to the house cause I'm taking Emily home. Amy says yes. Then Brad says I don't know how you are going to do it? Amy says we are partners for the game and when he gets thirsty that's when I'll do it.

Thursday, July 1, 1999

Due to NBC Sports coverage of Wimbledon, Sunset Beach will not be shown.

Friday, July 2, 1999

Due to NBC Sports coverage of Wimbledon, Sunset Beach will not be shown.

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