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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 26, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, February 26, 2001

Carly confesses to Craig that she knows where his money is and that she has known for some time. She tells him about the horse and Craig acts surprised. He asks Carly how does she know that the horse is hers and she shows him the papers from Winston's estate. She tells him that they can make a deal and she asks him what is his offer? He says that he should get one hundred percent of the horse. She says that she was thinking more like eighty-twenty, in her favor. He laughs out loud at her. She says that they could go fifty-fifty and that is her final offer. He just looks at her. She says that fifty percent of the horse would be better than a life sentence with Babs. He asks her what Babs has to do with this. She tells him that she can see what he is planning for Ms. Ryan even if she can't. There is a knock at the door and it is Cass Winthrop, the lawyer from Bay City. Carly jumps to conclusions and thinks that Craig has Cass there to work on taking the horse from her. Craig informs her that they are on their way to see Mei-Lin. As they are going out the door, Carly yells, "What about me?" As Cass closes the door he says, "Good-bye Carly." She goes to the phone and calls Molly, but Abigail answers. She tells Carly that Molly is not there and won't be there for a while. Carly asks Abigail to come over and baby sit for Parker, she has to go out and do something. Abigail says that she will be right over and they hang up. Carly picks up the phone to call Jack.

Jack and Julia walk into their house and Jack tells Julia about his fears. She picks up on what Jack is telling her and tells him that she had thought about using the pills to kill herself, but she thought about him and never seeing him again upset her. She tells him that she still loves him and she hates it that they are not as close as they use to be. He tells her that he has felt a distance from her since they had lost the baby. He adds that he wants to be close with her again and he wants her to take actions to make herself well again. The phone rings and Julia tells Jack to answer it. She adds that she knows his job is important and it is probably the station calling. He refuses to answer the phone. She says that this is not like him. He tells her that he hopes that she sees how important she is to him. She is going to come first from now on. The phone call is Hal calling and he leaves a message for Jack to call him when he gets home. Julia is filled with hope. The two sit on the couch and talk about their future. Julia brings up trying for another baby right away. Jack tells her that he thinks that they should wait until she is feeling better. Jack's cell phone rings and he tells Julia that he should answer it this time. He adds that it is probably Hal calling again. He answers it and it is Carly. She tells him that she wants to see him at the boathouse. He agrees to meet her. When he hangs up, he tells Julia that he has to go and take care of this once and for all and then they will start their life again. After he is gone, Julia is smiling and she says, "He is going to go end it with Carly and then we will be together again."

At the station, Hal goes to Mei-Lin and holds the statement in front of her. He tells her that she can either sign this statement or he will put her on a slow boat back to China. She tells him that he doesn't understand, whatever she does, she is dead. He promises her that if she signs the statement, he will protect her. She reluctantly gives in and signs the statement. Hal gives the officer on duty strict orders that no one is to see this prisoner. He turns and slaps the paper and says, "Gotcha!"

Margo goes to the garage at the police station and sees that Hal has the horse stored there. She talks with the officer on guard and he tells her that no one is allowed to be around the horse. Margo wonders about Hal's sanity. She goes back into the station and hears Hal giving orders to put the statement Mei-Lin signed in the safe and no one is to see it except for Snyder and himself. Margo shakes her head and goes to her desk. When Hal walks in she asks him if he remembers that it is unlawful for him to take a statement without a lawyer present. He tells her that she is not involved with this investigation. She gives him a lecture about trying to pin something on her brother. The officer that was guarding the horse comes running in and Hal yells at him for not being with the horse. He tells Hal to come quick, something is wrong with the horse. They all go down to the garage and the horse is dead and lying on its side. Hal asks what happened? The officer tells Hal that the horse was no trouble and had been quiet all day. He tells him that the animal control person came and fed him and then later he just keeled over. Hal asks if he had called the veterinarian? The officer tells him that he did. Hal yells, "Where is Montgomery?" Margo says that he can't pin a dead horse on her brother too! When the vet gets there, he examines the horse and says that he will do an autopsy, but it looks like the horse died of natural causes. Hal is ready to explode. Hal gets a call from the officer who is guarding Mei-Lin and tells him that Craig and Cass had bullied their way in to see Mei-Lin. Hal tells him not to let anyone leave and he races off.

At the boathouse, Jack is there when Carly arrives. She is bursting with good news. She tells him about taking Parker home and she is going to get the horse and when Julia is well, they can be together. She says, "We'll have it all, together, right Jack?" He looks at her with a very sad look on his face.

Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Bryant and Jennifer are waiting for Gabriel to show up at the post office to pick up his check. Gabriel and Ruby are waiting outside watching Bryant and Jennifer. Gabriel decides that Bryant is not going to give up so he tells Ruby that he is going to see if this kid will take the bait. When Gabriel walks into the post office, Bryant sees him and nudges Jennifer. He tells Jennifer that this is the guy. Gabriel drops his mail in front of Bryant and Bryant steps up to Gabriel. Gabriel looks up at Bryant and then tries to run. Bryant gets in front of Gabriel and says, "Remember me?" Gabriel acts like he doesn't know him and then says that he remembers that he is the kid that. Bryant interrupts him and informs him that he may be spending 2 to 5 years in jail for what he and Ruby pulled. Gabriel informs him that he and Ruby are con artist, this is what they do. Gabriel tells him that he would like a chance to make it up to him. Jennifer yanks on Bryant's coat and tells him that they need to leave. She tells Bryant that this guy will only get him in more trouble. Gabriel tells Bryant that he would like to have lunch with him and give him and Ruby a chance to make amends. Gabriel looks at Jennifer and tells her that she is invited too. Bryant jumps in front of her and says that she won't be involved. Bryant asks how he can get in touch with them. Gabriel says that when the time is right, he will get in touch with Bryant. Bryant just looks at him and Gabriel adds that he can't really give him his telephone number. Gabriel leaves and Jennifer asks Bryant if he is crazy. Bryant says that he needs to see what they are up to, to help the next person that they may try to scam. Out in the truck, where Ruby is waiting, Gabriel tells Ruby that Bryant accepted to have lunch with them. Ruby is amazed that he agreed. Gabriel explains to her that Bryant favors himself as an outlaw and he will fall for their scams over and over. He tells her that some day he will buy her the Walsh Mansion. He adds that Lucinda Walsh sure won't be able to afford it. He starts the truck and they leave.

Craig and Cass go to see Mei-Lin. Cass goes down the hall and leave Craig to talk to Mei-Lin alone. Craig asks her if she has been talking to Detective Munson? She says that she felt abandoned because nobody came for her and she told them something to get them off her back. She says that it can't be substantiated. He tells her that rumors can be damaging. He asks her what she told them? She says that she told them that he murdered Winston. He grabs her and asks her how could she betray him like that. She is trying to get away from him and Cass comes up and says that he can't touch the prisoner. Craig lets her go and tells Cass the Mei-Lin won't be needing his services. Mei-Lin begs Cass to listen to her. Craig tells her that Cass is not stupid, he won't be helping her. She asks Craig what will happen to her now. He says that he doesn't know, but he will be contacting their friends in Hong Kong to let them now what is going on. She begs him not to do that. He tells Cass that they are finished here and he adds that Mei-Lin is finished also and they leave. Mei-Lin goes to her cot and sits down and puts her head in her hands and starts to cry.

Margo and Hal argue in the garage about her brother, Craig. Finally, Margo gives up and tells Hal to go, he is going to do what he wants anyway. As Hal is walking away, she adds that this may be his last case. When Hal gets back to the squad room, Craig and Cass are putting on their coats to leave. Hal starts yelling at Craig. Cass tells Hal that Mei-Lin is entitled to legal council. Hal pulls out Mei-Lin's statement and says that the statement says that Craig murdered Winston Lowe. Margo grabs the paper and looks at it. Cass says that legal council was not present when the statement was taken and it will not hold up in court. Hal looks at Cass and says that this in not a legal thing now, it is a family thing. Craig looks at Hal and asks if he is crazy? Margo walks over to Craig and asks him, point blank, if the woman is telling the truth? Craig tells her no. She asks why Hal would accuse him if he didn't have something solid? Craig says that he just needs something to wave in front of his wife to get her attention. Hal goes after Craig, but Margo and an officer restrains him. Craig tells Hal that if he brings this before the D.A., he and Cass will come after him with everything they have. As he walks past Hal, he adds that he will lose that shiny badge. Hal yells at Craig and says that he wonders what he is going to do now that his million-dollar horse in on it's way to the glue factory? Craig turns and looks at Hal. Hal says that it is true, his multi-million dollar stud is dead and so is his future. Hal adds, "How are you going to pay off the Hong Kong mob now?" Craig turns and walks out. Hal looks at Margo and she is looking at the statement. He asks her if she still believes her brother on this? She says that if his wife is interested in her brother, there is nothing he can do. He says that she will change her mind when she finds out that he is a murderer and as long as he has Mei-Lin, he has Craig right where he wants him. He tells an officer behind the desk to find Jack Snyder and get him here ASAP. He tells Margo that he is going to go talk to Mei-Lin. As Hal enters the jail cell area, he starts telling Mei-Lin about Craig. As he gets to Mei-Lin's cell he sees her lying on the floor. Hal mutters, "Oh hell...Oh bloody hell!"

Carly and Jack are together at the boathouse. Carly is bubbling over at the way her life is going. Jack breaks the bad news to her. He tells her that Julia is worst off than he thought and he feels that he can't leave her. He tells her that he made a commitment and he is going to honor it. She can't believe that he has had a change of heart. She asks what has brought this on. He tells her about Julia and the pills. She looks at Jack and says that she loves the way he is so gullible. She tells him that Julia is using this to get him to stay. Jack tells her that not all women are devious. She thanks him. She says that he just needs to be strong. She reminds him what they have gone through to be together. Jack says that he is doing this for her too. He says that if Julia would take her life, everyone would say that Carly stepped over her dead body to get to her man. She tells him that she can handle whatever people give, but he won't be able to handle it. He is too good and too decent. Carly is still trying to get through to Jack when Jack gets a phone call. It is the station and Hal wants him there ASAP. Jack tells the officer to tell Hal to cool his jets; he is working on another case right now. Then Jack gets silent and his face goes white. He says, "Tell Hal I'll be right there." He turns to Carly and says that he can't believe that he is the one that has to tell her this, but her horse is dead.

Craig goes to Barbara's and Will tells him that she is not there. He tells Craig that his mother went on a trip somewhere; he can't remember the name of the place. Craig asks will if it is the Dominican Republic? Will says, "That's it! Do you want to leave her a message?" Craig tells him that it won't be necessary and he will see him soon. Will closes the door and Craig says, "Now Barb, I must get to you before Hal does." Recap --->

Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Lucinda surprises Simon with a plane ticket and urges him to reconsider her offer before heading to court. Hal learns Mei-Lin died from cyanide poisoning but refuses to believe it was a suicide. Carly accuses Craig of playing a part in Flashdance's death. Simon orders Katie to stay away from his trial.

Tom receives a plaque in the mail from Lien, to hang in his new office. Craig dodges Lisa's attempt to force him to pay his bill, claiming he's on the verge of a big deal. Hal determines to show Barbara the results of Mei-Lin's autopsy--maybe it will bring her to her senses, he tells Jack. Katie sneaks into the courtroom and tells Lucinda that she was never pregnant.

Ben asks a frazzled Tom to represent him in his adoption of Curtis. Margo suggests Tom hire a partner--Lien. Carly lashes out at Hal for neglecting Flashdance and threatens to sue him and the entire police department, then bitterly tells Jack she can't compete with Julia. Jack agonizes that he can't be with her. Katie suggests to Lucinda that they could be allies in keeping Simon and Lily apart if Lucinda drops the charges. Margo tells a skeptical Tom to invite Lien back for the weekend and gauge her reaction to being back in Oakdale.

Ben learns from social services that someone tried to adopt Curtis in the past, which could spell trouble if it was a relative. Isaac tells Ben he has nothing to worry about--he was the one who tried to adopt Curtis years ago. Ben is shocked when Isaac further reveals that he had a relationship with Curtis's mother Cheryl and he grills Isaac about whether he could be the father. Lucinda threatens Jessica that she'll feign a faulty memory when she testifies unless the D.A.'s office drops the charges. Jessica reluctantly offers Simon probation if he pleads guilty, and a stunned Simon accepts, then spies Lucinda and Katie together.

When Hal stops by to see Barbara, a surprised Kim tells him that Barbara is in the Dominican Republic getting a divorce. Isaac emphatically denies that he's Curtis's father but warns his brother that Cheryl never relinquished her parental rights. Simon thanks Katie for getting Lucinda to drop the charges. Jack reluctantly leaves Carly in order to meet Julia. A furious Hal tells Kim he has to make sure that Craig doesn't follow Barbara to the Dominican Republic--he's a cold-blooded killer. Barbara takes off her wedding ring and is then surprised to find Craig at her door.

Thursday, March 1, 2001

Abigail welcomes Marley and Donna followed by Jake's return. He then introduces Donna and Marley to Vicky's twin girls, born in Canada only days before their mother died. Molly and Jake explain what happened during Vicky's final days and announce that the twins were named Bridget and Michelle by Vicky. Later, Jake tries to propose marriage to Molly but is interrupted.

Chris surprises Bob and Kim by announcing that he's not only going back to college, he also intends to return to Columbia in New York and has already written to the dean so that he can start this summer. Bob's touched when Chris explains that he will be pre-med. again in hopes of being as good a doctor as he is. He also explained how he has changed a lot from how he use to be the first time at Columbia.

Barbara is taken aback to find Craig at her hotel room door in the Dominican Republic. He apologizes for his arrival but then begins his plan to seduce her.

Hal stuns Carly with the news that Mei-Lin is dead and states that he thinks that Craig poisoned her in her jail cell. He urges her to move Parker out of Craig's suite for fear that either the boy and or she might be hurt. Carly figures out where Craig is so Hal decides to fly to the Dominican Republic.

Friday, March 2, 2001

Craig and Barbara woke up in bed after a passionate night together, unaware that Hal was on his way. They shared a sexy, romantic dance together and Barbara was shocked when Craig proposed marriage. After explaining to Craig that she wasn't ready to jump into another marriage again so soon, they were interrupted by a loud pounding at the door--it was Hal demanding that Barbara open the door. Once she opened it, Hal forced his way into the room and was enraged to discover Craig there, casually drinking champagne. He accused Craig of trying to take Parker away from him and when Craig denied it, accused him of being a murderer.

Jack ran into Carly and Parker at Al's Diner and tried to apologize for the way things had worked out. His apology only angered Carly, and she pleaded with him to back off and stop trying to be the hero. While they were arguing passionately, Julia walked in and eavesdropped on their conversation. An enraged Julia demanded to know what was going on and when Jack's explanations did nothing to calm her down, they both left the diner.

Molly was crestfallen when Jake proposed that they hire a nanny--she had been anticipating a marriage proposal. Disappointed, she confessed to Abigail that instead of marriage, Jake was probably trying to get rid of her. Meanwhile, Jake visited Isaac and Lisa at Java Underground and showed them photos of his twin girls. Jake confided to Isaac that he came close to asking Molly to marry him, but decided against it because she might think he wanted a babysitter, not a wife. Isaac convinced Jake to pop the question anyway and Jake left to try again. Once Jake arrived at the apartment, he asked Molly to marry him, to which she cried and ecstatically shouted, "YES!"

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