All My Children Recaps: The week of March 5, 2001 on AMC

Leo turned over the Wave tape of David dumping Libidozone into the punch bowl to David, who accused Leo of trying to blackmail him. Laura told Bianca that Shannon had been taking the rave drug Ecstasy. Dixie informed Tad that she wanted a legal separation. Jake took Greenlee to his parents' house to watch over her after her release from the hospital. Roger moved in on Opal. Alex's twin sister, Anna Devane, was revealed to be alive, and Alex had been caring for her for months.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 5, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, March 5, 2001

Opal, while volunteering at the hospital, ran into Erica and started complaining to her about David. She called him a homewrecker and told Erica that if she saw him, she would use the magazine cart that she was pushing to leave skidmarks across his face. Erica told Opal that she and David are a "thing of the past". Opal told Erica that David had destroyed Tad and Dixie's marriage. Opal said that David and Dixie were giving the "Doctor Patient" relationship new meaning. Erica couldn't believe it and told Opal that there must be some mistake. Opal said that she wished it was a mistake. Erica told Opal that David must have really been devastated when she broke up with him. Erica wanted to know how David could turn to Dixie? One of the nurses came up to Opal telling her that the woman in the cubicle was looking for a magazine from her cart. Opal asked her if it was the one in the first cubicle and the nurse told her that Miss Smythe was also asking for something to read. Erica asked her if that was Greenlee Smythe and she replied "Yes". The nurse asked Erica if she was a friend of hers. Erica replied that she definitely was not a friend. Erica told Opal to stay away from Greenlee.

Tad convinced Dixie to go to Leslie's office and find out what the key would open. As they were entering the room, David who already was in the room and found the incriminating paper's, heard them and took off. Dixie asked Tad if he really trusted Leslie. Dixie reminded Tad that this was the woman who kidnapped his son and almost threw his wife off the Chandler Building. Tad told Dixie that when David's plan didn't work, and he couldn't trust Leslie, his partner, he tried to get rid of her. Dixie asked Tad what was he looking for in Leslie's office. Tad told her that he was looking for proof that he was right. Tad told Dixie that he was sure the key went to her desk. He went to unlock the drawer and found out that the drawer was already opened. The lock had been jimmied. While Tad was looking through the drawer, he asked Dixie to go through Leslie's suitcase. Dixie found a picture that Leslie had doctored up. It was the wedding picture of Tad and Dixie and Leslie had pasted her face over Dixie's. Tad told Dixie that whatever they were looking for, was in that office. Tad then realized that David had already been there. Tad called Jake at the hospital and asked him where David was. Jake told him that he left the hospital with Dixie and she was going to take him home with her. Tad confronted Dixie about David coming to their house. Tad told Dixie that David must have heard them talking about going to Leslie's office and he got there before they did. Dixie told Tad that David was weak and couldn't have left. Tad told Dixie that David would kill himself rather that let him (Tad) get his hands on whatever was in the desk.

Greenlee, Roger and Jake were in the emergency room. Jake told Roger that they keep all patients who have had concussions in the hospital overnight. Roger told Greenlee that staying overnight wouldn't be that bad. Greenlee told her dad that she didn't like hospital and they were not her favorite place in the world. Jake told Roger that the best solution was for Roger to take Greenlee home with him. Roger said that his motel room was hardly a home. Greenlee then suggested he come to her loft and stay with her. He tried to pawn her off with her grandparents but Greenlee reminded him that they were still in the Bahamas. Jake said "that settles it". He would sign the discharge papers and put her into his care.

Just as Erica and Opal were starting to talk about Greenlee, Roger came out of the cubicle where Greenlee was and heard what they were saying about his daughter. Opal said that she still couldn't get over the fact that Greenlee could have killed Laura English by throwing her over the side of the yacht. Erica then said that Greenlee blackmailed Bianca about her private life and she looked forward to getting even with Greenlee. Opal excused herself because she had to go and delivery some magazines. After Opal left, Roger came up to Erica and started to carry on a conversation. Erica asked him if he was sick and he replied that he was there to give blood. He didn't want Erica to know that his daughter Greenlee was there so he made up the excuse for being at the hospital. He asked her if she would join him for a drink. Erica had to check her schedule.

Edmund, Dimitri, Bart, Anna, and Alex were all together in the cottage. Dimitri told Alex that he needed to get her out of there. He said that the jet was fueled up and waiting for them. Edmund started to make the phone call to the plane but Alex stopped him. She didn't want him to use the phone because she was afraid it might be traced and they were trying to protect Anna. Alex told Dimitri that whoever tried to kill Anna in the boating accident years ago was still trying to finish the job. Edmund asked Alex how Anna survived the accident and she told him that Bart found her. He noticed that they were being followed so he couldn't take Anna to a hospital so he took matters into his own hands. He brought her to the cottage and has not let her out of his sight. The explosion damaged part of her brain and long term memory loss had been affected. Alex told Edmund and Dimitri that Anna had seizures and they were getting worse and more frequent. Edmund asked Alex if she thought Charlotte might be behind this. Alex told Edmund that she didn't think so because Charlotte programmed her to know everything about Anna. Dimitri told Alex that he had lost her twice and wasn't going to loose her again. Alex hugged Dimitri and told him that nothing was going to stop her from coming back to him. She told Dimitri that the night she disappeared, she left at her own free will. She said that when she was on the yacht, she went out on the dock to see Joe Martin about something else and Bart came around a corner and stopped her. He showed her a recent picture of Anna and described her condition. Alex said that she didn't know whether to believe him or not but there was something about his eyes that told her that he was OK. Bart didn't want Alex to go back into the party and tell them where she was going. She thought she would be able to call him once the launch got to the dock but Bart stopped her from making the call. He was so afraid for Anna. Alex asked Dimitri if he thought she was dead. Edmund told her that Dimitri had divers looking for her body. Edmund told Alex that Dimitri lost his mind while she was gone. Dimitri told Alex how he accused Edmund of being responsible for her disappearance. Dimitri said that they had to leave and Alex told him that she was not leaving without Anna. Edmund said that they would take Anna to a hospital. Edmund said that he would go outside for a while and let Dimitri and Alex got reacquainted. Dimitri told Alex that he prayed the day they dragged the river for her body. He told her that the only hope he had was that she was not in the water. Dimitri gave her the pin that they found in the water. Alex told Dimitri that she dropped it in hopes they would take it as a sign. Dimitri told Alex that they thought David was behind her disappearance because he was the last one to see her. Alex told Dimitri that David had nothing to do with her leaving but he was far from innocent. Alex said that she saw David near the punch bowl with a flask in his hand and she knew that he had Libidozone on him. Ale

Tad arrived at his home and when he entered, he called out David's name and told him to get his "slimy butt" down there NOW. Tad told Dixie that the only people that knew about the key were him, Dixie and Pam, Leslie's sister. Dixie told Tad that he didn't know that and besides, David had been upstairs all this time asleep in the guest room. David came downstairs and asked what was going on. Tad asked him if helped himself to the fridge. David said "no" because he had been upstairs sleeping. Tad asked him if that was before or after he broke into Leslie's office and asked him what he stole from Leslie's desk. Tad told David that somehow he heard them talking about going to Leslie's office and he beat them there. David tried to get Tad to understand that he had no reason to go to her office and that he had been upstairs all this time but Tad wasn't buying his story. David was all sweaty and Tad asked him if that was because he made a mad dash across town and back. David told Dixie that he thought he better leave and Tad told him to not let the door hit him on the way out. Dixie tried to console David and apologized for Tad. Tad told David that he can't continue to bat 1000 and when he does mess up..... After David left the house, Dixie told Tad that she has had it. Tad asked her where her common sense was. Tad asked Dixie when was she going to tell him that David was at their home. Dixie said that if she told him, he would go ballistic. Tad said that he had a right to. Tad said that David was tearing up their lives and wanted to know what he could do. Dixie told Tad that there was nothing he could do. She suggested that they spend some time apart and legally separate. Tad asked her if she wanted out of the marriage. Dixie said that she wanted time. Tad asked her if she wanted to spend the time with David. Tad asked Dixie where this was coming from. Dixie asked Tad to think about what was happening to them and to their kids. Tad said that they could turn it around. Dixie told Tad that she didn't have the first clue of how to put the marriage back together. She said that she didn't believe in them being together. Dixie said that she could leave and Tad told her to stay. He would find someplace else to live. Tad told Dixie to do whatever she wanted to do but he knew the truth. Tad told Dixie that he loved her and he knew that she loved him. She agreed with that but she said that she could not be with him right now. Tad said that when he walks out the door, she would probably be relieved but he said that he would always remember that she was his wife and he would never give up on that. He walked toward the door, opened it and walked out.

Jake told Greenlee that the scans looked good and the x-rays showed no bone damage. Greenlee started to get out of the bed but felt dizzy. Jake told Greenlee to spend a quiet time with her dad. Roger came back into the room and Greenlee told him that she was glad to see him because David was letting her loose. Roger told her that he could not stay with her tonight and take care of her. He said that some business plans came up and he had to take care of them. Greenlee told him that she doesn't like to stay in hospitals and Roger told her to get over it. Roger said that he would check in on her tomorrow and as he left the cubicle, he told Jake to take care of her. Jake commented to Roger that someone has to. Roger left and went back to Erica to see if she was able to clear her schedule. He told her that since he had to give blood, he was required to drink a lot and invited her to join him. As he and Erica were walking out, Jake came out of the cubicle and just shook his head. Jake went back into the cubicle and told Greenlee that she was coming home with him. He told her that there were two doctors and a nurse at his home and she couldn't ask for anything better than that.

David was in the Valley Inn reading the paper that he took from Leslie's desk. The letter had an attached sworn statement from Gordon stating that David was behind all the criminal use of Libidozone. After reading the letter, David tore it into little pieces.

Erica entered the Valley Inn dining room with Roger. She saw David sitting at the bar and had to go up to him and tell him that she heard some disturbing news today. She told him that she heard about him and Dixie. She said that she didn't know all the details but she didn't realize how desperate he was after they broke up. David reminded her that she was the one who broke up the relationship and his personal life was none of her business. He told her that he would be fine. Erica told David that he was not fine, he was lost. After they sat down at their table, Erica told Roger that she was sorry she didn't introduce them but she didn't even know his last name. Roger told her that it was Smith. Roger asked Erica if she and David were involved. He told Erica that any man who let her slip through his fingers was a fool. David set fire to the torn up papers in the ashtray and said "burn Leslie, burn".

Tuesday, March 6, 2001

Joe was in the kitchen reading the paper when Jake came in. Jake brought Greenlee with him because her father could not take care of her after she was discharged from the hospital. Joe thought that Jake was bringing a "lady friend" home and told him that his mother would not be home until late and then she would leave early in the morning so if he wanted to bring someone home with him, it was fine. Jake told his Dad that this was "no lady" that he was bringing home. Greenlee walked in carrying her suitcase. Joe was surprised to see Greenlee there. Greenlee told Joe what happened to her and how her Dad came to the hospital but was not able to take care of her. Joe welcomed her to their home and asked her what she didn't like about his hospital. Greenlee panicked slightly and quickly assured him that it wasn't just "his" hospital that she disliked -- she was petrified of all hospitals. She told him that her dad came to see her but was called away on business and Jake was kind enough to bring her home with him. Joe said that he was sorry but the only thing he had to offer was microwave meatloaf. Greenlee said that she liked "comfort food." She offered to set the table and asked Joe and Jake if white wine or red wine went better with meatloaf. They just looked at each other. They sat down to dinner and carried on conversations. Joe asked Greenlee if she had a favorite meal and she told him that she had a favorite restaurant. Greenlee asked Jake if they sat at a table every night and ate their meals. Greenlee said that when she was growing up, she wasn't allowed to sit at the table with the grown ups because she talked too much. After dinner, Greenlee and Jake were sitting at the table eating pie and drinking coffee. Greenlee asked Jake why he really brought her home. He told her that the hospital was in serious negotiations with the nurses union and if they had to put up with Greenlee all night, the nurses would definitely have gone out on strike. Greenlee told Jake to "shut up." He told her that the reason he brought her home was because she had to stay awake for the next few hours and she was his patient. Greenlee told him that he was just being kind, just like his dad. Jake asked Greenlee if her dad always had to change plans at the last minute. She told him "always." Greenlee said that her dad had to leave her at the hospital because he was keeping busy. Jake told his Dad that Greenlee had disappeared just when it was time to do the dishes. Joe told Jake that he was glad he brought Greenlee home. Jake told him that her dad abandoned her at the hospital because he had a better offer from Erica Kane. Greenlee was at the top of the steeps listening.

Erica was at the Valley Inn having coffee with Roger. She tried to excuse herself because it was getting late. When she stood up, she tipped over his coffee cup onto the sleeve of his jacket. Erica tried to clean it up but she was making it worse. She offered to have his jacket cleaned. Roger said that the only way she could repay him was by letting him drive her home. She told him that she had her own car. Roger started talking about David and Erica told him that David was no longer in her life and whatever he did now, was his own business. Roger brought Erica home and worked his way through the front door. He noticed the portrait on the wall of Erica and told her that the portrait does not do her justice. Erica asked him if he painted. Roger told Erica that he sat for portraits. He saw a picture of Bianca and told Erica that he admired Bianca's courage with the press lately. He then noticed one of her sculptures and commented about it. Erica asked Roger who he really was. Roger said that was a fair question. He was just a stranger barging into her home making unsolicited comments of her artwork. He said that he would leave now. Erica said that he didn't answer her question. He started to talk about Ivy League, board rooms, broken hearts, and prep schools. He said that he would happy to tell her all about himself tonight at dinner. Erica told him that it would not be necessary because she had a good sense of who he really was. She said that he was a very kind man and she had taken advantage of him. She showed him to the door.

Bianca met with Laura at BJ's. Bianca wanted to talk to Laura about the way their conversation ended last evening. Bianca wanted to make sure that Laura understood the reason she didn't want her and Leo together. Bianca said that she would hate for Laura to think that the reason she didn't want her and Leo to be together was because she was attracted to her. Laura just laughed it off and then when she looked at Bianca, she knew she was serious. Laura asked Bianca if she was attracted to her. Bianca told Laura that she was not attracted to her. Laura said that she would be flattered if she was. Laura said that since they were being so honest with each other, she wanted to know why Bianca was not attracted to her. Laura wanted to know what was wrong with her. Bianca told her that she was gorgeous and very sensual and that she would not have any problem finding someone who would not be crazy about her. Shannon came into BJ's and went over to see Laura and Bianca. She told them about the closing night of the school play. She was so thrilled about the entire varsity team sending her a bouquet of flowers. She told Bianca that she loved Erica and was going to use her title of "Young Miss Enchantment" to launch her career on Broadway. When she finally left, Bianca asked Laura what had gotten in to her. Laura looked at Bianca and said, "I'm surprised you don't know."

The gunman entered from the back of the cottage holding a gun on Anna. He led Bart and Anna to the front room where Dimitri, Alex and Edmund were. Alex tried to convince the gunman that he had the wrong person by pretending to be Anna instead of Alex. Anna shoved her elbow into the gunman's stomach and then moved away. Edmund and Dimitri struggled with the gunman and a shot rang out. Someone was shot. Alex went running to Dimitri to find out if he was shot. He was OK. Edmund was OK also. The gunman was shot and in his last dying breath, he said that "she" would not give up and she would find her. Alex asked him if it the woman was Charlotte and he died before he could answer. Edmund and Dimitri realized that they had to leave and they had to leave now. Dimitri tried to call Malcolm, his pilot, but there was no answer. Dimitri said that without a pilot, they would be stranded there. Dimitri checked on the plane and found out that Malcolm left the airfield, abandoned the airplane and then took off. They decided to leave and go to the airport and get another pilot. Dimitri asked Alex if Anna was able to travel and she said yes. Anna came from the back room and said that she wasn't going anywhere. Anna and Bart told them about how they ran from the people who were trying to kill them and how they build the cottage one plank at a time. Bart told Alex that taking care of Anna was the best thing for him. Anna told Alex to leave but Alex said that her life didn't mean anything until Anna got her life back. Bart went outside and when he came back he said that he didn't like the looks of the clouds. He said that if a storm came up, there was no way they were getting out of there. Alex told Anna that she would not leave without her. Bart said that he would take care of her and she was not going to die. Alex reminded them that her seizures were coming more frequent. Alex told her sister that her life was not over, it was just hidden from her and she wanted to help her get it back. Alex told Anna that there are people out there who love her and are waiting for her to remember them. Anna had a couple of flash backs and was stunned. She remembered seeing a child, and a couple different men. She passed out from a seizure.

Jake was trying to get Greenlee to come back to the dinning room table. He told his Dad that Greenlee could come back now because the dishes were all done. Joe said that the door to the guest room was open and she was not in there. Jake assumed that Greenlee must have heard them talking about her dad and left the house. He went running out to find her.

Opal and Palmer were at the Valley Inn lounge exchanging a few choice words. Opal told Palmer to muffle his wife because when Petey would come home, he sounded like a sailor on shore leave. Palmer told Opal that if Petey picked up some off color words, she should look to the clientele at the Glamorama. Opal told Palmer that if it happened again, he would be revisiting the judge and changing his visiting rights so fast that it would make his head spin. Palmer asked Opal if that was all and then he excused himself. Roger came into the room just as Palmer was leaving. Roger asked Opal if that was Palmer Cortlandt, of Cortlandt electronics. She told him yes. Roger said that something must have rattled his cage. Opal told Roger that if you can't rattle your ex husband's cage, what kind of red-blooded American woman are you. Roger told Opal that he couldn't get over the rudeness of Palmer. Opal told him that she was married to him and she was "way over" it. Roger told Opal that Palmer was a fool to let her go. He took a seat next to her and introduced himself as Roger.

Wednesday, March 7, 2001

Bianca and Laura were still at the restaurant when more of Shannon's friends came in. They were giggling and making all kinds of noise and Laura wondered what was up with Shannon. Then she told Bianca that maybe Shannon was on the drug ecstasy. Bianca couldn't believe it but Laura thought Shannon was acting pretty flaky. Laura brought out some photos she had taken at school and started showing them to Bianca, but Bianca was preoccupied thinking about Shannon, Miss Young Enchantment, being on drugs. Laura asked if she was going to rat Shannon out to Erica and warned her that if she became the campus narc things would be worse for her than when she came out about being gay. Bianca felt that she had an obligation to tell Erica but Laura advised her to look the other way. She told her not to be a snitch, which led Bianca to wonder if Laura was ok with drugs. Laura told her that she believes in a person's right to make his or her own choice and to his or her own privacy.

Meanwhile Tad and JR walked into the restaurant and Shannon and her gang yelled hello to JR. He looked a little bewildered and followed Tad to a table. JR told Tad he wasn't hungry and Tad said he really needed to eat. He also wanted to have a serious talk with JR. JR wondered if it was about him punching David Hayward but Tad told him no. Tad went on to tell his stepson that he and Dixie have decided to seek a legal separation. JR looked away from Tad and down at his menu, choosing a cheeseburger and ignored what was just said. Then he looked up and told Tad he was giving up on them. Tad said never, he's just trying to give the two of them time to cool off. JR said the next step is Tad is out and Hayward's in, then wished that David Hayward was dead. He said he just couldn't understand why his mom couldn't see that David was "a waste of flesh". Tad admitted that if he and Dixie had been doing all that well in their marriage Dr. Hayward couldn't have touched them. Tad then called JR "Junior" and JR barked at Tad, saying "It's JR, can't you even get that right?". Tad told him that no matter what happened he would still be his dad, but JR told him he already has a dad. "Consider me a back-up then" Tad told him, and promised to always be there for him. JR said he lied to him, he had said when he married Dixie again they'd be together forever. Liza walked over at this point and tried to be cheerful, but JR got up and excused himself, saying he needed to wash his hands. Liza sat down and said it didn't look like things were going well. Tad told her he was tearing JR's heart out. On JR's way back to the table Shannon stopped him at Bianca and Laura's table. Shannon asked Bianca again to come to the party. Shannon and her friends offer to take JR to the party but he told them he had practice in the morning. Marcus told him to blow off the practice. JR went back to Tad and told him he was going to Jamie's for the night. Liza told him to have her driver take him and Tad told him to tell Jamie hi for him. Back at Bianca and Laura's table, they are told that all the "A" people will be at the party. Laura left the restaurant and Shannon again told Bianca she really wanted her to be there, to have some fun. Bianca said her mother doesn't let her have fun on weekdays and Shannon ran out the door with Marcus.

Back at Tad's table he told Liza that he couldn't believe Dixie would take David's word over his. He said the only person that could help him was lying in the hospital in a coma and decided to call to check on her. Pretending to be Leslie's brother, he found out that there has been no change in her condition. Liza wished she could help her friend somehow, and Tad told her to bring Leslie out of her coma, since she was the only one who saw David put Libidozone in the punch at the yacht party. Liza remembered that Hayley's show "Wave" was taping there that night and that maybe they caught something on film. They ran to WRCW.

Leo and Vanessa were having a drink at the Valley Inn lounge when David walked in. He went over to Leo and started in on him, wanting to know how much he was paid to "rat him out". Vanessa wanted to know "how dirty the dirt" was that Leo supposedly had on David. She asked David why he thinks she's out to get him. When he just glared at her she asked him if he was ok. David said he was used to being stabbed, but usually it was in his back. Leo reminded Vanessa that Palmer hated to be kept waiting and she went to join her husband for dinner. Leo told David he didn't share his secret, saying the only person that could ruin his life is Leslie. David told Leo that a little knowledge was a dangerous thing but Leo said he wouldn't give David away, he was his brother. Leo said he'd figured things out, that David's motive was to nuke Dixie's marriage and then be there to pick up the pieces. David denied this but Leo pressed on. He said that it was a damn shame, that their mother said David could heal hearts but didn't have one himself. But he thinks Vanessa just couldn't fathom a man like David, a man of courage and devotion who would risk his career for the love of a woman. Leo said Vanessa had him brainwashed about David, that he was an unloving, unfeeling man. But he felt that they were actually alot alike and Leo has always wanted someone to confide in. David wondered if this was a "bonding moment" but then said it was every man for himself. Leo said David went after Dixie like his life depended on it and David said he would risk everything for the woman who gave his life meaning. He gave his little brother the same advice, telling him to go after Greenlee. He wondered why Leo wouldn't reunite with Greenlee and Leo said he loved her too much to do that to her. David was disappointed in Leo for letting Greenlee walk away. Leo received a phone call from Stan, who told him their deal was still stalled. David asked if it was bad news and Leo told him it was just a deal he was working on. David wondered who was bankrolling him now, since Palmer was being so tight with the money. David decided that Leo was trying to milk money out of him by doing the little brother routine and was upset because he thought they were really communicating. He thought Leo was befriending him for money. Leo was stunned and David told him to get lost. David said Vanessa must have sent Leo to shake him down for some cash. Then he accused Leo of wanted money to keep quiet about what he knows regarding the yacht party. .

Jake found Greenlee in the Valley Inn bar, guzzling a drink. He apologized for letting her hear about Roger ditching her for Erica. He tried to get her to go back to the Martin house but she refused, saying she didn't need a babysitter. Jake reminded her that she needs to be watched for 24hours and she got up and moved to another table. He followed her and said he was responsible for her, she came into his ER and was his patient. Greenlee told him to leave her alone but he gave her two choices: 1, to go back to the hospital and 2, to go back to his house. Greenlee wanted to know why he cared about her. Jake said he cared about all of his patients. Greenlee said she could've hired a nurse, it would've been better than "Martinland". She put down his upbringing, referring to it as a bad 50's sitcom. He said it beat the way she was brought up and then told her he felt sorry for her. She was appalled and said not to feel sorry for her because she has money and a pretty face. "That's a pretty skimpy resume" Jake told her and said everyone needs a little help sometimes. He told her to lean on someone else for a change and she finally agreed, saying she hoped he brought his car, her legs were a little wobbly. Back at the Martin home, Jake offered Greenlee some food but she said she just wanted to go to bed. As she went upstairs she quietly thanked Jake, who pretended not to hear her and said "Pardon me?". She thanked him again and went on upstairs.

At the cabin in Canada Anna came out of her seizure. Bart asked if she was ok and she looked at Alex and wondered "Who are you?". Alex told her sister that she was there to help her and Anna looked at Bart, recognizing him.Then she remembered Alex and was re-introduced to Dimitri and Edmund. Anna told them she saw "faces, the same as before". Alex asked if she recognized them but she didn't. Bart took her to lie down and Edmund asked Alex what caused the seizure. Alex thought it was stress, and that the seizures were getting more severe. Alex wanted to take her to a hospital but Dimitri said it was too dangerous. Alex demanded that Dimitri help her sister. He offered to take Anna to a London hospital but she said that was too close to Charlotte. Edmund said they should take her to Wildwind, but Alex didn't want to put his children at risk. The brothers insisted, saying they were family. She said it was generous and agreed to the plan. Bart walked in and said they weren't taking Anna anywhere while there was breath left in his body. He said he loved her, he couldn't love her more if she was his own daughter and he'd take care of her. Alex said Anna needed proper treatment and if she stayed there she'd die. Finally Bart agreed but only if he got to go with them. They wanted to leave now but wondered where they could get a pilot. Bart told them he was a pilot and Dimitri said life was working out for a change. Anna came back into the room and apologized for giving them a scare. Alex told her that she needs to go to a neurological facility but Anna didn't want to leave her home. She was worried about putting them all in danger, but Dimitri and Edmund told her to let them worry about that. Anna said she couldn't leave Bart but he told her he was going with her to America. Anna finally agreed to go and hugged her sister.

As they were leaving the cabin Alex told Dimitri she had missed him and asked for his forgiveness. Dimitri said the kids would be thrilled to have her home again. She said she knew of one person who wouldn't be thrilled - David Hayward. Dimitri vowed that David will get what he deserves.

Thursday, March 8, 2001

On the yacht, Ryan approached Gillian who was sadly peering into the darkness of the sea. He yearned to take her pain away, but Gillian told him that it would take time and wondered why time was passing so slowly. Ryan suggested that they "get time back on (their) side" by setting their wedding date.

At WRCW, Mateo offered to go with Hayley to her meeting but she assured him it was a "woman to woman thing." She was walking out of the studio when Tad and Liza entered and asked her and Mateo for their help in "saving" Tad's marriage. Tad and Liza explained to Hayley and Mateo that David may have been the one to spike the punch with Libidozone. Hayley offered to help and Tad asked if she had a camera crew shooting the party that night. Hayley remembered that their main camera was near the punch bowl and Tad reasoned that it may have caught David in the act. Hayley told him that they had shelved the tapes and Tad and Liza left to find them. Alone, Hayley told Mateo that she wasn't going to help them look. She confided that she had a new life and a new person growing inside her and that she had to be somewhere. Mateo assured her that he understood and she left.

Tad, Liza and Mateo returned from their search empty-handed. Liza explained that the tapes may have been recorded over or they may have been stored in the editing bays. Desperate, the trio went to look.

At The Valley Inn, David continued to accuse Leo of blackmailing him. Leo was shocked but David angrily reasoned that Leo "learned extortion from Vanessa." He told Leo that his credibility was very important to him and that he didn't want his little brother spreading "two very nasty" rumors about him. David suggested that they go up to his room so he could "cut" him a check for his silence but Leo stopped him and told him that he didn't know him at all because he wasn't trying to blackmail him.

Upstairs in David's room, Leo still couldn't believe that David thought he was out for "blood money." David angrily sat down and reasoned that, between wining and dining his women and "keeping (his) business afloat," he would need $50 000. Leo became angry and asked him if heart surgery didn't hover somewhere around "half a mil." David snickered and told him that he was truly Vanessa's son. Leo loudly declared that he should win the Oscar for performing like a "cardiologist with a heart" but that he himself did a good job of playing the "fool brother" who was just trying to become close with his older brother. Angrily, he asked David how much he was worth to him. Enraged, David wrote Leo a check for $100 000 but Leo didn't take it. He told David that he was naive in thinking that he could ever have a relationship with his brother but David only replied that he wasn't "every brother's dream." Leo walked out of the room in disgust, but David followed him, gave him the check and demanded that he forget everything that he knew about him. Leo turned around, but David slammed the door in his face. Leo looked at the check, folded it and placed it in his pocket.

Ryan and Gillian agreed to marry on April 8, the day they had married before. Hayley suddenly knocked on the door and interrupted them. She came close to Gillian and offered her sympathies for her miscarriage. Gillian told her she was doing a little better but it was still painful for her. Hayley quietly told them that she couldn't imagine what they were going through which made it all the more difficult to share the news that she had. She assured Gillian that she wouldn't be upset if she wasn't "overjoyed" but that she wanted them to hear it from her first. "You're pregnant," Gillian sadly whispered. Hayley admitted that her pregnancy couldn't have worse timing but Gillian hugged her and told her that she was "truly happy" for her. They imagined what it would have been like for their two children to grow up together. Leo crept up to the door and listened as Ryan asked Hayley if she was going to tape the birth for "Wave." Hayley asked him if he still had his copy of the tape from the yacht party, which may incriminate David for spiking the punch. Ryan admitted that he didn't know where anything was since Leo moved in. Upon hearing his name, Leo entered and asked them what was going on. Hayley asked him if he could look for a tape of her and Mateo that was somewhere on the yacht and described it as being in a white case. They split up and Leo looked behind the bar. "Little brother's watching," Leo whispered, as he pulled the tape out of a box.

Later on, Ryan, Gillian and Hayley returned to find Leo reading a magazine. He told them that he had forgotten to look for the tape and Ryan went behind the bar and took the box. He rifled through it until he found the only tape with a white case. Hayley took it, hugged Gillian and told them she would call them once they looked at.

Alone, Gillian confessed to Ryan that she had been jealous when she found out about Hayley's pregnancy, but that she was happy for her. Ryan assured her that life would work out for them in time. Leo came in with a plate of hot wings and Ryan asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up. "Sponge off you," Leo replied. Gillian jokingly suggested that they adopt Leo once they got married, but Ryan suggested a dog instead. Leo asked about their marriage plans and Ryan asked him to be one of his groomsmen. Leo was "honored" and accepted.

Dixie stopped by Brooke's with some of J.R.'s snorkeling gear and thanked Brooke for including him on her trip to the Caribbean. She called J.R. down and asked him if he had spoken to Tad. He coldly told her that he knew they were getting a divorce. Dixie told him they were separating, but J.R. became angry. He barked at her to stop calling him "Junior" and to save all of the "I love you's for someone who cares." He stormed back upstairs and Dixie sunk to the floor. Brooke put a hand on her shoulder and Dixie confided that she wished there was something she could do to help him. Brooke told her that she had to get David out of her life. Dixie told Brooke that her life wasn't any of her business but Brooke advised her that it was, since Jamie was also being affected. She told an exasperated Dixie that she couldn't throw her life away just because Tad made a mistake and reminded her that they re-married "for better or for worse." Dixie replied that it wasn't her fault that Tad betrayed her but Brooke informed her that they betrayed each other and that the whole family shouldn't suffer because of it. Brooke explained that this situation was like her dilemma with Jim Thomasen but Dixie scoffed at the notion that she could compare David with Jim. "They could be twins," Brooke replied. Dixie couldn't see any resemblance between a man who took part in child pornography and a "hero" like David, but Brooke reminded her that Tim was the "hero of Flight 149." She informed Dixie that she heard the rumors about David spiking the punch with Libidozone, but Dixie coldly told her that it was Leslie's doing. She told Brooke that anything that Tad said about David had no truth and went to walk away. Brooke wondered what she was "missing" and asked Dixie why she would throw her life away for David. She reminded her that David slept with Gillian then blackmailed her and tried to kill Adam at the hospital. Dixie suddenly turned around and asked her why she was saying those things. "Is it because Tad chose me over you?" she grilled. Brooke approached her and calmly told her that Tad chose her because he loved her and wanted to be with her. She assured Dixie that she only wanted the best for her and her family and stated that David was "poison."

A knock came on David's door and he yelled at the person to go away. When he recognized Dixie's voice, he ran to the door and opened it. David declared that he needed her and hugged her, but Dixie remained motionless. She told him she had just visited J.R. and that he didn't want to talk to her or see her and admitted that she and Tad were taking the steps toward getting a divorce. As she turned around, David quickly smiled and told her that was the reason why she was "shaky." He admitted that she was glad he had come to her, but Dixie only replied that he was part of the problem and that they needed some space between them. He asked her if someone had turned her against him because he saw "fear" in her eyes. Dixie admitted that she always feared the way he made her lose control and that she needed time to think things through. He admitted that she gave him strength but that she could take as much time as she needed, as long as she came back to him. David asked Dixie if she cared for him. Dixie assured him that she did and the pair embraced. She quickly pulled herself away, grabbed her coat and left.

J.R. descended the stairs at Brooke's and the two sat down for a talk. J.R. asked Brooke if his mother was going to be okay and regretted yelling at her. Brooke assured him that Dixie was going to be fine and that everything would work itself out. J.R. wished that it was last year at that time, when he and Jamie had gone snowboarding with Tad and Dixie. Brooke comfortingly told him that there would be happy days ahead but J.R. was resigned to the fact that his mother chose "some dirt bag over (him) and Tad." Brooke promised him that his parents loved one another and their love would enable them to find their way back to each other.

Hayley returned to WRCW to view the tape with Liza, Tad and Mateo. They admitted that their search had been "a bust." She popped the tape in, but was surprised to see Leo's copy of "The Galactic Wars" instead.

On the yacht, Leo sat in darkness watching the tape from the party. "Come on brother. You better be on your best behavior," Leo whispered. The camera suddenly zoomed in on someone dropping a flask in the punch bowl and pulled out to reveal that David was the culprit. "I got you right where I want you," Leo smiled.

Friday, March 9, 2001

Ryan and Gillian are talking about their upcoming nuptials. Tad and Liza enter saying "the tape was a bust." Tad asks if David Hayward was there because that guy "gets around like a mouse." Tad thinks Hayward stole the tape. Leo enters David's office and says "that nurse was cute." David asks what he wants and Leo produces a tape and says "Merry Christmas, happy birthday...happy...whatever special occasion you are going to be celebrating for the rest of your life." David asks, "What is this?" Leo responds with, "Your salvation! So go ahead and pop It in. Don't bother rewinding; it's already cued up just for you." David puts the tape in and as the tape plays he sees himself putting the Libidozone in the punch. He immediately asks Leo where he got the tape. He tells Leo not to play games with him and again asks him where he got it. Leo teases him about where he got it and whether or not there are copies.

Ryan and Gillian are still discussing their upcoming nuptials. Ryan says that he has money set aside for this. They reminisce about their love. Gillian says that she is feeling "a little guilty" and goes on to say she feels she has hurt people. Ryan says that growing up the way he has has taught him that "life isn't perfect and no matter what you did, your heart was always leading the way...and believe me...Jake knows that." Gillian says that when they take their vows she wants the whole world to know how much they love each other. They decide to write their own vows.

Later, Ryan returns with a flower for his princess. They discuss eloping but Gillian wants to share their wedding with the whole world and nixes the elopement idea. She tells him there is something else they don't have to wait for and the tells him that the doctor says that everything is "okay" for them to try to have a baby together. Ryan is concerned, but she reassures him that she is feeling wonderful. Gillian smiles devilishly and remarks that Ryan can make her feel "a little better" if he tries.

Tad and Liza arrive on the yacht and Tad presses Ryan for the location of the real WRCW tape. He insists that David is always "one step ahead" of him and wonders if the doctor sneaked onto the boat and stole the real tape. He also explains that somebody broke into Leslie's office and stole the evidence linking David to the Libidozone affair. Liza suggests that somebody must have recorded a "cheesy science fiction thing" over the tape. Ryan says knows that Tad would be crushed by that, but admits that it might be what happened. Tad gets upset and says that he was praying that the evidence on that tape was the evidence that he needed. ad continues to say that there must be some tape from that evening and apologizes for wrecking everybody's evening. Tad leaves. Following Tad's departure, Liza apologizes for his gruffness. Gillian says she believes Tad and Ryan concurs.

Meanwhile, David is holding Leo by the collar shaking him and asking if the tapes has been copied. Leo says he cannot remember anything when he is being physically threatened. David releases him and Leo coyly mumbles, "Let's see... did I make a copy of the tape? As far as I know that is the only copy, but I didn't say their weren't any copies." Leo explains that there might be copies of the tape at WRCW. David is amazed that the footage had been shot for Hayley's show. Leo responds with "You, my friend, either have the biggest cajones I have ever seen in my life or you are just careless. The next time you try to do something nasty, David, you should try not to get caught on tape!" David says that that the tape doesn't prove that he spiked that punch. Leo replies, "David, there you are fishing the flask out of the punch bowl." David argues that his flask didn't necessarily have to contain Libidozone. Leo goes on to explain that he meant what he said about not wanting to hurt David and never meant to blackmail him in anyway. David thanks him. Leo leaves David with the tape but on his way out says, "One last detail before I go. You might want to rewind it back a few minutes. You'll find there is a witness you might have to deal with." David asks who it is. Leo tells him "Alex Marick is on that tape watching you." David insists that he had nothing to do with Alex's disappearance, a remark that draws laughter from Leo. "Do you ever get tired of saying that?" Leo chuckles. After Leo leaves, David watches a portion of the tape and states "Unbelievable. Well, I guess I better get rid of this tape."

Later, David is standing outside Leslie's hospital room looking in. Jake interrupts him and asks him what he is up to. David says he would like to check on Leslie, but Jake doesn't want his colleague to go anywhere near Leslie. They argue and David says, "I saved the woman's life." Jake doesn't buy it. David says he doesn't want to start a scene and Jake asks David to leave.

Jake goes to check on Leslie. Greenlee shows up with a big "present basket" (chocolate truffle and caviar) and thanks Jake for his assistance and apologizes for her comments the prior evening. She explains that she wants Jake to have everything she likes in case they have dinner again. She admits she is not the nicest person in the world. They chat about the upcoming possible menu as Greenlee thanks him again...Leo overhears and sees Greenlee and Jake talking. Jake excuses himself to go about his rounds. Greenlee tells Leo "I'm sorry that you had to see Jake and me." Leo responds with "you are far from sorry Greenlee, you were preening. " Greenlee says, "I wouldn't want to hurt you Leo, but I have to move on." Leo asks, "Is that what you are doing? Maybe an upstanding guy like Jake can help reform a chronic liar like you. God knows I didn't do you any good." Leo tells her it was good seeing her again. Greenlee thanks him for helping her with the basket. Vanessa enters and says hello to the both of them. Leo informs his mother that Greenlee is dating Dr. Martin. He goes on to try to excuse Greenlee and it works. Following Greenlee's departure, Leo and his mother argue because Vanessa wants Leo to pursue Greenlee for her money and Leo thinks Greenlee is better off with Jake. Leo asks Vanessa how it is going with "Palmer the Great." Vanessa admits that she cares about Palmer with genuine affection, but even so she can't manage to get him to include her in his Will. Vanessa tries to remind Leo of "their plan" and Leo tells her that there "is no plan" before walking away.

Dimitri and Edmund help Anna into Ryan and Gillian's former love nest at Wildwind. Bart follows. Alex says they need to take Anna to the hospital and do some tests. Bart says Anna is not going anywhere. "Why not strap a target to her back and drop her at a bus stop?" He quips. Dimitri says that Anna is finally going to get the treatment she needs and that they all want to save her. Bart asks Anna if she knows where she is and she responds with, "Cinderella's castle." Bart explains to Anna that they are at Wildwind. Anna says she knows ands hints that she was just being humorous. Bart tells her she had a seizure on the plane and encourages her to rest. Alex reminds Bart that Anna is getting weaker by the minute the longer they wait. Bart refused again to let Anna be taken to the hospital. Alex says, "Fine we will treat her here." An argument pursues and Dimitri steps in to back up his wife. Bart admits that he doesn't have choice and concedes.

Edmund is at the ER and confronts Jake for his help and says, "I am in quite a bit of a jam here." He informs him that they have found Alex and that she is alive. Jake thinks helping Alex is against his better judgment but he is going to do it anyway. (David overhears). Jake goes to get the equipment that Edmund needs, leaving David to wonder what is going on.

Tad shows up at the hospital outside Leslie's room and Jake confronts him and reminds him that Joe has banned him from the hospital. Tad tells his brother that the tape he was going to use against David was a total waste of time; he can't prove that David drugged anybody the night of Ryan's party. Tad says Leslie is his only hope. Jake lets Tad in to see Leslie. Tad tells Leslie that he needs her to pull out of her coma and insists that he wants Hayward to pay as much as she does. Together they can make that happen, Tad says intensely. Jake makes Tad leave. After Jake and Tad leave, Leslie's finger moved every so slightly.

Alex is worried about Anna. Bart thinks it's a mistake that they brought her to Wildwind. Alex reassures him that they are safe. Bart doesn't want to depend on other people, but reassures Anna that he will protect her no matter what. Bart privately tells Anna that they cannot stay at Wildwind. "It's suicide," he grumbles and tells her that he knows of another safe house where they can go. Bart insists to Alex that they are all in danger and that he and Anna are leaving. Alex is fearful that Anna won't survive another move. As she issues her warning, Anna again passes out. Bart thinks that Anna had another seizure, but Alex chalks up the fainting spell to her sister's weakened state. Bart and Alex argue. Anna comes to and Bart apologizes. Anna tells Alex to not be mad at Bart and convinces Bart that they need to stay at Wildwind. Bart tells Alex "the ball's in your court, Doc."

Edmund returns to the turret with medication, but Dimitri is still at the hospital gathering more stuff. Edmund leaves to check on his kids. Alone, Anna wakes up. David walks in thinking the woman before him in bed is Alex. Anna quickly sits up and asks David, "Who are you? Did they send you to kill me?"



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