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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 19, 2001 on GL
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Monday, February 19, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Richard is looking at the throne room. He walks around and lifts a picture of Cassie and Tammy and stares at them. He thinks back to the day of his wedding and the vows that Cassie made to him. He thinks to himself that he is going to need her love and support now more than ever. He goes over to the throne, touches it and sits down. Dax comes in and announces that the first members of the royal council arrived. Richard tells Dax that he no longer has to call him "your highness." Dax tells him that he always will be their leader and if the council rejects his abdication he shouldn't put up a fight. Richard tells him that they will not put up a fight. He assures Dax they will either dissolve the principality or Edmund will rule. Richard says there is no turning back now. Dax doesn't believe that it is over. Richard tells him that if they want a democracy, he believes it is about time. Other than the tourist value he doesn't think San Cristobel needs the royal family. Dax tells him that he is moral and is of royal blood. Richard reminds Dax he tried to kill Edmund. An aide comes in and interrupts them announcing the council. Richard tells him to send them in. Richard goes over to the table and sits in a regular chair. The council arrives and gathers around the table as Richard looks nervously at them. He asks them to take a seat and greets them. He tells them he was honored to have served as their head of state for so long but now there is evidence that he is not the true heir to the throne. He tells them he comes before them as an ordinary citizen. He tells them that in his televised speech, he expressed his grave doubts about his brother's qualifications to rule. Before he could get into the evidence he had an aide comes in announcing Edmund, who enters walking with a cane and wearing a sling on his arm. He apologizes for being late, but his physical condition caused the delay. He addresses Richard as "Mr. Winslow" and asks him to continue his speech.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Reva and Noah arrive at Alan's. Alan thanks Noah again for saving Lizzie and teases him about not knowing how to dispose properly of his ex-wives. Everyone gets a drink and Reva toasts to Perdita leaving town ASAP. Alan says heaven help the woman who comes between Reva and her man.

Perdita arrives with a Da Vinci sketch and shows it to Alan. Claire is there too and starts asking questions. Reva looks at the sketch and asks about the numbering. Perdita pointed out where the numbering was on the sketch and Reva looked at it. She smiles and says "Bingo". Perdita is confused and asks if Bingo isn't something said in church basements. Claire laughs. Perdita tells Alan he has made a good choice. She starts to hand over documents about the painting, but Reva says Perdita forgot one. Reva explains that she has the proof that Perdita took the DeVinci out of Italy illegally since it is part of the national trust and cannot legally be removed. Perdita tells her she is wrong. Reva shows her documentation of where the painting was last sold at auction. So, Reva concludes that the sketch is either illegally in the US or it is a forgery. Perdita tries to make a deal with Reva. Claire thinks it is great and asks Reva where she got the information and she tells her that the Internet is an amazing thing. Alan acts shocked as Reva threatens Perdita with Interpol and the FBI. Claire seems happy and is laughing at Perdita's predicament. Perdita asks what Reva wants. Reva tells her to take her linen sheets and her little set of knives on the next plane or she will contact all the agencies. Perdita looks surprised. Reva tells her that she knows all about Perdita's night job and she knows her friends in Washington wouldn't be happy about her illegal activities. Perdita looks at Noah and says, "You gave me up." Noah says he gave her up a long time ago. Perdita gets ready to leave, and Reva tells her she will not be taking the sketch with her. Perdita tells her that she isn't going to give it to them. Reva tells her that Alan wants to buy it but at 50% off her asking price. Perdita tells them it is out of the question but Reva calls her bluff. Perdita finally agrees to the deal but wants cash only. Alan hands her a cashier's check and Perdita realizes this was planned. Perdita tells them she is going but will be back when they least expect it. Noah tells her not to come back and reminds her that he still knows how to get rid of his own problems. They break out the champagne and the four of them celebrate at their successful sting operation. Claire tells Reva she is her favorite guests and Reva and Noah kiss.

At Infierno:

Josh and Olivia are at dinner talking about a business meeting. Olivia suggests driving to the lighthouse to do a pre-consultation on it and maybe take some pictures. Josh doesn't really want to go. Olivia thinks the lighthouse project will be good for publicity. She tells them it will be a great time to do it since they aren't busy. They leave.

Michelle is sitting at the bar with Frank. He wonders why he is here and says he is feeling used. Frank suggests she wait with her brother. He sees Rick with May and says that she should send May on over to him while she is talking to Rick. Michelle asks Frank what he knows about illegal online trading. May comes over behind the bar and listens to their conversation. Frank is explaining to Michelle the mechanics of online chat rooms and trying to boost the price of stocks. May goes back to her table with Rick but is still trying to listen to their conversation. Rick notices she is preoccupied and tries to talk to her but it is obvious she isn't listening. Rick thinks she is interested in Frank. Danny comes to Michelle's table and tells her there is no point in her hanging around here. Michelle tells Danny she is staying but Danny says she is wasting her time. He appeals to Frank, who walks away. Michelle insists she will be waiting for him and tells him when he comes to his senses she will be at home.

At the Lighthouse:

Tony tells Marah he wants things to be different from when she was a prisoner. He tells her that it is their place now and starts kissing her. Tony offers her something to eat and then starts talking about Shayne's hockey team. Marah wonders if something is wrong since he is changing the subject to hockey. He tells her that he is just trying to make conversation. He is trying to slow down and let them take their time. He tells her that she is making it very hard to do. Marah asks Tony if he is backing away from her because of what she did on New Year's Eve. He tells her to forget about it because she has apologized enough. Marah says he even saved her from being kidnapped. Tony doesn't want her being there out of gratitude. She says Tony always says he has changed because of her, but she has changed because of him too. He goes back to the food and pulls out all kinds of snacks.

They lie down on the blanket and are talking about her parents. She asks him about his childhood. He tells her about Ray and his relatives, saying no one was on his back too much; he pretty much raised his self. She says she wishes her parents would lighten up on her. She thinks they only want a preppie who will get 1300 on his SAT's. She says those guys don't respect girls at all. Tony says she shouldn't take that from anyone. Marah says college is full of guys like that. Tony says college never seemed practical to him. He just wanted to survive. Marah wants to know what he really wants out of life. Tony says before he met her, he just wanted to stay two steps ahead of the guys on the street.

Josh and Olivia look around the exterior of the lighthouse and see that it is in a mess. Olivia wonders how Sam climbed it and feels bad about Marah being held there. Olivia notices the door is unlocked and Josh says he will call someone about it in the morning. Josh's cell phone rings as they start to enter the lighthouse. He tells her that it is a business call and he has to go to the Spaulding Spires project. Olivia tells him she will stay there and takes some pictures until he gets back. She has her cell phone in case of emergency. Olivia enters the lighthouse.

Tony tells Marah he wanted to give her something, without just buying it. He is nervous and starts to recite the poem in Spanish. Marah is lying with her head in his lap, looking up at him. He is stroking her hair and she seems impressed with the poem. Marah pops up and kisses him. She says that was the most beautiful thing she ever heard, but she didn't know what he said. He tells her it means she is beautiful. He starts to translate into English. Tony says she is beautiful no matter what and kisses her again. Meanwhile, Olivia is climbing the stairs and is taking pictures inside the lighthouse. Tony tells Marah they should listen to music and make conversation instead of making out. He puts some music on and they dance slowly. She reminds him she will be 18 next month. He says she is killing him but she says she knows what she wants and tonight is the perfect night. She helps take Tony's shirt is off and they kiss passionately as Olivia discovers them. Olivia calls out to Marah, who turns to look at her. Olivia has the camera in her hand pointing right at them.

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

At the Lighthouse:

Tony and Marah are kissing when Olivia comes in and her camera flashes. Marah asks her if she is following her. Marah suggests that is the reason she is in the lighthouse at night with a camera. Olivia tells her she is working and that Lewis Construction is going to renovate the lighthouse. Marah asks if she is going to rat her out to her dad and Olivia thinks a moment and tells her that is the worst thing for Josh. It will only upset him. She tells Marah that she wishes she had never seen her with Tony but thinks a moment and tells her that it may just turn out to be a good thing. Tony tries to explain to Olivia that he and Marah are in love and only want to spend time together but are forbidden. She tells him that he is forbidden because of his life and family. Tony tells her that he was in a bad place and had a bad mindset until he met Marah, now he only sees the good in things. He tells her that he feels he has a future now and good things are happening because of Marah. Olivia asks Marah if she thinks things are great when she has to sneak around and lie to her family. Tony tells her that they weren't doing anything wrong. Olivia tells him that it would have eventually led there. Olivia tells them that they haven't learned a thing from their mistakes. Marah apologizes but Olivia tells her not to waste her time. She tells Marah that it is obvious she likes to be the center of attention and Olivia is tired of the drama that pits Reva and Josh together as always. Olivia tells Marah that she is in love too and knows how it is not to want the one you love hurt and she is hurting Josh by making him worry. Olivia says she doesn't want Josh to have to worry about this, so she won't show Josh the picture but Marah has to start paying her back now. Marah asks what she means and Olivia tells her that she is going to start behaving and treating her with respect. She said that she will be having a dinner party soon for Shayne and Marah is to be there going out of her way to make it a pleasant evening. Besides that Tony has to get out of the family business and stay on the straight and narrow. He tells her it isn't that easy and she tells him that if he gets out, Josh and Reva's objections to him will be gone. Tony is shocked and Marah is unhappy. Olivia tells them that they don't have to agree to her terms, it is entirely up to them. Olivia starts to leave and Marah tells her to stop. They agree to her deal. Olivia tells them they have to hurry and leave before Josh gets back. Just then Josh calls out to Olivia. She gets Marah and Tony to hide and runs out to distract him. They go up on the observation deck while Tony and Marah sneak out.

At Company:

Ross is talking to Buzz about his fears if he remarries Blake. He thinks they will lose what they have. Buzz tells him that life's disasters aren't predictable and are mostly unavoidable no matter what the circumstances. Buzz tells Ross that it all boils down to what he really wants.

Harley is talking to Rick about her divorce. She tells them all that she isn't getting anything but her freedom. Rick says she should have something by means of finances. Harley says Phillip will take care of Zach but that is all. Rick tells her she should keep the house since it is all paid for. Harley says it reminds her of Phillip and she can't take it. Rick tells her to think of it as Zach's home and not worry about it. It has to be better than a room at the boarding house of bunking with her dad at the firehouse. She argues her point and asks Buzz to explain why she can't take the house. Buzz tells her he doesn't understand it either. Buzz thinks the Spaulding's owe it to her for her having to put up with Alan and Phillip for so long. He thinks she deserves the house. Harley starts talking about how big the house is and Rick tells her to get a roommate. Harley gets an idea and runs over and asks Ruth for her and Charlie to move in with her. Ruth doesn't think she can afford it. Harley tells her there is no rent, the house is paid for but she can help with utilities and they can help each other with babysitting. Harley tells her about needing help with laundry and Ruth is sold. She is so glad to have a place with a washer and dryer. She says she hates the laundry mat. She hugs Harley and thanks her. Harley goes over to Ross and tells him she wants the house. Ross tells her he will work on it. He gets the phone and starts making plans for a surprise party for Blake.

In San Cristobel:

Edmund goes over and sits on the throne and tells "Mr. Winslow" to proceed. Richard addresses the council and reminds them that Edmund should not be there, since he was stripped of his rights in all matters of the state months ago. Edmund said that happened before he was found to be the real heir. He is the ruler and has the right to be there, more right than even Richard. Edmund says he will defer to the Lord Chancellor's ruling. Lord Chancellor says that Edmund can stay. He asks Richard to continue. Richard stands and says he wishes he didn't have to say the things he has to say. Throughout his life he has loved his brother, but Edmund resented that love and betrayed him over and over again. Richard mentions how Edmund kidnapped his son and tries to kill his wife and then goes into the Rourke/Cassie story. He mentions blackmail, treason, insurrection, and more. Edmund was convicted of treason and Richard foolishly thought a pardon would heal Edmund's childhood wounds. Edmund cannot and will not change so he should not rule. Lord Chancellor asks about Dr. Weymouth. Richard explains the blackmail and the sterility tests. Lord Chancellor asks what any of that has to do with San Cristobel. Richard becomes angry and says Edmund is ruthless and cannot be trusted. Edmund cannot, must not and will not be allowed to rule San Cristobel. Lord Chancellor asks Edmund to address the council and he does. He commends Richard on his passionate speech. Edmund says Richard's loves are his wife and family but Edmund's love is San Cristobel. He is entirely fit to rule. Edmund tells the council that he has always felt he was the true ruler but Richard was always in his way. Richard is the bastard son and Edmund is the true prince. Edmund says he will stop at nothing for San Cristobel. Richard interrupts telling them that he means murder, kidnapping, and blackmail. Edmund tells Richard to sit down. Richard reluctantly sits. Edmund tells the council that he is a liar and in his weakened physical state he will tell the truth. He says the truth is Richard tried to murder him. Lord Chancellor says that is a serious charge. Edmund asks Richard if he intended to kill him and Richard says "Yes." Richard goes on to tell them that the incident was taken out of context but Lord Chancellor says Edmund has the floor. Edmund says they have dissected his personality, now it is time to examine Richard's. Edmund will prove to them just how unstable Richard has become. Edmund says Richard and Cassie chose Rourke and he tried to stop them from hiring him. How can we trust Rourke's testimony; he is a liar and a fraud. Edmund's theory is that Richard was paying Rourke all along to undermine Edmund. He thinks Richard may have found out sooner that he was not the true prince and wanted to malign Edmund. They ask about Dr. Weymouth. Edmund mentions the doctors widow has been so distraught since her husband's death, she would say anything. Edmund says that Dr. Weymouth came to him asking his advice about the photos and that is why his fingerprints are on them. Edmund says Richard was the one who was plotting. Richard tells Edmund he is insane. Edmund says the council must decide what form of government is best for San Cristobel and he (Edmund) is the answer. Besides it being his right to rule there is the matter or tourism. He reminds them that most of their tourist income comes to them because they are the only tropical island with the royalty. Edmund says he will keep the tradition alive. Richard has had enough. He gets up and tries to tell them Edmund is lying. Richard says the only one Edmund is dedicated to is himself. Edmund tells them his birthright was stolen and he was blocked by Richard's jealousy. He accuses Richard of using everything he could to keep Edmund from ruling when he (Richard) was no longer able. Lord Chancellor says they have heard enough. The council will meet to decide, but the final decision will rest with the vote of the people of San Cristobel. The council leaves as Edmund and Richard stare at each other. Richard asks Edmund if he believes his own lies and asks if he even recognizes the truth anymore. Edmund believes that Richard would do anything to keep him off the throne. Edmund says that is the way bastards behave. Richard tells him he will never rule and Edmund says he already is. Edmund says Richard has something that belongs to him motioning to his father's ring. Richard says he has worn the ring since the death of their father. He reluctantly hands over the ring. Edmund says, "Face it, I've won". As Richard turns to walk out, Edmund turns to say, Richard, you may go now." Richard looks very angry.

Wednesday, February 21, 2001

At the Lewis House:

Blake arrives while Reva is Beef Wellington. She tells Blake that Noah is coming for dinner. Marah comes down and tells Reva that she is meeting Catalina at Company. Reva tells Marah that she doesn't have to go to Shayne's birthday dinner with Josh and Olivia but Marah tells her that she will go, it will be better for all of them. Blake says Marah is acting very mature. She asks about Noah. Reva says that the mess with Perdita has shown her the light and she doesn't want to lose Noah. She admits to being jealous. Blake asks Reva if she was taking Noah for granted before and if she is sure she wants to complicate things with a big commitment. Reva tells Blake that she spent time trying to convince the kids she and Noah were just a casual relationship until Perdita came in to town. Reva describes Perdita and says she realized she had competition for Noah and she didn't want to lose him. She says Noah is romantic and fits into her life perfectly. She wants him and she is going to get him.

Reva is sure and asks Blake how things are going with Ross. Blake tells her that she is so frustrated with him not wanting to marry her. He even found out about her being ordained and how she was planning on tricking him into the marriage. Blake complains about being pathetic and she has to help herself. She tells Reva to have a great time with Noah and she leaves to see her mom. As she leaves she hands Reva an envelope Ross had left inviting Reva to a surprise party for Blake.

Noah comes over and Reva kisses him. He tells her she smells good and looks great. He tells her it is the Beef Wellington and kisses him again. They sit on the couch listening to music and drinking wine. Noah likes all the attention and asks Reva if this is how he gets treated bring an ex to town. He wishes he had done it along time ago. Reva laughs and tells him that she had wondered if he brought her there purposely but that it doesn't matter she would have eventually came to the same conclusion. Noah says he would have as well. He starts talking about their unconventional relationship and how it works. Reva is a little upset but feels better when Noah gets down on one knee and takes her hand. He tells her that he promises never to let the "M" word cross his lips again. Reva is upset with the anti-proposal. She tells him he has been very persuasive and exciting and she was a little surprised by what he said. He tells her she seems so enlightened. She tells him she is and then she gets down on her knee and asks him to marry her. Noah doesn't say anything and Reva keeps saying, "Noah?" She tells him that it wasn't a rhetorical question. She kneels in front of him and asks him again, taking his hands and looking into his eyes. He says, "This is so sudden." She smacks his leg and tells him he has wanted this for months. She is getting annoyed and he tells her he doesn't need more time and of course he will marry her. She laughs. They kiss. The phone rings and the machine picks up. Josh is on the phone and wants Reva to pick up. She continues to kiss Noah and he tells her he loves her. They kiss again.

At Company:

Marah meets with Catalina. She tells her about Olivia and the blackmail. Catalina is surprised and asks how compromising the picture was. Marah says her parents would ground her for life. Now, Marah has to obey Olivia's every command or she will show the picture to her dad. She has to stay away from Tony and attend Shayne's birthday dinner. Catalina says there may be another way, but Marah probably doesn't want to hear what she has to say. Marah says she wants to know what she thinks. Catalina says she thinks what Olivia did is not such a bad thing. How she did it is not nice but the end result is only for Marah to obey her parents and show a little respect to Olivia. Catalina tells her this will make her dad happy and her life will end up being happier. Marah doesn't know if she can keep being nice to Olivia. Catalina says maybe it will be a habit. Marah says she has not given up on Tony but will keep it a secret. Ross comes to their table and leaves a message for them to tell Buzz to check between the rum and vermouth.

At Infierno:

Abuela is in Danny's office waiting on him. Danny asks what she is doing there. She tells him he needs to think about what he is doing to the family. Tony comes in upset and Danny asks him to restock the bar. Abuela mentions that she thinks Tony is hiding something. She concludes it must be women trouble. Abuela says maybe it is the lack of a woman. She thinks that may be affecting Danny too. Danny wonders if Abuela is talking about her run in with Michelle the other day. Danny tells her he is doing his best to run the family and she has a great need to voice her opinion. Abuela says that he is like his father. Michelle is carrying his child and he feels obligated to her. He is doing this computer thing for Michelle and not for the family. She tells him that he has a dream that Michelle will marry him again, but she is who she is and Danny is who he is. Danny has to accept that fact and he has to stop before he destroys them all. Abuela smiles as Danny leaves.

Catalina comes in and sees Tony. She goes over and tells him that she knows what happened and wanted to know if he was okay. He tells her that he thought things would go perfectly but they got busted again. He doesn't know how he can get together with Marah. Abuela sits a ways back and smiles, seeing Catalina with Tony.

Catalina tells Tony that Marah is determined to see him again. If Marah is good to Olivia, she may consider talking to Marah's parents on his behalf. Tony tells her that Olivia wants him to leave his family. Catalina realizes why he is so upset. She suggests he do something to impress Marah's parents. Tony wants her to speak to them for him. He tells her he is a hard worker, respects women and his brother is a priest. She says if Father Ray cannot convince them, how will she help. She tells him it has to come from him. Then she reminds him that actions speak louder than words. Tony and she argue, and Catalina walks away from the table. Abuela is laughing. She comes over and tells him she will fix it with Catalina for him. Abuela says she knows what it is like to be young and in love. When she was young, she only wanted one man and her mother didn't approve. She won in the end. Abuela tells Tony not to give up on her if she is what she wants. She tells him that Catalina reminds her of herself. Tony says Catalina is mad right now. Abuela gives Tony some money and tells him to treat Catalina to a nice dinner out. At least she can help one of her grandson. Tony walks over to Catalina and asks her to smile. She does while she apologizes for upsetting him. He tells her that Abuela gave him money to take her out to dinner. They both have to work tonight so he convinces her to go in a few days and they can talk things out then. Catalina agrees, but says that will be it. Abuela gets on the phone and asks someone to meet her at Company in the morning at 10.

At Holly's:

Olivia comes in asking for advice. She tells her she has either done something very good or very bad. She tells Holly about finding Marah and Tony. Holly wonders what will happen if Marah tells Josh? Olivia doesn't think she will do that. Holly says the only thing that matters is Josh's opinion. Olivia is protecting Josh and Holly reminds her about hiding Danny's rescue attempt from Josh. Olivia asks what her opinion is Holly thinks she only did what she thinks was best trying to keep Marah away from Tony and Reva away from Josh. Meanwhile, Ross comes to the door and leaves an invitation to Blake's surprise party. Blake comes in right after that. Blake hands Holly the envelope Ross had left. She sees Olivia and asks if she is interrupting. Olivia says she will be leaving and thanks Holly for listening. She tells Holly she should be writing advice columns. She hugs Holly and thanks her for being a great friend. She tells Blake goodbye and leaves. Blake says she hates how Olivia doesn't care about what others think. Holly tells her that is what she likes about her. Holly asks Blake what she can help her with. Blake said it is always the same, she wants to marry Ross and he doesn't. Holly says if Ross is not responding and goes on to marry her she will always wonder if he did it because he was under pressure and not because he wanted to. Holly tells Blake that she thinks she needs a time out. Blake says it would put an end to this. Holly says Blake needs a vacation; she should be pampered at a spa. Blake says she will do it and the sooner the better. Blake agrees with her mom and tells her that her problem is that she has made herself too available for Ross. She says she will leave him with the kids while she goes on vacation. She is doing it for her sanity and will leave right away. After she leaves, Holly finds the invitation and feels like she messed up again.

Thursday, February 22, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Edmund is talking to Beth about his speech before the council. She says he sounded fine but she may be biased. Cassie arrives in the hallway of the palace and sees a reporter. He says he was there for Edmund's press conference. Cassie says she would rather they listen to what she has to say. The reporter gets a cameraman to record her statement. Cassie tells the reporters the transition to commoner won't be a problem for her. She married a man she loves and will deal with the situation no matter what the council decides. They ask about Richard. She says he is worried not about himself, but about the country. She says if she found out about her identity, she would have been tempted to keep silent, but not Richard. She says it was not jealousy. Why would Richard make such a sacrifice and then do something petty? She tells them that the idea that Richard is envious of Edmund is ridiculous. Edmund comes out and greets Cassie and asks if he might speak to her. When the press leaves he asks her who gave her the right to speak to the press. She is under his roof, eating, sleeping and speaking at his pleasure. Cassie wants to bring back the press so she can show them a man drunk with power. Beth takes Edmund's side and Cassie confronts her. She reminds Beth Jim is not dead very long. The women start arguing and Edmund looks at Cassie in a threatening manner. Richard walks in and tells Edmund to keep his hands off his wife. Richard repeats for Edmund to stay away from his wife and his child. Edmund says Richard has such high hopes for this child, a future he will never have. Cassie and Richard interpret that as a threat against the baby.

At the Lewis House:

Shayne is opening his birthday presents and ends up dressed in heavy-duty protective gear for Lacrosse. Marah, Reva, and Josh are laughing at him since he can hardly move. Reva reminds Josh that dinner will be at seven. Josh asks if he can have the kids tomorrow night to celebrate with Olivia. Reva agrees and Josh is surprised at how well they are getting along. Reva tells Josh she is going to marry Noah. Josh says here you go again. He asks if this is what will make her happy and Reva says yes. Josh asks when she and Noah decided this. Reva says things just became clear to her last night. Josh asks if she loves him and she says yes. Josh says he is happy for her and is glad she told him before she told the kids. Reva was planning to tell the kids after school. Josh doesn't know if the timing is good since it is Shayne's birthday. Josh agrees to let Reva make her decision and they laugh. Reva thanks Josh for making this so easy. Josh says they should toast to their futures. The kids come in wondering why they are toasting. Josh tells them he will see them later and invites the kids to dinner with Olivia the next night. Shayne doesn't want to, saying it will only be World War 3 with Marah and Olivia. Marah tells Shayne they will go and have a good time. Everyone looks at Marah, surprised that she is going along without any fighting. She tells them she is tired of all the stress and nonsense. She will go to Josh's and have a good time. Reva says maybe Marah is maturing. Shayne is skeptical. Marah says she just wants to celebrate Shayne's birthday. Josh says he is proud of her. Reva wonders how she is going to pull this off.

At Cedar's:

Olivia sees Rick. He asks if Shayne is all right and she tells him he is but she is there to pick up some medication for Sam. Rick looks confused and she tells him that Sam has ADHD. She asks how Rick is and he starts reminiscing about Abby and their first real date. Olivia tells him that staring into his coffee cup waiting for his true love to come along is not a good idea. He says he tried dating. All he ever wanted was to have a family and he is beginning to wonder if women care about those things anymore? Olivia says he is a great catch with a super sense of humor. Rick reminds her that nice guys don't wind up with the girl. Olivia tells him he is looking at forever from the get go and showing his hand too soon. Olivia thinks his take on romance is charming. He should take his heart off his sleeve and use strategy; even in marriage you have to do that. Rick says if she is using strategy in marriage she is playing it wrong. Rick tells Olivia in the beginning, he and Abby loved each other and it was so easy, no games at all. Olivia says she wouldn't have to be strategic if it weren't for all Josh's baggage. He asks if she means Reva. Rick says that Olivia has Josh so she shouldn't worry. Olivia says ever since she came to Springfield all she has heard are the tales of the great Lewis love. Reva believed the fairytale and that her mistakes wouldn't matter but she lost Josh. Olivia won't make that mistake. Rick says that he needs someone to point out his mistakes. He tells Olivia to stop wasting her time over Reva and just enjoy being with Josh.

At Company:

Ruth and Harley are sitting with Buzz, Frank and David. They are talking about men and how they wont have anymore problems now that they are living without them. They offer the guys food in return for helping Ruth and Charlie move in.

May is at the bar at Company, practicing a new drink named after Buzz. Buzz likes it. He goes over to Abuela's table as May watches him. Abuela is smiling at Buzz and gives him a gift of some coffee beans. Carlos comes in to meet her for breakfast. Abuela talks to him about Danny and the business but wants him to be prudent. Carlos promises discretion. May fixes Maria and Carlos some coffee and puts a listening device on the bottom of her cup before Buzz takes the tray to the table. Meanwhile, Abuela and Carlos are talking about Danny when the coffee arrives. The cup with the listening device on it falls to the floor. Buzz goes to get a broom leaving the broken cup on the floor. Abuela and Carlos continue to talk. She says she doesn't want to lose Danny to Michelle. She continues saying that she has made a hard decision. May is trying to listen in.

At Olivia's:

Olivia asks Josh about the kids. Josh says Marah is actually coming to dinner and she convinced Shayne to come. Olivia asks Josh what else happened. He tells her about Reva's engagement. Olivia is happy but Josh thinks it is a big mistake. Olivia asks Josh if Reva's moving on with her life is not a good thing. Josh is concerned about her choice of a husband. Olivia says Reva didn't approve of her but Josh married her anyway. Josh thinks Noah is an enabler and encourages Reva's outrageous behavior. Olivia says there is not much Josh can do about it. She asks if the kids know and Josh says not yet. Olivia wonders how the kids will take it. Josh isn't sure. Josh wonders how the dinner will go, but Olivia thinks they will have a great time.

Friday, February 23, 2001

At Company:

Ross comes in talking to Buzz about the surprise party for Blake. Holly comes in and tells Ross that she really messed things up. She tells him that she convinced Blake to go to a spa for a vacation this weekend. Ross tells her that the party is this weekend. Holly tells him she didn't know about the party until after she talked to Blake. He tells her that the party has to go down like he had planned because he hand delivered all the invitation and he has a major surprise for Blake. Holly listens while Ross lays it all out for her. She is happy that he wants to do it but sad that she talked Blake into leaving. Ross tells her to convince Blake not to leave. Blake comes in and Holly tells him he can convince her better than she can. Holly runs off to sit at the bar with Buzz while Blake comes over to sit with Ross. She tells Ross about her leaving town that weekend. He suggests she go another weekend but when asked why, he couldn't give her a reason. He tells her if she has to go this weekend she should go. Blake tells him she will go home and pack then. She leaves. Meanwhile, Buzz asks Holly what happened and she tells him how she messed up Ross's plans. She tells Buzz to just shoot her. He says all the fun has gone out of torturing her and he wants her to tell him what is upsetting her. She tells Buzz all about Ross' idea and that if Blake finds out she messed things up, she will kill her. Buzz says he knew Ross was up to something. Blake comes over and tells her mom that her idea worked like a charm and Ross is starting to really appreciate her. Holly tells Buzz she got involved with someone else's life and made a mess of things. Buzz says he knows how that works. Ross goes over and tells Holly that he is going to make the party mobile and take it on the road.

At the Lewis House:

Noah comes in with flowers for his fiancée. He kisses her and asks how the kids handled the news of their engagement. Reva tells him she hasn't gotten around to telling them yet. Noah is a little disappointed and Reva tells him she will tell them in a moment. Noah tells Reva he will go put the flowers in water while she talks to them. He asks how Josh took the news and Reva says he congratulated them. Marah and Shayne rush into the room, talking about going to dinner with Olivia tonight. Noah goes to the kitchen and Reva tells the kids she wants to tell them something. She doesn't know how to say it and ends up telling them that she is proud of them for the way they are handling things. Noah comes back in, thinking she told them and asks how they liked the news. Shayne asks him, "what news?" Noah tells them that he is talking about his birthday gift and he hands Shayne a gift. It is a camping knife and Shayne likes it. They leave to go to Olivia's. Reva tells Noah she chickened out. She says it just didn't seem like the time to tell them. Noah thinks she is making excuses and asks her if she is sure about them. She tells him she is and kisses him. She says she loves him and wants to marry him. Noah says she should trust that and tell that to the kids. Reva says it shouldn't be that bad, the kids love him. Noah agrees that they get along great together. Reva thinks she will have three teenagers under one roof. Noah says he couldn't sleep last night because he was so happy. Reva asks to share something with him. She says she had one great love in her life and another wonderful one and some others that were just okay but Noah is the first person who makes her completely happy, because all it takes to make him happy is her and she knows that. He kisses her and says she always will. Reva remembers the kids don't know and wants to tell Josh so he doesn't blab. She calls but he doesn't answer either phone. Noah tells her there is nothing they can do and it will all work out in the end.

At Tower's:

Olivia comes in to pick up a dessert she had ordered. She overhears the host taking a reservation for Tony Santos and a date that evening at 8. Olivia overhears the conversation and makes a reservation for five at the same time. She says to herself that Tony is taking someone else out and thinks that may help Marah see the light.

At Olivia's:

Olivia has Marah helping her with the appetizers. Sam, Shayne and Josh are surprised at the change in Marah's attitude. Marah asks Olivia if something is burning. She runs into the kitchen and then tells Josh they will have to go out to eat. She tells him she will call Tower's for reservations.

Back at Tower's:

Tony and Catalina come in. They are being chaperoned by Abuela's driver. Tony tells him to sit at the bar and he and Catalina talk about the ruse they are putting on acting as a couple. Catalina is impressed with the restaurant but knows Tony would rather be with Marah. Tony tells Catalina she is a good friend, but he would love to see Marah right now. Some Latin music starts playing and Tony realizes Abuela set it up so he asks Catalina to dance. They do and she suggests they have a good time and not worry about anything. Just then the Lewis clan walks in and they all see Tony dancing with Catalina. Catalina and Tony sees them too and Tony stops dancing. Catalina tells him to keep dancing and let Josh see with his own eyes that he is with someone else. Marah is upset and Josh tries to cheer her up. Catalina tells Tony to sit down and she will explain everything to Marah. Sam tells Marah Tony is a fool and apologizes too. Catalina motions to Marah and they go to meet in the ladies room. Marah goes by Tony on the way and glares at him. In the ladies room, Marah is furious. Catalina tries to explain the reason for the date. It is the perfect set up so Abuela's driver would watch them and report on their date to her. Olivia comes up to the door and listens as Catalina spills the plan to Marah. Marah realizes that this will work and the parents will get off their cases. Catalina tells Marah she did this for her and Marah says after this she should stay away from Tony. Catalina gets upset and says she will stop helping them, lying for them and passing notes between them too. Marah apologizes for being mean to Catalina just as Olivia walks in. Marah asks Olivia how long she has been standing there and she says long enough.

In San Cristobel:

Edmund is sitting on the throne reading the newspaper. Beth walks into the room and tells him he would be more comfortable in bed. He wants her to join him but she thinks he needs to recuperate. Edmund is not happy with the press coverage. One paper gave him favorable reviews and the other made him look like 'Edmund the Evil' versus 'Cassie the Good'. He thinks there may be trouble. Beth asks what Cassie will do and Edmund says the people love her. He reminds her that Richard is no slouch either. If they try to campaign for democracy, she will be a difficult force. Edmund realizes that they can't underestimate Cassie; she is a serious threat and must be dealt with swiftly. Edmund tells Beth she can't get wrapped up in his problems. Beth says he told Richard to call her and she is not leaving. Edmund says her presence and encouragement mean so much to him. She wants him to be happy and have everything he desires. Edmund says if he didn't have stitches, he would show her how he feels. He kisses her.

Richard and Cassie are reading the news as well. Cassie thinks since the papers sides are opposite, the coverage ends up balanced. Richard thought the truth would prevail but now he is worried about Edmund's manipulations on the people. Cassie's says her money is on Richard. She tells him he has a secret weapon, her. Cassie says the press loves her and she will tell them the truth about Edmund. Richard is worried because she is pregnant. She says that makes her more sympathetic to them. Richard says Edmund doesn't play fair and reminds her of what he tried to do to Reva and Jonathan. Cassie says Edmund can't do anything sneaky because everyone is watching him. Richard insists he is worried about her but Cassie thinks he is overprotective. Cassie tells Richard she can't stand on the sidelines and Richard tells her she is impossible. She thanks him for letting her help him. He tells her they will get through this. She asks Richard how they will stick it to his brother.

Back in the throne room, Richard is looking at the throne. Edmund comes in and tells him that seat is taken. Richard says not for long. Edmund warns Richard about going against him and says that goes for Cassie too. Richard says it will give him great pleasure to stop Edmund. The brothers glare at each other.

At Infierno:

Phillip is having dinner with Michelle. He brought her a teddy bear for the baby. She asks how he is doing and tells him she is sorry about the divorce. He says he is spending time with his children. The kids enjoy themselves but they know something is wrong. He says the kids also miss Beth. She asks if Beth is still in San Cristobel . Phillip starts talking about Edmund and wondering why Beth would chose him. Michelle sees a parallel between her and Danny. Phillip says this is different. He thinks anyone can talk to Danny for five minutes and know there is good in him. He doesn't think there is any good in Edmund. Michelle thinks Beth may believe she is in love. Phillip thinks she may think that but he believes she is just clinging to him because of her loss.

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