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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 5, 2001 on GL
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Monday, March 5, 2001

In San Cristobel: At the accident scene:

Reva was thrown back from the explosion and is lying on the ground. Edmund is trying to get Cassie out of the way and has a guard helping him. As the car burns, Edmund runs to help Reva and then calls an ambulance. Cassie starts to come to and calls out for Richard. Edmund tries to help her until the EMTs get there.

Meanwhile, Richard and Noah are tied together with guards around them. He reminds the guards that he was their prince and they served him. He tries to tell them about Edmund and how they are listening to him and helping him make a mockery of the principality. Edmund comes over one of the guard's radios calling for an ambulance. He tells the guards to bring Noah and Richard to the hospital at once; Reva and Cassie had been in an accident.

At the Hospital:

Reva is already in a bed when Noah rushes in. The doctor says she has head trauma and is unconscious. He asks the orderly how the accident happened. The orderly says that they had a car accident swerving to miss Prince Edmund's car. Noah is irate and starts talking badly about Ed. The orderly tells him that Ed is a hero and without him both Cassie and Reva would be dead.

Richard runs in Cassie's room. The doctor tells him the baby is fine for the time being and the next 36 hours should tell if Cassie is out of the woods. Cassie loses consciousness and the doctors send Richard out of the room. Richard is upset and Noah tries to calm him. Noah tells Richard that it may not be that serious. The doctor comes out and tells Richard Cassie is okay for now. She is unconscious but stable and they will just have to watch her for the next two days. She suffered blunt trauma to the abdomen and the baby could be at risk. Richard says the nightmare never ends. Now his wife and Reva's lives are in danger because of Edmund. Richard sees Edmund in the hall and goes to him saying, "How dare you show your face here." Noah has to stop Richard from attacking Edmund. Ed tells Richard he never meant to hurt Cassie. He just wanted to stop her from giving the interview to Reva. She swerved off the road. Richard says his intention was to achieve power and it is obvious that he would kill to gain that power. Richard tells him that he will make sure everyone knows that. Edmund leaves. Richard turns to Noah and tells him that he felt a little guilty when he ran Edmund through with the sword and he has no idea why. Noah tells him if he didn't have those feelings he would be no better than Ed. Richard thinks he is right. Cassie calls out to Richard and he runs back into her room. She tells him that Ed was in the middle of the road and had a group of guards with guns. He tells her it is alright, they can talk about it later. She asks about the baby and Richard tells her the baby is fine and anxious to meet his parents. He tells her again that when this is all over they will be together, a family.

Noah is still waiting outside when a doctor comes out and tells him Reva is coming to. Noah goes into talk to her. She hears him enter and calls out to him. He goes over to her and she asks him where he is. He tells her he is right there and hugs her. Reva gets very upset and tells him she can't see. Noah holds her tight.

Ed arrives back at the palace and is shaking. He is very upset and keeps asking himself why Cassie just didn't stop the car. Why did she have to swerve off the road? He grabs his head and says, "This is not my fault!" Beth comes in and sees how upset he is. She was worried about him and had heard ambulances. She hugs him to her and he tells her that everything will be ruined; everything he has worked his life for will be gone. He says again, "Why did Cassie do it?" Beth realizes the rumors about the wreck were true. Edmund says, "They will make it about me and say I tried to hurt them." He tells Beth that he saved Cassie and her baby but they will blame it all on him and everything will be taken away. Beth looks at a distraught Ed.

At the Bauer's:

Rick comes in and sees no one is home. He calls out for Michelle and Meta and looks for a note but can't find one. He is getting worried just as Frank arrives. Frank asks what is wrong and Rick tells him he can't find anyone. He says there was no note left and he is getting worried that they may have been kidnapped. Frank says there is no sign of forcible entry. Rick tells Frank he and Michelle argued about Danny earlier that evening and she was very upset. Michelle is fixated on getting Danny away from his family and he thinks she is a sitting duck. Frank thinks Michelle is okay or they would have heard something by now. Right on cue, the phone rings. Meta is calling to tell Rick that Michelle has gone into labor and she and Meta and Danny and Claire are at the hospital. Rick grabs his things tells Frank what is going on and they run to the hospital.

At Cedar's:

Michelle is in labor and Claire has taken over her case since Dr. Sedgwick is on vacation. Michelle is working on breathing through her contractions. Claire gives her some water to sip on and puts a wet cloth on her head. Claire says Michelle is doing a wonderful job. Michelle says the baby is about 4 weeks early and she asks Claire why she is in labor so soon. Claire says maybe the baby got bored and wanted to get on with the show. Michelle seems confident in Claire and is glad she is there. Meta arrives with Danny. Claire tells him to get out of the room infuriating Michelle. Claire tells Danny to leave because he will jeopardize Michelle's welfare in delivery. Meta stands up to Claire and tells her Michelle asked for Danny and Danny is there. She tells Claire to shut up and get out of the way. Michelle calls for Danny and he goes in to her. He tells her how beautiful she is and how persuasive Meta is. She asks him if he wants to be there. Danny tells her he couldn't keep away from her or the baby if he tried. Michelle has another contraction and Danny looks concerned. He wants them to give Michelle something for the pain but she says no. She tells him she has taken the classes and will get through it. Claire buts in and asks if Danny took the classes? Michelle tells her he hasn't. Claire says he won't be much help then. Michelle tells Danny to just help her focus on her breathing. He holds her and tells her to breathe with him. He reminds her to think of the baby. He tells her they will soon have a baby to say hello to. The baby's parents love him or her very much and he or she was made out of love. Danny tells Michelle he loves her. She seems very happy but still in labor. Danny wipes her face with the damp cloth trying to help as much as he can.

Outside, Rick arrives and Claire tells him that Michelle is fine, medically. Meta speaks up and tells him that Michelle is fine in everyway. Claire and Rick go in the room to see Michelle. She has another contraction just as Frank walks in. They are joking with her and she tells them to quit trying to make her laugh, she is having a baby there. Danny goes over to Claire and asks her why the baby hasn't arrived yet. Claire gives him a mean look. She tells them both that first time mothers are sometimes long labors. Michelle wonders how people can go on like that for extended periods. Claire tells her that she will get tired and sore but it will be worth it. Danny asks Michelle if she wants to take some pain medication but Michelle says no. Danny tells her she is a brave girl. He doesn't want her to give up now. She tells him she has to know if he is going to be there for her and the baby from day one. She has to know and have his word that he will be there for the rest of their lives. He tells her he will, he doesn't know how, but he will. Rick looks at Claire and they both have irritated looks. Danny tells Michelle they can worry about everything later; he thinks they should just concentrate on having their baby. Rick goes out to see Frank very upset. He says that someone is out to get Danny and now he is back with Michelle. Frank tells Rick that he thinks the baby coming now is only the beginning of their problems. Rick goes back into the room. Claire tells Michelle she is 3cm dilated. Danny is wondering how fast she will progress. Claire says the baby may take its time. Rick wants to go home and get his catcher's mitt; Michelle is annoyed and threatens her brother with a bat to the head. Rick goes back out and tells Frank they could be in there for a while and this could get rough.

At Olivia's:

Frank comes in and wants to talk to Olivia and Josh. He tells them that Danny Santos is in danger and they want to warn anyone involved with the family. Danny is trying to go straight and the other families are not happy because Danny has enough information to take down the other families and they may want to get to him to prevent that from happening. Frank wants to warn Marah since she was involved with Tony. Josh says to warn Catalina since she is involved with Tony now. Frank leaves to see Michelle. Josh and Olivia discuss what they just learned and Olivia thinks Josh needs to tell Marah what is going on to emphasis the danger of the Santos family. He thinks she is right and calls out to Marah. He tells her they have to talk about Tony. She looks at Olivia and says, "You told him!" Josh wonders what Marah is talking about but Olivia covers for them. Josh buys the explanation and tells Marah he is proud of her efforts. He wants to tell her about Frank's visit. Anyone who hangs around Danny or Tony is in danger, because the mob guys are after Danny. Marah says she and Tony are ancient history. Josh says that he just worries about her. Marah says he is just a dad. Josh leaves to get wine. Olivia tells Marah she almost shot herself in the foot. Marah thinks Olivia would have liked that but she tells her that all she wants is a happy home, which means one without Tony. Marah says she understands.

At Holly's Office:

Blake comes in with some take out. Holly asks what she is doing there and tells her if she wants to complain about Ross not marrying her, she can't take it tonight. Blake tells Holly they talk about more than Ross. She tries to bring up other topics, but they all lead back to Ross. Holly wonders if she can't think about something else, like herself. Holly is trying to be motherly. She shows Blake a homemade valentine from Meg and breaks down a bit talking about her daughter growing up without her. Blake tries to reassure Holly but she isn't too sure. She says she was thinking about all the time she missed with her kids and the reasons she missed it. She just doesn't think it was worth it. Blake tells her that now is what matters. Blake has her in her life and she loves her and she knows Meg loves her too. Blake says Buzz would like to see the softer side of her. Holly doesn't think so, but Blake says Buzz is a romantic. Holly thinks people change, but Blake doesn't know. Blake and Holly take the bags of food to go home to the boys after Blake reminds Holly that they belong to her as well.

Tuesday, March 6, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Edmund is still very upset. He is in his bedroom staring out his window remembering the events of the previous evening. He is saying that everyone will think it is his fault. Beth comes in wearing a white negligee. She asks Edmund if he is awake. He tells her he hasn't had any sleep yet. He looks over at her and smiles. He tells her that he hopes he is awake because he can't bare to think of her being only in a dream. She tells him she had been waiting for hours to come in and check on him. She brings her hands up to his face. He tells her that she has been a gift to him these past months. She tells him that the feeling is mutual. She asks if he heard anything from the hospital. He tells her that it seems Reva, Cassie and the baby will be okay. Beth thinks that is great news and that everything will be fine since people knew he saved them. Ed says that will not be what happens. Richard will make sure of that. He tells her that Richard will try to make it look like he tried to kill an unborn child. Richard will blame him because it is the only way he knows how to live and people will believe him. Ed will fight because that is the only way he knows how to live. He tells Beth this will get ugly and he doesn't want her to be a part of it. He wants her to take her good memories and go home. She refuses. She tells him she wants to stay. She tells him that no matter where she is she will be watching and will never stop caring or worrying about him and what is going on. She asks him to let her in and not just keep her as a woman he spends time with when things are good. She kisses him. Beth starts taking Edmunds robe off and he makes a comment about the most wonderful thing that could happen to him happening during such a time or turmoil. Beth continues to kiss him and tells him she wants him to forget everything going on outside that door and just be in the moment with her. He says he will and then asks if she is sure. They walk over to the bed and Ed lies down on top of Beth. He tells her he doesn't want to rush her and she tells him that the only person in a rush is her because she has wanted him for so long. He admits that he has wanted her since he met her. They kiss and make love.

Later, Ed is lying with Beth and still kissing her. He says this could be everything. If they are together, it doesn't matter what is going on out in the world. She thinks he is just senseless after making love to her. Beth doesn't want him to give up his dream of ruling the country. She rests her head on Ed's chest. He asks what she is thinking and she says he won. He doesn't understand. She reminds him that a few months ago, he told her he would wait for her to come to him. She didn't think he could wait that long, but she was the one to come to him. He kisses her again. Ed says just a few months ago seems like a lifetime. He hopes the best is ahead of them.

In San Cristobel , at the Hospital:

Richard is sitting with Cassie asking how she feels. She says she and the baby are hanging in there. He asks if there is anything she needs. She tells him she needs to see Reva and make sure for herself that she is okay. Richard tells Cassie they will check on Reva later but she is fine. He wants her to relax. He is selfish and doesn't want to share her with anyone. Cassie says he needs to get going and stop Edmund. Richard says no more Edmund. The royal council will decide and he will make sure they know everything he did. She asks if he is going to just ride off into the sunset. He says yes, with her and their children. He is looking forward to it. She asks if that will be strange for him. He says she left everything for him and now it is his turn. As long as they have Tammy, RJ and the baby they will be the richest, happiest people in the whole world. Someone dressed as an orderly is watching them through the window.

Noah is with Reva in her room. She asks him if it is morning. He tells her that it is and the sun has just risen. He asks if she sees any flashes or blurs and she says no. Reva tells him that the last flash she saw was enough and she believes her eyes are just taking a vacation. He tells her that is entirely possible. Reva's doctor comes in and tells her that she will read her CAT scan results and get back with her as soon as she can. Noah holds Reva kissing her hand.

Later, Reva is alone when a nurse comes in to check on her. Reva asks her to get Noah for her. The nurse leaves and Reva prays that she isn't blind. Noah is looking in through the window at her. He comes in and Reva sits up and smiles. She holds him close and tells him she is glad he is there. He tells her he won't let her go anywhere without him. The doctor comes in with the test results. The doctor tells Reva there is a blood clot under the optic nerve. Steroids may help her heal in a matter of weeks but there is a chance that fluid may collect causing a blockage, which would mean the blindness, would be permanent. Reva is upset. Noah sees the doctor out and comes back into Reva's room and tells her the odds are good. Reva says she is optimistic. She starts making jokes and tells Noah to let her feel a smile. She tells him that this is the perfect excuse for her to keep her hands all over him. Noah says he will take it. Then he asks if she thinks she should call the children. She gets a little emotional and tells Noah that she doesn't want to worry them. She thinks just hearing their voices she may fall apart. He tells her he is there to pick up the pieces. He holds her.

At Cedar's:

Michelle is still in labor. Danny asks her again if she wants some painkillers but she says no. She asks him to rub her back but changes her mind. Danny wants to call Tony and ask him to cover for him. He calls and tells Tony the news.

At the Santos Estate:

Tony is with Abuela and Ray. Danny says they are having a baby but Michelle is doing all the work. Tony tells Ray that Michelle is having the baby. Danny says it could take a while and he needs Tony to cover for him at the club. He says he will and they hang up. Tony tells Ray that Danny sounded like he wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. Ray says, "Thank you, God". He tells Tony that Danny is back and his prayers have been answered. He and Tony leave to go to the hospital. Abuela calls Carlos and tells him she needs to see him now.

Back at Cedar's:

Ray and Tony come into the hospital and ask Claire if they can see Michelle. She tells them they can but Tony is a bit squeamish about it. He tells Ray that this is private and they shouldn't be there. Ray tells him that it is a natural event. Just then they can hear Michelle screaming from inside her room. Tony tells Ray there is nothing natural about that. He starts to run but Ray tells him he will drag him in by the ears.

Inside, Michelle is happy to see Ray and Tony. They ask her if she is busy and she laughs. She thanks Tony for the flowers he brought her. Tony is nervous and Michelle can tell. Ray tells Danny he is proud of him and that everything is right. Danny tells him he knows it. Ray gives Michelle a necklace with one of the saints on it to protect her. He tells her he will offer mass for her and Danny and their little one that evening. Michelle thanks him but tells him she will have to miss it. Danny puts the necklace on Michelle and cools her off by wiping her face with the damp towel. Michelle calls over to Tony and hugs him. Just then she has another contraction and starts yelling. When it had subsided she apologizes to Tony for scaring him. He is ready to leave.

Outside the room, Rick comes over and looks in the window. He sees Frank still standing guard outside the room. Rick says, "Oh boy, a room full of criminals." Frank is nodding off and Rick and Claire offer him an unused room to crash in. He says he will take them up on it but will call Harley to replace him first. Ray and Tony leave and say goodbye to Frank and Rick. Rick asks Frank how Danny is going to handle his new family along with his old family at the same time.

Back in the room, Michelle and Danny are laughing about Tony's reaction to her contractions. She says she is happy to call Tony and Ray her family. She wishes both families would be able to get along so they could all be there waiting together. Danny tells her that she shouldn't worry about it right now and they will just take it in shifts. She tells him the only thing that matters is meeting their baby. Danny is teasing her about whether it is a boy or girl but Michelle tells him he had his chance and now he will have to wait along with everyone else. He tells her she is a tough chick.

Frank is still waiting outside Michelle's room when David and Harley arrive. Harley tells Frank they will take over so he can rest. David says if Danny is leaving with Michelle and the baby, he has to know he is the target of retaliation. Frank says he does have to know and he will tell him but he isn't going to ruin the birth of his child for him. He says he will tell them before they leave. Harley sees Rick, who is upset that Michelle is in such pain. She and Rick go in to see Michelle. Michelle asks Harley for advice and she suggests Michelle yell very loud. Michelle is having stronger contractions and Rick starts to leave. Michelle tells him to get back there and not leave that room. He doesn't want to stay but she tells him to come over and tell her a joke. She tells Rick she misses her mom, she wishes she could have been there to meet Danny and the baby. She was a great mom and would have been a great grandmother. Rick tells her that Ed was a mess when she was born but Maureen was the strength of the family. Rick says he is looking forward to being an uncle to little Fredrico. Michelle and Danny look at him and he asks if they weren't thinking of naming the baby after him. He goes on to tell them how he will teach the baby to work the grill. Michelle tells Rick he is the best. She can't imagine going through this without him. Danny kisses Michelle's forehead.

At the Santos Compound:

Abuela is meeting with Carlos. She tells Carlos that Danny has gone to Michelle and his child, he is out. Carlos understands how this pains her. Abuela wants to renegotiate the contracts with the other families. Danny will keep their secrets for the welfare of his wife and child and they will leave him alone. Abuela tells Carlos he has her reassurance that Danny will keep quiet. Carlos is worried about Tony, thinking he is loyal to Danny. She says he is loyal to the leader of the family and very anxious. One day he may want to take over that position. She thinks they can count on Tony. She tells him that she will have a careful conversation with him.

Wednesday, March 7, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Noah comes back in Reva's room and asks if she can see anything at all. She tells him just darkness. Noah tells her that they have started her on the steroids and the swelling should start going down and hopefully her eyesight will return. Reva says she has never been one with good luck but she is glad that at least Cassie and the baby are all right. Noah hesitates and tells her they will be fine. Reva tells him she can hear doubt in his voice and wants to know what is going on. Noah tells her that she and Cassie both just need rest. Reva tells Noah that they have to let everyone know about Edmund and what he is really up to. She asks Noah if he will call Holly and tells her they will overnight the tape of Richard to her. Noah suggests they call Josh too. Reva unenthusiastically agrees but asks Noah to start by calling Holly. Noah gets Holly on the phone and hands it to Reva. Holly asks about the interview and Reva tells her Noah is overnighting the tape of Richard to her. Holly laughs that Reva has Noah doing her work for her and Reva tells her about the accident. Holly feels terrible and asks what she can do. Reva tries to laugh a bit to lighten the mood. Holly tells her she will get the tape on the air and on the networks as well. Reva just wants to make sure Edmund pays. Holly tells her she will also get on an editorial so that any public or political support for Edmund will dwindle. Holly tells Reva to call her later and they hang up. Noah starts to call Josh and Reva asks him to wait. She doesn't know how she can tell the kids about this. Nosh tells her that she just tell them the truth and mention that it is most likely temporary. He tells her he will talk to Josh for her and let him deal with the kids. Noah calls. He tells Josh everything and asks him to fill the kids in and put a positive spin on it if he can. Josh is upset and very quiet. He asks if he can talk to Reva. Noah puts her on the phone and Josh asks her if she wants him and the kids on the next plane out of there. She tells him that she didn't want that, she just can't deal with it right now. He offers to come alone but she doesn't want that either. She tells him that Noah is there and he keeps reassuring her that it is just temporary. She tells Josh she will be home in a few days and she would just like it if he had prepared the kids. He tells her he will and that if she needs anything she should call him. She tells him that she has Noah and Richard and thinks that is all the support she will need. They end their call and Noah hugs Reva.

At Olivia's:

Marah is in the living room when she calls Tony. She leaves a message with May to tell Tony to call her. She hangs up and Olivia yells at her. She threatens Marah just as Josh comes in. Olivia tries to cover but Marah blows up and tells him the truth. She accuses Olivia of blackmail. Marah tells him about the lighthouse and says that Olivia is trying to control her. Olivia tells him that isn't how it happened. Marah accuses Josh of yelling at her and Olivia getting off with nothing. Josh tells her he is mad at both of them. Josh tells Marah she has been lying to him for weeks. Marah tries to turn it on Olivia and tell him that she has as well. Olivia tells Josh that all she did was try to make things more civil around there. Sam has come in and is watching the argument. Marah yells at her dad that she will be 18 in a little while and she will see who she wants and do what she wants and that will be with Tony. She runs out and Sam tells Josh and Olivia that he will go after her.

Josh turns to Olivia and asks her what happened to their deal about full disclosure. She promised that he and Reva would make all decisions concerning his children. Olivia tells him that when she found Tony and Marah she had two choices. One was to tell him what happened, and it would wind up in the usual way. Josh says she didn't tell him because she didn't want Reva involved. Olivia says the way she handled it, at least they had some peace. She got Marah to stop and think about her actions and she kept her from Tony. Josh says it wasn't her call to make. Her way is not always the right way. He tells her that Marah is his daughter and he will decide things for her. Olivia tells him that she is the one that has to bare the brunt of Marah's rebellion. It hurts and she is sick of it. She tells him that he hasn't been protecting her from that hurt. Olivia took action because if she didn't, their marriage would be in serious trouble. Josh says their marriage is in serious trouble already unless she learns to trust him. Olivia is crying and she wipes back her tears. She asks him what they are to do now. He says he doesn't know. He has always been completely honest with her. She says yes, his children always come first. She feels like a complete afterthought. Even Reva gets more attention. He says she knew the job would be like this when she married him. She says it hurts like hell and comments on how his family always has some disaster going on. The phone rings, its Noah. He tells about Reva. Josh is upset. He hangs up and Olivia tells him that another drama has come down on them. Josh says he will have to tell the kids about Reva when they get home from school. Olivia tells him that she does trust him, but asks him to look at what keeps happening. Josh says he will tell the kids and Olivia tells him to put a positive spin on it. Josh is worried about Marah and is afraid this will put her over the edge.

At Infierno:

Tony comes in and thanks May for opening for him. She gives him Marah's message and he tells her to tell Marah not to hold her breath. Tony tells her about Michelle being in labor and Danny being with her. Tony tells her that he always knew Danny would step up to the plate as soon as the big day came. Tony went into Danny's office and May got on her cell phone and called her boss. She tells him that she just found out why Michelle hasn't gotten back to her and they should give them a few days. She thinks that now Michelle will have more motive than ever to put the Santos family behind bars. Maria comes in and May ends her call. She asks for Tony. Mary goes to get him. Tony comes out and kisses his grandma and she tells him they need to talk. May tells them she will go upstairs to do some work. Tony tells Abuela about Michelle and that there is no baby yet. May is on the stairs with a listening device eavesdropping. Abuela tells Tony that Michelle and Danny are as close as ever now and she believes Danny will be leaving the family. She tells him that she was worried at first but now she is confident with her decision. She goes on to tell him that the Internet trading idea was a bad one and has brought a lot of trouble to their family. She says if Danny wants out, she will let him and give him her blessing along with her protection. She continues to say that once Danny is out, she will need someone to take his place. She is too old and it must be a Santos, someone brave and strong. She asks Tony who he thinks that might be? Abuela tells Tony he was wonderful instinct. Once Danny is out, she will take back the reins for a while and teach Tony what to do. He needs a little more judgment and patience and then one day he will become head of the Santos Family. May is still listening. Abuela thinks Tony is better suited for the job than Danny. Danny has a soft spot but not Tony. He had a moment of weakness with Marah, but now is seeing Catalina who is more suitable. She asks how he feels about her offer. He tells her that is all he has ever dreamed of. Marah walks in and tells Tony she needs him. Tony and Abuela stare at her. Tony yells at her that he was talking to his grandmother. She apologizes to Maria. Marah tells him this is important and he tells her it isn't as important as him talking to his Abuela. Tony tells Marah that he does want to talk to her and she should wait for him upstairs. He is harsh with her and says, "Go!" Marah goes upstairs and Abuela says Marah seems to think they are still a couple. Tony tells her that just isn't the case and Marah will know that after he talks to her. He tells Abuela he is honored by her offer and kisses her. She tells him to take his time to think about it. May comes in and asks if Tony is okay and he says he couldn't be better.

Marah comes back down and tells Tony she is confused and wonders why Tony is acting this way. He tells her he saw her cheating on him at Company. She was in a lip lock with Sam. He is done with her and doesn't want any explanations. Marah says Sam kissed her and then tries to explain. Tony says she kissed him back. Marah says Sam has feelings for her and it is awkward. It didn't mean anything. He asks if his kisses meant anything. She says she loves him and she proved it by coming clean to her dad. She says he is important to her and she knows he feels the same way. Tony says not anymore. Marah tells Tony the other day he was making plans with her. She will be 18 soon and they could move in together. Tony says no, he can go further without her. He is sick of having preppies and her family looking down on him. Their families were right; they are no good for each other. He asks her to leave and he goes into the office slamming the door. Marah is crying when Sam finds her. He tries to comfort her, but she tells him it is his fault.

At Cedar's:

Michelle is still in labor. She is squeezing Rick and Danny's hands. She still doesn't want any drugs but she is getting very upset. Harley is telling David that they have a secret weapon against the mob if they show up, Michelle's screams. Ross arrives to give moral support. Ross holds her hand and tries to comfort her. He wants to be her surrogate dad in Ed's place. Ross tells her that she isn't going to miss anything at the party for Blake since half the people can't be there and the other half aren't on speaking terms. Michelle cries out and says she thinks the baby is coming now. Danny is holding her and telling her he will make it up to her. He said he will be the best husband and father he can be. Claire comes in to examine her. She tells Michelle that it is time and she should push. She pushes and screams and Claire tells her to stop for now. Danny is trying to hold Michelle who is now begging for drugs. Claire tells her it is too late now. She tells Michelle to conserve her strength and not push right yet. Michelle is crying and turns to Danny and tells him that he did that to her and she hates him. After screaming at him awhile he hugs her again and Claire tells her to push again. She does and an alarm goes off. Claire tells Rick the baby is in trouble.

Thursday, March 8, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Beth and Edmund are still in bed. He thinks he is watching her sleep and he tells her how he has waited his whole life to become the crowned prince and he never thought, until now, that it wouldn't be enough. He tells her how she fits with him and how strong and intelligent she is. Beth still has her eyes closed and tells him not to forget how beautiful she is. He laughs and calls her a big faker. Then he tells her that she interrupted and didn't let him finish. They kiss and tumble around in the bed some more. She tells him he is wonderful to her and he grows serious and tells her that he worries about hurting her. He tells her that until now his entire life he wanted to lead the country and nothing else. It astonishes him that he cares as much about her as San Cristobel. Edmund says that she is there the right time for him but he wonders if it is the right time for them. He isn't sure she will have him 100%. She tells him she will take whatever he can give. They make love again.

Later, Edmund flips on the news and hears some reports on the political situation. He finds it negative and tells Beth that it will only get worse from here. He saved Cassie's life but Richard will only see that her life was in jeopardy to begin with. Richard will not acknowledge that Edmund helped Cassie and Reva. Edmund tells Beth, "God forbid anything should happen to Cassie or the baby."

At the Hospital, Reva's Room:

Reva gets out of her bed looking for the phone and ends up knocking things off the shelves as Noah rushes in. She tells him she was looking for the phone to call Holly. Noah says he sent the tape by satellite from the TV station. Reva tells him she wanted to review it first. She is getting aggravated. Noah tells her that he knows she isn't upset about the tape and it is okay for her to be worried about her condition. She tells him that it is just temporary and she would know if it weren't. She tells him they must concentrate on Richard's tape. Richard speaks up from where he was standing and Reva tells him he snuck up on her. He tells her not to worry about him or the political situation there, just concentrate on herself. She asks how Cassie is. Richard says Cassie is busy asking about her. Reva asks if he told Cassie she is fine, but he says no. She asked if he told her about the blindness and he said he didn't. He hears she spoke to Josh and he asks how her children are. She says they will be okay since they and their father are strong. Noah tells her that he is concerned with what is going on inside her. He wonders what if it takes longer to resolve than just a few weeks. Reva has tears flowing down her cheeks and tells him not to say anything about this being permanent. He tells her he just thinks she may need some support. He tells her that the people who love her aren't going to be joking around they will take the situation to heart and she has to let them in. He tells her that sometimes it is easier to fight with someone by her side. She says she has to do this her own way and besides she has him. Richard tells her she will have specialists round the clock and she will be healed. Reva is worried about Cassie. Richard tries to tell her Cassie is getting better and is resting comfortably. Reva doesn't want Cassie to know about her blindness. Richard says they both would heal better if they would stop worrying about the other. He tells her to let him worry about Cassie and politics. An orderly comes in and tells Richard that Cassie is asking for him. Richard goes to her and asks if she is okay. She tells him that she is, she just woke up a bit disoriented. Richard tells her that he was visiting Reva while she slept and she is doing fine. Richard tells her not to worry about anything but getting better so they can get out of the hospital. She tells him she isn't looking forward to going back to the palace. Richard tells her they aren't going back, they are going to start their new lives in Springfield. Cassie seems happy and asks if he is sure. He tells her that she and their children is all he needs. They joke about him having to get a job. Cassie gasps and tells Richard that her water broke. She is upset, saying it is too early. Richard goes to get a doctor. Cassie is in pain and Richard tells the doctor to help her. He wants the doctor to stop the labor but he says the baby is coming. Cassie is already dilated 6 cm. Richard wants to come with her as they take her to delivery. He tells Noah to take care of Reva as they pass her room. Richard scrubs up to go in with the doctors and just as he has finished the doctor comes out and tells him that there was a small tear in the placenta that they missed. The baby was in fetal distress and didn't survive. Richard asks about Cassie and the doctor tells him that she will be okay. Richard repeats, "The baby is dead. That's not possible."

At Infierno:

Sam is trying to calm Marah who is banging on the office door trying to talk to Tony. She turns and tells him the whole thing is his fault. He doesn't understand and she tells him he kissed her at Company and Tony was watching. Sam swears that he didn't know he was there. Marah is very mean to him and Sam tells her he finally got the message and he won't stand in her way. He tells her if she doesn't push, Tony will come back to her. She thinks his advice is self-serving and he wants her for himself. Marah leaves and Sam wonders if she had been right.

At Olivia's:

Olivia asks Josh if he is okay. He tells her he is okay. She asks about them and reminds him that they stopped mid conversation before. Josh says they were discussing her tendency to make unilateral decisions about his kids. Olivia apologizes but says she was doing it for the right reasons, to keep Marah in line and for a while it worked. Josh says he should have been in charge. Olivia says Marah would have seen Tony behind Josh's back and this way she was safe. Josh says they have to make sure she is safe together. Olivia doesn't want to be caught in the middle and Josh promises to protect her. Olivia tells him he needs to back off from his stance on Tony but she doesn't want to be in the middle if it turns out wrong. He tells her he makes his own decisions and won't hold her advice against her. They hug. Marah and Sam come back to the apartment. She tells them she is going to her room. Josh tells Marah he wants to talk to her alone. Sam and Olivia go into another room and Marah tells Josh she doesn't want to talk about Tony. He tells her it isn't about Tony; he wants to talk to her about her mom. Marah listened as Josh told her about the accident and she was upset. She didn't understand why her mom wouldn't want them there for her. Josh tells her that her mom has Noah and she just doesn't want them there so they will just have to do their best to help her from there. Marah wonders if Josh doesn't miss being the person Reva turned to. He says they will always be in each other's lives. Marah says this is the first time Reva is in the dark. She wonders why she is pushing her family away. Josh says it terrifies Reva that she can't see her and Shayne. Marah says she just wants to comfort her. Josh says maybe she won't need that if her eyesight comes back but if she does, they will help her. Marah wonders when Reva will be home and guesses they will have to just sit and wait. He tells her he wants to talk to her about Tony as well. Marah asks if Olivia wants to send her to a military convent. She says it doesn't matter because Tony broke up with her. Josh asks when that happened. She says he decided that their families were right. He asks if that means she has given up on him. She tells him that it means Tony has given up on her and decided she isn't worth it. Josh says that only means Tony is a fool. Marah tells her dad not to tell her that it is for her own good, she just couldn't take it. Josh tells her he wasn't going to say that. Marah excuses herself and Josh thinks to himself that he wasn't going to say it but he sure was thinking it.

At Cedar's:

Meta is talking to Charles Grant about her fundraising. He sees David outside Michelle's room and asks him if something is wrong. David tells him nothing is wrong and they are just there for Michelle. Ross says the labor is in extra innings. Everyone decides to take up a baby pool guessing weight, sex, and time of birth. Everyone puts in their cash and Ross writes down all the guesses. Dr. Grant goes back over to David and tells him that three cops in the waiting room and a Santos delivery inside makes him very nervous. He wonders if he needs to know anything. David tells him that everything is fine.

Inside the labor room, Michelle wonders what is wrong with the baby. His heart rate is down. Claire asks Danny to sit Michelle up so she can breathe easier. He does and Claire and Rick look at the monitors. She is concerned that the cord may be wrapped around the baby's neck. Michelle is scared and Danny is trying to reassure her telling her they can do it together. Claire says they need to do a forceps delivery and tells Michelle that she needs to push with everything she has during the next contraction. Michelle tells her another one is coming and she pushes as hard as she can. Danny is trying to help the best he can but Michelle is so tired. Michelle pushes again and is screaming to Danny how much she loves him. Claire tells her that she sees the baby's head. She pushes one more time and the baby is out but they don't hear anything. Michelle is worried and Danny asks if something is wrong. Claire works a little on the baby and he starts crying. Rick says the kid has a good set of lungs. They count the fingers and toes and tell Danny and Michelle they have a beautiful baby. Claire wraps him up and hands him to Michelle. Danny is begging someone to tell them the sex of the baby. No one does. Danny said he would look for himself then and starts unwrapping the baby. Michelle stops him and introduces him to his son. Claire says he is perfectly healthy and the most beautiful baby she has ever seen next to Michelle. Danny gets the baby and holds his son. The baby is crying and mom and dad can't stop smiling. Danny introduces he and Michelle to the baby as Mom and Dad. He tells him he isn't going anywhere and that is a promise. Rick and Claire stand back talking about wanting to babysit. Rick goes out and tells everyone the baby was born and Meta won the baby pool having everything right. They want a name so Rick goes back in and asks the parents. He again suggests Fredrico. Michelle said they haven't even thought about it. She thought of naming him for one of their fathers or maybe even Danny Jr. Danny wonders if having his family's last name isn't enough bad news for his son.

Friday, March 9, 2001

In San Cristobel:

The doctor just told Richard the baby did not survive. He is in shock and doesn't believe it. The doctor tells him that Cassie went into a violent spontaneous labor. He was hoping they would be able to do a caesarian and deliver the baby but it all went entirely too fast. The doctor finished by telling Richard that it had to be a delayed reaction from the accident. Richard repeated, "the accident?" Richard asks about the sex and learned that it was a baby boy. The doctor told him that Cassie is still under anesthesia and knows nothing about it yet. Richard is devastated as he is taken back to Cassie's room. A nurse tells him that Cassie is stable and should come around soon. She leaves after telling Richard how sorry she is. Cassie wakes up and sees Richard. He asks how she is and she tells him they must have had a heck of a party. She is aching and remembers she was going to deliver the baby. Richard tells her what happened reluctantly and she cries for her baby boy. He tells her they had a son and they both loved him very much.

Richard is pushing Cassie in a wheelchair back to her room; they had apparently just seen their baby's body. Cassie thinks he was very cold. Richard tells her that he isn't cold anymore. She tells Richard that she had imagined him all the way to little league and asked how far he got in his dreams. Richard kneels down and tells her that he only wanted him to know her and how wonderful she is. He imagined that he would be just like her, strong and full of love. Cassie tells him they have to acknowledge their child with a name. They can't say goodbye to him without a name. Richard tells her that he loved their son also, very much and he hates that he missed so much of her pregnancy; he just never imagined that would be all the time they had with him. He wanted so much to be a good father to him. Cassie tells him she feels so empty inside and wonders if it will ever go away. She cries and Richard holds her. Later, Cassie tells Richard that they will have to bury their son and she would like him to be buried with Prince William under the table rock. He isn't so sure but she tells him they conceived in the palace when they were the prince and princess and there is no more beautiful place she can think of for their child. Richard tells her he will do what he can. She asks him if he will also tell Reva what happened. He tells her not to worry, he will take care of everything.

Holly comes in Reva's room and tells her that she had to come. She tells her that the tape came in via satellite and it was wonderful, so wonderful she came to help her finish the story. She also tells Reva she would have come anyway because she is a good friend. Holly tells Reva she wants to interview her and Cassie. Noah tells Holly that Cassie is having a baby right now, so she is a bit tied up. Holly says they will start with Reva then. She wonders if she would be able to get to talk to Edmund as well. Noah tells her he doubts it. They go onto tell her that he is probably locked down in the palace. Ed comes in and says she is already getting misinformation and he would be glad to talk to her to set the record straight. Reva tells Ed to get out. She tells him if he doesn't she will call security. He tells her to go ahead, security answers to him. Holly has her camera out taping now as Ed tells Reva that he wants her to have whatever she wants or needs for this unfortunate incident. He tells her that he understands her anger but he would never have thought Cassie would have ran her car off the road like that. Reva asks Holly if she is taping this because Ed sounds like he is talking to an audience. She tells him that spin control wont work in this situation. Ed continues by saying that it was a horrible accident and he just doesn't understand why it happened. Reva tells him that she and Cassie were terrified coming around the curve on a dark beach road upon a roadblock that was guarded by armed gunmen. Ed said she misunderstood; he only wanted to have a calm conversation with Cassie. Ed tells her that Cassie let her emotions get the best of her and brought the whole situation down on herself. Just then Richard walks in and sees Edmund. He looks him straight in the eye and says, "Murderer!"

At Cedar's:

Rick comes out to a waiting room full of people and tells them about the baby. Everyone wants a name but he has nothing to give just yet. May, Catalina, Ray, Tony, Rick, Meta, David, Frank, Harley are standing by. Phillip comes in and asks Harley how she is. Rick tells Phil about Michelle's baby and Phil congratulates Rick. Claire comes out and tells Rick there is a problem. There is a huge crowd and they will get in trouble with security. Rick suggests having Michelle hold up the baby so everyone can see him. Claire thinks that is a great idea and she goes back in to ask the new parents. Danny, Michelle and their son are all cuddled in the small bed. They seem so happy. Claire thanks Michelle for letting her be apart of this. Michelle thanks her for her help. Claire talks to the baby and he grabs her finger. Claire thanks Michelle again for trusting her. Michelle says the baby has changed things around for all of them. Claire tells Michelle there is a crowd of visitors outside and they could disrupt the hospital fairly easy. She proposes that they all come in at the same time and Michelle can hold up the baby. She thinks that is fine and Claire goes to get the gang. Everyone comes in and Ray blesses the baby. Danny tells them that they have been able to find the perfect name for the baby. Michelle continues that since the baby brought their families together she wanted a name to show that. So they found one name in common for the middle name, Fredrico, for her brother and Danny's grandfather. As for the first name they are going to name the baby after her grandmother Bert. So Danny introduces the baby as Robert Fredrico Santos. Everyone clapped and went to see the baby.

Later, Danny comes out of the room and David asks him if they can speak to him. He tells him that they have learned the other families are angry and wanting to take him down. He suggests Danny and his little family leave town for a while. Danny tells him he hasn't heard a thing and walks away. He goes over to Ray and tells him he wanted to talk about the baptism. Ray said he would handle everything. Danny asked him if he would be the godfather but Ray said he couldn't. He explains that he can't christen the baby and be the godfather, it is against the rules. So Danny asks Tony. Tony is reluctant and you can tell he is torn by this and his talk with Abuela. He finally agrees. Danny tells everyone he has to go get some rest and he leaves. Ray asks Tony if he is okay but Tony says it is nothing. Ray wonders if it is about Marah and Tony lies and says yes.

Later, Phil goes back over to Harley and asks her if the party is over. She tells him that Michelle is sleeping. He thinks Rick will be a great uncle. Harley agrees. She asks him what he was wanting. He tells her he wanted to ask her if it was alright to bring James over next time he came to see Zack. Harley tells him that would be fine. Then she asks him what he really wanted to ask her. He tells her she can read him so well. He said that Ross called and the divorce will be final next week and he was hoping that before then she would think very hard and decide if there is anything she wants or needs. She tells him all she wants is a clean, simple break. He tells her he is only bringing it up now, because they need to get it on paper. He is very aware that if she needs something later on she would never come to him for it. She tells him he is right and she feels taking things from him will just lead to trouble.

Back inside, Michelle wakes up and the baby isn't where he should be. She looks around and sees Maria sitting by the bed holding baby Robert.

At Olivia's:

Sam comes in and sees Marah on the couch. He tells her that Olivia told him about her mom and he is really sorry. Marah says she takes her sight for granted. She has always been able to see and now her mom can't and she feels awful. Marah starts to cry and Sam says it is okay, she might was well cry because he feels like doing it too. She looks at him and tells him that sometimes he says the wrong thing but sometimes he knows exactly what to say. Marah tells Sam that Tony doesn't want to see her at all now. She says Olivia was right at least about part of it. She was attracted to Tony because she was rebelling against her parents, but then it went past that. There is more to Tony. He is not a mobster or a thug inside. He wants to be something else and he hasn't had any help. Sam reminds her Tony's brother is a priest. Marah says Ray was away at the seminary and Tony wound up on the streets. He didn't see any other way until he met her. She showed him he could be more but it all ended when he saw Sam kiss her. Sam said if she was his and he saw her with another guy, he would get mad but he wouldn't blow off the relationship. She asks what he would do. He says after he calmed down, he would go after her with everything he had.

At the Santos Estate:

Tony tells Maria about the new baby. Maria says her son's grandchild. She is there and her son is not. She asks Tony if he has thought about her proposal. He says he feels stirred up. Danny asked him to be the baby's godfather and Michelle treats him like a brother. He wonders how they would treat him if they knew he was taking over. Maria tells him they may feel betrayed and his thinking about it means he has a soul, proving to her that he is the man for the job. She tells him a man in his position must make many sacrifices but will earn great rewards. She wants him to take time to decide. Tony promises to consider it and tells her the baby is great looking. She smiles.

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