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Edmund and Dimitri burst in on an older man who'd been caring for Alex -- and found not one, but two Alexes! Tad learned that Leslie had sent her sister, Pam, a letter to be opened in the event of her death. Adam returned from Llanview after Skye had rejected him. Mateo and Hayley both expressed fears in private that they might not be the best parents. Leo determined that David hadn't really tried to save Leslie. David broke into Leslie's office and found an affidavit from Gordon, implicating David in the Libidozone debacle.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 26, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, February 26, 2001

David could barely find the words to express his amazement that Leslie was still alive. Leslie's saving grace had been an awning that had broken her fall. It was unclear exactly how badly she'd been injured, but Leslie had "coded" on the way to the hospital. Jake announced that Leslie needed to go into surgery immediately. Joe Martin gave Jake his approval and handed over the staff badge Jake had given up. David also wanted to be in the operating room, but Joe overruled him and said that he was to go nowhere near Leslie until after she was out of surgery. Tad expressed his fear that David would try to harm Leslie. J.R. (Junior) showed up at the hospital and asked to see his mother. David stepped forward as Dixie's attending physician and told JR that Dixie wasn't up to having visitors. Tad asked that David reconsider, but David refused to change his mind. Again Joe stepped in and overruled David's decision. JR went into the room to see his mother and was greeted with an embrace. Surprisingly, Dixie's first words to her son were to find out David's condition. Tad, who'd been eavesdropping from the doorway, was visibly upset by Dixie's question. Tad walked up to David and again asked him about Leslie's fall. Tad didn't believe David's explanation that his arm was too weak to hold on to Leslie. In Tad's mind, David saw an opportunity to rid himself of a threat... and an accomplice. "She knows where all the bodies are buried. She was your partner in crime, and she knows exactly what happened at that party on that yacht," Tad growled. David was infuriated by the allegation and told Tad that he wanted him out of the hospital. Tad refused and the two men nearly got into a fistfight. Junior burst out of his mother's room and demanded that David leave Tad alone. Dixie followed after him and blasted Tad for picking a fight with the man who had saved her life. David continued to egg on Tad, but it wasn't Tad or David who threw the first punch. Junior punched David's injured arm. David doubled over in pain before collapsing to the ground. Joe assembled a medical team and looked at David's injury. Junior looked on in horror, saying repeatedly that he hadn't meant to hurt David. Joe determined that David's injury was worse than anyone had believed and that David had lost too much blood. David was taken off to an examining room to have his wound tended to.

While dining at The Valley Inn, Brooke told Laura about a European socialite that she'd interviewed for Tempo. Almost on cue, the woman, named Sybella de Courcey, appeared at their table. Sybella said that she'd seen some of Laura's photos on Brooke's office wall and felt that Laura showed promise. Laura might have been somewhat flattered if she wasn't still steaming over her fallout with Leo. Sybella told the two women that she was waiting for a "bad boy" she'd used to sneak cigarettes with in Europe. When Sybella mentioned that the man was a count, Brooke immediately thought of Dimitri. Needless to say, when Leo walked into the room and Sybella identified him as the man she'd been waiting for, Brooke and Laura were stunned. They exchanged surprised glances as Sybella raced across the room to greet Leo. Leo saw Laura and Brooke and showed some signs of nervousness. Brooke tried to cheer up her daughter with talk of chocolate cake, but it didn't help. Brooke stepped into the lobby to take a phone call. Instead of taking care of the check, Laura approached Leo and Sybella's table and told the jet-setting woman all about "Monsieur Depraved." Laura explained that Leo was no more royal the her and that Leo had no money. Sybella looked scoldingly at Leo. She motioned for him to leans across the table towards her. When he did, Sybella gave him a little tweak on the nose. Sybella then turned to Laura and told her that she thought it was a shame that she'd chosen to tell such horrible lies about Leo. Sybella then rose to her feet and headed to the restroom. Laura stuck around and told Leo that she thought it was horrible that he was playing games with different women. Leo showed no signs of remorse. Like Sybella had done just moments before, Laura motioned for Leo to lean towards her. Instead of getting another tweak, Laura hauled off and slapped him across the face. As Laura's hand made contact with Leo's cheek, Greenlee entered the dining room. She took pleasure in the "lovebirds'" fight, but Laura quickly made it known that she and Leo were not in love. With that, Laura stormed away. Greenlee toyed with Leo over the encounter and then proudly boasted that she was going to be having dinner with Jake. She took pleasure at seeing Leo sitting by himself... until Sybella showed up and she realized that Leo wasn't without a dinner date. Greenlee then picked up her cellular phone and placed a call to the hospital to find out what was keeping Jake. The person on the other end informed Greenlee that Jake was tied up in operating room and that he was not accepting personal calls. Greenlee hung up her phone and muttered that she was getting tired of people telling her what she couldn't do. She then added that the next time she called Jake, she wanted him to fall all over himself trying to take her call. Leo, meanwhile, promised to take Sybella back to his yacht so that they could sail "20,000 leagues away from here."

Edmund traced Alex's phone call to a Canadian town not far from the US Border. Edmund urged Dimitri to get ready to track down Alex, but Dimitri insisted that he was going to honor Alex's request and not try to find her. As it turns out, Dimitri had no intention of honoring Alex's request. He would later explain that he was worried that Wildwind was being secretly monitored and that my admitting that he was going to search for Alex would endanger Alex's life. He headed to the airport to board his private jet. Before the plane took off, Edmund arrived and asked his brother if he'd mind him tagging along. Dimitri welcomed Edmund aboard and the pair checked out a map to find the most suitable airport for the plane to land. They ruled out using any of the larger airports because they feared that they'd be monitored by whoever was responsible for Alex's disappearance. Dimitri notified his pilot, Malcolm, of the changes, changes that made him appear very unsettled. The pilot returned to the cockpit and placed a phone call to an unidentified man with a foreign accent. That mystery person found it somewhat amusing that Dimitri and Edmund were trying to outsmart him by landing at a backwoods airport. Nevertheless, he reminded the pilot of the $100,000 he'd been given and told him to follow his orders to a tee.

In a town somewhere in Canada, the unnamed man demanded to know who Alex had called. Alex lamely offered that she'd been phoning in a grocery order. The man knew better and yanked the phone from the wall. The man then marched Alex over to a wall-mounted mirror. As he held face in front of the mirror, he offered her an intense warning. "If you want to see that reflection in the morning, you better listen to what I'm telling you," he snarled. "Otherwise, we could all wake up dead -- all of us."

Jake emerged from the operating room and told Tad that Leslie had survived the surgery - but just barely. The accident had left Leslie unable to breathe on her own and she had been placed on life support. The next 48 hours, said Jake, would be critical. Unbeknownst to anyone, David had donned his white doctor's jacket and sneaked into Leslie's room. He looked at her lifeless body and was haunted by her voice reminding him that she had the power to destroy him. Tears welled in his eyes as he eyed the plug to her life support system.

Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Laura summoned Bianca to meet her at The Valley Inn. Once she arrived, Laura apologized to her for having pulled her away from whatever it was she'd been doing. Bianca smiled and explained that she was glad to have gotten the call because she had been watching a school rendition of "The Sound of Music." Laura looked intensely at Bianca and asked for her help "to get rid of Leo." Bianca swallowed hard and looked nervously at Laura. Realizing that Bianca feared some sort of foul play would be involved, Laura quickly moved to assure Bianca that no harm would come to Leo. What she wanted, she explained, was sort of "an exorcism" to get Leo out of her head. The two headed for an empty table where Laura told Bianca of her earlier run-in with Leo and Sybella. Bianca questioned why Laura was so upset and reminded her that Leo had never professed to want a long-term or meaningful relationship. Laura nodded her head affirmatively, but it didn't really appear that she was willing to admit that what Bianca had said was true. Laura expressed a desire for Leo to act the same way around her as he did when he's around Bianca. Bianca took offense to Laura's suggestion that she help her "change" Leo. Bianca explained that Leo was fine as is - even with his apparent faults. Laura became enraged and no longer wanted to carry on the conversation with Bianca. Laura implied that her possible relationship somehow made Bianca feel that her friendship with Leo would be challenged. Bianca denied the claim, saying that she thought of herself as a friend to both Leo and Laura. Laura rose from her seat in a huff and mumbled that perhaps asking Bianca for relationship advice wasn't her best course of action.

Sybella was immediately won over by "Leo's" yacht. She asked him questions about the boat and Leo fired off lie after lie to keep her believing that he owned the yacht - and a sizeable bank account. As things grew romantic, Ryan stumbled into the room and nearly interrupted the couple's fun. Sybella looked at Ryan, who was relaxing in comfortable clothing, and asked Leo about his identity. Leo looked at Ryan with wide eyes and said that "Lavery" was his valet and manservant. Ryan's neck snapped back and he asked Leo what he was talking about. Leo smiled broadly and whispered to Sybella that Ryan was a bit unstable. He encouraged Sybella to step out onto the deck and check out the view of the Philadelphia skyline. Once she'd gotten out of hearing range, Ryan demanded an explanation from Leo. Leo claimed that he was trying to romance Sybella so that her wealthy father would invest money in Ryan countered that Leo was interesting in getting something -- but that he was sure it had nothing to do with the Internet company. Leo admitted defeat and confessed that he just wanted to have a little fun with Sybella. When Sybella returned inside, Ryan agreed to go along with Leo's scheme. Sybella ordered Ryan to get her a martini. While his back was turned, she praised Leo for allowing a "mental defect" to work for him. Sybella was ready for a cruise to Rio de Janeiro, but Ryan stepped forward and announced that the boat was undergoing extensive hull repair and would not be able to make the trip to South America for at least two weeks. Sybella shrugged and told Leo that they'd have to use her private jet instead. Ryan stepped out of the room and Leo and Sybella picked up where their romance had left off. Before they could lose a stitch of their clothing, Vannesa burst into the room and exclaimed the news of David's stabbing. Leo was concerned, but not enough to drop his plans with Sybella. In fact, he tried to clue his mother into what he was doing by mentioning Sybella and her father's name, but Vanessa didn't care. She demanded that Leo go to the hospital to check on David. She said that under ordinary circumstances she would visit David herself. But since David hated her, she didn't think it was the best idea. Leo agreed to go to the hospital in the morning, but Vanessa insisted that he go immediately. Later, Leo told Ryan that he needed to put in for two weeks vacation, but Ryan protested. After Leo went on his way, Gillian phoned Ryan to tell him that she'd be released from the hospital in the morning.

Joe praised Jake for having saved Leslie's life. Jake brished off his father's high praiseand said that an awning on the Chandler building was really what had saved Leslie's life. Another doctor walked over to the men and said that he was following up on a request to check on David's condition. There was just one problem, he explained: David wasn't in his room.

In her cubicle in the emergency room, Dixie apologized to Junior for her repeated hospitalizations. Junior tried to remain strong for his mother and didn't admit that he was worried about her health. Junior asked his mother why she was so mad at Tad. Dixie replied that she was upset with Tad because he failed to see that David wasn't a bad guy. "I wish [David] was dead," snarled Junior. Dixie scolded Junior for his violent comments and for having punched David. Junior apologized for hitting the doctor, but said that nothing will change the fact that he hates David. Joe wandered into the room and asked Dixie if she'd seen David lately. Dixie shook her head and said that the last she'd heard, David was having his arm checked out.

David hovered over Leslie's bed, a cold expression planted firmly on his face. "It would be so easy and painless. Just a few short seconds on your own and all your worries - and mind - would be gone forever." Slowly, methodically, David eyed the readings on the monitor by Leslie's bed. Then, his eyes wandered again to the plug that powered the life support system. He slowly approached the bag feeding Leslie's body vital nutrients. He reached his hand out to touch the bag, but suddenly another person grabbed his arm. David swung around and looked an angry Tad in the eye. Tad accused David of wanting to finish Leslie off. As they shouted back and forth, Dixie and Joe rushed into the room. Dixie got between the two men, but the stress of the situation was too much for her frail body to handle. Her legs buckled as her body folded to the ground. David dropped to his knees and helped Dixie to a chair. Tad puckered his lips and rolled his eyes as he watched the spectacle before him. Joe ordered David and Tad out of Leslie's room and followed it up with strict orders for Dixie to return to her hospital room. He then asked that a nurse remain in Leslie's room at all times. Outside, Tad tried to convince his father that he had walked in on David just as he was about to pull the plug on Leslie. Joe warned Tad to be careful when making accusations. Then, almost defiantly, he declared, "No one is going to get murdered in [my] hospital!" Joe asked Tad to concentrate on things other than David's deeds. He urged him to take Junior home and to spend some time with him. Tad nodded and agreed that Junior could benefit from some time with his dad. Dixie exited her room and concurred with both Tad and Joe - but not the way they'd expected. Dixie told Tad that she wanted Junior to spend some time with Adam. Tad pulled Dixie aside and begged her not to use Junior as a weapon against him. Dixie insisted that she wasn't trying to make Tad upset by sending Junior to Adam's house. She explained that she felt it was a good time for Junior and his father to spend time together. Junior overheard his mother's statement and expressed his displeasure with being shipped off to his dad's house. He was so angry that he called his mother a "liar." Tad forced a smile and told Junior that his visit to Adam's would be for the best. Junior reluctantly agreed, but fired off a piercing glare at his mother. Tad asked Jake if he'd mind driving Junior to Chandler Mansion. Jake nodded and ushered Junior away. Tad looked at Dixie and shook his head from side to side before turning and walking away. Joe asked Dixie to return to her bed and this time she followed his instructions. Inside, she struggled to fight back tears. David slowly walked into the room and Dixie lost control of her emotions. She buried her face in David's chest and burst into tears. David helped Dixie into bed where she fell asleep in a matter of seconds. As he looked over his slumbering love, David quietly said that one day she would know the lengths he's gone to to allow them to be together. "And you'll understand," he added. As he did, Leo called out to his brother and asked him what he was talking about. "What did you do, David?" he asked.

Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Hayley and Mateo were having breakfast at The Valley Inn, celebrating her pregnancy. Mateo told his wife that he hadn't broken the news to Isabella because he wanted to tell his mother in person. He also said he'd signed them up for Lamaze classes. Hayley broke her silence by announcing that she wanted to hire a "doula." She described the duties of a doula, explaining it was a woman who helped the expectant mother through the childbirth, making things nice and calm for the parents and "guests". Mateo looked at her strangely and she told him she thought it would be great to broadcast her child's birth on "Wave." She also mulled the idea of "water birth" in a bathtub. Mateo quipped that the baby would swim before it could walk. Mateo's angst was apparent. Finally, Hayley admitted she was just teasing him, she only wants Mat and a doctor with her when she delivers the baby. Mateo told her how excited he was to go through the pregnancy with her and vowed that he'd be with her every step of the way. It was clear to Hayley that her husband was missing his son, Max. Hayley assured him that Max would always be a part of their family. When Mateo handed Hayley her prescription pre-natal vitamins, she was horrified at the size of them. Somehow - through a horribly wrinkled expression - she managed to choke one down for Mateo. Hayley took a deep breath and informed her husband that she wanted to go give Adam the good news right after breakfast, but Mateo wasn't ready to let Adam in on their excitement. He explained he was afraid Adam would go overboard and "take over." Hayley insisted that they go visit Adam immediately and Mateo reluctantly agreed.

At the Chandler mansion, Stuart paced the living room wondering why Adam hadn't returned yet from his trip to Llanview. He heard a noise and hastily put on Adam's jacket. Adam slipped into the parlor through the secret passageway. Stuart asked his brother about his visit with Skye. He was told that it didn't go well. Adam looked terrible and Stuart knew he didn't want to discuss what had happened. Stuart summoned the police officer inside so that he could remove the ankle bracelet and put it back on Adam. When the officer entered, he gave Adam a lecture on being gone too long but Adam reminded him that he was paying his 3 sons' college tuition. Meanwhile, Liza listened in from the stairway. The officer switched the cuffs and left the two men alone. Adam thanked Stuart for switching places with him. He told Stuart he feels that he let Skye down and is convinced that she doesn't love him any more. Stuart wondered if they should have told Skye about her adoption sooner. Rather than play a game of "what ifs," Adam urged Stuart to go home to Marian. Stuart tried to tell his brother that Liza had figured out their little "switcheroo", but Adam just pushed Stuart out the door. Liza came down the stairs and snuggled up to Adam. She referred to their wild night of sex, saying that Adam had been "insatiable, imaginative and passionate." "The best night of my life!" she exclaimed. Adam finally told Liza they didn't make love last night because he wasn't there. She told him she knew that Adam and Stuart had switched places and then demanded to know why he took such a risk. He told her that Skye just found out that she's Rae Cumming's daughter, which means she's not Adam's biological daughter. Liza was obviously stunned by the revelation. Adam said that Skye never wants to see him again. Liza told him that Junior was upstairs asleep and Adam was very happy to hear that his son was there. Liza told Adam to go upstairs and spend time with his children. He got up to do so just as Hayley and Mateo arrived. Adam gave Hayley a great big bear hug and she laughed saying that her dad's embrace would " squish the baby!". Adam and Liza looked stunned and Mateo asked Adam what title he'd like: Papa or Grandpa. Adam was very excited about his first grandchild, but looked surprisingly subdued. Hayley remarked that she had been sure that Skye would produce the first grandchild. Adam went to the kitchen to find sparkling cider to make a toast and Liza told Hayley this was the best news Adam could have gotten right now. Liza gave some pointers to the parents-to-be until Adam returned. He looked distracted and didn't bring back any cider. Hayley said it was ok; they'd just wanted to stop in and give him the good news first. They hugged and Hayley and Mateo left. Adam said what a joy his first grandchild would be and wished Skye knew what a joy she was to him. Liza promised Adam that Skye wouldn't be lost to him forever. Adam said that his children mean everything to him and that there was no place he'd rather be than with his kids.

Ryan carried Gillian on board the Fidelity where Eugenia was waiting for them. Gillian didn't want to be fussed over and grimaced when she saw the lavish table set for her with flowers and china. She thanked Eugenia, but was told Ryan had done it for her. She got upset and yelled at Ryan telling him it was too much, that she didn't deserve it. Then she was worried about him spending so much money on her, she didn't want to be a financial burden to him because of her "mistake". Ryan reassured her, told her how much he'd missed her and that she couldn't help what had happened to her. Gillian felt very down and Ryan just held her in his arms. He told her not to worry about money. He told to she needed to eat and she at first said she'd just have toast. But both Ryan and her grandmamma felt she should eat more so she ordered a huge breakfast. Before eating, Gillian said that she wanted to take a bath. She left and Ryan asked Eugenia for advice on how to help Gillian. Eugenia revealed that she was once as devastated as Gillian; she too had lost a child. During that time, Eugneia said that her husband had provided a distraction for her by taking her on a world cruise. This gave Ryan an idea and he said he'd take Gillian far away. Eugenia offered Ryan some money but he said it was no problem, he'd made a huge investment and it was paying off. But he asked that she not tell Gillian. He called Stan to get an update on his investment and arranged a meeting. Gillian came back down and Ryan told her to visit with her grandmother while he went to a meeting. She sat down with Eugenia, who told her how much Ryan loves her. She explained how she too had lost a child. Gillian asked if she would ever look at life with the same joy again. Her grandmother told her not to live in the past, to live in the future. Eugenia left Gillian with Ryan, who hugged her tightly and asked if she was up to giving him a tour of the old castle in Hungary. Gillian got very excited, describing one of the ghosts that inhabit the castle. Stan came on board then and she excused herself, saying she was going to take a nap. Stan and Ryan talked business, with Stan saying that things were a little slow right now but it was a good time to sink some more cash into the venture. Ryan declined; he said he didn't want to dip into capital. Stan got a little snide, asking if Gillian was still a cocktail waitress. Ryan told him no, and Stan got up to leave. As he walked out onto the deck he said to himself that Leo was a single guy, he may want to invest. Gillian returned and agreed to a trip to Hungary, saying she wanted to go very soon.

At Dixie's hospital bedside, David said he'd never leave her side. Leo brought in some coffee and repeated what he'd heard David say earlier about what he had done to be with Dixie. He asked David to explain this but David just wanted to know why Leo was there at all. Leo told him that Vanessa forced him to come check on his brother. David told him to go "waste a day" somewhere else. Leo asked him about Leslie, saying there were rumors flying all over the hospital. He said he heard an RN say that David had let some woman fall over a balcony, and asked David if that was true. David grabbed Leo and took him out of Dixie's room, telling him that he doesn't kill people, he saves them. David claimed that the hospital staff thrives on gossip. Leo said he just wanted the truth, he didn't want to go back to Vanessa with the rumors, who would then go to Palmer, who would want an investigation and probably pull all hospital funding.....ect. David told Leo he found Leslie trying to push Dixie off the balcony. He explained that Leslie stabbed him and then tried to escape on the ledge. When she slipped he grabbed her but couldn't hold on with his injured arm. Leo didn't quite believe him and asked how well he knows Leslie. David told his younger brother to stay the hell out of his life. Leo left the room and David went to find Dixie. When he discovered she wasn't in her room, he grabbed a nurse and demanded to know where she was. Leo stood by and watched as David screamed at the nurse to find out what room Dixie was moved to. Leo came up to David and asked what he was doing. David said "I have to be here" and Leo wondered aloud if David meant he needed to be with Dixie to make sure she doesn't hear the truth or with Leslie to make sure she dies. David told Leo to leave again and Leo said he tried to save himself, not Leslie. David looked frantic and said he loves Dixie and he can't lose her, not now and not ever. Leo looked at David with horror and said "Oh my God! You did let Leslie fall!". He went on to say that David thought Leslie would die. If she recovers she'll talk and David will lose Dixie. David said he can't lose Dixie, she's his life. "If she had fallen off the balcony, I would have gone after her" David told Leo. Once again, David demanded that Leo leave and this time he does walk away, while David looks very worried.

Dr. Joe Martin checked on Leslie's condition and was told there had been no change. He was worried and said they might lose her. He said they may try to wean her off the respirator and turned to make a note in his chart. David walked the room as Joe turned back around and Joe told him he shouldn't be there "under these circumstances". David wanted to know if Joe blamed him too. Joe said he knows very little about Leslie and he's amazed by all that's happened. Especially the last minute confession and the fact that Dixie didn't hear a word of it. David stood by his claim of Leslie telling him she had poisoned the yacht party goers but Joe still doesn't buy it. Leo had followed David to the room and stood outside listening to the heated exchange. David got upset and started bad-mouthing Tad, saying there was no way Tad was going to worm his way back into Dixie's life. "Nothing's going to come between me and Dixie!" he spit at Joe and stormed out of the room, running into Leo. Joe left the room and Leslie was lying on the bed, eyes closed. Dixie walked into the room and slowly approached Leslie' side. She started to put her hand out to touch Leslie when Leslie opened her eyes and stared at Dixie.

Thursday, March 1, 2001

Isabella arrived at the condo and was suspicious of Mateo's strange behavior. He told her that he had a secret but he had to wait until Hayley got home so they could tell her together. A smile suddenly came across Isabella's face as she asked him if Hayley was pregnant. Mateo beamed with affirmation and they embraced. She pulled back and noticed that Mateo had been building a crib for the baby when she arrived. Isabella's eyes brimmed with tears as she recalled when Hector did the same for Maria. Isabella asked him how they had found out that Hayley was pregnant and he told her about the psychic. Mateo confessed that he thought they were having a girl and they wanted to name her Isabella. He went to stand up and suddenly became dizzy. He explained that, due to a craving, he and Hayley had ice cream for breakfast that morning. Laughing, Isabella asked who was having the baby. "We both are," Mateo replied seriously.

After he had finished eating, Mateo rose from the table and returned to the crib. Mateo asked Isabella if Hector had been scared when they were expecting their first child. She assured him that, although he tried not to show it, he was. Mateo became nervous and confided to Isabella that he hoped he wouldn't have his father's quick temper. He reminded her that Hector had "controlled" all of his children and made them "feel like prisoners in (their) own home." Isabella tried to defend her husband but she couldn't. She admitted that Hector had done the best he could and that he loved them all. She apologized for not standing up to him, but Mateo assured her that their love was what kept their family together for all those years. Isabella equated this love to that shared between him and Hayley and promised him that he would be nothing like his father.

At the shelter, Hayley was greeted by Axel who had heard she was expecting. He suggested that she name the child Axel or Axelina, depending on its sex. "I'll definitely add them to the list!" Hayley joked, but her mood suddenly became dismal. She confided that she worried that someone would harm her child and confessed that this person was her. Axel asked her if this was "the hormones talking" and told her that she was going to make a wonderful mother. Hayley worried about being an alcoholic, but Axel informed her that she was "recovering" and stated that all she had to do was love her child. Hayley skeptically reminded him that she had spent her whole life trying to be nothing like her mother, and then had taken on her identity. Once again, Axel told her that all she had to do was love her child and everything would turn out right. He stood up and declared that he was going to take her home and Hayley quickly asked him not to repeat their conversation to Mateo. "He's so excited about this," she confessed, and said that she didn't want to "ruin" it for him. "Don't ruin it for yourself, either," Axel told her.

Tina and Jake peered out of the office in the shelter and were baffled to find few homeless people who showed up for Jake's free medical care. "You mean the bums?" Greenlee asked, as she breezed inside. She explained that she had put them on a bus and sent them to see "The Grapes of Wrath," in order for them to discover that "their lives aren't that bad." Tina became furious and went off on a tangent but Jake quickly jumped up and asked Tina to call the movie theater to see if anyone needed his help. Alone, Jake tried to explain to Greenlee that she couldn't interrupt a schedule "on a whim" but Greenlee wouldn't listen. She told him that she cleared his day for something to "get (his) blood racing" and as she backed him into the chair and sat on his lap, she suggested that he "may even score."

Hayley and Axel were leaving as Jake and Greenlee exited the office. Jake hugged Hayley and they congratulated her on her pregnancy. Hayley thanked them and left. Alone, Greenlee picked up a basketball and told Jake that they were about to "play a little one-on-one." Greenlee explained that she was only attempting to get him out of his mundane existence, but Jake didn't buy it and he wondered if she was trying to get him alone. Greenlee laughed and told him that he wasn't her type but Jake thought otherwise. He stated that anyone was her type if they served a purpose and reminded her of the stunts she pulled to try to get Leo back. Greenlee became angry and told him that she fought for what she loves. "What did you do when Ryan ran off with your wife?" she asked him. Greenlee quickly apologized but Jake told her "it's not worth it" and left. Greenlee went to follow him but Tina walked in and told her to leave Jake alone. Greenlee laughed and informed Tina that Jake was out of her league. "You're a waitress... and a mime on the side," Greenlee snickered. "It's called sign language," Tina stated. "I'll show you sign language," Greenlee threatened and told Tina that she would die to trade places with her. "I've got money, looks and a brain..." she began, "too bad you don't have a heart," Tina finished. Greenlee told her that no one took a chance to look and angrily threw the basketball against the headboard. Tina screamed for her to look out but the ball hit Greenlee hard on the head and she collapsed.

Hayley arrived home and greeted Isabella. The three sat down in the living room and Isabella told Hayley that she admired her for keeping up with her AA meetings. Hayley confessed that her sobriety was essential to keeping her family together. Isabella smiled warmly and assured Hayley that they were going to be wonderful parents.

Isabella left and congratulated the pair once more. Alone, Mateo reluctantly shared his fear with Hayley and admitted that the reason he hadn't told her was because she was so sure of everything being perfect. Hayley laughed and confessed that she had her own fears as well. They assured one another that they would make good parents an snuggled on the couch as Mateo shared a joke with the baby.

At the hospital, Leslie opened her eyes and a blurry vision appeared. "Dixie," Leslie acknowledged. Suddenly, Tad entered the room and realized that Leslie had regained consciousness. He bolted to the side of her bed and asked Leslie if David had let her fall on purpose because he wanted her dead. As Dixie tried to get him to stop, Tad told Leslie that he wanted to help her now just like he did in high school. Leslie's moved her hand towards Tad and he took it. "You care?" Leslie whispered, and Tad told her that he did. He suggested that David had set her up to take the fall but all Leslie said was "hope." Tad begged her to tell him what happened but before she could answer, Joe rushed in and removed Tad from her bedside. David appeared in the doorway and Leslie caught his eye. She rolled her head to the other side and closed her eyes as the machines began beeping. Joe called for a "code blue" and Dixie assured Tad that if Leslie died now, it would be his fault.

The nurses arrived and began trying to start Leslie's heart. Tad ran in from the hallway and asked Joe if she was going to be alright but he told him to leave. Outside, Dixie told Tad that he shouldn't have pressed Leslie for information when she was "one breath away from death." Tad countered that she was the only person who knew what happened on the terrace that night but Dixie reminded him that she was there and David had saved her life. She began to get upset and Tad told her this wasn't good for her. Dixie replied that she didn't think Tad cared about anyone or anything except getting revenge on David and advised him that he was "out of control." David suddenly came up behind them and Dixie informed him of what had just happened. He ran into Leslie's room and studied the trail of paper that contained the patterns of her heartbeat from the machine. Suddenly, he told Joe that her chest cavity was filling with blood and ordered a nurse to bring him "the largest syringe" they had to attempt to drain the blood. After David had completed the procedure, Leslie slowly came back to life. Joe told him that she would have died without his "expertise." He noticed Tad and Dixie standing in the doorway and ushered them into the hallway. Joe demanded that Tad leave the hospital and went back in Leslie's room. Dixie turned around to follow him and Tad called out her name. Dixie stopped, looked at him and continued to walk.

Jake arrived at the hospital and ran into Tad on his way out. Tad told Jake what had just happened and was angry that David saved Leslie just to impress Dixie and Joe. The pair sat down and Jake asked him if Leslie had said anything to him. Tad admitted that all she had been able to say was "hope" and he couldn't figure out what that meant. He sighed resignedly as he wondered how he was going to be able to stay close to Leslie and keep an eye on David. Jake told him that he would do it. He suggested that Leslie would open up to him if David had tried to kill her. Tad recalled that Dixie hated him and Joe thought he was a "public nuisance" and reasoned that he was alone. Jake assured him that he was standing behind him and that they would catch him.

Joe pulled David aside and congratulated him on a job well done but David reminded him that Leslie wasn't out of the woods yet. Joe told David that he had forgotten about his wounded shoulder and demanded that he go home to rest. The pair left Leslie's room and found Dixie waiting at the nurses' station. Joe got paged and left. Alone, Dixie congratulated David on saving Leslie's life but David looked sullen. He turned away from Dixie and wondered if Tad was right; that he had let Leslie fall on purpose because of the terror and rage that he felt when he saw her throwing Dixie over. Dixie assured him that he was a hero but David seemed resigned. He turned to leave as Dixie noticed that he was sweating and had a fever. She put his arm around her shoulders and helped him walk away.

Joe suddenly came up and told Tad that he needed to talk to him. Once they were in an exam room, Tad explained that David had tried to kill Leslie and he had only saved her because he had an "audience." Exasperated, Joe assured Tad that he would help him save his marriage in any way but he wouldn't do anything in the hospital and he told him to leave. Tad hurriedly told Joe that Leslie had said something to her about David before she lost consciousness but Joe didn't see anything incriminating about the word "hope." Tad assured him that he knew exactly what it meant.

In the lounge, Jake observed Dixie helping David walk towards the nurses' station. David told her that he had to get his keys and go home but Dixie wouldn't hear of it. Jake listened intently as Dixie confided that she wanted him to go home with her that night and watched them walk away to get changed. Greenlee stumbled in and called out for Jake. She explained that she had hurt herself and wasn't seeing straight but Jake only thought that she was pulling another trick. She sat down and told Jake that if anything happened her, her grandfather would sue him for malpractice. Jake leaned down and threatened to call security if she didn't leave. Greenlee became angry and tried to stand to argue, but she fainted in Jake's arms.

Dixie led David into her house and invited him to relax on the couch. David told her if he did that, he may not leave. "Who said anything about leaving?" she asked and requested that he spend the night with her.

Thursday, March 2, 2001

At Pine Valley Hospital, Jake is holding Greenlee, who has blacked out. Jake thinks she's faking, but Tina comes in and tells him how Greenlee was hit in the head with a basketball and had blacked out. Jake gets Greenlee on a gurney and arranges for her to get a CAT scan. Greenlee is delirious and thinks she's a child about to get her tonsils out. She talks about her quilt with the poodles. Jake has someone call her father. Later on, Greenlee is coherent and is complaining about the hospital décor, gowns, and staff. "I hate hospitals," she says. Jake says, "Well, that's new because you've always liked the hospital when you've needed it for one of your sympathy ploys." Jake tells her he will stay with her a while. He asks how old she was when she had her tonsils out. Greenlee is surprised that he knows about that. She was six and her parents weren't there-only her grandma Millie, who didn't want her to cry. Jake says," That's a pretty traumatic thing for a six-year-old to go through." Greenlee says, "It was. I was sick and I was alone, and I wanted my Mommy and Daddy, and they weren't there for me." Roger enters the room and says, "I'm here now." Jake tells him Greenlee has a slight concussion. He fusses over Greenlee, saying how worried he is about her and saying he'll sue whoever's responsible. Tina tells Jake she called and told him Greenlee had a concussion. Greenlee is happy that her father is there and seems to be concerned about her. "I'm thrilled you came," she says. "You're my little girl. I care deeply for you," says Roger. She asks him to get her a soda. Out in the hall, Jake starts to talk to Roger about Greenlee's condition. Roger's manner changes completely, and he says," Typical, isn't it? This kind of prank? She's lying in there perfectly healthy, and I'm called out of a crucial business negotiation to hold her hand? I could have lost a fortune on this deal." Later Jake overhears Roger talking to Greenlee's mother on the phone, saying he thinks the whole thing was staged, a ploy for attention, and he doesn't intend to give in.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Tad talks with Joe about Leslie. Tad says "Hope" is what Leslie calls her sister Pam. He decides to find Pam and talk to her. Joe cautions Tad, "You need to concentrate on what's really important. Forget David Hayward. You've got to work on saving your marriage." Pam comes to the hospital. She says she hasn't spoken to Leslie in years. When they were in high school, Leslie was always trying to be like Pam. Then when Pam got married, Leslie tried to seduce her husband. Pam and her husband had to cut off Leslie completely. But Pam says, "I've had this sick feeling about Leslie for a month now." She says Leslie sent her a package containing a note and a key. The note says if anything should happen to her, Pam should take the key and go to Leslie's office for the proof against the person who's responsible. Tad asks if he can take the key and check it out. Pam says she'll go see Leslie.

Over at Tad and Dixie's house, Dixie is tending to David's wound, which has become infected. Dixie wants him to stay, so she can take care of him. Opal comes over, and is shocked to see David there. She wants to know what is going on. Dixie defends David, who is very pleased. She tells Opal how David saved her life. Opal says David is responsible for getting Leslie all riled up. Dixie says Tad cheated on her with Leslie and brought all this about, and David is the one who has been there for her. She says, "This has been going on for a really long time. Tad went back to Chandler Enterprises for Liza, of all people, because she needed him. And I let him do what he needed to do. And what do I get for that? I get a husband who has cheated on me again and who has brought my family into complete jeopardy. Well, no more, do you understand me? No more. I'm not going to stand here and take your criticism. And if you insult David when he's been the one constant in my life, after Tad has thrown away everything we've built-you got that?" Opal backs off and apologizes. She leaves and Tad shows up. He says, "I have the answer to everything." He shows Dixie the key to Leslie's office and says, "Dixie, if you love me, if you've ever loved me, you will come with me right now." He tells her how Leslie sent the key to Pam with a note. Dixie doesn't want to go, saying that if David wanted Leslie dead, he could have let her die in the hospital yesterday. Tad makes a deal with Dixie-if she comes with him and he is wrong, he'll never mention it again. Dixie agrees to go. David has overheard the whole conversation and appears concerned.

At Leslie's office, David gets there first and breaks in. He ransacks the office, searching for whatever Leslie left. He finds a note that reads: If something should happen to me and I am not here to say what it is, it will be because I'm framed for a crime committed by Dr. David Hayward of Pine Valley Hospital. You will find attached to this letter a sworn affidavit from Gordon Feimster. David takes the documents but hears Tad and Dixie at the door. He looks for somewhere to hide as they come in.

Up in Canada, Alex is talking with the unknown man. "Oh, I can't stand this. How much more can I do out here in the middle of nowhere? We should be in a hospital....Doing this without any research, without any support-that's more dangerous. I wish you could see that, "says Alex. The man says to keep doing what she's been doing -it's working. He adds, "You've already compromised us. If whoever you called knows our location, you have no idea how sorry you'll be." Dimitri's plane lands in Canada and he and Edmund make plans. "I'm not leaving Canada without my wife," says Dimitri. Malcolm, the pilot or co-pilot, keeps hanging around, wanting to know their plans. Dimitri tells him to be ready to leave at a moment's notice. At the cabin, Alex assures the man, "If they'd traced the call that I made yesterday, they would be here by now....I'll never forget what you've done for me. I do appreciate it more than I let on. But we can't live like this forever." The man says, "We'll live like this as long as we have to. I just want to protect us." Alex goes to take a nap. Outside, Dimitri and Edmund find the cabin. They decide to pretend they are lost travelers, looking for directions. Edmund wants to check the place out first. The man comes out of the cabin, holding a poker. He demands to know who they are and what they are doing there. They go into the cabin and Dimitri says their car broke down. The man says he doesn't have a phone or a car and wants to know where they were headed. Dimitri sees a bracelet and while Edmund distracts the man, Dimitri sneaks up behind him. The man turns and tries to hit him with the poker. Edmund grabs and holds him as Alex walks into the room. Dimitri goes to embrace her, saying they have to get her out. Alex pushes him away, saying, "I don't think so. Who the hell are you?" Edmund asks her if she recognizes him. Alex says she's never seen either of them before in her life. Dimitri says, "Alex, what have they done to you?" The real Alex comes in and says, "They haven't done anything to me, Dimitri. I'm fine." Dimitri and Edmund stare at the two Alexes in shock.



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