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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 26, 2001 on GL
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Monday, February 26, 2001

At Tower's:

Marah, Olivia and Catalina come out of the ladies room. Sam and Shayne are impressed that there was no bloodshed. Olivia tells them when she went in there Marah and Catalina were very civil to one another. Olivia pulls Marah to the side and tells her that she is buying the act she is trying on her dad and the others and she needs to stop seeing Tony. Marah calls Olivia mean and Olivia tells her she is just looking out for her dad. She reminds Marah that if Tony goes straight Josh might let her see him but until then if Marah sees Tony again, Olivia promises she will show Josh the picture from the lighthouse. Marah seems distracted and Josh asks if she is alright. She tells him if Tony can get over her that fast; he didn't deserve her to begin with. Sam asks Marah to dance. Marah says the music is geriatric and tries to get out of it. Sam tells her he will lead and it will be great. At Olivia's suggestion Marah goes to dance with Sam. They walk past Tony and Catalina and Tony wants to get Marah away from Sam. Catalina stops him and tells him that Marah is only dancing with Sam for the same reasons they were dancing, to prove a point to those watching. Tony is jealous. All through the dance Tony wants to kill Sam. Catalina tries to get his mind off of it and finally kisses Tony. He and Catalina leave, reluctantly. Marah is really upset after witnessing the kiss and asks Sam to take her back to the table. Josh feels he must offer words of wisdom and starts by telling Marah that when a relationship breaks up, there is usually a flaw in it to begin with. He tells her that is what happened with he and Reva and promises there is someone out there for her. Olivia agrees and reminds her that just like she married Josh and Reva is marrying Noah things will work out. The kids are shocked at the revelation and Olivia realized they didn't know. She apologizes over and over but the kids calm down and tell her and Josh that they like Noah and just want Reva to be happy. Shayne thinks all Noah's spy stuff is cool and tells them that he speaks over 12 languages. That impressed Sam. Josh tells them that Noah is also a doctor, which to him is more impressive than the spy stuff. Josh asks Marah if she likes Noah and she tells him she does, she only wished her mom would have told them. Josh says Reva was trying not to take away from Shayne's birthday. Marah is sorry for making a fuss. Josh thinks they should leave but Shayne says there is no need and asks what they are having for dessert.

At Harley's:

David, Rick and Frank are helping Ruth move in. Harley has fixed a Greek buffet of sorts for them. Rick warns everyone off the Ouzo but they all drink anyway. Harley makes a toast to her new roommates but Ruth reminds her it is only temporary. Harley tells her they can stay as long as they like and they toast again. Susan takes Charlie to see his room. Rick goes over to the television and Harley notices Beth on the screen with Edmund. Edmund introduces Beth as his inspiration and credits her for nursing him back to health. Harley thinks Phillip will have a cow when he sees this.

Susan walks in as Harley is talking about Beth and Edmund to David. Harley thinks Beth is using Edmund to get to Phillip. She makes some unkind comments about both Edmund and Beth just as Susan walks in. Susan tells her she thinks it is mean to be talking that way about two of her friends. Harley says she didn't know Susan was listening and Susan continues to defend Beth. Susan storms off, and Ruth thinks Susan may be upset about her living there. Harley says that Ruth is helping and they both have to create new lives. Harley toasts to letting go of things that don't work anymore and finding something better. Just then, Phillip walks in. He says he may be gone but he is obviously not completely forgotten. Phillip says he didn't realize she was having a party. He came to see Zach. She says he is upstairs with Charlie. Phillip says Ross told him she wanted to keep the house. Harley says she asked Ruth to stay with her temporarily. He is glad she took the house and tells her if she needs anything else to let him know. She tells him she wouldn't need anything else. She asked him if she saw Beth and Edmund on the evening news. She tells him about the speech and Phillip doesn't want to hear anymore. She tells him to go see Zach. Phillip asks Rick how Harley is doing and Rick promises to talk later. When Phillip comes back down, he and Rick go outside. Phillip says one minute Harley is fine and the next minute she is cold as ice. It is not good for Zach. He wishes Harley wasn't so angry. Harley comes out and overhears and says she is tired of being angry too. Rick leaves them alone. Harley asks about the kids and Phillip says they are with him. He thanks her for letting him spend time with Zach. Harley asks him to call first next time. They say good night and Phillip leaves.

Harley and Susan are alone in the living room. Harley asks Susan if she should have cleared Ruth and Charlie moving in with them. Susan says she likes them and it is fine. Harley asks why she is upset and asks if it is about Edmund and Beth. Susan tells her it isn't even though she thinks Harley's comments about Beth and Edmund were inappropriate. Harley says they are each entitled to their opinions, but agrees she could have been more tactful. She asks if there is anything else bothering her. Susan says she doesn't know where she belongs. Harley tells her that this is her home but Susan says she feels out of place. Harley wonders what she can do to make it feel more like a home to her. Susan tells her she had been thinking about it and would like to go to boarding school. Harley is shocked. Susan goes on to tell her about a great school she read about in Ohio primarily concerned with the performing arts. Harley worries about her going so far away. Susan says she will come home in the summer. Harley is sorry she didn't help her more to get over the pain of Jim's death. Susan says she needs a break from everything and everyone. She can't deal with everyone's drama. Harley understands; she just wants to do what is best for her. Harley tells her she loves her. Susan tells her she loves her too. Harley suggests they make popcorn and watch a movie. While Susan checks to see what is on, Harley stares at her with tears in her eyes.

In San Cristobel:

Cassie is massaging Richard's shoulders. She tells him when this mess is over they will have a beautiful life in SF with their children and their new baby. It will be sheer bliss, but they have to launch a media blitz against Edmund first. Richard doesn't want to put her in danger. Cassie says she can do it while keeping a low profile with Reva's help. Cassie calls Reva and gets her to agree to help out. She hangs up and tells Richard that Reva should interview them separately and Richard should go first. Cassie will show the christening cup, the rock and more personal details. She will tell them about Edmund too. She asks Richard what he thinks. He says he loves her but he thinks it is dangerous.

At the Lewis House:

Reva and Noah are sitting on the couch drinking wine. He wonders if she is thinking about Josh and the kids. They talk about all the traveling they could do and Reva is intrigued, she says she would love to travel but wonders how they can afford it. Noah tells her that money is not a concerned. Reva remembers the sheik that gave Noah some oil wells after he saved his son's life. Reva said she would like to meet the sheik someday. The phone rings. Cassie asks Reva for a favor. Cassie tells her that Edmund is manipulating the press in San Cristobel . Reva offers to do an interview to help out. Cassie thinks that would be great but wonders if she can get the networks behind it. Reva says Holly knows a friend of Dan Rather that she may be able to get more network exposure. Cassie thanks her and Reva tells her that she would be glad to help bring down Edmund. She reminds Cassie that he tried to kill her.

Reva calls Holly and gets her to help with the network coverage. Noah pulls her onto his lap, wanting to take advantage of the time they have left before the kids return. They start making out in the dark just as the kids come in. They flip the lights on and surprise their mom. They tell her they heard the news but wished they had heard it from them. Reva apologizes and says they were so anxious about the dinner that she didn't tell them. She tried to call Josh but couldn't get through. The kids tell her it is okay, they are happy for them but wished they heard it from her. They hug Reva and Noah and remind him that they won't be calling him dad. He tells them all he wants is to love Reva and be a friend to them. Shayne asks Noah for a Car. They all laugh, Reva notices that Marah is sad and asks why. Marah kisses her and rushes upstairs. Shayne fills Reva and Noah in on the details about the Tony and Catalina dance. He says he is heartbroken over Catalina but a car would make him feel better.

Outside the Lewis house, Tony is lurking on the porch. Marah spots him out the window and comes out to see him. He apologizes to her about Catalina. She tells him she understands everything. They kiss and make up. He said he was tempted to slug Sam. Tony wants to find a way to be alone with her and promises to get her a message.

At Company:

Tony and Catalina come into Company. Catalina is trying to convince Tony that Marah was acting and loves him. He admits he is in love and thinks love is a curse. Michelle overhears and says love can be the most wonderful thing in the world. Catalina explains to Michelle why Tony is upset. Michelle says things aren't what they always appear. Tony knows she is talking about Danny. Michelle says she is not giving up on Danny and he shouldn't give up on Marah. They make a deal that they will fight for love. He thanks Catalina for the date and then leaves. Michelle asks Catalina what is going on. Catalina tells her about Maria. Michelle warns Catalina that Abuela is ruthless.

At Olivia's:

Josh is in his robe, bringing wine to Olivia on the couch. Olivia is still apologizing for spilling the beans. Josh says Reva's unpredictability is predictable and now that is Noah's problem. He says the kids like Noah and are warming up to her too. He says as long as they are honest things will work out.

Tuesday, February 27, 2001

At Company:

Tony comes in and Buzz is very upset. He tells him to get out. Tony tells him he has every right to eat there. Michelle comes over and tells Buzz that she asked Tony to meet her for breakfast and if he doesn't want to serve them, they can go somewhere else. Buzz agrees but tells Tony it won't be service with a smile. Tony said that is fine and they order breakfast specials. Michelle tells Tony that he can earn the respect of people if he wants to. It is all about love and she can help him just as he can help her. Tony doesn't understand and Michelle asks if he loves Marah. He tells her he does and she knows that he wants their relationship out into the open. She tells him that if the Santos family was totally out of their old ways things would change. Tony is defensive and Michelle realizes this is his whole way of life, everything he has ever known. She reminds him that it is because of the family business that Marah was kidnapped. She tells him that Danny told her that he wanted to change things and asks Danny how he was going to do it. Tony doesn't want to say too much and feels like she is trying to squeeze information out of him. Michelle says she believes Danny is trying to change the business and she wants to help. She needs to know details. He asks if she is wearing a wire and Michelle says he is out of line. He apologizes. She tells him everything they say is in strict confidence. May sits at a table nearby and is eavesdropping on their conversation. Tony tells Michelle that he and Danny will never stop being Santos's. Michelle asks Tony why he can't walk away from the family. He tells her he can't walk away from his family. She tells him that he is charming and could do so much more. He says he gets respect at the club and this is all he has. He remembers his Uncle Rico. He had pictures of all these famous people who wanted their photo taken with him. He believes that some day people will want to have their picture taken with him as well. Michelle says, either that, or Marah will be visiting him in jail. He could have a great life that doesn't involve crime. She asks if he wants to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life. She tells him that Danny wants to be with her and the baby, but the wall with the name Santos stands in the way. She wants to tear down that wall, and wants Tony's help. Buzz comes over with their order and Tony pays him and tells them he isn't hungry and leaves. He sees May and offers her a ride to the club. She says it is her day off. Michelle tries to defend Tony to Buzz. Holly comes in and talks to Buzz. She asks him to be her date for the party Ross is throwing for Blake. Buzz is surprised. Meta comes in soliciting donations for the lighthouse project. He promises to donate heavily if she will go over and cheer up Michelle. Meta goes over and Michelle tells her about her talk with Tony. She thought he would be an ally because of Marah but he only served to confirm that "Santos" is more than just a name; it is a mindset. Michelle says she doesn't want to get Danny in trouble she is just wondering if the Internet trading is legal. Meta asks her if she can get hold of some of the documents concerning some of the trades. Michelle says she thinks she can. Meta tells her that she knows someone discrete that will check it out for her. Michelle thanks her.

Upstairs, May is in her room. Wearing no makeup and talking a lot plainer than she normally does. She looks more authoritative and threatens to hurt someone on the phone that is not putting her call through. She finally gets to talk to her boss and tells him that her cover is still in tact but she thinks Danny may be on the end of retaliation. She says they need to start a full-scale op in Springfield.

At the Lewis House:

Holly comes in and tells Reva they got network access for the interview in San Cristobel . Reva thanks her for her help. Reva says she thinks Richard and Cassie are virtual prisoners and she wants to get the interview before Edmund suspects anything. Holly is concerned for Reva's safety. Reva tells her it will be okay and she goes to call Richard. She tells him she will be there as soon as she can and they have network access. She tells him they will be using hand held cameras to make it look less obtrusive. Richard tells her to come to the palace as if it were an innocent visit to her sister. Reva thinks they should make other plans just in case Edmund hears something. They agree to meet at the café. Richard tells Reva that Cassie wants to be interviewed too. Richard reminds her that if Edmund finds out, he will try to stop her. Richard doesn't want Reva to get hurt. They end their call just as Noah walks into the room and tells Reva she is not going alone. Reva tells Noah he can't come to SC this time since she is going on business. He reminds her about the last 'business' she had there and tells her it will be like a vacation for him. She says it is deadly serious and the interviews are top secret. He quips that a secret agent would weigh her down. He thinks a trip with her fiancé would be a good cover. She agrees. Marah walks in and asks what is going on. Reva wants Marah and Shayne to stay with Olivia and Josh while she is away. Marah agrees readily and Reva is surprised.

At Olivia's:

Reva asks Olivia if the kids can stay with them while she visits her sister. Olivia says they can if they want. Reva thanks her and will drop the kid's things off later. Olivia says Sam will be here and they will have a great time. Olivia even offers to take Marah to school. Reva kisses Marah and leaves. Marah tells Olivia that just because she is blackmailing her, doesn't mean she can hurt her mother. Olivia doesn't know what she means and Marah yells at her to leave Reva alone. Olivia thinks Reva would want them to be friends. She challenges Marah to tell Josh about the lighthouse but Marah backs down and says she will do it Olivia's way.

Back at the Lewis House:

Reva has her bags packed and Noah is waiting for her. Reva thinks Olivia and Marah were suspiciously nice to one another. Noah tells her not to worry. He notices her looking around the room. He says she is looking around the room, memorizing things in case she doesn't get back this time. Noah promises he won't let anything happen to her. He kisses her. Reva says they will be in and out of there before Edmund notices anything.

In San Cristobel:

Edmund is practicing his fencing when he re-injures himself and a few stitches are torn loose. He falls down just as Beth walks in and helps him up. She tells him he has to go see the doctor. He tells her if he goes to the doctor it will put Richard in a strong light and make Edmund appear weak. He says he is the true prince and owes it to the people of SC to be strong. Beth says she is not willing to lose him and she will help him. Beth calls the doctor and asks for a house call, saying she cut herself, so the doctor would come prepared to do stitches. Edmund admires the way Beth handled the situation. Beth says she has her own reasons for wanting him to heal quickly. He promises to be a good patient.

Richard is walking in the hallway watching Edmund and Beth. Edmund leaves to go to his room where the doctor will fix him up. Richard approaches Beth. He asks if she missed her children. She says she does. He asks why she is there with Edmund. He tells her she has to come to her senses, before it is too late. Beth tells Richard she resents his inferences to her relationships with Edmund and her children. If he intends to list Edmund's faults, he needn't bother. Richard says attempted murder, treason and blackmail. Beth turns the charges around against Richard. Richard says she is in Edmund's thrall. Beth says Richard humiliated Edmund in front of the country. Edmund was fencing because he feels he has to protect his country. Richard says that he knows where she is coming from because he had been defending Edmund his entire life. Now Edmund has her. Edmund's needs are what he tried to fill, but they are a black hole. Richard needed to believe he alone could see the innate goodness in Edmund and thought he could change if he had enough love and compassion. Richard needed to believe he understood him. Richard says, the fault doesn't lie with Edmund, it lies with them. They can never give him enough and so we must blame ourselves. Richard always blamed himself and didn't listen to others. They didn't see the Edmund he knew. Beth wonders how Richard could turn on him and almost killed him. Richard says when he was presented with the truth; he challenged him out of anger. He knew that Edmund was the better swordsman but he didn't care. Richard regained control and wanted to stop but Edmund wouldn't let him stop. Edmund had the chance to kill him. When Richard looked into Edmund's eyes, he saw pure hate. Edmund didn't kill him, but said hateful things about Cassie. It was as if Edmund wanted Richard to kill him. Edmund looked triumphant when Richard ran him through with the sword. Edmund was willing to die in order to destroy Richard. Richard says there is such a thing as evil and as long as Beth refuses to believe it, she and the children will never be safe. Richard tells Beth the situation is near boiling point. Things will happen fast and lives are at stake. He asks her to please leave now before it is too late. She should do it for the sake of her children. Beth seems upset and Edmund enters, telling Richard to stay away from her. Richard leaves and Edmund asks her what Richard said. She has her back to him and asks about his wound. She says Richard told her he is dangerous and she should walk away. She also said that Richard was very convincing and he believes everything he was saying. Edmund asks if she believes it. Beth says we all see things through our own perspective. She sees him as he is, but she also knows he has never hurt her or her children and she doesn't think he ever would. She promises to stand by him just as he has her. She asks what the doctor said. He says he got a lecture from her. Edmund says he is not paranoid and his enemies are coming for him soon but he will be ready. He calls her his secret weapon and kisses her. He thinks Richard overplayed his hand, which tells him he is ready to act sooner than he expected. Edmund calls the captain of the guard and orders that no one enter the palace without Edmund's permission.

Wednesday, February 28, 2001

In May's room:

May is putting on her gun while talking on the phone to someone about accessing Santos materials. She tells them that they wont get many more chances like this and have to move. She hangs up and pulls on her red bimbo dress and grabs her coat.

At Company:

Harley and Buzz are arguing about sending Susan to boarding school. Harley thinks it may be the thing to help her since dance is so important to Susan. Harley wants to keep Susan away from Beth and Edmund and this seems like an opportunity to do the best for her. Harley says that she hopes by the time summer vacation comes around she may have her own life together. Frank and Buzz finally agree with Harley. David comes in and tells them he has news that Danny Santos will be the target of a major backlash from the other mob families. Harley says all her sources say they haven't heard anything from the Santos's in a long time. Frank thinks maybe Danny is trying to go straight and Harley agrees that was why Marah was kidnapped. David wonders why Frank is so lenient with Danny. Frank said he got a break and changed. David thinks someone is going to make trouble for Danny very soon. Harley and Frank are worried about Michelle and Marah. Harley says maybe Danny tried to take the family legit and couldn't. Susan comes into Company and they decide not to talk about it in front of her. Frank hugs Susan. She gives a list of supplies to Harley. Frank asks if it is an all girl's school and if there is a boy's school nearby. He teases David about checking out the boy's school. They leave. Susan asks Harley if they are joking. Frank tells David he wants to double-check his source before alarming Michelle. Harley tells Susan she will miss her. Susan says she will come back on the weekends sometimes. Susan thanks Harley for getting her into the school in the middle of the term. She knows it was hard for Harley to do. Harley wants her to be happy, and hopes she will keep in touch with Zach. Marah and Sam arrive to say goodbye. Susan asks Sam for the scoop on boarding school. Harley teases Sam about Susan not needing his advice and Sam says she could learn from his mistakes. They go over to another table to give Susan and Harley a few minutes alone. Marah says that even when she didn't like him, she liked the way he treated Susan. He tells her that Susan was his first friend in Springfield. He leans over and kisses Marah just as Tony stops by and looks in through the window. Tony gets mad and walks off before Marah pushes back and tells him not to do that. Just then, Rick comes into Company looking for May, just as Harley and Susan are leaving. David and Frank want to have some information confirmed and sit down with Rick. They tell him they are worried about Michelle.

At the Bauer House:

Michelle is talking to the baby when Rick walks in and teases her about scaring the baby by singing. Michelle is worried about Danny. She is intent on getting him away from his family. Rick says maybe he can't get away. Danny knows the mob's rules. Michelle tells Rick he is supposed to be on her side. Rick tells Michelle he is worried for her and the baby. Danny may know best about protecting them. Michelle is not afraid and wants to help Danny. Danny arrives and Rick leaves. He asks her why she is asking Tony for help. If she loves him, she has to back off and give him room. When she asks questions, she is only putting herself in danger. She can't know anything and beyond that she was talking to Tony in a public place. Michelle says only May was there, and she would never hurt Danny. She asks why Danny is so upset. He tells her she has to think of the baby. He tells her he has to leave and she says she will be coming by the club but he tells her not to. She says she doesn't want to see him hurt. Danny says she has to stop knocking on doors that shouldn't be opened. Danny walks out and Michelle says to herself she won't ask him any questions but will get her own answers.

At Infierno:

Tony comes into Danny's office. He says Michelle is on the warpath. Danny leaves to see Michelle and asks Tony to lock up. Tony says to himself that Michelle is one fierce chick. His cell phone rings; it is Marah. She is alone at her house and is upset. He runs out to see her handing May the keys and asking her to lock Danny's office. He leaves and May acts like she hit the jackpot. She goes in and over to Danny's computer. She gets a call from someone and tells him or her that there is a password protector on the computer that if she puts in a wrong code it will send an alert message after the fourth time. She tells the person to find out a way around it and she will call him back. She goes upstairs to work a party.

Michelle comes sneaking into Danny's office. She goes to the computer and tries to figure out his password. She hears someone coming and ducks under the desk. May walks in and Michelle hides behind the chair.

At the Lewis house:

Tony kisses Marah. She tells Tony that Noah and Reva left for San Cristobel and she has to stay at Olivia's. She thinks Olivia will turn her into a slave. Tony tries to make the best of it until he realizes she is staying in a small apartment with Sam. Tony is jealous. Marah says it is nothing; it is only Sam. She says Sam is the least of her problems. She is worried about Olivia. Tony is still upset about Marah staying in the apartment with Sam. Marah says Sam is weird, but harmless. Tony says she doesn't see how guys look at her. Marah tells him to stop worrying and they kiss. Tony asks her how long they have. Marah says she is already a half hour late. Tony wonders if Olivia will come looking for her. He says they better leave and not get into more trouble. Marah kisses him again, and they leave.

In San Cristobel:

Cassie and Richard are leaving the doctor's office. The doctor says the baby is in perfect health. She is happy to be reassured. Richard says he wishes he could have been with her all these months. He wanted to go to the doctor, rub her feet, meet her cravings. He wants to regain her trust. She says he has been very busy with Edmund. He wants to know how to regain her trust. They sit down. She says she trusts him with her children and with her life. He asks about her heart. She says her heart is a little slower, but she loves him. Richard wants to make it better. He loves her. She tells him not to go silent on her again. There may be times when they don't agree. She wants him to come to her first, before his imagination gets the better of him. He says he can do that. Cassie says that will make it better. Cassie says she is happy and feels so close to him. They had the first doctor visit together. He is sorry he missed the others. Richard wonders if the baby can sense what is going on with them now. Cassie would like to think only the good things get filtered in and she protects him from all the bad things. Richard says that is exactly how she makes him feel. She kisses him and says she wants to go home.

Dax comes in and asks Edmund if he sent for him. He addresses Edmund as "Sir" and Edmund wonders why he doesn't call him "Your Highness". Dax doesn't answer and Edmund asks him to sit. He asks Dax's for his assessment of the situation. Dax says it is in flux. Edmund is sarcastic and tells Dax he knows Dax and Richard have become close in the past year. Edmund always knew Dax found Edmund lacking in some of Richard's finer qualities. Edmund wants to know what Dax thinks; he always winds up on the winning side. His choice would be instructive. Dax says he has always admired Richard and the principality has been the most stable under his rule as in any of his lifetime. He is also aware that Edmund has been trained to rule. Edmund says Dax always likes ruthlessness covered with a nice veneer. Dax tells Edmund he has devoted his life to the government service. Richard interrupts the meeting, and Edmund tells him he meant to invite him. He tells Richard he will learn to adapt, then walks out of the room. Dax turns to Richard and tells him that he will never be irrelevant. Richard is the last member of the house worthy of the title, "Your Highness." Dax has just been trying to keep Edmund calm. He wants to handle the press. Richard tells Dax about the interview with Reva telling him she is on her way to San Cristobel . Dax thinks it is a good idea.

At Olivia's:

Josh arrives home and Olivia and Marah greet him. Shayne is having dinner with a friend. Josh rented two movies and is planning a family night. Marah isn't happy about it but doesn't let on. Sam comes in and tells them that he has to go say goodbye to Susan before she leaves. Marah jumps up and says she should go too. They leave and Marah thanks Sam for getting her out of there.

Thursday, March 1, 2001

In San Cristobel: At the café:

Reva is complaining about how the guards at the palace wouldn't let them in. She hopes that Richard will be able to get there alright. He was already late and she was worried about him. Noah reassures her and kisses her. Reva notices he carried his gun with him and she asks him if he thinks that is necessary. He tells her that they don't know what will happen in the case of political unrest and they need to be prepared. Reva thinks Edmund is walking a publicity tightrope and would be stupid to harm anyone. She asks him to at least hide the weapon. He does and kisses her again just as Richard comes in. He looks around and then sits down telling them he thinks he may have been followed. Reva gets the camera ready for the interview. He tells her Edmund has seized power and is already abusing it. As they start the interview, a man at another table is watching them. Reva asks Richard where he wants to start. Before he can say another man comes over and tells Richard that he believes what he did to Edmund was wrong. He tells Richard he abdicated and then declared Edmund unfit to rule. Richard tries to explain to the citizen but he tells Richard that on television Edmund said that Richard is acting out of spite. The man says he admires Richard for doing the right thing, but the monarchy works. Richard says that it won't work the way that Edmund will rule. Richard says he is proud of his family's history, but his responsibility is to the people of this country. Richard hopes the man will vote for democracy after the council rules. The man asks about Richard's future. Richard says his life will change and he and his wife will become ordinary citizens. The man wishes Richard and Cassie the best and tells him that he understands what he had been trying to say. Richard shakes his hand and he leaves. He sits back at the table and tells Reva he is ready to do the interview. She tells him that she already has it. She had taped the entire conversation with the other man and she feels it is stronger than any interview they could do. Noah agrees and says that they should add it to the footage of them not being allowed into the palace to make it even more powerful. Richard is worried that they will look at him as the bastard prince making trouble. Reva thinks the council may see Edmund for who he is. Richard thinks the council may want to keep the monarchy for tourism reasons. They really need Cassie's interview and that may be a problem. Reva says Cassie wouldn't refuse the interview. Richard says the problem is that Cassie's interview is personal. She wants to talk about the family history, his brother, the cup and the table rock. To be most effective, they need to do it at the palace but Edmund won't allow it. Noah suggests doing it at night. Richard says that underestimating Edmund is a terrible mistake. The guy watching calls someone and tells him or her they need to move now.

At the Palace:

Edmund is on the phone, arguing with the Ambassador of France. He is acting like he is ruler of the universe as he tells an aide that he needs a decision from the council soon. The aide runs over his schedule of all the publicity stunts Edmund will do including visiting the orphanage. The phone rings and Edmund learns that Richard had gotten a call and left the palace. He tells his aide to have a tail put on Richard and find out who and what he is up to. Beth walks in and asks Edmund if he is really having Richard followed. Edmund says he is just protecting Richard, since he has no security detail. She doesn't believe him. He says he is not taking any chances until his right to rule is confirmed. Beth says he assumed that was what he was doing and he shouldn't lie to her. She wasn't judging him. He says he is not accustomed to telling the truth. She says he will get used to it. He wants her to attend an important State dinner with him next week. Beth tries to wiggle out of it telling him that she really misses her kids and needs to get back home. She had hoped the vote would be back by now. Edmund says he misses the kids too. He says he has been very selfish and hasn't mentioned Springfield because he needs her. Her presence has been invaluable to him and he doesn't want to handle it alone. She says she can stay and she wants to. Edmund tells her to call home and check on the kids herself. Beth calls Lillian's phone but Phillip answers.

At Infierno:

In Danny's office, Michelle hides in the darkened room as May sits at his desk. She comes out from behind the chair and surprises May. May helps her up and asks her what she is doing there. Michelle says that she was trying to check into Danny's business plans in his computer. May says she understands. Michelle asks her not to tell Danny. Michelle says if she tells, she will have to explain why she was on the computer and what she was looking for. May changes her voice and says the same thing Michelle was looking for. She tells her that it's time they got to know each other better. Michelle doesn't want to know her better and goes to leave. May stops her and Michelle asks who it is May works for but May doesn't want to tell until she gets some answers. Michelle isn't interested and May says she can help Danny or take him down, the decision she will leave up to Michelle. Michelle tells May she isn't afraid of her. She wonders which family she works for. May tells her she doesn't want to hurt Danny. She goes on to say her real name is Mary Murdo and she is a Special Agent from the FBI organized crime unit. Michelle asks May if she sleeps with all the people she follows. May said it was part of the job. She tells Michelle if she helps them, maybe they can cut Danny a deal. Michelle won't do it. She won't play the game. May says it is not a game. Michelle says she is going to Danny and tell him who she is. She says if May cares about her health she should leave Springfield and never look back. May says she is not going anywhere and neither is the investigation. May tells her that Carlos is in deep and thinks Danny was only involved briefly. She tells Michelle if she gets on board, she can save him. Otherwise, Danny will go down with the rest of them. She asks Michelle to just meet with her boss next week. Danny walks in and wonders what is going on. May tells Danny she had a migraine and came down looking for medication. Danny is suspicious that she was looking in Danny's office and Michelle tells him she is lying. Michelle says she and May were talking about him. She tells him she had to know something's about his fling with May and now that they have spoke everything is fine. Danny thought Michelle was okay with it. She tells him she thought she was but she had to talk to May and now she is fine. May says she had better get back to work. Danny wonders why Michelle is there since he told her to stay away. Michelle says she just had to talk to May and she leaves. Outside, May tells Michelle she has 24 hours to talk with her or it will be out of May's hands. Back in the office, Danny looks around and checks him computer. He sees something that bothers him and he runs out of the office and looks around.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Alan tells Phillip he had Nettie unpack his suitcases and store them. Phillip reminds Alan he is an adult and Alan will not run his life. Alan is happy to have three generations of Spaulding's under one roof. He tells Phillip all they have to do is get Beth home and everything will be perfect. Phillip agrees that he doesn't like Edmund with Beth but he tells Alan that he and Beth aren't going to get back together. He tells Alan not to bring it up again. Just then the phone rings and it is Beth. Phillip tells her the kids miss her and wonders when she is coming home. She says she misses them but can't come home for a few more days. Phillip says that Lizzie is in a play and James has an ear infection. Phillip says he won't tell her what to do but the kids miss her. Lizzie gets on the phone and tells Beth she has to kiss a boy in the school play. She tells her mom she has to get off the phone so she can take a bath. Beth puts Edmund on the phone to talk to her for a moment. Edmund tells Lizzie that he is naming a road after her and when it is dedicated she will have to come down. She thinks that is really cool. They hang up and Lizzie goes to take her bath. Alan starts in on Phillip about getting Beth back again. Phillip says that he doesn't want Beth to be in danger but he is not getting back with her.

At Cedar's:

Harley meets Rick at the hospital. She wants him to tell her that she is doing the right thing letting Susan go to boarding school. She said Frank and Buzz are giving her a hard time. Rick thinks she is doing the right thing. Harley feels bad because Susan is hurting and Harley can't help her. Rick says this doesn't mean she is a bad mom. He tells her she is preparing Susan for life. Rick says they can write letters and it will mean a lot to Susan. Rick says not to worry, Susan won't stop liking her, he doesn't know anyone who could.

In San Cristobel: Back at the palace:

Beth is sitting sadly after getting off the phone. Edmund feels bad about her missing the children. He says maybe he should lock her in a tower to keep Beth with him. He says that he will offer her some diversions. He asks her to join him at a visit to an orphanage tomorrow. He could use the company and the press will be there. The aide interrupts, taking Edmund aside and telling him that they saw Richard giving an interview to Reva at the Hermitage café. They are planning a second interview with Cassie. Edmund said he has some instructions for the aide. He comes back in and Beth wonders what that was about but he makes light of it. The phone rings and Beth wants him to answer it. Edmund answers but no one is there. At the café, Richard tells Reva and Noah he tried to call Cassie and realizes her calls are being rerouted to Edmund's personal line. Richard said Edmund must know their plans. He thinks they have to get Cassie out of there as soon as they can. Edmund will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Friday, March 2, 2001

At the Bauers':

Michelle is with Meta telling her about how she went into Danny's office and found May. She explained that May is an undercover FBI agent trying to take down the mob. Meta is surprised. Michelle goes on to tell her that May has asked her to help her with the promise of helping Danny in the end. Michelle tells her that she was mad at the thought of her trying to undermine her husband but now she wonders if this may be Danny's way out. Meta tells her to be careful before she does anything. She reminds her that others, like Tony will also be taken down. Michelle doesn't think Tony will get caught up in it because Danny is purposely keeping him sheltered. Meta also reminds her that Danny may see this as the ultimate betrayal and may never forgive her. There is a knock at the door and Meta tells her it is Claire coming by to talk about the lighthouse project. Meta offers to tell Claire she has already gone to bed but Michelle says she will say hi. She lets Claire in and Michelle offers her some tea. Claire asks her what's up. She thinks Michelle is holding out on her. Michelle says she doesn't know what Claire means. Claire looks at her and says the baby has dropped. She is in a safe time for a normal delivery albeit a little early. She goes over and feels Michelle's abdomen and says the baby is not breech and should be fine. She suggests Michelle call her doctor tomorrow. Claire starts going over the list of donations for the fund raising. Meta lists some others off and asks if she got their donations. Michelle grabs her tummy and starts having contractions. Claire comes over and tells her to relax and breathe. They get Michelle into a chair and Claire asks her to describe what she is feeling. She does and Claire said that it is contractions but it may be a false labor and not the real thing. Michelle asks if she should get her bag just in case. Claire thinks that is a good idea. Meta offers to get it but Michelle says she wants to walk around a bit; maybe it will make her feel better. When Michelle is out of the room, Meta tells Claire not to use Michelle's vulnerability to get closer to her. She tells her that would be selfish. Meta tells her that they have a doctor in the family and as soon as Rick gets home they will no longer need Claire's services. Michelle comes back in and doubles over in pain. She thinks its labor. Claire tells her they have to get her to the hospital. Michelle asks Meta to call Danny. Claire doesn't want her to, saying if Danny wanted to be there he would be. Meta calls Danny and tells him what happened and to meet them at the hospital. He thinks about going and then says it would be best if he didn't. He asked Meta to call and let him know they both are ok. Meta hangs up and tells Claire and Michelle to go on to the hospital; she has something to take care of.

At Company:

Blake is talking to Harley about their lives. She asks how Harley is doing since the divorce and Susan wanting to go to boarding school. Harley said she is fine and feeling more like herself everyday. Blake tells her that she needs help with her life.

Ross is so frustrating to her, she doesn't know whether to seduce him or leave him. Blake is asking Harley how she decided she wanted out of the marriage. Harley says she had to give the marriage her all first. Harley suggests instead of going to the spa, she should stay home and deal with Ross. Blake thanks Harley for talking and tells her she has given her a lot to think about. She knows what she has to do. Blake tells Ross that she has been overcome by some feelings she needs to express, right then.

Ross is talking to Buzz. Ross is concerned about Harley and Blake's talk. He has gone through a lot to plan this surprise wedding and doesn't want Harley influencing Blake against marriage now. Ross goes over the arrangements for the wedding with Buzz. He is moving everyone to the spa. He is putting up the guests over night as well as chartering a bus. Then there were the ice sculptures, catering and other things. Buzz is surprised at how much Ross is doing for the wedding. Ross says with Blake the flashier the better. Blake comes over and gets Ross telling him she needs to talk to him right then. Buzz goes over to Harley and asks her what she told Blake. Harley told him she just gave her a little advice and suggested she not go to the spa this weekend. Buzz can't believe she did that. He asks her if she knows what she has done. He tells her how much work Ross went through to move the party to the spa. He tells her that she is a Cooper and unfit to give advice at any time.

Blake tells Ross she can't run away from her problems. She has decided not to go to the spa. She tells him she will be there with him. She knows she needs to stay home with the father of her children. Ross says she is a magnificent woman. She says, "So marry me". He says he is willing to do anything to show her he loves her, and someday she will see how true that is.

In San Cristobel:

Richard is in the car with Noah and Reva. He tries Cassie on her cell phone and tells her that Ed has blocked their access and she needs to get out of the palace. He tells her to meet him somewhere and to hurry. She tells him she wants to get the cup first. He tells her to forget it but she goes into the sitting room and gets it anyway. On her way out she runs into Edmund. He asks her where she is off to. Cassie says where she goes is none of her business and neither are her phone calls. Ed closes the door and tells Cassie he is protecting state business. Ed takes the cup from Cassie and tells her it belongs to the state. She tells him it belongs to Richard. Ed says the issue of ownership is vague because he thought it belongs to the children's Museum. They argue about it. Ed says in the meantime he will keep the cup and she will stay there as well since she tried to steal the cup, she can be held under house arrest. Cassie tells him his argument is lame. He asks her for her cell phone and calls the guard, telling them to lock her in her suite. Cassie says once the people find out what kind of tyrant he is; he will never keep the throne. Ed says he doesn't want her spreading vicious rumors.

Later, a palace guard comes in and tells Ed that Cassie has escaped and her room is empty but the window is open. They go out to look for her. Cassie is hiding in the bushes and overhears Ed with the guards go past. She waits until it is clear and runs through the garden.

Richard is waiting with Reva and Noah. They are getting nervous that she hasn't got there yet. Richard sees Cassie running towards him and she tells him that the guards are chasing her. Noah and Richard tell them to get in the car and leave, they will take care of the guards. The women drive off and a guard calls on his radio to Ed, who issues roadblocks. Meanwhile, Noah and Richard are fighting with the guards.

Cassie is driving fast and wonders if they should go back to get Richard and Noah. Reva tells her they will be fine and suggest they go to the center of town where it is very public so Ed won't be able to stop the interview. Reva reminds Ed is the loser in this situation. She comes around the bend and sees that the road is blocked and the guards all have guns held on them. Cassie swerves to avoid the gunman. A shot is fired and Cassie's car flips over on its side, throwing Reva free. Cassie is bleeding inside the car and Ed runs over to her calling the gunman an idiot. Ed sees that gas is leaking badly from the vehicle and he goes to pull Cassie out. He carries her to safety and tells everyone to stand back. Reva comes to and sees the car spark a bit. She runs to the car yelling for Cassie just as it blows up. Reva is thrown from the car again.

In Holly's office:

Phillip comes by, telling Holly he got her message and thought he would stop by to talk to her. She wanted his opinion on the situation in San Cristobel. Phil tells her he can't give any printable opinions about Ed. Holly wonders if that is because of Beth and the kids. Holly asks Phil if he is afraid to alienate Edmund. Phil says no, he thinks Beth is getting over her infatuation for Ed and he doesn't want to push her back to him. Phil thinks if he gives Ed enough rope, he will hang himself. Holly wonders is Phil wants Beth to come back to him. Phil wonders why everyone asks that. Holly says she just wonders where things stood with them since the two of them always seem to find their way back to each other. Phil says Beth and he are different people now and he doesn't see them moving forward together. He has retired the white horse and she can get out of the situation with Ed herself. He says she can do it and he will only help if she needs it.

At Infierno:

Tony comes in angry. He goes to the bar and asks for a drink. Catalina comes over and asks him what is going on. Tony said Marah lied to him. Catalina says she doesn't understand. Tony finally says he saw Marah and Sam kissing. Catalina says there has to be an explanation. Tony is furious and says he doesn't want to see Marah ever again. It's over. Catalina tells him to stay there. She goes into Danny's office and tells him Tony needs him.

Danny comes out and takes the bottle away from Tony. He says drinking won't help what Marah did to him. He asks Tony to talk to him. Catalina fills him in. Tony tells him he was willing to change for Marah, but he didn't protect himself and now he is hurt.

Later in Danny's office, Meta walks in and tells him to come to the hospital. He tells her that he can't keep giving Michelle false hopes. She tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself. Michelle needs him now; she needs him to hold her hand. He has to stop wallowing in the past. He needs to be with Michelle whether he wants to or not. She asks him what he thinks the baby will look like. His son or daughter is almost there and will wants to meet him. Danny tells her they will take his car.

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