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Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 21, 1999 on PC
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Monday, June 21, 1999

Nurses' Ball
Janelle decides that her duties of motherhood are over. She contacts Tammy at the Nurse's Ball and abandons the baby. Tammy does not know what to do. She has Kevin find Allen to check the baby out. Allen informs her that the baby can not be more than a few weeks old. He believes that the police should be brought in. Tammy reluctantly agrees.

DV consistently appears at Lucy's side at the most awkward of times. The first time, Lucy is yelling for Amy. She needs her dress to be zipped up in the back. Out of nowhere, hands appear to zip up her dress. Image Lucy's surprise when she turns around expecting to see Amy but sees no other than DV.

The second time that DV appears, Lucy and Scotty are sharing a very private and passionate kiss. Scotty had informed Lucy that they passed the adoption inspection. DV watches very unpleasantly from the sidelines.

The performances today were exceptional. All of the interns performed "Bad Case of Loving You", Chris Ramsey being the lead vocalist. The second performance contained Victor, Mary, Neal and Serena singing "High Hopes".

At the sanitarium, Julie is frantic with worry. She knows that something is wrong with Christine. She had a dream that Chris told her that he has lost Christine. Julie tries to call Chris, however Chris told her that he is about to perform at the Ball and his ringer will be turned off.

The conclusion to the Nurse's Ball will take place on today's General Hospital.

Tuesday, June 22, 1999

Lucy thanks a shocked Katherine for her moving speech about the children, but Kat doesn't appreciate her sentiment. Kevin and Alan discuss Christina's situation until Alan has to leave her with him until he gets his family home. He gets beeped by Julie and leaves her with Mary. Scotty, Karen, Lee, Gail, Joe, and Neil descend on Lucy's dressing room to congratulate her, then all leave to pose for pictures. On the phone, Julie asks Kevin to have Chris call her. Frank asks Courtney about Neil's health, then accuses her of stealing the money again. Mary comes by with the baby, commenting on her resemblance to Frank and leaves her with him so she can get her picture taken. He then comments to Christina that her mother must be "whacked in the head" to have brought her to the ball. Kevin gives Chris Julie's message, but he doesn't call her. Victor is heard on the phone refusing to do something, but hangs up when he spots Frank, Karen and the baby. He agrees to watch her while Frank takes Karen to GH and entertains her with a puppet show with the sofa's arm covers. Chris ribs Courtney about her predicament with Frank regarding the money, reminding her that he got the last laugh before he walks off. She's joined by Joe and Neil with Scott and Serena who invite them out for ice cream with Gail and Lee. Eve stops to see Victor who promptly turns the baby over to his nervous friend so he can meet Mary for their pictures. Eve gratefully turns her over to Kevin, upset by the memory of her dead son and is appalled to learn that Christina is the abandoned baby. Alan retrieves her and leaves to turn her over to the authorities. Julie gets an emergency call through to Chris who dismisses her concerns and hangs up on her. Alan asks Scott if he's seen Mac and Lucy takes Christina to calm her down. He fills the stunned group in on her abandonment and agrees to allow them to take her home for the night. Scott warns Lucy not to get too attached, but she's already convinced that Christina was meant to be with them.

Wednesday, June 23, 1999

While coming home from the ice cream shop, Neil falls right asleep. Courtney notices another nose bleed, indicating that his cancer has a good chance of coming back. Joe and Courtney are alarmed and take him to the hospital. At the hospital, Joe takes some tests on Neil and announces they won't be in until tomorrow morning. Karen comes in and is concerned about Neil. Joe told Neil that he shouldn't worry, Karen will comfort him. Karen smiles at Joe. Karen steps out of Neil's hospital room and remembers the times when she and Joe were together with Neil.

Frank arrives at the Scanlon house and sees Neil's coat with blood on it. He rushes to the hospital to learn of Neil's status. Joe informs Karen and Frank that he believes Neil's cancer is coming back. It seems that Joe is really worried that this time Neil won't make it through it. Karen and Frank both look alarmed and in shock.

Mac stops by Scott and Lucy's house and talks with Scott about Christina. Scott told Mac that Tammy's friend's sister left the baby to Tammy and ran off. Mac announces that they will track down the sister. He gives overnight custody to Lucy and Scott. Mac warns to make sure Lucy doesn't get too attached to Christina so Lucy's heart won't be broken if they have to take Christina. After Mac leaves, Scott, Lucy, and Serena all have a touching moment with baby Christina.

At Ferncliff, Julie again calls Chris and leaves a seventh message on Chris' machine. She states that she knows something is not right with Christina and urges him to call her and she means it.

Scott suggests Lucy turn on the television to watch some good classic television. However, when Lucy turns on the television set, an ad about Christina's missing mother is aired on their local television affiliate. Julie, at Ferncliff, sees the same television commercial and is shocked.

Thursday, June 24, 1999

Joe, Courtney, and Neal at PC General
Joe and Courtney are slowly becoming closer as their concern for their child increases. Neal's leukemia has returned. Courtney realizes that Neal only has a 20-30% survival rate. With Joe's support, she pledges to remain strong for Neal's sake. Karen informed Neal that he would not have to remain in the hospital. He could go home and receive the treatments on an outpatient basis for the re-introduction period of the treatment. Karen feels helpless as she watches the uncertainty of survival that flashes in Neal's eyes.

Chris Ramsey and Lucy Coe at GH
Lucy brought in baby Christine for an appointment with Allen. Chris is at the Nurse's Station, having just got off the phone with Julie. He told Julie to stop harassing him, that Christine is safe. Julie informed him that she saw a picture of her baby on the news having been abandoned at the Nurse's Ball. Chris did not believe her. Now, having seen Lucy with Christine, he realizes that Janelle must have left the baby at the ball. Chris cautiously approaches Lucy. He asks her about the baby. Lucy gladly told him how she acquired this sweet angel. Allen approaches and Chris backs away. Lucy and Allen leave to run some tests on Christine.
Later, Chris overhears Scotty and Lucy talking about the baby. It appears that Scotty and Lucy were granted temporary custody of Christine. Chris telephones Julie. He informs her that he knows where the baby is. Julie is none to happy when she finds that Lucy is taking care of her baby. She orders Chris to get her baby from Lucy.

Kevin and Eve
Kevin comes to the hospital to rescue Eve. He told her that he wants more of a commitment from her. He wants to take their relationship to the next level. Over coffee, it seemed as if Kevin was going to propose. Instead, he asked Eve to go away on a vacation with him. Very happily she agreed. He showed her plane tickets to a small island called Palauw.

Friday, June 25, 1999

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