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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 5, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, March 5, 2001

Rose and Holden walk into the kitchen at the farmhouse. Holden had been helping Rose move her and Joe's things from the motel to the farmhouse. Emma walks into the kitchen and tells Rose that her father is doing much better. Iva walks in and surprises them all. She was not expected to visit. She tells them that she has come to have a talk with Rose. She and Rose go out to the barn to talk. After they are gone, Holden and Emma have a mother and son talk. Emma tells Holden that she thinks that he should call and talk to Lily. He tells her that he wants to, but she needs the time alone to think. He tells his mother that he has been getting closer to Rose, but he is not ready to make a commitment. Emma warns him that Rose is totally in love with him and he should be careful and not break her heart. Holden tells her that they have had many talks and Rose understands that he is not ready. Emma asks, "Are you sure she understands that?"

In the barn, Iva tells Rose that she has been thinking a lot about Rose and she feels so responsible for what has happened to her. She hands Rose an envelope and tells her that this won't make up for what happened, but she hopes it will help a little. Rose opens the envelope and sees that Iva has written her a check for $25,000. Rose is flabbergasted. Iva tells her that she is not in Lucinda's league, but she has worked and saved and her husband makes a good living. Rose tells her that she can't believe that she is going to say this but, she hands the check back to Iva and says that she can't take the money. She tells Iva that she had a lot of drugs in her the night that she and Lily were born and she didn't have any idea that she had had twins. Iva starts to cry. Rose tells her that she actually owes Iva. She tells Iva that she now has a family and she is back with her father and she has friends. Then she adds that she also has a guy. Iva asks if she knows him? Rose says, "Yes, it's Holden." Iva asks what Lily thinks about this? Rose tells her that she can't say, because Lily has been gone. She tells Iva about Lily leaving because she needed some time to think. Then she asks Iva what she thinks about she and Holden being together? Iva says that she can't comment on that, because she and Lily are both her daughters. Rose says that she has a good idea! She tells Iva that the way she can pay her back is just be her friend. They hug and Holden walks in. He says that he is interrupting and he starts to leave. They tell him that they are finished and he says that he has work to do. Rose says that she has a date to watch a movie with Emma and she tells Holden that he needs to watch it with them. She says that the movie is about a crazy Italian family that loves one another. Iva asks, "Moonstruck?" Rose asks her if she knows of it? Iva says it is her favorite movie. The three walk out of the barn and up to the farmhouse.

Hal has gone to the Dominican Republic and interrupted Craig and Barbara. He tries to convince Barbara that Craig is a murderer. He shows her the statement that Mei-Lin had signed. Craig denies it and says that Hal just had the paper typed up. Barbara tells Hal to leave, but he refuses. Barbara goes to the phone and calls for security to come to her room and make someone leave. When she hangs up, Hal tells her that she is too stupid to see what Craig is. Craig gets between Hal and Barbara and Hal tells him that he can talk to his wife if he wants to. Craig corrects him and says, "Ex-wife." Hal punches Craig in the face and knocks him off his feet. He tells Craig to get up and fight like a man. Barbara screams for Hal to leave. There is a knock at the door and the hotel security is there. Barbara goes to the door and lets them in. The security guys grab Hal and Craig tells him that he really shouldn't have to put on such a show to get Barbara's attention. Hal points his finger at Craig and threatens that he will be bringing him down. Hal looks at Barbara and says that he hopes she opens her eyes and sees Craig for what he is before it is too late. Security drags Hal out of the room. After Hal is gone, Barbara is no longer in the mood. Craig tells her that she was willing to be with him before Hal arrived. Barbara tells him that the time just isn't right. Craig looks at Barbara and asks her to marry him. She is worried. She just thinks it is too soon. She walks out of the room. Craig goes over to his suit coat and pulls out the picture of his daughter with the big red X across her face. Craig says, "It is going to be OK. I will not let anything happen to you."

Bryant meets Gabriel at the diner. Gabriel tries to convince him to join up with them in a scam. Bryant asks if he is on drugs? He asks if he is supposed to take up a life of crime, just because some stranger asks him to? Gabriel tells him that he is in a bind with the law and if he doesn't do some fancy footwork, he is going to be in a lot of trouble. Bryant's cell phone rings and he answers it. Lucinda is calling and asks if he still wants her to meet him at the diner. Bryant says yes and Lucinda says that she will be right there. When he hangs up, he tells Gabriel that he has some time to kill and he would like to hear what he has to say. Gabriel basically tells him that if he lets his grandmother take care of his case, he will be drug through the courts and have a messy rap sheet in the end. He says that he can work more discretely and get him out of his troubles. Bryant asks what he has to do in return. He says that all he is asking for is for Bryant to remain quiet about his existence. He says that there are a lot of benefits walking around as a dead man. Gabriel sees Lucinda walking in the door and he tells Bryant to think about it. He says that he will be over at the counter and if he says anything to anyone, the offer is off the table. Lucinda comes over to Bryant's table and starts right away asking him if he has found the people who scammed him? Bryant says that he has given up because it was him that let someone take advantage and he has to take full responsibility for his actions. Lucinda tells him that this is commendable, but he has to do something about the charge that he has. Bryant asks if she has had any luck with Hal Munson? Lucinda says that Hal is out of the country and no one knows where he is. She adds that his father is also out of the country. Bryant says that he hopes he doesn't return. Lucinda says that they want him to return, because they are going to make him repay all the money that he stole from Bryant. Lucinda looks at the menu and says that she just can't eat at this place. She asks if they can go back home and have Rosa fix them something nutritious? Bryant tells her to go home and he will take care of the bill and be right behind her. Lucinda happily kisses her grandson goodbye and leaves. Gabriel walks over to Bryant and says that he has made a wise decision. Bryant reminds him that he does not have a sudden desire to be a con artist. Gabriel says that he understands and he is going to teach Bryant that it is not what he can do to someone, but that he makes them do it to themselves. They shake hands and Bryant says that he has a deal. Bryant asks what is next? Gabriel asks if he can be at Mabel's around 8:00 tonight? Bryant says yes and Gabriel says that his daughter will be there. Bryant stiffens and asks, "You have a daughter?" Gabriel smirks and says that her name is Ruby. He asks, "You didn't put that one together?" Bryant says that he will see them tonight and leaves. Gabriel goes over to the table where Bryant left the money to pay for his bill and puts the money in his pocket. He snickers to himself. Ruby comes in and sits down with Gabriel. She asks how it went with Bryant? He tells her that he is on board and they are one step closer to getting their hands on his grand-mama's fortune.

As Hal is boarding the plane to come back to the states, he calls Lucinda. He asks her if she is interested in seeing the charges dropped against Bryant. She says that she is and he tells her that he will be back in the states in a couple of hours. He asks if that will give her time to get the evidence against Craig together? She says that will be plenty of time and she will be waiting for him. Hal says, "Good answer." He hangs up and says, "Just like I said Craig, no rules."

Tuesday, March 6, 2001

John stops in to see Parker at Craig's suite. Carly gives him a hard time and John tells her that Hal asked him to check on Parker while he was away. While he is there, Carly gets a call from Lucinda. She wants to meet with Carly and Carly tells her it is about time. Carly tells her that she needs to get a sitter and she will be right over. Lucinda tells her to bundle up the kid and bring him along. Carly looks at John and tells Lucinda that it is under control. When she hangs up, John is nosing around a gift-wrapped package on the desk. Carly tells him to mind his own business. She asks him if he would like to spend some time with Parker. John tells her that he will, but she shouldn't be sending presents to married men. Carly asks him if he is going to help her or what? John agrees to take Parker for her. Before Carly leaves to go to Lucinda's house, she calls downstairs and asks if she can have someone deliver a package for her. Carly gets to Lucinda's and after going around and around and hurling insults, Carly tells Lucinda that if she is willing to fork over one hundred grand, she will give her enough information to bury Craig Montgomery. Lucinda laughs sinisterly.

Bob, Kim and Will go to visit Tom and Margo and Lien is coming home for a visit. Will goes upstairs to play with Casey and Kim and Bob tell Tom how excited they are to see Lien. Tom tells them about considering asking Lien to join him in his law practice. Bob and Kim are excited about the possibility of Lien coming back to Oakdale to live. Tom warns them not to put any pressure on her when she arrives. The doorbell rings and Tom goes to the door and greets Lien. She comes in and hugs and kisses everyone and they are making small talk, when Bob decides to open the subject of Tom being so busy with his practice. Tom gives him a look and then he and Kim go to the kitchen to get dinner started. Bob gets Lien off to the side and fills her in on Tom's plans to ask her to join him at his new law office. Bob also tells her that if she is going to turn him down, to please turn him down easily. Tom and Kim come back in and Tom tells them that Margo will be home soon, she is taking care of something at the police station. Kim and Bob get the conversation started again about Tom being too busy to keep up with all his cases. Lien has a few suggestions, but they just are not what Tom is thinking about. Lien has another bright idea! She suggests that they send Casey to law school. Kim and Bob have a laugh at Tom's expense. Tom is not laughing. Lien finally looks at her father and says, "Dad, if you want to ask me to join your law firm, just ask me." Tom fills her in on what she will be giving up and that his office isn't very big and he has a lot of cases going on right now. She looks at him and then says that she will do it. She and Tom hug.

Julia sneaks up on Jack and surprises him with a gift-wrapped box. He tells her that it is not their anniversary, but she corrects him. It is their anniversary, of their first date. She finally convinces him to open the box. When he takes the lid off the present a bunch of springy-snaky things come flying out. Julia starts to laugh hysterically. Jack looks at her like she has lost her mind. When she settles down, she tells Jack to look in the box, there is a real present in there. Jack doesn't want to but she finally convinces him. He takes out an old book. He looks at the title and it is a first run copy of "The Thin Man." Jack tells her that the present is really great. She asks him if he gets the correlation of the present? He looks at her and she reminds him of how their friends were trying to fix them up at first and they were pretending to go out on dates. She goes on to say that they fell in love and got married. Their life had started out as a joke and then turned into something serious. She brings out a bottle of very expensive wine to celebrate. Jack breaks the news that he has to go to work. Julia gets upset and thinks that he is going to go see Carly again. He tells her that Carly is out of their life now and she has to trust him. She tells him that she will be OK and she understands he has to go to work. As he is leaving, she tells him that she made an appointment with her psychiatrist for them both to go. He gets upset with her and says that he needs more notice than just one day. She tells him that she is sorry; she just remembered that she made the appointment and they both need to heal. He says that he has to leave and as he is going out the door, she tells him to remember that she loves him very much. After he is gone, she pours herself a glass of wine and makes a toast to Jack. She walks over to the desk and picks up the book that she gave Jack. She looks in the mirror and says that Jack would have liked the book better if Carly had given it to him. She takes the book and starts ripping pages out of it and then she beats it against the wall as she is screaming that she is going to kill Carly.

At the police station, there is a package from Hong Kong delivered to Jack Snyder. Margo sees the package on his desk and one of the officers tell her that the information is for Jack's eye only, per his order. She reminds the officer that she and Jack work together and share information all the time. He tells her that if Jack wants to share the information, then he can, but she is not to open the package until Jack gets there. Margo lays the package down and goes back to her desk. She can't stand not knowing what is in the package and that it may contain some information about her brother. She makes a quick call to Tom about the effects of steaming open a package that is not addressed to her. Tom tells her that she is part of the department and he thinks she has all the right to open it. She hangs up and sneakily takes the package into the break room. There is a teakettle on the stove and it has steam pouring out of it. She steams open the package and starts to look through the material. She finds a page that says that Winston Lowe died of a heart attack. She says out loud that not even Craig can make someone have a heart attack. As she is reading the paper, Jack walks in and asks if she is willing to swear to that in court, right after she admits to tampering with the evidence? As he is talking to Margo, a messenger puts a gift box on his desk. Recap --->

Wednesday, March 7, 2001

Craig panics when he receives a lock of hair along with a note urging him to "marry the pigeon." He quickly calls Lucy to make sure she is safe. Barbara arrives with the news that her divorce is final. Though she suggests they celebrate her freedom, he takes off leaves, telling Barbara that he's worried what their children will think about their relationship because they're not married.

When Lucinda balks at paying Carly a hundred thousand dollars to rat out Craig, Carly tries to force the issue but Lucinda calls her bluff and eventually reaches an agreement. Carly rushes back to Craig's suite and searches for a document that proves that he forged Lucinda's signature to access Bryant's trust fund.

Jack blasts Margo for going against police procedure and disobeying a direct order not to look at the files from Hong Kong. She clears Grady from any blame and tries to explain her concern for her brother. Jack relents and lets her see there is no evidence linked to Craig. However, upon his return to Oakdale, Hal runs to Lucinda who assures him that Carly is hard at work trying to find something to ruin Craig.

Lisa is shocked to find Julia standing amidst hundreds of shredded book pages. Julia announces that she can no longer live with Jack and then packs a suitcase and decides to leave..

Chris gives Emily the news that he's decided to return to Columbia and get his degree. He points out to Nancy that once he stopped fighting a career in medicine, he realized how drawn he was to it.

Thursday, March 8, 2001

Craig returns from the Dominican Republic in time to catch Carly rifling through his private files. She defends her sneaky actions and claims she has her son's future to consider. When he starts to get rough with her, Jack arrives to ask her about the gift she sent him. As Jack and Craig face off, Carly packs her suitcase and tries to leave. Craig insists on searching her suitcase first and then kicks her out with a threat about Parker. Jack hands Carly the compass back and tells her to keep it.

Hal is thrilled when Carly hands him the paper she took from Craig's files that features Lucinda's forged signature.

Katie's curious as to why Simon is staying in Oakdale even though Lily doesn't want to be with him. Simon refuses to say. Katie admits she loves Simon but Simon wants no part of this.

Hal finds Bryant and Jennifer at Barbara's home and informs them that Craig was with Barbara in the Dominican republic. Barbara returns in time to hear Jennifer admit how sickened she is by her mother's actions and blasts Hal for leaking this to her daughter. After the kids leave, Barbara blasts Hal for all the pain he has caused and angrily orders him to get out of her house. Jennifer asks Bryant to skip his meeting with Gabe and Ruby and spend the night with her but he insists on going to the meeting. She decides to accompany him. At the meeting, Gabe re-introduces them to his daughter Ruby.

Friday, March 9, 2001

Jake nervously prepared to give Molly an engagement ring but she was exhausted and fell asleep before he could present the ring to her. When Molly woke up and realized that Abigail was gone and the babies were asleep, she tried to convince Jake to join her in the bedroom, unaware that he was trying to be romantic and give her the ring. Just as he got on his knees and was about to propose, the doorbell interrupted them--it was Carly looking for a place to stay!

Bryant and Jen cautiously met with Gabriel and Ruby in their travel trailer. While Jennifer unwillingly accompanied Ruby in her car to get some beer, an uneasy Bryant stayed with Gabriel. Gabriel informed Bryant that Ruby was in love with him and felt remorse for what she had done. He told Bryant he would return his money to him if Bryant would return what was taken from him--Ruby's heart. Meanwhile in the car, Ruby told a suspicious Jen that she had no feelings at all for Bryant and would like to be friends with her.

Katie showed up at Java Underground in a sexy outfit while Simon was bartending and pressed him for the real reason he was staying in Oakdale. When Simon put her off, she suspected that perhaps he had gotten into trouble in Australia. When he refused to elaborate, she decided to do some digging on her own and called her old buddy, Henry for assistance.

Jack took Carly to Java Underground and informed her it was over between him and Julia and he couldn't live without her. When a disbelieving Carly questioned and doubted his motives, Jack silenced her rant with a sexy kiss. Still unconvinced, Carly thought he was asking her to be his mistress and left. Lisa then cornered Jack and told him about finding Julia at the house acting very strangely and threatening to leave town. Jack rushed home to find the shredded book, their broken wedding picture, but no Julia!

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