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Greenlee talked Jake into buying her loft. Erica dismissed Shannon from her Enchantment duties after learning that Shannon had been abusing drugs. Later, Shannon, Mindy, and Heather decided that Bianca had to pay for what she'd done. Adam and Liza were married, but they were later placed under arrest. David tried to talk Pam into pulling the plug on Leslie, but Jake convinced her otherwise. Dixie met with an attorney to work on a legal separation from Tad. High on Ecstasy, Laura tried to seduce three college boys and Leo.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 12, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, March 12, 2001

Dixie met with her divorce lawyer, Zachary Pell, in her home. He came highly recommended by Jack. Her lawyer suggested marriage counseling, but Dixie told him that it was too late. While Dixie was talking with him, Tad came knocking at the door. He insisted on talking to Dixie, however, Dixie informed him that his timing wasn't right. Tad asked her if she had seen a videotape in a white box in David's motel room or office. Tad told Dixie that if he could find the tape he is looking for, it would solve his problems. Dixie would not let Tad into the house because she told him that she had company. Tad thought that David was at the house and burst into the house anyway. He saw a stranger standing there and asked him who he was. He introduced himself as Zachary Pell. Dixie told Tad that he was her lawyer and was there to talk about the legal separation. Tad was surprised that Dixie was filing for a legal separation before she really found out the truth about her boyfriend. Tad and Dixie exchanged words and the lawyer asked Dixie if she was uncomfortable. She nodded and Zachary suggested that she go to the courthouse now and file for a restraining order against Tad. Dixie told Zachary that she would re-schedule the meeting with him. After he left, she told Tad that she was not hiding anything from him. Tad asked Dixie why she was going through with this legal separation before they had a chance to talk things over. Tad started talking about David again and Dixie told him to stop and to pull himself together. Dixie said that they had more pressing matters at hand -- JR and his handling of their separation.Tad suggested taking him on a camping trip this weekend, but Dixie told Tad that JR was going to the islands with Brooke and Jamie. Tad didn't know anything about it and Dixie said that she didn't tell him because he didn't need to know. Tad asked for permission to go over to Brooke's and say goodbye to the boys. Dixie agreed and Tad headed on his way. After Tad left, Dixie started to pack some of Tad's things into boxes.

Dimitri was in David's office looking for Alex's doctor bag. He found the bag and as he was leaving, Erica entered the room. She asked him what he was doing with David's bag. Dimitri told her that it was not David's bag; it was Alex's. Erica immediately hugged him and said she was so sorry that he found out that Alex was dead. Dimitri, with a slight smile on his face, told Erica that Alex wasn't dead - she was very much alive. Dimitri told Erica that the night of the yacht party, Alex blacked out and didn't know who she was. He told Erica that she was admitted to a hospital as a Jane Doe. Erica reminded Dimitri how much trouble Alex was for him at the beginning. Dimitri told Erica that she could breathe a sign of relief because she was not the reason that Alex left in the first place. Erica offered to talk to Alex, but Dimitri made Erica promise that she would not go to Wildwind until he told her it was okay. Dimitri told Erica that he wanted to spend some time with his wife alone. Erica agreed. Dimitri told Erica to leave David Hayward alone. Erica told Dimitri that David was reacting this way because he hadn't gotten over her yet. Dimitri told Erica that Hayward would not be around much longer. Erica asked him what he meant, but Dimitri waved goodbye and walked out of the room, leaving Erica puzzled.

David walked into the turret and mistook Anna for Alex. Anna told him to stay away from her because all she had to do was raise her voice and her whole family would be there in a flash. Anna was carrying on one conversation and David was carrying on another. David told her that if she would just start talking like a normal person, maybe they could carry on the same conversation about what happened on the boat. Anna asked if he meant the explosion, a reference to the boat explosion that was supposed to have killed her. David asked her what she was talking about. She then pulled out the gun and aimed it at David. David jumped back and asked her to put the gun down. Anna asked David if Charlotte sent him, but David didn't know what she was talking about and again asked her to put the gun down. This time he said, "Alex, put the gun down." Anna pulled the gun back and called Alex's name. She was at the top of the steps and came into the room telling David to get away from her. David looked stunned as he looked at Alex and then to Anna and back to Alex. Alex told David to move away from the bed. Alex talked to Anna and told her that the man before her was David Hayward. Anna remarked "Oh, that David." David commented to Alex that he thought her twin sister was dead. Alex told him that as far as he and the world are, that hasn't changed. Anna and Bart left the turret to go out and get some fresh air. David talked to Alex and was trying to figure out what was going on. David told Alex that she was a fountain of hidden secrets. Alex asked him how she found out where they were. David told her that he saw Edmund at the hospital and thought something was up so he followed him. "Oh, this is unbelievable! You're such a nosy, meddling, scheming little rat! I wish you'd get a life of your own," Alex snapped. Dvid asked Alex where she has been since November. Alex responded that her whereabouts were none of his business. David told Alex that he would not forget what he'd seen. David said that he was sure Anna had friends and relatives who would love to know that she was alive. Alex asked him what he wanted to keep it quiet. He told her that her brother in law and husband have been accusing him of being involved her in disappearance. David said that he would notify the FBI about Anna. Alex told him that if he talks, she talks; She was not the only one who had a secret. Alex told David that she saw him put Libidozone into the flask at his office and then take the same flask to the party. Alex told David he would lose his license if the story were told to the right person. David told Alex that it is nothing compared to her secret. David told her if she keeps her mouth shut and he will keep his mouth shut. When asked if she agreed to those terms, Alex grudgingly replied affirmatively.

Brooke and Jamie were getting ready for a trip to the Caribbean - well, almost. As Brooke tired to ready everyone's suitcases, Jamie was busy mugging for Laura and her camera. Brooke told Laura that she would take her on a trip before she left for PVU in the fall to make up for not going on the trip with them. Laura told her mom that she would rather stay in Pine Valley and take pictures for the summer. Brooke asked Laura if J.R. was up stairs with Jamie and she said that he was, but he wasn't too happy. Laura asked her mom if she could have some friends come over to the house while they were gone. Brooke told her "yes," but jested that she should try to keep the house standing. Tad arrived to say goodbye to the boys before their trip. Brooke told Tad to "cool it" because she didn't want the boys to see him the way he was. Brooke told Tad to stop going after David because it was killing his marriage and before long it would also harm the boys. Brooke advised Tad to go on vacation for a while and "chill out." Later, Tad talked to Jamie about the trip, but JR would not say so much as a word to Tad.

Bianca and Philomena were at BJ's and they noticed that Shannon and her group were at another table. Shannon and her group were all high on the rave drug "ecstasy." Laura entered and sat down with Phil and Bianca. While they were talking, Shannon came over to the table and started talking to Phil. Shannon reminded Phil that she was her lab partner and asked to cut a deal on the lab paper. Shannon told her that she didn't have time to do the report and told Phil to name her price. Phil told her that she wanted a new scanner and Shannon agreed. After Phil and Laura left, Bianca pulled Shannon aside and told her that the next time she plans to get wasted, to keep it to herself. Bianca said that Shannon had practically announced that she was high to the entire restaurant. Bianca then reminded Shannon that she works for Erica and said that she didn't want her to embarrass Enchantment or her mother. Shannon told Bianca to "get real." AS far as embarrassment goes, Shannon said that no one could top what Bianca did at the Crystal Ball in front of all the reporters.

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

With the from $100,000 from David burning a hole in his pocket, Leo headed to BJ's to meet with Stan, the real estate developer. As they talked, Greenlee and Jake entered the restaurant. Greenlee caught sight of Leo and staged a fainting incident to grab Leo's attention. Jake caught Greenlee in his arms, but whispered to her that he was on to her little scheme.

Across the restaurant, Laura asked Bianca for her help in getting Leo off of her mind. She mentioned that she planned to throw a party at her house while Brooke was away. Asked for advice in planning the party, Bianca shrugged and said that she might not be the best person to help. A trio of Pine Valley University students walked into the restaurant, one of whom immediately drew Laura's attention. In a previous encounter with the young man, Laura had gotten some pointers on how to score big with PVU's entrance recruiter. Laura took the hints and, according to the man, had earned admission to the university. This information, he said, was strictly confidential and hinted that he could be kicked out if anyone found out that he'd blabbed.

Jake tired of Greenlee's not-so-furtive glances at Leo and threatened to walk out on her. Greenlee continued to tease Jake about the fact that he still lived at home with his parents. Jake insisted that he'd been trying unsuccessfully for some time to find his own place to live. Greenlee's face lit up and she quickly ushered Leo out of BJ's. Leo, meanwhile, finished sealing his financial deal with Stan. Laura continued chatting with the three young men, but her attitude changed. Bianca became worried by Laura's behavior and raced over to Leo to ask him for his assistance. A worried Bianca explained that Laura had invited the three near-strangers to her house for a party. Leo asked Bianca why she thought that he would be able to help. Bianca explained that Laura was carrying on so irrationally because she was trying to get over the way Leo had dumped her.

Greenlee took Jake to her loft and walked him around. Jake scratched his head and mused that Greenlee was acting like she wanted him to buy the place from her. Actually, Jake was right on the money. Greenlee explained that she'd received an offer of sale from the owner of the penthouse in the building. Jake listened to Greenlee gush about the penthouse's spaciousness and "killer view." Jake smiled broadly and mentioned that he might opt to buy the penthouse. Greenlee became enraged and demanded that Jake not blow the private deal she'd been offered. Jake explained that buying real estate was not something that could be done spontaneously. "That's an urban legend," Greenlee fired back. She sighed deeply and told Jake to leave so that she could find someone who was serious about buying the apartment. "You are one of those people who never does anything from the guy," Greenlee grumbled. As she continued to rant, Jake announced that he would buy the loft. Greenlee was overjoyed and asked Jake to cut her a check as soon as possible. Jake tried to talk Greenlee into letting him get a mortgage, but Greenlee insisted that well-off Jake didn't need financing. Still ecstatic, Greenlee planted a kiss on Jake's lips and raced off to work on the next step of her transaction. A dazed Jake looked around his new home, pausing momentarily to gently touch his just-kissed lips.

Laura and her three friends headed back to Brooke's house. Leo and Bianca showed up a little while later and attempted to break up the party by voicing concerns. Laura, however, brushed them off and continued about her way. Laura put on some loud music and started to carry on some by dancing suggestively with the three young men. Bianca became worried and headed for the door. When the door opened, she found Leo outside on his cellular phone. Leo held up his finger to urge Bianca to be quiet. Leo revealed that he had called the police and pretended to be a neighbor reporting Laura's loud music as a nuisance. The cops showed up shortly thereafter and ordered Laura to turn down the music. When they learned that Brooke was out of town, one of the two officers asked for a number where Brooke could be reached. Laura panicked and feared that Brooke would fly back from the islands if the police called. Leo stepped forward and claimed that he was a neighbor who would take responsibility for Laura's actions. The police seemed to accept what Leo was saying and left him to watch over Laura. Everyone cleared out, except for Laura and Leo. Laura went upstairs and Leo called out to tell her that he was leaving. Suddenly, Laura whisked down the steps wearing a bathrobe. Leo asked her if she was going to go to bed. Laura shook her head and replied that she wasn't tired. With that, she leaned over and gave Leo a kiss.

At Chandler Mansion, house arrest was finally getting the best of Adam. As Mateo and Hayley arrived at the mansion, Adam was pitching a fit and fuming that he had enough playing of family board games for one lifetime. When Adam remarked that he was slowly going out of his mind, Mateo wittily replied that Adam's onset of insanity didn't look that slow to him. Barry arrived at the house and Adam immediately asked if his attorney had been able to get his house arrest lifted. Barry shook his head and Adam attempted to throttle him! Mateo managed to pry Adam off of his attorney. Barry did, however, bring with him some good news - finalized divorce papers. Adam again lunged at Barry, but this time he gave him a hug. It took barely a minute for Adam to announce that he wanted to marry Liza right then and there. Liza tried to protest, but Adam wouldn't allow her to voice his disapproval of the idea. Adam summoned his housekeeping staff and issued them orders on how to prepare for the wedding. Adam thought of just about everything --- from flowers to a string quartet. Liza headed upstairs where she grumbled to Marian that she didn't really like the idea of being rushed into a wedding. Back downstairs, Stuart and Mateo tried to calm Adam down and make him realize that he risked alienating Liza by forcing her to marry him on the spot. Liza later returned downstairs and Adam approached her to apologize for his irrational behavior. Adam figured that Liza hated him for forcing her to marry him so suddenly, but Liza surprised him by agreeing to go through with the wedding.

Time passed and the judge - the same one Adam had asked to marry him and Liza at the Crystal Ball - showed up for the ceremony. As planned, the flowers, orchestra members and family members gathered in the parlor of the mansion. Liza walked down the main staircase and joined Adam in front of a makeshift altar. When it came time to recite her vows, Liza flashed a smile to the judge and remarked, "I think I remember it from here." And remember Liza did - except for the "thee I wed," which drew a chuckle from Adam. "It is my honor and great relief," the judge teased, "to pronounce you..." Before he could finish, Liza and Adam individually added "husband" and "wife," respectively. All three then collectively sighed, "Finally!"

Almost immediately after the marriage was finalized, the guests started filing out. Stuart pulled his brother to the side and told him that he had a special wedding gift for him - an "illegal" one. Stuart smiled broadly and said that he would agree to switch places so that Adam could go somewhere special with Liza for their honeymoon. Adam was overjoyed and headed to the front door and bring in the guard stationed outside. Adam told the officer that he and Stuart needed to pull another switcheroo, but assured the officer that he'd be suitably compensated. To both Adam and Stuart's surprise, the officer announced that Adam was "under arrest."

Wednesday, March 14, 2001

At Brooke's house, Laura and Leo were kissing when Leo suddenly pulled back. Laura asked "What?" and he replied "Nothing". Laura told him not to cut and run like he usually does, and called him "an emotional cat-burglar". Leo replied that he needed a minute to think so Laura recapped the evening's events for him: how he got rid of the boys and sent Bianca away and then came back alone for her. Leo said he just didn't like the way those "frat boys" looked, but Laura thought it was cool the way Leo looked after her. He asked her what she was doing upstairs with Nathan and wanted to know what kind of party Nathan had wanted. Laura ignored Leo's question. Leo asked what made her want him tonight, and insinuated that maybe she had some help - perhaps by drugs. Laura insisted that she thinks Leo is cool and that maybe she's been too hard on him lately. She went to the stereo and turned on some sexy music and told him they were both consenting adults. "What's wrong with doing something for fun and not forever?" she asked Leo. Laura began dancing very seductively and dropped her robe. She rubbed up to Leo, who responded to her every move. They danced and kissed deeply but then Leo stopped and pulled back, telling Laura not to rush things. She told him she wasn't rushing anything, that they'd been teasing each other for months. Leo reminded her that she'd made a good case against him for being the worst guy around. She said she was over that but Leo still backed away. Laura couldn't believe that euro-trash Leo could have scruples and told him she'd still respect him in the morning. He said he just couldn't do this and Laura told him to just say it, say he didn't want her. He couldn't say that but said he couldn't help but wonder what had happened upstairs with Nathan. She yelled at him to get out but then they both heard a noise in the driveway. Laura ran to the window and exclaimed "It's my mother!". Leo ran to hide while Laura pulled on her robe just as Brooke walked in the door. Brooke looked around the darkened room, heard the sexy music and saw her disheveled daughter and demanded to know what was going on. Laura told her that she'd had some friends over and she was just cleaning up. Brooke found Leo's keys on the end table. Laura asked if she'd come back to check up on her but Brooke insisted that she trusted her daughter and that she honestly had forgotten her and the boys' passports. Brooke seemed to sense that Leo had been at the house and reminded Laura that just a few hours ago she'd been crying about Leo, saying he was "all wrong" for her. Laura said she'd changed her mind but Brooke repeated something Laura had said earlier, that she wanted "more than charm and a dazzling smile." Laura said she remembered and all the while Leo was listening to the conversation. Brooke told Laura that she knows there's a lot of pressure on young girls, but Laura said "Not from Leo!". Her mother told her that she wants more for her daughter and Laura ssured her that she'd be fine. Brooke finally picked up the passports and said goodbye. Leo came out of hiding and Laura told him she was sorry he had to listen to her conversation with Brooke. Leo started to leave, telling Laura that she deserved someone better than him. She told him she meant what she had said earlier, about "this" not being forever. "Let's just see where tonight takes us" she said to Leo. But he insisted on leaving, saying Laura just wasn't herself. Then he asked that she do him a favor, "Make sure what ever you 'didn't' take tonight is gone before your mom gets back. I don't want her to think it was from me". And he walked out, leaving Laura standing at the door in her negligee.

Greenlee was on the phone to her building's super, who told her that the offer on the penthouse was accepted. Greenlee was thrilled and then put Jake on the phone to discuss his buying of the loft. His cell phone rang and Greenlee answered it, telling the caller he was busy and not to bother him. When Jake got off the other call he asked if his phone had rung. Greenlee told him it had and that she took care of it. He asked who it was and she told him a Dr. Trobridge. Jake got irate and yelled at her, then called the other doctor back. After his phone call Greenlee told him to lighten up. She told him that he thinks he's indispensable but that he really isn't. Jake asked her if she always goes on the attack when things aren't going her way. She barked back at him that just because he went to med school doesn't mean that he knows everything. They finally cooled off a bit and she wanted to go celebrate the purchases the two of them just made. Jake agreed but said he needed to go out to his car to get his checkbook. Greenlee told him to leave his cell phone but he said no way. He left to get his checkbook and very soon there was a knock at the door. Greenlee thought it was Jake but when she opened the door it was her father. She told him she didn't want to speak to him but he walked on in the loft. He told her how much he treasured her and that he came over to spend time with her, to check up on her. Greenlee told him she knew that he'd canceled on her to go out with Erica. He stammered a bit and then said he was guilty but had an explanation. Roger said he did it for her -- to protect her from Erica. He explained that Erica isn't Greenlee's biggest fan and that he was trying to "run interference." Greenlee's father told her not to underestimate the power of gossip and that he was trying to convince Erica that Greenlee isn't as bad as Erica thinks she is. Greenlee didn't quite buy that, but Roger insisted that he's a lonely man who'd be lost without the love of his daughter. As he was declaring this, Jake walked back into the loft. Roger turned and looked at Jake, saying he didn't know Greenlee had company. He left Greenlee and Jake to finish their deal and Jake wrote a check to Greenlee for the loft. Greenlee looked very sad and Jake asked how she was. She told him she was "fine - really." Greenlee asked about their celebration dinner and Jake said they'd do it soon. He saw no reason to rush since that they were going to be neighbors. Greenlee told Jake she knew she was crazy to trust her father, but stated that he's the only dad she has and that she just has to give him another chance. She told Jake that she knew her dad was a "creep, fake and phony" just like her. "He's doing the best he can," Greenlee said, but Jake questioned this. She argued that no one is perfect, including himself. She then told Jake that he was a "self-righteous, boring, humorless do-gooder." Jake took offense to this and started to list Greenlee's downfalls. But she beat him to the punch, saying she knew she was a "vain, self-centered little snot." She asked Jake "Don't we have to accept each other for what we are?" Jake was taken back and didn't quite have a comeback. He said he needed to go home and tell his parents that he was moving out.

Adam laughed at the policeman who threatened to arrest him. He thought the man was joking but he was most serious. Stuart reminded the man about the last time he and Adam switched places but the cop played dumb. Adam thought he was just trying to cover his tracks so he handed the cop a wad of money. The officer began reading Adam his rights and they all realized the man was fully intent on sending Adam to jail. Liza walked in yelling "NO!" Adam told the officer that Stuart had nothing to do with this, that he should just arrest him. Stuart insisted that he was part of the crime and should be arrested too. The officer told Liza that Adam tried to bribe him and still pretended that he hadn't switched the ankle cuffs for Adam previously. Liza got desperate and grabbed the police radio from the cop. He threatened to arrest her too and began losing his temper. He yelled for everyone to step back and then said he'd just take Adam to jail and everyone else could stay here. Liza said she was going wherever her husband was going and slapped the cop. He arrested her for assaulting an officer.

At the jail, Adam was sent to the male prisoner ward and Liza was sent to the female prisoner ward, much to their dismay. As the cop took Liza away, Adam turned in his cell and muttered "Some honeymoon".

Back at the Chandler Mansio, Hayley and Mateo discussed possible solutions for this nightmare with Stuart and Marian. Marian suggested a jailbreak, but Mateo sighed that they were not in the movie "The Great Escape." Hayley agreed that they should help her father and Liza. Stuart offered to change places with Adam if they could figure out a way to get Liza out. Mateo disagreed with this plan and said he had another plan. He called Derek Frye and when he showed up, Matt offered him a chance to show that "not all cops are heartless badges."

Back at the jail Matt, Hayley, Marian and Stuart visited Adam to show their support. Adam was very despondent and told them all to just take his honeymoon for him. He said the jet was waiting; they could all fly to the Caribbean and stay in the private cabin. Instead, the group announced that they had surprise for him. In walked Liza and Derek. She told Adam that thanks to Derek she would be spending her wedding night with her husband. Everyone smiled at the newlyweds as Adam held Liza's hand through the cell bars. Derek wanted to know why they were always getting in trouble on the wedding days. He brought in some sparkling cider and champagne glasses, saying it was the best he could do. After raising a toast to the couple, everyone filed out of the cellblock. Hayley stopped Mateo and told him that maybe they should take up her father's offer of the jet and cabin in the Caribbean. Matt enthusiastically said "Let's go!" and they left the jail together. Adam and Liza gazed at each other through the cell bars. He lifted his glass to her promising not to make the same mistakes, to which Liza replied "Just new ones!" with a smile. Adam toasted his new bride saying "To the love of my life!" and Liza lifted her glass saying "And to mine".

Thursday, March 15, 2001

At Enchantment, Jack walked in on Erica reading a note from Sarah's mother. She told him that Sarah was supposed to spend Easter with Bianca, but that she was going to France instead. Erica presumed that "things happen for a reason" and that Bianca shouldn't be so heavily involved with someone at 17. Jack challenged her by reading aloud a paragraph from her book, "Raising Kane," where she described the "burning passions" she felt for "night club owner, Nick Davis" when she was Bianca's age. Erica snatched the book away and changed the subject to Jack's recent trip to Seattle. After passing along greetings from Barbara and Christine, Jack assured Erica that Travis' will was in order and that Bianca would probably be very well-off someday. Erica asked Jack to keep Bianca's inheritance between them. She explained that a woman with money attracted trouble and declared she didn't want Bianca becoming any more vulnerable than she already was.

Bianca stopped by Brooke's and Laura answered the door. Once inside, Bianca asked her how she made out after she left the party. She mentioned that Leo was still there when she left and Laura froze. She asked Bianca what Leo had told her, but Bianca insisted that she hadn't spoken to him yet. Laura collapsed on the couch and explained how she made a fool of herself by trying to get Leo into bed. Bianca and Laura prepared breakfast and brought it to the living room. Laura explained what had happened the night before, when Leo overheard everything Brooke said. Bianca asked why she had tried to hit on Leo when she "had signed off" on him and Laura told her it was because she had done Ecstasy with Nate. Bianca seemed disapproving and Laura quickly explained that she thought Leo would like her if she didn't act like herself. She told Bianca that she was a "geek" but Bianca assured her that she wasn't and wished that Laura could see herself as she saw her.

At BJ's, Leo and Ryan met for a quick meeting. Ryan handed Leo a pouch full of money and told him to open a new account at the bank and deposit it. When Leo asked him why, Gillian walked in and Ryan stated that he would tell him later. He ordered Leo to "take care of business" and Leo left. Alone, Gillian showed Ryan a bridal magazine but was reluctant to show him the dress she wanted because it was too expensive. Ryan assured her that price was no issue and that the money was in the bank.

At the doors to BJ's, Leo ran into Stan, who told him that his investment was doing well. He assured Leo that if he could give him more money, he'd get more in return. As he cradled the pouch behind his back, Leo told him that he might be able to get his hands on some.

A few tables over, Shannon nervously peered at herself in a compact. She was going to meet with Erica's PR person and hurriedly asked Mindy if her eyes looked all right. Shannon explained that she had taken "another hit" after having a run-in with Bianca last night and told them Bianca had threatened her to clean up her act or else she wouldn't be modeling for Enchantment anymore. As she quickly applied eye drops, Shannon reasoned that Bianca couldn't do any damage because she was "the sizzle in the Miss Enchantment campaign."

Dixie visited a comatose Leslie at the hospital. As she sat next to the bed, she remembered Leslie's warning about having information on David. Jake entered the room and Dixie asked if there had been any improvements. Coldly, Jake replied that there hadn't. He reasoned she was hoping Leslie would wake up so she could tell her who was telling the truth: David or Tad. Dixie asked Jake if he hated her but he didn't reply. He turned to walk out but Dixie hurriedly asked how Tad was. Jake replied that he didn't know because he hadn't come home last night or even called. Dixie supposed that Tad could take care of himself but Jake told her that he had no choice since she left him and walked out. Dixie put her head in her hands and began to cry. David entered the room and rested his hand on her shoulder. Dixie jumped up and David asked her what was wrong. She informed him that Leslie was in a coma, J.R. was disgusted with her and Tad was missing. Dixie peered at Leslie and stated that she "envied her," but David told her that she could use his love for her to hang on to. He told her that he would walk away if she told him there was no hope for them, but Dixie assured him that wasn't what she wanted. David told her that he couldn't stop loving her and left.

At the hospital, Alex and Dimitri entered her office. Alex was about to explain that she had "struck up sort of a devil's agreement" with David at Wildwind, but Jake and Joe came in and interrupted them. After embracing Alex, Joe asked what it was about David that she had wanted to tell him on the yacht. Alex nervously replied that it was nothing, but Dimitri encouraged her to tell Joe "the truth about David." Alex whispered that she had wanted David removed as co-director of the Andrassy Foundation. Dimitri looked on in confusion as she explained that everything between them was all right now because she realized that she had been the problem, not him. Joe explained Tad's theory about David spiking the punch with Libidozone and asked Alex if she thought he would have done that to "win Dixie's love." Alex nervously reasoned that it wasn't in David's nature to do anything for love. She assured the pair that she would resume her practice soon and they left. Alone, Dimitri asked Alex what "that was all about." She explained that David had threatened to tell the police about Anna if she didn't keep quiet about what she saw on the yacht. Frustrated, Dimitri suggested that they move her sister, but Alex replied that she wasn't strong enough. "You keep your end of the bargain and I'll keep mine," David declared, as he walked into the office. Dimitri became angry, but Alex asked him to let them speak privately. Alone, Alex told David that Dimitri knew he spiked the punch with Libidozone. She warned him that he was safe for now but if anyone found out, he was in danger of losing "the one person [he] really cared about." She asked David if he loved Dixie and he replied that he did. Alex reminded him that his relationships with Siobhan and Gillian didn't work out and warned him that if he loved Dixie, he had to leave her alone. Frustrated, David left.

Dressed for her meeting with Leo, Laura rushed down the stairs and told Bianca she was too embarrassed to go. "Because you offered to be his sex slave?" Bianca asked. Laura replied she was embarrassed because he knew she wanted him and he didn't reciprocate her feelings. Bianca assured her that he cared about her because he left before "he did the deed." Laura begged Bianca to come with her to the meeting, but Bianca told her that she had to meet Jack at Enchantment.

At BJ's, Stan enticed Leo with visions of the "5 star life" he could lead by investing more money. Leo told Stan that he had to discuss it with Ryan first but that he couldn't now because he didn't want Gillian finding out about their investment. When Stan declared that he didn't have all day to wait, Leo threw the pouch full of money at him and warned that he better not be sorry. Stan left as Laura entered and the two sat down uncomfortably at a table to look at the negatives of the party.

As Laura slid the magnifying glass over for Leo to look at one of the pictures, their fingers touched and they recoiled. Leo asked if they should talk about what happened between them but Laura insisted on maintaining a purely professional relationship. Suddenly, Ryan walked over and asked how things were coming along. "Is Miss English a keeper?" he asked, as Leo and Laura looked uncomfortably at one another. Ryan sat down as Leo left to take a call on his cell phone. He told Laura he was surprised she was "sticking around," considering she was still hung up on Leo even though things between them hadn't worked out. Ryan told her that if she thought she could keep things between them professional, then she wasn't as smart as he thought. Leo came back and an annoyed Laura asked if they could take their meeting back to the yacht and they left.

Erica stated that Bianca shouldn't have to put up with people like Donald Steel, who were just out to hurt her. They were interrupted by Val, who told Erica that Shannon and Brenda, her PR representative, were there to see her. Erica asked Jack to stay and Shannon and Brenda entered the room. Erica sat at her desk and explained that she wanted to start a teens against addiction campaign, with teens targeting other teens. She asked Shannon if she would be willing to "lend her celebrity status" to the cause and Shannon enthusiastically agreed. When Erica and Brenda began touting her as the drug-free "girl next door," Shannon became uncomfortable and told Erica that she would change the channel if someone was lecturing her on a PSA. Erica agreed that they had to package their campaign in a "fun" way and Shannon suddenly jumped up. She suggested that they do a music video so she could "dance like Britney [Spears] during Super Bowl half-time" show. Jack, Erica and Brenda looked on in amazement as Shannon excitedly danced around the office. Bianca suddenly walked in and Val explained that Shannon was going to be the new teens against addiction spokesperson. Bianca asked if she could join the party and Shannon immediately stopped dancing. Brenda told Erica she was brilliant and left to think of a strategy plan. Erica explained that they were launching PSA's about teen addiction and that Shannon was going to be the spokesperson. Bianca asked Erica if she could talk to her, but Shannon pulled Bianca aside and begged her to not tell her mother that she had done drugs. When Bianca noticed she was high, Shannon explained that it was always her dream to be "somebody special" and promised to never do drugs or tease her for being gay if she kept quiet but Bianca wondered why she should help her. Erica suddenly walked over and asked the two if they had a problem.

Dimitri returned to Alex's office. She mused that she couldn't understand why Dixie would choose David over Tad and Dimitri reasoned that she wouldn't if she knew the truth. Unsettled, Alex told him that she wasn't going to sacrifice her sister's safety to solve Dixie's problems. Dimitri reminded her that Dixie was the one who "fought like a dog" to reunite them when he was intent on leaving town and letting her think he was dead. Suddenly, Dixie ran into the office and embraced Alex. "Thank God you're alright," she sighed, as Alex guiltily hugged her back.

David stopped by Leslie's room. "What are you hanging onto?" David questioned, as he circled her bed. He told her that no one would believe what she had to say if she ever woke up and encouraged her to "let go" so he could live a peaceful life. Suddenly, Leslie moved the fingers on her right hand. David watched in amazement as Pam entered the room. They introduced one another and Pam asked if Leslie was going to be all right. As he pulled the blanket up over her hands, David replied that she wasn't showing signs of improvement and that even if she did wake up, she may not be Leslie anymore. Pam informed him that Leslie had asked in her will that no heroic measures be taken to save her. As Pam moved closer to her bedside, David suggested that the only decent thing to do would be to let Leslie go.

Thursday, March 16, 2001

Brenda, one of Erica's business contacts, entered Erica's office and interrupted her just when Bianca was going to tell Erica that Shannon was on drugs. Erica told Brenda that they were in the middle of something, but Brenda was overly excited and informed Erica that Teen Times wanted to do an exclusive on Shannon for their July cover, where the primary focus would be on Erica's Teens Against Addiction Campaign. Erica was ecstatic and mentioned that she has wanted to do that for a year. Meanwhile, while Erica and Brenda were talking, Shannon begged Bianca not to tell her mom that she was on drugs. When begging Bianca got her nowhere, Shannon resorted to threatening Bianca. Erica rejoined them and asked Bianca what it was that she wanted her to know. Bianca spilled the beans on Shannon, revealing that Shannon has been taking Ecstasy. Bianca told Erica that not only does Shannon take drugs, but that she was high on them at that moment! Shannon tried to convince Erica that she does not do drugs and said that Bianca was just jealous of all the time that Erica has been spending with her. Bianca told Erica that she didn't have to just take her word for it; Erica knows what to look for. Erica looked into Shannon's eyes and saw that they were dilated. Shannon continued to deny her drug use, but eventually admitted to taking "something" that morning. She claimed she didn't know what it was that she'd taken. Erica fired her as Miss Young Enchantment, but offered to help her get drug counseling. Shannon ran of Erica's office in tears. Erica thanked Bianca for telling her about Shannon and told her that it was a very grown up thing that she did. They sat down and had a nice conversation. Following their talk, Bianca left to go meet Laura.

Bianca entered the restaurant where she was meeting Laura for lunch. She ran into Shannon's friends, Heather and Mindy. Heather grabbed Bianca's arm and asked her what she had done to Shannon. Bianca shook her arm free and told them to "get their facts straight." Bianca went on to tell them that she did not do anything to Shannon; Shannon did it to herself. Shannon entered and the three friends walked away. Heather and Mindy asked Shannon if she was going to take Bianca on. Shannon told them that she'd definitely go after Bianca, but said that she doesn't know yet what a suitable punishment would be "ruining someone's life."

Dixie ran into Dimitri and Alex at the hospital. Dixie was pleased to see that Alex was okay. Dimitri thanked Dixie for helping his relationship with Alex. He said that she was the one who encouraged him to let Alex know he was alive when he was ill. Dimitri and Alex tried to warn Dixie about the dangers of David Hayward. Alex was a little leery because she didn't want Anna's whereabouts to be disclosed for fear of her safety. So rather than tipping Dixie off to David's Libidozone caper, Alex opted to tell Dixie some things about David's past. Alex told Dixie about her ex-roommate/best friend, whom David dated when they were all in college in London. She told her that her friend is dead now and that she blames David for her death. Dixie asked Alex if she thinks that David is going to kill her. Alex assured Dixie that she didn't have to fear that she'd be killed, but she also didn't say that Dixie had nothing to fear from David. Dixie interrupted her and refused to listen to any bad things about David. Dixie said that David saved her life and that he has been wonderful to her. Dixie reminds Dimitri that David played a part in saving his life too. Dimitri acknowledged that Dixie was correct and said that he was grateful to David, but that there is a whole other side to David that she doesn't know about. The more that Dixie doesn't look at that, said Dimitri, the more pain it is going to cause her. Dimitri said that he and Alex were just trying to protect her. Dixie said what she wanted was for everyone to just leave her alone and ran out of the office. Dimitri received a call on his cell phone from Edmund. The call was about Anna and Alex and Dimitri rushed out of the office.

In Leslie's hospital room, David tried to convince her sister, Pam, to sign the authorization form to pull the plug on life support. He reminded her of Leslie's wishes in her living will. Pam felt pressured and told David she needed time to think. Just as David was going to leave the room, Pam decided that she would go ahead and sign "for Leslie's sake." As she was putting pen to paper, Jake entered and told her not to sign it. Jake introduced himself to Pam and told her that David tried to kill her sister. He told her that David was on the balcony when Leslie fell and hinted that Leslie might not have fallen if someone other than David had been there with Leslie. Pam is visibly upset. David and Jake argued back and forth about the situation. David admitted to Pam that he was on the balcony but asked for a chance to explain. Jake insisted that David was responsible for Leslie's condition and that he wanted her to pull the plug on Leslie to prevent Leslie from telling anyone about the dirt she has on David. David accused Jake of slandering him. Pam ultimately told both doctors that she would make up her own mind. Dixie overheard Jake telling Pam that David wanted her sister to die. David saw Dixie, apologized to Pam, and walked away. Dixie followed him. Pam asked Jake that if there was any chance that David was behind her sister's fall. When Jake nodded, Pam asked why David was then allowed to care for Leslie. Jake told her that as absurd as it sounds, David is a top cardiologist and that he was the one that saved her sister from cardiac arrest. Pam asked him why the police weren't involved and Jake told her that there wasn't enough evidence against David to make a case.

David returned to his hotel room with Dixie by his side. David told her that he did not want her to follow him and that he had asked her not to at the hospital. Dixie insisted that David talk to her and tell her what is going on. David knew that Dixie hat heard what was going on at the hospital because he had seen the look on her face. Dixie insisted that he did not know what she was thinking and that if he wanted to know what she was thinking all he had to do was ask her. David filled Dixie in on Leslie's wishes in her living will and Jake accusations. Dixie wanted to know what David was feeling. He tells her that he is feeling like he lost the only thing that matters to him . . . her. David claimed that Jake had accused him of trying to kill Leslie for his own benefit. Dixie told him not to think about Jake's accusations and referred to Leslie as a lunatic. David asked Dixie if she thinks he jeopardized everything just to hold on to her. Dixie didn't respond, instead asking David if he thought she was a fool. She admitted that she does not know anybody that likes him and that nobody has anything good to say about him. Is it possible, she asked aloud, that everyone else was wrong and she was the only one who was right? Dixie implored David to be open and honest with her. Pointedly, Dixie fired off a series of difficult questions for David. "Did you want Leslie's sister to turn off the life support because you wanted her dead? And did you want her dead because maybe she knows something about you, she has something on you? Did you let her fall off that balcony, David? Did you drug all the people at the party with Libidozone? Did you do that, David? Was it you?" David bit his lower lip as his eyes watered.

Back at Pine Valley Hospital, Joe summoned the head ICU nurse on duty into Leslie's room. The pair looked dumbfounded as they stared in the direction of Leslie's bed. "Where is Miss Coulson?" Joe asked as he looked at the empty bed. The nurse insisted that she didn't know. Joe ordered her to call security and to shut down the entire floor. As the nurse exited to carry out Joe's orders, he muttered, "Someone has taken this patient off life support."



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