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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 21, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, June 21, 1999

Eddie and Alec are in the park and Alec is trying to explain to Eddie that sometimes people come back and clean up the messes that they create. Eddie says that the poor slob that left he and Dina never came back. Eddie tells Alec about Dina getting her diploma and that she never would have thought that she would have ended up selling drugs. But because she wanted to keep her child, someone came along with a job that had very little hours and more pay. "That is where the demon started." Eddie says. He tells Alec that Dina was shot right here in this park. Alec questions him, "She was shot here?" Eddie tells Alec that the bum that left him and his mother could have saved her. Alec wonders if he could have. Alec asks Eddie why he wants to find this guy. Eddie tells him that he wants to show him how he turned out in spite of everything he had to endure. He wants to look him in the face, he wants a pay back. Alec tells Eddie that this guy was just a kid and men think differently than women, they don't see the consequences like women do. Alec tells him to really think about meeting this guy face to face. Alec stands to leave and Eddie reminds him that he had something to tell him. Alec pretends like he has forgotten and he leaves. Georgia walks up when Alec leaves and Eddie hugs her close to him. They go and sit on a bench and Georgia says that she heard what he was telling Alec about wanting a pay back on this guy leaving his mother. She thinks that Eddie just wants to get to know this guy.

Alec is talking with is assistant. He is telling him that it is a whole new ball game. The assistant asks, "You didn't tell him?" Alec says, "No." The assistant asks if he will be at the class reunion and Alec says that he doesn't think so and he has to keep Eddie from finding out that he is the low life creep that he is looking for.

Jack kisses Carly on the forehead and then apologizes. Carly tells him to never be sorry. She knows that it was just a brotherly kiss and she is glad that they are at a place where they can be there for one another. She says that she has to be going and he says home to Parker and Brad. She says that Parker will probably be asleep and hopefully Brad will be too. He says that he knows why he married her, but why did she marry him. She tells him that it is complicated. The door bell rings and she says that someone is there. Jack opens the door and his mother is standing there. She takes one look at Carly and blurts out, "What is she doing here?" Dolores asks what would happen if Brad came over. The phone rings and Jack goes to get it. Carly tells Dolores to knock it off. She reminds her that she is helping her with the IRS and if she wants her to continue, she had better change her attitude. When Jack gets back, Dolores has a new attitude toward Carly. He asks them what had happened during the time that he was on the phone? Dolores changes the subject by telling Carly that Brad was looking for her earlier. Carly leaves and Dolores stays to talk with Jack. Jack tells her about Carly bailing him out of jail for hitting Dr. Hamilton. Dolores says to him that she knows what this means, he still has feelings for Julia. Jack tells his mother that he and Julia are finished. She says that she doesn't believe it and he says that he does because he has said the words, finished. Dolores leaves and Jack gets a call from someone telling him that they couldn't find any records on Dr. Hamilton and Jack tells them to drop it. As far as he is concerned, the case is closed.

Reid tells Julia to leave and he will take care of talking with the police when they arrive. Julia tells him no, she is going to stay and talk with them herself. She tells him about all the things that Rita was telling her. Reid tells her that everything is true. He is in love with Rita and they have been having an affair. She asks him why he went to San Francisco with her and kissed her and told her that he cared for her. He says that was to keep her from pressing charges against Rita. She asks him how he could be in love with a psycho and he looks passed her to see Rita standing behind Julia with the fire poker held high as to strike Julia. Reid keeps insisting that he is in love with Rita. Julia sees him looking past her and she says, "Reid, what are you looking at?" She turns around and sees Rita there and she screams. Reid jumps in front of Julia and Rita runs off. Reid runs after her. Julia is in a panic, she doesn't know what to do. She yells for Reid, but he doesn't come back. She gets on the phone and calls the police again. She tells them that they have the wrong house number and she begs them to hurry. She hangs up the phone and sees a letter opener lying on the floor. She picks it up for a weapon. Outside, Reid finds Rita and asks her if she heard all the things that he told Julia about him and Rita. Rita asks him if he was telling the truth. He says that he was and he told the police the wrong house number to buy them some time. He tells her to wait outside until it is safe for her to come into the house. The police come screeching up in their cars with the sirens blaring. The police come into the house and Julia starts to tell them about Rita. Reid comes in and he has scratches on his face. He tells Julia that Rita was like an animal and he couldn't hold on to her, she got away. The policeman goes outside to look around and Julia tells him to stay close, she wants him to be able to hear her scream if Rita returns. The policeman says that he will stay within screaming distance. Reid tells Julia that he was lying about being in love with Rita because he knew that she was standing behind her. Julia says that she has had enough and she is going home. Reid says that he will escort her home. When he returns to the house, he can't find Rita anywhere.

Molly wants to make love to Andy, but Andy can tell that something is up and he questions Molly. Molly gets all irate and asks Andy what he is accusing her of. He says that he isn't accusing her of anything, but he knows her better than she knows herself. She says that she hates that when someone says that to her. He says that he hates it too, but he knows that every time she wants to make love, it is just an excuse to change the subject. She has a flashback of her and Reid going at it, hot and heavy. She gets mad at Andy and leaves the apartment. She goes over to Carly's house and tells Kevin to make up her room, she will be staying the night. Then she adds that she will be staying more than one night if her boyfriend doesn't stop questioning her. She starts to think about her and Andy making love and how Andy really does know her. In her dream, they kiss and when she pulls back, it is Reid that she is kissing. He tells her that they have a connection and she should just accept it. Carly breaks her out of the daydream and Molly tells her that she is in big trouble. Molly starts to talk about how she feels a connection to Reid, but he is the wrong guy. She says that she is better off with Andy. She talks long enough that she realizes what she has to do. She thanks Carly and leaves. Brad walks in as Molly is leaving. Carly tells him that his mother told her that he was looking for her earlier. He says that that must have been the other husband, because he hasn't been back since he left. He tells her that the best part of fighting, is the kissing and making up. She tells him that she wants to play in on the pinball machine. He goes over starts the machine. As he is playing, he tells her about how good he used to be. He tells her how to play and she takes a turn. She makes more points than him and she starts jumping up and down and is all excited and jumps right into his arms and they kiss. He tells her that she has feelings for him, he knows it. She pushes him away and tells him that she wants out of this sham of a marriage.

Tuesday, June 22, 1999

Lily goes over to Denise's house to tell her that she and Holden are going on Patterns to make a plea for their baby. Denise thinks that they will tell the whole story and Lily tells her not to worry, they are only going to tell what they need to. Denise says that she understands where Lily and Holden are coming from. She knows how it feels when you can't find your child, it leaves a big dark hole in your heart. Ben comes in and smells the chili that Denise has made for him. He sees Lily standing there and asks her if something is up. Denise covers as to why Lily is there and Lily leaves. Denise tells Ben that she was going to take him to a Cubs game, but they were sold out. She goes around the room uncovering things to show Ben that she has transformed her apartment into a stadium. They sit on the couch and turn on the TV. Kim in on, saying that there will be a special edition of Patterns on today. Denise turns the station and Ben asks her if she would rather see what Kim has on. She says that she would rather watch the game. They start to make out on the couch and after awhile, Ben decides to take a break and get some of the chili that Denise has made for him. While he is in the kitchen, she turns on Patterns and is watching Lily and Holden telling the story of their baby getting switched and they didn't know it until she got sick. When she was sick, they did blood test and found out that neither Lily nor Holden could be the parents of Hope. They are talking about how they will adopt Hope, when Ben walks back into the room and hears this. He gets upset and says that they are going to adopt Hope without discussing it with Denise. Denise tells him to calm down, she has told Lily and Holden that they can adopt Hope. Ben tells her that if they adopt Hope, she will be giving up all her parental rights. She smiles at him and says that here he is again with his dukes up, protecting her. She tells Ben that the day that she and Lily and Hope all spent the day together, she could see that Lily was the better mother. She says that she will have to trust Lily that she will let her be a part of Hope's life and she feels that she will. They sit on the couch and start to smooch again. Denise asks Ben if he wants her to turn up the sound on the TV? He says that he knows what is going on and he tells her what the score is and what the count is. She tells him that he is amazing. His pager goes off and she says that he comes with his own sound effects. He looks at the pager and says that he has to go to the hospital. As he is leaving, the phone starts to ring. Denise sees Ben out the door and then answers the phone. It is Gary on the phone. He has seen the telecast of Lily and Holden trying to get info on the baby. They have offered a $50 thousand dollar reward. Gary says that he has got a get out of jail free card and she was first on his list to call.

Julia is telling Liam that she didn't sleep at all last night. She says to him that at least she knows everything now. He asks her if she is sure about that? He tells her that he wants to get her out of there. She needs to get away from this mad woman that is after her. Reid comes in and says that he couldn't agree more. Reid tells Julia that she is the enemy to Rita and he wants to take her away somewhere. Julia says that she is not leaving until she can help Lily and Holden find their baby. She says that David Stenbeck left a time bomb and she wants to help. Reid tells Julia that he has to get Melinda away from here. He leaves to go downstairs to talk with the travel agent. He tells her to think things over. After he is gone, Liam says that he is right about one thing, she has to get away from Rita. Julia says that she has to help Lily and Holden. She keeps thinking that she might have seen something or heard something. He asks her if she really thinks that she can do any good? She says that if she doesn't try she will never know.

Downstairs, Reid tells the desk clerk to prepare the bill for the Lindsey party, they will be checking out. The clerk says that he just spoke to Miss Lindsey last night and she didn't say anything about leaving. Reid tells him that their plans have changed. Reid asks the clerk if they have pay phones and the clerk directs him to them. On the couch in the lobby, a person is reading a newspaper. When they drop the paper, it is Rita. She is wearing a big hat and sunglasses. She follows Reid. Reid calls the room that Julia is staying in and when she answers, no one speaks. She immediately thinks that it is Rita. Liam takes the phone and says that they had better leave her alone and he hangs up. Liam tells Julia that she has no choice, she has to go. He tells her that he will start her packing for her. Reid walks in and sees that they are upset. He asks what is going on and Liam tells him that they got a prank call and they think it was Rita. Reid begs Julia to leave town with him. She tells him to go ahead and she will follow, where ever he takes Melinda. He hugs her and says that they will go someplace where it is quiet, just him, Julia and Melinda. Reid leaves to go back downstairs to talk with the travel agent. Julia is playing with Melinda and she turns on the TV just in time to see the end of the program with Lily and Holden. They show a picture of the baby that they are trying to find and she can't believe how much the baby resembles Melinda. She goes to the phone and calls WOAK and asks for a copy of the program about the missing baby. Reid comes in the door behind her as she is talking.

Brad comes walking through the bedroom and Carly comes in and tells him that he can name his price. She wants a divorce and she will give him anything he wants. He says that it isn't about money, she likes being married to him and they are going to stay married. She says that he needs to take this seriously. He says that the only reason that she wants out of the marriage is so she can be with his brother. She says that is right and she offers him a million dollars a year. She says that she has all this money, but she doesn't have the one thing that will make her happy. He asks her about what happened with them on the plane and she says that nothing happened. He says that she felt something and so did he. Brad asks her if she knows what she is getting into with Jack? He says that he had her figured for the party girl. She says that she used to be that way and then the next morning the guy wouldn't even talk to her. She has changed and she wants a man like Jack. She says that he is wonderful and very kind. She tells Brad that she has to give it a shot. She doesn't know what else to say. He tells that she doesn't have to say anything. He says that she should call her lawyer and get divorce proceedings started. He won't stand in her way. Carly tells him not to play games with her. He says that he thought that they had something going on between them, so they might as well not play games. She says that he has made her the happiest woman on earth and now she can make all her dreams come true. He grabs her and kisses her and she kisses back. They kiss passionately. When they pull apart, he says that she almost had him convinced. He says to her that for once in her life, have the guts to admit what she really wants. She looks him straight in the eyes and says that she wants a divorce. He says, "OK, under one condition. A really big one."

Wednesday, June 23, 1999

A newly-freed Gary warns Denise to steer clear of him. Reid feigns sympathy to Julia when he learns of Holden and Lily's on-air appeal but inwardly panics, realizing everyone will be looking for another child.

Brad refuses Carly's offer of money in exchange for giving her a divorce--his only condition is on e night in bed. Reid hides himself and Melinda when Lily knocks on Julia's door. Julia watches Lily's copy of the "Patterns" broadcast and stares at the photo of Lily as a baby. Denise learns that Gary was calling from Java and chases after him. Carly admits to Molly that she's considering Brad's proposition, but denies being interested in him.

After talking to the hotel clerk about the broadcast and putting two and two together, Rita calls Reid from the lobby of the Lakeview and says, "I know what you did last summer." Liam agrees with Julia's assessment that Melinda is the exact duplicate of Lily's baby photo. Julia voices the possibility that Melinda is actually Lily's lost daughter.

Carly thinks Molly is too interested in Reid. Julia promptly castigates herself for doubting in Reid, but Liam encourages her thoughts.

Under Rita's grilling, Reid admits he's David Stenbeck, but begs to be allowed to tell her his side of the story. Rita relents, but says she wants Julia out of his life and so she's going to tell Ms. Lindsey the truth. Rita then lures Liam away from Julia's room.

Gary introduces himself to Lily as the man who sold Denise's baby. Molly waylays Reid in the lobby as he's trying to get to Rita, telling him she fears for his life.

Carly plays with a photo of Jack and then tells Brad she's come to a decision--the answer is "yes." Gary insists he knows where Lily's baby is. When Molly struggles with Reid, she sees a diamond ring fall to the ground.

Thursday, June 24, 1999

Rita tries to tell Julia the truth about "Reid" and begins by warning her that he lies to get his way with people. Walking in on the two of them, Liam traps Rita in a closet until "Reid" and then the police arrive. "Reid" refuses to tell Julia where Melinda is and then goes to see Rita in jail where he arranges for her to be strapped in a strait jacket and committed again. Julia decides she's going to have to do a DNA test on the baby to prove that she is Lily and Holden's daughter. "Reid" catches her off guard when he proposes marriage. Knowing that "Reid" intends to ask Julia to marry him, Molly, on WOAK, asks Andy to tie the knot with her. Gary convinces Lily that he knows where her baby is and demands a quarter of a million dollars. She agrees to meet him later with the cash. When she tells Holden, he won't allow her to meet the guy. Chris is disappointed to find Katie waitressing at the Lakeview and suggests that Kim hire her to work at WOAK. The two are upset when Kim leaks that she's already hired Georgia for the position.

Friday, June 25, 1999

Carly is impressed by Brad's romantic redecorating of the master bedroom and the choice of dresses he's picked out for her. Holden voices doubts about Gary but relents and agrees with Lily to give him the money. When a stunned Andy watches Molly proposing to him on-air, a wry John offers him a quarter to make the phone call to the station.

Julia is stunned by Reid's proposal. Reid is distracted when he sees Molly's own on-air proposal and later gives in to his fury, determined that Molly will not marry the "twerp." Julia tells Reid it's too soon for her to marry anyone but agrees to think it over more before saying "no" outright. A cash-strapped Reid plots to pay off Rita's new doctor using money from Julia's account.

Andy is unable to get through to the station because of all the crank callers. Reid goes down to the station and observes Molly defending her love of Andy to a frustrated Kim.

Carly is touched when she opens Brad's present to her--it's the china doll she'd dreamed of having while growing up in Mussel Shoals. Lily's babysitter arrives--it's Denise. Reid insists to Molly t hat she proposed to "Boring Boy" because of him.

Julia quizzes Ben about DNA testing and learns they only need a strand of Melinda's hair, not her blood. A drugged Rita manages to write a letter to Lily saying her daughter is with "your worst enemy." Julia learns Melinda's things have been cleared out of the hotel room, and Liam is suspicious about the timing--Reid may be onto her, he warns.

Andy watches as Reid tells Molly she shouldn't marry young Dixon, because she's in love with someone else still. When he finally comes face to face with her, Andy persuades the cameramen to stop rolling.

Brad demonstrates how well he knows Carly when he takes her to dinner at the Lakeview, knowing everybody will recognize her and she'll be the center of attention. Julia agrees to meet Reid in the same hotel restaurant, determined to get answers.

When Molly wonders if she could've proposed better, Andy insists it wouldn't have made a difference--he doesn't think they should get married. Carly overhears Julia announcing to Reid that she's ready to marry him, watching as they seal it with a kiss.

Rita's nurse takes her letter and promises to mail it for her. Holden goes ahead to check out the rendezvous site and make sure it's safe. Gary pops up in Lily's backseat to tell her there's been a change in plans.


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