All My Children Recaps: The week of March 20, 2000 on AMC
Tad and Adam got into a brawl and ended up sharing a jail cell. Greenlee convinced her grandfather to financially support Ryan's Internet plans. Liza, Marian, and Stuart grew suspicious of Adam. Paolo returned, blackmailed Leo, and set his sights on Erica. Adrian suspected that Alex had been brainwashed.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 20, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, March20, 2000

On the sofa in Ryan's loft, Greenlee remained fast asleep. Ryan wandered out of his bedroom, wearing nothing more than a pair of skimpy boxers. He sat down next to Greenlee and told her that she was "the only one" he had ever wanted. Ryan leaned over and kissed Greenlee passionately on the lips. Over and over, Greenlee moaned Ryan's name. When she awoke from her dream, she found a fully clothed Ryan staring down at her.

Greenlee's face fell flat as she realized that she'd been dreaming, and she labored into the bathroom to take a shower. Ryan, meanwhile, placed a call to Wildwind to find out how Gillian was doing. Edmund told him that things between Gillian and Jake were iffy. Ryan asked Edmund to let Gillian know that he'd always be there for her. Greenlee returned from her shower, wearing one of Ryan's sweaters. She noticed that Ryan was in a bit of a frump and asked him what was troubling him. Ryan admitted that he'd called Gillian.

Greenlee's eyes widened, as she feared that Gillian would once again be a free woman. To her relief, Ryan told her that he didn't think that Gillian and Jake's marriage was through. Ryan had to go to work but agreed to let Greenlee remain behind a make a few phone calls. The pair agreed to meet up later at the Valley Inn. Greenlee waited until Ryan was gone before placing a call to her grandfather. She asked that he meet her immediately at the Valley Inn to discuss business -- without Millicent!

At Wildwind, Alex tried to keep Gillian's mind off of her troubles, but that was a challenge. Dixie phoned Gillian and asked if she could meet her for breakfast at the Valley Inn. Gillian assumed that Dixie was going to tell her that Jake was doing okay and was ready to work out their troubles. Dixie didn't go into detail, as she wanted to give Gillian the news face-to-face.

Gillian headed on her way just moments before Eugenia and her friend, Countess Irina Korasova, strolled into the parlor. Irina had lived in Russia most of her life, but after her father's death, her home and apparently her title had been taken away from her. Edmund amused her with one or two Russian phrases that he'd picked up during his travels, but no one else in the house spoke a word of Russian. Eugenia apologized to her friend for having shortchanged her on the visitation, but Gillian's broken heart had taken up much of her time. The countess smiled and told Eugenia that there was a way she could make it up to her: letting her ride one of the horses.

Edmund smiled and in an instant was on the phone asking Guy to saddle up one of the horses. Irina also mused that she was enjoying a chance to test her English. Eugenia and Irina waltzed out of the room. Alex, meanwhile, drifted off and recalled how Guy's whistling of "Waltzing Matilda" had bothered her. She still wasn't sure why.

Edmund smiled and asked her where she'd drifted off to, but Alex didn't offer a reply. Suddenly, Eugenia, Guy, and Irina appeared in the foyer. While riding, Irina had been hit by a dizzy spell. Through shallow breaths, Irina rattled off several words in Russian. Alex jumped to her side and instructed Guy to call an ambulance. She heard Irina repeat a word several times and then asked Eugenia to find Irina's purse.

From out of nowhere, Alex began communicating with the woman in Russian. She spoke fluently as Edmund looked on in bewilderment. Eugenia returned with a bottle of pills that Irina had been given to combat a heart condition. Irina popped one or two of the pills, and her condition seemed to subside. Finally, the paramedics arrived, and Eugenia accompanied her friend to the hospital.

Guy listened from the foyer as Edmund asked Alex about her use of the Russian language. Alex shrugged and told Edmund that she didn't know a single word of the language. Edmund chuckled and recounted what he'd seen with his own eyes. Alex put her hand to her mouth and gasped. She didn't remember anything of her discussion with Irina.

In jail, Adam remained upright, unable to sleep because of the "insufferable din" of a nearby prisoner. Tad, though, was out cold. The breakfast cart was wheeled by, and Adam was given his morning meal. The policeman decided to let Tad sleep and return later with his tray. Adam's face fell when Tad rolled over and began snoring. He hollered for Tad to be quiet, but Tad was obviously unable to hear him.

Adam became so enraged that he threw his food tray onto the floor. The loud noise woke Tad from his sleep. He tried to jump to his feet, but he whacked his head on the upper bunk. Adam looked on with a wicked smile and teased Tad over his accident. A police officer appeared outside Adam's cell and ordered him to clean up the mess he'd made.

Tad and Adam bickered back and forth over who'd spend more time in jail. Both felt that the other's charges could not be proven. Tad explained that he could claim that he hadn't known that Adam hadn't really been3 Adam when he'd had him sign over millions of dollars. Adam, in turn, said that Colby could have been conceived "the old-fashioned way" without anyone else knowing. When Liza showed up in the holding cell area, Adam assumed that she was there to make amends. He was terribly wrong.

Liza took pleasure in telling Adam that she'd actually stopped by to see Tad. She apologized to Tad for him having to spend the night in jail. Adam cocked his head to the side and told Liza that she'd won; he was sorry for what he'd done, and he'd learned his lesson. Liza walked over to Adam's cell and angrily told him that he needed to be held accountable for what he'd done. Adam hoped that she'd post his bail, since their money was still in a joint account.

"Let me check," Liza replied cryptically. When asked what she was going to check, Liza formed a wry smile. "To see if hell froze over while I was sleeping," she snapped. Before storming out, Liza vowed to make Adam spend the rest of his "selfish, miserable life" in a maximum-security prison. Derek appeared to escort the men to their arraignment.

At the Valley Inn, Dixie broke the news of Jake's journey to California. It didn't hit Gillian at first that Jake was going to be gone for an indefinite period of time. Gillian asked over and over how long Jake was going to be gone because she knew that he had to get back to work at the hospital. Dixie explained that Joe had given Jake an "open-ended leave" from the hospital. A stunned look planted itself on Gillian's face. For her, the question was no longer when Jake would be returning, it was if he would ever be able to forgive her.

Gillian wished Dixie well in court, and moments later, Dixie left to be with her husband. Gillian leaned over to pick up something, and when she looked up, she had another visitor at her table -- Greenlee. Greenlee claimed that she wanted to offer Gillian her support during her troubles with Jake. Gillian couldn't take her eyes off of what Greenlee was wearing. She knew it was familiar, but it wasn't until Greenlee boasted that she'd gotten it from Ryan that Gillian fully recognized it.

Greenlee smiled slightly and said that Ryan had stopped by her house and hoodwinked her into bed. Greenlee said that she wished she could have Gillian's strength for pushing Ryan away, but, alas, she was unable to resist his charms. Gillian rose from the table and stormed off. "One down, one to go," said Greenlee under her breath.

Woodruff showed up a little while later, and Greenlee immediately pitched Ryan's e-commerce idea. Through her babbling, Greenlee never mentioned Ryan by name. "Whose pants are involved?" Woodruff asked pointedly. Greenlee smiled bashfully and admitted that there was a man involved. Since Greenlee had asked that Millicent not accompany him, Woodruff quickly figured out that it had something to do with Ryan.

"Woody," as Greenlee called him, didn't want to become involved -- but Greenlee wasn't about to give up. In the end, she convinced him to invest money in the idea anonymously. Greenlee explained that Ryan would not accept the money if he knew where it was from. Seconds after Woodruff left, Ryan showed up prepared to discuss his idea in detail.

In court, Adam blasted Barry for making him wait so long for a bail hearing. Liza entered the courtroom and took a seat in the very back of the room. Joe promised Tad that he'd pay his bail for him, since only ten percent of the amount was needed to grant release. Adam panicked when District Attorney Keith McLean filed into the room. Barry informed Adam that Keith had become involved because of the serious nature of the charges against Adam -- and the charges were very serious.

The judge gaveled court into session, and the charges against Adam were read into the record: forgery in the third degree, theft, tampering with medical records, misbranding, and deceptive business practices. Adam pleaded innocent to all charges, and the judge set Adam's bail at $1,000,000. Tad jumped to his feet and "objected" to bail being set. "You can't object," the judge replied almost whimsically.

Keith approached the bench and asked that bail be denied. Tad and Adam, meanwhile, squabbled back and forth. Adam taunted Tad until Tad couldn't remain contained any longer. He lunged toward Adam. As Tad reached out to slug Adam, Adam ducked -- and Tad connected with Derek's jaw.

Tuesday, March21, 2000

Still puzzled by Alex's sudden bilingual abilities, Edmund continued to press Alex for details on where she might have learned Russian. Alex was still unable to remember that she'd spoken to Irina in Russian -- and she likewise continued to insist that she didn't even know a single word of the language. Edmund looked to Guy, who stood silently in the doorway, and asked him for a bit of privacy. The stable hand nodded and said that he'd return to the stable.

"I can't take any more of this," Alex yelled. Edmund knew that there were still missing pieces in Alex's life. The incident with Irina was eerily similar to the way Alex had subdued the gunman at the mall. Alex argued that the two were in no way similar. She explained that the incident at the mall had been a spontaneous act.

Edmund picked up the phone and announced the he was going to see if Jack could get the Welsh sanitarium to release Alex's medical records. "Don't!" Alex shouted, adding, "I want to get on with my life." Edmund cocked his head to one side. He recalled that Alex had uttered the same remark on several occasions when she had been under a great deal of stress.

Alex downplayed Edmund's suspicions. After all, the phrase was common. Alex demanded that Edmund not probe into her past, but Edmund could not accept her request. He stormed out of the room, determined to get answers.

In an effort to get everyone in the room to fall into order, the judge announced that he'd impose a $10,000 fine on the next person to speak without permission. Keith was permitted to continue his address. He used Adam's outburst as an example of why Adam should not be given bail. Additionally, he called Adam a high flight risk. Barry vehemently objected, but it was far too late to change the judge's mind.

The judge ordered both Tad and Adam jailed for contempt of court and for assaulting an officer. Both were denied bail. The judge said both Adam and Tad were "about to get the punishment" they deserved. The two men were escorted back to the jail.

Liza walked over to Joe and Dixie and told them that she was sorry Tad had gotten locked up. She hoped that the two of them could join her for lunch because there was much she needed to say to them. Joe smiled politely and agreed to join her. Dixie, though, didn't look quite as content.

In the back of the courtroom, Stuart sensed that something was troubling his wife. Marian, nearing tears, informed Stuart that she'd gone to the doctor to get a blood test. She feared that whatever had happened in Paolo's room had exposed her to a sexually transmitted disease. Stuart closed his eyes. He realized why Marian had not been intimate with him.

Marian's test results had been negative, but she had been ordered to undergo a second batch of tests in a few months. Stuart fought tears as he told Marian that he wanted to strangle Paolo. Marian looked up at her husband and told him that she still suspected that Adam had had a part in the seduction plot. Barry suddenly appeared and told Stuart that Adam wanted to see him.

Leo sat at his table in the Valley Inn, trying to figure out how much he should tip the waiter. Suddenly, a hand plopped down on his shoulder. Leo looked up and nearly toppled over when he saw Paolo smiling down at him. When asked why he was back in Pine Valley, Paolo replied, "Europe got boring." The first thing Leo noticed was that his friend had dropped his fake Italian accent.

Leo reminded Paolo that part of their agreement had been that Paolo would leave town and never let anyone know that they knew each other. Paolo nodded in agreement. That had been the plan -- but plans changed. Paolo had spent all of the money that he'd been given, and he wanted more to ensure his silence. Leo's eyes bulged. He told the man that there was no way that he could get the "thirty grand" Paolo was demanding.

Paolo didn't buy Leo's pauper routine. He reminded Leo that Leo's new stepfather, Palmer, was loaded. He was also sure that Adam would fork over some cash to keep Leo's silence of Adam's part in the plot. Leo had never revealed that Adam was involved, but Paolo had seen Leo and Adam with their heads together and knew that Adam had to have been the person who'd hired him. Leo saw Liza in the lobby area and told Paolo that Paolo would have to leave so that they wouldn't be seen together.

Seconds after the Italian gigolo left, Liza, Dixie, and Joe sat down at a nearby table. Liza apologized to the Martins for having shaken up their lives. She said that she felt responsible for what had happened. Joe interjected that Adam was the one who should shoulder most of the blame. Still, the doctor wished that Liza had turned to him when she had first learned that Adam was Colby's biological father. Things might not have turned out differently, but Joe felt that they might have been able to deal with the fallout better.

Joe was called to the hospital to consult on a case, leaving the two women alone at the table. Dixie was quiet for a long time, but when she broke her silence, she let Liza know how she felt. "You are the same selfish, unthinking person you have always been," Dixie snapped. She accused Liza of only thinking of herself. Dixie went one step further, likening the lies about Colby's paternity to the way Liza had ruined her marriage by sleeping with Tad. In both instances, Liza had put the blame on someone other than herself.

Liza remained calm but said that it was unfair of Dixie to drag up her past faults. Dixie received a phone call from Leslie Coulson asking to meet her at the courthouse. Dixie basically told Liza that their meeting was over and left the table without so much as a goodbye.

Across the room, Edmund sat down for a meeting with Adrian. Edmund said that one of his friends was going through some strange things. After hearing that his friend somehow knew martial arts, Adrian figured out that the friend was Alex. He had read of Alex's exploits at the mall in the paper. Adrian swore his discretion on the issue and asked Edmund to continue.

Edmund told of the "gap" in Alex's life while she had supposedly been in a mental institution and of her repeated use of the phrase, "I just want to get on with my life." Adrian thought the phrase sounded like a trigger phrase, something used to subtly control, or brainwash, secret agents. Edmund's jaw fell agape. He asked Adrian if he thought that Alex might be a spy. Adrian nodded and said that it was not out of the realm of possibility.

At the jail, Derek ordered Tad and Adam into the same cell. It was the judge's instruction that the pair be forced to live together for thirty days or until they could get along civilly. Both objected to the order, but Derek wasn't about to go against the judge's orders. In their cell, Tad drew an imaginary "line in the sand." Adam noticed that the toilet was on Tad's half of the cell. Tad puckered his lips and told Adam that he was going to have to get used to "holding it."

Adam had another idea. He asked that Tad allow him a chance to get them both out of jail. Adam told Tad that he'd drop the charges against Tad if Tad could convince Liza to drop the charges against him. Tad flatly refused to go along with the plan. Tad told Adam that he should have been "man enough" to be truthful about what he'd done at the clinic from day one. The two nearly got into a physical fight, but fortunately they broke it off before either one of them was hurt.

Leslie and Stuart stopped by for visitation. Stuart entered Adam's cell and revealed that something bad had happened to Marian. Adam swallowed hard and asked Stuart if Marian was okay. Stuart told his brother of Paolo and how he might have raped Marian. Adam put his hand over his mouth and asked Stuart if he'd contacted the authorities. Stuart shook his head. He explained that he wanted to know if Adam had been somehow involved in the plot, thinking that he was "protecting" Stuart from Marian.

Tad was taken to the courtroom to meet with Leslie. Dixie made an appearance and told Tad that she did not approve of the way he was behaving. Tad insisted that everything he had done has been done for a good cause. After all, he might soon have the satisfaction of being the one to put Adam away for life.

At Wildwind, Alex looked nervously at the business card of the physician who had supposedly treated her at the Welsh hospital. She picked up the phone and placed a call to Jack's office. While she was on hold, Guy sneaked up behind her. "Alex," he said softly, "I can see that you just want to get on with your life." Alex's eyes suddenly went blank. She cradled the phone to her chest and turned around to look at Guy.

Wednesday, March22, 2000

Stuart confronted Adam in his jail cell, determined to discover if Adam had been involved in Marian's disastrous encounter with Paolo. Adam continued to remind Stuart how he had always looked out for his twin's best interests -- how he had defended him against bullies when they had been children, and how they had always stood together. "I need to know the truth!" Stuart begged. He reminded Adam of the things Adam had said about Marian, especially after she'd locked him in the safe room at the Chandler mansion. Adam swore he hadn't been responsible for what had happened to Marian.

Stuart listened skeptically to Adam's avowals of love for him, as Adam talked and talked. When Stuart again demanded the truth about the Paolo incident, Adam said it was obviously a blackmail setup and insisted he had done nothing to hurt Marian. He again reminded Stuart how he needed his protection. "I have to get out of here to protect you and Marian!" Adam ranted. "You can twist the truth like a pretzel," Stuart said, "but I have to believe you, as long as you swear you did not set out to hurt Marian."

Stuart added that if Adam had hurt Marian, they wouldn't be brothers anymore. He demanded that Adam look him in the eye and swear to tell him the truth. Adam swore that he hadn't done anything to hurt Marian. Even though he couldn't look Stuart in the face as he said the words, Stuart seemed to accept Adam's answer, and they each said they loved the other as Stuart left.

At the Valley Inn, Becca was checking Leo's math homework as they lunched in the restaurant. Becca was at first surprised then suspicious when she saw Leo's perfect score. Then she demanded he hand over the calculator he had used, which he reluctantly handed to her. Erica wafted in and spotted Becca and Leo. She sashayed over and demanded to talk to Becca on her own.

Leo excused himself, saying he'd go and talk to the chef. Erica sat herself at Becca's table and warned her off Leo, saying he was up to no good. "He's just like his mother," she warned, "he'll use you and throw you away." Becca listened, amazed at Erica's audacity, then told her she'd make up her own mind, despite Erica's interest in her personal life.

Leo ran into Paolo in the lobby, and when Paolo again demanded money, still asking for $30,000, Leo said he didn't have the money. Paolo threatened to go to Adam Chandler for the cash. Leo angrily gave him a one dollar bill and told him to buy a lottery ticket and get out of town. When Leo returned to Becca, she told him how Erica had been butting in and warning her off Leo. "It's none of her business," Becca said angrily.

At a nearby table, Edmund was stunned at Adrian's theory that Alex has been brainwashed into forgetting her past. Adrian warned Edmund that there could be danger, possibly to Alex's life, if she went ahead with trying to uncover her past. Adrian advised caution but assured Edmund he was willing to be of any help if needed. Edmund left for Wildwind.

Opal greeted Edmund as he left, then joined Adrian for a few minutes before her lunch date with Erica. He started to talk to her, but she cut in with Tad's problem -- being locked up with Adam. Adrian told Opal he'd had a falling-out with Tad, and Opal urged him to make up with Tad. When Opal and Erica sat down, Erica unburdened herself to Opal, complaining about how David treated her. Opal gave Erica her opinion of David, which Erica didn't want to hear.

Opal recounted memories of her public fights with Palmer and the very public fights of Liz and Dick. "But we're talking about me!" Erica complained with a pout. "David accused me of being afraid of commitment, and I've even written his name in ink in my personal phone book. If that isn't commitment, I'd like to know what is," she said indignantly. Opal mentioned the "M" word, but Erica insisted marriage hadn't been discussed.

Opal reminded Erica she was the marrying type, but "David is poison with a capital P." Erica huffed and puffed in indignation. She reminded Opal of her mistakes with men and stated, "If you'd been a better wife to Palmer, Vanessa Bennett would be history." That was too much for Opal, whose parting shot was, "I love you, but you're doing your darnedest to drive your friends away."

At Wildwind, Guy sidled up behind Alex, and quietly asked, "What did I say? What's your response?" Alex seemed to return to herself and angrily turned and grabbed him by the collar: "Who the hell are you?" she demanded. Guy gave her an innocent look and replied, "I'm Guy, your horse trainer." Alex then asked him who had sent him and why he had used the words he had.

Guy reiterated that he was just a horse trainer, but he knew people as well as horses. He could tell she was getting over her animosity with Edmund and wanted to just get on with her life. He suggested that she take her new horse, Scorpio, out for a walk. Alex replied that she wanted to check on Irina, Eugenia's Russian friend, first then would go out with Maximillian. "Maximillian?" Guy queried.

Alex corrected herself and went to the phone to call the hospital as Guy left, looking thoughtful. Edmund returned and urged Alex to try to discover her past. Jack walked in and asked Alex if she still wanted to do what she had mentioned in a phone call that had been cut off, namely, pursue obtaining her medical records. After some hesitation, she gave Jack the go-ahead. Edmund warned Jack that the records had been sealed by the British Secret Service, much to Jack's amazement.

Back in his quarters, Guy typed a sinister message onto his laptop. "Message Subject: A. Devane ... Numerous attempts have been made to suppress, but she has proven unresponsive. The next step is inevitable. Request permission to terminate with extreme prejudice."

As Stuart left the jail, Adam anxiously called Leo on the cell phone he'd taken from Barry. He told Leo he'd better keep quiet about what he knew about Adam's connection to Paolo, because Stuart was becoming suspicious. Leo understood, pretending to Becca that the call was from a business associate.

Tad returned to the jail cell in time to see Adam with the phone. He had passed Stuart leaving the jail. He started to berate Adam about Stuart and how he was likely to lose Stuart's love. He reminded a thoughtful Adam, "You need him to testify against me," and added that pretty soon, Adam would lose Stuart altogether. "His forgiveness has limits," Tad said, reminding Adam of how he had hurt Stuart in the past with Cindy, Gloria, and Marian.

As Tad continued to talk about brotherhood and what it entailed, a silent Adam looked troubled. "You're going to lose him," Tad warned, emphasizing, "You're going to lose the best part of yourself." Stuart headed over to WRCW to talk to Leo, who returned from his lunch date and found Stuart waiting in Liza's office. Despite Stuart's quizzing about who had been behind Paolo, Leo remembered Adam's warning about keeping his mouth shut and stuck to the story that it had been a blackmail scam.

Leo had been forced into helping, he said, because of gambling debts he owed in Europe. "You should stay away from Paolo," Stuart warned, clarifying, "He is a bad man, and he's going to end up in jail before some other woman gets hurt."

Meanwhile, Paolo sauntered into the Valley Inn restaurant and immediately spotted Erica sitting alone at her table, impatiently waiting for her check. Carefully selecting a white rose from a nearby floral arrangement, Paolo walked over and presented it to her. "Miss Kane, you are far more beautiful than your photographs," he purred. Erica was surprised. "And your name is?" she asked. "Paolo," he replied as he kissed the hand of an intrigued Erica.

Thursday, March23, 2000

In an office at WRCW, Greenlee sat at a circular table, reviewing the classifieds. Ryan wandered into the room and joked that Greenlee was looking through the personal ads. Greenlee pursed her lips together and fired off a scolding glance at Ryan. She said that she had found something for him. Ryan took the paper and read of an investor looking to help a start-up Internet company. Ryan feared that the offer was too good to be true, but Greenlee convinced him to give it a try.

Ryan picked up the phone, and within minutes, he landed a meeting with the investor. Ryan had to dash off, but Greenlee wasn't alone for long. Leo walked in and told Greenlee that he needed her help -- $30,000 of her help. Greenlee wasn't amused and told Leo that while they were friends, forking over that kind of money was out of the question. Leo explained that he was in a heap of trouble over the incident with Marian and that he needed money to pay off Paolo.

Greenlee warned Leo that he'd never be free of Paolo if he handed over the money. She went on to suggest that Leo ask Adam for the money since, after all, he'd gotten Leo into the mess. Leo ordered Greenlee never to mention Adam's name when talking about his troubles. Becca poked her head into the office and asked the pair if they'd seen Scott. Greenlee rolled her eyes and walked out of the room.

Becca knew that it would be a little while before Scott showed up, so she offered to give Leo some more tutoring. They sat down at the table, but Leo's mind was more focused on whatever Erica had said to Becca earlier in the day. Becca said that Erica had said that he was much like his mother and that he was only interested in using her. "That overrated prima donna," Leo growled. He rose from his chair and stormed out of the room.

Arlene invited Janet to the mall for some spring fashion shopping. Janet, who had her head buried in her finances, told Arlene that she needed to go to Enchantment to do some work. Amanda returned home from school, and Janet proudly boasted that her daughter had received straight A's for the marking period. Amanda said little. She dropped her backpack on the sofa and ran upstairs.

Arlene mused that it might be beneficial to get Amanda a boyfriend. Janet ran out of ink and had to search for another pen. Arlene opened Amanda's backpack to search for a pen, but she found something totally unexpected. Arlene handed Janet a paper, and Janet's face fell. Amanda had received a D on her latest history exam.

Janet knew that she needed to speak with Amanda's teacher, but she also had to head to work. Arlene urged Janet to have a talk with Amanda, but Janet didn't think that the timing was quite right. To that, Arlene asked Janet when the time would be right. After all, Janet had to face the possibility that Trevor would never return. Upset by Arlene's insinuation, Janet stomped off to work.

Shortly after Janet left, Adrian phoned the house. He suggested that he stop by to help with "man" things around the house, since Trevor wasn't around. Arlene smiled broadly and said that she and Janet had just been talking about him. After hanging up the phone, Arlene said that she hoped Adrian could "fix" her broken heart.

Erica seemed pleased that Paolo had approached her and praised her endlessly, but Erica still had no idea who she was talking to. Paolo simply said that he was a man who shared similar interests with. He looked down at her feet and rattled on about her leather shoes. Erica's face scrunched up as she groaned over the man's apparent "foot fetish." Paolo assured her that that was not the case. In fact, he claimed to be a member of a famous Italian leatherworking family. "The Decaros!" Erica chirped.

Erica and Paolo sat down at a nearby table, and Paolo announced his intention to work out a partnership between his family's company and Enchantment. Erica was intrigued, but she didn't see how a leather company and a cosmetics company could work together. Paolo asked for a tour of the Enchantment building, but Erica declined. Then she mulled the idea for a few moments and said that she'd permit Paolo to tour the building -- but one of her assistants would have to conduct the tour because she was simply too busy.

The results of Dixie's medical examination were promising. Everything was in check, though her blood pressure was a bit high. Dixie chalked that up to the turmoil in her life. Dixie thanked David for taking good care of her, but there was something that was troubling her. She asked David if he had known that Adam was really Colby's father. For a moment, it looked like David might lie his way out of it, but he took a deep breath and admitted that he'd been in the know for quite some time.

Dixie had suspected it and blasted David for not stepping forward. To her surprise, David said that he had wanted Jake to be a father to Colby. Dixie doubted David's claim because she knew that David and Jake loathed each other. David made no attempt to deny that he and Jake didn't get along, but he had known that Jake would be a far better father than Adam. Dixie thought back and figured out that David had wanted to crash Adam and Liza's wedding with the truth. She asked him why he'd kept quiet.

David sighed audibly and explained that he'd said nothing because he had wanted to impress Erica. Speaking of Erica, Dixie asked why he and Erica weren't ready to walk down the aisle. David broke into laughter and said that marriage didn't appear to be in the cards. Dixie told David not to count anything out. A year before, she never would have thought that she and Tad would be married again. David told Dixie that he and Erica don't even talk and that Erica was and always would be the most important person in her life.

At Enchantment, Janet was finishing off the books in Erica's office when Erica arrived. Erica asked Janet not to run off because she wanted to "catch up." Janet explained that she wanted to finish her work as quickly as possible so that she could go home and be with Amanda. Janet filed out of the room just as loud shouting erupted from down the hallway.

Leo stormed into the office, followed closely by Erica's assistant, Val. Erica assured Val that she could handle Leo, and Val left the room. Erica asked Leo if he'd arrived to apologize for the way he'd compared her to Vanessa. Leo didn't offer an apology but said that the comparison was unfair -- to his mother. Leo asked Erica never to speak poorly to his friends about him.

Erica thought that Leo was bitter because Becca had dumped him. "Becca is just too unsophisticated to spot a parasite when she sees one," Erica retorted. Val again appeared in the doorway, this time to announce Paolo's arrival. Leo shifted nervously upon seeing his friend.

Janet returned to the room and asked Erica if she had a moment to review some tax papers. Erica and Janet left the room, and Leo and Paolo had a few moments to talk in private. Leo warned Paolo that Erica would see through his lies sooner or later and that he'd be a very sorry man. Nevertheless, the two agreed to meet up at the Valley Inn in about an hour.

A little while later, Erica sat at her desk, daydreaming, unaware that Paolo had returned from his tour of the building. Paolo asked her to join him for dinner at the Valley Inn. After some careful consideration, Erica agreed. She reached for her appointment book and scratched out an 8:00 p.m. dinner date with David.

Back at WRCW, an elated Ryan returned from his meeting with the investor. He told Greenlee that everything had gone perfectly and that all he had to do was wow the man with a proposal. Greenlee offered herself as a "sounding board" for ideas, and Ryan was eager to accept the offer. Becca once again poked her head in to look for Scott.

Becca couldn't help but notice that Ryan was in a great mood. She asked him what was up, but Greenlee quickly snapped that it was none of her business. Becca left in a huff, and Ryan headed home to work on some ideas. Greenlee closed the door behind them and scurried over to the phone. She placed a call to her grandfather to thank him for helping her out.

In the lobby of the Valley Inn, Leo met up with Paolo and offered him a deal. Leo said that he would not interfere in Paolo's attempt to buddy up to Erica if Paolo dropped his demands for money.

When Adrian showed up at the Dillon home, Arlene was ready for him. She had mood music playing and a fire burning in the fireplace. She knew that she had to get rid of Amanda, so she suggested that the young girl go outside to play. Amanda didn't want to, so Arlene moved to her Plan B. She grabbed a videotape and told Amanda to go to her room, close the door, and watch the movie. Amanda was supposed to be doing her homework, but it was the only way Arlene could think of to get rid of the girl.

Adrian looked around and noticed that Arlene was alone. Understandably, he wanted to return when Janet and Amanda were home. Arlene insisted that he stick around and wait for Janet, so Adrian sat down on the sofa. Arlene sat next to him, and Adrian hurriedly scooted down. Arlene followed suit and once again was sitting right next to him.

Adrian asked Arlene about her plans for the future, but Arlene really didn't have any. Instead, she asked him if he'd always been in the nightclub business. Adrian smiled and stated that he had been a spy. Arlene went gaga and said that her favorite movie was The Spy Who Loved Me. Adrian told Arlene that he was "no James Bond," to which she said that he was much better than James Bond.

Arlene asked to see Adrian's battle scars. Without thinking, Adrian said that he had a scar on his neck and that he'd also been shot in the chest. Arlene swooped in to get a peek at Adrian's chest, but Adrian pulled away. He told her that he had to be going and quickly scurried out the door. Amanda wandered downstairs because she'd heard voices.

Janet returned home, and Amanda quickly returned upstairs to make it look like she'd been studying. Janet heard the television playing in the background and asked Arlene if Amanda was watching television. Arlene claimed that Amanda had begged her to watch TV. Janet nodded her head and said that she probably wouldn't have been able to say no to her daughter either.

Later, Janet was alone in the living when Derek appeared on her doorstep. Janet thought that Derek had news about Trevor. Derek shook his head. He told Janet that it was time for her to do the right thing and admit to killing Sophie. That way, he said, Trevor could return home, and Amanda could have her father back. He handed Janet a confession form and told her that all she had to do to end the nightmare was sign on the dotted line.

Friday, March24, 2000

Derek continued to press Janet to sign the confession, warning that Trevor was not safe out there on the run -- he could be shot by a trigger-happy law officer trying to take him in. The thought scared Janet so much that she was willing to sign, but just as she was about to, Arlene stepped in and ordered her not to do it. She ordered Derek to back off and even threatened to report him for trying to coerce a confession from Janet. Derek reluctantly left, warning Janet to remember what he had said.

Arlene assured Janet that she had done the right thing, but Janet wasn't totally fooled as to Arlene's motives. Janet said the real reason Arlene had stepped in was that she didn't want to lose her "meal ticket." If Janet went to jail and Trevor returned home, he'd toss Arlene out into the street. Janet added that Arlene couldn't go to Hayley, either, so she had nowhere to turn but Janet.

Arlene didn't really admit that to be the truth and turned the topic to mothers and daughters. She played on Janet's emotions by asking if she wished her mother, Wilma, had been there for her when she was a child. Of course she did, Janet replied, just like she always wanted to be there for Amanda. "But you can't do that if you're in jail, can you?" Arlene said, driving her point home. She asked what would happen if Trevor couldn't or wouldn't return home after Janet made her confession. Then Amanda would be left with no one.

The phone rang. It was Amanda's teacher calling Janet back. The teacher said that Amanda had been very distracted since Trevor had disappeared and recommended she go for therapy. Janet didn't like that idea, abruptly thanked the teacher, and hung up. She thought for a moment then dialed another number and asked to speak to Derek Frye. Arlene disconnected the call before Derek got on the line.

Amanda walked downstairs, and Janet asked her if she was done with her homework. "No," Amanda said, to Janet's surprise. Janet noticed she was holding a gold chain and asked her where she had gotten it. It was an "angel necklace," Amanda replied. Trevor had given it to her when he had been there earlier in the day.

Gillian was at Myrtle's, packing up her things to move back to Wildwind for a while. She wanted to spend some time with her grandmother and try to learn to deal with all that had happened. Myrtle happened to mention that Ryan had stopped by to see Jake right before he had left town, and Gillian jumped to the wrong conclusion. When Ryan showed up, Gillian accused him of trying to sabotage her relationship with Jake and told him that she would only be happy if she never had to see Ryan or think about him again.

Hurt that Gillian would believe he would do such a thing, Ryan only made a half-hearted attempt to tell her the truth then agreed that he'd get out of her life for good. Ryan left and headed to the television station for a brainstorming session with Greenlee about his new Internet business. In the meantime, Myrtle found a letter Jake had left for Gillian and gave it to her. In the letter, Jake explained that he felt betrayed by everyone in love, but in time, he felt that he would be able to forgive Gillian and that Ryan had helped him to see that. Gillian was horrified when she realized that rather that try to destroy her marriage, Ryan had defended her to Jake.

At the jail, Leo arrived to deliver papers from WRCW to Tad. When Tad was led away to take a shower, Adam grilled Leo about their scheme to destroy Marian's marriage and questioned if anyone knew of his involvement. Leo thought about Paolo blackmailing him but didn't reveal the truth about it to Adam. Instead, Leo said that the only one that had seen them together was Jack Montgomery, and Leo had covered by saying he had been at the Chandler mansion to do an errand for Liza and WRCW. Leo also mentioned that Stuart had stopped by to ask him what had happened, and he'd reported that nothing had happened between Paolo and Marian.

When Adam asked why Leo had told Stuart anything, Leo couldn't believe how heartless Adam was. Stuart was obviously extremely concerned about his wife. Leo wondered how he could go on letting Stuart think that she had been hurt. Leo seemed touched by Stuart's goodness and compassion; Stuart had even been worried about Leo when he had told Stuart about being blackmailed by some former associates, Leo marveled. Adam warned Leo to keep his mouth shut; no one could ever know he was involved. Leo agreed and left. Adam finally had the grace to look a little bit guilty for what he'd done.

Adam's guilty feeling was about to get a whole lot worse. Stuart arrived and actually asked Adam for forgiveness for believing that Adam could have had anything to do with what had happened to Marian. Adam had always been there for Stuart and had defended him. Stuart felt bad for having doubted Adam. Adam tried to say that an apology was not necessary, but Stuart insisted, and Adam finally "forgave" him. Stuart promised to never give up on Adam, no matter what.

Guilt for what he had done to Stuart washed over Adam, and he lay down on his bed and started to cry. Tad returned, and Adam tried to hide his tears, but it was too late. Tad was stunned to actually see Adam Chandler cry. But then he asked Adam, "What did you do to Stuart?"

At WRCW, Jack arrived to see Liza. Liza apologized for not telling him the truth when he had been representing her in the custody hearing. Jack accepted her apology and agreed to be her lawyer in her divorce from Adam. He was anxious to see Adam pay for what he had done to her. As they spoke, Leo entered briefly, and Jack commented that the two of them had met before. When Leo left, Liza asked Jack where he knew Leo from. He told her that he had met Leo once at the Chandler mansion, when Leo had been picking up a package for Liza.

Liza put two and two together and asked Jack if they could continue their conversation another time. She talked to Leo and asked him to stop by her house in twenty minutes; she saw potential in him and wanted to discuss additional responsibilities for him at the station. When he arrived at the Chandler mansion, the living room was filled with lighted candles, and Liza walked downstairs, wearing a black evening dress. "You know, I have a confession to make, that I brought you here under false pretenses. I need your help -- desperately," Liza told him.

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