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Passions Recaps: The week of February 26, 2001 on PS
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Monday, February 26, 2001

Rebecca tells Julian that her soon-to-be ex-husband has agreed to the Crane/Hotchkiss merger provided that she immediately marry the head of his rival empire. Theresa finally blurts out that she is at fault but a clueless Ethan fails to catch her drift. As an enraged Grace curses Ivy to a lifetime of pain, the entire hospital begins shaking violently. Miguel struggles to reach Charity but his terrified friends hold him back from the gates of hell. Oblivious to all the drama swirling around them in the outside world, Luis and Sheridan make love once more. Father Lonigan warns Miguel he isn't ready yet to battle evil but the boy lunges towards the flames yet again. As Eve scrambles to sedate Grace, Sam vents his rage on Ivy. To Miguel's horror, "Charity" reveals herself to be just another demon from the netherworld. Ivy's day hits rock bottom when she finds Julian and Rebecca having sex in her bed. Hecuba sends her evil minions on the attack against Father Lonigan and the teenagers.

Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Ivy fumes when Julian refuses to say the words which will keep Ethan under their roof. Hecuba cackles with glee as her demons begin to choke the life out of Miguel. Alistair phones with stern instructions for his son but abruptly hangs up when Ethan asks to speak with him. Kay begs Father Lonigan to save Miguel. Aided by the supernatural powers of the little angel, Miguel beats back his unearthly assailants. Holed up at the cottage, Luis and Sheridan enjoy another round of lovemaking. Dousing the demons with his unending supply of holy water, Father Lonigan finally manages to drive the hell raisers back into the closet. Theresa trembles when Ivy swears she'll destroy the person who gave her letter to the tabloids. Ivy and Julian vent their rage on one another. Simone presses Kay to reveal if she brought evil down on the Bennetts' house. Sheridan offers a heartbroken Ethan safe harbor at the cottage. Miguel plunges back into the flames in search of Charity.

Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Theresa has a nightmare in which Ethan has discovered that she knew about the letter yet did nothing. In the nightmare, she admits then retracts that she had scanned the letter into her computer for revenge because he wouldn't marry her. Awake, she tells Pilar of her dream. Pilar advises her to tell Ethan the truth.

Sheridan and Luis awake and remember their night together. In the living room, they attempt to comfort Ethan about the events of the previous night. Ethan is still too shaken to accept their comfort. He tells Sheridan that he has to begin changing his last name on his legal documents. He has not yet chosen a new last name.

As Rebecca brings a group of designers into the Crane Mansion, Ivy informs Julian that there shall be no divorce. Julian suggests that the other three Crane children undergo DNA tests.

Outside Sheridan's cottage, Theresa assures Luis that she loves Ethan no matter what his last name may be.

Thursday, March 1, 2001

Disgusted to find her husband again pawing Rebecca, Ivy repeats her intention to stay planted in the mansion as long as she likes. Watching Ethan and Sheridan embrace, Theresa remarks to her brother how unusually close the two have always been. Tabitha is delighted to discover that some of her magical powers are slowly starting to return. As they reminisce, Sheridan and Ethan smile to recall how everyone used to mistake them for a romantic couple. Luis confides to Theresa his concern that Sheridan will find it too difficult to adjust to his lifestyle. Ivy fumes to learn that she's already lost credibility all over town. Kay and the others fear the worst when Miguel fails to return from the depths of hell. Rebecca pushes Julian to begin divorce proceedings and advises him to repay his wife of twenty years by giving her absolutely nothing in the settlement. As "Hidden Passions" makes a huge splash at the Book Cafe, Tabitha decides to scarf up every copy to keep the good people of Harmony in the dark. Ethan is crestfallen when Theresa returns the heirloom necklace to Julian.

Friday, March 2, 2001

Per orders of Rebecca, Julian has cut Ivy off financially, and Crane employees no longer take Ivy's instructions. Rebecca has also hired a sleazy attorney to handle the Crane divorce, with a settlement goal of Ivy receiving nothing whatsoever. He balks but ultimately agrees. When Theresa arrives to return the jewelry she received as the future Mrs. Crane, Rebecca pushes Julian into demanding the engagement ring that Ethan bought, as well. Ethan insists that Theresa acquiesce, and she does so. Julian is clearly upset that Rebecca is making these demands. (There is some talk of how Ethan gave Theresa the Crane Family Jewelry, but this is absolutely untrue. Gwen was the one who gave them to her.)

Pilar arrives at the Bennett home and is immediately told of Miguel and Charity's plight. After the initial obvious disbelief, she stops Kay from jumping into Hell to save him. Meanwhile, Miguel attempts to strangle Hecuba as a gleeful Tabitha and Timmy drink martimmies and giggle. Miguel's efforts weaken evil's attempt to prevent Reese from downloading the "Ladder of Lucifer" from the Vatican's Web site, so the download is ultimately successful. Tabitha finally agrees to stop Miguel from strangling Hecuba, and he plummets back into Hell. While Kay doesn't fully realize this, yet, Hecuba's insistance over the past few months that Kay can't pray without a soul turns out to be yet another lie, as Kay promises God she'll do whatever He wants in exchange for the safety of Miguel and even Charity. Hecuba masks Tabitha's aura of evil, so Fr. Lonigan is confused about the latter's identity. Tabitha, Timmy, and Hecuba learn that Reese has access to the Ladder of Lucifer.

Tabitha attempts to stop townsfolk from reading Hidden Passions by purchasing every remaining copy at the Book Cafe "for her reading group." Beth responds by ordering a double shipment to replace them.

At the hospital, Eve urges Sam not to blame himself for Grace's miscarriage but she secretly burns with guilt when he wonders who else knew the truth about Ivy's baby. Meanwhile, Pilar angrily orders Ivy to stay away from Sam and his wife before her selfish behavior destroys what's left of the Bennetts' marriage. Tabitha gleefully tells Timmy how satisfying it is to watch Hecuba fall flat on her face in a futile effort to conquer Charity. Father Lonigan explains to Miguel and the others how the serpents of hell found an entrance into the house via Charity's bedroom closet. As Timmy eagerly scribbles notes, Tabitha describes how every Standish woman through the ages has had supernatural powers. Ethan thanks a guilt-ridden Theresa for being the one person he can always count on for complete honesty. Grace gives Sam the cold shoulder when he attempts to apologize for the pain he's caused. Father Lonigan instructs Reese to look on the Internet for ancient religious documents which could help Miguel rescue Charity. Simone berates Kay for making a deal with the devil, then screams in terror to see her best friend suddenly transformed into a hideous creature. Ethan bitterly crosses his name out of the Cranes' family Bible. Seething with rage, Grace places a powerful curse on a trembling Ivy.

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