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David was accused of kidnapping Leslie, but Dixie provided him with an alibi. Leslie was revealed to be alive and well. Dixie found Leslie's hospital ID in Tad's car. Leo hired a loan shark, who turned out to be a drug dealer, to pay back Ryan. Greenlee moved in with Jake temporarily while her penthouse underwent renovations. Shannon thanked Bianca for her intervention and asked Bianca to be her sponsor, while she secretly plotted revenge.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 19, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, March 19, 2001

Laura and Leo were at the yacht looking over some pictures that she had taken. Laura told Leo that she was glad they were keeping things on a professional basis and not letting personal feeling get in the way of their work. Laura was imagining that Leo was so obsessed with her that he could not think of anything except her since he left her house the other night. She also imagined that he was telling her that the smell of her perfume was driving him crazy and he wanted to kiss her. Leo called her name and brought her back to reality. Leo told Laura that he agreed with her and was glad they were keeping everything on a professional basis because he didn't want to ruin a good relationship. Ryan entered the room very upset. He told Leo that he wanted to talk to him now. They went outside and Ryan told Leo that he called the bank and asked them about the account he was supposed to open and was told that there was no account. Ryan told Leo that the money was for his wedding and his honeymoon and wanted to know where the money was. Leo told Ryan to "chill out." He said that everything was under control. Ryan asked Leo if he was trying to con him. Leo said that the money was totally safe and if he wanted him to get it for him, he would get it now. Ryan told him that he had one hour to produce the money. Leo left the yacht in a big hurry. As he was leaving, Gillian entered the room. Leo entered BJ's in a fast pace looking for someone. His mother was behind him. She thought she would brighten her day by having a chat with her son. Leo said that he was waiting on someone. Vanessa commented that she hoped they had money. Vanessa said that she was there to talk about money, in particular, the money that she loaned him to buy the condo with Greenlee. Leo said that he recalled the money was a gift, not a loan. Vanessa told him that the money was to snare Greenlee but since he had eyes for someone else, the money no longer was a gift but was now a loan payable upon demand and she was demanding it. Leo told his mom that she married "master megabucks" and wanted to know what she wanted with the pathetic amount that he gave her. Leo said that he wished he could help her but the money was already tied up. Leo's friend, Stan, entered BJ's and Leo excused himself from his mother. He told Stan that something came up and he needed to have the money back that he gave him earlier. Stan told Leo that there was a problem. Stan told Leo that the investment didn't work out and he lost all the money. Leo told Stan that it wasn't his money. It was Ryan's money for his marriage and honeymoon. Leo said that he wanted the money back today and he didn't care how he got the money. Stan told him that he lost a bundle of money also. Leo grabbed Stan by the coat collar and told him that he would kill him right now if he had the time. Leo walked out of BJ's, right past Greenlee who walked into the place just as Stan and Leo were sitting down discussing the money.

After Laura left the yacht, Gillian came out modeling some clothes for her wedding night and also holding 2 first class tickets to Budapest. Ryan grabbed Gillian and started kissing her. Gillian said that they were all alone. Ryan told Gillian that Leo was on his way back. Gillian told Ryan that Leo turned out to be a good partner. Ryan said that the jury was still out. Leo was outside the door listening and after he heard them talking, he walked away.

Edmund and Anna were in the turret waiting on Alex and Dimitri to return. Anna was waking up and was really restless. Edmund told Anna to hold on because Alex was on her way back. Anna asked Edmund who Alex was. Edmund reminded her that Alex was her twin sister. Edmund told her that she was a little disoriented. Anna grabbed Edmund's hand and held it tight and said that he was so patient, so kind and that she loved him and she called him "Robert." Alex and Dimitri returned and wanted to know how Anna was. Edmund told Alex that she had another seizure and that she thought he was her husband Robert Scorpio. Alex was surprised that Anna remembered him. She didn't think Anna still had those memories. Alex told Edmund and Dimitri that they had to get her to a hospital. Alex said that she had hoped to keep her there and help heal her with the right medicines but she had to make an accurate diagnosis but she had to do that in a hospital. They agreed but not to take her to Pine Valley Hospital. Alex left to make some phone calls. Edmund stayed behind to take care of Anna and keep a wet cold cloth on her to try to bring her fever down. Edmund tried to get Anna to drink some water because he said that he promised her sister that he wouldn't let her get dehydrated. Anna told Edmund that he would do anything for her. Edmund told Anna about the story behind Alex and Dimitri. He told her about the two very special women in his life, Maria and Alex. Anna told Edmund that there could be a third. Edmund told her that he was not looking for any miracles. Edmund told Anna that she was a miracle for Alex. He said that she didn't know she had a family until she found her. Anna told Edmund that if it wasn't for Alex, she wouldn't have known she had a husband and child. Edmund told Anna that she may not have memories but she does have feelings. Anna asked him what he meant by that and Edmund told her how she called him by her husband's name. Anna apologized and said that she hoped she didn't embarrass him. Edmund told Anna that she could never embarrass him. Anna told Edmund that he has something that people lack. Edmund wanted to know if she meant a castle. She told him that he knows who he is and what his life is about and he knows his children. Alex and Dimitri returned and said that Seaview Hospital does not have the equipment they need. The only place suitable is Pine Valley Hospital.

Joe was talking to the security dept. at the hospital and told them that they had a missing patient. He said that her name was Leslie Coulson, white female, early 30s and he wanted a floor-by-floor search of "every broom closet and every storage area." He also said that he wanted a guard posted at every entrance and exit to the hospital. Jake came into the room and told his dad that David was probably the one who took her. Jake told Joe about David trying to take Leslie off life support and trying to get Leslie's sister to sign the papers to disconnect her life support. Jake said that if you find Hayward, you will find Leslie. Jake told his dad that if Leslie talked, David would go to jail and lose his license to practice medicine. Jake said that was why David brow-beat Leslie's sister to take her off life support. Greenlee walked into Leslie's room while Jake and Joe were discussing David Hayward. Jake shoved her out the door and told her he didn't have time to talk to her now. Greenlee had the keys to his new apartment and wanted him to sign the papers that she brought so she could give him his keys. Jake told her that he didn't have time to sign the papers now. Greenlee said that she didn't see any sick people around now. Jake told Greenlee that he had some business to take care and when he was done, he would call her and sign the papers then. Leslie's sister, Pam, came up to David and said that she brought some of Leslie's favorite music. She told Jake that if she heard the music, she might respond. When Pam came into the room, she noticed that Leslie was gone and wanted to know what happened to her. Jake and Joe told her that Leslie was missing. Pam asked how could someone in a coma disappear. Security called Joe back and said that they could not find David Hayward. Joe told them to page him and tell him that he wanted to see him right away. Jake was talking to Pam trying to comfort her while the entire hospital was looking for Leslie. Jake told Pam that they would find Leslie. He said that it was probably a mix up with one of the nurses taking Leslie for tests instead of another patient. Pam commented that a nurse would not take her off life support to get tests done. Jake said that this was extremely unusual for this hospital. Greenlee was in the room and said that the six o'clock news would love a story like this. Jake told Greenlee that this does not concern her and Pam told Jake that she was right. Pam said that a story about neglect and mismanagement in what was supposed to be a first class hospital. Jake said that they are a first class hospital. Pam said that they are first class screw-ups and they will pay for this. Pam told Jake that she would get a lawyer and "sue this butcher shop for every nickel it is worth." She told Jake that if this has made Leslie worse in any way, he would never practice medicine again. Pam left the room in a hurry with Jake right behind her trying to stop her.

Dixie was in David's motel room questioning him about Leslie and wanted to know if she had something on him. She asked David if he was the one who put the Libidozone in the punch at the party. All David could say was, "they got you, didn't they?" Dixie asked David "who got to her?" David replied "the Martins." David said that he could see it on her face and in her eyes that she believes them. David asked Dixie if she believed the lies about him and Dixie replied that she didn't know who to believe. David said that he wished he was the one who went over the side of the balcony. David told Dixie that she was the only one who had faith in him. David said that he was not trying to hide anything. David's pager went off and he did not answer it. Dixie told him to answer it and he told Dixie to let the sanctimonious Martin's take care of it. David told Dixie that she was the only thing that made sense in his life and if he lost her, he had lost everything. He asked Dixie if he had lost her. She replied, "That depends." She said that she fought the whole town for him, she risked her marriage and upset her son. She said that she did all that for him. Dixie said that she just needed to know that he did not let Leslie fall, he did not want to take her off life support, and he did not use that drug to break up her marriage with Tad. She told David that if he really loved her the way he says, he would tell her the truth. David just looked at her. David told Dixie that she was right and he should never have put her in that position. He told her that he loved her so much and he put her at odds with her family and friends. David told Dixie that he should have protected her and not let it go so far. Dixie said that she has too many people trying to wrap her into a cocoon and she doesn't need that. David again professed his love for Dixie and asked her if she felt the same way. She told him that she was not quite there yet. She said that she was being honest and one thing that he had to know is that she has to make her own decisions. She wanted David to tell her that he trusts her and would tell her the truth no matter what it was. David said that he would tell her the truth now. He told her that he did not let her fall off the balcony and he did not try to take her off life support. He also said that he did not put the Libidozone in the punch. He asked Dixie if she believed him and she said yes. She hugged him and told him "thank you" for telling the truth. His beeper went off again and Dixie told him to answer it this time.

Greenlee was outside Leslie's room talking to Joe. When Jake returned, he told his dad that Pam was upset and said that he tried to calm her down but didn't think he did a good enough job. Joe said that Greenlee told him that Pam was talking about suing the hospital. Jake told Joe that he hoped she would calm down when they found Leslie. He asked if there was any word yet. Just then, David Hayward returned and came in asking about the page. Joe took him and Jake into Leslie's room. David saw the empty bed and asked if they moved Leslie. Jake told David not to play dumb with them. David said that he leaves that to him. Joe told both of them to keep it civilized. Jake asked David where Leslie was. Joe told David that she was taken off life support and moved from her room about an hour ago. David told Joe and Jake that he saved her life and he wouldn't have moved her. Dixie entered the room and wanted to know what was going on. David told her that Leslie was missing and wasn't in any other room in the hospital and Joe and Jake were accusing him of taking her. Joe told David that he knows how he can prove it. He told David to tell them where he had been for the past couple of hours. David looked at Dixie and Dixie looked at David.

Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Dressed in a baby blue negligee, Gillian poured champagne into two glasses. As she walked across the galley, she realized that Ryan had vanished. A few seconds later, Ryan returned, claiming that he excused himself to handle a business call. They shared a kiss to pick up where they had left off the night before. After their lips parted, Gillian discussed her plans for their wedding. She smiled broadly as she explained that she wanted to fly 50 of her relatives to Pine Valley from Hungary. Ryan swallowed hard as he feared that Gillian was taking his advice not go cheap on the wedding quite literally. Ryan's phone rang, but the call was not for him; it was a limousine service calling to speak to Gillian. Ryan stepped outside and placed an urgent call to Leo to find out where he was and what had happened to his money. Leo answered the call, but he crumpled packets of sugar into the mouthpiece so that he could claim that he was having reception troubles.

At a table in BJ's, Leo practiced a speech he planned to use on Palmer. "I need a major cash infusion now," he chirped. He mulled several other ideas, but Palmer showed up at the table before Leo had chosen which story to use. Palmer immediately wanted to know what kind of trouble Leo had gotten himself in because he knew that things had to be pretty bad for Leo to summon him to a meeting in a restaurant. Leo dismissed notions that he'd gotten a girl pregnant, but his statement that "a friend" needed money made his story look pretty flimsy. Across the restaurant at the bar, Greenlee did her best to listen in on the conversation. Leo borrowed a pen from Palmer and scribbled down a number on a napkin. He slid it to Palmer, whose neck snapped back upon reading the figure. "You must take me for a bigger fool than you are!" Palmer retorted. Palmer pressed Leo for the reason for his need for fast cash. Finally, Leo broke down and revealed that he'd invested some of Ryan's money without his permission. Palmer was not particularly moved by Leo's plight because it involved a man who he still believed that poisoned a boatful of people. Nevertheless, Palmer was taken aback when he noticed beads of sweat forming on Leo's brow. As surprised he was to see that Leo was genuinely upset, Palmer wasn't willing to part with any of his money. He told Leo that he'd do him more of a disservice by giving him the money than he would by not giving him money. Palmer patted Leo's cheek and walked away from the table.

In the turret on the Wildwind property, Alex determined that moving her sister to Pine Valley Hospital was far too dangerous. Dimitri, on the other hand, argued that it was dangerous to allow Anna to go on without proper medical treatment. Edmund, meanwhile, assured Anna that he'd sneak her some of Peggy's food if she agreed to seek treatment at the hospital. Edmund headed off to make a phone call to the hospital. Bart overheard Dimitri and Alex discussing the move and returned to voice his adamant opposition to moving Anna to the hospital. He urged Alex to allow Anna's medication some additional time to start working. Alex shook her head from side to side, signaling to Bart that the medicine would probably never be enough to save Anna. Anna, who'd been quiet through most of the conversation, flashed a weak smile at Bart and asked him, "What do we have to lose?" Bart nodded his approval to the idea as Edmund was returning. Edmund announced that everything was in place at the hospital. He then hoisted Anna into the air and carried her off to the car.

David fell silent when asked about his whereabouts over the previous few hours. Dixie cocked her head to one side and demanded that he tell them where he'd been. Rather than reveal that he was with Dixie, David stated that he had no alibi. Dixie sighed deeply and shouted out that she and David had been together at The Valley Inn. Jake rolled his eyes and asked Dixie why she always runs to David's defense. Dixie explained that she wasn't creating an alibi for David and that a clerk at the hotel could verify that she and David had been together. Jake admitted that Dixie's story was probably true, but quickly muttered that David must have hired someone to dispose of Leslie. Jake again turned to David and asked him what he'd done with Leslie. In a bizarre fantasy/guilt sequence, David imagined that Leslie appeared by his side and rattled off a list of some of his most notable criminal activities. Before dematerializing, Leslie remarked that David would never come clean because he was too afraid of losing his "precious Dixie Belle." When David returned to Earth, David claimed that he had no part in Leslie's disappearance. He then said that he was more concerned with the fact that Leslie had been taken off of life support than the fact that she was missing. Dixie had heard enough of the allegations against David and stormed out of the room. Joe was paged away, but before leaving he instructed Jake to call Derek to alert him to the situation. Once he was alone with David, Jake demanded that David tell the truth. The discussion became extremely heated and the two doctors nearly came to blows. A passing hospital guard entered the room and broke things up before they became physical. Even after he was shooed out of the room by Jake, things were still quite tenuous. David dared Jake to punch him on at least two occasions, saying that he would then have something in common with Tad and Junior. Jake turned and left the room. David lingered around for a few moments, which was long enough for Leo to track him down. Leo wasted no time in hitting up his brother for a loan. David's eyes widened in surprise. He explained to Leo that the money he'd given him was a one-time deal and would not be an ongoing occurrence. Leo claimed that he was "desperate," but David doubted his sincerity and walked out on him. Leo clasped his hands behind his head and looked up at the ceiling. He sighed deeply and paged through a small phonebook that he'd been carrying with him. He picked up the phone in the room, dialed a number and nervously asked to speak to "Mr. Miller."

Leo returned to BJ's and sat down with the man known only as Mr. Miller. The man demanded to know how Leo had gotten his name and number. Leo never mentioned his own name, but said that he'd gotten the number for an old acquaintance, Wade Randall. The name wasn't one that Mr. Miller particularly wanted to hear and commented that Wade's name wasn't exactly a good name to drop in conversation. As he'd done with Palmer, Leo scrawled a figured on a napkin and asked the loan shark for immediate cash. Mr. Miller asked Leo what he had to offer as collateral for such a hefty loan. Leo cleared his throat and lamely replied that he had a yacht that he owned. Hearing that Leo owned a yacht, Mr. Miller determined that he could easily go to more legitimate sources for cash. To keep the shady businessman from leaving, Leo shouted out that he was Ryan Lavery, of fame. In the background, Greenlee returned to a barstool and attempted to listen in on what was being said. She pushed several patrons out of her line of sight and gave the bartender a dirty look when he started using a blender. Mr. Miller knew better because he'd seen the commercials for the Internet company. Leo quickly countered that the commercials used a model to portray him. Mr. Miller made the terms of the loan quite clear. "20 points plus ten percent.," he said firmly. Leo gulped, but agreed. Mr. Miller said that Leo didn't have to sign any papers because he knew that he could be tracked down at anytime. Greenlee looked on as the two men filed out of the restaurant.

Aboard the Fidelity, Gillian sensed that something was troubling Ryan. She pressed him for information, but Ryan wasn't forthcoming. After much pressure, Ryan finally admitted that he'd trusted someone to do something that he should have done himself. Gillian figured that Leo figured into that situation somehow and said that she was going to call Leo and talk to him. As Ryan appeared on the verge of telling Gillian what had happened, an out-of-breath Leo burst into the room holding a well-stuffed envelope. Leo slapped his forehead with the palm of his hand as his announced that he'd taken the money to the wrong bank and had encountered difficulties when trying to close the account. Leo mused that it would have been "easier to rob the bank." Ryan flashed him a look of concern and asked him if he was sure that he hadn't robbed a bank.

David meandered down the corridors of Pine Valley Hospital. He found the door to his office ajar and wondered if Leslie was inside. He called out Leslie's name, but when he stepped inside he found Dixie waiting for him. David took Dixie in his arms, but Dixie questioned him why he'd think that Leslie was in his office. After all, the last time they'd seen Leslie, she'd been on life support and unable to move. David replied that Leslie was capable of anything. David told Dixie that he was going to take her home and not let her out of his sight until Leslie was found. Dixie didn't argue and followed the doctor out of the office.

Elsewhere in the hospital. Joe met with Edmund, Dimitri and Anna in a secluded hospital room. Through some bending of the rules, Anna had been admitted under Alex's name. Joe had placed the room under quarantine so that only authorized personnel could enter the room. That would not, he explained, keep Alex's co-workers from wondering what was wrong with her. Dimitri explained that the explanation to be offered was that Alex had contracted a rare disease while traveling in South America. Dimitri and Edmund each told Joe that he was placing himself at risk by treating Anna. Joe didn't appear frightened by the possibility that international goons could go gunning for him. Joe excused himself to handle another patient. Soon after her left, Jake burst into the room and asked to know what was wrong with Alex. Anna sat in bed, staring at the intruder like a deer trapped in the headlights on an oncoming car. Dimitri and Edmund did most of the speaking, claiming that Alex had "spiked a fever" and decided to seek medical treatment. He recalled that Alex had been fine just the day before when he'd seen her in her office. Jake moved towards Anna and said that he wanted to give her a quick check-up. Anna claimed that she didn't want to be examined until her specialist arrived. Jake pushed Dimitri and Edmund out of the room so that he could speak to "Alex" doctor-to-doctor. Dimitri grudgingly agreed so as not to draw even more suspicion. Jake then asked "Alex," what was going on. First, he noted, she had asked Dimitri and Edmund to round up medication so that she could treat herself. Then, Jake continued, she'd showed up at work in perfect health and now she was in the hospital for seizures and a fever. "You're not yourself, Alex," Jake remarked. Anna's eyes darted from side to side as she tried to figure out how to respond.

Wednesday, March 21, 2001

In Erica's office at Enchantment, Jack paced back and forth, practicing a legal argument. Bianca walked in hoping to catch her mother but Jack told Erica had already left for New York City. Erica and the mayor had left for a dinner meeting in New York to discuss the Teens Against Addiction fundraiser. Jack told Bianca how proud he and Erica were of her and the way she handled the situation with Shannon. Bianca told him about running into Shannon and her friends at BJ's and how Mindy and Heather jumped all over her, but Shannon just ignored her. Bianca thought this was a bit odd, but blew it off. She then showed her uncle what she had bought at the mall. Bianca had purchased a potted tulip to give Sarah for Easter. She told Jack she had promised Sarah she would bring her a tulip in the spring. Jack had to break the news to Bianca that Sarah's mother was taking her to France for Easter. Bianca was upset that her mother hadn't told her this earlier, but Jack explained that Erica hadn't had enough time to tell Erica the news before leaving for Manhattan. Jack asked Bianca to give Erica a break, considering everything that had happened with Shannon and the Young Miss Enchantment campaign. Jack suggested that Bianca and Sarah could get together during the summer, but Bianca feared that Mrs. Livingston would always come up with something to keep her and Sarah apart. Jack then tried to get Bianca to have dinner with him, but his niece said she just wanted to go home. Jack suggested that she call Laura and offered to treat the two girls to a movie, but Bianca turned that offer down as well. Jack wondered if Bianca was worried that Shannon was up to something. He told Bianca that he hopes she has friends at school who would back her up against Shannon and her flunkies. Bianca assured him that she does have friends and that they're getting used to her being in the spotlight. There was a knock on the door and in walked Shannon, looking very repentant. She asked for "Miss Kane"and was told by Jack that Erica wasn't available. Shannon then said she had some things to tell Bianca. Shannon explained that Erica had called her parents and told them everything about her drug use. They "freaked" and grounded her for the rest of the semester. Additionally, Shannon was ordered to go to outpatient drug counseling, starting tomorrow. Shannon told Bianca that she wanted to thank her for being a better friend than her other friends and for caring enough to try to stop her drug use. She went on to say she didn't blame Bianca for ruining her life because she realized that she was putting her life on the line by taking Ecstasy. Shannon said she knew she couldn't get her job back; she just wanted to apologize to Miss Kane. Then she told Bianca that if she didn't think she was "a total waste of flesh" that maybe the two of them could be friends. Bianca was incredulous at this suggestion. Shannon admitted she had been jealous of Bianca when she'd first arrived in Pine Valley because she was" pretty, smart, and seemed to have it all together." Plus, the boys liked her, "well, at least before...". Bianca barked "Before? Some boys still liked me after!". Shannon excused herself to the ladies room and Bianca told Jack she actually felt sorry for Shannon. Jack got a page from the courthouse saying his jury was back and offered to walk to the two girls out. Bianca said no; she could deal with Shannon, but Jack warned her to be careful. Bianca told him that everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt, but Jack was still worried. Shortly after he left, Shannon returned. She asked Bianca to tell her what rehab was like. Bianca crooked her neck and reminded Shannon that she wouldn't be in rehab - she'd be in outpatient therapy. Shannon countered by saying that her parents would stick her in rehab in a second if realized the extent of her drug problem. Shannon claimed that she'd tried to quit using drugs on her own, but that she'd. She then told Bianca that she'd never been so scared in her whole life and started to cry. Bianca handed her a tissue and tried to comfort her. She suggested that Shannon talk to her counselor, but Shannon was afraid that if she did she'd be sent to rehab "in 5 minutes". Bianca told her that rehab was a good place, that she'd discover things about herself. Shannon asked Bianca to be her sponsor, but Bianca declined, saying Shannon needed someone who'd gone through drug addiction to help her. Shannon said she didn't blame Bianca for not wanting to help her. The guilt got the better of Bianca and she finally agreed to be Shannon's sponsor - but only until Shannon could find a real sponsor. Shannon was very grateful and ran out of the office. Later, Bianca got on the telephone and called Sarah. The two joked about Sarah's upcoming trip to France. Bianca extended an offer to Sarah to visit Pine Valley in the summer. Bianca described some of the things they could do, like going to Willow Lake and visiting her friend that "lives on a yacht." Sarah asked about her relationship with Erica, of which Bianca said things were going ok. She went on to say she was getting involved in her mom's project, Teens Against Addiction. Bianca then told "clueless and scared" Shannon and how she hoped that she and Shannon might somehow become friends.

At BJ's Shannon walked in looking very down. She met up with Mindy and Heather who asked if she was ok. She told them she admitted to Bianca that she had a serious drug problem and asked that she be her sponsor. The two girls looked stunned until Shannon burst into laughter saying, "She totally bought it!".

David and Dixie went back to Dixie's house. Before allowing Dixie to enter, David wanted to search the place for Leslie. He nervously chattered that he couldn't relax until Leslie was found. Dixie was calm but David was getting more and more worried. He said Leslie was "a freak of nature" for surviving a fall that would've killed anyone else. David had a flashback in which he remembered seeing Leslie's fingers move in her hospital bed and got even more upset. Dixie could tell he was agitated and wanted to know what he was hiding for her. David denied hiding anything, saying he was just afraid for Dixie while Leslie is missing.

In her office at the hospital, Alex was looking through medical texts when Dimitri and Edmund came in to tell her that Anna had been admitted. Alex wanted to go see Anna, but Edmund and Dimitri both told her she couldn't right now because Jake was with her. Dimitri told her that Jake wanted to treat "Alex" but Alex was worried that Anna won't be able to pull off pretending to be a doctor around Jake. Edmund and Dimitri thought she would be able to do it - at least for a few minutes. Meanwhile, Jake examined "Alex" and questioned her sudden decline in health. She told him she'd been symptomatic for weeks and that it just got worse. Jake checked her temperature and it was 104 degrees. Anna began hallucinating and begged Jake not to kill her. Jake asked, "Alex, what's happening?". She wondered out loud who Alex was, but quickly remembered that was needed to pretend to be her sister. She told him maybe he could make flashcards for her like he did for Gillian and then said a couple more things that made Jake raise his eyebrows. Dimitri and Edmund returned and Jake took them outside the room, telling them that the specialist had better get there fast. Dimitri went back into the room where Anna was having a grand-mal seizure. Jake ran into the room to help while Edmund went to find Alex. Edmund told Alex what was happening and Alex was desperate to go help her sister. Edmund reminded her that she'd blow Anna's cover if she showed up in her room. Alex decided to call David Hayward for help.

David's cell phone rang and rang, prompting Dixie to ask David if he was going to answer it. David said that he would not answer the phone until he and Dixie had finished their conversation. She finally convinced him to answer it. David angrily told the caller, Alex, that he was busy and said that he was sure she could handle whatever problem she was having. Dixie went upstairs to change clothes and when she returned downstairs she was wearing long sleeves and long pants -- not exactly the sexy outfit David had been hoping for. He asked Dixie if he made her uncomfortable by being there and she admitted that it was awkward. David apologized for crowding her but she said it was just his way of showing that he cares for her. David told her that he wanted to lay the world at her feet, but Dixie said she doesn't need fancy things. He began describing what their life would be together - how they would have their own house and how he'd come home from work every day to find her waiting there for him. Hopefully, he joked, she would be wearing something a little more risqué than what she had on now. Dixie mused that she'd be wrapped in cellophane, a visual that David found very intriguing.

At the hospital Alex looked at the phone in stunned silence. Edmund wanted to know what David said and Alex told him David refused to come. Edmund wondered where David was and Alex said she'd heard Dixie's voice in the background. Edmund told Alex to stay in her office while he went to track down Dr. Hayward. Edmund went to Dixie's where he began pounding on the door. Dixie opened it and he said he had to talk to David. David walked over and Edmund described "Alex's" condition. David still didn't want to go but Dixie convinced him to help Alex. Edmund agreed to stay with Dixie so David would leave. David kissed Dixie goodbye and headed to the hospital.

At the hospital, Anna began having back-to-back seizures. Jake wanted to begin some blood work. Alex, dressed in scrubs outside Anna's room, told Dimitri to get Jake out of the room. Anna finally stabilized and Jake got a call to the ER. Dimitri told him that the specialist, Dr. Potter, had arrived and that it was ok for Jake to go to the ER. Jake insisted that he'd be right back to brief Dr. Potter on "Alex's" case, but Dimitri told him it wasn't necessary. After Jake left, Alex went into the room and ordered more medication for her sister. Anna began seizing again and Alex called for more meds. David walked in and was astonished to see Alex there treating Anna. They worked together to help Anna and she began to respond to the treatment. Alex and David discussed further treatments and Alex realized she had missed a couple of things in Anna's diagnosis. David told her she needed to detach herself and that they would treat Anna together. They left the room and found Dimitri. David told him that a virus caused the fever, which caused the seizures. He was fairly certain that Anna would be okay. Alex thanked David for his help. David left the room so that he could check on Dixie. Alex told Dimitri how helpful David was to her, but Dimitri thought David just wanted her to feel indebted to him. Alex said David was an "exceptional doctor" and that he saved many lives - including Dimitri's.

David called Dixie and told her that "Alex" was ok. Dixie told him to stay there and keep an eye on her. Dixie relayed the message to Edmund that "Alex" was resting and doing well. She told him to go to the hospital to check on Alex, but Edmund said he wasn't going anywhere because he'd promised David that he'd look after her. Dixie said David was overreacting for thinking that she needed protection from a woman in a coma. Edmund said that he thinks Dixie might need protection from David, which really annoyed Dixie.

In an unknown location, Leslie's lifeless body laid on a table in the middle of room filled with clutter. Amazingly, she somehow came to and regained full consciousness. Upon doing so, she struggled to look off at the far side of the room. She squinted her eyes and asked an unknown person what he or she had planned for her.

Thursday, March 22, 2001

At BJ's, Leo nervously fiddled with his coffee cup. Mr. Miller arrived and thanked Leo for meeting him. He made small talk with Leo and ordered breakfast before reminding him that he "advanced (him) a large sum of cash."

Greenlee snuck into BJ's and made her way over to the waitress who assured her that she called her as soon as Leo arrived at the restaurant. Satisfied, Greenlee handed her money and sat down to spy on Leo and Mr. Miller.

Confused, Leo told him that his payment wasn't due until next week. Mr. Miller assured him that he didn't want his money; he wanted "payback." Mr. Miller explained that he wanted to take a "ride" on Fidelity. As Leo tried to respond, Ryan, Gillian and Laura walked in and Ryan called out Leo's name. He told a confused Mr. Miller that his "friend" was calling him by his "sun sign" and left to speak with him - who he claimed went by the name "Gemini." Ryan asked who he was meeting with, but Leo didn't respond. As Greenlee looked on, Leo asked Ryan why he was there and Ryan informed him that he had missed a meeting with Laura. Laura suddenly rushed up and proudly asked Leo to look at her pictures, but Leo replied that he couldn't and went back to his table. Ryan told a shaken Laura to not let Leo's behavior upset her, but Laura replied that she was used to being treated like "toxic slime" and ran off, with Gillian behind her. At the table, Leo nervously told Mr. Miller that they wouldn't be able to sail the yacht because it was a "home base" that they left anchored during business hours. Mr. Miller became angry and replied that he had promised his "associates" that they would be taking a yacht trip that afternoon. He threateningly told Leo that if he didn't take him out for a sail, then he had to pay back the loan in full that day.

Gillian caught up to Laura in the bathroom. Laura called herself "stupid" for having a "meltdown" in front of Leo just because he had forgotten their meeting. Gillian told her that she looked tired and asked her if she liked Leo. Laura was alarmed and asked her if Ryan had told her but Gillian assured her that she had figured it out on her own. "Great. Now the whole world knows I like Leo," Laura sniffed and vowed to do something to stop that.

Greenlee snuck by Ryan and made her way to the ladies room. At the table, Leo assured Mr. Miller that they would be able to set sail. Suddenly, Mr. Miller's phone rang and Leo went to speak to Ryan. He told Ryan that Mr. Miller was a friend of his mother's who was interested in investing a "small fortune" in He asked Leo if they could take Mr. Miller for a "spin" on the yacht, but Ryan refused. He explained that it would cost too much to reboot the computer system when they returned. Leo sat next to Ryan and warned him that it was his company that he was putting on the line. Ryan cautiously asked Leo who Mr. Miller really was. Before he could answer, Gillian and Laura returned and Laura asked Leo to excuse them. After Leo left, Laura gave her resignation.

Leo returned to the table and apprehensively told Mr. Miller that there was a slight problem, but they would still sail. Mr. Miller turned around and watched Gillian as she sat down at a table with Ryan and Laura. He told Leo that he had to meet her, but Leo replied that she was already taken. Suddenly, the waitress came by to refill Leo's cup of coffee and dropped a note into his lap. He opened it and read: "HELP. Come to the ladies' room." Mr. Miller asked Leo what he meant about Gillian being taken, but Leo quickly excused himself and left the table. At their table, Laura repeated that she was quitting and handed the photos to Ryan. Gillian left the two to talk and Ryan begged Laura to stay. He offered to put her on a salary but she insisted that it wasn't about the money. He realized it was about Leo and offered to fire the "flake" to keep her with the company.

Leo cautiously entered the ladies bathroom and Greenlee popped out of a stall. She asked him what he was doing but he refused to tell her. She admitted that she had been following him around and figured out that it had something to do with him owing money. He tried to leave, but Greenlee asked him to consider her as his guardian angel who wanted to pay off his debt. Leo thought about it for a second then told her he couldn't. "Lousy picture, not enough reception," he stated and went to walk away. Greenlee advised him to let her help him. She told him she didn't care what he did to get himself in trouble and asked him how much he needed. Leo replied that she was "something" and Greenlee thanked him. She asked him to admit that he needed her and Leo became agitated. She took her checkbook out but Leo told her that she was the last person he wanted to ask for money. Greenlee kept persisting but Leo assured her that he didn't want anything from her. Heartbroken, Greenlee ran out.

At the table, Laura insisted that Ryan not fire Leo but he assured her that he wasn't going to. He told her that she didn't know how she felt about Leo and that she shouldn't make such a hasty decision on account of Leo's behavior. Laura agreed and took the pictures back. He assured her that she would find love and happiness one day. At the bar, Mr. Miller approached Gillian and told her that he had been admiring her from across the room. Leo joined them as Mr. Miller asked her if his "friend" was correct in telling him that she was already taken. Gillian insisted that he was and that she was, in fact, engaged. When Mr. Miller asked who the lucky man was, Gillian replied that it was Ryan Lavery. Mr. Miller asked Leo why he hadn't told him that Gillian was his fiancé. Leo nervously tried to get him back to their table but Gillian asked what was going on. Leo put a finger to her lips and passionately kissed her as Laura and Ryan noticed and looked on in shock.

David entered his office and viewed the hand and arm of an unknown woman in his chair. When she heard the sound of the door closing, the chair swiveled around to reveal Dixie. She told him to sit down and poured him a cup of coffee. She assured him that Leslie would no longer be a threat but David only replied that he had "stopped underestimating Leslie two lives ago." He asked her where Edmund was and Dixie replied that he had gone to visit Alex. She asked how Alex was and David told her that she was doing better since he had stabilized her condition. She finally revealed that she had come to see him because she had missed him. He took her hand and was about to kiss her but Joe and Derek interrupted them. Joe explained that the detective had to ask David some questions about Leslie's disappearance. Dixie began to explain again that he had been with her, but David told her it would only take a few minutes and she left with Joe. Alone, Derek asked David for information but David assured him that he would learn more if he were interrogating Tad instead. Derek ignored him and began asking him questions, but David interrupted him and told Derek that he had already said everything he knew. The detective asked if he had tried to convince Pam to take her sister off life support and David agreed that he had, for Leslie's own good. David repeated that he would find out more by asking Tad and claimed that his only crime was falling in love with Dixie.

Tad opened the door to Jake's apartment and explained to his surprised brother that he had spent some time in a motel, thinking about his life. He seemed incredulous that David had tried to convince Pam to take Leslie off the breathing equipment. Jake assured him that the story got better and told him that someone had moved a comatose Leslie from the hospital. Tad grinned and Jake asked him if he knew who took Leslie. Tad replied that it could have only been the great "Davini" and told Jake that he should admire him because even a magician couldn't pull off that trick. He admitted that David had won. Without Leslie, there was no case against him and "he still got the girl." Resignedly, he asked what they were going to eat for breakfast, but Jake told him that he shouldn't let David affect him so much that he would run out of town. Tad replied that is exactly what he did when David had slept with Gillian. Jake confided that it was "foolish" of him to run off to a war devastated country and that he had wished for a bomb to drop on him and "take (him) out." He admitted that he had wanted to die, but after getting shot he realized that he wanted his life back. He stated that Dixie was Tad's life and that he had to get her back. Tad confessed that Dixie had been on his mind the entire time he was away but acknowledged that he was too scared to tell her. Jake reminded him that they had been through a lot and always found their way back to each other. Tad asked him if was going to "give it up" and stop trying to unite him with his wife, but Jake assured him that he wasn't. He told Tad that he and Dixie were the "stuff dreams are made of" and that their love gave hope to everyone else.

Outside in the hallway, Joe assured Dixie that Derek had questioned everyone in the ICU. Dixie scoffed and told him that he and Jake "couldn't wait to point the finger at David." She declared that she knew the Martins always stuck together. Gently, Joe reminded her that she was a Martin too and that, regardless of any choices she would make in the future, she would always be family. He quietly assured her if she chose to be with David, the Martin clan, including Tad, would come to accept that in time. Dixie asked Joe if he had heard from Tad and he replied that he hadn't. She suggested that they check "The Queen of Hearts," a restaurant in the middle of the desert, where he had run off to before. Suddenly, she became teary-eyed and told Joe that she was sorry. Slowly, Joe embraced her. Dixie admitted that she still reached across the bed for Tad and that her life felt "empty" without him. Joe asked her why she would still reach for him and Dixie replied that she missed her life and she missed Tad. "Dixie," Tad stated, as he walked up behind his father. Joe left to allow the two to talk. Tad told Dixie that he had heard what happened to Leslie but that they shouldn't talk about it there. He told her that he missed her very much and Dixie returned the sentiment. She began talking about the boys being in St. Bart's and reasoned that it was good for J.R. to get away. Tad agreed that you really can't see things clearly until you leave. She stated that they were coming back tomorrow, but Tad reminded her that it was Thursday and that they were coming back today. Dixie hurriedly went to leave but Tad felt better if she took his sturdier car out on the slippery roads and handed her the keys. As their hands touched, Tad told her that he loved her very much. David opened the door to his office and witnessed the touching moment. He walked out and Dixie quickly grabbed the keys and left. Derek approached Tad and asked if they could talk. David offered his office for their conversation and Derek went in. Alone, Tad told David that he could do many things to people but that he could never change the fact that Dixie loved him. As David looked on in anger, Tad went into his office.

Dixie anxiously ran back into the hospital and ignored David's calls. He caught up with her and asked her what was wrong. She replied that she found something in Tad's car and ran off again.

Greenlee stormed into the loft and began throwing Jake's things around the room. Jake came out in a towel and reminded an enraged Greenlee that she lived upstairs and that she was breaking his stuff. She put down a glass pitcher and offered to pay for the damages but Jake assured her that he didn't want her money. Upon hearing that, Greenlee became angry and gathered her coat and purse to leave but Jake wouldn't let her. She told him that all she tried to do was make people love her but that they ended up hating her and Jake embraced her.

In David's office, Derek received a call asking to him to help stop Adam's "mini-riot" in his jail cell. He asked Tad where he could catch up with him later and Tad replied that, if he was lucky, maybe his house. Derek left as Dixie ran in. Shaken, Tad asked her what happened. Dixie explained that she laid her purse on the floor of the passenger seat of his car and that she had found something. Confused, Tad asked she had found. "Leslie's hospital bracelet," she replied as she held it up to him.

Thursday, March 23, 2001

Greenlee burst into Jake's new apartment in a fit of rage and was throwing things around when Jake emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped his midriff. Greenlee asked Jake why everybody hated her when all she does is try to make people happy. Jake accused Greenlee of entering his home on purpose instead of her own because he thought she was thinking of him as her new "security blanket." Greenlee insisted that she had gone there because her penthouse was undergoing renovations. Jake explained to her that just because they were neighbors, that it didn't give her the right to come in uninvited and smash his crystal. Greenlee told him that she thought they were friends and that when Jake caught her breaking his crystal that she assumed that he would care why. Jake tried to guess why she was upset and Greenlee confessed that she had been trying to help Leo because he was in trouble and that she had merely extended a helping hand. Jake asked her if Leo had requested her help which furthered Greenlee's anger and she retorted by throwing Jake's past with Gillian in his face. Greenlee quickly headed for the door; however, when she opened the door she yelped and ran to Jake launching herself into his arms screaming "It's an earthquake." Jake told her that he thought that they were just doing some demolition in Greenlee's penthouse. Greenlee quickly extracted herself from Jake's arms and once again rushed toward the door. Jake warned her that it probably wasn't safe to go up there right now and lo and behold, his towel slipped to the floor! Greenlee stopped in her tracks to gawk at Jake's maleness.

After Jake put some clothes on Greenlee apologized to him about the things she said about Gillian and that it appeared that it would take weeks, maybe months, for her home improvements to be completed. Greenlee tactlessly told Jake that she couldn't help noticing when his towel fell off that everything was "still in place down there." Jake laughed and reminded her that he was shot in the back.

Greenlee told Jake that his problem was that he was too great at comforting people. She admitted that she expected too much from him and that she had stopped at Jake's because she had known that he was there. She went on to admit that he was right, that she was only thinking about herself. Jake admitted that Greenlee was also right about the things that she had said to him about Gillian and that whenever he saw Gillian he would inevitably end up going off on someone for no apparent reason.

Greenlee told Jake that she would miss being neighbors for the weeks or months that it would take to complete the renovations on her penthouse. Then she offered, "Instead of not being neighbors during that time, they could be roommates?" Jake tried to offer some alternative solutions to Greenlee's dilemma and when that didn't pan out he told Greenlee to admit the real reason she wanted to move in with him...that she wanted company...she was lonely and she didn't have any friends. Greenlee admitted that he knew her well. She reminded Jake that they have fun together and he would benefit from her presence. Jake conceded to the temporary roommate plan and set some house rules one of which was reminding her that they both have their own private lives. Greenlee was jubilant and left to get some clothes from her place.

At BJ's, Leo (portraying Ryan) kissed Gillian to quiet her so that she wouldn't let on that he wasn't Ryan to Mr. Miller. Ryan was across the room and witnessed the kiss, which sent him skyrocketing over to break up the kiss. Leo bellowed that he loved Gillian and he was glad that he had kissed her. Ryan punched Leo square in the jaw knocking him to the floor. As one of the waitresses ran to get the manager, Laura approached Leo and took his picture while he still lay recovering on the floor. Ryan pulled Leo aside to find out what was going on. As Gillian was talking to Mr. Miller, Leo tried desperately to explain to Ryan before Gillian could blow his cover.

Mr. Miller approached Leo and gawked about what a honey his fiancé was and that if he wasn't such a good businessman he might know a way that Leo could settle his debt. They were interrupted when the manager, Mr. Kelder, approached and explained that BJ's had a "zero tolerance level" for violence and asked them to leave. Mr. Miller cut in and told Mr. Kelder to go away and mind his own business. Mr. Miller goaded Kelder with the fact that he knew he was married and had children. Miller took Kelder's cell phone out of Kelder's pocket and checked the cell number. Miller then replied with "Look at that, I already know your cell phone number. I can have several men in your house before you could even get halfway there." Kelder conceded to the threat and left them alone. Miller asked Ryan who the hell he was. Ryan (portraying Leo) replied that he was an employee of Ryan's. Miller wanted to know why Ryan decked Leo. Ryan explained that he was just jealous because Leo was engaged to a great woman and that he wasn't "even mature enough to deal with another human being let alone have an adult relationship." Leo explained that he and Ryan go way back and that Ryan used to be in love with Gillian at one time and that the best man won; they don't carry any grudges. Gillian returned and went along with their farce. Miller invited the ladies, Laura and Gillian, to accompany them for a cruise on the Fidelity. Ryan tried to convince Leo and Miller that the Fidelity is being repaired and unable to accommodate them on a cruise. Miller tells them to get the "technical difficulties worked out while he makes some calls." Ryan filled Gillian in on the difficulties that Leo was having with Miller. While Laura and Gillian went to get ice for Leo's freshly punched face, Leo told Ryan the truth about how he got involved with Miller and how it cost them all of their money. Leo convinced Ryan to let him be Ryan for a little while longer and to take Miller on the cruise to buy some time to pay back the money.

Miller informed Ryan and Leo that they should stick around BJs for a while because he was expecting some phone calls and that drinks were on him. He also requested that there be no further conflicts between Ryan and Leo that would potentially wreck the evening. Ryan and Leo agreed on a status quo for the evening. Ryan, Leo, and Gillian headed to the bar. Miller held Laura back and asked her whose little woman she was? Laura denied that she was anybody's woman and attempted to leave. Miller pulled her back by the arm and asked her if he knew her from someplace because she looked very familiar to him. Miller tried to convince Laura to stay because he knew a lot of professional photographers, both in Pine Valley and New York, that he wanted to introduce her to "to get her career jump-started." Laura informed him that she had a lot on her plate right now and agreed to take his card. Leo convinced Ryan to go save Laura from Miller since Leo is supposed to be portraying Ryan who is engaged to Gillian. Ryan strutted over to Miller's table and professed his love to Laura asking her if they could get back together and try again...that he deserved another chance. Laura took the ruse and agreed to get back together with him but only if they agreed to be exclusive. Ryan agreed and thanked her as he led her to the bar to give Leo and Gillian the good news.

Miller was shown on his cell phone speaking to an unknown person. Miller said that their cruise hosts would not get in the way, they would make a perfect window dressing while they picked up their drop at sea and if they did get in the way, they didn't have to come back. Miller rejoined the others and told them that there was a little change in plans, that one of his associates could not meet them until rather late at night and that they were going to expand their little sea cruise until dawn. "You two couples won't mind spending a nice romantic night at sea" he quipped.

Dixie was seen re-entering the hospital frantically searching for Tad and visibly shaken. David tried to get her to stop and talk to him but she only wanted to see Tad. She found Tad and confronted him about Leslie's hospital bracelet that she found under the seat in his car. Tad appeared shocked and asked Dixie if she thought he took Leslie out of the hospital as she was on life support. Tad tried to convince Dixie of his innocence. Dixie told Tad that she believed him but didn't understand how the bracelet got in his car. Tad told her that it was simple, "David put it there!" Dixie said that she couldn't believe that David would do it just as she couldn't believe that Tad could abscond with Leslie. Dixie informed Tad that she had asked David if he was keeping secrets and that she believed him when he denied keeping any secrets from her. The ever-present David entered and asked Dixie what was going on and what had Tad said to her. Dixie kept quiet about what she had found in Tad's car. As David continued to question Dixie about what she had found in Tad's car, Dixie responded by lying and saying that she had found Tad's wallet. Even though David prodded her, Dixie held strong to the fact that she wasn't hiding anything and asked David to leave her and Tad alone for a little while. David refused to leave them alone in his office. Tad asked David what he was afraid of by leaving him and Dixie alone together in his office. When David didn't answer him Tad excused himself and told Dixie that it was all right, he would be waiting for her outside when she was done talking to David.

When Tad exited David's office, Joe approached him and filled him in on Leslie's disappearance. Meanwhile, David was trying to get Dixie to tell him what she was talking about with Tad and accused her of lying to him and warned her that she should not trust Tad. Dixie denied that she was lying and asked him outright if he thought Tad had taken Leslie. David told her that he didn't think Tad took Dixie...he knew it!

Tad told Joe that Jake was right, it wasn't over yet, Dixie still loved him, and the only reason that David had her was because Tad had underestimated David and he took it for granted. He further told Joe that he was going about it the wrong way and that he was constantly going after Hayward without facts. Joe agreed with him and confided that it had bothered him because Tad needed to have proof against David. Tad told Joe that David was willing to do anything that he had to in order to get Dixie back but that he needed to do the same thing as David was to get her back. Joe inquired what it was that Tad was going to do. Tad told him that he couldn't tell him and that he couldn't tell Dixie either.

David continued to harp on Dixie to find out what she was thinking and to make her believe in his innocence. David's pager went off and he had to leave. Dixie pulled Leslie's bracelet out of her pocket and eyed it. She then left David's office and ran into Joe. She asked Joe if he had seen Tad. Joe informed her that Tad didn't tell him where he had gone but that he had left her a message, "to have trust in him." Derek entered and asked the whereabouts of Tad. Joe informed him that he did not know where Tad went and excused himself. Derek told Dixie that he really needed to know where Tad went because he wanted to finish questioning him about Leslie's disappearance. Derek then asked about David's whereabouts. Dixie told him that he was somewhere in the hospital which resulted in Derek heading to the nearest telephone and ordering that David be paged.

Leslie was shown in a makeshift hospital bed in a room that appeared to be a storage room of some sort. A shadow is seen entering the room and looking over her. Leslie opened her eyes and said, "Did you bring me here to help me or to kill me?"

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