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Passions Recaps: The week of March 5, 2001 on PS
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Monday, March 5, 2001

Admitting that she's never so much as boiled an egg or gone grocery shopping, Sheridan confides to Luis how completely helpless she would be if she didn't have her family's fortune behind her. Though Julian echoes Rebecca's declaration that Theresa is nothing but a gold digger, Ivy urges her son to believe that his fiancée loves only him and not his money. Scanning ancient religious texts on his computer, Reese tells the others that a mysterious device called the "Ladder of Lucifer" might be just the thing they need to rescue Miguel and Charity. Kay confronts Hecuba and a fierce struggle ensues. Gwen attempts to convince Ethan that Theresa will only hurt him again if he takes her back. Later, Theresa returns to the mansion and cheerfully offers Ethan the contents of her savings account. Ivy again refuses to give Julian a divorce. Praying for the strength to overcome evil, Father Lonigan tosses one end of the ladder into the depths of hell.

Tuesday, March 6, 2001

Ivy is disgusted by Julian and Rebecca's betrothal. At the cottage, Luis reminds Ethan why a hasty marriage would be inadvisable now that he no longer has a job or a home. Reese and Pilar watch with bated breath as Father Lonigan throws the "ladder of Lucifer" into the hellfire. Downstairs, Simone and Jessica are terrified to see the ceiling suddenly open up as the room fills with demons. Hecuba warns Kay that her own sins will be exposed if Charity returns from the netherworld intact. Unwilling to postpone her nuptials, Theresa argues with Luis about the dubious wisdom of waiting until Ethan's situation is more stable. Miguel begins to climb up the ladder of Lucifer but Hecuba fires lightning bolts at his fingers in an effort to shake him loose. As Father Lonigan leads Pilar and the others in prayer, Miguel finally tumbles from the ceiling and lies lifeless in front of his horrified mother. Ivy threatens to reveal the rest of the Crane family's skeletons if Julian dares to initiate divorce proceedings. Reese and Kay perform CPR on Miguel and bring him back to life.

Wednesday, March 7, 2001

On learning that Ethan and Theresa are to be married quickly, Rebecca realizes that she and Gwen must be present at the wedding. That is where Rebecca intends to tell Ethan that Theresa knew about his parentage. At Rebecca's urging, Gwen offers to be Theresa's Maid of Honor. That is unsuccessful, as is their offer to pay for the wedding. They do secure invitations, at least. Theresa accepts Ivy's offer to use the latter's old wedding dress.

Luis is concerned that Ethan and Theresa are rushing into things, as Ethan has no job, no place to live, no car, and not even a last name. Sheridan sees things differently. She believes the marriage will give him the emotional stability he needs in this trying time. Theresa's argument for a quick marriage is to invoke Pilar and the missing Martin, who subsisted on soup for weeks at a time.

From the mansion, Julian sees Luis and Sheridan talking on the gazebo.

Grace is very worried that she is needed at home. Eve reluctantly agrees to release her from the hospital. Grace is unsure that she can ever trust Sam again. There are many guilty looks exchanged among Sam, Eve, and TC, about the secret they helped Sam keep.

Miguel escapes from Hell via the Ladder of Lucifer, but he has no pulse or breath. Kay gives him CPR, and he revives. Fr. Lonigan tells Miguel that it is his love that will rescue Charity, not his physical presence. Miguel calls to Charity and leads her to the Ladder. Meanwhile, in Charity's bedroom, Hecuba begins sawing the ladder.

Thursday, March 8, 2001

Ethan and a beaming Theresa announce their impending nuptials to Chad and Whitney. Alistair orders Julian to find some way to break Luis and Sheridan apart without exposing the Cranes' misdeeds concerning Martin Fitzgerald. As they drive home from the hospital, Sam makes a futile effort to break through Grace's stony silence. Miguel and the others exhort Charity to hang on to Lucifer's ladder, unaware that Hecuba is upstairs busily sawing away. Whitney urges Theresa to come clean with her fiancé before they exchange marriage vows. Grace tearfully informs Sam she may never be able to trust him again. As Ethan begins scanning the classifieds for help wanted ads, Chad dispenses some sensible advice on how to live within one's limited means. Hecuba's efforts finally pay off big time as a screaming Charity is plunged back into the depths of hell. Ethan returns to Crane Industries to clean out his desk. Arriving home to find all hell breaking loose, Grace is appalled to learn her niece's fate. Later, Grace bitterly blames Sam for yet another tragic loss.

Friday, March 9, 2001

Recalling how her mother kept detailed diaries of her life as a Crane, Sheridan tells Luis the journals may help him learn what happened to Martin. Meanwhile, Ethan uses his security pass to show Theresa, Chad and Whitney around the archives room at Crane Industries. Triumphant following her victory over the powers of good, Hecuba returns to her cave as Grace again blames Sam for her niece's descent into hell. Theresa's eyes widen when Ethan mentions how Julian and Alistair always said that the most powerful Crane secrets were contained in the archives. Determined to get on with his life, Ethan tosses away his access card but Theresa secretly retrieves the pass. T.C. and Eve arrive at the Bennett house and are astonished to hear Miguel's wild tale. Ranting about evil taking root in Harmony, Grace warns the others that all their lives are about to change forever. Rattled by his sister's request, Julian attempts to dissuade Sheridan from searching for their mother's diaries. Confiding to Grace how closely her own secret mirrors Sam's, Eve tearfully admits to an affair with Julian. Miguel decides to locate Hecuba's lair and confront the witch head-on. Grace consoles Eve after she discloses how she lost her infant son.

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