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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 21, 1999 on GL
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Monday, June 21, 1999

Susan wakes and finds Max staring at her at Petula's, wondering why she was asleep. Realizing that she has failed to stop her father from traveling with Beth, Susan decides to have a "wild time" of her own with an unsuspecting Max. She takes him out to "make out point" where she starts to kiss him. He pulls back and lectures her about assuming too much where he is concerned. Upset, Susan jumps into the lake but then panics.

Carmen denies it when Danny accuses his mother of setting him up with the phony phone call. After Danny leaves, Ben also asks Carmen to tell him what she's done with Michelle. Insisting she has more important things to worry about, Carmen announces to Ben that she has decided to appoint him head of Sancorp. He vows to use his new power to get even with Alan.

Meanwhile, Rick's hired friends bring Michelle to the hospital where she is committed for 72 hours, thanks to her brother. Tracing the phone call he received, Danny rushes to the hospital and demands that Michelle be released.

Blake is brought back to reality when Ross hands her the divorce papers and asks for her signature. Admitting he held onto the papers for a couple of weeks, Ross says with tears in his eyes that he finally realized that what he is waiting for is never going to arrive.

Tuesday, June 22, 1999

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Selena interrupts Drew's plans to make love with Jesse and asks for her help preparing for her date with Billy tonight because she hasn't been on a real "date" in years. However, as they talk, Selena confesses that she wants to have a relationship with Buzz but he's not ready for one right now. Meanwhile, Buzz confides in Reva about his feelings for Selena but admits that every time he takes a step in her direction, he feels the pull of Jenna on his soul and feels it's wrong to replace that love. Admitting that she knows the feeling of finding your soul mate, Reva urges him to have faith that he can get past that feeling. At the airport Jim confides to Beth that he doesn't feel weird about dating her after his wife died and is looking forward to being together. Harley calls with the news that Susan is missing. Max pulls Susan from the water at "Make-Out Point" and chastises her for pulling such a stunt. When she bemoans the fact that she couldn't stop her father from leaving town with Beth, Max calls her a spoiled brat and reminds her that she's had a wonderful life so far compared to him. He then admits that he likes her. Jim and Beth arrive in time to see Max holding Susan.

Wednesday, June 23, 1999

After apologizing for thinking that he and Carmen had anything to do with Michelle's "kidnaping," Danny turns to Ben for help in springing Michelle from the psychiatric ward at the hospital.

Hopping a bus without telling Rusty, Marah returns from Tulsa and confides to Reva that she is concerned about a psychic's warnings about San Cristobel.

Ben approaches Ross with a job offer as new president of Sancorp. When Ross turns down the offer with a warning about associating with the Santos family, Ben counters his warning with one of his own about getting back together with Blake.

Jim assumes the worst when he finds his daughter in Max's arms. Max lets slip about the sleeping pills which sets both Jim and Beth off, blasting her for trying to hurt Beth. Susan claims she is sorry but Jim angrily refuses to accept her apology. He confronts Drew about the renegade teen and the bad influence he is on Susan but Drew defends her "brother." Jim vows to call Social Services about the boy which worries Drew that he'll then find out that they are not related.

Abbey tries to convince Rick to release Michelle for the sake of their relationship but Rick refuses.

Thursday, June 24, 1999

Susan complains to Harley about her "house arrest" ordered by her father. Harley offers to spring her from her "imprisonment" by sending her to a camp for girls with problems. Cassie hears from Susan about the camp and what Jim has done and realizes that her little chat with him may have caused Jim to over react.

Meanwhile, Drew tries to be serious with Max when she punishes him. Jim interrupts with the news that he called Social Services to complain about Max. Drew is furious and reminds him that it was Susan who caused most of the problems for Max. Later, Cassie tries to talk Jim out of his punishment for Susan.

Meanwhile, Jesse decides to propose marriage to Drew to provide Max with a family environment.

When Phillip arrives early for Harley's appointment with Dr. Sedgwick, he "accidentally" arranges to take a peek at her file to find out whether they are having a boy or a girl. Unbeknownst to Phillip, Harley also decides she can't wait and finds out they are having a boy.

When Selena announces that she can't work tonight because of another date with Billy, Buzz fires her. Selena responds by accusing him of being jealous.

Friday, June 25, 1999

Buzz sheepishly admits to Harley that he fired Selena. She accuses him of being jealous of Billy and suggests that he made a big mistake by putting all the pictures of Jenna around the restaurant.

During their date, Billy finds that Selena is not paying attention to what he's saying but can't convince her to explain what's distracting her. Billy then invites her to fly with him to a country music concert. Caught off guard by the offer, Selena seeks Abby's advice about accepting the trip to Nashville. Selena finally confesses her feelings for Buzz to Billy and is surprised to find flowers waiting for her when she gets home.

Jim resents it when Cassie warns him that he's blaming Max for problems that aren't his fault. She claims that Jim's the problem and advises him to concentrate on his troubled daughter.

Susan calls Max to let him know that she's running away and is disappointed when he refuses to go with her.

Abby refuses to change her mind about Rick's kidnaping plans for Michelle. Rick then gets into an argument with Danny who won't stop following him.

Drew happily agrees to marry Jesse. Jesse misunderstands Jim as he tells Drew he won't report Max to Social Services and blurts out that Max isn't her brother.

Rick worries when he reads a note claiming that his wife has been kidnapped.

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