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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 12, 2001 on GL
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Monday, February 12, 2001

At the Spauldings':

Claire comes in to see Alan. She congratulates him and tells him that she overheard Phil tell Ross that his marriage was over. She tells him that she also heard the news from San Cristobel from Beth. Alan chuckles a bit but tells Claire that the infatuation that Beth feels for Edmund is beginning to concern him a bit. He asks what she has been up to and she tells him that she is plotting to torture Meta on the lighthouse project. She thanks him for putting her in this position and wonders if he is expecting any payback. He tells her that he is just laying low for now and asks her if she is flattered or insulted by his restraint. Olivia comes in and thanks Alan for the use of his jet. He tells her that he heard they didn't make it all the way to the islands. She laughed and told him that this time Marah was kidnapped and they had to cancel again. They ask her about it and she tells them it was mob related because the other mob families see Marah as a "Santos woman." Claire says that is another reason Michelle has to stay away from Danny. Olivia informs her Michelle was the original target. Claire is very upset. Claire says that Michelle is having an active pregnancy. Olivia apologizes and tells her that she thought Claire knew, but maybe Michelle just didn't want to upset her. Olivia gets ready to leave but Alan starts talking to her about the Lighthouse project. Olivia volunteers to help with the project but Claire is not interested in her help. Alan says that she must need more help. Claire tries to let her do a clerical job but Alan says that Olivia is an expert in construction and asks her to do the survey. Olivia agrees and Claire is not a happy camper. Olivia leaves. Claire starts in on Alan. She tells him that he is trying to provoke her with Olivia. She wonders why he does things like that and tells him if he has to pick why not pick on Beth and Lillian. She isn't in the mood to be baited. Alan tells her that he simply admires Olivia. He comments that Olivia is very intelligent and professional. He tells her that Josh is a lucky man and wonders if Claire feels threatened. He tells her that they would be more solidified if she would just try to reach out and make the first move. She tells him that would not be ladylike. He reminds her that she told him that she was no lady and since she isn't a lady he doesn't have to act like a gentleman. Alan tells Claire she is very stimulated when another woman comes calling. Claire says a lot of things stimulate her but she wants to get one thing clear. She is not and will not be in competition for Alan's affections. He kisses her as they fall backward on the couch.

At the Lewises':

Josh arrives at the Lewis's to talk to Marah. He tells her he didn't like the way things ended with them and wants to speak to her. She says she knows he hates Tony, but Josh insists it is about what is best for her. Josh says if she insists on wanting to see Tony, there will be trouble. He wants a discussion without the fireworks. Marah says she is going to give up Tony. He doesn't believe he heard her right. She tells him that she realized that she doesn't love Tony, she just had a major crush on him and she has had help realizing how crazy she had been acting. Josh asks her if the therapist she had been talking to had helped her. She told him she had. She said that the doctor reminded her that she tried to see Tony right after getting kidnapped, knowing that he was the reason she was kidnapped in the first place. Josh is proud of Marah and wishes Reva could hear it. Josh is happy that the psychiatrist helped. Josh goes to the door and Perdita is there. She introduces herself as Noah's ex-wife. She says Noah is afraid of the place she holds in his heart. He tells her he is Reva's ex-husband. Perdita says they have a lot in common already. Josh tells Perdita he doesn't want to be rude, but Reva isn't home and he is talking to his daughter. Perdita ignores him and says she will wait. Josh tries to ask her to wait in another room but she doesn't listen and goes on to comment on how Josh has the jaw line of a painting. She says she is an art dealer and was supposed to appear on Reva's show. Reva comes home and says "Full house". Reva takes Perdita out into the hallway. Perdita accuses her of being territorial over Josh. Reva says she is just trying to keep her family calm and wonders why she is here. Perdita says it is about the show and Reva says there is a cancellation so Perdita can fill that date. Perdita starts making demands for her appearance on the show. Noah arrives to see them all there. Perdita tells him it is just one big family. Josh says it is getting late. Perdita gets ready to leave and makes a remark to Noah. Noah tells Reva that the trouble is over and the election in Central America is finished. Noah tells Reva she can tell Josh and Marah. Reva starts to tell the whole story about Diego and the immigrant situation. Josh looks skeptical. Reva continues to talk about the agency and Noah being a spy. Josh looks stunned. She continues with the story and Marah tells her she could have been killed. Reva says if she had breathed a word of this, the agency would have put a permanent end to her. Now the danger is over. Marah says she thought her mother was ignoring her, but she was out saving the world. Josh says it sounds like she was doing a good thing. Josh leaves and Marah follows him to the door. He tells her he is proud of her for giving up Tony. Josh drives away and Tony appears on the porch. She kissed him. She tells him Josh bought her story about dumping him. Tony looks a little distraught and Marah asks him what is wrong. He says he doesn't like her having to lie to her father. He came by to give her the caretaker's schedule to the lighthouse and some keys. He is only interested in being with her. Reva calls and Marah has to go, promising to see him tomorrow.

In San Cristobel:

Richard is talking to Lydia Weymouth. Lydia tells Richard that Harry had an affair with a 17-year-old patient. Edmund had photos and so Harry was in an awkward position. She tells Richard that Harry had to tell Cassie she wasn't pregnant and tell Richard that he was sterile and something else happened in New York that she wasn't exactly sure of. Edmund gave Harry money plus a choice to be exposed. Dax asks how she knows this and she says Harry confessed to her. She has the photos and says that she was devastated. Richard remembers seeing her that day and tells her that Harry was about to confess to him. Lydia apologizes for not coming forward sooner and gives Richard the photos. She just asks him to be discreet with them. Richard tells her she is brave and thanks her. He opens the envelope and tells her he sees no need for the photos to be made public. He can't alleviate her suffering but doesn't want it to be in vain. Lydia thought Richard would react like this. He gives the envelope to Dax. Lydia says that Harry did respect Richard and his death will have been in vain if Edmund rules. She offers to testify before the council. Dax thinks there is a simple way to prove Ed had the photos. He offers to check the photos for Edmund's fingerprints. He said he should have them back within the hour. Richard asks if he can keep the photos in his safe for evidence. Lydia agrees and asks him to burn them when he finishes with them. Dax escorts Lydia to the car. Richard tells Dax not to let Ed leave the palace grounds and to inform him right away of the test results.

Ed is walking in the informal garden and looks at the table rock. He says, "My brother, we finally meet". Ed wonders what life would have been like between him and his true brother if they had met. He thinks it would have to be better since his father wouldn't show the favoritism that he showed to Richard. Ed thinks a bit and realizes to himself that he doesn't have to put up with things anymore because Richard has no rights to change the government there because he is the rightful ruler.

In the throne room, Richard is pacing. Dax says the photos had Edmund's fingerprints on the back and front. Richard refers to Ed as a filthy, lying swine. He says Edmund is a menace and everything they suspected is true. He is a contemptible, traitorous liar whose lies cannot go unpunished. Dax tries to reason with Richard but he is furious. Richard says Ed lied to his face and must be stopped.

Richard sees Edmund in the billiard room. Richard tells him the game is over and he is finished. Richard tells him he is tired of him. Richard wonders if he enjoyed Harry suffering over the photographs. Ed asks what he is talking about. Richard tells him he had a visit from Mrs. Weymouth who told him the whole story. Edmund accuses Richard of being gullible but Richard says his fingerprints were on the pictures. Ed makes an excuse saying that the doctor came to him and asked him for help with a blackmailer. He tells Richard he is self-delusional and a fool. Richard slams the door and grabs a sword. Edmund says Richard is a fool if he wants to spar with him and reminds him that he is twice the swordsman that he (Richard) is. Richard doesn't listen and starts advancing on Ed. Ed tells him he has a pregnant wife depending on him. Richard pushes Ed back onto the floor and puts his sword to his throat.

Tuesday, February 13, 2001

At the Lewises':

Reva is still very happy about the election being over in Central America and she is kissing on Noah. She tells him they need to get their brains together and figure out how to get rid of Perdita. She wants to make sure all this does mean she is no longer a target of the agency. Noah tells her that he thinks she is safe. He wonders if Reva is a little jealous about Perdita. He reminds her that she has him beat in the exes 5 to 1. Reva tells him that he forgot one and corrects him saying it is 6 to 1. They go over all her exes; Josh, Billy, Buzz, Alan, Richard and HB. Noah tells her that when Perdita has a load of cash she likes to splurge in the south of France. He suggests they find someone with the cash flow to purchase some high quality artwork. Reva suggests Alan. Reva tells Noah all the things that Perdita demanded for her interview and wonder if there is something she is trying to hide since she refuses to talk about her past. Noah tells Reva there are laws in the art world that are protected by the governments where they originated and some of Perdita's deal don't follow all the rules. Reva thinks they need to get Alan and Perdita together and get her to leave the country so she and Noah can go about their lives.

Reva is kissing Noah and asks if he has to work tonight. He says he has to be at the hospital, but invites her for breakfast at his place saying he has a surprise for her. She kisses him goodbye as Josh enters. Josh says his timing is perfect. Noah leaves and goes onto the porch. He takes out his phone and calls Perdita. He invites her for breakfast at 8 as well.

Reva asks Josh why he is back, he only left 1 hour ago. Josh said he was driving around, thinking about all Reva told him about the spy operations and how she saved all the immigrants. Josh says it was remarkable and if she and Diego hadn't saved him, he wouldn't be there. Josh wishes she had shared the info with him, but he wants her to know how grateful he is to her. Reva says thank you and tells him he is sorry that her disappearance brought up some bad memories for him and the kids. Josh tells her it is okay and asks if she is happy. Reva says that she is happy Marah isn't hurt and happy that Shayne survived his accident and happy with her job. Josh says that sounds like gratitude. She asks if he is happy and he says yes. He looks forward to the day and enjoys the order in his life. Reva laughs, saying her middle name is chaos. She tells him he sounds like he has what he wants in life. He asks Reva if she knows what she wants. She tells him she is working on it. He tells her he wants her to be happy and cares for her. Reva thanks him for what he came to say and Josh leaves after wishing her a happy Valentines Day.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Claire and Alan are making out on the couch. She wants to turn off the phone so she will have all his attention with no interruptions. Just then the phone rings and Alan answers. Susan wants to speak to Beth but Alan tells her he will have to give her a message because he is busy. She tells Alan to tell Beth to call Harley's cell phone. He hangs up and tells Claire that Susan seems to be very smart and he thinks she prefers Beth to Harley.

At Company:

Susan is talking to Harley about Ed. Susan is sympathetic to Ed and not Richard. She thinks Edmund sounded sad and everyone is supporting Richard while Ed has only Susan, Beth and Lizzie. Harley says she shouldn't be so quick to make a judgment about Richard. Susan thinks about Beth and realizes that she is ignoring Harley. Harley tells her she understands that Susan needs a connection to Beth because of Jim. They talk about Harley's relationship with Buzz a bit and come to somewhat of an understanding. Susan asks about the divorce and asks if it will be weird. Harley says it should be fairly simple. Beth calls and talks to Susan. They both feel bad about Edmund. Beth thinks he is strong and will be able to get through this. Susan is worried that something will happen to Edmund but Beth reassures her. Susan asks her to call if she hears from Ed. Beth tells Susan she loves her and Susan tells her the same. Susan hangs up and tells Harley sometimes it is easier to be close to someone who isn't your mom. Harley tells her she wouldn't know since Nadine left when she was 5. Susan says that sometimes Harley is tough on her trying to make up for giving her away. Susan tells her that she respects her determination to make her a better person.

Susan wonders if Harley is mad at her. Harley says she isn't mad, just a little upset that Susan thinks she is judgmental. Susan says it is confusing sometimes but she knows Harley loves her. She tells Harley she hopes she can be brave enough to be tough on her own kids. Harley thinks that was the nicest thing Susan ever said to her and they get ready to leave Company. Harley tells Susan she is a nice person.

In San Cristobel:

Ed and Richard are still dueling. Ed is on the floor and Richard has his sword against his throat. Edmund asks Richard if he can skewer the rightful heir of San Cristobel. Richard says "Damn you to hell." The duel continues and Richard realizes that this is all a game to Ed. Richard tells Ed he will not have mercy on him again. Ed yells at Richard that he can't kill him because he is too noble. Richard realizes this is correct and stops. He tells Ed he is through. Ed tells him he can't fail the country like that. He makes it clear that if it were he, he wouldn't hesitate to run him through. Richard says he knows he would. Ed flips his sword up and scars Richard's cheek. He reminds Richard he should never let down his guard. They continue to fight. Edmund starts throwing bric-a-brac at Richard and tells him he fights like a schoolboy. Richard asks if Ed wants him to kill him. Ed offers his chest to him and then lunges, putting his sword to Richard's throat. Richard tells Ed to tell Cassie he loves her. Ed says water seeks it's own level. A bastard of a prince marries a whore of a stripper. Richard is outraged and plunges his sword in Ed's chest. Ed is stunned and says he is hit. Ed tells Richard "Well done; problem solved", and he falls to the floor. Richard starts to cry and ask why. He is feeling remorse as Edmund is lying on the floor in pain. Dax rushes in and gets a guard to call an ambulance. He tends to Ed as Ed gasps for breath. Ed tells Dax that it was an accident; he lost his footing and fell on his sword. Dax leaves the room and Richard asks Ed why he lied. Ed said it was his parting gift to his dear brother and wants to know if Richard can accept it. He tells Richard a conscience is a terrible thing. Richard is looking stunned at Edmund, who can hardly breathe. Ed tells Richard he will have to live this lie in front of his trusting wife and the rest of the world. If he does, he will gradually turn into Ed. The paramedics arrive. Richard asks them to tend to his brother first. Ed keeps repeating he fell on the sword, clumsily and may have embarrassed himself to death. Richard looks shocked and upset as they try to work on Ed.

At Olivia's:

Sam is watching the news when Olivia comes in. She asks what is on and he realizes she hasn't heard. He tells her that Richard is not the true prince so he has abdicated. He tells her that Ed the great was the true heir. Olivia feels sorry for Richard. Sam tells her she is too forgiving. She tells Sam that Marah has agreed to break up with Tony. Sam is skeptical and reminds her that Tony is the forbidden fruit. Sam tells Olivia that the more her parents try to keep Tony away from Marah, the more attractive he will be. Sam says Repunzel always falls for the handsome dumb guy. Olivia wishes that Marah would be more attracted to him; she says if he is interested in her he should go for it. He wonders if she just wants the connection with Marah for herself. She says she doesn't but it couldn't hurt. Olivia tells him that she knows he likes Marah and he has the benefit of having the parental seal of approval. Sam tells Olivia that is like the kiss of death. Olivia reminds him that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Sam says that Valentine's Day is commercial and he hates it. It is a matter of principle. Olivia says most women love the holiday and he can come up with something unique. He can give Marah the message that he cares. Sam is off to get something for Marah. Olivia tells him not to be too original or he will scare Marah. Sam thinks Marah likes being scared.

Wednesday, February 14, 2001

At the Lewises':

Catalina comes in and surprises Marah who is making a Valentine's card for Tony. She hides the card until she sees that it is only Catalina. She explains that since the CD scam went down her parent have been watching her spending so she can't go out and buy him anything. The card she made is shaped like a heart with a lighthouse on the front. Catalina hands her a gift from Tony and Marah is surprised. It is a bracelet with a lighthouse on it. Catalina asked about the theme gifts. She wonders why they would want to memorialize a lighthouse where she had been held hostage. Marah admitted that she and Tony are secretly meeting there so that her parents won't be on to them. Catalina said she doesn't like helping perpetuate a lie especially since Reva has been so good to her. Marah pleas with Catalina and is interrupted by the doorbell. Marah opens the door to Sam. He is carrying a funeral wreath from the cemetery. He tells her that he was driving by the cemetery and saw them at the florist next door. They struck him as being perfect for her so he stopped. He commented that the red and white flowers on it are symbolic of fiery elegance just like she has. She tells them she is sweet but wonders why he didn't take the ribbon off that says, "In Loving Memory." He tells her that was his favorite part. She doesn't understand. He tells her that the "memory is from this..." and he kisses her. She is taken aback and Sam tells her that he is going to leave. She asks why and he tells her that he wants her Valentine's Day to be all that she wants so he is leaving so she can rendezvous with Tony. Sam leaves. Marah comes back in and tells Catalina that Sam confuses her. He is practically a relative. Catalina reminds her that he isn't really related to her. Marah thinks that Sam is weird and he always does these things out of the blue. Catalina wonders how Marah feels for Sam. She insists she loves Tony, and asks Catalina to give Tony take him the card. She agrees to help her.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Beth comes into the den and sees Phillip playing with the baby. She tells him that Nettie wants to give the baby a bath and she takes the baby. She asks Phillip if she has had any calls, he tells her that she hasn't had any from Edmund. Phillip jokes that Edmund may be busy being tarred and feather. Beth tells him she isn't in the mood for his crap. Phillip says he is not in the mood either, since he is meeting about his divorce today. He wonders how he got to this place in his life, on Valentine's Day. He thought a minute and told Beth that he never even thought about the date. Beth says it would have been their 10th Anniversary and her first with Jim. Beth says "For what it's worth, Happy Anniversary.

Ross and Harley come in. Ross asks Harley if she is okay. She tells him she hopes it will go quickly. She needs a clean break. They enter the den and Beth tells Harley she is sorry about what happened. Harley tells her that she should stay around for the divorce since she wouldn't leave during her marriage. Phillip interrupts to tell Beth that there is a call from Richard for her. Beth answers the phone and learns of Edmunds condition. She is upset and tells Richard she is on her way. She turns and asks Phillip to watch the kids. She explains what happened and Phillip tells Beth she should wait until Richard calls back with more information. She tells him she has all the information she needs and she is leaving. Phillip asks if she doesn't want to at least wait until Lizzie gets home. Beth asks Phillip if he hates Edmund so much that he wants him to be alone when he may be dying. She repeats that she needs him to watch the kids. He finally agrees to watch them. Meanwhile, Harley tells Ross to watch the going on between Phillip and Beth and he will see why she wants a divorce.

Ross is going over the divorce settlement. Harley doesn't want any money and says her salary will support her. Phillip says Zach deserves the advantages of being a Spaulding. Harley starts getting upset and wants to leave. Ross tells them that they shouldn't be so glib or sarcastic. This is their last chance as a married couple to realize what they are ending. Harley says she has to go and Phillip tells her he is sorry. Harley says, "Me too." She wishes him a Happy Valentines Day as she leaves. Ross asks Phillip if he is okay. Phillip shakes his head. He says he is so angry that he did this again, but he is relieved it is done. Phillip tells him he just wants to hurt someone. Ross says it is always easier to raise hell than to live in it. He reminds Phillip that it is a good thing that they are sharing custody of Zach and Ross hopes they can end up friends. Phillip wants to give Harley something more and doesn't know how. He wonders if he could change his will to provide more for Harley since she won't take money now. Ross tells Phillip that is a good idea. Phillip hates that he has to be dead before he can do something for his family. Ross tells Phillip he has always given a lot but the best he gives has nothing to do with his money.

Beth comes back in to tell Phillip she is leaving. Phillip didn't argue with her and Ross asked him if his restraint is for Ross's benefit. Phillip says trying to go after Beth is what cost him his marriage. But that if he could stop Beth he would but he knows he can't.

In San Cristobel:

At the hospital, Richard is waiting in the ER, talking to the doctor. She told him that they almost lost Edmund but he is stable and will be having surgery soon. Richard asks to speak to Edmund before surgery. The doctor tells him to keep it brief. She reminds Richard he still needs to be treated for his wounds as well. Richard walks over to Edmund and Edmund tries to talk. Richard tells him he has good surgeons and they will repair the damage he did. Richard sits next to him. He can't believe it has come to this. Richard said he just finally lost control. He could only think about what Edmund had done to him and Cassie. He tried to kill Edmund and almost did but he assures him he will be fine. Edmund looks at Richard and says, "congratulations on your first act of treason." Edmund's monitors go off and the staff rushes in to treat him. Richard watches from outside the room. Richard calls Beth to tell her what had happened and then calls Cassie. Cassie asks Richard if he is injured. He tells her he is okay but Edmund is not. She tells him Edmund pushed him too far and his lying about what happened to make Richard's conscience bother him was even worse. Cassie wonders if Edmund engineered all this. Richard tells her that he didn't think so. He tells her that it was him (Richard); he wanted Edmund dead at that moment. Cassie tells him she is coming home. Richard wants her with him, but insists she stay in the convent until they know what the fallout from this incident will be.

Cassie calls back and asks if there is any word about Edmund. Richard says there isn't and she suggests they wait together. She says they will handle things, whatever happens. She asks him if he knows what day it is and reminds him it is Valentine's Day. She has his present and is opening it with him on the phone. It is a necklace with three diamonds for their three children. She tells him how beautiful it is and he asks her to put it on. She tells him to close his eyes and imagine her standing in front of him in the negligee from their wedding night and wearing the necklace. He says he remembers the negligee very well. She tells him she is walking toward him and taking his hand. She tells him to imagine her sitting with him and him laying his head on her chest. She runs her fingers through his hair telling him she loves him. She tells him she loves him and that he is all she will ever want or need. He tells her he can't wait to be with her again.

At Noah's Apartment:

Perdita is pulling Noah to the bed and coming on to him. Noah tries to put her off but falls back onto the bed on top of her just as Reva comes in. Reva tells Perdita she admires her persistence. Perdita says it is hard to resist temptation. Reva tells Perdita about the show and Alan Spaulding, asking her to leave so she can spend time alone with Noah. Reva says that woman is getting on her nerves and wonders what she wants. Noah says she wants him and his body and has offered to relocate to SF for him. Reva tells him she wants to put her hands around Perdita's neck. Noah would rather she put her hands on him. Reva takes off her coat and is wearing a red silky nighty. She kisses Noah and they fall back onto the bed. Later, Noah is teasing Reva about having two women fighting over him. He tries to be serious, but Reva laughs. She tells him she has to leave and see Alan about Perdita. Noah wishes her luck. Reva tosses her slip over her shoulder and says she doesn't need luck because she is good.

At Infierno:

Tony is looking at Marah's homemade Valentine. Catalina says that Marah was afraid he would find it dorky. Tony says he hasn't known anyone like Marah and loves his card. Catalina says she knows about the lighthouse. He tells Catalina he is gone on Marah and he wants everything to be right. It is different with Marah than any other girl he has known. Catalina realizes he wants to make Marah happy and asks if he is asking her for advice. Tony tells Catalina he doesn't know what he can do for Marah. He wants something special. She tells him that all girls love poetry. He tells her he doesn't know any Spanish poems. Ray walks in and says he knows some. He says he won't encourage the relationship, but will teach him the poems for educational purposes. Tony thanks Ray and Ray tells him that he thinks Tony is a better person loving Marah. Tony is skeptical about a priest knowing love poems, but Ray starts quoting Spanish poetry as Catalina translates. Tony is impressed and tells Ray he has hidden talent hidden underneath his collar.

Tony gets some hot chocolate for Catalina. He thanks her and tells her he would never hurt Marah. Tony thinks Catalina feels bad because of hiding the secret from Reva. He assures her he loves Marah and Catalina says he is a good guy and that is the only reason she is helping him.

Thursday, February 15, 2001

At the Carriage House:

Ross comes in with a present and falls back down on the bed apparently exhausted. Blake comes in and asks him how he is. She crawls on to the bed, kisses him, and tells him that the kids are sound asleep. He seemed happy to hear that and happier that Blake was kissing him. He tells her that his energy is coming back. He tells her that he wants a quiet night at home with his wife. She looks at him and he tells her that he thinks of her as his wife and he doesn't want to get into the discussion of marriage. He tells her it is Valentine's Day and it has been rotten so far. He tells her that he has a gift for her she will love and he would like her to open it. Blake is sure she will love it and reminds him that mistresses always get better gifts than the wives. Ross asks if they can't just spend Valentine's with her happily since he had been dealing with divorces all day. She hands him his gift and he opens it, a pair of heart boxers and a watch with a diamond heart on the face. She opens hers and has a heart nighty and a pearl and diamond heart necklace. They laugh that their gifts were so similar. They both decide to go slip into their gifts. Ross goes to the mirror, dancing with his new boxers. He accidentally knocks some papers off and when he picks them up he finds Blake's certificate of ministry. Ross reads, "Reverend Blake Marler."

Blake comes out in her nighty and necklace. She asks Ross what he is doing and he asks her about her being a minister in a cult. She tells him that she told him all about it. He tells her that he is worried that she will end up handing out flowers in an airport somewhere. She accuses him of snooping. He wonders what drives her to do things like this and accuses her of being needy. She tells him it was the only way she could think of to get him to marry her. She said she wanted him to make a commitment to her and decided to become ordained. He doesn't understand. She said that she was going to have some friends over and get him to say that he was committed to her then she would say the same thing and since she is ordained... Ross is very surprised. She told him after that all she would have to do was put the marriage license in a stack of his papers and when he ran through them signing them she would have that as well. Ross mentions that she would need blood tests. She tells him that she has done her homework and if she could get him to Hawaii on vacation to do all this it would be fine because in Hawaii only the bride needs testing. Ross is very impressed by her planning. He smiles and she thinks he is laughing at her. He tells her he isn't laughing at her. The whole situation is so "Blake." He tells her that he is so happy she came into his life. She says that he is patronizing her. She didn't want to sign up for this church but she needs to be married to him. Ross says he doesn't want to lose her again. Blake says sometimes when you love someone; you have to take a leap of faith. She feels stupid in the heart nightgown and wants to change but he says she looks great. Ross tells her he loves her but she says it isn't enough and walks out. Ross says to himself that he gets the message.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Reva is waiting in the den when Alan comes in. He asks what he can do for her. She tells him that she has a problem and would like his help getting rid of her. She goes on to tell him about Perdita. She tells him that she suspects she is dealing with illegally imported art and she would like him to approach her about selling it. As soon as she takes the bait, Reva can use that to bounce her out of the country. Alan says with all she is asking him to do she is getting all the benefits and he is getting nothing. He wants to know what is in it for him. Reva tells him that instead of doing the story she had intended to on Perdita, if Alan didn't help her, she would do the story of how Spaulding hired a group of illegal's to do some demolition which caused an accident that killed one man and seriously injured another. Alan tells her that he interested in buying some art. Reva wants to make sure they have an understanding. He says they do but he wants his best interests served. He says if the art is good, he would like to have it. Reva reminds him that the art is illegal. Alan says some inventories are incomplete and who would notice if some paintings made their way into his collection. Reva laughs and reminds Alan that Perdita is dangerous.

At Olivia's:

Josh is going over everything Reva told him about her undercover operations with the illegal aliens and how they were tied to the mob. He is impressed and Olivia reluctantly agreed that Reva did good. Josh is even more impressed that Olivia admitted it. Josh tells her that they are all in good places right now in their lives and everyone is moving in their own direction. So he is happy. Olivia reminds him that it is Valentine's Day and she has a gift for him. He tells her that he has one for her as well. He tells her that his gift starts with a promise not to mention, "What's her name," (Reva), for the rest of the evening. Olivia throws her arms around him and kisses him telling him that is the best gift she could ever ask for. Olivia gets her gift out and hands it to Josh. It is a small lighthouse. He thanks her and she tells him it comes with a job as well. She goes over Alan's offer for them to renovate the lighthouse. She tells him that it isn't a money making job, but it will give them a lot of exposure. Josh likes the idea and tells her that the lighthouse means a lot to him so they agree to do it. Olivia wonders about Marah. Josh says she is ready to give up Tony. Olivia tries to put in a good word for Sam and tells Josh that she thinks Sam and Marah will be good for each other. Josh is impressed that Olivia is still looking out for Marah after all she has done. Olivia tells Josh she just wants him to be happy.

In San Cristobel:

Richard is at the hospital when Beth gets there. She asks what is going on and he tells her that Ed just got out of surgery and is doing well. She tells him that she heard that Ed fell during a fencing match with Richard and was injured. She tells him it didn't make any sense to her. Richard tells her just to wait and let Ed tell her himself. Beth agrees and then asks Richard what he was thinking calling Ed back and humiliating him like he did. She accuses him of submitting Ed to what she considered the equivalent of a public execution. Richard tells Beth he was compelled by duty to make that address. Edmund's history is complicated and Richard tells her that he did not distort anything. She asks Richard if he thinks Ed is unfit to rule. Richard says that is what he will have to say to the council. Beth doesn't understand why he would do that since Ed was entitled to rule from the beginning. Richard tells her that he was groomed from birth to take the throne, not Ed. Beth says that now since he has learned he isn't entitled to rule, he doesn't want Ed to rule either. The doctor comes out and tells them that Ed has been taken to his room. Richard says he hopes that Ed is alright. Beth asks if he really means that. Richard says he wants Ed to recover and admits that he believes Beth is good for him but he has to warn her that she should think carefully and realize what she is getting into.

In Ed's room, Beth comes in and asks the doctor why he looks so pale. The doctor tells her it is because he lost so much blood. The doctor tells them not to excite Ed. Richard tries to tell Beth to let Ed rest but when he calls out to her; Beth goes to talk to him. She tells him she is there. Ed asks Richard if he is armed. He asks Beth if he is still under or if she is really there. She says he is going to be alright. She asks what happened and he tells her that Richard tries to kill him. Beth turns to look at Richard. Richard goes over the story including the Cassie/Rourke thing and tells Beth that Ed is usually the better fencer but Richard's anger got the better of him and he lost his self-control. Beth wonders why everyone thinks it is an accident. Richard says Ed told that story to Dax, leaving Richard to deal with his conscience. Richard tells Ed he hopes he is better and walks out. Beth is angry and tells Ed, that's it. He hurts you and walks out? Ed wonders if what Richard said is worrying her. She says it is, but that's not important now. She tells him to rest and get better. Ed says Richard has reason not to trust him. Beth says that there are always two sides to every story. She mentions Cassie and Ed warns Beth not to get in a duel with her. Beth is amazed he is joking at a time like this. Ed asks her to tilt the bed up; he wants to look at her. She does and he kisses her. He tells her he is on medication and she should forgive him. She thinks he will be a bad patient. The nurse comes in and Beth goes to get him some water. He tells the nurse to write down some things for him, saying that there will be changes around here. Ed tells her that he wants fresh cut flowers daily, some books and a comfortable chair for his visitors. He wants the room redecorated. He also wants cigars but the nurse balks at that. Ed tells her to go and he will ask for more later. She leaves and Beth asks if everything is okay. She tells him he feels warm and he says she has that affect on him. Beth wonders if he was trying to make trouble for Richard and Cassie. Ed says someone is trying to make Richard dissolve the monarchy. She tells him that the council hasn't met yet, there is still time. They talk about appearing before the council. Ed is glad she came to see him on Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 16, 2001

At Infierno:

Tony is practicing his poem for Marah when Maria comes in. She tells him it is a beautiful poem and he speaks it with such feeling. She asks if it is for the Lewis Girl. He tells her that it isn't, he has learned his lesson. Catalina comes in and Tony introduces her to his Abuela. Catalina leaves and Abuela assumes that she is the one he is practicing poetry for. Abuela tells him she approves of Catalina. Instead of explanations and denials, Tony thanks her for her support.

Abuela wonders what else is on Tony's mind. He tells her that he is worried about Danny and his decisions. Abuela tells him to let Danny know what he is thinking. He thanks her and tells her that he has to go see Catalina. He goes out and tells Catalina to pretend they are an item if Abuela asks. She reluctantly agrees but only because she knows he won't leave her alone until she does. He tells her he is going to meet Marah.

Michelle comes into Danny's office and sees Abuela. Abuela asks her what she is doing there. Michelle tells her that she is there to see her husband. Abuela tells her that Danny is not her husband. Michelle tells her that Danny still loves her and she is carrying his child. Abuela tells her to leave. She says Michelle has no right to tell Danny how to live his life. Abuela tells her that all Danny's decisions were made by his own free will and he chose his family against her. Michelle tells her that Danny can make his own decision and he loves her. Michelle says Danny is in agony and is still running the family because of the guilt Maria and Carmen caused. Abuela tells her that she is selfish and her stupidity will get her in trouble. She accuses Michelle of looking down on them and reminds her that she is not a Santos and never will be. Michelle tells her that she isn't going anywhere. Abuela tells her that may be dangerous to her. Danny walks in and asks Michelle what she is doing there. Michelle tells him that she is listening to his grandmother threaten her. He asks her what she means. Michelle tells Danny that she told Maria that she and her baby want Danny back and are determined to get him. Then Maria told her that it would be seriously dangerous to her health to keep it up. Maria calls Michelle paranoid and gets upset and leaves. Danny tells Michelle that she is ruining his day, coming around and starting trouble. He asks her why she had to come get into it with Abuela. She tells him that she was just stating the fact that they will be together. Danny starts to protest but Michelle tells him that it will happen. She tells him that she is sorry but she won't stop fighting for him. He gives up and asks what she came there for. She tells him that she brought him a gift for Valentine's Day. It is the latest sonogram. He takes it and thinks about not opening it. He eventually does and is taken aback. He is impressed at the growth and smiles. She tells him that is her reason and proof that they will be back together. He doesn't understand. She tells him that they are from different worlds but not so different that there love couldn't produce a child.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Alan is watching Reva's interview with Perdita. Claire comes in and asks why he is watching a show with beautiful women. He tells her that Reva thinks Lady Langsly has some art he may want to procure. Claire wonders if that is all he is looking for. Alan tells her that he is a collector and that is all he is interested in.

Perdita comes in. Alan tells her he enjoyed the show and was so impressed he had asked Reva to bring her by. She tells him she saw the Picasso in the front hall and thought it was a decent piece. Claire feels offended and starts to speak up. Reva knows how she feels and tells Claire to just wait, it will get better. Alan asks about her background. She tells him she is into renaissance art and specifically Leonardo De Vinci. She asks if he would like to see her etchings. Perdita shows him one of her Leonardo's. He is impressed and asked her how she obtained it. She told him that a Swedish collector made it available to her. He asks who owned it before the Swede. She tells him not to worry about the authenticity the painting is genuine. He asks if she has an asking price. She tells him she does. She tells him and he says the price is a bit steep. She says she may be able to cut it by 5 %. Claire and Reva stand back mocking Perdita. Perdita asks Alan to meet her for dinner. Alan suggests that they dine there at the house tonight, all four of them. Perdita leaves and Reva congratulates Alan. He tells her that he really wants one of those Leonardo's. She tells him that she will go do some research and if what she thinks is true, he may be getting one. He smiles.

In San Cristobel:

Richard is going over his speech for the council when Cassie walks in. He runs to her and kisses her but tells her that she shouldn't be there. He tells her how he missed her and loves her. She tells him she is worried about him, he hasn't slept and needed her. She tells him they can be furious together. He tells her the only other time he has felt so sick at heart was when he broke his trust in her. She tells him that is in the past and she would like to leave it there. He asks about the children. She tells him that they are still with the nuns, who are spoiling them rotten. She changes the subject and asks him what his next move is. Richard tells him that when he goes to the council he is going to recommend the dissolution of the principality. Cassie supports him. Richard talks about William and how Charlotte had them play in the garden where he was buried all the time. Richard likes to think of it as Charlotte's love for William instead of her dislike for Richard. He believes she loved him. He tells her that he has to convince the council that Edmund is not fit to rule.

At the hospital, Beth awakens beside Edmund's bed. He is reading and greets her. He tells her that her being there to him is like a dream that he doesn't want to wake from. She tells him it isn't a dream and kisses him. She asks how he is. He tells her that he will survive. Beth tells him he has to survive so he can run the country. He doesn't know, since Richard is so adamant. She tells him he is the rightful heir and he will rule. He thinks she is right. He asks when Richard will speak to the royal council. She tells him he will do it tonight. Edmund tries to get up, telling her he has to speak to them before Richard does. Richard will make him look like the Devil incarnate. Just then Cassie walks in.

Cassie tells Edmund that he knows everything and asks Beth if she was entertained by what he had did. She tells him she doesn't know what she is talking about. Cassie tells her the whole story. Edmund tells her she had nothing to do with it. Cassie tells him that Richard officially pardoned him and loved him but no more. Edmund keeps denying it. He tries to tell her that someone else is behind this. He tells her there is no proof that he had anything to do with it. Cassie tells him that he will never sit on the throne because he is evil. She turns to Beth and tells her the only thing she doesn't understand is why she is there.

Beth tells her that Edmund is her friend and the things she is saying cant be the same person she knows. Cassie tells her that Edmund is a totally different person when he is with Beth and Susan but it is all an act. Cassie reminds her that Edmund has two faces and not to long ago was blackmailing her (Beth). She tells Beth that she could save herself and Susan a lot of heartache if she would just leave while she still can. Cassie leaves. Edmund asks Beth if she has been awaken from their dream. She tells him that she knows he didn't cause all that pain and that Richard and Cassie are blaming him because of his past but she knows he has changed. Edmund thanks her and tells her that he hopes she still trusts him after the next few days. He starts to get up and Beth assures him she will help him get everything he wants. He asks her to help him get out of there.

At the Lighthouse:

Tony is sitting up a picnic for them when Marah comes in. She thinks it is great. They kiss.

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