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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 12, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, March 12, 2001

Craig hides some papers from Barbara and then discusses his concern that she might be forced to testify against him. He suggests that they get married to end that problem. Jake tries to propose to Molly again in a more romantic setting but they're interrupted by Carly who has brought Parker in hopes of finding a place to stay for the night. Molly quickly offers her shelter and Carly boasts that she'll have money tomorrow though Molly worries about how she'll earn it. Jack panics when he finds a note from Julia announcing her decision to leave him and asking him not to look for her. He calls Barbara's and then rushes to Craig's place where he interrupts Craig's hopes for a night of romance and a possible engagement. Craig tries to keep Jack out and assumes he's working on Hal's orders. Barbara finally intervenes and learns about Julia's disappearance. Meanwhile, after a car breaks down, Julia hops a ride from a trucker named Candi who at first pulls a gun on her as she slips into her cab. Candi then offers her a ride. Handing him the money needed to re-pay Isaac, Gabe convinces Bryant to agree to end Ruby's feelings for him in exchange for solving his legal problems. Gabe tells Jennifer and Bryant how he faked his own death in prison, regaling them with a story about mail order herbs which paralyzed him long enough to make his escape.

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Lucinda flew Luke back in town to spend time out at the farm. Holden, Rose, Joe, Iva, and Luke go over their day together and Rose says how much fun they all had together as a family, but Luke says he wishes Lily was there to share it with them. Rose looks away.

Katie leaves a message for Henry that she needs help digging up Simon's past. Simon overhears the conversation.

Bryant and Jennifer are threatened when Gabriel promises he will kill them if they divulge how he faked his death, but laughs devilishly and reveals he is only joking. Jen isn't pleased and Ruby says her father was only kidding.

Craig tries to figure out what Carly was after and realizes the loan documents are missing from his files. He thinks Lucinda must have put her up to it. If the papers fall into the wrong hands, he could lose Barbara and her money. He leaves his suite.

Rose asks Luke when his mother his coming home, but he says she has things to figure out. After everyone leaves, Rose tells Joe how happy she is. He knows it's because of Holden and she asks him to just let her enjoy it. She finally feels part of a family and half-jokes that she wishes Lily wouldn't come back.

Ruby tells Gabriel to stop the joking around and he apologizes, but Jen doesn't buy it. Gabe invites Bryant and Jen to stay for another drink, but Jen says it's time to go.

Katie lies to Simon that she was talking to an old high school friend, but he knows it was Henry. She denies it and Simon says to stay out of his personal life. Craig walks in and says he needs to speak to Simon alone.

Before Jen and Bryant leave, Ruby offers Jen some chicken soup to help her sleep. Gabriel gives Bryant the money and Bryant says he'll update him on how things go with Isaac. Ruby privately says good bye to Bryant and tells him she never wanted to hurt him. She seductively kisses him on the cheek.

Katie meets up with Henry at Yo's and says she has a favor to ask him. She needs him to look into Simon's past.

Simon tries to get rid of Craig, but Craig says he has an offer for him that will be beneficial to both of them. Craig pushes Simon saying Lucinda has made Simon's life miserable and it's time he got back at her. He wants him to steal the documents out of Lucinda's house.

Joe is indulging in a midnight snack and finds Iva out on the porch. She asks him straight out if Rose is in love with Holden. Iva wants Rose to know that Lily and Holden have found their way back to each other before and it can happen again. Joe says she is well aware of their past, but Rose has fallen hard for Holden. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Rose catches Holden up and tells him again what a wonderful day she had.

Gabriel tells Ruby she needs to make friends with Jen, but Ruby says it will be difficult because she is spoiled. Gabriel says Bryant is under control, but they need to keep working on Jen. After all, she is the Chief of Detectives' daughter.

Craig tells Simon that he can use the garden entrance at Lucinda's to gain access to the house, but Simon isn't interested in helping him out. Simon wonders if these documents could send Craig to jail.

Holden tells Rose he has never met anyone quite like her - in a good way. She is thrilled to be around the family and she tells Holden that maybe Lily isn't needed around anymore. She wants to be able to enjoy her life without wondering when she will return. Holden kissed Rose just as Iva and Joe walk in. Holden tries to explain to Iva what happened, but she doesn't want to hear it and goes up to bed. By himself, Holden thinks about what he is doing.

Lily is not the reason Simon is still hanging around Oakdale and Henry agrees to help Katie find out what's going on, but he needs something in return. He wants a letter of recommendation from Craig so he can finally leave Oakdale and continue with his career. Katie agrees.

Back at home, Jen is still a little leery they everything worked out so well, but relieved that their adventure is finally over and they won't have to see Gabriel and Ruby again. She tells Bryant she is proud of them and they kiss. Bryant says he should go, but she pulls him upstairs.

Craig returns to his suite to find the door wide open. When he turns the lights on, he sees a painting destroyed with red paint and a note below it. It reads: You're running out of time!

Wednesday, March 14, 2001

At Barbara's house:

Barbara walks in the door and makes a call to Jack. She tells Jack that she's had no luck in finding Julia, that she has looked everywhere. Jack says thanks and that he appreciates her help, and that she's gone way beyond what he could expect. He tells her that he'll let her know if he hears anything from Julia. Bryant walks down the stairs and when Barbara sees him she is irate. She wants to know what the hell he was doing in her house. She tells him that just because she wasn't there, he had no right to take advantage of her daughter. Barbara then summoned Jennifer downstairs. Jennifer walks down the stairs and insisted that nothing happened between her and Bryant. She said that she and Bryant got home late and that he was tired and she asked him to stay the night. She went on to say that Barbara would have known that Bryant stayed all night, if she was home and slept in her own bed for a change. Barbara wanted to know why Jennifer is acting like she is and tells Jennifer that she is her mother and that she should be shown some respect. Barbara says that it's true that she was gone all night, but that she was out looking for Julia. Bryant tries to tell Barbara that nothing happened but Barbara doesn't believe him until Kim walks down the stairs to confirm that Bryant stayed in Adam's room. Barbara apologizes to Jennifer. Jennifer says she didn't need to apologize, because if Kim weren't there, Bryant would have slept in her bed. Bryant tells Jennifer to get dressed and he'll take her to school. She says no, to go ahead and walks upstairs. The phone rings; its Craig. She asks if he is OK and he says no, he needs to see her right away. She asks if there is a problem. He says that he can't talk about it over the phone and asks her to meet him in the hotel dining room. Kim asks if that was Craig again. Barbara says yes, that he needs her. Kim wants to know what she is doing. Barbara tells Kim she's doing the best she can. Kim wants to know if Craig is more important to her then her family. Barbara said that Hal is just as much at fault for the all the problems they were having. Kim says that her family is falling apart and her daughter was about to sleep with a boy because of Barbara's actions. Barbara agrees that she needs to spend more time with Jennifer, but said that she'll let her cool down first. She puts her coat on to leave, but Kim steps forward and goes on about the mistakes that Barbara has made in the past; she fears that she is making them all over again. Barbara tells Kim that she loves Craig and that he needs her.

At Tom's new law office:

Margo shows Lien the new law office she'll share with Tom. She is sorry that Tom is in court and couldn't give Lien the tour himself. Lien notices there is no secretary, paralegal or assistants to help them. Margo wonders if Lien is sorry for her decision to take Tom's offer. She tells Margo she needs a change and is happy to work with her dad. She is anxious to stick around and hang up her diplomas. She hugs Margo and says she's really glad to be home. Margo leaves. Ben walks in the office looking for Tom. Lien asks if she can help. He says it's a little technical and he needs a lawyer. Lien plays coy and says he doesn't need a lawyer, let her help. Lien tells Ben that Tom may be quite awhile. He says he'll wait. She asks him what his name is. He says Dr. Ben Harris. She says, "Oh, the single parent adoption case". She begins spieling out legal lingo and he starts to smile, realizing that she is not Tom's secretary. She tells him,"I'm Lien Hughes, Tom's daughter." Ben apologizes and says that he knows how people assume they know who you are, by the way you look. She said he could pay her back, by hiring her for his case. Ben asks her when can she start. Lien and Ben talk about what they will do next. She says they can go to dinner and talk about his case, unless he didn't want to, or they can discuss the case in the office. Ben liked the idea of dinner and Lien instructed Ben to check his schedule and let her know what he is free.

In Craig's hotel suite:

Craig is on the phone talking to someone and says that they will get back all the money he borrowed with interest, but only if they leave his family alone.

Later Craig sees a maid trying to wash the red paint off the wall and asks her what she is doing. She says she can't get the stains off and the wall will have to be re-painted. He tells her to leave and get someone to paint it. Sierra calls and Craig asks her if Lucy is all right. He said it's probably nothing to worry about, but he's had some strange phone calls and he wants her to make sure security is on alert and to make sure that Lucy has 24-hour protection.

At Jake's condo:

Carly tells Molly her ring is beautiful and she is so happy for them. Jake tells her that by her watching the kids, it gave him a chance to propose to Molly again. She said the kids were no problem, but she had to leave and find a place of her own, she can't impose on them any more. There is a knock at the door; Molly answers. It's Jack and he asks Molly if Carly was there. Molly tells Jake they need to leave them alone so they could talk. Carly wants to know what Julia said when Jack told her he was leaving. Jack says that Julia left town, and maybe for good. Carly asks did she leave a note. Jack said she did but she didn't say where she was going. Carly asked if there were any clues why she left. He told her of the torn book that Julia had given him and the smashed wedding picture. Carly said she knew that Julia would pull something like this. She told Jack not to worry, that Julia would be back. She said that Julia will stay long enough to tie his guts into knots and then come back all pitiful and Jack will be so glad that she didn't kill herself that he'll take her back. Carly says she's not interested in waiting around for Julia to come back. Jack says he's not blind to what Julia is doing. Carly says she won't wait anymore and tells Jack to leave and go save Julia. She's heard enough of his sad stories about Julia. Jack says he loves her and walks out. Molly walks in and Carly says she can't see him anymore. Molly agrees that she has to look out for herself. Carly says she wishes it didn't hurt so much. Jake comes in with the phone for Carly. He said its Hal. Hal tells Carly that he needs her at the police station right away. Carly asks Molly if she can leave Parker with them for a little while, that they are about to arrest Craig and she has to go and sign some papers. Molly tells her that Abigail can watch the kids and she and Jake are going to the police station with her.

At the police station:

Hal gives Lucinda the bank document and ask her to look at the signature to see if she signed it or not. She looks at it and says it's very good, it looks like her signature, but it couldn't be, because she has never seen the document before. Hal wants her to be very sure. She says when it comes to her family, she makes sure that she checks everything personally and she is sure that she never signed those papers. Hal looks like the cat that swallows the canary and asks Lucinda what she wants to do. Lucinda says, "Arrest him." Hal is delighted.

Carly, Molly and Jake walk in the police station. Lucinda tells Carly congratulations for a great job. Lucinda tells Jake she was so happy to hear that he is a father of two little girls and she knows he'll make a wonderful father. Molly pushes her hand in front of Lucinda's nose to make sure she sees the engagement ring. Lucinda says that Jake has good taste, meaning the ring. Jake says I think "congratulations" is the word you are searching for. Lucinda smiles and tells Molly congratulations. Hal gives Carly the statement to sign, which says she found the document in Craig's private files. As Carly signs the statement, she tells Lucinda that she held up her end of the bargain and asks if Lucinda is going to welch on the deal they had. Lucinda just smiles and shakes her head. Hal gets both Lucinda's and Carly's signatures and starts to leave. They ask where he is going and he said he's going to get the arrest warrant. Lucinda walks over to Carly and hands her an envelope and again tells her that she is so impressed by the promptness in which Carly acted. Lucinda leaves the police station. Carly opens the envelope and takes out a check. She smiles from ear to ear, kisses the check and then waves it in the air. She says she is going to take Parker to the Lakeview to celebrate. She turns and sees Jack and her face of joy turns to that of sadness. One of the officers gives Hal the arrest warrant that he had been waiting for. Hal tells Carly that he couldn't have done it with out her help and he won't forget it. Molly tells Carly to move into her old apartment at the Oakdale courts. She doesn't want to at first, but Molly and Jake talk her into it and she accepts.

Carly sees Jack staring at her. Molly and Jake leave so Jack and Carly can talk. She wants to know what Jack wants. He says he wants her. He just has to get things settled with Julia first so they can have everything clear for them to be together. He wants to see her somewhere alone and asks if she's staying at Jake and Molly's. She says that she is going to be staying at Molly's old apartment; she's going to pick up Parker and they are going there when she leaves the police station. He says if she wants to see him to put a candle in the window and he'll know it's safe to come up.

Margo walks in the police station and wants to see Hal. Jack says he's not in. Margo wants to know where he is. Jack says he's making an arrest. She wants to know what case. Jack tells her that he doesn't want to be the one to tell her, but that Hal got some new evidence against Craig and went to arrest him.

At the Lakeview dinning room:

Craig is sitting at a booth and the waiter tells him the woman he is waiting for is there to join him. Thinking that it's Barbara, he says he is glad to see the beautiful woman... but before he can finish what he was saying, he is surprised and disappointed to see it's Lucinda. He tells Lucinda to leave. He said that she has been trying to turn his son against him, but it's not going to work. Lucinda says he is doing that by his own actions. Craig tells Lucinda if she hurts him, she hurts her own family. Just then Barbara walks in and Lucinda leaves Craig's booth, but sits at a nearby table and watches. Craig tells Barbara he didn't know where else to turn. Barbara says he should know that she would give him the world. She asks what he needs and reaches for his hand. Just then Hal walks to the table and says that Craig needs a vacation. Barbara is upset to see Hal. Craig tells Hal that he's gone too far and asks if Hal has forgotten about the restraining order? Hal says he traded it in for this arrest warrant and grabs his arm and tells Craig, with great joy he has come to arrest him and puts handcuffs on him. Barbara has a shocked look on her face and Lucinda, sitting in the background is smiling.

Thursday, March 15, 2001

Due to CBS Sports coverage of College Basketball's "March Madness" tournament, As The World Turns will not air on Thursday, March 15th or Friday, March 16th.

These two days of pre-emptions have been planned and no episodes of the show will be missed. Broadcasting will resume as normal on Monday, March 19th where Wednesday, March 14th's episode left off.

Friday, March 16, 2001

Due to CBS Sports coverage of College Basketball's "March Madness" tournament, As The World Turns will not air on Thursday, March 15th or Friday, March 16th.

These two days of pre-emptions have been planned and no episodes of the show will be missed. Broadcasting will resume as normal on Monday, March 19th where Wednesday, March 14th's episode left off.


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