One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 5, 2001 on OLTL

Ben was shot. Cristian admitted to working for R.J. in order to get information against him. Max blackmailed Asa. Todd and Max went at it. Colin harassed Roseanne. The tension grew between Jessica and Jen. Cristian put on an act for R.J.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 5, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, March 5, 2001

Police Station

Blair explains to Todd about the drugged champagne and sympathizes with what he must have been feeling. Just when she thinks she's finally starting to crack his shell of coldness, John and Hank enter to announce that the clothes are being examined and Todd gets his immunity deal. Blair is shocked. Todd and Blair are left alone again when Hank and John leave to check on the results, he admits that he thinks her story is convenient. She persists. Hank, R.J., and Sophia return with the damaging results and Sophia reads Blair her rights and cuffs her. Todd meets Blair's stares of pain with his continued coldness.

Colin calls Roseanne at work to harass her. After hanging up on him twice, a concerned Sophia asks if everything is ok. Roseanne assures her all is well and decided to take a break from her desk. Colin appears, cell phone in hand, laughing at her uneasiness. Roseanne is shocked to learn that he no longer wants to blackmail her for sex, but money! When she reminds him of her less than acceptable living conditions, he suggests she talk to R.J. then since she's such a fiscally-wise player for him. As Colin is leaving the station, he realizes that he has lost his syringe and drugs.

Lindsay's Studio

With her "gift" of saving Colin from R.J. throwing him down the elevator shaft, she is rewarded with terrors on how to she might raise more money for Colin's blackmail. She finds Colin's vial and needle and gets a new plan. As he returns to look for it, Lindsay is filling the syringe with the drug.


Jen and Jessica spar off over Jessica's motives in trying to help Cristian. Neither is willing to see the other's point of view and the tension between them ends worse than before.

R.J.'s Club

Just when Cristian is about to confess to Antonio his ID scam, he sees R.J. walk into the club and punches his brother in the jaw and tells him to mind his own business. An angered Antonio leaves and Cristian voices to R.J. once more about his desire to get a piece of the big action. Later, Cristian heads to Antonio's to talk things over.

Tuesday, March 6, 2001

Roseanne, desperate to stop Colin, begs R.J. for the money to pay him off. R.J. doesn't believe that Colin will ever be satisfied, but agrees to pay him off--on one condition: Roseanne continues to be his snitch. Roseanne is forced to continue to work for R.J., but tells him that she wants Colin to be taken care of--permanetly!

Antonio finds Cris at his apartment and draws back a fist, ready to punch, but stops short and gives his brother a hug instead. After their earlier encounter at Break Bar, Antonio realized that Cris was secretly trying to bring down R.J. Cris explains to his brother that although he's been angry and confused about his life, he decided to go undercover knowing that it was R.J.'s fault for the accident that injured his hand. Cristian promises to find out who R.J.'s snitch is. The brothers play it off when Roseanne suddenly shows up. Antonio ends up getting punched again.

Bo goes to Crossroads and informs Ben and Viki that they are accessories to a crime for covering up Max's scam. Ben angrily defends his actions and refuses to testify against Max. Outside, Gina makes a call to her people and orders a hit on Ben. She informs the person on the phone that she is in charge of the operation and they will do as they are told. Ben goes outside for fresh air and finds Gina. She franticly tells him he is in danger and needs to come with her right away. Ben explains there is too much going on for him to leave. A few moments later, shots ring out! Bo and Viki rush out to find Gina holding a wounded Ben on the ground...

Lindsay sneaks up behind Colin, ready to inject him, when Nora shows up and stops her. Nora suddenly has a flashback of Lindsay's hand holding a syringe. Colin and Lindsay try to convince Nora that the syringe only held allergy medicine. Nora threatens to inject Lindsay, but Colin grabs the needle and leaves. Lindsay tells Nora that Colin is psychotic and asks her for money to get him to leave town. Nora is shocked and refuses to pay Colin any blackmail money. Lindsay claims she is trying to protect Nora and implies that Nora's life could be in danger. Nora laughs and promises to get a confession out of Colin before he leaves. Meanwhile, Melanie goes to the station looking for Bo. When she doesn't find him she tells Sophia that she is going to stop Colin no matter what it takes. Later, after Colin is at home, Melanie sneaks up on him. He tries to sweet talk her and remanince about the good old days. She doesn't buy it. She gives him her life's savings and tells him to get the hell out of everyone's lives. After she leaves, Colin mixes up a potion and draws it into a syringe...

March 7, 2001


Ben's been shot in the shoulder and needs to be moved. After he, Bo and Viki leave, Gina remains behind. A man comes up to her and she begins to slap him, telling him that she said NOT to shoot Ben, but to miss. She informs him that she's the boss, not Rourke.


Renee tries to convince Asa that Ben is indeed his son but he still refuses to accept it and tells the "madam" he could belong to anyone. Max walks in wanting to speak with Asa alone. He wants to make a deal in order to keep each other out of jail. Asa calls it blackmail and tells him he'll go down and take Max with him. As Renee walks into the hallway she runs into Ben and group and though she shows concern at first she backs off. Viki can't believe that Renee would just walk away. Renee tells her old friend that she broke her trust by not telling her about Ben. They talk about various issues regarding wives and mothers and their love. Renee wants time to think about it all. Bo goes on to visit Asa but both he and Max refuse to divulge what they've been talking about. Finally, Max agrees to speak but Asa shuts him up and proceeds to tell Bo that he knew that Max wasn't his son all along because Max told him. He only collapsed because of his health and learning that Ben is his son. Bo orders Max out and tells his dad that he doesn't buy his story and thinks Max has something on him. Asa doesn't want Max locked up; Bo offers his help. Outside the room, Max says hi bro but Bo promises Max that he'll be there when Max's time comes and furthermore he's not his brother. Max gleefully goes back to see Asa to gloat over their success but the old man orders him out and not to ever call him Pa again or he'll shoot him. Max announces that Ben has been shot again but knows Asa wouldn't care, he couldn't be responsible. Gina rushes in to see Ben and gives him a hug. She wants him to hide with her until they can convince Rourke to lay off. Viki walks in while Gina is trying to urge Ben to go away with her. Gina claims she's only concerned for Ben's safety and is furious over the incident but Viki thinks otherwise. Ben turns his ex-girlfriend down and says he'll come up with a plan. Viki follows Gina out the door and tells her she's only furious because her plan didn't work. Gina spits out that her past with Ben was deadly and she got away but Ben didn't. She storms off.


Todd visits Blair in her cell and demands the truth again but Blair insists she's already told him that, explaining it again. They were set-up, the "love nest" is a lie and she still loves Todd. She learned the truth by visiting Max with a gun. Todd thinks she's pretended love in order to protect herself and still believes she betrayed him. Blair points out that he betrayed her with the clothes, he never trusted her and in fact, wanted this to happen because he wanted a way out. He was outsmarted by Max. Nora and Skye await news from Hank who eventually discloses that Blair has been arrested and Todd turned over evidence. The charges against Skye have been dropped. Rae is nearby and she's happy for Skye. She offers to take Nora and Skye out to celebrate but Skye turns her down and puts her down. Nora thinks that Skye will need her mother and shouldn't treat her so badly. Todd is finished visiting with Blair and sees Nora. She asks him why he put her in the convent and he acknowledges that he wanted to be the hero. He in turn asks her if Skye set him up, if Max slept with Blair. Nora retorts maybe he turned Blair in for nothing but he got beaten. She suggests he read between the lines. She's upset that Todd is free but Hank can't help it since Skye would still be locked up if not for Todd. Skye stops by to visit Blair and tells her she wants something, she's not sure what, but Blair will be the last to know. Nora is handed a note by a cop who tells her it was left for her. She reads it in shock.


As Max returns to his car, he is clunked on the head and knocked cold. His attacker is Todd!

Thursday, March 8, 2001

Will's office

Lindsay goes to Will for the money to silence Colin, showing him the invitation she received to Colin's dinner. At first Will says no, and Lindsay recants everything she's done and says she's sorry for it. Will and Lindsay are both unaware that Jenn is listening in and feeling guilty as she hears Colin's blaming voice in her head. Jenn then leaves, and Will breaks down and gives his mother the money. Jess then arrives and shows Will their invitation to Colin's dinner. Will says they will go.


Kelly and Blair discuss Todd's betrayal, and Blair wonders what she could've done to make Todd trust her. Blair says she will make Max pay, and they discuss strategies such as the temporary insanity plea. Kelly then talks Blair into fighting back and keeping her spirits up.

Police Station

Nora and Bo realize they have both been invited to Colin's dinner, and Nora is determined to go, much to Bo's chagrin. Nora then tells Bo about her visit from Colin and how Lanie went after him. Bo and Nora then decide to go to the dinner together. Antonio and Roseanne both get invites to Colin's dinner, and Roseanne makes a frantic call to R.J. for money to give Colin. R.J. says he too was invited and he will bring the money.

Sam's house

Lanie gets an invitation, and Sam then walks in and questions her about what she did with her money. Lanie confesses that she gave it to Colin, but won't tell Sam why. She tells him that Colin has been bothering Jenn and she wants to pay him to leave town. Sam asks her if Colin's blackmailing her and tries to get her to prosecute. Lanie says no because she doesn't want the truth to come out. Lanie leaves and Sam discovers his invitation.


Max wakes up in a grave with Todd standing over him holding a shovel. Max then gloats about how he got Todd to bring down Blair. Todd becomes enraged and hits Max and starts to bury him. Max then convinces Todd to let him go, reminding Todd he'd have to face a murder charge if he killed him.

Colin's dinner party

Everyone invited shows up and is surprised to see everyone else. Colin, syringe in his pocket, comes in and tells everyone it will be a night to remember.

Friday, March 9, 2001

Sam's House

Jen places a note on the entry table addressed to "Mom and Dad" and picks up her backpack to leave. As she starts out the door, Cristian appears and gives her a knowing look.

Colin's Party

Lindsay, Nora, Antonio, Roseanne, R.J., Bo, Melanie, Will, Jessie and Sam are all at Colin's dinner party. Each one had received an invitation with a different message. Colin tells them how happy he is they all came and that he had actually asked them there to make an announcement that would affect all of them one way or the other. He told them that he was leaving town. Sam suggested that everyone go home and let he and Bo handle Colin, but Bo said that before everyone left, he wanted some answers. Bo read the message he had received from Colin regarding truth. Bo asked Colin what truth he was talking about. Colin turns and looks at Lanie who looks terrified. Nora looks at Lindsay in a knowing way, but Lindsay has a questioning look on her face.

Buchanan Mansion

Max is sitting at a desk working when Skye walks in and asks if she is interrupting. Max tells her that he had been thinking about her, but Skye says, "Were you? I guess I didn't get all those phone messages you left me. I must have been out all those times you stopped by. I must have been mistaken to think that you were completely and totally indifferent. Was I Max? Was I wrong about that?"

Rae Cummings House

Rae is counseling an empty chair about her own situation with Skye when John walks in looking around trying to see who she is talking to. Rae is startled when he says her name and jumps up. She tells John that she is actually with a patient. John laughs and says "And who would that be?" Rae admits that it is herself. "Oh, John. I've made such a mess with Skye. I've gone down every wrong road. I just thought that I should try to analyze myself." Rae laughs.

Sam's House

Cristian asks Jen if she is going somewhere and she replies that she is going back to school and asks if he wants to drop her at the airport. Cristian says he would rather have an explanation. "Since when do I owe you an explanation?" Cristian tells her she doesn't owe him anything except that he might have saved her life. Jen again thanks him "from the bottom of her cold little heart" and starts to storm out, but Cristian catches her. Cristian tells Jen that she doesn't owe him gratitude, but that he feels responsible and asks her to at least talk to him before she leaves. Jen says he can have two minutes and Cristian continues to prod her, but she refuses to answer his questions. She asks him why he is even there and tells him that her life is none of his business. "Did anyone ask you to stick your nose in it?" Jen asks. Cristian replies "No." Jen says, "So stay out of it, ok?" and Cristian says, "No, it's not ok." He tells Jen that it is very obvious that she is not ok. "You don't know me. You don't know anything about me." Jen replies. "It's your uncle you're running away from. It's Colin McIver, isn't it?" Cristian asks. Jen looks away.

Colin's Party

Colin asks Bo "What is truth?" He says that maybe truth is relative, maybe Lindsay's truth is different than his truth. Lindsay says, "You wouldn't know truth if it bit you in the butt." Colin walks over to Lindsay with an evil look and says "And then there's truth with a capital T. The kind of truth that changes lives. For better or for worse. Maybe that's the kind of truth we are interested in tonight." Will shouts that Colin is a liar, a cheat and a kidnapper and that he should be locked up right now. Looking at Lanie, Colin continues his discourse about truth asking "Does truth change or is it constant? Does it lose its impact? Does it fade with time? Maybe we'll answer those questions tonight as well." Lanie asks Colin why he is doing this and he replies "Because I can." Lanie suggests that the two of them go somewhere and talk alone, but Bo puts a stop to that, telling Colin it's his show and to get on with it. Colin reminds Bo that "patience is a virtue". He says that people don't want to hear the truth, "But sometimes we need to for protection. Right, R. J.?" Nora says "I'm with Bo and I'm with Sam. Let's just get to the bottom of this. You wanted us all here. We're all here. If there is a truth to be told, lets hear it." Colin turns and looks at Nora, "Oh there is a truth to be told." Colin replies "And I am going to tell you, but not on an empty stomach." He tells his guests that appetizers are served and then they will move on to the main course.

Buchanan Mansion

"Yes, you were wrong. You were very wrong." Max tells Skye, but Skye, in a playful tone, says she finds that hard to believe. Max explains that he has a good excuse and explains that he was thrown in jail, threatened by Bo, disowned by Asa and Renee, shot at by Blair, again, knocked unconscious by Todd, thrown into an freshly dug grave and almost burried alive. Max and Skye discuss the fact that they are both off the hook, and Max kisses Skye. She pulls away and tells Max she doesn't ever want him to do that again.

Rae's House

John tells Rae that she is blaming herself for something that is not her fault. Rae suggests that they role-play with her as herself and John as Skye. John says "No. Let's do this. I'll be John and you'll be the woman I love and for the first time you're actually going to sit there and listen to everything I have to say to you."

Sam's House

Jen tells Cristian he is wrong and that her leaving has nothing to do with Colin and that she just needed to get back to school. Cristian says she won't face what is really going on. Jen tells him to think whatever he wants, but that he doesn't have a clue. Cristian begs Jen to talk to him and offers to talk to her parents with her. He asks where her dad is and she tells him that Sam has gone to see Colin.

Colin's Party

Lindsay asks Colin if he honestly thinks any of them is interested in having dinner with him and she asks Bo why he is allowing this to continue. She says that if the note had said anything about dinner that she wouldn't have come. Nora asks Lindsay what her note said, but then says "Oh, never mind. Lindsay's right. Look at us. None of us would have come if we had known it was just giving Colin a chance to be P. T. Barnum." Colin says he is very glad that "Scarlet" is there and then starts telling everyone where to sit. He tells his guests that his inspiration for the evening was Todd Manning's "almost" wedding. Colin thought that what Todd had done at his wedding would be a great theme for a dinner party. "Secrets and lies." Colin suggests to Lindsay that since she wants to get this over with so badly, maybe they should start with her first.

Buchanan Mansion

Max says that he knows Skye has needed him and that he hadn't been there for her, but that there were reasons. Skye starts talking about the way her life had been turned upside down by the fact that she was Rae Cummings daughter and not a Chandler. She mentions that even though he is no longer a Buchanan, he is still in Asa's house. Max tells her that he and Asa had come to an understanding. She comments that she thought she and Max should come to an understanding. Max asks her if she had been drinking and Skye tells him that ever since Todd had dropped that bible page on her, she had never been more sober. She told Max that she was trying to figure out why he had not been in contact with her when she realized that she had not contacted him either and she didn't know why until he kissed her.

Colin's Party

Colin leads Lindsay and Nora to believe that he is going to tell everyone about Lindsay's involvement in Nora's kidnapping, but instead he tells Sam to think back to the day that he received the phone call at his office telling him to come home right away where he found Lindsay in bed with one of his younger law partners. Colin continues and tells Sam that he was the one who made the phone call and the way he knew about Lindsay was that Jen had called him crying and told him about it. Colin finally says that he and Jen were always close. He leans down and makes a suggestive noise and tells Sam that he hopes he and Jen get closer. Sam comes up out of his chair, grabs Colin and says, "I will kill you."

Sam's House

Cristian continues to insist that he knows Jen is leaving because of Colin and asks Jen what Colin did to her. Jen says that she is leaving because she likes to have fun and that Llanview just doesn't cut it and that she is sick of Llanview and the people in it. Cristian says he doesn't believe her and asks Jen again what happened. He assures her that she can tell him anything, that he will understand. "How could you possibly understand what it's like to come home and find your mother trotting off to bed with someone who is not your father. Or to know that you caused your parents' divorce. I sent my mother off the deep end, Cristian. I wrecked our family. Can you understand that? Can you?" Jen asks.

Buchanan Mansion

Max says that Skye can't tell him that his kiss didn't make her feel something and Skye agrees that it made her feel something, but not the "real" something. She says she finally realized that none of the horrible stuff would have happened to her if she hadn't been stupid enough to fall for him in the first place. Max tells her she can't blame him for everything that has happened. Skye assures Max that she doesn't blame him, but she blames herself. Max begs Skye not to throw everything they have worked for away. He reminds her that he plotted against Blair and Todd, knowing that Todd would expose him to Asa. Skye says she can't help what she doesn't feel, but Max asks her to let him show her how he feels about her and he kisses her passionately.

Sam's House

Jen tells Cristian that she had stayed away because she had always blamed her mother for the divorce. Cristian tells Jen that her parents and Will love her and want her to stay. Jen says that is because they don't know the truth about what happened. Jen relates that she had learned that her mother had an affair with Colin and about all the horrible things that Lindsay had done, but that they were not her mother's fault, they were her fault. She tells Cristian that she is the one who made sure Sam found Lindsay in bed with another man and that she broke up their marriage and that Lindsay had done all those terrible things after the divorce. Jen said that Colin was going to tell Sam everything and that Sam would know it was her fault and that he would hate her. She says she can't do this and rushes out the door with Cristian on her heels.

Colin's Party

Bo and Will pull Sam off Colin. Sam is still threatening to kill Colin if he goes near Jen. Bo tells Colin if he doesn't stay away from Sam and Sam's family, he will have to answer to Bo. Colin says that he is tired and tells everyone to leave. Bo says that Colin has more to say and Colin says "Goodbye. I am leaving this lousy town." He looks at Lanie and says "The first true love of my life left me and she took my livelihood with her." Looking at Nora he says "And the second true love of my life betrayed me. She played with my heart." He tells them that since he has found a decent source of income that there would be nothing but good times, just not in Llanview. He shows them an airline ticket envelope that he says contains a one-way ticket to Maui. He also says that he will not forget them and he will make sure they don't forget him. He says he will be in touch. "Almost everyone in this room has secrets that they don't want anyone to know, but I know and I won't forget and I'll be just a phone call away." Colin says, then he walks out of the room.

Nora tells Lindsay that she must be beside herself with relief since Colin didn't implicate her in the kidnapping. Lindsay says that whatever Nora is looking for it isn't there, but Nora says that it is and that she is going to find it. Bo tells Nora that he doesn't trust Colin and that she is not going home alone. Sam tells Bo that he will take Nora home. Nora asks Sam if he thinks Colin is still around and Sam replies "You can bet on it."

Rae's House

Rae tells John that she is going to take his advice and let Skye make the next move. She is aware that Skye might never make a move and she can accept that, but she wishes she knew what was going to happen to Skye.

Buchanan Mansion

Skye tells Max that his kiss was pleasant, but that she thinks they are finished. She tells Max that she is dumping him. She is amazed because she says she has never dumped anyone in her whole life and that she was always the one to be dumped. Skye walks out and Max is completely puzzled.

Sam's House

Jen is screaming at Cristian to let her go as he pushes her back into the house. She continues to struggle until Cristian finally subdues her, pulls her close and almost kisses her, but instead he holds her.

Colin's Party

Bo tells everyone that MacIver's talk about keeping in touch and secrets sounded like threats and that if anyone had anything they wanted to say to him that this was the time to do it. He looks to Lindsay first, but she only says that she is not staying there another minute and walks out. R. J., Roseanne and Antonio quickly follow and Bo and Lanie are left alone. Lanie tells Bo that she would like to help, but that she doesn't know Colin anymore. Bo says, "Well, it's not over. We both know that."

Nora's House

Colin is in the dark house with only the outside light shining through. He pulls the plane ticket envelope out of his pocket, but it has someone else's name on it. He hears a noise outside and quickly hides. Sam is arguing with Nora and insists that he is coming in to check the house out. Nora insists that she will be fine and tells Sam that his daughter needs him and to go home. Nora walks into the house, removes her coat and starts to turn on a lamp when she suddenly realizes that the house is completely dark. She becomes very suspicious and starts' looking around as she slowly enters the living room. Colin is standing behind a wall with a needle in his hand ready to plunge it into Nora.

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